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Seeing how there’s multiple /co/ related threads on the board. I think we should just put all of them into one general just for clarity’s sake.

Discuss anything related to comics and animations from comic recs, leftist animations to comic writers’ attempts to larp as leftists.

Seriously is there a worse anarchist in the UK than Alan Moore?


/co/ is a separate board entirely on most chans, lumping all cartoons into 1 thread is rather dumb, even with the reduced post rate


File: 1608525545136.jpg (26.57 KB, 474x526, gay fucks.jpg)

I think Vendeta is a pretty cool guy. Eh kills prokys and doesn't afraid of anything.


The story itself is pretty decent but it showed Alan Moore for being a liberal LARPer under all that “punk anarchist” facade.
>Made comic to sell merchandise using anarchist aesthetics
>Got in the big game, tried to do the same with capeshit and public owned IPs
>Fucked over by DC, became bitter anarcho paganist


>you are anti capitalist yet you use money, interesting


There’s a difference from being a wageslave in a capitalist society while being a leftist and actively making money larping as an anarchist anon.
That’s like comparing a normal trade unionist and a porky selling Che shirts from a sweat shop.


File: 1608525550314.jpg (141.3 KB, 750x696, LordMalvolio.JPG.jpg)

How the hell is this "industry" is still alive after all these years is a miracle to me. One of the only capitalist "culture" sector that have the rampant corporate meddling, nepotism and soulessness of videogames.


1. aggressively attack nerds' juvenile nostalgia cortex by making the same thing over and over
2. massive advertising blitz
3. ?????


Whoever drew that made it look like he has his pants full of shit and like his right leg is growing outta his crotch.


File: 1608525551398.jpg (374.92 KB, 1988x1128, 5c7.jpg)

Why doesn't Batman just kill the Joker?


moralfaggotry (non utilitarians are dumdums)


I know right? Most comic “artists” aside from a few notable ones are just failed actual artists.
If he can’t kill the Joker. Why can’t he just rape the Joker instead?


fake moral standards that don't make sense. Frankly it's cause of his childhood trauma (see the Batman thread).
>failed actual artists
Yep. I think that dude was done by Rob Liefeld


File: 1608525554307.jpg (479.63 KB, 830x1280, ''GLC.jpg)

Just the best Green Lantern passing by.


>Kilowog funded and trained USSR heroes
Based. DC really have a shit ton of good D-lister international capes but somehow they just keep coming back to their bread & butter of batwanking. And now that King’s run has properly tanked Batman sales and Bendis running amok. DC’s any creativity is as good as dead.
And this is coming from a guy who always pirate big 2 comics.


All the potential lost, cause Capitalism…


wtf is that? Looks like America Chavez shit.


DC axed it. It was good.There will be no Vol. 2



Utilitarianism is just the retarded phil101 version of consequentialism. If outcome is what you care about, the first thing you need to do is think outside the box in terms of how you can influence it. Utilitarians settle for "good enough" i.e. outcomes where an action is justified, when if you were actually a consequentialist you should be concerned with the best outcome you can reasonably achieve.

Instead of accepting the limits imposed by a moral dilemma like the trolley problem, a consequentialist imperative is to find a way to produce better results. Just pull the emergency brake. "But you can't do that," the Kantians whine. The only reason you can't is because the dilemma is constructed to prevent alternate solutions. In any context where moral dilemmas matter (i.e. real life) there are plenty of outside factors that can be leveraged to change the course of events. This has to be stripped away for philosophical expediency (both to make the thought experiments efficient and to disguise the philosophical paucity), and utilitarians accept the framing uncritically.

Should Batman kill the Joker? Of course, but it's really quite a minor question next to what he should do about rampant poverty, crime, and capitalism. Batman should kill Joker with his bare hands, not even wasting a bullet. He should put his almost limitless resources into funding measures to end crime at its roots, which is to say by fighting capitalism. Batman wields immense power both by virtue of his wealth and his personal attributes. He is therefore culpable for how he puts these to use. A sane moral or ethical perspective would have him do practically anything else besides beat up lumpens for fun.


File: 1608525554810.gif (298.12 KB, 500x2188, DC.gif)

Most of what's good out of the Nu52 sold terribly because of the lack of advertising and WB being the unscubulous fucks that they are let most of the writers be pushed under harras and didio (who did the most corporate cocksucking) be in charge.
I'm still pissed that Morrison got fucked over just for Snyder to remake his run again.
I also love how /co/ usually love this kind of mild leftist comics. But just like their retarded cousins over on /v/, once /pol/ discovered it and starts to raid the board, they retroactively pretend to hate it from the start.


Oh how great Capitalism is for the arts… Creativity, don't you see! We wouldn't have all this great "entertainment" were it not for Capitalism!


I partially agree and partially disagree but am too lazy to write out the hows and whys. Good effortpost regardless.


Funnily enough, most entertainment in a capitalist society exist in spite of commodification and not because of it. But its consummers and producers are usually ironically the most reactionary idiots there are.
This also lead to the sad case of Steve Ditko who was an adamant Objectivist (kek) that later died pennyless because he got fucked over by the same people he worship as deserving to fuck him over.


Me: The focus on simplistic good vs evil superhero narratives being pushed on us is dumbing down the population
Normies: Meh you're reading too much into it
CNBC: tHe WoRlDs NuMbEr OnE bAd GuY


Not as cringe as some early glowposting comparing enlisting to being a fucking comicbook superhero team in that same thread kek.
The US is really going mask-off with this one.
>2011 secretly taking out Bin Laden
>2019 straight up murdering an Iranian general in a diplomatic mission (somehow when the DPRK did it, it’s bad)


>A sane moral or ethical perspective would have him do practically anything else besides beat up lumpens for fun.
except he literally does that like all the time?

I'm thinking of story-timing Alex Ross's War on Crime on the Batman thread, I think it's one of the best stories that deals with the "Batman it's just some fascist who punches poor people but does nothing to help them" shallow criticism.


File: 1608525558463.png (118.42 KB, 1400x272, bat.png)

forgot to add pic


Yeah the writers lazily handwave this criticism by making Wayne some super philanthropist but how can Gotham still be so bad if he's really putting his full effort into making it better? He's like the number one employer in the city and he's a billionaire. If he really wanted to help Gotham he should run for mayor himself.

Also: this argument for why Wayne is so great for giving up a small portion of his wealth is just the same as arguing that Bill Gates is some saint among men for giving away billions when he literally gets richer every year.

The surplus value Wayne steals from the poor of Gotham must be infinitely larger than the money he gives away otherwise he wouldn't be a billionaire anymore.


I think it's like that anon from the fantasy thread said, you have to separate ideology from the media you consume and believe there's a world in which a good billionaire can help people without some sort of ulterior motive. Otherwise you'll end up like Adornofags and claim literally everything is fascist.


I truly hate the handwave shit comic writers retroactively do to make their “heroic” characters past incarnation not a fascist or a parody of one. Reminds me of how GW slowly from 3rd edition onwards turn the Imperium parody of fascism into something inherently necessary in setting through retcons.
The only time I see this get truly addressed with a character is with O’Neil’s Question where after getting btfo’ed so hard, Victor straight up has to realize that Objectivism is garbage and cut it out.
>Alex Ross
Isn’t this the same pathetic idiot that sperged out of DC when they asked him to draw Kyle? The guy like Darwyn Cooke and him are reaction manchildren who have an idealistic view of superheroes as a genre.


>Darwyn Cooke
oh yeah, I read the New Frontier some days ago. Shit was legit unironic American exceptionalism propaganda, which I guess was kinda the entire point of the book but still, kek


File: 1608525559314.jpeg (77.32 KB, 700x894, charity.jpeg)

>when the DPRK did it, it’s bad
When did they kill a general in a diplomatic mission?

While I agree that the "Batmon just punches people and don't help" is an oversimplification, your screencap is capitalist apologism, see pic related.

Also please do post the War on Crime in the Batman thread, I'm interested.


Kinda hilarious how it feels like something the feds would fund to ghost write, but it's actually from Bush era US (kinda running with the hard Korean war apologia of the early 2000s like the Grand Torino film).
Just a terrible book in general.



>somehow when the DPRK did it, it’s bad
are you talking about the other Kim brother who was a CIA asset or the Juche necromancy?


>us stupid
&ltposts an entire several hundred post thread
piss off it was a simple question


The US assassinated Iranian Brigadier General Qassem Soleimani which pretty much the leader of Iran’s efforts in beating ISIS. Now that they realized they fucked up, Trump and his administration are backpedaling hard.


>Yeah the writers lazily handwave this criticism by making Wayne some super philanthropist but how can Gotham still be so bad if he's really putting his full effort into making it better?
Because comic writers have no understanding of the political economy and the causes of crime. To them it's Satan or Chaos leaking in from a parallel dimension and the only thing to do about it is beat it up literally with your physical hands.


If batman wants to take personal responsibility for the shithole that is Gotham, as both a billionaire and a vigilante, then he needs to take responsibility for the results or lackthereof. Funnily enough, if he found a way to successfully fight, there would be no story to serialize in the first place. Damn, it's crazy, like the capitalist mode of production incentivizing continuous sales is a direct disincentive to telling any story other than maintenance of the status quo and drawing it out as long as possible.


Yeah I was aware of that, the question was about when did the DPRK do something similar like that


Why is non-burger comics so much superior? The writing might be similar but the ideas and art is just so much better in every way.


Could it be that not having to sell like crazy has something to do with this?


The thing is this is the opposite of the modern comic market. The Euro comic scene (specifically France and Italy) has been consistently the second largest market for comics being only behind the manga scene. While comic sales have been going down each year.


That's probably because all American comics are the exact same and it's a miserable race to the bottom. Besides Marvel/DC don't even have to make comics anymore, they're making so much money from movies/videogames/merch that it's not worth the effort.


You’re right. Both publishers have been gutted by their masters and turned into IP farms.
DC got hit especially hard with this last year. Where most of their higher ups were replaced by corporate woke suits who just let Harras and Didio do what ever they want as long as they keep pushing the Bat, Joker and Harley. Which backfired spectacularly with Heroes in Crisis.
Marvel is now under the reign of a weeb who just can’t stop pumping out shitty sequels to their popular events. There’s been like what 3 Civil Wars and 3 Spiderverse already!
But once in a while there’s still some good gems like the recent Hillhouse books or Dial H for example.


Since this thread is dying. May I present to you the greatest golden age comic ever. Truly the height of American schizophrenia.

Stardust The Mothefucking Super Wizard!



It’s also great because it’s already in public domain so anyone can make their version of Stardust.


The story about the author of this also very sad as well. Apparently he’s also one of hundreds of ghost artists and writers like Bill Finger that got scammed out off profits by grifters of the time and later died penniless on a park bench.




Most of the grotesque faces are also apparently based on the writer himself as he basically lived most of his life a depressed alcoholic.


Which made it a great source of getting reaction images.


And that’s it for today. Hope ya like it.


This is from the recent GL mini as one of the “bad timelines”. Pretty based if I’d say so myself.


>Why is non-burger comics so much superior
Because they have a long history of folk-tales and writing heroes, while burger-land does not. Russia is not very good with comic-book heroes either, and until recently hasn't even bothered trying since it does not fit their culture.


>Because they have a long history of folk-tales and writing heroes
I would say this is debatable. LatAm countries before and after the era of military dictatorship have a vibrant comic scene even when their culture only get the chance to shine in the post-colonial era. So much so that the US still uses it as a method to push their propaganda.


> LatAm countries before and after the era of military dictatorship have a vibrant comic scene
By America everyone is obviously referring to the US/Canadian comic scene - Marvel and DC and other such mainstream capeshit.


That other poster's point is: Having a long history of folk-tales and writing heroes is not necessary for having a vibrant scene of comics that aren't capeshit.


>Having a long history of folk-tales and writing heroes is not necessary for having a vibrant scene of comics that aren't capeshit.
LatAm does have a long history of folktales and heroes tho. and has heavy european inluence.


Just came across this absolutely terrible piece of liberal idiocy.
Might as well storytime it.



This tried to be edgy but it just came off as fashprim retardation.
Somehow he keep capitalist society going while complaining about it.


>muh human nature is selfish



Why did you bring this terrible fanart here and where did you find this?


This isn't 4chan, we have a 3 image per post limit.


I ask for a comic book to have a storyline where the superman-esque hero goes all dictator.
Where do you go with an uncorruptable, invincible, immortal ruler?


DC one million probably. But most likely if he is truly incorruptible shit would be similar to this.


atleast the depict marx as the true god.


holy fucking shit based
wtf i hate batman now


That universe main “villain” uploaded himself into a cybernetic ÁI to manage the resources of the universe.
While Hal only left after admitting that the villain’s plan worked and say that his nature wouldn’t fit a commie system. Basically being the guy from this interview.


>Batman the class enemy adventurist
>Aquaman the monarch
>Catwoman the lumpen thief
>Ras Al Ghul, useful idiot terrorist
>that one immortal guy who lies a lot
>Solomon Grundy

Why is Ras al Ghul there? What is even his goal? Shouldn't he be happy that things are better? Is he mad and petty that he's not the one responsible for it?


Batman is a fucking piece of shit who could be funding programs to help the community like Black Panthers or Food Not Bombs, but instead he just beats up poor people


>superpowered alien kid would be better in the hands of US government than what he does in the film
fucking retarded Americans reeee


They’re mutts. Decades of anti-communist propaganda has fried their brains to a crisp. They can’t do any critical thinking other than consooming and repeating lies, they’re honestly worse than the proles of 1984.


Juan Giménez the artist behind metabaron died due to covid19.
…Anonymous Sticky
Juan Gimenez dies, age 77, due(…)
04/03/20(Fri)09:18:50 No.114066125
246 KB
246 KB JPG
Coronachan is based but why does she has to took this lad away.


I know virtually nothing about comics, but my dad torrented the Red Son adaptation for us to watch. How is it (both the comic and movie)?


The comic is better but it’s as liberal as it comes. With “muh gulags”, “muh Stalin”, “muh commies lobotomy” (even though the Soviet Union were the first ones to abolish that barbaric practice”, “anarchy mean no rulez”,… strung about endlessly. The movie is even worse being straight up anti communist propaganda. The motion comic on YouTube is still there and it’s a more faithful adaptation.


File: 1608525752059-1.jpg (414.68 KB, 1673x2287, CCA redux.jpg)

Simple question with a simple answer: The 1950s Comics Code Authority

Like >>1578 said, comics sales per capita in every other continent (Europe, Asia, South America, Africa) are far higher, with the much-vaunted comics utopia of Japan actually just being somewhat above average compared to anywhere but burgerstan. Even American non-capeshit, like Disney's Mickey Mouse comics, are actually more prosperous outside the USA than within it where they are completely unknown.

Pre-Code, American comics were a massive industry, spanning every imaginable genre, format, and demographic audience, this was the [b]"Golden Age"[/b].

Then Frederick Wertham, aided by the Red Scare, published "Corruption of the Innocent" as part of a moral panic crusade aimed at destroying the comic industry. Of course, this ended up succeeding in part because of willing support from inside parts of the comics industry itself, such as DC's capeshit and the newspapers' syndicated funny strips.

Having killed off everything other than capeshit & newspaper strips, this launched the [b]"Silver Age"[/b] of bland, unambitious, safe, marketable, comics. This worked for maybe a generation, from the 1950s into the 1960s, until the burgerstani comic industry's audience of small children and disinterested newspaper readers outgrew any serious interest in the skeletal remnants of the medium that had been allowed to survive under the CCA.

Hence, during the 1970s, readership imploded, and the rotten industry collapsed. In a fit of desperation, the CCA was dismantled. Hamfisted attempts to shove "important" messages were made to sell capeshit as socially relevant, comics turned inward, trying to establish themselves as a niche medium for geeks with soap opera-esque crossover continuity gimmicks, or appealing as a collectible "investment" vehicle off nostalgia bait like baseball cards were doing at the time. But none of it worked, it was far too late to save anything of worth, decades of the capeshit monoculture had completely sterilized the medium of any mass appeal or creative authenticity. This was the total death of American comics as a popular medium, the [b]"Bronze Age"[/b] of comics.

By the late '80s, comics had for 99% of Americans shrunken to a cultural artifact, a curiosity of 1950s retro nostalgia, supported entirely by merchandising and licensing, with the actual comics having circulation numbers too small to actually matter as an industry. Sure, a small number of non-capeshit imprints like Vertigo and Black Horse exist, but they are trying to rebuild a cultural legacy that was completely exterminated.

A good comparison to what happened with comics, is what very nearly happened to vidya in 2007-2014, a campaign by self-promotional grifters to buy clout by leading a moral panic to destroy an entire medium.


Thanks, comrade. I think that my dad may enjoy it more if he knows what it's really about instead of going in expecting some serious, realistic alternative interpretation.

Are there any other comics like Red Son but better that you'd recommend? Because I think at least the concept is cool.


>Seriously is there a worse anarchist in the UK than Alan Moore?
I'm tempted to say Grant Morrison but I liked The Invisibles and his run on Doom Patrol.


Alan Moore said is right when the guy criticized Morrison for larping himself into the punk movement but the guy never truly considered himself an anarchist. Moz said that he’s a green liberal that supports Labour. While Moore called himself an anarchist while trying to make money from that edgy persona.
On another question what’s your favorite capeshit run? For me it’s Doom Patrol, O’neil’s Question and Ellis’ The Authority.
I always intend to make a storytime thread here but always worried that it may pushed potentially good threads down the drain.


>Moz said that he’s a green liberal that supports Labour.
That's unsurprising; I've often been told to read The Filth if I wanted an illustration of what Grant Morrison really thinks.
>On another question what’s your favorite capeshit run?
Garth Ennis' The Boys, Rick Veitch's The One, and Kevin O'Neill's Marshal Law. The Authority is good; I should reread it.


File: 1608525793804-0.jpg (250.21 KB, 759x1197, democracy.jpg)

File: 1608525793804-1.jpg (462.3 KB, 1913x1509, the-beast.jpg)

File: 1608525793804-2.jpg (215.43 KB, 970x1525, the-beast-2.jpg)

Opinions on Transmetropolitan? When I was younger I liked the search for the true that Spider does. Obviously having in account that he is a … maniac with selfdestructive ways, in a world consumed by capitalism. But I can only think that the message is liberal, everything is liberal.


>died of COVID
From my own research on the topic, Doctors aren't even bothering with full autopsies and just label deaths as the virus because its easier than digging around in a corpse.
He probably just died of old age


Not like that, normally they'll ask someone close if he had the flu. Or check if he went through a test and the results. A congressmen in my country died that way. The care facilities are coffins nowadays.


The message was not liberal in nature but the ending was. It still held the idealistic notions of the truth in the press being important when in reality it has never been.
>Rick Veitch's The One
>Marshal Law
To be fair that was also’s Pat Mills greatest book behind Nemesis and Vampire Knight.


>the results
unreliable as fuck TBH
>they'll ask someone close if he had the flu.
The similarities between the two viruses are so close that its hard to tell apart, so with the hysteria, doctors are just going with the popular option, "COVID!!!" and that's what goes on the obituary.


Can anyone summarize this Tintin comic? I never read it so I got no clue as to its plot.


Tintin goes to Soviet Union, shenanigans in escaping the Reds ensue


A lot of anti-communist shit
>Uh actually the 5 year plans were fake, the Soviet factory have workers spending their time making mud pies
>muh asiatic savages


Of course… fucking frogs


w2c stardust bf?


In other news, due to huge disruption by the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, Diamond distribution now no longer holds the monopoly on comics. Is this a sign of AT&T and Disney moving into further monopoly that removes 3rd party completely?


File: 1608525976794.png (2.52 MB, 1656x2508, 374.png)

I have bird autism.


Ok, nice to know.


File: 1608526051177.png (277.05 KB, 400x530, pub-38en-1.png)

Am I the only one who likes Adventures of Asterix?


Probably not, Disney has said it's a temporary measure until Diamond renews operations.


You are certainly not! It's insanely based. I grew up with the entire collection that my dad kept from his childhood. My favorite one was the Viking one, not least because the copy was practically falling apart even when I was a kid, so physically handling it was part of the adventure. Reading those panels of boats navigating through storms, appearing on old yellowed pages barely hanging on to the spine, made me feel like I was holding some forbidden artifact, or even a lost historical record depicting true events.

I'm sure I owe more to my personal development to Asterix and other lit for kids than I do anything they were teaching me at school at the time.


I really like the depiction of Reagan from TDKR


Not as brutal as when Miller depicts how hilariously contradictory “the American way” to truth and justice.
DC is completely fucked as of now with huge layoffs because the bean counters at AT&T are tired of paper floppies I publishing. Jim Lee is seemingly pushing for online distribution and closing everything else. Which in the end will eventually lead to DC becoming just an IP farm for Warner Bros and Batman&Pals.
Luckily Morrison decided to jump ship early and go back to Heavy Metal (no more Sea Guy or that promised Arkham Asylum sequel with Batman 666 which is a shame). I couldn’t care less because the amount of good DC runs in the past could last me a lifetime.


Yup, it's galaxy brain time.


10 websites to read Free Full Comics Online – Marvel Comic, DC Comic, Dark Horse Comic: https://www.wat-not.com/10-websites-to-read-free-full-comics-online-marvel-comic-dc-comic-dark-horse-comic/



As time passes I find myself more and more Nostalgic for Samurai Jack. I was never a big fan of the art-style, but the story, animation and characters more than make up for it.
The Scotsman was always my favorite of course.


>implying people don’t know about all of this already
It’s one of the thing Cuckchan is still good for is sharing comics for free


herge is belgian, and was a reactionnary fuck before an anticommunist. He is remembered cause he was one of the very first popular bd author and created a prominent drawing style, not cause of the quality of his story.


he is obviously a cyberpunk Hunter Thompson, and I love him, the world building is also great.


File: 1608526943371-0.jpg (38.38 KB, 237x391, barf.jpg)

File: 1608526943371-1.gif (49.82 KB, 413x243, S.gif)



Miles Spider-man was good so this might be good too.


That was an accident.

SO now he's black all over - his suit, his skin and his heart - when he meets Darkseid he can suck him into a black hole too, kek. But honestly this is retarded.

also take this to the capeshit and/or Batman threads m8


Go back. The guy had a good idea, but do fuck all with it. The later writers having managed to fix him is a miracle. However his comic is still god awful.


/v/ brain


>muh /v/
You're still as garbage as ever


dopamine receptor burned 21st century brain


Go where?


>ur doamine burned
&ltused by the "muh /v/" fag


You sure use that boogeyman a lot.


>implying /v/ even know who bendis is



Perfection, now he truly is born from the darkness like Bane.


This is the older and more active /leftyco/ thread and slightly better quality, can >>15233 have its contents posted here I wonder?


File: 1663558626742-0.jpg (1.59 MB, 1988x2880, pag_45.jpg)

File: 1663558626742-1.jpg (1.46 MB, 1988x3056, page_45.jpg)

You're under new management, And being revived exactly…. right now!

Which one looks better, Look at center top, I'm trying to make wallpapers by editing out the panel, what works better similar coloured spray or clone stamp?

Banner of War (2022)


Also anyone like or make fan omnibuses?

I just found one on getcomics for the JMS run of Thor,

I also found one for Dan Slot run of She-Hulk and tbh, The fan-made one looked better


File: 1663670784672.png (9.55 MB, 1818x2560, ClipboardImage.png)

anyone have this book? i didn't find it on okasia


What's the effective result on a desktop? Can you send screenshots?


File: 1663678143638.jpg (2.46 MB, 1988x3056, Thor (2020-) 025-020.jpg)


wht does effective result mean

holy fucking shit, how did ytou do that
it literally looks like the panel didn't exist

i am going to learn how to do content aware filter


and OMEGA thanks for those megas and links


File: 1663736273945.png (938.66 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

ok so by the end of Harley Quinn season 3:
>Joker is now the mayor of Gotham and openly a socialist
>Gordon has been fired and the police has been disbanded
>Put a tax on evil lairs that made Lex Luthor try to assassinate him
>Bruce Wayne has been arrested by the clown cheka


it sounds based but if batman is arrested than sadly it's all going to come crumbling down

who is the clown cheka? is that the Joker's NKVD


Batman has only been a problem in this show lol. And Harley has decided to replace him sort of. She actually helped Bruce overcome some of his trauma using her psychiatry skills and wants to be more heroic now that she had a taste of helping someone.
>who is the clown cheka? is that the Joker's NKVD
Yes, that's just what I called them because of alliteration. They only showed up for one scene so far, to arrest Bruce.


lmao this is great.


Glory to the new Socialist Prince of Gotham!
God help anyone who messes with the psychiatric queen


File: 1663746623095.png (482.96 KB, 750x375, ClipboardImage.png)

Ultimate Thor

>Political activist and social anarchist

>Thorlief Golmen
>Dependent on Technology for his powers

Sounds interesting as an idea, I read somewhere he fights with the Avengers because of US hegemony or something and argues for RUS/CHIN during some fight

But my bets considering this 2000's edgevrese it's almost going to be an Alan Moore parody or and he's just going to be eco-terrorist hippy


Yeah. He was also a bit of a Jesus figure (because American pop culture fucking always falls into that trap, "Hijacked by Jesus" I think tvtropes calls it) and had a following of what you'd might call hippies. Then after a little bit of reluctance and blackmailing (on his part, hilariously) he fell in with the Awongas and somehow got along just fine with industrialist narcissist weapon dealer Tony Stark.
Then they fought and Captain Not-France burned his hair off with a flamethrower. Then they were pals again.
Shit comic as I recall it, wouldn't recommend.


Holy shit this animation is bad


File: 1663777323716.png (2.15 MB, 900x1369, ClipboardImage.png)

So, what was TDKR an allegory for

Ah I remember that Ultimate Cap now, I don't know how they made an already insufferable character even worse

I don't mind the animation as much as the voice acting,

Maybe it's because I know the actors, but I hear Alan Tudyuk, Diedrich Bader (ik he was the voice for Batman before this too), Lake Bell and the Girl from Big Bang Theory, sometimes it breaks my immersion

Oh and that soft sounding black comic who voices King Shark


It can be hit or miss but it's usually very good if there is enough background to sample from. Can't remember which version of photoshop brought it in but I have CC2019, iirc CS5 had it too.

Just magic wand the bubble or whatever you want to erase, expand the selection by a couple of pixels to include the edges. You can hit shift+f5 (at least with how my shortcuts are set up, that may not be default) to go to fill and select content aware in the contents dropdown and it'll do it automatically and do a decent job of it.

Or you can go edit->content-aware fill and there you will be able to define the sampling area, where it picks what to infill with, so for example in this you could define the sampling area to exclude all of iron man's armour because you don't want any of that ending up where the bubble was.


>terror music plays
<I AM a socialist!


File: 1663802070248.png (725.66 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

TDKR is just a boomer fantasy about still being a badass despite being old. It might actually be the prototype for all those shitty hollywood movies about old fuckers coming out of retirement to do action heroics again.

It's about average overall. They aren't going to waste a lot of budget on characters standing around talking.


he is going to make no excuses for the terror

i am surprised with all the other HBO Max cancellations this one didn't get the axe


File: 1663931457212.jpg (308.09 KB, 1075x752, RIPPAVERSE.jpg)

literally ~500 people have bought these cards, who are they supposedly meant to be showing these cards off to? and under what circumstances?

If i was walking around showing off promotional cards and bragging about capeshit comics i read to random people, I hope someone fucking euthanises me.


what is this stuff, is it nft lite?


File: 1663943034319.png (50.52 KB, 1255x166, e internet.png)

Scathing, but this has been for long


When do you think it happened
It predates the movies I feel, what was the first comic book gimmick? limited editions or variant covers

I think it was when those #1s started selling for a lot

I forgot Marx but a hobby product like this that serves no utilitarian purpose and is just entertainment is always a commodity?


>i am surprised with all the other HBO Max cancellations this one didn't get the axe
Harley Quinn? The character is extremely popular right now. To the point that when they rebooted Suicide Squad they kept Margot Robbie.

>making a version of One Piece that is literally the whole manga in "one piece"
This is clearly some kind of modern art shitpost.


hey now they also kept rick flag, and ended up killing him, can't remember if boomerang died or lived

that was such a sad story for starro, i did love the thing with the rats in the end, it was beautiful and poignant sweet


It is literally art crap. It's 1,900 Euros and there are only 50 of them made, the 'artist' describes them as

>With a spine width of more than 80cm (31.5 inches), this sculptural object cannot be read or displayed in bookstores. ONEPIECE can only be contemplated as a materialisation of digital comics’ very own media-saturated digital ecosystem. ONEPIECE exists only as an object of pure speculation.

That and the fact that he doesn't seem to have actually done anything beyond think 'lol, wouldn't this be fun'. The binding is done by someone else, obviously the book is Oda's. But he's taken Oda's name off and put his own, it's the same sort of hack shit that Roy Lichtenstein did.

The first variant cover made to sell more shit (as opposed to just different covers to identify newsstand copies, different covers for regional pricing, different logos, etc.) was the 1986 Man of Steel mini.

There have been some truly ridiculous comic gimmicks out there.
- Marvel's KISS comic mixed the blood of the band members into their red ink
- Rub-off fake blood on bloodstrike
- All the metallic, holo-foil shit in the late 80s early 90s.

Before all those I think it would be crossovers to get you to buy extra titles that you wouldn't otherwise because your favourite character is in them. I think this first happened in 1940, in Pep Comics #4 The Shield (the first American-costume themed superhero, beating Captain America by months) bats up some crooks and they continue into Top Notch Comics #5 where the shield and the wizard meet.

Another gimmick which was big in British comics, but I'm not sure the same can be said of US comics, would be the free gift. New comics magazines for the first few issues would come with extra gifts to get you hooked, for example 2000AD Prog 1 came with a 'space spinner' like a shitty plastic frisbee, a few issues later you got 'biotronic stickers' that you put on your arms to look like a cyborg.


It's the truest homage to a book about pirates

> Marvel's KISS comic mixed the blood of the band members into their red ink

I remember this! They're doing this now again in music but with nike shoes

Also damn, marvel and dc didn't even start the crossover shit? Whatever happened to Pep

I REMEMBER FREE GIFTS, This happened in India too, My mum used to get me spider-man comics from a newstand and every week had a gift, way more cooler than the other gimmicks even if it's just unloading inventory

I gotta find my spider-man diary

Do you have any gimmick stuff in your own collection?


>Whatever happened to Pep
The publisher turned into Archie comics and it became just a humour comics series in the late 40s and kept running with ever slipping sales until 1987 when they cancelled it. Like a lot of titles it was just a victim of kids having more things to do.

I don't really have any of my comics from back when I was a kid in the 90s, UK magazines tended to be printed on bad paper and basically disposable, even more so than US ones. The only gifts I specifically remember were a Dennis the Menace pencil-case, another one that was also a calculator and this bendy stretchy rubber smiley-face man.


Boomerang died in the start what a shame.
A few months ago DC literally published a “Your own custom comic” book. Which is literally blank pages where you can draw your own shit on. Basically a glorified notebook.
Or the gimmick last week which is a book with just covers.
>yo I heard you like variant covers. So we made a book of just that!


capitalism, truly the most innovative system


>Question for this thread.
What female or male? characters in /co/ are infamous for being a trigger for someone's coomer paraphilia / fetish later in? life?.

The most infamous / well known example is Sally from the Sonic SatAm cartoon.
But other ones i've heard are also.

- Raven [Emo, Goth girls]
- Azula from Avatar [Femdom, mean girls]
- Ty-Lee also from avatar [Bombshells]

Do you know of any other common ones?


If we're going cartoons too, then the whole show of Totally Spies. Feeding, musclegirls, brainwashing, bondage, catgirls. It has everything.


You are making it sound way better than it really is


>coomer paraphilia / fetish
As opposed to non-"coomer" paraphilias and fetishes? Stop talking like a retard.


File: 1664513814713.png (2.79 MB, 1080x1573, ClipboardImage.png)

anyone watch current simpsons?

they seem to be changing their artstyle a lot int his upcoming treehouse of horror


File: 1664513892950.jpg (555.87 KB, 1423x1341, marvel swimsuit - 4_26-27.jpg)

What's the hottest marvel/dc books
Like cheesecakes to the max?

Marvel Swimsuit used to exist, but not anymore


More like memehouse of reference amirite guys


That's what treehouse of horror always was. The very first was the raven, that twilight zone episode with the alien cookbook an poltergeist.


did anybody ever see the one where homer eats himself? it was so sick

it was a modern tree house of horror, and i don't think i've seen anything grosser on tv ever


also wow, none of you are cheesecake experts


I get my cheesecake from twitter artists not from musty comic books.


File: 1664636836371.png (7.64 MB, 1988x3056, ClipboardImage.png)

Mama bear solos Wolverine
MOGGED, embarrassing for wolf boy

X:Men Green, she like got really mad about a turtle choking on plastic so she went to las vegas and stabbed the clerk whose company's plastic bag it was, on the way she kidnapped the police's dog as well, Xavier sent Wolvie because she was his former student, anybody know the issues?


the ones that come before you are ashamed of you
it's a lost art, and you darespeak of it like this?

learn to recycle cheesecake, they don't grow on trees
now post the twitter names of these so called cheese makers

let mine eyes checkth upon these, like you check these digits!


CN has a 30th anni stream going on, streaming all the toons


what's the best comic book game i can play with emulators?
excluding arkham and spidey games?

i've heard of some game with doom and the entire marvel universe


Incredible Hulk - Ultimate Destruction
Scott Pilgrim vs the World
The Marvel Ultimate Alliance series (3 is on switch, don't know if you can emulate that)
Freedom Force (ideology-wise it's dumb, but the game is fun)
Spider-man 2 - Enter Electro


File: 1664871488266.png (4.77 MB, 1600x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

MvC 2.


File: 1664872721294.png (1.28 MB, 755x1014, ClipboardImage.png)

Guess whose birthday it is today
Is this the MOST, are has anyone gone even beyond this


File: 1664873134116.png (279.03 KB, 480x320, ClipboardImage.png)

>The Marvel Ultimate Alliance series
uh guys…? I think I downloaded the wrong one

Seriously how did Nintendo get away with that kind of false advertising for their GBA "versions" of games

The artwork is beautiful
Is the pink and purple robot on the left a sentinel?


File: 1664873504511-0.gif (124.71 KB, 133x170, latest-1803181240.gif)

File: 1664873504511-1.png (363.48 KB, 381x576, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1664873504511-2.png (62.41 KB, 320x240, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1664873504511-3.png (699.05 KB, 520x800, ClipboardImage.png)

>Is the pink and purple robot on the left a sentinel?


You really want the mango sentinel though: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZZUMjoxfZA


i love the colours on both of them
how do comic creators come with color schemes for their OC?


File: 1664958982036-0.png (2.19 MB, 1400x1400, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1664958982036-1.jpg (26.31 KB, 460x344, a0QPwnO_460s.jpg)


How do I start watching the DCAU shows
I loved BTAS and JL as a kid

I assume the way it was released goes like BTAS, STAS, New Batman, JL, JLU, Batman Beyond
I don't know what project zeta or static shock are

What do all those other million DC made for home movies take place? Their own continuity or connected


Nostalgia is so fucked up

The one on the left is superior but like… The one on the right feels more like when I was a kid and it aired on tv

The dark light also lends to the atmosphere


Zeta Project was a spinoff of Batman Beyond so I guess after that. Static Shock was really its own thing iirc there was just one crossover episode with Batman Beyond in the final season. Justice League started airing just as Batman Beyond was ending. I would do BTAS, STAS, New Batman, Beyond, JL, JLU and then do Static Shock and then Zeta Project (I don't like Zeta Project personally).


File: 1665032049556.png (1.08 MB, 1200x675, ClipboardImage.png)

Yes, that seems like the correct order
Do you think BTAS batman is peak batsy design, JL is up there too

But something about dorito-man shape is just 👌


There were Spawn Clones? It was that popular?

What have been the trends in the industry outside of Marvel and DC's influences


Do you think there's any "merit" or valid arguments in this rightoid thread whininig about alan moore's characterization

Also are superhero movies being popular really any indication of fascism?
Supe stories are often moralistic (sometiems gray) but I don't think that's enough to display a trend towards fascism

No doubt if we do see fascism in the 21st century, there'll 1000% be capeshit mythos invovled by some dipshit loser, but the popularity itself, being a sign of fascism, I don't really see

I just see it as people feeling powerless and wanting to see bad guys not get away with it on the big screen.


File: 1665224580036.png (801.59 KB, 1270x720, ClipboardImage.png)

anybody know about this? what happened
i heard this was some attempt at collective bargaining


File: 1665227553845-0.png (4.77 MB, 2880x2160, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1665227553845-1.png (5.99 MB, 2880x2160, ClipboardImage.png)

thoughts on the fan remaster of the show?
it looks brilliant


i can't be arsed to download 6gigs per file tho, mega has a limit


This is the WMAA one? There's a 1080p downscale done by a torrent group you can find for smaller filesize.
I helped give early feedback, its been a work in progress for at least 3-5 years. Unfortunately fbi.gov drama bullshit has fucked over the project almost entirely (not just upscaling, also obtaining and archiving almost everything that CN and precursors ever made in best possible quality) so I don't know if any other show will get the same treatment. Similar, since the model is accessible, but it was trained for EEnE so while it still works very well on other similar shows, this was a massive undertaking.
give me a few pictures to upscale x4 when I'm on desktop. Due to my shitty GPU I have to use a script to upscale it in 256x256 tiles and rejoin them but it does still work nicely


File: 1665411006498-0.jpg (3.46 MB, 1562x2400, 132.jpg)

File: 1665411006498-1.png (5.14 MB, 1562x2400, 133.png)

Which one looks clearer to you, I feel like there's a slight difference

I used waifu2x to upscale, one is highest noise reduction and the other is just high


this looks beautiful, but I can't afford to store 6GB per file for this

I think I may have downloaded the 1080p one recently. didn't know that was a recent fan remaster.


File: 1665411184338.png (1.95 MB, 800x1200, 13.png)

>I helped give early feedback, its been a work in progress for at least 3-5 years.

DAAAAAMN, that's some big league shit, how did you get in to give feedback and stuff?
Here's an image if you want to upscale, what's your method, I have a iGPU 5600g, would i be able to try the method

an A.I trained on EEnE trying to upscale other stuff sounds really funny, Imagine if it tried to do Johnny Bravo


How much is your 1080p remaster? I have the one and it's 194mb

I was also part of a forum where they upscaled KoTH and it looks pretty good

Do y'all prefer the original, painting like grainy look or the digital, smoothified?

I reckon the smoothfied look is better for eyes since it's less blurry


Yeah my files are the same sized files. I haven't watched the remaster yet but I think they both have their merits. I do think the kind of blurry style of the original, with the lines all wobbly, was neat since it was such a distinctly recognizable style of the show. hope the remaster preserved that.


whcih do you reckon is healthier for the eye
fake upscale 1080p
or natural 480p

also why does every KoTH release have spanish dubbing


iirc I think it's the tech they used to broadcast cel animation back in the day? I remember seeing a video talking about why the first season of Spongebob looks so different even from the cels that have been made available, and it was something to do with the way the cels were compiled for the final edit?

>Also are superhero movies being popular really any indication of fascism?

I think he's probably right in an indirect way. Superman, for example, was a much more radical figure in the 30s before DC turned him and all other heroes into America cheerleaders (after kicking out the original creators and paying them pennies).

I can't relate to his position personally, I still like Superman and a few other heroes. I have long ago lost most interest in modern super-hero media, however. Even the "subversive" stuff all feels like a big show these companies are putting on. All sides of the market are satisfied because there's content for the cynics and the consoomers.

I would wager it's less a servant of fascism and more a servant of capital, with all the heroes doing the performative dance to make money for the corporations.

Natural only because the upscale is blurry.


File: 1665639271273.png (2.37 MB, 1000x1468, ClipboardImage.png)

>my way is the truth justice, and the american way
they put that back in his dialogue


no way the upscale looks more blurry to you, no way


oh sorry, my bad didn't see the file names


i swear this was a CW show…


thank fuck, i was scared


how was moore expolited by the cb industry
i'm curious on what deal they get and where their wages are stolen

do the new artists get a bad deal, do they have contracts now where you get money if it gets adapted into movies

they really make so much of merchanidse and i bet the creators don't get a cent,


this is like finding out Titans is having a fourth season

who is still watching these shows? they got buzz for one season then fell off a cliff


I enjoyed the show just because they still stick with the Morrison run.


what kids look like this man, i just watched the pilot again and they look and sound like 30 year old dudes

nostaliga is a b


Why is Venom so cute bros? I want to be bonded by a symbiote

Also has anyone read "God Country" or "Rednecks" by Cates?
Is it good


File: 1666005704306.png (15.36 MB, 1732x5250, poonem.png)

So the "agent venom" character is just miltiary and us propaganda wank?

crazy, and cringe
i thought it was going to be cool

eddie brock still the best venom


File: 1666069175252.png (61.68 KB, 342x180, fuck tha feds.png)

i regret to inform you the fbi drugged even venom
nobody is safe 😔


File: 1666069639756.png (287.52 KB, 540x429, ClipboardImage.png)

does anyone know the original comic? it looks like a very famous style or ig all the newspaper comic artists use the same style


Artist is Adrian Raeside.


Thank you, how did you know? Do you read them?

>He began drawing cartoons on washroom walls as a kid.[3] After being expelled from his first (and last) art class at the age of 15,[3] he moved with his parents to England, then to Canada.


File: 1666085901722-0.png (13.22 KB, 226x470, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1666085901722-1.png (907.4 KB, 1509x881, ClipboardImage.png)

NTA but google reverse image search or tineye work wonders. Might take a little bit of clicking because of reuploads but you can find it usually


i swear i tried it, i use a different extension called "search by image"
link for yours please? mozilla firefox


No, his signature is in the second panel by the mall advert, I googled 'Raeside comics'.


File: 1666241765764-0.png (1.09 MB, 600x928, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1666241765764-1.png (460.01 KB, 593x900, ClipboardImage.png)

Has anyone read Mike Costa's works


No but I am suddenly very interested in them


I took like theological concepts


is poison ivy really eco-fascist?

but mommy 😳


File: 1666433951876.png (880.18 KB, 797x842, ClipboardImage.png)

has anyone read my life in hell?
how to read


readcomiconline dot li




File: 1666672195837.mp4 (15.56 MB, 1280x720, eYtGofQorYl0JAFN.mp4)

thoughts? the og kang design is too goofy for real world

but if they're doing this at least x-men have a hope


I'll never not hate trailers using le wacky distorted/slowed down versions of classic 1970s boomer music.


is it really distorted?


File: 1666693807043.jpg (104.06 KB, 848x842, what in tarnation.jpg)

>also why does every KoTH release have spanish dubbing
What part of Texas do you not understand?


You kidding me? You don't hear how different it is to the original when kang's putting that sphere in the thing and the rings are spinning round that city?


wtf based Ronnie?


is this true about character design? kinda lame that the meta has already been designed

any characters that go against the norm of circle = cute, square = stable, and triangle = edgy?


File: 1666770023792.png (945.28 KB, 1164x1242, ClipboardImage.png)

i've never listened to elton john really

apologies for forgetting texas is a state of mexico

thesis: chicken nuggets
anti-thesis : chicken nuggets discount


File: 1668314433892.png (6.47 MB, 2048x2043, ClipboardImage.png)

did y'all hear? what were his best roles outside of being the iconic batman?


File: 1668315280187.mp4 (3.93 MB, 1280x718, kevin conroy 9-11.mp4)

>what were his best roles outside of being the iconic batman?
cooking food for 9/11 relief
(source: I Know That Voice documentary)


File: 1668321336940.webm (742.53 KB, 1280x720, 1501615991608.webm)

I been split about this for a while but should I make fan comics of the superheroes I like or should I focus on making comics for original characters?
I have made plenty of comics, I love capeshit and already accepted I'd never work for the big two so I don't know what to do with the superhero ideas I have, what to do with them.
What do my comrades think?


If you're not gonna work for the big two, you should go with original characters because in the slight chance your work starts to have a bit of fame and success, the owners of the already existing character might be trigger happy about lawsuits. Especially Marvel since it's owned by Disney.


If personal interests aren't the deciding factor, fancomics can be a big boost to your portfolio/online presence.


You know that's a good strategy, I can start with a fancomic to grow my audience and then see how many stick for original ideas.


File: 1668402102075.jpg (511.64 KB, 2048x1536, FhAJVfbXwAA1Dsb.jpg)

RIP Kevin O'Neill


Rip to a legend. Tyger was what drew me into Green Lanterns.


File: 1670552606025.jpg (424.06 KB, 803x1193, pinturas5.jpg)

If you can understand spanish, I recommend "pinturas de guerra", from Angel de la Calle.
If not still, give it a try, try to translate it, it's quite good, and it talks about the Latin American dictatoships, political exiles, art and even Michael Townley.


which of you is this

>Of course! The dialectical materialism of Ren and Stimpy is a fascinating one, and it illustrates the contradictions between the bourgeoisie and the proletarian very well. Ren and Stimpy are two members of the capitalist class in constant conflict with each other, and they show how even members of the same class can have different interests, which is what dialectical materialism is all about. I agree that Ren and Stimpy could be seen as a critique of capitalism, as it shows the contradictions within the capitalist class. I think Ren and Stimpy is a brilliant and subtle critique of capitalism, and it's a classic example of dialectical materialism; Ren and Stimpy is a perfect example of how even members of the same class can have different interests, which is what dialectical materialism is all about. I think that Ren and Stimpy is a fascinating show, and it has a lot of deep philosophical messages. I think that the show is very creative and unique; it has a lot of philosophical messages about the nature of capitalism and the struggle of the working class. I think that Ren and Stimpy is a great show, and I think that it is a very subtle but effective critique of capitalism. I think that the show is also a very creative and unique creation, and I really like that about it. I think that the relationship between Ren and Stimpy shows the dynamic between the bourgeosie and the proletariat very well


Very obviously written by an AI.



at least they can't make comics yet… right? right???


>a porky selling Che shirts from a sweat shop
Cultural hegeMONEY


>Dude this pitch can create tons of merchandising! We're gonna be rich!
That is not just using money retard.
>With an eye to the merchandising that Marvel managed to spin out of Secret Wars, I think it's safe to assume that if it were possible to credibly spin role playing games, toys, "Waiting for Twilight" posters and T-shirts and badges and all the rest of that stuff from the title, then that would be a good idea too. Ideally, it might even be possible, while appealing to the diehard superhero junkie, to produce a central story idea simple, powerful and resonant enough to bear translation to other media. I mean, I know that I'm probably still intoxicated by the Watchmen deal, but it never hurts to allow for these things as a possibility, does it?


He wouldn't have anything left to do then. One can argue that all his moral dogmas are just a screen concealing Batman have little identity besides endless hunt and "revenge" - and he is unable to admit it even to himself.


File: 1671501101838.jpg (785.24 KB, 1290x2048, RCO279_1666152531.jpg)

Thoughts on Marshal Law?


Pat Mills and Kevin O'Neill's best second only to Nemesis the Warlock.


File: 1671757146057.jpg (906.29 KB, 1330x2048, RCO266_1666152531.jpg)

One of the only batman parody that deals with the classist question of a rich guy wearing costumes to beat up poor and mentally ill people too


File: 1672111592809.jpg (116.97 KB, 823x428, transmetropolitan.jpg)

What's /leftyco/'s opinion on Transmetropolitan?
When I first heard about it in the mid 00's I thought it was just libertarian garbage, was I wrong?


It was one of the first comics that got me into the medium as a teenager in the late 2000s so my thoughts on it are pretty skewed. If you know anything about Hunter S Thompson's life (his fascination with Richard Nixon, etc) and the development of so-called 'Gonzo Journalism' in general (especially before it got vulgarized by the miserablists at VICE Magazine et al), it's a really fun and compelling read.


File: 1672275795011.jpg (88.23 KB, 400x600, IMG_0762.JPG)

God is dead was peak cringe.
Not that bad but really fucking idealistic. The press can't change shit when money is on the line. Smiley being evil for no reason was dumb.


File: 1672342010108-0.jpg (131.57 KB, 1280x720, comrade_hop_pop.jpg)

finished Amphibia the other day. it's frog isekai. pretty good


Pretty good. Seems like The Boys cribbed a lot of its homework from ML


what do you think about the warworld saga, superman becoming lib in charge to liberate a planet of a dictator who is called the mongul?

it is written by PKJ, any thoughts


>why does every KoTH release have spanish dubbing
They do? Damn I figured they'd be hard to find online since I've read that the LatAm Spanish dub wasn't broadcast very often compared to other shows. KotH is my current obsession so I'm extremely curious about the dub, where they Hispanicized all the names. I admit, I don't know much about these things because I avoid online communities.

It's become one of my favorite sitcoms of all time, but you can tell the very early seasons went in a slightly different direction than later seasons. I preferred the early episodes, so the last season was a bit disappointing to me. That makes me feel somewhat conflicted, because on the one hand I wish it had never ended and I crave more episodes, but on the other, I'm glad it didn't turn into another The Simpsons.
This is one of those shows that I wish I could show everyone I know but they don't know English so I'm in a bit of a dilemma. Unfortunately, a lot of its charm is lost in the dub and subs distract the viewer too much to pay full attention to the animation and voice acting (imo). I wish it had become more popular where I live.


>tfw you download a .rar of the entire comic only to never read it
I got it several years ago, forgot where from. oops


TPBs were made to screw alan moore out of watchmen rights?

if they go 1 year without publishing it, he gets the rights???




i mistook subs for dubs, i used the wrong word 💀
what do you think about the drug addict episode s2e20?


Check archive.org, that's usually a good place to find those sorts of comics.


that dragon looks sick asf


File: 1674872889484.jpg (79.74 KB, 680x1286, 0b7.jpg)

does anyone know any leftwing webcomics like happyroadkill? cause these are the only lefty comics i know of that i like


File: 1674885182509.png (1.87 MB, 781x1107, ClipboardImage.png)

Is he our guy? Commie Supe?
Divinity - Valiant comics, should i read it


File: 1674885219931.png (1.53 MB, 1080x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

the nib


>also why does every KoTH release have spanish dubbing

Fun fact : There's also a Quebec french dub and in this version, the cartoon is set in Quebec instead of Texas, even if there's a clock shape like Texas in the kitchen and Bush runs for president.


Anyone read that scott snyder alt-future thing from a couple of years ago where the US literally walls itself off from the rest of the world and soft balkanizes? I got 15 issues in. The premise was good but the execution and art didn't fit for me. It now seems like an extremely prescient storyline considering the way the US is uniting the world against itself rn.


Warworld was really good, it shows why superfags like Superman but I feel more could had been done with the setting.
I'm angry that the ending was printed on some event I didn't care for and that from one issue to the other Action Comics was done with the arc, that's frustrating.
>Valiant comics
never read any of their stuff and I have no idea how are they still in business.



im scared to read this one


File: 1676545111580.png (2.15 MB, 765x1800, ClipboardImage.png)

is the green arrow show as anti-rich as the comics?


you can't upload .cbz comics on leftypol?

Here's Ant-Man manga

Ant-Man+ by Toyotaka Haneda.cbz


I am too; it just looks really lame and uninspired. If I were writing a commie capeshit story I'd pull from the Russian Cosmists and Victory over the Sun; but I guess that's just me.


I know it's a comics thread, but since you touched the subject, i wanted to share a soviet sci fi moview about travel to the moon from 1933


The sound track is a bit shite, since it was originally a silent movie and it was probably added much later, maybe even after USSR.


Anyone read Megg Mogg and Owl? It's like the simpsons if it was about traumatized druggies. It captures the traumatized lumpen drug lifestyle perfectly


hasnt this been fairly popular on the internet for a decade


File: 1678663611589.jpg (92.57 KB, 1280x720, 1453757813653.jpg)

>It's like the simpsons
What kinda comparison is that.


the way that the jokes and stories are set up (and what the author themselves said)

fairly, Vice was running it at one point


i just wish finding all the strips wasnt such a mess


Yeah, I'm going to have to buy the physical books at this rate. 420chan had a massive thread with it but last time I checked it wasn't around, maybe it's back there now


File: 1678761633446.png (357.32 KB, 466x380, IMG_0726.PNG)

Pretty damn good indie comic. The scene of indies are either schizo nazis or drugged out hipsters. No in between.


GOTG Vol.3 is coming out

Will y'all tell me which runs to read before that comes and which runs inspired the previous 2 movies?

I know to read the DnA run, but what else




File: 1680852402142.jpg (1.23 MB, 2100x3000, page_143.jpg)

how did comic book writers imagine this shit back then?

we have frames of refrence with the internet movies but shit like this

how did they do it? psychadelics?




It's really kind of sad how often people see some piece of art that's just the littlest bit weird and immediately think that it people can't produce it without some kind of chemical. It's really sad how stunted some imaginations are.






File: 1681496988488.jpg (89.35 KB, 625x548, whatever you say kid.jpg)

>how do people imagine things????


One example is, you could put soap in water and it'll look all rainbow-ish.


damn you literally need your third eye opened to imagine shit other people already came up with lmao


File: 1681671318578-0.png (1.1 MB, 922x576, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1681671318578-1.png (2.24 MB, 834x1222, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1681671318578-2.png (1.78 MB, 1080x1523, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1681671318578-3.png (319.43 KB, 374x548, ClipboardImage.png)

Steve Ditko, the only lolbert I'd hear anything from, did a lot of trippy art like that with Doctor Strange. And I really doubt a hippie-hating Ayn Rand zealot from the 60's was doing acid.


File: 1682168312070.png (2.33 MB, 1041x1600, ClipboardImage.png)

does anyone know the context for wally west x castro?
seems odd to have a real life political figure be a character


look it's not that far fetched to say to imagine a raccoon fight a dragon is imagination

but to draw a sequence of weird squiggly lines and blobs and have that come together to create something

that's like beyond imagination during that time
btw how do i unlock my 3rd eye?

he's gotta be one of those scared turned straight kinda guy

did all that stuff in college and then became sour later


I don't know but I saw Marvel made a pro-Castro comic when the Cuban revolution happened. But apparently it was when Castro wasn't known to be communist.


File: 1682480995502-0.jpg (564.45 KB, 1024x1600, RCO004_1470623542.jpg)

File: 1682480995502-1.jpg (602.9 KB, 1030x1600, RCO047_1470623542.jpg)

It was during the Invasion! event. Basically shapeshifting ayylmaos replaced castro and his aides. Wally met Castro in the jungle fighting off aliens and decided to help him. The alien alliance are a bunch of slave traders btw.


What did y'all think of GOTG Vol.3? The creatures being an IP farm (feels like it was a disney jab), the stuff about a mad scientist creating a utopian society (and failing at it)

I think it was an okay end to the guardians tho, Weird way james gunn has done in the movies that the ravagers are just a shoe-in for old guardians 3000

lmfao yeah, he turned commie ML because of che everything after it

That is just so funny

:0 did this happen around the same time as castro just winning the revolution and not being a commie?


File: 1684216317290.png (3.31 MB, 1169x1814, ClipboardImage.png)


and it's a immortal series, i fear it's going to be comic kino again


Reading the first 30 of Immortal Hulk on a 70 inch projector screen, in the dark, was pretty memorable. Thanks libgen.




>To put my biblical hat back on for a second — if IMMORTAL HULK was the Old Testament, IMMORTAL THOR is the New Testament.”

I'm still on Vol.4 I think, where betty becomes chainsawman power, it's great

sounds fun, to read like that, horror in the dark


And the best part is that Marvel didn't do this to him,
He decided on his own

It starts in August, Catch y'all there

>Putting [Immortal] on a book I’m writing is a promise to the reader, and to myself,” Ewing wrote. “I was the one who pitched the title — not editorial, not anyone else — and it was basically a self-challenge. Can I do a book like that again? Can I do my end of it better this time? I have to try, because the alternative is just lie down and let the grass grow where I fell.


Imagine if he brings back the Eco-Communist Thor from Ultimates


>sounds fun, to read like that, horror in the dark
total body-horror in the dark. It's more memorable for enjoying the art on a screen that size tbh. That run was full of spreads and scenarios that were just…….large. Perfect big screen comic. Not even a hulk guy, maybe read a couple of the well known tpbs before that.


File: 1685507440668.jpg (1.47 MB, 1200x2000, z.jpg)

batman '89 talking about that karl marx's or that other guy's theory of dialectics?


neither marx nor hegel ever mentioned that shit


then who tf kept saying that

= synthesis

is that stalin then?


kaufmann i think



File: 1685539816405-0.jpg (892.44 KB, 1536x2048, Fv7eW-dWYAA6rFq.jpg)

File: 1685539816405-1.jpg (785.66 KB, 1536x2048, Fv7eYrsWcAEL059.jpg)

File: 1685539816405-2.jpg (847.99 KB, 1536x2048, Fv7ebQcWwAEWSxX.jpg)

I much prefer Jack Kirby.


File: 1685539870030-0.jpg (730.25 KB, 1536x2048, Fv_tBChWIAE7LSV.jpg)

File: 1685539870030-1.jpg (849.41 KB, 1536x2048, Fv_tCXvXwAAN1OG.jpg)

File: 1685539870030-2.jpg (837.05 KB, 2048x1536, Fv_tEOdXoAEqp0w.jpg)


File: 1685540066824-0.jpg (955.46 KB, 2048x1555, Fv_-LkQXsAAyLc4.jpg)

File: 1685540066824-1.jpg (981.58 KB, 2048x1536, FwFFSQtWIAAF_sr.jpg)

File: 1685540066824-2.jpg (642.54 KB, 2048x1392, FwwRginWIAgqB8N.jpg)

File: 1685540066824-3.jpg (469.95 KB, 1390x2048, FwX9aFZXwAEYK8l.jpg)

The restored collages are great compared to the overall recolor imo


File: 1685540528541.png (475.32 KB, 416x662, moore.png)

Of course Moore is an anarchist. Did you ever even look at Watchmen.


Moore being an anarchist is fun to think about until you realize him and Bill Sienkiewicz did Brought to Light which very much deals with the parapolitical and Latin American communist movements.


This is on libgen.gs. I like Moore's work a lot. When I read this I liked it more. Imagine a world where he continued the journalism in parallel with the writing.


>Imagine a world where he continued the journalism in parallel with the writing.
Reminds me of the political cartoons featured in New Masses during the 1930s, and despite the John Reed Clubs ostensibly having their own little art school, its editors (like Mike Gold) always insisted that those cartoons were their best output. Imagine a world where CPUSA cultivated graphic novels going into WW2!


what is this?


Jack Kirby's Fourth World! It says it on the bottom of each page..


File: 1686438447446.jpg (21.41 KB, 450x299, 1686431364535776.jpg)

>Make an extremely influential 'underground' indie comic
>Get an offer to make a cartoon of your very own
>It becomes extremely successful
>Get told to make changes that you know will ruin it
>It ruins it
>Become disillusioned with the industry
>Never return to animation
I have nothing but sympathy for Jhonen. Poor bastard. Put his heart and soul into making something that came out extremely good, but then got stomped on and turned into a marketable slime. Can't blame the guy for coming to the conclusion that there was absolutely no point in trying again. I'd love to see him get something on Adult Swim or something, though. Probably won't ever happen.


I was rewatching Zim for the first time in many years (was one of my favorite shows growing up) and it still amazes me how quality it was. The animation and music and its extremely specific kind of humor and vibe that has often been copied but never replicated. We really will never get another cartoon like it, which is such a shame because I'd love to see what Jhonen could make if he was working for Adult Swim where he could just make whatever the fuck he wanted without it having to be a "kids show".


File: 1686504383790-0.jpg (931.86 KB, 1988x3056, page_139.jpg)

File: 1686504383790-1.jpg (919.24 KB, 1988x3056, page_78.jpg)

File: 1686504383790-2.jpg (802.22 KB, 1988x3056, page_179.jpg)

File: 1686504383790-3.jpg (919.24 KB, 1988x3056, page_78.jpg)

File: 1686504383790-4.jpg (1.17 MB, 1988x3056, page_91.jpg)

gay communist robot

i think nick spencer worked in his own experience with tech and working in San Francisco, lotta talk about how it isn't livable and coders are used cheaply and the gig economy


File: 1686834121570-0.jpg (1.02 MB, 3056x1988, page_104.jpg)

File: 1686834121571-1.jpg (177.6 KB, 495x968, page_148.jpg)

i don't like the slightly villainous commie, or whatever anti-china stuff there is in this new x-men 2001 by morrison

but man what a hardcore as fuck comic


the flash got me thinking, you know how the prevalent message in most media regarding time travel and changing things to be right is always "let it go"

a) we don't have that power, so it's easy to pick that as the most moral and right choice

b) there may or may not be a case of capitalist realism on play, subconsciously where, even if things can be right, we shouldn't do it because of muh order of things

c) i agree with this, sometimes that type of stories are a metaphor for people's traumas and letting THAT go, and just pretty much that

i do wonder if we exclude c, if things would be different if the status quo was different, if we had time travel, that it wouldn't be seen as categorically wrong to change things

i'd like to see a story where they show a differing view point, that it's okay to change reality or something
it'd be cool


Well the twist was that the entire camp was fake, everyone in the camp were magneto loyalists who created it to made his infiltration as xorn easier, especially when the xmen assumed the chinese were evil already. So it makes sense. His run was great in how damn creative it is.


Moore was a weird fucking guy as his anarchist leanings changed in waves. He started as a punk rock type who got into anti capitalism due to the whole miracle man fiasco and marvel UK fucking him over. But as he got successful after watchmen he started using his anarchist brand as a product as seen by his twilight of superheroes pitch. But then after DC also fucked him over he went full anarchist then esoteric anarchism after his two wives cheated on him with each other and took custody of his kid.
Seems very tongue in cheek. Like those fake communists that all bark and no bite.



reeeeeeee why did i read the spoiler
i knew the twist but ee

goddamn basedneto
he's really the malcolm x

yeah pretty sure, as the times get worse,
left-wing populism just gets everywhere, co-opted whatever


comics are good again
is the rumor that free rips weekly will shutdown because amazon shut down comixology true?

i know piracy can never die, but? were people really ripping from amazon digital copies before?

I don't think we'll get people buying comics and then printing, xeroxing digital copies, will we?

Also can't believe based is now part of popular vernacular, so much that comics even feature it


File: 1688356199363-0.jpg (521.99 KB, 1228x1890, page_82.jpg)

File: 1688356199363-1.jpg (483.92 KB, 1228x1890, page_83.jpg)

File: 1688356199363-2.jpg (385.3 KB, 1228x1890, page_65.jpg)

can't believe this is all being said by someone whose name has "the fourth"

but still respect


Bro this is so damn good, and I normally don't read comics anymore. What is this comic seems so damn good I should find out where acquire it.


a comic aligning with your personal politics is a very low bar to what makes a comic good tbh


File: 1688569713068.png (1.9 MB, 1920x1080, ed197a304ea7c341.png)

they did a socialist spiderman?

>Fun fact, Spider-man Noir is a socialist in comics. His Uncle Ben was shot during a rally in a Hooverville by mafia members that were being payed by the police to suppress socialism.


Do not ask Magneto if you would kill Baby Hitler
Man he's such a fun anti-hero if he just wasn't warped by Mutant Supremacy shit


Batman (2016) volume, Volume 4, The Cowardly Lot,
2020 Story, The writer is James Tynion IV something, he wrote "Something is killing the children"

true it is still shocking to see commie ideals but now i've realized a lot of art is lefty and
reality has a communist bias :D

holy shit is that from spiderverse or noir's own title

>i wipe my keister with financial section

is awesome
hobo-ben is nice


oh and you can read the comic for free at https://readcomiconline.li/
inflitrate the ranks, the comment section is often reactionary ass nerds

we need more of our kinds in there


I skipped through the latest guardians movie like a hog. They've got to be paying Hickman for taking the talking Russian dog and maybe Ewing for taking the "scavenge huge dead god bodyparts in space" thing.



i don't see the merits in dark phoenix saga
it just feels like too much text and a zillion plot threads


hickman? i'm pretty sure DnA made Cosmo did they not?

which of Ewing stuff has scavenge huge dead god body parts, that's interesting, Ultimates?



okay the x-orn twist was cool magneto is a dengist who's got chums with CCP

the retcon is really insane, but ig, it does make him into a bumbling fool, which kinda rids him of the coolness


Laika the Russian talking space dog from The Manhattan Projects is what the latest GotG talking Russian space dog is copying, I thought.
>which of Ewing stuff has scavenge huge dead god body parts, that's interesting, Ultimates?
We only Find Them When They're Dead, BOOM comics.


File: 1692004302930-0.jpg (151.64 KB, 850x441, fall-of-x-feature.jpg)

File: 1692004302930-1.png (62.08 KB, 300x250, IMG_0786.PNG)

>Hickman finally gives the X men a new country after the fall of gernosha
>Immediately destroy it and kills jean grey again because muh status quo
Fuck me sideways. Fuck Marvel. It's always jean getting fridge for shock value because she always comes back due to the phoenix. Literally the king of cosmic jobbing.
Wait this is just the venture brothers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjTjmFhdUdQ
What comic is this?


Imagine reading mainstream comics, it's literally the cycle of an abuser promising things will change and they never do.


I use to want a Johnny the Homicidal Maniac cartoon, but then I realized it probably would never be done justice. The energy and art style of the original is very raw and chaotic. You would need a studio that really understands dynamic movement.


yo french story time dad anon
can you tell me where you picked that series from? i can't find it on the free sites


Magneto-San will avenge Krakoa.

It's Batman by James Tynion IV the guy who wrote "Something is killing the children"

In other knews the fables, wolf among us guy just made his comic public domain because DC won't pay him properly



File: 1694922864173.png (54.34 KB, 585x900, ClipboardImage.png)

was this good or what? manhattan project, hickman?

i only watched oppenheimer for that stuff and it was a little interesting.


you think the robert kirt manifesto is real?
does image comics really give writers their whole rights to own what they make

how do they make money



I stopped reading when the writter inserted his disgusting fetish of feral to totty dog transformation fetish


File: 1698939128555.png (786.56 KB, 1001x625, 1698937639435218.png)

Most humble DC woman with the most natural DC dialogue


What's this bitch's problem

What's batman's problem


Anyone reading this be like Superman in this panel.


File: 1698967853848.jpg (173.51 KB, 1500x1039, constantine.jpg)

> Francis Lawrence says they are now batting around ideas for ‘CONSTANTINE 2’ adding that “it will be very rated R.”
i am generally against sequels but i will make an exception for constantine


File: 1701779342975.png (Spoiler Image, 9.63 KB, 1245x84, ClipboardImage.png)

Reading a fanfic (I'm new to this stuff, excluding the most blatant single-page trollfics) and it's like Moral Orel season 3, just making almost every single supporting character a tragic villain.
And when I say every character, I mean every picrel charatcer.


It's like a hallucinatory imagining of everything surrounding the Oppenheimer era. Anything non-cape by Hickman is good imo


Fanfiction thread is >>3558
But yeah, fanfiction is 90% garbage, 5% bad writing but good ideas and 5% good ideas with good execution.


>when you're watching a cartoon and suddenly the animation becomes noticeably better in one scene
It's as if the intern animated that clip and then got a lecture about staying on-model or taking too long.



Rain Like Hammers, Brandon Graham, has some interesting far future ideas and it's on libgen. Honestly, the graf influences in the art kind of put me off at first, but it was worth relaxing into it and the writing and observations of elite behaviors are cutting. I really liked Island comics and most artists associated with it, and his continuation of Prophet was with the best of far future scifi.
Other far future things worth reading are Hickman's recent limited 10 issue series and Malachi Ward's work.
>Honestly, the graf influences in the art kind of put me off at first, but it was worth relaxing into it
This probably means you'll like the art tbh. I got some fixed ideas about it.


File: 1705896839073.jpg (1.17 MB, 1988x3056, page_374.jpg)

am i reading in too much or is the use of hammer and sickle at specific bubbles also feel like anti-communism to you

i hated this event


File: 1705902458182.jpg (675.88 KB, 1988x3056, page_921.jpg)

this was interesting tho
sinister in gillen's part of the crossover

is an imperialist bastard that has made a colony of himselfs underground

"sinister prole" or something he says, can't find it anymore


Just finished Mark Waid's Irredeemable. It felt like an even hackier version of The Boys.


Garth Ennis isn't what I'd call a great writer over all but as far as comics go he's definitely one of the best.


The Canadian government seems to be doing a make-work scheme for academics by forcing them to make podcasts. Weird Studies pod, which I don't fully trust, just did an episode on Moore's From Hell, which I really fucking trust. Probably one of the best comics I've ever read. hmu if you want the mp3 of the episode.




File: 1708663141737.jpg (55.4 KB, 350x466, nod-away.jpg)

corridor addict? here's cosiest space station slice of life comic you'll ever read. libgen.gs


File: 1708835636221.jpg (651.2 KB, 2123x1992, haus.jpg)

I still like webcomics.


What are some good ones


Out of Placers is the best comic out there right now


>/co/ SoL
I like SoL but why would you do this to yourself


One of the biggest /co/omer girls is Toph

Also Vicky from Fairly Odd Parents


Lol, that's funny. I want more of this Monty Python-esque mix of satire and absurd humor.
Why not Franky?


File: 1710293023028.png (59.8 KB, 278x188, Engels and the Marx.png)

>Gee Marx, what are we gonna do this ev'ning?
<The same thing we do every evening, Engels.


File: 1711122460840.png (3.9 MB, 1200x2000, ClipboardImage.png)

man I love ronnie's whomp


File: 1711414239240.jpg (69.9 KB, 640x480, No Fun Allowed.jpg)

RIP Based Jennyposters
We knew you well.


Creepy goth girl energy.


File: 1711488936251.jpg (593.7 KB, 2048x1490, 1711478004483608.jpg)


Nicole isn't even thick in Gumball's art style. Also, that's my dad after seeing Rouge the Bat, I shit you not.


Based dads.


>Based dad
He's an ultraconservative boomer. Though his reaction to Rouge was kinda funny. I'm not into Rouge in comparasence which is ironic.


File: 1711491334074.jpg (40.17 KB, 211x211, N5.jpg)

>Nicole isn't even thick in Gumball's art style
Nicole is, canonically, flat as a cat, but has a huge fit ass. Thicc is the wrong word, but her bubble butt is big and shall not be trivialized.
That said, most people get boners from the voice acting.

I was surprised about five years back when one of the younger chatters said they had to be careful not to get 3day'd from /co/ because their dad would notice 4chan was banned.


2 things. Firstly, has there ever been a weekly or monthly comic magazine featuring multiple comics, ala Shonen Jump. And secondly, I do wonder why some comic artists don’t band together to make an online magazine. I mean maybe it would be too much or just not worth it but I find it a cool idea


Not quite genre specific like Shonen Jump but I think Dark Horse had some comics that did something similar


I did not trivialize her ass. Wtf is this discussion?


>I'm not into Rouge in comparasence
Or maybe that's just sexual repression, I have no idea.


I wasn't saying you did, but it's like a commandment, y'feelme?


File: 1711538736194-0.png (102.82 KB, 1242x952, bob boq.png)

File: 1711538736194-1.png (210.6 KB, 823x1405, elmore.png)

>Wtf is this discussion?
You're clearly not a /co/mrade.


File: 1711539237696.png (47.81 KB, 626x197, ClipboardImage.png)


But all rabbits have these proportions…


First episode of xmen 97 is pretty alright.


plus4chan is on RED ALERT!


>plus4chan is on RED ALERT!
Belongs more on the alternate chan thread >>36917
But still, checked and saved.


File: 1712035239105.mp4 (808.65 KB, 1280x534, true comedy.mp4)

>the sonic board is /sssr/ - Супер Специалист Cоник Pиде'
also whoever mentioned the old-ass thread - there are threads I made on that site ten years ago still up


File: 1712036105029.png (62.24 KB, 300x100, ClipboardImage.png)

>old-ass thread
Ah, that was me, lol.
>there are threads I made on that site ten years ago still up
I mean considering the status of /a/ватар being locked because of spam and the top threads being from 2015, I believe you. As a side note I recognize this banner's art-style, you got a source for it?

Leftypol oughta lean into the Red Alert vibe too, but more than just on April 1st. .


I don't know, but I suspect it's from Monster Under the Bed or whatever it's called. If you can't find it, just ask in their webcomic thread on /co/.
>/a/ватар (Avatar)
Yeah, usually the first board in the alphabet gets clicked by spammers since it's the first on the list. Back in 2014 they were getting hourly CP spammers and stopped it by blocking JPG OPs for a year.
The site is originally from 2006 or 2007 and soon became a /co/ bunker when 4chan was down or jannies were a shit (hence posting in this thread), but it went through three softwares so they only go back to 2014 on the current site, archives are on the front page.


>when 4chan was down or jannies were a shit
oh, and because it had cartoon/comic porn boards for like 8 years before 4chan had /aco/, and had looser rules in general.


>Monster Under the Bed
Yes that's it, man I remember reading that when it first came out.
So basically it's like 4chan before it went to shit.


File: 1712039061047-0.png (38.61 KB, 248x178, co is olev.png)

File: 1712039061047-1.png (281 KB, 701x309, ClipboardImage.png)

>So basically it's like 4chan before it went to shit.
And more so, I suppose, like /co/ before it went to shit.
Also, before the recent birth of /tnt/ after some 4chan jannies their tournament threads, (or something, i havent been to /co/ in many years) and after the birth of /aco/, it was very quiet and almost died. The silver lining about that is the few argumentative tripfags just left so it's overall a nice chill place with a great skilled admin. It's a great example of what a hobby board can be.


>anime werewolf girl
New fetish has been aquired.


I still need to see it.
Rightoids are seething about it which makes curious.


>rightoids are seething so I need to see it
Don't be a petty liberal contrarian.

Succubus girl actually


File: 1712509363408.jpg (78.5 KB, 720x1048, 1712436045574267.jpg)


File: 1712546173147.jpg (80.96 KB, 1132x1132, 1659560214636.jpg)

i watched smiling friends and its so grounded in 2000s flash humor that you should basically be required to watch it back to back with hazbin hotel to really capture that feeling of killing time on newgrounds before embarking on a ms paint samus dress up game nipple fantasy


Honestly I'm surprised how little leftyco mentions people like HGO considering his efforts for socialist movements and his elimination by the Argentine fascists.


File: 1713126389856.jpg (78.53 KB, 424x640, 1648120306087.jpg)

> These fan solicitations do more to make the case for this middle class fascist rot more so than I ever could, because in the 1980s most readers of vigilante were middle class men. According to a readership survey published just a year after Vigilante began, the average comic book reader was men under 30, college educated, with a mean income of $60,000 a year in today’s dollars. This demographic was at the time commonly referred to as the Yuppies.

Pretty lib at times but still interesting read.


It not being horrible millennial nostalgia bait is the greatest thing to ever happen.


File: 1713337089159.jpg (122.94 KB, 1024x786, knights-1024x786.jpg)

Caught up on "Knights of the Wandering Castle". I like it. Great art, especially as the chapters pass. Funny moments. Only downsides is that it's still in infancy. Like 17 chapters out and then sum. Though will say, where it currently is, shows how the story is ramping up. Wonder where the author takes the story!


I love how unintentionally horny old kids cartoons were.




what work did Tom King do for the CIA and what does he believe in now


File: 1714789771299.png (60.97 KB, 400x565, ClipboardImage.png)

gonna try reading the LEGEND OF ROMNEY MARSH comic adaptions


Always fascinated by the reactionary nerd brain



File: 1715281433247.jpg (63.66 KB, 546x718, soulless_ren.jpg)

so two episodes of the Ren & Stimpy reboot leaked: https://pixeldrain.com/u/ngtZr6xT (direct link: https://pixeldrain.com/api/file/ngtZr6xT)
found this guy on YT reacting to it: https://youtu.be/Zw7VMPu3DCU
my impressions:
>Billy West can barely emote any more and makes an especially terrible Ren
>the pacing is terrible
>the animation is boring
>barely any gags
>8 writers
the concept of Ren going to hell and loving it has some legs, but they barely do anything with it. Ren is also shown to despise Stimpy but then suddenly has a problem with torturing him for seemingly no reason. there's no emotion to it
they could have done more with Amy Sedaris
say what you want about Adult Party Cartoon, but at least it wasn't afraid to be weird. it reminds me of how the new Star Trek movies are immensely bland. the prequels, even though they were awful, at least tried something


Thanks for vid


Didn't the whole original crew get replaced because they were "too old" for the execs?


File: 1715422451123-0.jpg (45.29 KB, 1080x811, andy eyer bob camp.jpg)

File: 1715422451123-1.jpg (107.19 KB, 1079x545, rich dannys.jpg)

File: 1715422451123-2.jpg (250.42 KB, 513x1209, william wray.jpg)

File: 1715422451123-3.png (174.13 KB, 428x657, william wray.png)

File: 1715422451123-4.jpg (156.63 KB, 750x1157, bob camp.jpg)

no, they left. but also yes, they were too old and too male for the execs liking


Haven't watched a second of it and here is my opinion on what the biggest problem is: the way the work process is organized with a strict split between writers and animators and the writers being the more important people. Shows are visual things first and foremost and cartoons even more so than live action.


we're headed towards what cartoons were in the 80's, what old man Kricfalusi calls radio dramas
I went and gave The Patrick Star Show a watch. one writer per episode, plenty of gags


writing and storyboarding really ought to be the same process tbh


>fourth pic


>Mars Express
It's technically fine, the animation is detailed. The plot is quite mid. Why did it take exactly 30 years for anything that even approaches Ghost In The Shell to appear? Dunno why it got an Oscar nom.


I wanted to watch it in theaters, but it got out of theaters before I could. Really mid? Still want to watch it though
> Dunno why it got an Oscar nom.
Distinctly remembering it didn't get one


>Really mid?
It's definitely worth watching. There's not many new ideas there thoughever.
>Distinctly remembering it didn't get one
weird, I first read about it in a discussion on oscar nominated animation, thought it got one.


What are some underrated comics you know of lads? Ex-Mutants was one I discovered by accident, published by Eternity Comics before it went down.


Another one is Concrete - by Paul Chadwick


https://www.youtube.com/@KasiusKlej is a channel that uploads old Disney comics, including a lot of Carl Barks' stuff that is hard to find.
Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaK5W9T24CI
>Donald Duck - Statues of Limitations (1957)

A good video on him and his comics
>A Quick Look at Disney Comics (For Ungrateful Americans)

Carl Barks: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carl_Barks?useskin=vector
He was the inspiration for Tezuka and essentially the basis of Disney comics and cartoons for decades, and through Tezuka, anime as we know it. >>>/anime/24647


File: 1715893763876.jpg (1.4 MB, 2935x4096, GNOeURYawAE8kSV.jpg)

latest pages out


File: 1715911530828-0.jpg (82.99 KB, 703x528, 1.jpg)

File: 1715911530828-1.jpg (85.21 KB, 703x528, 2.jpg)

There was a /leftypol/ thread a year ago about mainstream multimedia (TV/games/etc.) with pro-socialist messages. Looks like it was reborn on https://nuclearchange.net/social/thread/163.html recently and I noticed it's mostly cartoons. Lots of commie cartoons. Any theories?


kids' media taken less seriously by studios and not monitored as closely?


And probably less monitored by shitty journalists looking to create moral panic.


>sexual repression
maybe the nigigas like medium or tall people more then the rest
not eveyuyghias has a hard on for the same fetish or characters


File: 1719114572511.png (546.36 KB, 1200x1844, ClipboardImage.png)

This is about how I'd put it too


is this real or edited comrade


File: 1719134524412.png (417.65 KB, 1389x469, ClipboardImage.png)


punisher max?


Anyone looking for a historically literate and political mecha-supersoldier comic? 20th Century Men is worth reading. It's somewhat both sidesish and starry eyed in an anarchist way but still worth it.




Edgy, vulgar shit.




I saw that film a long time ago as a kid and more recently. It's racist garbage pretending to be satire but really just an excuse of Bakshi to jerk-off and ejaculate his personal horny and racist brainworms. Fuck it.

Wizards is a 1000% a better movie, Cool World is a much better movie, almost any other work by Bakshi is better that disjointed load of garbage. So I repeat, FUCK IT.


Hello welcome to Leftist Politically Incorrect.


Go back Croat.


That's rich coming from a lib.


Who is this Bakshi? Is he an animator known for this genre of.. media?


Ralph Bakshi. Pretty big deal.




Пошёл нахуй пол-фаг хрена


File: 1721294763326.png (130.37 KB, 1076x277, pir8.png)


I mean there right


I kinda wish Crossed would get another entry. It's kinda one note but sometimes I just want to read some terrible fucked up shit. Alan Moore's entry in it wasn't bad though.


never heard of it

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