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Welcome to /roulette/, leftypol's roulette board! This board will be used for testing out new board ideas. The guidelines are as follows:
- The countdown will begin as soon as the board is added to the announcement bar and will last for one month.
- After a month, if the board has garnered enough posts on that month's topic, it will be made into a new board (barring any legitimate objections by the moderation team) and the threads will be moved there. Off-topic and spam posts will not count. Board ideas that do not meet this requirement will be shelved, with the possibility of being revisited later.
- New board ideas can be suggested in the /meta/ thread for /roulette/.

This month's board topic is: /spoox/ - Paranormal, horror and the occult.
­Last month's board topic /AK-47/ was made into its own board >>>/AKM/.

- /spoox/ is a board for discussing the paranormal, horror and occult, as well as its philosophy and influence of leftist ideologies.
- This is not the place to dump or spam right wing facebook-tier conspiracy theories or /pol/ schizo ramblings, those may be subject to deletion.
- General rules of the site apply, see : https://leftypol.org/rules.html
– This includes spoilering images reasonably considered to be disturbing
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File: 1650758126679.gif (551.62 KB, 500x281, thanks alot.gif)


Remake thread
Original thread (only part of it): https://archive.fo/QdkVE

I wanted to collect a list of numerous ww2 events and deep lore that I could find, ranging from known to unknown to full schizophrenic, if you know any obscure events that aren't on the list, feel free to add them here, bonus for non-german lore.
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>Kazakhstan not going to hold 9th of May Parade
>Kyrgyztan is illegalizing George Ribbons
Ахуели блять олигархи, забылись под дудку США



File: 1651971839379.png (257.42 KB, 677x481, ClipboardImage.png)

Strategic Bombing by the allies was mostly ineffectual until 1943 and the Norden Bombsight was an ineffectual Gimmick

The Solomon Island Campaign could have been a catastrophe

A French Pilot went Commando on Gestapo HQ

The Preparation for D-Day resulted in a disaster… yet the Germans never realized that it had been a preparation for Normandy.



Sauce on pic rel?

File: 1651575749501.jpg (1.65 MB, 2448x3264, Manwithtinfoilhat.jpg)


What's your favorite conspiracy theory and to what degree de you believe in it?
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Unrelated but does anyone have the list of all the American food processing plants (and others) that have burned down? pics rel
Even if they are all rebuilt and restored near the end of fall or sooner, it won't be enough to hold off the massive increase in food prices that will be sweeping the world, or even domestically.


File: 1653191370822-2.mp4 (6.18 MB, 1280x720, binladen family.mp4)

File: 1653191370822-3.mp4 (10.61 MB, 1280x720, tim osman.mp4)

File: 1653191370822-4.mp4 (1.37 MB, 1280x592, 2022 Bush Moment.mp4)

> George W Bush and the Saudis did 9/11 on purpose as a coordinated effort to mutually benefit each other

> George HW Bush killed Kennedy (read Family of Secrets)

> Prescott Bush was involved in the Business Plot



cough up the spreadsheet


Don't have it, that's the only screenshot I could find of it after I heard it circulating.


This thread is dedicated in talking about the UFOs, how Area 51 has alien technology that was stolen from crashed UFOs, and the Space Comrades as we know them.

I will begin with my beliefs on the subject, first the Space Comrades are indeed real. Why do I think this, because one fuck the feremi Paradox, instead we have been looking for our Comrades in the wrong ways. If an Advance Civilization existed it most likely either too far away make reasonable contact. Second, using radio as a means of finding aliens is outdated, if you are so advanced you would not be still sending out radio waves through out the galaxy. Thirdly they have visited us in the distant past way before modern humans were a thing and just went on their ways. Final point is that if they are indeed out there they are actively studying us like the Grey Aliens do due to an treaty by Eisenhower to allow them study humans for exchange for weapons.

Now to get to the point of the Cosmic Horrors, space is so strange. That we don't even understand the universe as we like it and thus, because of this extreme unknown it causes one's mind to break. As there are the Great Old Ones out there slumbering Alien Civilizations waiting for their time to return to the forefront. These are the beings that we can't make sense. As we try to rationalize these beings, it only sends us into madness.
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>what is the ayys' endgame.
fulfilling the plot of X-files


File: 1651806657396.png (156.81 KB, 474x355, ClipboardImage.png)

So Jamie Peck recently joked that aliens are watching us and they were going to give us space communism, but then they decided we weren't ready. Because we can't even overcome racism within our own species.

Do you think aliens are among us?


Yes, but I would be wary of assuming they're benevolent and have a conception of politics and economics that resembles human ideas.


>Aliens existed… but annihilated themelves


Ayy Lmao Boys space is fucking crazy and we will lose our minds thinking about it. But lets just say that what if the ayy lmaos have already sheded their fleshy bodies and basically became one with the universe and are basically a cosmic entity all of their own.


There is no such thing as ghosts. Some people experience the phenomena of ghosts the same way some children experience the phenomena of "monsters". To communicate this to us our mind tells us there is a hostile entity, for instance, in our closet or under our bed. This hostile entity doesn't have a form. IRL it would be a predator; something that hunted our monkey ancestors. Kids learn the word monster, and use it to describe this concept. Adults use the word "ghost", but either way its the same thing.

File: 1652778351451.jpg (213.36 KB, 1288x1600, manchuriancand.jpg)


Does anyone find it weird how the day after the media has said China is preparing to attack Taiwan, we see a terror attack by a Chinese against Taiwanese?
>Authorities: Gunman in deadly attack at California church was Chinese immigrant motivated by hate for Taiwanese.


the gunman was literally from taiwan

File: 1643461540439-0.png (212.05 KB, 474x316, ClipboardImage.png)


The nukepill is the hardest thing to accept. Nukes aren't real. It's impossible to create a chain reaction like that even with "refined" material. That's why once nukes started to get into the range of "so big that we couldn't physically make enough TNT to simulate it" all the tests went underground and were hidden, then simulated with computers. There were never any nukes, it was all just a big back and forth of propaganda to keep populaces of america and russia in line post-WW2, and now the world pretends they exist to try to stop world powers from fighting while they mongrelize every population into servile drones with no history or class consciousness. Nukes aren't real. Wake the fuck up and stop being paralyzed by fear before you lose your whole nation, culture, and history. That means everyone, everywhere, not just one group of people.
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File: 1650083193918.jpg (118.33 KB, 680x834, EAJy7BH.jpg)


hahahaha gem


If anyone lied to him, it was the Ministry of State Security.


File: 1650142608254.png (1.01 MB, 845x1036, ClipboardImage.png)

The original is the classic ol' Spicy Snake


File: 1652530645617.jpg (242.13 KB, 845x1036, the ol' spicy keychain.jpg)

That's not the original.


Which conspiracy theories should I subscribe to as a leftist (aside from obvious ones like cointelpro or the JFK assasination and shit like that) and which one should I write off as schizo shit
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File: 1649175158945.png (294.23 KB, 500x334, ClipboardImage.png)

More like obscure information (in the West) but
The (real)National-Bolshevik party tried to create ethnic Russian state in North Kazakhstan, but their weapon-caching operations were revealed and this plan was toppled by Russian intelligence.
Limonov was arrested in 2001 because of this. They were in contact with Kokshetau-based cossack ultranationalists and planned an insurrection, you can read nazbol "manifesto" on Kazakhstan here:


As a side note the reason the symbol of the Nazbols is a grenade is because the nickname for that type of grenade is "limonka" in Russia, thus a reference to LIMONov


I thought this long, In-Depth, and Thought-provoking Effort Post I made in another thread recently would be Interesting to discuss in the context of the ongoing Russian Imperialist Invasion of Ukraine, so I reposted it in this thread. Enjoy!

My gut tells me that by the end of this decade, nobody is going to remember any of the current “Narrative” that has been so thoroughly constructed by the Global Capitalist Elite over the last several years. If you don’t quite get what I mean, I’ll explain a sorta “Schizo” theory of mine that I have been holding back until now, which is that I believe that the Post-Cold War Era can be divided into four distinct “Narratives”.

First the “End of History” Narrative from 1991-2001, that was characterized by the immediate aftermath of the fall of the USSR and the rest of the Socialist Bloc, and the subsequent emergence of the U$ as the sole Hegemonic superpower in a Unipolar system characterized by intensive Neoliberal Capitalist Globalization throughout the entire planet with the creation of truly integrated Global Supply Chains and a truly “Global” Economy combined with the rise of the Internet and Worldwide Cultural Homogenization/Westernization/Americanization along with the widespread adoption of Liberal Bourgeois Democracy as the main political system, with the only pushback to this being the relatively small Anti-Globalization movement that consisted primarily of the remnants of the Left shattered by the end of the Cold War.

The second Narrative is that of the “War on Terror” from 2001-2008 which was kicked of with the highly suspicious 9/11 attacks and included the subsequent U$ Imperialist Invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq under the War Criminal Bush Administration alongside a period of widespread Islamophobia and obsession with the Middle East and “Islamic Terrorism” which for several years was treated as a “existential” threat to “Muh Freedumb” (it’s quite funny to look back and think that this was what people were worried about then, 😂), with the obvious expansion of Mass surveillance and Civil Liberties violations associated with this, with one of the main long term affects being that this was the first major blow to the first Narrative.

The Third Narrative was that of the “Global Financial Crisis” from 2008-2012, which started with the 2008 subprime mortgage meltdown and the resultant election of Barack Obama, and was characterized by a widespread belief that the Global CapPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Bob Marley apparently got killed by the CIA


I think this board, although a bit slow has been fairly successful.

File: 1651189260030.gif (632.83 KB, 220x227, 1310108630498.gif)

 No.1904[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

What is the real story of September 11, 2001? Was it an op? Did they let it happen? Was it actually just gross incompetence? What do you think and why?
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File: 1651614567997.mp4 (34.06 MB, 1280x720, 9_11 In A Nutshell.mp4)



You don't need evidence to condemn an institution if you can show how its mechanisms of operation necessarily establish a pattern of behavior. Glowies have committed so many crimes of the same nature that they are guilty until proven innocent.


> show how its mechanisms of operation necessarily establish a pattern of behavior.
especially a pattern of obfuscating past behavior


man, this video with the fed just "standing by" is really funny, they really don't know how to be inconspicuous

File: 1651590925749.png (180.54 KB, 322x239, ClipboardImage.png)


9/11 happens every year


so true sis


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