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Come dispute bans, complain, and other such things related to /leftypol/ here. Please try not to spam this thread or make multiple posts on the same issue, as this makes it harder for us to respond to issues.


last one reached max replies


>your thread was a highly visible shitflinging competition
Does that mean I can ruin/anchor anyone's thread by calling OP a schizo and hurling insults at them?

You see what is happening here, right? They (or could be one guy) flame and insult, then report the thread. Curious how all the anti-Hancock libs stopped caring once it was saged. Almost as if.it was all a ruse to get it anchored. You've been played.

And it's not like those people will go on to write effort posts or start interesting threads. They'll go back to writing shitposts in generals. That's why the site is dying, you listen to people who don't contribute, while punishing those who do.

I argued in good faith, even admitted I was wrong on some things and accepted that some of the things anons were saying were true. Some insults I answer in kind, others I ignore.

Go look at the thread. Find a post I wrote that deserves a warning/sage/ban. If you don't, then unsage the thread. Thanks.


I would just like to say THANK YOU to the mod who saved my thread by anchoring it. Made all the shitposting idiots leave, and those who actually wanted to discuss stayed. Don't know if it was intentional on your part, but it is definitely a viable use of anchoring. And I no longer see anchoring as a necessarily bad thing.

So…… sorry about getting irate before seeing the result/effect. That is something I still need to work on.


It still doesn't work on my end, can someone try posting a jpg to see if it works for you? Try with a screenshot as well, that's what hasn't been working for months now for me.


Have you guys gotten anywhere for the porn filter for Siberia?


OK, I think it is time to unsage the thread
I have just found evidence that refutes an argument from the previous thread. Namely, that there isn't any DNA markers from human populations on different continents in one place, which you would expect to find if a civilisation visited different continents.

WELL as it happens, they found such markers

At this point, you should allow future lost-civ threads, because I came with all the scientific evidence, while the detractors are just "lol Hancock dumb you schizo". Is that really the level of discourse you want to have on /leftypol/?


I meant to post this in the Ukraine thread, not as a thread of its own, please delete since apparently I cannot delete my own OPs anymore apparently.


Filter? You mean the tag system? Its a very "in the future" kind of thing, probably as part of a partial rewrite or new codebase for the site.

If you mean manual thread filtering, you can filter any terms by going to the options, choosing subject from the drop-down menu in the filter menu, and putting in a part of the thread name into it (say, femdom). It will filter the thread so you don't have to see it. You can also use the little arrow next to the checkbox and filter that way.
Anon, there was a genetic bottleneck early in human civilization where there were possibly as few as 2,000 survivors, there is incredibly similar gene distributions across the whole of humanity because of it. Not to mention populations were far more migratory, between land bridges and more favorable winds from Asia to Americans and India to Africa than there is today, allowing much easier cross-continental travel. It's the prime reason why rightoid's shitty understanding of genetics is ludicrous.
Done. Self-deletion of OPs was never a thing I think, too easy to abuse.


Nice GETs lol
But I recall early on that Bunkerchan let you delete your OPs (I recall because I accidentally double-posted one of the threads in >>>/hobby/ and deleted the duplicate post, this was after the 8chan collapse). I haven't tried in years so I wasn't aware it changed.


I find it amusing how i get banned for 5 weeks and yet there are straight up pro afd and stonetoss posters going about


What did you post? Stonetoss isn't banned and people make edits of it all the time.


Ah, yeah. Bunkerchan did, but this is all different software. We had bottleneck issues during the elections and the burgerkrieg were over 1000 users posting at the same time would crash the site. Elections are getting forebodingly close again, we'll have to hope the site holds up better this time around.
Dooming about how incredibly irrelevant rightoid posters have marginal internet influence (very likely as a means of self-promotion of those causes given your incredibly sparse post history) is not something people should entertain.
Uncritical reposting of rightoid trite like stonetoss is bannable, but lampooning or editing it is not.


>Anon, there was a genetic bottleneck early in human civilization where there were possibly as few as 2,000 survivors, there is incredibly similar gene distributions across the whole of humanity because of it.
You're going by outdated information. You're thinking like a conservstive. You learned something in the past, and that's correct, any new information, discovery or interpretation must be wrong.
>Not to mention populations were far more migratory, between land bridges and
Uhhhh WHAT?! That's literally not true, and logically can't be. They migrated, sure, but it took a long time, thousands of years. Today we have planes, trains, buses, cars, ships, it has never been easier to migrate.
>more favorable winds from Asia to Americans and India to Africa than there is today, allowing much easier cross-continental travel.
First thread I was called schizo for even suggesting a pre-ice age civ could sail around the world. Now you're like "it was super easy".
>It's the prime reason why rightoid's shitty understanding of genetics is ludicrous.
Ironic. Get rid of your liberal brain worms. Your mind is literally not working because of them. I expanded on it in this post: https://leftypol.org/leftypol/res/1473822.html#q1481546
You're acting like a conservative (ad-hoc explanations to new information that conserve the current understanding, therefore no change or progress) and a reactionary (instead of taking the effort to understand what is being said, you react, denying it is true).

How it isn't true doesn't matter to conservatives or reactionaries, it'll be a new reason every time.
>First thread: You idiot! You're wrong because a pre-ice age civ couldn't have crossed oceans.
>Now: You idiot! You're wrong because crossing oceans pre-ice age was super easy.
Just like conservatives and reactionaries constantly come up with reasons why things should remain the way they are.


At this point I have shown:
1) I am not a "rightoid"
2) I argue in good faith (only criteria FUCKING NAZIS need to satisfy to have threads on /leftypol/
3) have acted fine towards others

That's why I call you libs, cause you will rather have NAZIS and suck up to them, than allow A SINGLE TOPIC on something liberals don't like.

So what? I should go on 4chan his, x, pol, so that I can fucking DISCUSS something I have been trying to discuss here for weeks. I have been longer on /leftypol/ than the ENTIRE mod team yet you think I am the "rightoid tourist". Ironic.

I've had enough. Unanchor my topic and leave future ones alone. Or I will be forced to make a rival website, and slowly poach users by not punishing effort, listening to them and not having the site run by a clique of insufferable teenagers.

Because I will not go and discuss this on reddit or 4chan. You'd like nothing more than to find my topic on 4chan so you could say "see?! he was a 4channer all along!" thus in your head vindicating your past behaviour and opinions. Not gonna happen.

That long post in the thread, that alone should be enough to unanchor the thread. But it seems you wish to be stuck in an endless loop of Stalin threads and Marxism 101 questions "uhhh guys, how can we have no money?!?!??" Because that is what you know, it is safe and easy.

Fuck that and fuck this website you ran into the ground.


Out of the first 20 or so threads in the catalog, these are the non-generals:
>Khruschev Appreciation Thread
>The Vegan Question
>Rightoid: Marxism won the cold war
>Racism is usually explained away in Marxist circles as false consciousness or whatever,
>Isn't the phrase "Women hold up half the sky" quite transphobic?
>How blackpilled is /leftypol/?
>Stalin Appreciation Thread
>how has the board missed the work of Vivek Chibber?
only normal thread is the Iran-Taliban conflict, and that is going to become a general if the conflict drags on.

Do you know why rightoids and Nazis dominate all of these "low moderation" and "free speech" discussion boards? Because they are not afraid of discussion. They are not afraid to tackle contemporary issues. The Nazis on 4chan will talk to you about anything, look at /pol/ – they talk about movies, food, graphics cards, parking lots, and find a way to explain how it's all the Jews' fault or somehow get you on their side.

Anons here are in some kind of LARPy false dichotomy where they think others should become their particular kind of Post-Anarcho-Orthodox-Leninist Communist with Tibeto-Cuban characteristics or die. "Rightoids" don't give a fuck if you become an ancap, monarchist, fascist, liberal, white supremacist, etc. because ultimately all of them rest on a few basic premises, and once someone agrees with those premises that's it, when push comes to shove, they will side with those they agree with on fundamental issues. That is why historically liberals sided with Nazis and fascists, and "socdems" are aligned with rest of the liberals and now conservatives (e.g. Poland was a mean, bad country with LGBT-free zones, but now they are a beacon of "freedom", "democracy" in Europe and the "fight" for those). Because economics, existence, geopolitics are more important than "progressive values". Liberals have no positive ideology, they are the ideology of capitalism and its only purpose is to preserve capitalism and ensure its survival. Their "progressive values" and "inclusivity" are about extracting surplus value from more people, more efficiently. (That's why "progress" is giving better tools to your worker, but having them work the same hours for same pay)

Btw, the fundamentals of all these rightoid (fascist AND libs) ideologies are: private property, tradition, idealism (belief that we will never be able to know the real world so we must invent models that best describe it and then pretend that is reality), authority/hierarchies as external to and separate from us (like Hobbe's Leviathan, NAP, Rousseau's social contract, etc.). Not an exhaustive list but you get the idea.

We know that once a person has internalised an idea, it is very hard for them to be rid of it. They will selectively see evidence for it, and ignore evidence against it. This does NOT mean all people are inherently idealist (from a young age we are socialised into the thinking: in school we are rewarded for being right, we are told we are individuals in competition with everyone else) just convinced that being wrong on something and changing your mind/opinion is a sign of a flaw inside you (thanks to everything being pathologised, subsumed into the "healthcare" institution).

So, fascists/rightoids recognise this aspect of humans in capitalism and exploit it. Psychology talks about it too, but of course in a way that generalises particular behaviour in capitalism to universal/inherent behaviour. They exploit it by getting in there first. Yes, that is all it is.

Imagine a scenario where a person who isn't yet "socially or politically conscious" (because apparently not everyone starts thinking about how the world works at the same time) comes on the internet and asks or wants to talk about flat earth theory, or Hancock's lost-civ shit, or Moon landings being fake.
>reddit, lib spaces
They would be laughed at, called an idiot, a conspiratard, their posts deleted and they banned. Because the liberal attitude is that they hold the key to the Truth™ and you need to accept the Truth™, but they won't tell you what it is, they will never bring proof or argue for their position, because they don't have one, the Truth™ is whatever they say it is whenever they say it, cause the Truth™ serves one purpose, ensures capitalism's survival.
>fascist spaces

And the thing is, redditors and libs CAN ban people, because they are not afraid that they will go somewhere and become dangerous to capitalism, likely they'll go and become extreme libs, like neo-nazis, which is fine. Libs know their view is the dominant one, no matter where the person goes, they'll run into liberals. EXCEPT in places like this.

All the people who get kicked out of liberal and other highly-censored places, find 4chan and clones, or some innocuous fbi.gov channel where people will invite you into increasingly fascist servers until you're sitting in the Atomwaffen fbi.gov with the same.anime pfp picture "friends" who six months ago were talking to you about flat earth but now they are talking about exterminating undesirables in a glorious race war. You think "these are the same dudes, important thing is I have people to talk to, and it's not like they hate me besides I would never kill anyone".

I am not talking about myself, I have had the same "fundamentals" since I could think, a few infographics won't change my mind. I am talking about all the other people who come through here. Not so many people any more. Most people who visit forums (forums, reddit, chans) are actually lurkers, who post infrequently, while a minority, i.e. regular users, make most of the posts. However, it is the infrequent posters who make new/fresh content, because they have lives, do shit, aren't stuck in the same mindset, talk to more people, etc. etc. When a place does not allow new content, by implementing very strict "posting guidelines", rules and strict moderation, then it becomes stale, cause the not-so-frequent posters/visitors leave. Nobody wants to put effort into something for it to be removed. This used to happen more frequently before; you probably think "people learned their lesson" but they actually left. I am probably the only oldfag to be DUMB enough to still be here

Who are you left with? The "regular" users responsible for the stale content. Cause the "regular" users who spend their fucking day in front of the screen or on matrix never learn anything new, not really. They consume second-hand content, eat the shit, of youtubers, those who make infographics, journalists, pop scientists, liberal ghouls. The "regular" users then create a culture, inside jokes, repeated threads, referencing other internal things from near/distant past, etc. and become untrusting of anything that isn't written or made in a way that shows the person "comes from here".

Because what's the "Stalin appreciation thread" except virtue signaling and a circlejerk? And a few would be fine, but it's literally 99% of the threads.

You got fooled into thinking PPH is the most important, and not quality of posts. It's better to have 5-6 quality posts a week, than 1000 shitposts a day. You see PPH is still going up and you think you're doing everything right. That is why you're so dismissive towards users and criticism, you think you're losing drops in a bucket, when you're actually losing all the people who mad(k)e this place what it is.

tl;dr you are libs and I am wasting my time


Why are low effort shitposts like "fuck you ivan" and "fuck you mykola" allowed on the /ukraine/ thread over the last few days, mods? It's literally the only place on the internet to get discussion on the conflict from a left perspective, trite as that sounds.


critical support


As someone who actually does check up on /pol/ the vast majority of it is one-sentence statements (at best) being spammed.


The fact of the matter is that those rightiods influencers of "Marginal influence" are people who shit up this site and the rest of the internet because they want to control the narratives. There is a reason why psyops fucking work. Hell we have desantis simps in the usapol right now and yet I have been banned for being as pessimistic as everyone else. I don't know why I keep getting shit on as the fucking thielnoticer when I know for a fact that I am correct in my assesment that there is gayops on the internet, and the people are influenced by them. The zoomers resisted and yet the millenials didn't.


You're correct but this is a pointless endeavor, you're not going to be listened to.

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