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I don't browse "chans". All the shit you posted is filled with retvrn morons who just want to performatively repeat the 2000s ad nauseam - except for sushigirl, that imageboard is good.


What makes Sushigirl cool compared to the other sites?


File: 1696952836900.jpg (115.7 KB, 1520x1080, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.jpg)






Those 2 shitholes really shouldn't be acknowledged.


File: 1696954436688.jpg (56.13 KB, 1280x720, goblin chan declare.jpg)

Link the old thread in the OP, dumbass >>>/hobby/752


sowwy ;-;


Getchan is alright


File: 1696971757166.webm (888.34 KB, 1276x720, kyuuuuuu.webm)


LMAO nice, sauce?


4chan nostalgia sucks
your zeitgeist is over, bro
it's getting cannibalized by qanon boomers and 14 year old neo-nazi mass shooters
time to move on with your life


File: 1696990371931.png (520.88 KB, 500x652, asshole 1631581678426.png)


i could say the same for OP constantly posting threads about "altchans"


No you really can't since this is the first thread posted on the topic here since the last thread which was posted literally years ago and hit bump limit. If you're just here to be mad about "muh chans" you need to go back or stop being such a baby.


Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun


File: 1697006577250.gif (449 B, 23x34, jir_thumb.gif)

Thanks m8


File: 1698217922631.png (34.21 KB, 733x378, leftypol newfags.png)

All the ones I browse were in the last thread, except for one which I'm not telling anyone about yet.
Happily, we've drowned the nazis in the [niche culture] imageboard, so it should be fun for a few months.

>I don't browse "chans".


>all imageboards are chans
and you call others le "newfags"?


ah shit you got the eternal 2016 8ch faggots riled up


I'm writing an imageboard that should (hopefully) be able to run on an esp32. does anyone know any lightweight captcha library, preferably in c?


File: 1698377512559.png (6.19 KB, 353x69, ClipboardImage.png)

…for what purpose?
I don't know any C libraries so I can't help.

>>37180 && >>37181
>>all imageboards are chans
Of course not; the rest are mostly boorus.


>Oh noes muh 8chan
uygha you're posting on a site called leftyPOL, which is a refurbished BunkerCHAN and its userbase comes from 8ch leftypol, which formed as a mixed breakaway from /pol/ after stormfags took over and existing bunkerchan users. Go back.

>all imageboards are chans
NTA but the poster neither stated that, nor implied it, so you're literally arguing a bad-faith strawman
Also, consider the "ch" or "chan" is part of the naming culture of most OG imageboards, which is why they are sometimes called chans in a generalized naming.
Furthermore almost all current basket-weaving forums are formatted in a similar manner to 4chan, 8ch, 2ch etc. because those are the benchmarks of what and how imageboards and their subcultures were/are; wherein, as products of the late 90s textboards and early internet free use, 2000s imageboards permitted free, anonymous posting of images, opinions and topic posting, with moderation to keep out content that violated the otherwise loose rules.

This condescending high-horse attitude trying to shout down people who call out said retarded concern trolling about "muh chans" and "muh channers" is clearly not supported by the majority of users, and only speaks to your being tourists, posting in bad faith and being wreckers. But since this isn't your reddit circlejerk, you're getting pushback for trying to start shit, which is why you twits stopped posting your nonsense on /leftypol/ and /siberia/ and even curbed the usage of "channer" so as to not get kicked by the mods for being faggots. Thus you instead sit here, shitting yourself about "muh chans" like utter babies and contributing nothing to the thread.

TL;DR: Go whine on your subreddit and stop pretending to be an old-fag with these blatant underage posts… and if you're not underage then consider taking meds, you post like a current /pol/fag chinlet.


File: 1698605986834.png (592.59 KB, 2028x1576, communist christians.png)

Thought this was an interesting small board posted with mod approval >>>/meta/29451
>an imageboard for worshipping God
Apparently racism is banned in their site's rules. Might be a good place to post christ-com content.


>Apparently racism is banned in their site's rules.
Did they actually pass that? I dont' see evidence of it. I assumed it was hopeless. That site (as many do…) shilled on dozens of imageboards and the background radiation of the imageboards is /pol/ edgelords - see any site that gets spammed and their /b/ (they always have one!) will be filled with them.
The admin obviously isn't a /pol/troon which is nice, but naturally an English-speaking Christian imageboard is at high risk of that junk coming up.


File: 1699401738638.png (23.84 KB, 715x105, ClipboardImage.png)

edit - I see it now


File: 1700743551875.png (179.34 KB, 474x267, ClipboardImage.png)


Found an interesting japanese imageboard but it seems broken, this was the only thread I could find functional


not clickin on any of that shit uygha


that's chinese


>On January 7th, Ponychan will go down for good.

I don't browse ponysites but it's always sad to see a comfy site die.


Why don't they just redirect it to getchan if Zeke runs both anyway?


File: 1702699642314.png (818.81 KB, 1000x854, ClipboardImage.png)

GETchan got raided yesterday, lost almost all their threads. Zeke apparently didn't do backups.
Not sure why Zeke wouldn't just consolidate them, you might as well ask on /GET/.

Also, I guess that means (technically speaking, not in any meaningful capacity) /leftypol/ and /GET/ are the final remaining members of the United Chans.


>GET mods are bronys as well
>GETchan got raided yesterday, lost almost all their threads


I'm moving back to phpBB.

And I wont be naming any actually good chans, here. All I get is kids from their 2 day old alt chans hitting every board on the list with a generic one line and link invitation. The shitposting feast that awaits is always the same, I just don't get half of the references anymore. In any case the server will be gone after the first initial bandwidth has been eaten up. And no, I don't want to promote the kind of people who are too toxic for existing places with /i/ and /baphomet/, if there's no clear mission statement and invitation addressed to the community, that post wont go up.

>with moderation to keep out content that violated the otherwise loose rules

People always forget this. The popular chans have always been curated to some extents, for quality and not legal reasons.


That's a shame. I never really felt welcome on Getchan due to personal drama but I wish them well and Zeke is a good guy


True enough my mistake, I think the site that rerouted me to the imageboard was Japanese because that's what the translation monkey I was using said it was.


That's a dumb thing to say.

Any forum without direction will be low-quality and ultimately a waste if time. Look at any of the hundreds of imageboards spun up each year, with an obligatory /b/ and a /pol/.
/leftypol/s are at least themed, but still fall into that aimless wondering. So there is literally nothing wrong with calling it shit and leaving, it's better than mindless entertainment and better than a lot of similar sites, but not by much and by less every year.


En Sudamérica tenemos bienvenidoainternet.org



imageboard for Monstergirls that is off the RADAR of MGE's autistic creator


god damn hounds are so hot


>just porn


File: 1706579796029.jpg (170.07 KB, 844x1000, lamia wife and kid.jpg)

The monstergirl community was hit pretty badly by 8chan going down, since 4chan can't have proper threads because the creator of MGE is super-autistic with DMCA, personally going after the site. /chaos/ and /monster/ were pretty fleshed out, but with them gone the community's writefags, drawfags and other non-porn stuff was gutted badly. On top of that pastebin's purge killed a lot of fics too, including a pretty sweet Lamia story I wrote years back. I barely found an old draft of the first chapter so I'm gonna try and write again soon.

They are from hell after all!


File: 1706585183676.jpg (89.13 KB, 848x1200, 1705927348599288.jpg)

Is this monster girl board weirdly filled to the brim with autistic fascists just like 8gag's was or nah?



My brain came.


>racism is banned
But what about homophobia? Huehuehue.


I mean /monster/ was. /chaos/ wasn't. As far as I've seen, there isn't any political shitposting. Its ripe for take-over, user wise, but honestly I prefer it being apolitical.


>DMCAing fucking fanart
I hate artists with petit bourgeois mentality so much.

It's a shame such a great design had to come from this dogshit setting.


>I hate artists with petit bourgeois mentality so much.


How about traditional forums? Y'all use or just browse any? Sometimes the anonymous imageboard format really gets in the way of some discussions and effective moderation.


tumblr is still perfectly serviceable as a glorified imageboard


>No NSFW posting
>absolute jank ass image posting system
>no anonymity
>retarded userbase of liberals
Thank you, no.


>No NSFW posting
That's just not true





Its hard finding a chan these days that isn't infested with scum from /pol/ so I just avoid them. occasionally visit wapchan and lainchan but lain has more and more /pol/ retards these days. leftypoltards need to spread the message more. heyuri is okay but filled with loli posters and its kolyma so shady as a whores anus.

theres nothing wrong with homophobia to an extent. its just a fetish. if people are allowed to hate furries and submissive rape fetishists then i dont see why people shouldn't be allowed to have negative opinions on homosexuality.


They shouldn't hate furries or subs either


>>no anonymity
just use a random string of characters like japs do

>>retarded userbase of liberals

as opposed to imageboards


>2018 ban didn't happen
LOL, the only stuff that is NSFW there is stuff that somehow gets unnoticed by the filters.

>just use a random string of characters like japs
Like any other forum requiring an account? Yeah, no.
>as opposed to imageboards
Fair enough in current year.


Speaking of, https://pastes.io/ is a good replacement



>420chan was founded on April, 20, 2005 as an imageboard focused on drug culture and related topics. Over the years, it became known for its laid-back culture and open discussion forums.

>However, in recent years, the site has faced various legal and financial challenges. In 2022, it went suddenly offline.

What just happened?

>Fredrick Brennan (★コピペ) bought 420chan.org on April, 20, 2023, from Kirtaner for the sum of US$4,200 (US$420×10) and uploaded this landing page.

Future plans

>The goal is for the site to be owned by a non-profit organization, with Fredrick Brennan as Chairman of the Board, by 2025. There are plans to rebuild the site from scratch.

>For now, however, you'll have to settle for cho0b's stoned ass. They will be administrating 420chan and getting the site back up and running in Kirt's absence.


>- Yes, Netjester will be okay. Hugs and kisses, Kirtypoo.

>(spoilers, Netjester will not be okay)


why is this fredrick brennan guy so involved in imageboards? can't he find a better hobby?


Go look up a picture of him and it might make more sense

Also he's a coder and eh cool guy in general that likes imageboards, why not be involved in it?


what does him being physically disabled have to do with it? if anything that might make him less likely to care about imageboards dying out considering the kinds of things an imageboard user would say about someone like him.


Man I used to spend more time on 420chan than I did on 4chan circa 2006-12

Good times, even had a jenkem board


Might be worth asking the admin preemptively to ban politics. That shit ruins hobby boards.


Good. A registered association is the right way to run a 'hobby' site these days. Way better than to have a guy nimed Chris' handle all the finances and volunteer wetting himself. We saw what happened with that - when moot gave up it all went to toilet so fast.

I'm a big proponent of poster IDs on serious boards. For convenience a running count from 1, not just a session hash directly pulled from the database.

Couple that with a robust culture of trip faggotry and serious discussions can be had.


>what does him being physically disabled have to do with it?

Well it's not exactly easy for him to have hobbies outside the internet


there are plenty of hobbies that dont require physical mobility


poster identification should seriously be a thing on any forum that claims to be more serious than like a shitposting board
it's not the 2000s anymore, only the most brain damaged individuals will bother posting anything with effort anonymously on the internet nowadays


we tried this years ago, everyone reeeed and hated it so much we had to immediately reverse it

t. mod


Poster IDs are a TERRIBLE idea and are useless because of VPNs. Also /pol/ uses them and I'd hardly count that as more serious than a shitposting board. We're NOT a serious professional forum, we never have been, nor should we be, this is an anonymous place to chat, argue and shitpost about different topics with effort-posting on occasion. People are mostly free to discuss things that userIDs immediately take away.

TL;DR: Terrible idea that most of us do not want.


> everyone reeeed
So what? Who gives a shit?

Posters piss and moan all the time about all kinds of stupid bullshit, but unless they're paying for the bandwidth their opinion doesn't fucking matter. The only consideration should be whether or not the decision helps or hinders the function of the forum, which is to facilitate discussion.

You should actually kill yourself.


IDs would only work if generals were banned. Otherwise you might as well require everyone to have an account.

You can set a trip if you want clout for your word salads.




IDs are also a convenience feature for following multi party conversations that violates the ideal of anynomity as little as possible. If they nudge the ostensibly good faith users to act more often in better faith, that's just and added bonus.

As I said, the way they are currently implemented in most places is garbage.


>what's the problem with killing the userbase
>on a dying imageboard
my man I don't think you have the mental capacity to engage in the serious discussions you fantasize about, if I were you I would leave things as they are
are you always this retarded or only when there are no IDs?


why is this retard talking about id implementations when he clearly doesn't know how it works. this is physically painful. you literally don't understand how relational databases work, shut the fuck up, you are too fucking dumb


>You can set a trip if you want clout for your word salads.
the 2000s called, they want gullible idiots who fell for shiis essay back


File: 1707302604586.gif (1.64 MB, 352x217, 1524790347762.gif)

people who make imageboards their sole personality trait get very defensive when people propose, uh, features that have been a part of textboards and imageboards since day 1 even before 4chan even fucking existed lmfao

ids arent a name, ergo its still anonymous posting :)


>that most of us do not want
found this from 2 years ago or so

The "prevailing opinion" is in a lot of cases nothing but manufactured as the medium is susceptible to manipulation. This is widely known and not a hard concept to grasp, so doing this spiel of "we are legion", while engaging in all sorts of foul play at the same time, is fundamentally dishonest (besides popularity and truth would still not have a meaningful connection). You can not on one hand do the sort of "flood the zone with shit" tactic that generally the advocates of looser moderation are engaged in, on the other ask for this idea of laissez-faire to be considered. It necessarily engenders an opposite reaction, if any. This reflects the tendency of reactionaries to bring about their own demise.


not that I care about poster ID, it's way more the stupid way of arguing btw


File: 1707310156522.png (9.87 KB, 429x410, hmm.png)

You guys realise that samefagging is explicitly banned in the rules, right? No point in implementing IDs.

>but i want to follow arguments between different people

Skill issue. You'll get an intuitive feeling for that if you browse more.
>what if someone switches IPs to samefag?
A good rule of thumb is that the least amount of hassle can stop most people from doing something. 4chan demonstrated that by stopping a good chunk of bots with minimal countermeasures.
In this case, the requirement of having to constantly reset routers or get multiple devices with different VPNs (of which many are already blacklisted) is too much effort for looking like you won an internet argument on a Samoyed NKVD training board.



>Skill issue. You'll get an intuitive feeling for that if you browse more.
Eh, confirmation bias and irrelevant.
The anonymous culture of an imageboard intentionally makes it abnormal to form identities. The ideal is that people judge a post based on the contents, not who wrote it, not how many reputation points they have or their popularity. You can't receive flak which makes people ignore your posts later. Anonymity eliminates whole classes of fallacies and chills identity politics in a structural way.


>there's no point in implementing systems meant to enforce the rules


Generals should be banned actually.


The Brit threads do it as it should be done: a thread is born, it lives, reaches the bump limit and dies - long live the new thread. Such is the circle of life.

(I for one am pissed that the Nord thraed is forever stuck with that retarded introduction with Swedish imperialist undertones.)

The concern raised that in indefintely running generals the IDs could linger for too long is a valid one.


Mods can see the IPs of posts and enforce it themselves. No need to de-anonymise normal users to every other one.


To me generals have always been detrimental to board discourse. They generate a level of orthodoxy by subsuming all related posts into themselves and have a stifling effect. Generals have their uses but I don't think they're beneficial overall for leftypol in its current state.


File: 1707354945764.png (520.88 KB, 500x652, asshole 1631581678426.png)

>Muh generalzzzz
<N-nooooo Y can't u let me shit up catalog with half-a-dozen of the same threads!?
Just stop; generals are more useful for leftypol, especially the alt-boards, because they're small and slow and it allows conversations to be had at length. Otherwise what we're going to have is slightly different variations of /siberia/. We already have catalogs full of dead threads, the only ones that are active and actually generating any decent posts are Generals and threads that cover a wider topic. Topics like specific books, films, characters etc. need to garner enough interest and organically form, not just be made out of some retarded need to split hairs. /leftypol/ can afford to have non-general threads because it has a high enough PPH that individual topics can garner enough attention. Furthermore almost all forums and imageboards either have rules or general guidelines against making multiple threads on the same topics, because that's flooding.


Nah, I'm right and you can suck my dick, hth


There are two types of generals. Threads for a wide topic where more specific threads would otherwise fall off the catalog and containment threads for high-volume/low-content discussions. I don't have anything against the /isg/ and /usapol/ shitposters, but at this point they're clogging up /leftypol/ to a degree where they should get their own containment board.
I already suggested this in a /meta/ thread 1 or 2 years ago, yet it seems the mods don't want their matrix clique to have to use a board other than /leftypol/.


They don't have enough to warrant their own board. /edu/ was a mistake, and I would even suggest /b/ \ /siberia/ was a mistake. /isg/ and /usapol/ are contained and active, what would moving them to another board achieve?


Not an imageboard but this is the most relevant thread I know of for the topic: what the heck is https://www.pillowfort.social/ ? From the accounts I've seen it feels like an old version of tumblr.


File: 1708375670442.png (5.03 KB, 230x210, ClipboardImage.png)


Anoncafe is going to be kill on March 15th and apparently its because the owners decided to just shut it down.
>Because Anon.cafe is an independent imageboard, there will invariably be speculation that we're being forced offline by various nefarious forces, so we should also say that we've had no contact of any kind whatsoever from any such entities, or indeed from anyone at all – the decision to shut down Anon.cafe is purely our own, taken on our own initiative.
>We'd like to thank every anon who has ever posted here for a little over four relaxing years, and we wish every board and poster the absolute best of luck into the future, whatever it may bring.

I'm gonna archive some threads and boards that I lurked or enjoyed. It also might be a good idea to entice users over to leftypol.org.


is a decent replacement to proalike.woah and anon.cafe


File: 1708995507801.png (56.16 KB, 217x259, that was nice of them.png)

There was someone here or on /siberia/ asking about Erischan, someone on anon.cafe/shelter/ says they're making a new site which will be reading in the next day or two.

I prefer Trashchan because of comfier boards, even if one of the global staff is an detached /pol/troon. (See: http://trashchan.xyz/meta/thread/374.html )
Last thing I want is an overboard full of /v/+/gg/ kiddos screaming about genders.


How do the denizens of (mostly) hobby-oriented IBs still manage to conjure up bizzare conspiracies targeting them at a higher frequency than this explicitly political one?
Schizo shit is a given these days, I guess.


Would appreciate more apolitical imageboards, preferably one's that Frederik and Mann have no say in it. Wapchan is fine, but I seriously fear getting into any sort of community rabbit holes only to found out it is stormfags again.


Not sure, although context is that staff member is a tripfag and drama source (idk/idc details) anon.cafe/christian/ mod, and tried to migrate the board to trashchan but got hit with a 'fuck no' from a bunch of anons on /retro/, /comfy/, etc.

just kidding clearly sauros doesnt want bunkerchan™ taken down because we're cultural neo-marxist liberals helping he/him in him/his mission to make sureyoung white men are SPIRITUALLY DESTROYED by (((occasional spam posts)))


thanks for recommending these, i havent found a single good chan aside from this


File: 1712034607513.png (405.65 KB, 1213x744, ClipboardImage.png)

>(reposting >>40888 )
plus4chan is on RED ALERT!


Excellent! I archived in wayback to make sure it was saved.


Old news, but Nazi imageboard died.
Which in some ways is a shame because the admin was fucking incompetent.


File: 1713308586023.png (20.81 KB, 324x128, ClipboardImage.png)

bienvenidoainternet knockoff made in vichan


File: 1713428626921-0.png (183.79 KB, 862x665, drawfag thread.png)

File: 1713428626921-1.png (148.67 KB, 703x606, based lebs.png)

Someone on /siberia/ mentioned Nuclear Change, it looks pretty slow at the moment but it's a new socialist board so that's cool.
It's more focused than the loungy /GET/ and /siberia/, but less edgy and dumb than /leftypol/. Their /praxis/ board is kind of a cool idea and their org thread gives the impression that it's got users who actually do shit IRL instead of roleplaying all day.
The design is sleek as fuck, props.

It's just giving me a test page :(


I'm not even getting a test page. randamu down?


Yep, right after I posted it here too lol


Does anyone else here like to spend time reading archives of 4chan and 8chan or other imageboards?
It's really interesting to me.


wasn't 7chan still completely dead when this was posted lol?


File: 1713733932624.jpg (2.47 MB, 5838x2721, shoegaze_bastiandansk.jpg)

My main method to discover new music is searching for people who trash my favorite artists in the /mu/ archives. Sometimes i also stumble on good charts that were last reposted 7 years ago.


I rarely go through them for fun, but they're an excellent resource. I've found amazing and important things on desuarchive that nowhere else mentions and which fell off the board long ago.
I've even had surprising results searching my own aliases.


Warning : There's currently CP in the "recent images" on 7chan right now.

Unique IPs: 39

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