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Come dispute bans, complain, and other such things related to /leftypol/ here. Please try not to spam this thread or make multiple posts on the same issue, as this makes it harder for us to respond to issues.


last one reached max replies


>your thread was a highly visible shitflinging competition
Does that mean I can ruin/anchor anyone's thread by calling OP a schizo and hurling insults at them?

You see what is happening here, right? They (or could be one guy) flame and insult, then report the thread. Curious how all the anti-Hancock libs stopped caring once it was saged. Almost as if.it was all a ruse to get it anchored. You've been played.

And it's not like those people will go on to write effort posts or start interesting threads. They'll go back to writing shitposts in generals. That's why the site is dying, you listen to people who don't contribute, while punishing those who do.

I argued in good faith, even admitted I was wrong on some things and accepted that some of the things anons were saying were true. Some insults I answer in kind, others I ignore.

Go look at the thread. Find a post I wrote that deserves a warning/sage/ban. If you don't, then unsage the thread. Thanks.


I would just like to say THANK YOU to the mod who saved my thread by anchoring it. Made all the shitposting idiots leave, and those who actually wanted to discuss stayed. Don't know if it was intentional on your part, but it is definitely a viable use of anchoring. And I no longer see anchoring as a necessarily bad thing.

So…… sorry about getting irate before seeing the result/effect. That is something I still need to work on.


It still doesn't work on my end, can someone try posting a jpg to see if it works for you? Try with a screenshot as well, that's what hasn't been working for months now for me.


Have you guys gotten anywhere for the porn filter for Siberia?


OK, I think it is time to unsage the thread
I have just found evidence that refutes an argument from the previous thread. Namely, that there isn't any DNA markers from human populations on different continents in one place, which you would expect to find if a civilisation visited different continents.

WELL as it happens, they found such markers

At this point, you should allow future lost-civ threads, because I came with all the scientific evidence, while the detractors are just "lol Hancock dumb you schizo". Is that really the level of discourse you want to have on /leftypol/?


I meant to post this in the Ukraine thread, not as a thread of its own, please delete since apparently I cannot delete my own OPs anymore apparently.


Filter? You mean the tag system? Its a very "in the future" kind of thing, probably as part of a partial rewrite or new codebase for the site.

If you mean manual thread filtering, you can filter any terms by going to the options, choosing subject from the drop-down menu in the filter menu, and putting in a part of the thread name into it (say, femdom). It will filter the thread so you don't have to see it. You can also use the little arrow next to the checkbox and filter that way.
Anon, there was a genetic bottleneck early in human civilization where there were possibly as few as 2,000 survivors, there is incredibly similar gene distributions across the whole of humanity because of it. Not to mention populations were far more migratory, between land bridges and more favorable winds from Asia to Americans and India to Africa than there is today, allowing much easier cross-continental travel. It's the prime reason why rightoid's shitty understanding of genetics is ludicrous.
Done. Self-deletion of OPs was never a thing I think, too easy to abuse.


Nice GETs lol
But I recall early on that Bunkerchan let you delete your OPs (I recall because I accidentally double-posted one of the threads in >>>/hobby/ and deleted the duplicate post, this was after the 8chan collapse). I haven't tried in years so I wasn't aware it changed.


I find it amusing how i get banned for 5 weeks and yet there are straight up pro afd and stonetoss posters going about


What did you post? Stonetoss isn't banned and people make edits of it all the time.


Ah, yeah. Bunkerchan did, but this is all different software. We had bottleneck issues during the elections and the burgerkrieg were over 1000 users posting at the same time would crash the site. Elections are getting forebodingly close again, we'll have to hope the site holds up better this time around.
Dooming about how incredibly irrelevant rightoid posters have marginal internet influence (very likely as a means of self-promotion of those causes given your incredibly sparse post history) is not something people should entertain.
Uncritical reposting of rightoid trite like stonetoss is bannable, but lampooning or editing it is not.


>Anon, there was a genetic bottleneck early in human civilization where there were possibly as few as 2,000 survivors, there is incredibly similar gene distributions across the whole of humanity because of it.
You're going by outdated information. You're thinking like a conservstive. You learned something in the past, and that's correct, any new information, discovery or interpretation must be wrong.
>Not to mention populations were far more migratory, between land bridges and
Uhhhh WHAT?! That's literally not true, and logically can't be. They migrated, sure, but it took a long time, thousands of years. Today we have planes, trains, buses, cars, ships, it has never been easier to migrate.
>more favorable winds from Asia to Americans and India to Africa than there is today, allowing much easier cross-continental travel.
First thread I was called schizo for even suggesting a pre-ice age civ could sail around the world. Now you're like "it was super easy".
>It's the prime reason why rightoid's shitty understanding of genetics is ludicrous.
Ironic. Get rid of your liberal brain worms. Your mind is literally not working because of them. I expanded on it in this post: https://leftypol.org/leftypol/res/1473822.html#q1481546
You're acting like a conservative (ad-hoc explanations to new information that conserve the current understanding, therefore no change or progress) and a reactionary (instead of taking the effort to understand what is being said, you react, denying it is true).

How it isn't true doesn't matter to conservatives or reactionaries, it'll be a new reason every time.
>First thread: You idiot! You're wrong because a pre-ice age civ couldn't have crossed oceans.
>Now: You idiot! You're wrong because crossing oceans pre-ice age was super easy.
Just like conservatives and reactionaries constantly come up with reasons why things should remain the way they are.


At this point I have shown:
1) I am not a "rightoid"
2) I argue in good faith (only criteria FUCKING NAZIS need to satisfy to have threads on /leftypol/
3) have acted fine towards others

That's why I call you libs, cause you will rather have NAZIS and suck up to them, than allow A SINGLE TOPIC on something liberals don't like.

So what? I should go on 4chan his, x, pol, so that I can fucking DISCUSS something I have been trying to discuss here for weeks. I have been longer on /leftypol/ than the ENTIRE mod team yet you think I am the "rightoid tourist". Ironic.

I've had enough. Unanchor my topic and leave future ones alone. Or I will be forced to make a rival website, and slowly poach users by not punishing effort, listening to them and not having the site run by a clique of insufferable teenagers.

Because I will not go and discuss this on reddit or 4chan. You'd like nothing more than to find my topic on 4chan so you could say "see?! he was a 4channer all along!" thus in your head vindicating your past behaviour and opinions. Not gonna happen.

That long post in the thread, that alone should be enough to unanchor the thread. But it seems you wish to be stuck in an endless loop of Stalin threads and Marxism 101 questions "uhhh guys, how can we have no money?!?!??" Because that is what you know, it is safe and easy.

Fuck that and fuck this website you ran into the ground.


Out of the first 20 or so threads in the catalog, these are the non-generals:
>Khruschev Appreciation Thread
>The Vegan Question
>Rightoid: Marxism won the cold war
>Racism is usually explained away in Marxist circles as false consciousness or whatever,
>Isn't the phrase "Women hold up half the sky" quite transphobic?
>How blackpilled is /leftypol/?
>Stalin Appreciation Thread
>how has the board missed the work of Vivek Chibber?
only normal thread is the Iran-Taliban conflict, and that is going to become a general if the conflict drags on.

Do you know why rightoids and Nazis dominate all of these "low moderation" and "free speech" discussion boards? Because they are not afraid of discussion. They are not afraid to tackle contemporary issues. The Nazis on 4chan will talk to you about anything, look at /pol/ – they talk about movies, food, graphics cards, parking lots, and find a way to explain how it's all the Jews' fault or somehow get you on their side.

Anons here are in some kind of LARPy false dichotomy where they think others should become their particular kind of Post-Anarcho-Orthodox-Leninist Communist with Tibeto-Cuban characteristics or die. "Rightoids" don't give a fuck if you become an ancap, monarchist, fascist, liberal, white supremacist, etc. because ultimately all of them rest on a few basic premises, and once someone agrees with those premises that's it, when push comes to shove, they will side with those they agree with on fundamental issues. That is why historically liberals sided with Nazis and fascists, and "socdems" are aligned with rest of the liberals and now conservatives (e.g. Poland was a mean, bad country with LGBT-free zones, but now they are a beacon of "freedom", "democracy" in Europe and the "fight" for those). Because economics, existence, geopolitics are more important than "progressive values". Liberals have no positive ideology, they are the ideology of capitalism and its only purpose is to preserve capitalism and ensure its survival. Their "progressive values" and "inclusivity" are about extracting surplus value from more people, more efficiently. (That's why "progress" is giving better tools to your worker, but having them work the same hours for same pay)

Btw, the fundamentals of all these rightoid (fascist AND libs) ideologies are: private property, tradition, idealism (belief that we will never be able to know the real world so we must invent models that best describe it and then pretend that is reality), authority/hierarchies as external to and separate from us (like Hobbe's Leviathan, NAP, Rousseau's social contract, etc.). Not an exhaustive list but you get the idea.

We know that once a person has internalised an idea, it is very hard for them to be rid of it. They will selectively see evidence for it, and ignore evidence against it. This does NOT mean all people are inherently idealist (from a young age we are socialised into the thinking: in school we are rewarded for being right, we are told we are individuals in competition with everyone else) just convinced that being wrong on something and changing your mind/opinion is a sign of a flaw inside you (thanks to everything being pathologised, subsumed into the "healthcare" institution).

So, fascists/rightoids recognise this aspect of humans in capitalism and exploit it. Psychology talks about it too, but of course in a way that generalises particular behaviour in capitalism to universal/inherent behaviour. They exploit it by getting in there first. Yes, that is all it is.

Imagine a scenario where a person who isn't yet "socially or politically conscious" (because apparently not everyone starts thinking about how the world works at the same time) comes on the internet and asks or wants to talk about flat earth theory, or Hancock's lost-civ shit, or Moon landings being fake.
>reddit, lib spaces
They would be laughed at, called an idiot, a conspiratard, their posts deleted and they banned. Because the liberal attitude is that they hold the key to the Truth™ and you need to accept the Truth™, but they won't tell you what it is, they will never bring proof or argue for their position, because they don't have one, the Truth™ is whatever they say it is whenever they say it, cause the Truth™ serves one purpose, ensures capitalism's survival.
>fascist spaces

And the thing is, redditors and libs CAN ban people, because they are not afraid that they will go somewhere and become dangerous to capitalism, likely they'll go and become extreme libs, like neo-nazis, which is fine. Libs know their view is the dominant one, no matter where the person goes, they'll run into liberals. EXCEPT in places like this.

All the people who get kicked out of liberal and other highly-censored places, find 4chan and clones, or some innocuous fbi.gov channel where people will invite you into increasingly fascist servers until you're sitting in the Atomwaffen fbi.gov with the same.anime pfp picture "friends" who six months ago were talking to you about flat earth but now they are talking about exterminating undesirables in a glorious race war. You think "these are the same dudes, important thing is I have people to talk to, and it's not like they hate me besides I would never kill anyone".

I am not talking about myself, I have had the same "fundamentals" since I could think, a few infographics won't change my mind. I am talking about all the other people who come through here. Not so many people any more. Most people who visit forums (forums, reddit, chans) are actually lurkers, who post infrequently, while a minority, i.e. regular users, make most of the posts. However, it is the infrequent posters who make new/fresh content, because they have lives, do shit, aren't stuck in the same mindset, talk to more people, etc. etc. When a place does not allow new content, by implementing very strict "posting guidelines", rules and strict moderation, then it becomes stale, cause the not-so-frequent posters/visitors leave. Nobody wants to put effort into something for it to be removed. This used to happen more frequently before; you probably think "people learned their lesson" but they actually left. I am probably the only oldfag to be DUMB enough to still be here

Who are you left with? The "regular" users responsible for the stale content. Cause the "regular" users who spend their fucking day in front of the screen or on matrix never learn anything new, not really. They consume second-hand content, eat the shit, of youtubers, those who make infographics, journalists, pop scientists, liberal ghouls. The "regular" users then create a culture, inside jokes, repeated threads, referencing other internal things from near/distant past, etc. and become untrusting of anything that isn't written or made in a way that shows the person "comes from here".

Because what's the "Stalin appreciation thread" except virtue signaling and a circlejerk? And a few would be fine, but it's literally 99% of the threads.

You got fooled into thinking PPH is the most important, and not quality of posts. It's better to have 5-6 quality posts a week, than 1000 shitposts a day. You see PPH is still going up and you think you're doing everything right. That is why you're so dismissive towards users and criticism, you think you're losing drops in a bucket, when you're actually losing all the people who mad(k)e this place what it is.

tl;dr you are libs and I am wasting my time


Why are low effort shitposts like "fuck you ivan" and "fuck you mykola" allowed on the /ukraine/ thread over the last few days, mods? It's literally the only place on the internet to get discussion on the conflict from a left perspective, trite as that sounds.


critical support


As someone who actually does check up on /pol/ the vast majority of it is one-sentence statements (at best) being spammed.


The fact of the matter is that those rightiods influencers of "Marginal influence" are people who shit up this site and the rest of the internet because they want to control the narratives. There is a reason why psyops fucking work. Hell we have desantis simps in the usapol right now and yet I have been banned for being as pessimistic as everyone else. I don't know why I keep getting shit on as the fucking thielnoticer when I know for a fact that I am correct in my assesment that there is gayops on the internet, and the people are influenced by them. The zoomers resisted and yet the millenials didn't.


You're correct but this is a pointless endeavor, you're not going to be listened to.


Sorry about your thread but civilization is over 5000 years old (at least) so I am not sure what is all that excitement about


After 269 replies, the thread evolved. It's not really about the lost-civ any more, it's about how Egyptology, and the wider liberal academia that endorses it, is bullshit.


>At this point I have shown:

Idk man, you come off as a schzio with an axe to grind.


lmfao why was the thread about elon musk being mentioned in a vn get deleted from /anime/


By calling everyone and everything "schizo", the word has been stripped of its meaning. I tried to write in full, unambiguous sentences and lay out my arguments and thoughts in a way they couldn't be misunderstood or nitpicked.

It looks like it worked, your only retort was to call me a schizo.



kind of a dumb move to have a vn "general" tbh, its like having an anime thread in the anime board (actually i think theres something close to that already)


>kind of a dumb move to have a vn "general" tbh,
lol, proving my point. Reminder, when you punish effort and good content, these are the kind of threads you get:
Those are fine though, they are familiar and predictable.

10 dead boards (if you count /dead/ and /roulette/), actually 11, if you count /meta/. Out of the two "live" ones, one is /siberia/, and /leftypol/ is overmoderated.

lol imagine having 85% of a site be dead, and then have the arrogance to anchor/delete active threads. Despite being anchored, it remained an active thread, with more posts than 95% of the catalog (generals don't count).

Actually, more than 85%. Cytube instance is a ghost town, git is used to host the code for the site. Zine got abandoned, because out of 20+ mods they couldn't find one person to take over.

You have killed the site with your behaviour and your over-moderation. Then mods don't even come to /meta/. AT LEAST, it keeps you at home, in your room, so you don't have a chance to poison and destroy any actual IRL groups. Silver lining to every cloud…


The fact that you claimed that I have been calling everyone a schizo to cry crocodile tears kinda proves my point.

Methinks the lady doth protest too much

>AT LEAST, it keeps you at home, in your room, so you don't have a chance to poison and destroy any actual IRL groups

Lol if anything it is the complete opposite.


It's not enough substance for an actual good thread and it just shits up catalog in smaller boards. If you want a seperate thread, it ought to be a topic wide enough to allow for it not to sink to oblivion in less than 2 days. That's how the LOTR thread, HP thread and GoT threads got made after they got resonance in the Fantasy General and generated good OPs that are still getting bumps.


>The fact that you claimed that I have been calling everyone a schizo
>me, me, me
Funny you should say that, because I left out the sentence subject and used the passive voice on purpose to avoid accusing anyone in particular of overusing the word. Hell, even I used the word as an insult before.
>By calling everyone and everything "schizo", the word has been stripped of its meaning.
I also didn't see your name, glare on the screen makes it hard to see green on black.
>Lol if anything it is the complete opposite.
I hope you don't tell them about /leftypol/. The two people I know IRL who I know are/were /leftypol/ users (cause they said it) are two fucking losers, one of which is a rapist who is banned from leftist spaces country-wide.

Holy shit, epiphany. I was about to write
>I don't know why you think you're talking to academics…
But it's me who thinks that. It is me who expects a higher standard from this place, despite all the evidence to the contrary. I imagined what this place could be, and then assumed after a while it actually is that way, just ruined by a few bad (evil or incompetent) actors. So it's me who's been dumb.

People can't even comprehend the arguments or follow them, and then I am asking for counterarguments or discussion. Like going to a 3yo, wanting to talk about calculus, then getting angry they ripped up my notebook.

Lesson learned. It will take a while for it to sink in, but the seed is planted.


File: 1685513597314.jpg (2.52 MB, 5162x2904, 9k=(7).jpg)

>not enough substance
>too much substance
There's no hope here. It's funny, self-proclaimed communists don't see the irony of them keeping their positions despite overwhelming public support for their resignation. That usually works out, right?


File: 1685535771513.jpg (194.05 KB, 1024x768, Weighing-of-the-Heart.jpg)

>You have killed the site
It was all of us. God is dead and we killed him.
On the other hand I at least made an effort to stave off death.
>me, me, me
>People can't even comprehend the arguments or follow them, and then I am asking for counterarguments or discussion. Like going to a 3yo, wanting to talk about calculus, then getting angry they ripped up my notebook.
>I am wasting my time
I absolutely cannot tell if you are on the right track. A lot of this mirrors my own reaction to the usual so-called "criticism" here to an uncanny degree. My hypothesis is that people that can look at themselves at least must have some basic level of skill, setting them apart from what I usually get here. Now may be the time to find out.
>you listen to people who don't contribute, while punishing those who do.
I specifically do the exact opposite. I do not listen at all to anyone who doesn't contribute. But there is no shame in using incompetents to advance your own ends. Reactionaries will always dig their own grave. Working in opposition to this is like swimming against the tide.
>Silver lining to every cloud…
Are you familiar with Zhuangzi?

Bottom line is this: If you wanna take over the position of The One with Righteous Anger, there is one free. I am finished with it.
Thank you for applying yourself to something in a serious way.
That said
>couldn't be misunderstood or nitpicked
Sounds very much like a challenge. Don't provoke me. I can misinterpret and nitpick anything. Because I watched people do it to my posts here for years. I learned from the best. It is the easiest thing in the world to me.
Anyways, I am listening, you are heard.

The overwhelming part of the public is indifferent. As a democrat I agree with them, I too am indifferent.

Let me explain the trick to you, the site being dead and all, it's time for a debriefing.
The function of a moderator is to moderate discussion. To act as an arbiter or referee, Now if you know anything about football, no referee is liked generally. You could call this a structural issue. If they were voted one, none of them could do any refereeing.
Now the way this is twisted here, this being a political website, is to think of it in political (or quasi-religious) terms. Voting on things will make it better in any case. A trap that is very easy to fall into for the average liberal subject (whether they actually believe it or use it as a rhetorical trick is immaterial, the ideology is perpetuated). Anyway, in cases where there is no way to do a vote, anyone claiming otherwise is a bad actor (there is a blatant incongruity between what they demand and what can actually be done) by definition. Continuously demanding the impossible wastes people's time. People transparently acting as bad actors are very easy to deal with, funnily enough. Because seeing incongruity is a basic function even someone with little political education can execute with ease. All that is necessary is to point it out.
>That usually works out, right?
>I will be forced to make a rival website
I'd love to see someone back this up. Do a better job. Do. Work. Create.
Go fourth and multiply.


First of all, thank you for a reply that is more than one word or dismissive.
>Are you familiar with Zhuangzi?
Yes, great shout.
<When we sleep, the soul communicates with (what is external to us); when we awake, the body is set free. Our intercourse with others then leads to various activity, and daily there is the striving of mind with mind.

<If there were not (the views of) another, I should not have mine; if there were not I (with my views), his would be uncalled for:– this is nearly a true statement of the case, but we do not know what it is that makes it be so.

>If you wanna take over the position of The One with Righteous Anger, there is one free. I am finished with it.

All these years I thought I was alone… Pretty sure I've had that position since _ days.

>Thank you for applying yourself to something in a serious way.

I take everything seriously. Especially when I joke about something.
>Sounds very much like a challenge. Don't provoke me. I can misinterpret and nitpick anything.
Well, I am glad you have said that! Because, dsspite what people seem to be thinking, I am not "shilling" anything. I want to talk about certain things because they are unresolved issues in my head (heh). If I was certain in something, then I wouldn't have to go out and "prove" it to myself or others. Feel free to nitpick: >>>/leftypol/1473822 (you can skip the first 60-80 posts, it took a while for anons to get over the initial shock and get a lot of things out of the system). The thread was quite helpful, so if anything, the third iteration will be even more streamlined and succinct, and you can wait to nitpick until then.

I made the lost-civ/Hancock threads because I haven't made up my mind one way or the other. I take the position of and act as a "full on believer" of the theory, and I expect others to take the opposite view. We then make an honest case and see what is really going on. But I was met with hostility and outright rejection of the conversation on the grounds that some people have called Hancock crazy.

I ended up having to play their role too, because the times people did bring up "facts" against lost-civ theory, they got the "facts" of mainstream archeology/Egyptology wrong. Which was actually a good thing, because after looking at the Egyptology "evidence", it was lacking and did not stand up to scrutiny. The whole field of Egyptology is built on assumptions: >>>/leftypol/1481546 You can actually look for yourself, go find " evidence " egyptologists have for everything we were told about ancient Egypt as kids.

I find it funny how every science, social and natural, has advanced in the last 30 years, new discoveries, theories, interpretations… yet Egyptology has had the same beliefs, assumptions and theories since before WWI. How can you trust it? Apparently it was the ancient Greeks who said the sphinx was built same time as the pyramid, several thousand years after they had supposedly been built.

Looking a bit into it, it seems there is a lot of archeologists and historians critical of Egyptology, and questioning their narrative doesn't seem to be crazy at all. Yet people who will proudly say "ruthless criticism of everything!" (there's a reference to it in the sidebar menu on leftypol.org ironically) are preventing criticism, criticism in the Marxist sense.

Now I want to talk to people about it, because I would like to be dissuaded. Every time anons made an argument in the thread that was a good one, that made me think "well, if that's true, then the lost-civ theory" is finished, I would go and look it up only to find out it's not true or anons outright invented it cause it sounded right. That's an annoying thing too, people went in to "defeat Hancock".

For some reason anons thought that if they didn't ridicule, call me a schizo or a retard, then… I dunno, something bad would happen. There wasn't even an attempt to engage with the content, they saw "Hancock" and alarms went blaring, it was all about shutting the conversation down from that point. Also people seem to think if they bring one argument, or one piece of evidence, that is shown to be faulty or not show what they think it shows, they'd just move on and never mention it again. It's as if they were basically proving to themselves the dominant narrative, rather than having a discussion.

>the site being dead and all, it's time for a debriefing.

If I one wants to do better, one must learn from the past, take stock what is available, and try something else.

>Anyway, in cases where there is no way to do a vote, anyone claiming otherwise is a bad actor (there is a blatant incongruity between what they demand and what can actually be done) by definition.

I was never part of the crowd who wanted voting. There is no way to do it without trust. Only way would be if people were willing to give some personal information away, like a physical address one could mail a code to, or an ID. But then you might as well become a legal organisation/association and then you have to follow rules about data retention and so on, which would be a way to build trust through a third party. Needless to say, neither I, or the majority of people here would want that, giving personal info away or joining a leftypol association.

>I'd love to see someone back this up. Do a better job. Do. Work. Create.

Right. I am not going to recreate the same forums/chans, and not gonna write a regular chan clone in an exotic language. It has to be slightly new, rethought, different, otherwise what's the point?


Whatever happened so that the /overboard/ has less porn, thank you mods.


Please go somewhere else to have this conversation.

>People transparently acting as bad actors are very easy to deal with, funnily enough. Because seeing incongruity is a basic function even someone with little political education can execute with ease. All that is necessary is to point it out.

Lol. Lmao even. It is not as universal as you think. The schizo ITT is proof enough.



not my thread, but what happened to the one about termites?


What one, what board, when did it dissapear?


siberia, a few minutes ago, it was like >>>/siberia/414066 but about a terminator planting termites if the sburbnites didn't want their services.


>The schizo ITT is proof enough.
It's funny how you think that inner monologue, lateral thinking, abstract reasoning, ability to be Devil's advocate, and other higher-order reasoning is "schizo".


Last deletions were 40 and 45 minutes ago or 1 hour ago. Nothing more recent in the log. Will update when I hear back from rest of staff


You are quoting me and I don't know what you are talking about. Needless to say it's clear the poster I was replying to has more political education than you.
It's also clear that they are acting needlessly antagonizing.
Bottom line is I won't try to intervene.


I did it because it's gross. Be less antihuman please. I don't want the board getting filled with misanthropic crap.


You need to stop trying to personally curate /siberia/. This is getting ridiculous now.


be less schizo


ywnbap (you will never be a psychologist)


I feel that it needs curating given its current state. However I apologise for making this action without consideration for the broader context, I will try to come up with some proper guidelines for siberia.


File: 1685830601800.jpg (555.93 KB, 2000x1433, Moskva class.jpg)

Asking that

Be merged onto >>>/AKM/3080


why is posting like a retarded channer allowed, posts are literally nothing but memes and attacks


I legit don't understand the reason behind at least a third of post deletions.


Nothing I've done is rule breaking. This is a chan. complaining to mods because you can't argue isn't an argument. Reporting me because your feelings were hurt even though nothing I've said is anything that hasn't been said in the anime community before is a farce. I'm not even the only one to say it in that thread


This is an imageboard, not a "chan".


A "chan" is another slang term referring to imageboards, a type of anonymous free forum that began with places like 2ch.hk, 4chan, 7chan etc. leftypol.org used to be bunkerCHAN and leftypol itself was hosted on 8ch(an) prior to the debacle years ago. You're trying to cherrypick to try and pretend to be one of us, but your posting style and overly sensitive crap just tells me you're either a 4chan troll or a redditor that stumbled onto here somehow and isn't happy with what they see. I've been posting on this site since the /dprk/ board was still a thing and Aidan-Chaya was a regular shitter, I recognize tomfoolery like this.


A "chan" produces "channers" who try desperately to fit in just like and can only resort to "chan culture" to excuse their abysmal posts just you're doing right now.


You brought up "chans" first, you just brought up chan "culture" even though that has NOTHING to do with ANYTHING in either the /anime/ board nor here. You're just name-calling because I used some insults spread out among my actual arguments. You made a shitpost about some nobody on twitter making a sardonic statement about an anime genre, a post bothering nobody that has any self-esteem or critical thinking, since it's just someone's opinion on the internet. Instead you cap it, make a whiny intersectional liberalist OP about sexism and being "attacked" and other nonsense. More than 1 anon replied mockingly of your statement including myself. I simply expanded my reply. You didn't read my post, made an emotional reply while accusing me of emotions and admitting to not reading what I wrote, so I further deconstructed your "arguments" (that's a charitable description) with both subjective and objective aspects. I further told you to grow thicker skin because we're not holding your hands. Then you involved the mods like a crying nancy, because you started spamming various reddit buzzphrases about /v/ and "channer", because as I said in my very first post you come from the tumblr school of "everyone I don't like is [insert a particular flavor of libpol]" argumentation, wherein if you scream bigot/racist/sexist//pol///v/ enough SURELY that will shout them down.

TL;DR: You're boringly transparent and I shan't be replying to you further, go away



File: 1685937569104.jpg (44.21 KB, 900x900, shrug.jpg)

>Rule 16: Users have the right to question and challenge any bans or post removals, or other moderator actions, which they feel are unfair or do not live up to the spirit of the rules. This may be done in the moderation feedback threads on the various boards, on the /meta/ board, through the ban appeal feature
My ban was only 1 hour and I was fine to wait it out. However for the sake of honest feedback here I'd like to point out that I was technically unable to contest this ban.

My ban was across all boards for "lack of civil conduct", even though my posts have not been in any way, shape or form different to the standard arguments on the site in general. Swears, insults and being in disagreement are not against the rules. The closest Rule to this is #14 a-g however my posts did not approach any of the examples given for that rule.
As said, my ban was on all boards for a post on an alt board. My other posts through the past week across the entire site were neutral at best and this was the only thread where I've posted repeatedly in quick succession today mostly in response to the OP's antagonism and hypocrisy. This ban included /meta/. Are bans not supposed to be board specific unless the person is actively shitting across the site? I have posted in 7 threads today to my recollection, once in /hobby/s Game of Thrones thread, agreeing with a different post, once in the /leftypol/ Kosovo thread to post music relevant to the topic, once in /AKM/'s meme thread to post a meme making fun of Burger armchair airforce posters, a couple posts in the /leftypol/ Ukraine thread primarily about military tech or the situation at hand (I didn't engage any of the shitposters), a post in the naval thread in /AKM/ about an old Russian ship still in active service and the posts in that one /anime/ thread. The only other post I posted was in /siberia/ by accident and I deleted it immediately. So, how do a trio of vaguely mocking posts justify a sitewide ban? If you're gonna ban, please don't be lazy and ban to a specific board, because otherwise this is overkill, especially given the large number of actually bad faith posters crawling all over >>>/leftypol/ and shitting in other boards too.


Isn't /siberia/ essentially /b/ (as it was originally called)?
Why not just apply the purely Global Rules and leave the board alone? The entire point of it is to be (essentially) a dumpster for mass low quality posting and NSFW content that doesn't belong on other boards, so porn, obvious racism, bait etc, acting as a containment for less "proper" posting.


>Isn't /siberia/ essentially /b/ (as it was originally called)?
No. Actually it was renamed for this reason.
Why not just apply the purely Global Rules and leave the board alone? The entire point of it is to be (essentially) a dumpster for mass low quality posting and NSFW content that doesn't belong on other boards, so porn, obvious racism, bait etc, acting as a containment for less "proper" posting.
I agree that the specific post in question should not have been removed by the moderator, we have had a discussion about this. I agree with your sentiment here to some extent, siberia having more relaxed rules and allowing porn and nsfw content means that it will have this type of content. That being said we have had discussions about this topic previously as a site, and I think a majority of people have agreed we don't want it to be a "containment" board, as containment doesn't work. And many users have different ideas for siberia and want varying levels of "quality control" or theming.
edit: mod tag


Ok. What do you guys think? I will ask in /AKM/ as well.
edit mod tag aaaa


Only reason I proposed this is because frankly the threads on /AKM/ are too small and there are too few of us to keep a conversation going, a specific maritime topic is too constricted to keep the thread alive long term, and it's a shame to lose effort posts for such a silly reason. The Battleship, Littoral Combat Ship and Submarine speed threads are full of good posts but it's been dead for a while, even though people are posting in /AKM/ most of the posts are about personal weapons or AFVs and aerial combat. The navy isn't as widespread a topic for conversation at the moment.


>many users have different ideas for siberia and want varying levels of "quality control" or theming.
Ok I guess, not my cup of tea, but I don't use siberia anyway.


Ok. Dead or slow? FWIW I have found spending half an hour bumping threads in alt tends to produce some responses and temporarily increased activity. Maybe sometimes people don't immediately think to reply but may answer new activity?
Ok. Thank's for feedback anyways.


I am checking. Was it this post? >>>/anime/19476


File: 1685944828102.gif (176.19 KB, 400x267, Computer tired.gif)

> Dead or slow?
Those 3 haven't had proper discussions between 2 people in months, I know about bumping in alt to generate new conversation, but it's been kinda useless, especially since necrobumping without having anything to say at the moment is just annoying to people.

Also since I have your attention, I was thinking that /hobby/ and /anime/ could have a archives for threads past bump limit that could be saved. The Star Wars thread in /hobby/ for example is completely full and it has a lot of effort posts in it that are going to just disappear so putting it in a /hobby_archive/ would be useful to have. Even /siberia/ has its /siberia_archive/ as does /leftypol/.

Yes. I was being mocking, but so were most of the rest, my posts were just longer. I was being mocking because it's an imageboard and I've seen far worse on the main /leftypol/ board that the mods don't ban or moderate heavily at all. Was I mean? Perhaps, but as I said, it's an opinion on the internet by a literal anon, why should you let it bother you so much. I didn't insult their parentage or threaten violence or say any liberal or reactionary rhetoric, ironically or unironically. I merely dismissed radical liberal claims about some inherent misogyny of mocking a genre of anime and sprinkled in some insults as an off-the-cuff, uncensored reaction.


>Those 3 haven't had proper discussions between 2 people in months, I know about bumping in alt to generate new conversation, but it's been kinda useless, especially since necrobumping without having anything to say at the moment is just annoying to people.
Okay I understand. Maybe we can help in some way hmm…
to be honest personally I appreciate even necrobumping without something in particular to say if the person is geniunely interested in the topic and makes and puts effort into the post
>Also since I have your attention, I was thinking that /hobby/ and /anime/ could have a archives for threads past bump limit that could be saved. The Star Wars thread in /hobby/ for example is completely full and it has a lot of effort posts in it that are going to just disappear so putting it in a /hobby_archive/ would be useful to have. Even /siberia/ has its /siberia_archive/ as does /leftypol/.
Yeah good idea. This was already agreed to be implemented I believe. But our dev team was out of commission for a while. I remind the dev room right now thanks.

>Yes. I was being mocking, but so were most of the rest, my posts were just longer. I was being mocking because it's an imageboard and I've seen far worse on the main /leftypol/ board that the mods don't ban or moderate heavily at all. Was I mean? Perhaps, but as I said, it's an opinion on the internet by a literal anon, why should you let it bother you so much. I didn't insult their parentage or threaten violence or say any liberal or reactionary rhetoric, ironically or unironically. I merely dismissed radical liberal claims about some inherent misogyny of mocking a genre of anime and sprinkled in some insults as an off-the-cuff, uncensored reaction.

I asked the mod in question for a response.


File: 1685945441850.png (30.81 KB, 400x400, 1685666312355347.png)

Alright, glad to have a civil conversation. I gotta sleep and go to work tomorrow, so if you have any updates I'll see them then. Good Night and thanks for all the fish.


Cheers. Hopefully it is all sorted in a satisfactory manner. night porpoise.


File: 1685963340473.gif (15 KB, 216x224, Db9iEKF.gif)

It was more specifically for making the first posts on a thread pretty vitriolic which can heavily alter discussions continuing past that, plus not really mediating yourself when other anons were pretty actively asking not to. It matters a lot less for a cyclical where the posts will inevitably die anyways, but in alt boards especially those posts will have a lot of prominence for a long time because there is just less posting overall. Making it into a fighting pit will inevitably drive what few users exist from it away. Plus generally, they are supposed to be relatively chill boards to begin with as per their conception all the way back in the bunker. Places leftists can go to discuss media or hobbies without the range of vitriolic insanity of libs and rightoids, otherwise why wouldn't you just use the equivalent 4chan boards?

Ultimately a lot of it just comes down to not vibing with the still-existing culture of the place, we do have pretty nice longform discussion of topics in these threads (albeit at a slow burn) like these older /hobby/ threads >>>/hobby/2562 >>>/hobby/2737. We've always been more heavy handed in patrolling the vibe of the /hobby/ boards (except maybe /games/) so these kinds of threads exist.


Answering from work. You make a fair point, I suppose. The irony of your examples is that both are threads I made years ago, it’s kind of funny seeing them as examples LOL.


posting from my cousin's place, nice to see my threads mentioned. this person is a liar >>27071


>spam is now shorthand for "I don't like it"
do you even give some kind of guidance to new mods or do you just cut them loose?
<no way to remove mods
<no way to monitor mod actions
<don't listen to criticism about specific mods
<any time a mod is singled out, you close ranks
<site for mods, users are an unfortunate nuisance
<only criteria to be a mod is to answer a couple simple questions


>ban message with all infomation cropped out + fud
Anon do you want a resolution or to whine publically? If you give me time and IP I can give you an actual answer :)


File: 1686001458497.png (2.2 MB, 1395x1536, stalin clever.png)

Yeah, no.


Dont bother, if Pasquale doesn't like you he will literally set up a program to ban you seconds after you post for "spam", whether or not he's online


File: 1686023725052.png (228.15 KB, 576x632, 1685291375594.png)

Regarding the posters thinking it's unjustified that they got banned for being assholes, I for one hate the irony poisoned way people must post their opinions because when others reply to you you retreat into irony and cynicism just lets these guys stick their head in the room long enough to degrade the conversation. If I wanted to have unfruitful dialogue with insufferable meme-spouters I'd go to twitter or 4chan or the endless 8gag spinoffs and not leftypol. Just my 2c.


File: 1686025006405.jpg (37.11 KB, 350x364, consider this.jpg)

Memes are literally par for the course - quite literally a major part of IMAGEboards, not having to play nice and mince words is also par for the course for anonymous imageposting forums like this, especially if the post being replied to is either bad faith, poorly written or clearly liberal nonsense. Replying sarcastically, and arguing in complete disagreement is also dialogue and it is only unfruitful if it denigrates to pure ad hominum and cheap soy-spam, (ergo why soyjak posting en masse is de facto banned). On boards like /edu/ I make an effort to be purely academic and leave out the unnecessary, but on other boards having a casual dialogue and discussion can involve arguments and people should be free to have them.


Allow me to interject for a moment. They're called imageboards because Futaba took 2ch (textboard)'s source code and let images be added to text posts, not because discussion is centered around images. First iterations of the software didn't even let you reply with images. To this day they still let you start threads without an image too.


File: 1686026555377.jpg (74.48 KB, 400x532, 1470140318148149951.jpg)

This is a fallacy of definition. Yes Originally that's true, but this is no longer the case for the internet. Back when 2ch did that the concept of memes was in its infancy in terms of actual widespread usage. Today this is not the case, memes are everywhere, from politics, to business to ordinary conversation. Every day dozens of new memes are made and posted, some being variations of old ones, others being brand new. Them still being old school is like 4chan's 4mb post size limit, it's just lack of progress. Is it retro? Sure, but memes make conveying messages easier or faster, because as the saying goes "a picture paints a thousand words". Moreover it can be used to expand an argument or set a conversational tone. That's the beauty of online imageboard conversation, you're not limited by purely words, you can provide associative images, comparable to using hand gestures and actually physically showing things in a face to face conversation.


Having all (hypothetically it's at least more than one) these little Goebbels running around, not conducive to a spirit of cooperation and solidarity.
How interesting, there is no useful information contained here whatsoever.
And you mean to tell me people fall for this?


>no info! no info!
I left out time of ban, duration and my IP. Ban was for a month. It's irrelevant though, I didn't post it for you. Those who it is meant for will understand it.
You can be banned for "spam" based on a single post. Spam doesn't mean "repeated messages/links trying to get you to visit a site" any more, now it means expressing an opinion with an ulterior motive or agenda. Your post doesn't need to have links or mention any other site to be "spam".

ERGO, "spam" is now whatever a mod doesn't like.


>Memes are literally par for the course - quite literally a major part of IMAGEboards, not having to play nice and mince words is also par for the course for anonymous imageposting forums like this
Theres nothing inherent to imageboard software except what you can do with it, especially how people talk to each other lol. If leftypol wants to stop aping 4chan shit and mods will start banning "shitposters" then Im all for it.


So what I am getting is we should spend our time searching for a new word for "blatant attempts at manipulation by repetition"


>a new word for "blatant attempts at manipulation by repetition"
expressing an opinion is not an "attempt at manipulation" and a single post cannot be considered "repetition". thanks for proving my point. your personal view is not the only acceptable opinion.


and you have, most certainly, saved proof of this repetitive manipulation, right? I mean, you must, otherwise you'd be relying on a general feeling and the assumption that many different people are all one person (or a few) trying to manipulate the site.

Can you give us a list of these viewpoints/ideas that are trying to be inserted via manipulation? Then we could avoid using the keywords.


i wonder why people who get banned are always such weasels about it


I don't even know what you are talking about how should I? We have established that it's impossible.
I am not interested in interfering. All I am interested in is the truth.


>oh no you want me to explain myself?! you weasel!
not a good look.

I also like implication that every ban is justified and those who complain about them do it for self-aggrandisement. face it, you'll say whatever, so long you can avoid self-reflection or admit a mistake.

There's a reason I don't give you jnfo, because I was banned in /meta/ for disagreeing with a mod. As I said, expressing an opinion is now considered "spam". You can accept it, learn from it and change, or not. For every 1 person that complains about a ban, there are 5 who just leave and never come back. Then the ones who complained learn and use more VPN IPs. You think unique IP number and therefore people is the same, but it's not. I'd say there is max 100 unique visitors a month, and maybe 40 are active regularly (including mods).

You don't have to believe me, I don't care. lol not my site.


a mod literally asked you what you got banned for and you could only reply with a cryptic shitpost at first

>For every 1 person that complains about a ban, there are 5 who just leave and never come back.


>>oh no you want me to explain myself?
>deliberately making it impossible to explain anything or even understand the issue
>withholding information
>acting like a complete twat
Great job
>I don't care.
Then why do you keep whining?
I wish you could find it in you to engage in it.
What a fun performance. If you are parodying the faction I think you are you are doing a fantastic job.


File: 1686062868288.jpg (41.43 KB, 604x377, смекаеш.jpg)

>aping 4chan
That was never the point. It's never been about aping 4chan, or some mythical monolithic chan culture. People come here to freely converse. The ability for relatively free shitposting, arguing and memes as I explained in >>27079 (You) are the point of this site, down to how its formatted, otherwise it's no different to a communist "discord" server of some kind or a facebook page, or quora group or whatever that already exist. Yes people come here for more measured discussions, but that's not what 90% of the posts are. /siberia/ is literally shiposting, one word replies and porn and is the most popular board after the main board. The main board is full of shitposting and simplistic discussion and arguments and other crap, and only a small percentage is made up of effortposts. Only /edu/ has a higher effort-post ratio, but that's the reason it's such a specific board for that sort of conversation. The same applies to alt boards, it's casual discussion with varying levels of maturity, effort and tones. Some posts I make there are casual, some are long-form effort posts, I am not restricted to one or the other by text limits, single image-posting limits or the like, only by the general rules of the site on what is allowed or banned; something that is policed as is.


There's no point in telling you, because it is not about this one specific case, but your use of "spam" to remove things you don't agree with. As this person/mod explained: >>27129
>"blatant attempts at manipulation by repetition"
Sometimes we can have a discussion to persuade others, is that manipulation? Is consistency in your arguments and views repetition?

This isn't about fascism, or /pol/ shit or whatever, cause then it could fall under those rules. But even in those cases, fascists are allowed to post as long as they do it in "good faith". Yet if it is an opinion from the left they don't like, then it is "spam". So what we end up with is a "leftist imageboard" that is more tolerant to fascists than to leftists.

I am not the only one who sees this or has said this. Everyone left, yo. Now it's reddit tourists and trolls from other chans triggering the redditors with fucking idpol of all things.

Once US election season starts this place will be flooded by dems and repubs and you won't have enough actual communists/anarchists to set the tone of discussion and provide a counter to the libs. I don't think this site will survive the next US election.


everyone i dont like is reddit


why does "subject" keep deleting my posts complaining about 4chan on a thread about 4chan lol


thread is about new internal information about 4chan moderation. thread is not about "channers" or "chan culture". you were already warned to stop derailing with your obsession with "channers".


why is every other post about it still up then, i didnt even make the first posts with the sartre pic


thread is explicitly about 4chan moderation shaping the culture of the userbase but talking about the userbase warrants deletion, somehow


the other posters, including the sartre post, aren't breaking rule 14 or spamming the tor node with such. you being on the tor node is the only reason i haven't given you a short ban to soak your head.


>spamming the tor node
you mean USING the tor node? lol

my post keeps getting deleted while other posts about literally the same thing get to stay up, thats why i keep posting it thus becoming spam

rule 14 is divided in 7 parts, which one or ones am i breaking that the other posts arent. the only one that makes sense to me is 14c but the other posts are dripping in passive aggressiveness, how is mine any worse. at least im being only aggressive instead of hiding under 10 layers of irony


>my post keeps getting deleted while other posts about literally the same thing get to stay up
you understand that two posts can pertain to the same topic while being different in content, right? if you want to talk about the way 4chan moderation has shaped the userbase, go ahead. do so without responding to disagreement with only insults and accusations.
>rule 14 is divided in 7 parts, which one or ones am i breaking that the other posts arent.
you were warned for 14b, which i think applies to the posts i deleted. 14c also applies, as you point out.


i dont get why someone sperging that someone dared use channer negatively in a sentence (not even calling them a channer personally!), saying they must be "delusional d_scord-invaders talking in the third person", doesnt break 14b and 14c but me calling him a weirdo with no personality for being so attached to the label does


the whole remarkably inane discussion you were having turns on whether or not "channer" is synonymous with "user of 4can". other posters (speaking generously here) took issue with what they saw as an equivocation on your part. you responded to them by implying that they are only contradicting you because they are themselves irrepentant "channers". then you accuse me of the same for deleting your shit stirring and now only tangentially on-topic posts.


Different mod. Made the original warning. I am deleting both of your posts as such for continued derail.


idk the other poster was saying everyone who posts here must be a channer so it follows that he considers himself a channer too

>then you accuse me of the same

sorry i thought you were the same poster because you both had similar posting styles, especialy the terrible allegories ("You might as well be a white person saying "i hate whites" when you're just talking about white supremacists.") LOL

thanks, i dont mind big nukes, theyre hard to argue against


File: 1686130015254.png (480.81 KB, 1080x943, emptyIP.png)

>""""""""""empty IP astroturf""""""""""
Let's break it down, shall we?
>empty IP
this means there are no "notes" on the IP, it is probably the first time it appears.
The mod is saying that, despite seeing ONE post by that IP, the person is "astroturfing". In other words, the person is part of a coordinated effort or plan to shape opinions here. What evidence do you have? None.

This is my point, every poster is assumed to have bad intentions, until proven otherwise.
>Be open with your intentions.
Wtf? Should we now explain why we make every post, like they do on reddit?
>everyone i dont like is reddit
<mods enforcing personal opinions and banning people they don't like
<distrust of new users
<approved posters
<post histories
<lack of recourse
you're right, this place is nothing like reddit, my bad.


Always the same guy, huh


you're here so you must be reddit. This is why self-aggrandizement is the most fitting way to describe your motivation by far. There is no reason to believe you over people that act reasonably.
I don't think
>"blatant attempts at manipulation by repetition"
can be misinterpreted. Now you are asking about something else, what's the point of continuously asking loaded questions?
Yes, everyone left, you are truly special.


>Let's break it down, shall we?
There isn't much to break down. The mod in question hasn't been taking their meds, which is the cause of this behavior. If they took their meds we wouldn't have a problem.


I’m late to the party but I’m glad to see we have a warrant canary now. On this topic, I am curious, has leftypol ever received a so-called National Security Letter?


>This is why self-aggrandizement is the most fitting way to describe your motivation by far.
If that was the case, why would I be posting as an anonymous user? There is absolutely nothing that I want form you. Except for you to be a better mod for the community.


I thought the warrant canary was always there.


It's been there for like 4-5 years yes.

Not as far as I know but we received a cease and desist from UK Labour party over our hosting of leaked internal documents showing how they ratfucked Corbyn (lol).


t. mod


I’m really late to the party, like six years late. I asked about it back then and didn’t notice they added it until recently.
Interesting, I wonder if they had some bureaucrat sifting through our shitposts, kek


>One post IP posting a sus video
I am not the mod who did this but I would have straight up deleted your post. This is a classic ThingNoticer move


Can the most prolific tankflag user (the one who squats in /ukraine/) receive his own flag? His near-monopoly over the flag is unfair to the many other users who have championed it.


>everyone who complains is the same person
you actually believe this, don't you? you think every single post in this thread against you is made by a single person.


Obviously not you moron, learn to read. I am saying this low effort shitposting is exactly like how ThingNoticer operate. We punish spam like this just like we do for ThingNoticer.


Have you ever considered the possibility that thingnoticer stopped posting a long time ago and you're just banning random people?


File: 1686431227224-0.png (73.4 KB, 546x359, poop.png)

File: 1686431227224-1.png (29.79 KB, 980x176, head.png)

misato is a poopy head and likes sewerslvt


>ThongNoticer retires
>some other illiterate nazi spams the exact same way
I should care why?


>now it's suddenly "nazi spams"
fuck off. if the only way you think you can "win" this argument is by lying, then you've already lost.


I was replying to the hypothetical
Obviously I don't care who you think is winning or losing "the argument" (not that I have any knowledge of it in the first place)


I ban thingnoticer like last month so no. Also >>27222 is right


>was replying to the hypothetical
while implying anyone you ban is an "illiterate nazi spamming". can you not see you're just attaching epithets to justify your actions?

"I banned him cause he was a nazi!" is a very clever move, I'll give you that. If one disagrees, you'll just say they're defending nazis and ban them.

You're literally like liberals who once they're in power, start making up idealistic reasons why they should stay in power. You're not communists, or anarchists, or socialists, you're just bitter. now you get your own fiefdom to bully. congrats.


Again, replying to a hypothetical.
You are angry but I don't even know what about.


How many of the mods and jannies here are Burgers? Just a curious question.


All of them are psychologically American becauwe they spend so much time consuming American media and talking to Americans on American sites.


>inb4 2-3 posts that will inevitably call me nazi/pol/reactionary
here's the archive link: https://archive.is/vRa1V


What's with https://leftypol.org/leftypol/res/1263434.html? been here since the bunker and still don't know how to link threads from other boards lol About a year's worth of the thread seems to be nuked, was it overkill from trying to delete the posts from the Polish guy who seemed to post his actual name and employer?


cleaning spam.


My ISP changes it's IP address y'know how it is.


Your posts are very interesting, but you may as well scream at a wall, friend.


File: 1686638118099.jpeg (112.12 KB, 640x947, 1653338287884.jpeg)

Although my 15 minute is a fair ban, I will post this in response to the reason of my taking the bait. Thanks for the quick action. (Thanks for deleting that fed post on AKM too).


>trying to reason with power-tripping mods
lol. anon, this thread only exists to give us mindless cattle the illusion that the mods care about our opinions (spoiler: they don't.)


yeah good point. imo deletion after a bait post is deleted is better than a ban for responding to bait unless the person keeps encouraging spam. Although sometimes people prefer to leave up convo with baits and rebuttals. Depends on thread and the specific posts in question ig, as per usual
meds schizo

@jannies please remove the image ban for tor in siberia again


the 15 minute ban was meant to serve as a warning in conjunction with deleting the post. in hindsight i really should have just set it to one second or whatever, but it sounds like there are no hurt feelings so that's good.


I'm a Hancock skeptic, but I agree that you put effort into those posts and I don't agree with mod tactics that reward people who try and flame a thread to get it locked.


I'm not shitting up /edu/. Maybe instead of banning me, consider deleting shitty threads that add nothing. This thread >>>/edu/17900 is nothing but treating something that isn't that serious seriously and just speculative nonsense that no one can engage with meaningfully. What the fuck is "overuse of metaphor"? Why would there be a "universal way of speaking", what does this hypothetical even address?


The alien picture is goofy, too


>Maybe instead of banning me, consider deleting shitty threads that add nothing.
what rule does the thread break? if it does break a rule, you should have reported it or come to complain about it here. instead you chose to engage with a thread you believe one cannot meaningfully engage with, bumping the supposedly shitty thread to the top of the catalog repeatedly, and getting into enough of a slap fight that it warranted me coming to nuke the last 12 posts of the thread.


It breaks the rule of low quality
Basically its entire point seems to be that metaphors are bad
As for the other thread, breaking down information is valid, but OP just wants to discuss everyday rhetoric which is superfluous on a forum about in-depth concepts, and pushes some wild assumptions that are just annoying


being wrong and being of low quality are not the same thing. i wouldn't archive the thread's op for posterity, sure, but i also don't think it's low quality enough to warrant outright deletion.


Quit spam range banning me pls



Why not?
Ban got lifted anyway so idc anymore.
Thx mods


K so I'm confused. I got banned in the china thread for second ban notice for existing ban. Any bans I had before were expired a long time ago. And the previous ban I had was just me doing a troll one post Sakai thing. Which I got banned for and then got unbanned one day after. I mean the only thing I think I did wrong was asking if the guy article was based and them taking the others guys word at face value. But I wouldn't consider that same fagging or spam ip?


Hello yes you are banned due to being too dumb and insane to ban evade properly even after years of attempts. Hopefully that clears things up for you :]


dude you are confusing me with someone else, check the ip of this device and the previous others I used today to post. I dont know this ban evasion stuff you are talking about?(spam + ban evasion)


Mods are absolute schizos when it comes to IPs.
This is what happens when you get people who don't understand networking or even basic technology making decisions based off those things. I've been banned several times for having a "sus IP" and I don't even know what the fuck that means.


oh :l(spam + ban evasion)


What posts were you banned for?


I wasn’t taking to you, fuck off.


Sorry can you please clarify what you mean by that?


Why did I get a 26 week ban for this post?
I only wanted to show something delusional someone posted under the video from the other's anons post.


Hello. Are you able to kindly reply to this post on a different IP range other than tor so that I can determine if you are spamming?


does this work?


I just checked my IPs on my laptop( this one) and my home PC. My home PC uses IP6. This one uses IP4 for some reason.
I don't know why this is.


Yes. There is a lot of spam history on both of these IP ranges and the timing with other spam and the IPs replying to you are additionally suspicious. However I will give you the benefit of the doubt. Assuming you were banned by error I offer my sincere apologies.
Ok thank you for clarifying. I will revoke both the rangebans for now.


Can mods please cool it with the IP range bans or whatever new system you're using. I got banned for "ban evasion" and I was literally using the same IP I always use

Oh also making someone use a separate IP to appeal a ban is a hostile anti-user measure. What's wrong with the appeal form process that every imageboard has used for the past 20 years?


I don't know why but my phone is still banned.
It was banned for the post that replied to >>>/leftypol/1498818 for 22 weeks.
I'm not sure, the post was either deleted or sent to /gulag/ it said something like:
>I'm currently on my phone
>How are those posts spam, I was merely showing a delusional take on china from the comments of the video the other anon mentioned


Ip range ban two weeks. Mods are being super cunty it's comical (guilty until proven innocent)


They probably have honest intentions, but I refuse to believe there are so many spammers that it justifies using these absurd range bans.

I almost never see spam, and no, the mods aren't just THAT good that they always manage to delete it before I see it. I think it just, for the most part, isn't there and they're overreacting.


Actually, after glancing at the /meta/ thread from the other guy who apparently keeps experiencing this problem, it looks like the "spam IP" excuse is just a way to justify grudge bans.
Figures. This is too much drama for me to bother dealing with, I'm just gonna try to find an IRC server or something because I'm sure as fuck not going back to 4chan.


moody is one petty son of a bitch
the rest of the mods seem fine


> was literally using the same IP I always use
Which IP?
Ban #?

>Oh also making someone use a separate IP to appeal a ban is a hostile anti-user measure. What's wrong with the appeal form process that every imageboard has used for the past 20 years?

Appealing with seperate IP allows to deduce if the appeal is legitmate or not, additionally it allows an infinite number of appeals, this is important for example if it is a shared IP between spammer and real user and the spammer replys with something like "fuck you uyghur" then an appeal can still be made by a legitimate user on that IP/range. This function is only used for pervasive spam (wherein the spammer is almost always an "outraged innocent" anyways).



You would think after literal years of this sperging you would change tactics slightly hmm


Ok I guess someone took the ban off, no harm no foul I suppose


What ban/#? I will take a look for you


I don't have the post number saved and I can't see the banned screen anymore, but it was a (now deleted) post in this thread:


>Actually, after glancing at the /meta/ thread from the other guy who apparently keeps experiencing this problem, it looks like the "spam IP" excuse is just a way to justify grudge bans.
I know your stupid but you already pasted that on this IP range in reply to your other one so even if I was totally naive it would be logically inconsistent for you to be referencing "someone else" who is already associated with this alias. As an example of how you just dun goofed, it's like if Clark kent made reference to something superman said, but he actually forgot he is directly quoting something "Clark Kent" said in the past.


Hey moody, can you maybe unban my phone, it still has a 22 week ban


We are literally two separate people, I don't know what to tell you. If we genuinely have the same IP range, it's beyond me why that might be, but more likely, you probably just need to take your meds


You really are dumb as a bag of bricks huh? Forgot to change your IP back again


I had to change my IP to appeal my ban because of your retarded system. Since my ban was lifted, why the fuck would I post on the other IP again?


different mod. there is no ban, lifted or otherwise, associated with this ip in our notes.


So stupid this guy xD. More confirmation huh? But this is the range for "oh thanks actually you unbanned me teehee" You replying with this one implicates you. You must be pretty mad to be getting this sloppy about seemingly your life's passion
You'd think he'd notice by now how the only people falling for it is himself


Hey, mods, can someone, maybe, unban my phone.
It still has a 22 week ban for "spam IP + ban evasiln"


IP range is being used for spam atm. Can you reply from a different IP range or confirm for me some of your previous posts to check rq, so I know you aren't spamming?


I would just like to say I suck cock and balls that there’s currently a range ban for all IPs coming from Free VPN. I know this because I have multiple VPNs and switch from using one to another. Whoever else is using Free VPN is an infamous spam poster who currently got that VPN a 7 day ban.

Not that I care much in particular but it’s worth pointing out that range bans can be tricky when some of the more easier to access and free obviously VPNs will have more customers, especially on imageboards.


Free VPN? Like it's literally called "Free VPN"?
>Not that I care much in particular but it’s worth pointing out that range bans can be tricky when some of the more easier to access and free obviously VPNs will have more customers, especially on imageboards.
Yes. Most of the rangebans we make are for botnets and bulk IP ranges on specific networks and ranges. We generally have different tactics for dealing with spam on proxies with arbitrary IPs, although this content generally is rate limited in it's own way by the time it takes to switch IPs, and often has some structural protections against botting etc. Oftentimes a good compromise is using the tor node, which we do encourage, and which is user and privacy friendly and allows us to pick up intuitively when someone is samefagging/astroturfing and prevents bumping of one's own posts on an alternate IP etc.


Today I leaned Australians and bad faith posters are indistinguishable
No wonder moot hated us Aussies back in the good old days


I'm using a different computer. I normally use my phone. I was banned for "Spam rangeban". I don't even know what that is. You banned the wrong person as it is the case of a false positive. I only posted six times today.
Here are my posts to prove it's not spam:
I really don't get the motivation behind this.



I generally don't post much, I mostly lurk, but these are some of my previous posts.
>>>/leftypol/1498818 the post that got my phone banned was a reply to this one asking why I got banned


Fix this please.(Confirmed spam IP :])(Don't post your IP publically. Deleted, your welcome)


Delete this, you just posted your IP


Hello. Thank you for confirming.


Not his real IP one would presume, but yeah double check before you post.


It was my real IP but why exactly do you think its a spam IP? I admit that I have shitposted when im drunk but is it necessary to make bans 2 year long?


What service are you using for this IP?


Why tf is my GPT-related post in the gulag >>>/tech/18078? It's on-topic and it contains interesting use cases that others might be interested in trying out. While you're at it why don't you gulag the 50 billion low effort GPT generated walls of text in that thread that no one is ever gonna read?

EDIT: WTF this is not a spam IP! I'm in this country for work-related reasons and I'm using hotel wifi - idk if that looks suspicious to you.


The banned IP was a prepaid mobile internet service called Telia. Its prepaid because I'm a poorfag who lacks credit rating for a proper internet service contract.


I don't think you make a more incoherent post if you tried


I mean this one:


Im using an app called FreeVPN that you can find on Google Play Store to be able to resolve this issue.


I was IP banned for suspected spamming, but I want to clarify that my IP is not a spam IP, and the content I posted before the ban was not spam. There's your coherent post.

And you must have used a range ban because it doesn't show up in the public modlog. If you're going to range ban then you'd better tell the user the exact reason (we suspect X content to be spam based on Y pattern), otherwise you're going to find a lot of "incoherent" posts on /meta/.


you are referring to this post?


Have you got another IP I can check?


Are you mad? :]


I have access to my hotel wifi and some VPN servers. I don't think those would be helpful. But if you want something to identify me, I'm the anon who visited Cuba back in october.


File: 1686833854060.png (11.32 KB, 506x426, glow computer.png)

>spam website from a specific IP range
>cause range ban
>see if users publicly complain about getting caught in range ban
>narrow down what IPs site users are on while also reducing people's ability to use the site
>report results to supervisor


Yeah I mean if I were spamming these IP ranges myself. Most sites already tracl users across IPs through shit like fingerprinting, but maybe channers would be desirable to track in this way. But at that point the suspicion is about one or more site staff literally spamming their own site, or appearing to, in order to get them to reply on a new thread right? At that point couldn't the whole thing just be rigged? Like why would I need to spam this place if all you as a user have to go off of is the mod log? That would only make sense if it was just one mod rather than the whole site staff or something. Which I will admit could be a potential concern. But if you had access to the info I and we have as mods it would be pretty apparent it's not the case and that there is a particular known entity behind the spam. Now as I am being intentionally vague to avoid sharing any information with bad faith actors that could assist them in being less stupid, I have said also what I wanted to convey informayion and explanation wise to any users reading this. It's up to you whether you trust us or not, same with any site. As per usual I suggest use of the tor node, which is available sans JS.


wtf is csam spam? I can write in spanish if you think that isn't my real IP

>what do you mean

que tenes un mod defendiendo shota en un thread de BL y que te podes ir a la puta que te parió con el puritanismo berreta y el doble estándar. que favor que le hacen ustedes a la causa hermano, imaginate qué le pasaría al socialismo si leftypol.org no borrara los personajes de anime que no le gustan
consíganse un trabajo


idk what's happening behind the curtain but what I'm saying is if you spam in waves where you use a specific range, and then wait to see people complain about it on /meta/ you can tell if people are on that range. you don't need to see the IPs or mod log at all, since presumably the spammer knows what IP range they used.


Okay I will let you off with a warning for rules 14 a,b,c,e,f,g
Bans lifted. Read https://leftypol.org/rules.html


I thought it was a confirmed spam IP. What happened?


What IP?


and yet my posts are gone, even those in unrelated threads
I changed my mind, unlift the bans: it was all me, the spam, the csam and all the other malicious actor stuff


Did you delete all of my posts??


I use a VPN, btw. A well-known one others certainly use.


Hm, it seems that the last two posts I made didn't go through, although I saw them posted when I refreshed the page. Was the db rolled back to a previous state?


What posts/IPs?


File: 1686854575281.png (397.82 KB, 1080x1851, wtf.png)

Luckily when I opened the browser, the page was cached. Here's a screenshot. The IP should be the one I am using right now.


Now I've noticed it says 659 replies, but the thread is at ~410. Am I looking at the wrong /ukraine/ thread?


You are indeed looking at the wrong ukraine thread lol:
No deletions. I can move to the new Ukriane thread if you would like


Oh my bad then. I think I just clicked in my history or trusted the first address bar suggestion. move the one with the czech president please, the other one references a post in the wrong thread. Thanks. :)


Done. np


Hello mods, it seems I got banned from all the boards on my PC. It said that I appealed the ban but I've only been on for an hours or so to do the news.


undone, sorry


ok what's going on? I got banned on my original IP, appealed here >>27361 (BG IP), made ONE post on /tech/ which hasn't even been removed, and now that IP is banned for spam?

I'm double appealing both.


>ok what's going on?
A mod called m00dy hasn't been taking their meds. They really need to take their medication.


Multiple VPNs are now range banned because of one retard spamming. I usually just browse for politics and other threads occasionally and might post a few times usually shitposts but I don’t spam and there are preventive measures for that on here anyway. Might as well just tell users to stop using VPNs if that’s the case then.

Now watch as the VPN I’m using gets hit with a ban too because of some dumb uyghur who wants to ruin it for everyone else.


To clarify, FreeVPN and HotspotShield VPN are both banned. I was >>27329


Plenty of VPN out there but I want to contribute with my natural IP.


have you guys considered only banning fascists and bad faith memers instead of deleting and banning anything that annoys you personally. just a thought


We have fascists?


theyre few but theyre very insistent about letting us know their shitty opinions


Are the fascists in the room with us right now?


File: 1686865525452.jpg (62.12 KB, 640x702, xddddddddd.jpg)


I've been told twice that I'm subject to some wide range ban, first for two years, then for three months once I appealed the last one. What is the reason for this?


If mods don't like you for whatever reason, they'll stalk your posts until they can ban you for a vague reason. Same thing that 4chan mods do.


>thread gets more ban complaints in the past 48 hours than it usually gets in a month
>mods refuse to consider that their range ban policy might be misguided
Why are you guys so intent on rendering this website unusable


I got caught in a spam ip rangeban.




spam just flew over my house!




File: 1686914341621.png (224.51 KB, 640x463, image.png)


File: 1686916254365-0.png (143.02 KB, 976x674, baleted.png)

Now that the dust has settled:

Why were the middle 4 of these deleted?
And why was my question asking so deleted from /meta/?


File: 1686920638265.png (66.7 KB, 615x680, 1686920380746999.png)


>>27332 (me)
I am using my work computer because fuck it. Those posts are me. I posted those links to prove that i'm not spam. I don't understand why you are confused by this. I got caught up in the "range ban" apparently.


>>27422 (me)
Correction: >>>/leftypol/1499262 is not me. Everything else is.


I dont know why I was banned, it says spam but def wasnt spamming anything, might have accidentally made duplicate posts


This post is mine


sorry thats >>>/leftypol/1496972, hope i did that right


Are the mods even here? wtf(spam IP)


File: 1686956141225.png (Spoiler Image, 554.14 KB, 1080x998, pottery.png)

>I dont know why I was banned,
>it says spam

I tried to post with a randomly chosen VPN location and got pic related


no more mods, it’s only anfem flag now


It's an absolute clusterfuck, for some inexplicable reason the only consistently active mod is the worst one.
If I thought the feds actually cared about us I'd be worried it was some kind of cointelpro shenanigans, but thankfully I think it's just generic leftist dysfunction(samefagging)


I wasnt using a VPN though, I only used one to appeal the ban


the range ban situation is under discussion. i will be lifting all range bans appealed either here or by ban appeal until we can get further clarification from m00dy and come to some collective decision on how to move forward.

you should be unbanned now.


>It's an absolute clusterfuck, for some inexplicable reason the only consistently active mod is the worst one.
Be realistic, second worst.

And yes, it's dysfunction. Any fed worth paying would realize we're a waste of their time.(samefagging yet again)


Thanks for the update. I can't speak for anyone else, but the lack of clear communication was more frustrating for me than the actual bans, so this is reassuring.(spam)


I'm still banned >>27355 and I'm not the elusive spammer that you're trying to catch.(spam)


Have removed your ban.


>the lack of clear communication was more frustrating for me than the actual bans
i understand that, and i appreciate the patience. the lack of communication between the mod team and the user base is a problem i hope to propose solutions for in the next few mod meetings. rest assured that we understand there are problems, and we are actively working to solve them. i believe the issues of the past few days are a mistaken result of one such attempt at a solution, and i hope we will do a better job of communicating in the future when things like this come up.




To be fair to m00dy they're probably overworked and if I understand what happened correctly it was a matter of Australians natural communication style being shitposting in what sounds like bad faith
We talk like this in person too


>To be fair to m00dy they're probably overworked
i agree. many anons have been unfair to m00dy, though this hasn't been helped at all by the relative radio silence on our part. there is blame to go around, and more importantly issues to be worked out.


Ok maybe we've been unfair but it's also really annoying when your IP gets banned for no reason and when you try to appeal it you're accused of being a mysterious spammer who probably doesn't even actually exist

But if it wasn't a unilateral decision on his part and the mods actually all agreed and signed off to these range bans, then clearly my anger was misdirected and I should be annoyed with all of them.


one day moody repeatedly deleted my complaints from /meta/ lol that guy can fuck off


Not a vol but I'm thinking they meant blamr as in leaving m00dy holding the fort alone


>Ok maybe we've been unfair but it's also really annoying when your IP gets banned for no reason and when you try to appeal it you're accused of being a mysterious spammer who probably doesn't even actually exist
like i said, the frustration is very understandable. i also think m00dy is probably correct that there is a spammer or group of spammers abusing one or more of the ip ranges he's identified. currently we are discussing whether or not range bans are a good tool to use in combating this spammer or spammers. the consensus at the moment seems to be that the range bans of the past few days were too strenuous, hence my post earlier saying i will be lifting all range bans on appeal for the time being.
this. the primary issue facing site moderation is lack of manpower, and that lack of manpower translates into burnout, apathy, and disconnection (both literally and figuratively).


> i also think m00dy is probably correct that there is a spammer or group of spammers abusing one or more of the ip ranges he's identified. currently we are discussing whether or not range bans are a good tool to use in combating this spammer or spammers.
From what I've seen, I think a far more likely explanation is paranoia + m00dy/other mods not understanding the technical reasons why a group of unrelated posters might be using the same narrow range of IPs (e.g., free VPN services as another anon pointed out earlier, unorthodox ISPs, etc.)


we've all seen the evidence that the range bans were far too wide. that much is clear regardless of whether i think m00dy was on to something, and that is what we are currently discussing internally.


If >>>/leftypol/1500829 is an element of the phenomena m00dy identified then it's just newfag liberals even if they are raiding from a d*scord server or the like

Comrade volunteers of the Democratic Centralist board leadership please do not concern yourself with such trivial matters as raiding the board poster's can handle raids

In fact we got a few converts from the soyjak.party raids and even more from earlier raids like in the full chan era


>it's just newfag liberals even if they are raiding from a d*scord server or the like
Possibly an influx of redditors due to the situation there?




>but thankfully I think it's just generic leftist dysfunction


Hello comrades of the democratic centralist volunteer committee

There's a customer complaining in aisle 3

Yours in solidarity an anon who refuses to get on matrix


Thank you very much


when was it even removed??
>lets remove a low-effort and spam prevention measure
>oh no! spam! quick, RANGE BAN THE PLANET


don't start giving m00dy ideas…


a captcha would be preferable than dealing with range bans


I haven't visited this site for some months now. I gotta admit that I quit after growing increasingly disappointed with the moderation and the declining board quality. I hope things are better now. That's all.


A captcha doesn't block humans…


NARRATOR: They weren't. They were, in fact, worse.


Ukraine general duped


@mods can you pls give me a hand and delete this doubled thread oof mine?



They already merged per my request


File: 1687092059175.png (410.35 KB, 640x701, 1676033530539.png)



Wtf is this rangeban 2 year ban shit? Ziggas can post anything they want but if you challenge them it's "spam"? Fucking ridiculous.




Well it's kinda annoying since I had literally never gotten banned (okay maybe once in bunkerchan) until you anger the wrong mod who happens to be a full on Z-tard. I guess it's gotten better but some of the mods still have their panties in a twist and think leftypol is crucial to Russian victory.


It's funny how the anti-anti-imperialist "crowd" and the gossipy crowd (I heard mods did a thing) line up


Ziggers hogging the mantle of anti-imperialism is not helping. There are only a few posters in /ukraine/ who could legitimately call themselves such versus the average Wagner fanboy who is basically only into this because they like IRL rip and tear.


the range bans affected many anons. it is unlikely you were targeted individually. if you had appealed the ban in the last two days we would have lifted it. if you have a post from the banned ip i could take a look for you.


It's not helping what?
You mean you can't figure out the reality of the situation because people act mean on the internet.


Why is >>>/gulag/ no longer available for viewing? It's a hidden board and you can't post in it, but why is it no longer accessible to users to view?


It's been repurposed
A new process for post deletion by moderator action is in place

Moderated posts are now moved to /gulag/ for review so in the case of moderator error they can be restored


CP spam on /anime/


They're called bishoujos and it is what the board was made for.


Damn it Misato, you hit me with a ban for "Evasion" even though I wasn't even the same guy as the ban evader you were hunting FFS. Check the IPs brother, I haven't gotten a ban for some time.


I fucking hate IP-hopping faggots, I've counted at least 3 bans in my years on this site that got me banned because some fucker.


why pretend you innocent


The logs on the last IP I had banned already had a ban evasion notice prior, so I assumed it was the same shithead.

But if what you say is sincere, I will promptly unban. Please don't misuse my trust. Thank you and I apologize.


Just to note on my "IP hopping" I haven't posted in >>>/leftypol/ since the the /ukraine/ thread earlier today, I haven't posted anything else on the board since, so if someone is using my IP to cancerpost, don't hit me with the hammer for it.


Because I fucking am, I've seen over the years, at least a couple posts have (You) on them even though I can guarantee that they're not my posts, simply by fact that a lot of them happen in time periods where I am at work and cannot be posting from the same IP at all, or am asleep. Or in the case of this, simply haven't posted in the thread in question for a while.


Have the mods come to a resolution about the recent issue?

Only asking because my thread about the topic was moved to /gulag/ and moody appears to be back, and I'd hope the issue would be resolved before either of those things happened.


it ain't me it's my isp


The chances of innocently running into a banned IP on this relatively small imageboard are practically nonexistent unless an ISP is using carrier-grade NAT.

My beef is with moderation inconsistency. It seems I'm expected to be 100% civil in a thread while some neckbeard drops personal insult after personal insult or engages in some delusions where every poster he dislikes is his #1 board foe. Reports of those posts go unheeded. Oh, but if I dare reach my patience limits and reply with a single insult in kind, suddenly the ban hammer comes down on me.

I can't avoid the sense that we have a kind of Animal Farm situation here where certain posters, by dint of being fbi.gov fixtures or otherwise having some kind of back-channel presence and familiarity, are given free rein to shit on whomever they like.


> fbi.gov fixtures
Ugh, I always forget about that filter.


>where every poster he dislikes is his #1 board foe.
That's how Sage is about the vols on /meta/

I am specifically posting this to try and get some recognition going on both sides


>I can't avoid the sense that we have a kind of Animal Farm situation here where certain posters, by dint of being fbi.gov fixtures or otherwise having some kind of back-channel presence and familiarity, are given free rein to shit on whomever they like.
I have no back channel presence, and I most definitely don't go on the matrix chat but I am most definitely on a longer leash simply because I post a decent amount on /meta/ trying to do service routine questions etc since the vols job isn't customer service it's keeping muh /sfw/ free of NSFW
>hurr duh stalinstache poster you're wierdly fixated on meta

Yes, I do it because I feel guilty since I have the modding experience, but refuse to make a matrix account so I can help out


>search for a political term
(Query too broad.)
>search for a common word
no problem
<what controls this?


File: 1687535503942.png (1.89 MB, 1242x924, ClipboardImage.png)

trust me i dont fucking use the search page either lmao
i wrote this on my june meeting resolution ideas draft

>Search Page

>An eye sore. I rather go thru every board and use the search function on the catalog than use this fucking page


Hello comrade volunteers thank you as always for your hard work
It is truly valued by this community for good reason

I would like to point out that one post IPs may be lurkers of our forum

The barrier to entry is already very high in the sense that people will be relentlessly bullied for not having studied Das Kapital

Please don't make it higher

I have successfully written one line of my commentary so far
It is a big ask but could you not do bans like that as I have given up on finishing this by Friday anywhere on earth I would like to finish it before I'm obliged to go to the pub and meet some mates this evening

Yours in solidarity


It works sometimes, it's quite useful for the alt boards to find some of my older posts or others' effort posts


Consider to filter phrase
>Reddit spacing
Favourite 4chanoid's / astroturfers' way to derail conversation + Never any good discussion that ensues


filter "Reddit spacing" to just "paragraphing"


File: 1687594329074.png (74.8 KB, 786x513, a.png)

I actually very much welcome stopping the bothsiders-zigger debate in the /ukraine/ thread. but if youre going to do so can you actually make a post in the thread or a notice or something like that rather than just starting it randomly out of the blue? otherwise you're just going to be banning people who dont know that such stuff has just started being banned.

I didn't know such stuff was banned and as such I was banned. Can my ban be revoked now that I know about this rule.

Also a public notice on my post >>>/leftypol/1509464 says one post ip which isnt correct since i also posted >>>/leftypol/1509350


Into which log did my ban from /siberia/ go? I can't see it in this: https://leftypol.org/log.php?board=siberia

Plus since when is it official policy to ban someone for two days with a "reason" that could have been just posted as a reply?


sure we'll think of something funny. thanks anon.


The only time I use that phrase is regarding actually blatant redditors or people that space out their replies way too much, making poorly formatted, overly-large posts that could be condensed and still be readable, there's a reason


Move to >>>/siberia/ plox


File: 1687696148157.png (151.46 KB, 361x226, 1687645725032.png)

>there's a reason
for strawman arguments and people who cant write?


File: 1687743819804.png (2.2 MB, 1395x1536, stalin clever.png)


i want to know if its possible for someone whos gotten several bans to become a moderator? i think i could be a good fit. i'm leftist, i've used this board for several years, and i also care a lot about this site. i also want power over it, but to use that power for good.

mods? can we talk about this?


File: 1687755357707-0.jpg (8.52 KB, 180x184, get_on_irc_faggot.jpg)

File: 1687755357707-1.png (779.2 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

get on matrix faggot


File: 1687891803416.png (56.08 KB, 1120x574, ClipboardImage.png)

Ban evasion. I didn't even say the ban messages were for me(it's a vpn multiple people post from the same vpn ip you fucking retards) I'm just going to click a button like I said and continue posting. Get a fucking life.


click your button then. just keep your shitting on jannies to /meta/ and off the main board is all i ask. the "two post ip" ban message for the earlier ban was not the reason for the ban. you can see in the mod log my reason was rule 14a,b. a is debatable, but i don't think b is.


>click your button then.
Already did.

I'm not the same guy even. But I will give you respect that you even consider justifying your bans by the rules new janny. All the others just write "Spam" and delete+ban any responses from the meta thread.


>I'm not the same guy even.
yeah i know. i mentioned it because you posted the above in a discussion about the previous ban, and so i figured some explanation was in order considering we are now in the appropriate place for that.


Leftcoms are a protected class and that it’s against the rules to disagree with them.


>filter "Reddit spacing" to just "paragraphing"
Seconded. Tired of redneck bumpkins who can't distinguish between paragraphing and excessive vertical spacing.


>redneck bumpkins
<U stoopid wiggers/hicks/poorfags/rednecks, you can't call out my shitty formatting, it's paragraphing!
I am sick and tired of entitled burgers and first-world ignoramuses using "redneck" as a supposed insult, especially on leftypol, considering the origin of the name REDNECK and it's relevance to labour unions. What an utterly bourgeoise attitude.
>filter reddit spacing reeee!
This is pathetic overmoderation, word filtering is going to turn conversations into word salad because the filter is either going to be narrow enough that people WILL get around it making it useless, or so broad that even unrelated termins of similar spelling are going to get caught in the crossfire. Are you seriously complaining to mods about a couple people saying "reddit" when its known that a lot of reddit posters come here, especially during crisis times in reddit? Such as the shutdown of subreddits because of the "protest" against reddits API changes. If you can't just ignore people throwing out "lol reddit" at you, then you really need to re-evaluate your sensitivity to being insulted.


Wtf is gore spam? I can’t even attach files to my device. You got the wrong person.(spam)


There is no spam. Mods are just fucking mental.(spam IP)(samefagging)


for the past 3 days there has been some mentally ill retard spamming gore because he was mad he got banned for screaming about trans people on the Verizon mobile IP range. I just put up a larger-than-normal rangeban because I didn't know who would be on as I was going to bed and wanted to make sure he was beaned.


Can you just stop with the rangebans, you're actively killing the site.(spam)(spam yet again)


nta a temporary rangeban because no mod was active sounds fine.


Rangebans were pretty common even when it was just IPV4 IPs, but in an age of IPV6 business and phone IPs especially they become more and more of a standard operating procedure. We do have other tools developed for stopping spam - for example, we have a system for selectively enabling our CAPTCHA system for certain IP ranges, or setting it so that you can only post OPs if you have a certain number of posts beforehand, but those measures are seen as more extreme than just enforcing rangebans where necessary, especially since most IPV6 IPs which aren't spam are probably just people phoneposting.


>setting it so that you can only post OPs if you have a certain number of posts beforehand,
just like reddit(spam IP)


>setting it so that you can only post OPs if you have a certain number of posts beforehand
this will just lead to low effort posts and spam like in traditional forums where people posted just to see their post count next to their username increase


File: 1688076289847.jpg (33.21 KB, 425x512, elephants foot reiuji.jpg)

Are all old, low effort Touhou threads that got necrobumped from the bottom of catalog, please move them into the existing, original and active 2hu thread >>>/anime/823




mods please move the 20-post thread with actual discussion into some shitty meme-opener image dump thread because uhhhhhhhhh the other one was made first. uyghas will seriously complain that there's too many threads on the slow as fuck side boards


>Muh Generals
<N-no why can't I shit up catalog by necrobumping 4 threads that have been dead for a year with nothingburger posts!

>the 20-post thread with actual discussion
And which thread is that? The two 4 IP shitpost threads? The 12 IP thread with one sentence posts and a shitpost Long Cat OP or the 10IP thread with a short almost nonexistent amount of discussion based on some Google translations of Zun's posts?
Amazing "discussion".
>Muh image dump thread
Nothing in the other threads is any better or more discussive than in the primary thread, you pseud.

It's not enough substance for an actual good thread and it just shits up catalog in smaller boards. If you want a seperate thread, it ought to be a topic wide enough to allow for it not to sink to oblivion in less than 2 days. That's how the LOTR thread, HP thread and GoT threads got made after they got resonance in the Fantasy General and generated good OPs that are still getting bumps. Your shitty 5 different threads on the same topic are barely posted in, and 4 were at the bottom of catalog until one autist necrobumped all of them. To what end? They have contributed nothing to discussion that you attempt to use as a high horse, nor are the threads posted in further. You're just shitting yourself.
>uyghas will seriously complain that there's too many threads on the slow as fuck side boards
Yes, you retard. Mods recently have been talking about anon imageboards for free posting =/= no moderation, this is an example of that - most boards on almost any forum or imageboard, no matter how slow, have a policy against multiple threads on the same topic unless the prior thread has reached bump limit. Because it's just shitting up catalog, especially in slower boards, since the dead thread isn't going get bumped off the board for a long, long time and just sits there for ages.


done ✅
accidentally lost the last one bc i thought that would had been more fitting for /siberia/ but didnt realized it was older than the last bumped thread on that board. note to self: always check dates before moving threads


Why so rude


stop overmoderating please


File: 1688162942993.png (9.98 KB, 428x122, ClipboardImage.png)

>banning someone for stating that bullet trains aren't applicable in every case
what the fuck


misato you arent allowed to post without a capcode here




File: 1688164164072.png (347.83 KB, 600x677, ClipboardImage.png)

Unironically shut up. Misato is like the only mod with any sanity and has been more than accommodating for people. They don't just mass delete posts by IP or rangeban continents, they don't even delete posts that they ban for, just leave a message or edit the post
>inb4 ur Misato
Nope, I've probably been here longer than Misato TBH given that I've been here since this place was bunkerchan and before leftypol split with leftpol on 8ch.


Misato can be cringe, but I believe they do have genuinely good intentions.

They are infinitely better than m00dy, wvobbly and pask who are all just generally destructive and a nuisance to the site. See discomrade's resignation post for evidence of this.


File: 1688165468114.jpg (72.43 KB, 640x480, mpv-shot0041.jpg)

NTC but being in the better half of a bunch does not mean one is immune from critique. I second this -> >>27939 <- but overmoderation is overmoderation no matter who does it. And if misato == anfem mod (and I'm guessing so unless it's one of the new ones), then they're headed pretty fast into powertripping abuse territory. Which is a bummer to see.

I am in support of mods leaving ban messages when appropriate, it's good communication which is in dire need right now, but using bans and red-text as a way to elevate opinions like >>27934 is just unambiguously abusive.


In reality, it was for ban evasion (x3) which in turn was for their original ban for whinging about rioting and "muh property damage". It's been a formally banned position since the Burgerkrieg, both because its insubstantial to the discussion within the thread and because it is mostly used by posters who use lumpenprole as a synonym for uyghur.


>it's relevance
its relevance.
>its known
it's known.
Do you see why people don't care about the writing/composition opinions of redneck bumpkins?


File: 1688168120927.jpg (43.83 KB, 640x480, ac.jpg)

Let me get this straight. The situation is that someone is believed to be ban evading, so they get banned in a way that tells everyone it was for suggesting practical objections about urban utopianism, and the original ban was for a position that you claim has been formal for three years but isn't mentioned anywhere at all in the rules page listed in the sticky, and in fact, contradicts it and the constitution of the site. Then you justify this secret rule as banning a position for not having enough 'substance', which describes half the posts on this site.

Do you understand why we see problems with this?


quite upsetting that I can't post a pod mp3 over tor


im so confused about what happened here but

i appreciate the kind and constructive comments nonetheless. however,

even more confusing, not sure how helping an anon with their request for consolidate threads of a similar topic to be considered "powertripping" or "overmoderation", i was simply doing a favor. That being said, I do agree however ban messages should encouraged to communicate transparency, as well as a way to let users know to please not reply to the posts in which the user was banned for (bc its usually bait, egregiously incendiary, derail, etc, which will further worsen the state of the thread in consecutive replies)

altho if there are genuine instances where i might had pushed a boundary, pls let me know as long as the struggle session is done constructively and comradely.

ps i know im cringe but at least im free <3


ok i just looked into the logs
dont really know what was the original message but it seemed like or i assumed whoever made the post deleted it? as an alibi, 3-4 hours ago i was in the middle of a reading discussion w my caucus

did anyone remember what it said? :-/


>someone is believed to be ban evading
He was openly admitting to it in the ban messages and actively continuing his earlier conversation, lol
>that tells everyone it was for suggesting practical objections about urban utopianism
We were all having a giggle at someone protecting *cars over trains on top of an already stupid argument in the thread about how the person who was killed could've just cooperated with the cops and how the protests are disrupting my heckin small buisnesserinos.
>but isn't mentioned anywhere at all in the rules page listed in the sticky
It easily falls under rule 7 and 14e, and variably falls under other rules depending on how earnest or provocative they were being. In addition, as a general rule if anyone is ever coming into a thread about a happening to say how much of a happening it is not, then goes on to continue arguing with other anons, then they are clearly being an ass. Which, granted, is not rulebreaking, but does color our consideration in applying bans.
>contradicts it and the constitution of the site
Not at all. While we do seek to be a non-sectarian leftist site, it is ultimately the duty of the moderation to set the boundaries of "the left" as per this goal. Maupinites and stupididpol shit need not apply.
>Do you understand why we see problems with this?


i agree, misato seems clueless but well-intentioned but the rest of the mods are both retarded and malicious(samefagging)


theyre treating public bans like the main board is /b/


can I post a pod mp3 over tor? it's under the size limit


File: 1688262760263.jpg (90.17 KB, 476x600, пошол нахуй.jpg)

>Being a spelling/grammar nazi on an imageboard shitpost…
>Using "Tired of" without using pronouns at the beginning of the sentence, which is grammatically incorrect)
>proving my point about radical liberals being petty ad-hominum utilizing virtue-signaling brats that are in no way, shape or form seeking genuine discussion, debate or other forms of conversation, yet cry wolf when people don't bother with their bullshit and dismiss them rightfully for being the entitled liberal, tourists and lumpens that they are


mods, I've asked this a few times over weeks and didn't get an answer. Can I attach an mp3 to a post over tor?


sorry for the lack of response. i didn't answer yesterday because i really wasn't sure. looking at the lainchan and vichan githubs, it doesn't look like mp3 is supported.


actually, we have a native expansion which supports mp3. must be a bug with TOR, I'll bring it up to the techies.


I posted this over Tor.


Least obvious manipulation attempt xD


What IP? I'm assuming you were correctly rangebanned for spam and are coping and seething about it.
(For posterity this has been clarified internally) Look at the IP history.


>They are infinitely better than m00dy
I concur. Looking at the board log, it looks like m00dy falsely banned me again for the usual false claim that I supposedly ban evaded (How? I had no ongoing bans), spamming and samefapping. Which is hilarious, since I reported a user m00dy appears to believe was me. What kind of spammer reports themselves???
What is this mod's damn problem? I didn't say anything controversial today. I didn't even post a chinlet or soyjak image (despite that not even being against the rules, some mods seem to have a problem with that recently).(confirmed spammer)


m00dy lifted the ban almost a half hour ago. it was active for about 15 minutes.


no investigation is necessary. i can see what happened just looking at the mod log and the posts in this thread. as for an official response, there's a mod meeting coming up within the next week or thereabouts, so you won't have one until after that. it will likely be comprised of clarified standards for certain bans - samefag, spam, soyjak, etc, so don't get your hopes up for a struggle session.


I just tried to attach different mp3s and the post times out


you guys keep banning verizon wireless ip ranges i cant fucking phone post goddamnit


you are very unlikely to be caught in any IPV6 rangebans because we keep them in the /64 range pretty often, minimizing any chance of getting random people caught up in them.


it says it’s for “spam and ban evasion”, neither which is true to my knowledge. thus i assumed it was just caught in one of the range bans. can’t post from the IP obviously since it was banned on all boards, but i’d like it lifted if possible. i think i made two brief posts, one about splintering NATO and the other about porcine arts.


File: 1688439846081.png (61.8 KB, 535x318, tv head.png)

you'd have to give the ban number for us to be able to lift the ban, its in the ban message


File: 1688440890856.png (165.47 KB, 1237x657, ClipboardImage.png)

there is no ban number listed in the ban reason, see picrel. unless you mean the IP. i've blocked out parts of the IP but lmk if you need me to post it in full. i appreciate your help, i'm sure it must be an asspain to deal with all the spam and bots and such.


this ban isn't a rangeban, so I doubt you are not the intended recipient.
false positives on very small communities with very specific rangebans are incredibly rare, we've got site-wide IP lookup tools to see what IPs that have been posted would potentially be caught in a ban and use that for our calculations. of course there is always the chance that someone just phoneposts for the 1st time and is banned because of a rangeban, and we generally try to give that benefit of the doubt for that kind of stuff, but we're mostly vindicated by our application. 99% of complaining about rangebans is the people we intend to ban complain about getting banned.


>so I doubt you are not the intended recipient
I’m not sure what to say to that. because I didn’t post any spam (unless the post about splintering NATO or the one about porcine arts counts?) and I’ve not been banned on my regular IP so ban evasion makes even less sense to me. every ban I’ve received over the last 8 years has been lifted on appeal. I rarely post over LTE but picked up my phone on my way home made three posts which, while not high quality, were definitely not spam, and was almost immediately banned. what posts was I banned over exactly? fwiw this is not the first time I’ve been randomly banned (seemingly) incorrectly over sus ip, and every time I have to come here and complain and get it lifted, which it always has been.


Yes, yes, and yes. They fall outside of the "left" which this site upholds. It is not merely my opinion, but the team's opinion. Cop apologists, riot concern trolls, and other forms of terminally burger-brained morons are not tolerated. A decent chunk of our own staff is in these protests and have been in protests like it before.
>it's not a user's obligation to play into every circlejerk and pretend ITS A REVOLUTION COMRADE
It is also not in a user's obligation to stay around and post in a thread which they believe has no consequence to post repeatedly to every development about of how little consequence it is. If you are the golden god of consequential actions, surely you should go be doing something actually useful.
>Not every riot is praxis and we should be open to discuss whether it is or isn't instead of just getting banned for going against the consensus.
"Riots are not praxis" people are very keen to explain how much riots are not praxis, and post no other praxis besides, either in context to the thread, or anywhere else. Quite regularly, in fact, the only place the IPs which tell us how little the riots matter post in is threads about riots. That alone gives reason for suspicion.
>Critique of that is healthy
Personally, I would describe nothing of your habits as healthy.
>What's "specific" about the number 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 (2^64)
In a sea of large potential numbers, it is quite specific, especially to the degree which the proceeding numbers are often tied to specific locations of service when it comes to phone services. Most IPs on an IPV6 IP is not even arranged to a person at a given time, because its intentionally made to be an exceptionally wide protocol.
>neglected git repo
I mean, there alone is your answer. Most of our projects aren't posted in the git repo because the public repo isn't really maintained in the same way our private dev builds are. There isn't really incentive to because there isn't much useful user interaction with the codebase anyways, maintaining it to concurrency with the dev build is just pointless busywork for already busy admins.


Every single one of these IPs is associated with spam and no regular posting. Reply to this post from a new IP


you guys have told me for before that I have no post history, I don't know how that is possible since I've been posting here for years with varying regularity. I think this is a new IP, I don't know for sure though. I restarted and it seems to have changed. I found some of my posts from 2021 and 2022 respectively in the archive if that would help at all.


>>28000 (me on wired)
and this post is over wifi, i turned it off and on and the IP seems to have changed on this device too


I havent used this site and months, but got banned until November for "spam"???


I appealed but it was rejected and I'm genuinely confused


Wait, I'm not banned if I can post right




>sorry for the lack of response. i didn't answer yesterday because i really wasn't sure. looking at the lainchan and vichan githubs, it doesn't look like mp3 is supported.
hi, thanks, could we get some certainty on that? The faq says that mp3 are supported
This anon could attach an mp3 over tor


faq says
What are the supported file types?

JPEG Files
BMP Files
GIF Files
PNG Files
MP3 Files
MP4 Files (Supports thumbnail)
WEBM Files (Supports thumbnail)
PDF Files (Supports thumbnail)
EPUB Files
DJVU Files (Supports thumbnail)
Text Files (Supports thumbnail)
ZIP Files
GZ Files
BZ2 Files


tried attaching a webm file and it timed out also.
Is there some restriction on attaching files over tor?


of course there is, and you know this very well, SchizoPedoSpammerNoticerWreckerReactionaryNazi.


jfc can I have some good faith in a mod thread. I'll pre submit it or whatever is required ofc, I've complained about cp and reported it myself in the past. It's just an ep of taibbi's pod, been asking nicely for weeks how to attach mp3


least paranoid mod


the reason I'm pushing it is because other anons said it's possible. if there's a blanket ban on attachments over tor it's fine, I'll upload it somewhere


not a mod, im the resident jokester.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


File: 1688621584488.jpg (129.22 KB, 593x647, no.jpg)

repoted(Billions must fun)


What board and thread are you trying to post on? Leftypol?
I am following up with the rest of the team


thanks, yeah leftypol, I tried a few threads.


Why can't I post? Who's making threads too quickly? Wtf is this


there is 2 timers for thread creation, one global (threads can't be made for 5 minutes after one is posted) and one IP-specific (I think 10 minutes to post a new thread?), so using potentially shared IPs or TOR means you could be hitting the second one.


There used to be because of incessant spamming from TOR, but its supposed to be lifted now. Images and stuff do work, so maybe its just a weird hangup relating to the more niche file types? The resident TOR expert has irl stuff to attend to, but next time they are on we will tell them.


I've had a TOR post time out before when uploading multiple mp3s of 40 minute albums. One might suspect the TOR circuit reconfiguring resets the connection, but reportedly users can usually upload reliably over http.
Have you tried posting with javascript disabled? The vichan javascript code uses an upload mechanism different from http POST.


Think one of youse might be having a moment?
Laptop just got hit with a one month ban for ban evasion after posting TANKS4MELONS in the Ukraine thread out of nowhere

I'm unaware of any current bans I'm under or the like


>>28072 (me)
Also that's a fixed internet line with IP6 so got
Looks like IP6 isn't just for phones anymore




Ban lifted. Do not abuse my trust.


And what made you think I was ban evading, instead?


bad timing


File: 1688876287475.mp4 (499.57 KB, 368x510, 1567966873685204993.mp4)

filter "cope" and "seethe" to something funnier


File: 1688876627800.png (307.6 KB, 518x421, misato_eheh.png)

cock and balls




I think once upon a time we had "I agree" for that.


File: 1688915825176.png (139.61 KB, 1541x785, LOLLMAO__01.png)

Baby dick incel subject banned me for hating on straight men acting like controlling their womens relationships is a healthy thing to do.

Sorry for triggering the insecure straight men.


I agree with your statement in general but 'straight men should be gulaged' seems like idpol to me. I mean we would ban someone for saying that about women too.


There's literally rampant misogyny being posted but I ain't seeing no bans. So it really just feels like bias.


Lol, I'm probably one of those rampant misogynists but I think you should be able to say whatever stupid shit you want.


Well if you see a post saying 'all women are X/should be X' then report it, I don't see that on the thread.


t. mod


Hi, I apologize. Could you point me to the thread? Thank you.


It's just isg I mean mod is right I used an absolute and they didn't but it's also just some real toxic masculinity itt


Toxic masculinity is when you take issue to your wife openly prostituting herself(Samefagging Spam IP)


Yes controlling your partners every relationship is tiny dick energy.(Samefagging Spam IP)


weird to imply only men do this shit lol


youre right, straight relationships are fucking pathological.(Samefagging spam IP)


Why is this type of bigotry allowed to stand but “le twaaaanzfobiuh” is an instant ban? Anti idpol needs to be universal(Samefagging Spam IP)


Think I got caught in a spam range ban again.
Also, my posts keep disappearing for some reason.


Yes that is working as intended thanks.


Posts are supposed to disappear?


File: 1688997597886.png (21.59 KB, 626x88, ClipboardImage.png)

pasq is throwing a tantrum again after being called out for his liberal hypocrisy banning me for the same offense another anon did (and I reported) and letting him continue posting and wrecking while banning me for the most obvious irony. Hopefully, he changes his diapers, washes his ass and puts some baby powder. Hopefully yet, he grows up and stops being a liberal. I don't have anything to appeal and just want to say fuck pasquale, fuck the moderators, long live the protacted poster's war.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


File: 1688997780075.png (169.44 KB, 968x553, ClipboardImage.png)

Well, I capped the wrong part. But look at him go, lmao(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


File: 1688998182816.png (48.99 KB, 1779x474, (you).PNG)

pasq didn't ban you, i did, and i would do it again.


most normal anti-mod poster


Why can't mods read IP addresses, this was me I was not samefagging with the poster I was replying to you fucking schizos.


While not conclusive proof this is the best I can do on my end.


Why are you constantly banning me for being pro-Ukraine. It’s beyond a joke at this stage.

Please control whatever retarded janny keeps doing this. Having to use a vpn is a minor convenience.


I am as anti-janny as they come, but this is the one decision I agree with. Only thing they should be doing tbh.(IP used for spam)


Can the mods do something about this guy?


What bans/posts/IPs?


You would think that after wasting this much of your life spamming here that you would get better at organizing your IPs to avoid making mistakes like the one you just made…


Link to one of your posts and I will check


How can I link to a post when they were all deleted?


take a picture of the mod logs?


Wvobbly did you seriously just give a dude a 4 week ban for asking about temu? Maybe if you left you're bedroom for once you would realize that normies are all talking about it.


the only thing i know about it is that it is shady and possibly uses slave labor among other shady stuff. i thought i might as well ask a lefty site about it.
if i could remake the thread to be more specific i probably would have


yeah it just looked like barely lampshaded advertising, we've gotten it before. they appealed so I accepted and unbanned them.


I don't know how things are on the back end but here on the front end it looks to me as if some people who would be acceptable material on say >>>/edu/ or >>>/siberia/ are copping bans on >>>/leftypol/

You might already be doing this but in case u aren't may I suggest a board ban not a site ban for them?




Misato needs to stop moving random /siberia/ threads to the /QTDDTOT/ thread on the main board. It makes no sense and it's only him doing it.


I can see the logic, it gets the questions in front of eyeballs that never glance at /siberia/ for the most part


If OP wanted people from /leftypol/ to see the thread or question they would've posted it there.


tbh i wasn't sure whether to put it in leftypol or not. maybe if i put more effort into it i would have made a whole thread in leftypol. i can't be bothered to effortpost anymore, especially when i'm rushing. i guess i probably should one of these days


Re: >>>/leftypol/1536558

I was going to post
You heard the usher show's over

Make more strike threads once enough have accumulated this will be the strike general

Could you not assume I'm against you I'm trying to help you here


Okay unbanned


How come I'm not allowed to post a video of Meloni and ask for an opinion? What kind of mental gatekeeping is this?


Addendum: would there be anyway to post a video of her speaking that wouldn't be breaking the rules?




there's something labeled as cp on siberia
ffs if there are no mods active do not allow thread creation, it's not complicated


posting a euro far right politician mouthing left-adjacent talking points with nothing other than a single sentence asking if she's based is at best bait and at worst outright /pol/ spam.


Fuck off burgers, that just makes it funnier


Serious response to the ban
Why the fuck should I take your politics seriously when none of you do?


Relax friend 😌


File: 1689622720592.jpg (24.22 KB, 500x460, MAD.jpg)

Yeah ok point taken
Also trips of truth

This is my fault, I stayed awake during burger hours to do a run of effort posting, and I know I find burgers obnoxious and intolerable.


File: 1689638357027.jpeg (112.12 KB, 640x947, 1653338287884.jpeg)

NTA but that's not really ban-worthy tbh, if the post is followed by clearly disingenuous posting or causes shitflinging that spills over onto other threads/derails a thread, then it should be locked or anchored, but banning for just the post in itself is a bit overboard. I'm just basing this off of the relevant board rules.

>inb4 "it's bait"

So? It's on anon's to not be baited and also pic rel, just banning from the start makes this place become an echo-chamber, when the point is the ability to discuss and shitpost, at least on /leftypol/


>responding to bait is sliding, a COINTELPRO tactic
>not responding to bait is consensus cracking, a COINTELPRO tactic
we can't win bros ;_;


Well first you have to presume that responses will be both good faith critique (of the concepts involved if not the poster's spam-posting to begin with) and/or that this critique needs to be stated within the group itself - like, hopefully nobody needs to hear that racism is bad actually, and to constantly engage with that topic is lending itself more legitimacy by virtue of engaging with it.

This also presumes that the only way to discuss these topics is through direct proximity to their existence, which is pre-object permanence thinking. It may have been someone expedient when /pol/ was our next-door neighbor to have this mindset as a cope for the inexhaustible spam-waves we used to receive, but in the modern era of /leftypol/ rightoid spam is infinitely more containable, and we have the privilege of discussing the mental illness of rightoids without needing their immediate proximity, which imho vastly expands the number of topics to discuss in relation to them.

Plus, as a general rule, it is simply fun and good to torture rightoids. Provoke thing noticer until he has mental breakdowns over Jimmy Neutron. Laugh at the ineffectual edginess of /pol/ and how outright ridiculous they are until they can only scream about trans jews. Harass, oppress, censor, and just generally be a dick if they are not behaving, if you feel like it. If not, just ignore them completely and report them.


>NTA but that's not really ban-worthy tbh
i agree, which is why they weren't banned.
>It's on anon's to not be baited
i don't delete every bait post i see. i delete them when they are low effort, and even then i typically wait until it's been reported.
>just banning from the start makes this place become an echo-chamber, when the point is the ability to discuss and shitpost, at least on /leftypol/
iirc, the post in question stayed up for a full day with only one negative one sentence reply. i deleted both posts. i don't see that i impeded any real discussion.


File: 1689702832869.png (396.45 KB, 869x805, ClipboardImage.png)

It seems though you don't even know what the topic in question actually was.

You really need to define what spam is. One post is hardly spam.

BTW this is the tweet I got the video in question from. You can go look at the retweets and the comments and see how many Africans agreed with her statements.

Low effort? I try not to inject my opinion when I post things since it puts my opinion before everyone else who will respond.

>iirc, the post in question stayed up for a full day with only one negative one sentence reply. i deleted both posts. i don't see that i impeded any real discussion.

So because people didn't respond for whatever reason you deleted it? Yeah you're right it got one low effort reply that didn't reply to the content at all. I asked for clarification for what part the reply disagreed with, then they probably reported it.

Are you going to start deleting every post that doesn't get replies? If it wasn't generating any posts why the need to delete?


Piggybacking off what this anon is saying to ask a separate question: considering this board is very inactive and anons have splintered off into 15,839 different apps and sites, wouldn’t it be counterproductive to delete posts and ban people if they’re not actively spamming or being /pol/yps?


And my mistake for saying ban. I use a VPN with 100s of IPs so I have no idea which IP I made a post with so I can't tell tell if a post was deleted or banned. On that note you guys should stop giving long bans to VPNs, it's just kind of dumb and pointless.


File: 1689706589895.jpg (1.5 MB, 2171x2160, чего блин.jpg)

>first you have to presume that responses will be both good faith critique
No, you don't that's why it's called shitposting. People can shitpost in bad faith, but as long as that isn't harming anyone or shitting up the board, it's not something that needs to be moderated.
>to constantly engage with that topic is lending itself more legitimacy
This is how we get videos of self-proclaimed socialists trying to back talk losers like Ben Shapiro and being unable to beat him in a debate simply because they just flail in the water, unable to come up with concrete replies and then the right just feels more vindicated in "BTFOing 'leftists'". Idpol is trash but mentioning racism isn't automatically idpol.
>pre-object permanence
Whether or not that is true is irrelevant, unless the post was getting tons of bad faith replies flooding the thread or was followed by a lot of spam it's not breaking rules of any kind.
Rule 7: Reactionism and liberalism, or any other kind of non-leftist positions are not banned in itself, as we will endeavour to allow and encourage people of other political philosophies to explore leftism through /leftypol/ so long as they follow the rules contained herein.
>in the modern era of /leftypol/ rightoid spam is infinitely more containable
Which makes being heavy handed with ban-hammers and post deletions all the stupider in the context of /pol/ content, since the site users can just as easily self-moderate in the face of bad-faith posters, without the need for intervention. This is especially relevant since the post in question got one lonely reply, was questionable at worst and so gave no reason for deletion.
>Harass, oppress, censor, and just generally be a dick if they are not behaving
So essentially you're saying that we should stoop to their level and do the dumb things they do, but from the other side of the spectrum… that's childish.


File: 1689772340555.png (174.98 KB, 600x800, 1688737766417111.png)

I was banned for the rest of the year for posting this image twice. Can't remember getting banned for posting it the first time.
Reason: repeated spam.
"Me" is a large university network btw.

I can live with the ban, but the reason is just insultingly stupid. At least admit that you're opinion policing the Ukraine thread and ban people for bad-mouthing Cucktin.


maybe it was the dog that ate your homework that posted it the first time


>BTW this is the tweet I got the video in question from. You can go look at the retweets and the comments and see how many Africans agreed with her statements.
>Low effort? I try not to inject my opinion when I post things since it puts my opinion before everyone else who will respond.
if you had just posted the tweet and the above quoted two sentences rather than just asking if she was based i would have been far less likely to delete.
>Yeah you're right it got one low effort reply that didn't reply to the content at all. I asked for clarification for what part the reply disagreed with, then they probably reported it.
the report was before the reply, and it was not the same user. and yes, it's no surprise your post attracted a low effort reflexively hostile reply. if your post had shown any effort, i wouldn't have seen a reason to delete.
>wouldn’t it be counterproductive to delete posts and ban people if they’re not actively spamming or being /pol/yps?
<11) Posts should, overall, be conductive to an informed and productive discussion. /leftypol/ is not an academic journal, but it also should not be a cesspit of back and forth bickering and pointless insults. Users should attempt to argue for the point they are presenting in an honest and open way and should be receptive to information or arguments that do, in fact, challenge their views.
see above. if you want to have a discussion about meloni, do that. don't just post a video of her and ask if she's based. if you do, either take that shit to /siberia/, or don't be shocked if it gets deleted from the main board when it generates no productive discussion whatsoever.


Subject I had high hopes for you, but you have just turned out to be a faggot like the others. It took you all of a month to 'go native'.
Very disappointing.


oh quit crying. i deleted two posts, gave no bans, gave reasons for it when challenged, and even cited the rules like you people are always asking for. there's nothing more i can do for you pal.


File: 1689805414871-0.png (95.43 KB, 954x420, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1689805414871-1.png (47.42 KB, 584x184, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1689805414871-2.png (88.13 KB, 685x421, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1689805414871-3.png (119.13 KB, 675x359, ClipboardImage.png)

But I wasn't presenting a point I was asking a question. I guess my mistake was thinking that leftypol might be able to read or watch something and make up their own mind. Besides you know everything that gets reposted is usually only accompanied by one sentence that doesn't really explain what the thing is until you watch it or expand the picture.


>there's nothing more i can do for you pal.
you could always suck my cock…


File: 1689807937366.gif (3.03 MB, 640x512, shrugs-shrug.gif)

>if you want to have a discussion about meloni
Anon look at the Ip, I'm not the same anon, I literally could not give a fuck about some Eceleb post, just pointing out that overpolicing leftypol leads to posters being unable ot discuss or argue such topics, and while Rule 11 matters, one should also take into consideration that we're not a formal discussion forum either, it IS an imageboard which lends itself to some one-sentence replies and the like.
>don't just post a video of her and ask if she's based
People used to do this all the time with all sorts of videos and people, it's harmless.
>when it generates no productive discussion
It only got one reply tho and neither derailed nor was it being excessively low-effort, it was just a typical leftypol shitpost. That's all I'm saying, the anons of leftypol demonstrated their own disinterest in the post and didn't give it any attention, which kinda affirms the point that deleting it was pointless, since the site users self-moderated it through basic "Ignore trolls/bait/low-effort"
Obviously if such a post is producing massive amounts of shit or annoying people then yeah, delete it, but this ain't it fam.

It's just honestly more trouble for you than it's honestly worth, but you do you I guess; peace brotha.


>I literally could not give a fuck about some Eceleb post,
But it wasn't about an eceleb, it was about a world leader. The reason I didn't include the eceleb tweet in the original post that got deleted, because who gives a fuck. That wasn't what I wanted to direct attention to.


File: 1689840086126.jpg (79.85 KB, 720x544, 1680701315082.jpg)

I vaguely do. Meloni is doing the standard retard tactic of posing some social-democratic positions (but only for white people) as a way to advance racialized thinking in the wake of the French riots - which, in context of the ongoing riots, is obviously done to create racialized exclusion for the sake of some idpol mental illness. Thus, any anon going BASED?!1? is enabling idpol and deserves their ban for it. EZ.
Constantly screaming about how dead the site is before using the apparent dead-ness of the site as a reason to reduce banning them is a pretty common tactic of spammers who are, historically, the most prominent issues when it comes to sites dying out of circlejerking.
>it's not something that needs to be moderated.
That is for us to decide. I have explained my (and likely, other mods) reasoning above, and I think excusing it as "just shitposting" is disingenuous. At best, the anon lacks critically important awareness in the political conflicts in France and is enabling reaction, and they ought to be better-read before attempting humor. Often, I find, the best comedy comes from familiarity with the topic, lest you are akin to rightoid "comedians" where the comedy comes down to shared knee-jerk reactions.
>This is how we get videos of self-proclaimed socialists trying to back talk losers like Ben Shapiro and being unable to beat him in a debate
I mean, for one, it is a wholly ineffectual argument to bring forwards because Shapiro and friends are purposefully predatory to try and engage with uninformed people. It's why 30 and 40 year olds prowl college campuses to "le own" the SJWs or whatever babytalk they engage in now-a-days. And if they ever do get engaged by someone smart, they just disengage and never show themselves getting owned. It is purposefully tailored content meant to reinforce a pre-existing set of beliefs, which makes it kind of ludicrous to bring up in light of a Albanian bunker-building forum.
>Idpol is trash but mentioning racism isn't automatically idpol.
I suppose I agree in abstract, in the sense that racism as a social structure needs to be dissected through Marxist material and social analysis in order to be combated. However, acceptance of racism in even small amounts is unacceptable.
>since the site users can just as easily self-moderate in the face of bad-faith posters
Haha, I wish
>So essentially you're saying that we should stoop to their level and do the dumb things they do
I am saying, there is a time and a place for nuanced analysis or spirited debate, and /pol/ pretty much never heralds that time or place. They are, to a degree, an inevitability of /leftypol/ so long as /pol/ exists, so you may as well have fun with it.


That's a long sperg post.


File: 1689840460032.png (3.64 KB, 300x300, 1680700327795.png)

let it not be said that I don't try to address complaints


For the context of this website, the vols are The Party.
Serious, this is a democratic centralist structure



File: 1689852705937.mp4 (13.03 MB, 576x1024, 1689815134337.mp4)


a couple of hours ago there was a thread about petty bourg muslims in Europe on /leftypol, I didn't get the chance to read it. Where did it go? Is it at least accessible via an archive? Don't tell me it was deleted? It had several paragraphs and at least to me seemed like to be in good faith, i.e. not written by a nazi trying to bait.


File: 1689920305768.png (143.04 KB, 320x240, ClipboardImage.png)

>Don't tell me it was deleted? It had several paragraphs and at least to me seemed like to be in good faith, i.e. not written by a nazi trying to bait.

Too bad.


absolutely bonkers people will ride or die for a simple low quality shitpost being deleted
who literally cares


You don't deserve a userbase.


Historical note, not worth starting a new thread about.

Bartenders Barristas etc have a shitty customer service rep, Sage's demands for a poster's union where at least partly a displaced frustrations from being a manager at a cafe or bar.


Sage worked in a fudge packing factory, actually.


That was later I think



Are we allowed to post really fucked up videos that promote activities that could lead to death? What about straight up snuff films?


And I don't mean illegal stuff. This stuff is perfectly legal as it mostly comes from motherless.com


like what?


I'd suggest to say no to ease the workload, but you jannies are the workers in control of your means of production. You do you.


Suicide videos for example.


>5) Any 'shock images' (gore, extreme pornography, abuse, etc.), regardless of intention, may be removed and punished with a ban. If it's legitimately constructive to a conversation, it may stay up if hidden using the Spoiler Image button and clearly described in the post to avoid being confused for trolling.


Too bad…


Banning people for 'spam' when they make a single post you don't like is cowardly, wannabe-Cheka shit.


I'm not going to bother appealing, I've honestly got better things to do than slave away here. =)


This ban is pathetic, especially on a thread on prudishness

As I said, I don't mind but you're still a prude.

"Flood detected" because I deleted it to fix the the links.
Since I need to add some text, I was going to get into an argument on the side of reality not being queerphobic, only people but since I'm banned, Oh well. I guess I'll go do something I actually enjoy doing instead. =)

Since I'm banned on all boards
I strongly suggest the dancing lessons, given your style it will suit you well.


its because you talk like kamala harris but in text form


wvobbly was kamala harris all along. the two names share no letters, obvioua attempt at hiding.


ah damn, you got me


Can someone recommend me image boards for posting 'shock images'?



>browse le darkweb
>browse leftypol for more than 2 minutes
[NOTICE] You configured a non-loopback address 'xx.xx.xx.xx:xxxx' for SocksPort. This allows everybody on
your local network to use your machine as a proxy. Make sure this is what you wanted. [3 duplicates
[NOTICE] New control connection opened. [8 duplicates hidden]
[NOTICE] New control connection opened from [5 duplicates hidden]
[NOTICE] You configured a non-loopback address 'xx.xx.xx.xx.:xxxx' for HTTP TunnelPort. This allows
everybody on your local network to use your machine as a proxy. Make sure this is what you wanted. [3 duplicates
(NOTICE] New control connection opened. [8 duplicates hidden]
>Is somebody fucking with the onion address? Nobody looks at their logs ofc. inb4 schizo.


That's on your local machine doofus. You have your tor socks IP address defined as either or your LAN IP (192.168.x.x), this means it will accept connections from your LAN. The warning (not error) you received says so. Define the tor socks IP as because is the loopback address, then the tor socks proxy will only accept connections from the same machine.


You should lower the log level or your /var will be full in a few weeks.
Try the latest patchchan or maybe gurochan.


Couldn't post in a thread, message was "Business not found…" I'm neither banned from the site nor from the board the thread is in. Is it a thread-specific ban or an error or what?


What thread?



Link for patchchan?


I don't see any bans on your account, posting in the thread works for me though, I will report to tech team, thanks.


The current one is omegachan dot cc.
In the future look for a slow "altchan" with a /b/ and you will find a shill thread in the catalog. /siberia/ and /tech/ have these sometimes, but they're usually moved to /gulag/ within a few hours.


>posting in the thread works for me
You sure about that?


Yes, I deleted my post.


Drop the fucking attitude.


File: 1690930860225.jpg (89.82 KB, 736x581, ruderallandscape.jpg)

mods pls let me post this as a thread in /edu/:

Ruderal vegetation is defined as "vegetation found on human-disturbed sites, with no apparent recent historical natural analogs, and whose current composition and structure (1) is not a function of continuous cultivation by humans and (2) includes a broadly distinctive characteristic species combination, whether tree, shrub or herb dominated. The vegetation is often comprised of invasive species, whether exotic or native, that have expanded in extent and abundance due to the human disturbances" (Faber-Langendoen et al. 2014). This definition includes both the "ruderal communities" and "invasive communities" of Grossman et al. (1998), but excludes their "modified/managed communities", which are now treated informally as managed variants of natural types.

These ruderal ecosystems are sometimes referred to as "novel" or "emerging" ecosystems (Hobbs et al. 2006, Belnap et al. 2012). The vegetation is often comprised of invasive species, whether exotic or native, that have expanded in extent and abundance due to human disturbances, whether from abandonment of sites with cultural vegetation (e.g., abandoned farmland, orchards, plantations), or from extensive alteration and degradation of more natural vegetation. In many landscapes, ruderal ecosystems occupy large areas–sometimes more than any other category of communities–and can provide important biodiversity functions.

For a ruderal type to be defined based on invasive plant species, it must contain a new set of diagnostic species in the region and have essentially removed the diagnostic species of existing native types. That is, invasive species overwhelmingly dominate a stand (e.g., >90% cover), and native diagnostic species are largely to completely absent, or replaced by new, often "weedy" native species. Setting a high threshold minimizes the creation of new types until it is certain that a new characteristic combination of species has been formed. Such is the case for abandoned exotic tree plantations and post agricultural forests in Europe and the U.S.; these exhibit some characteristics of more natural vegetation, but differ from a near-natural analog for at least a full generation of trees, during which time native diagnostic species establish (Ellenberg 1988, Flinn and Marks 2007). The same is true of many secondary tropical forests (Zanini et al. 2014).


old fields on abandoned farmlands, containing a mix of weedy and exotic grasses, forbs, and shrubs (Wright and Fridley 2010)
successional tuliptree stands following cropping
red-cedar pastures
annual grasslands in sagebrush region (Davies et al. 2021)
secondary savannas of the West Indies and other tropical areas, with the woody layer often dominated by acacias, mesquite, or palms

Ruderal ecosystems are generally not priorities for conservation for their own sake, though they may support rare species or function as important landscape connectors or matrices in reserves. In landcover or GAP mapping, these ruderal types are important to map because of their large extent.


wait fuck this is the short version with no intro but you get the gist I just want to start a thread abt urban ecology


actually delete of this the problem solved itself my b


I still can't post in that thread. What does "Business not found…" even mean? If there is a thread-specific ban, the message should just state that. This is very confusing.


File: 1690968541289.png (209.32 KB, 984x1509, ClipboardImage.png)

can anyone link it here ?


I think it went out to pasture. Are you looking for something from within the thread?


please ban me for the month of august. thank you.


>I think it went out to pasture

so do you mean its no longer exist ?.

>Are you looking for something from within the thread?

i want to archive the whole thread


Please ban me for the month of August. Thank you.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


Yes, I think it hit the last page and disappeared, I see some threads I recognize as being posted after the Cuba general, on the last page. I have the Cuban websites link list saved, but nothing else, sorry to say. I think the 2021 unrest thread was archived but I assume that isn’t what you were looking for.


is it saved in archive.today ?. that archival thing is dogshit. idk how the fuck people in IB's even think its a good idea to promote it




Just post it in the Permaculture thread in /hobby/ it's pretty relevant.

Say Misato how is the /hobby_archive/ /edu_archive/ and /anime_archive/ coming along?


>>28353 (me)
>>28356 (me)
I still can't post it. FYI it was a correction of a claim that is pushed as "Marxist" on Prolewiki (zero citations and article is locked) that is in conflict with what Marx said in "Value, Price and Profit". I would like to ask >>28358 to manually add it, but I also can't post the comment in this thread. It throws the same error.


File: 1691021545731.gif (92.62 KB, 480x809, profit is a residual.gif)

>>28383 (me)
Here is the impossible comment as a picture. *sigh* I fiddled with removing the URL but that's not it. So what is it, too high a percentage of quotations? Is the formatting classified by statistical filter as an ebin hacking attempt or what is it?


Why was my Trotsky appreciation thread saged, because I highly doubt it had anything to do with being low effort and inb4 “one post IP”, I use a lot of VPNs that have dynamic IP ranges so what happens is I’ll use one IP that was also used by an autist who got banned for being a retard, so I use another VPN.(spam)


>>28384 (me)
I still can't post that text in the thread. I fiddled with the formatting, but it didn't work. So I went with posting the picture of the text. I still don't know what triggered the filter.


Requesting ban for

Pretty sure they're all the same person anyways. I am alright with counter-arguments what I am not alright with is debating the same thing 100x from glowies who make one line shitpost replies when we literally have on the booru screenshots proving that Luka never praised Hitler and yet this talking point is repeated ad nauseam just to bump threads. Make an argument over Belarus fine but if talking about shit like

>Iraq """"WMDs""""

>Uyghur """Genocide"""
>Tibetan """Genocide"""
>Assad "gassing his people"
>Gadaffi "raping his harem of Libyans"
>Kim Jong Un "shooting his cousin with an AA gun"

is ban material because they've all been debunked then so should this.

Rules broken:
11) Posts should, overall, be conductive to an informed and productive discussion. /leftypol/ is not an academic journal, but it also should not be a cesspit of back and forth bickering and pointless insults. Users should attempt to argue for the point they are presenting in an honest and open way and should be receptive to information or arguments that do, in fact, challenge their views.

14) To ensure a basic level of quality, topics or posts will not be tolerated when contributions are not conductive to well-intentioned discussion. Therefore, posts or topics are likely to be removed at the discretion of moderation staff if they;

2) Spam and malicious flooding is banned. This includes flooding a thread in protest, posting off-topic content in unrelated threads, and soyjak spam (quoting with no meaningful addition). Bot spam will result in a permanent ban. If you wish to make a post to advertise another site such as an imageboard or fbi.gov server, contact the moderators first for clearance.


Thead in question:
Also now being spammed with soyjaks by the same guy trying to troll Leninhat. Please clean up this mess.


Actually I banned you due to ban evasion and spam. Hysteria is allowed


Not a vol here just another user but could you post about the details of this in >>>/19860/ and maybe we can make an OP that will escape the purging of escapes from the China and burger generals.

The vols have historical reasons for being antsy about the escapes because what eventually happens is a catalogue full of threads about burgherland and China


Well formally you have to wait till the bans over
the link is >>>/edu/19860


This is the information you wish preserved yes?
I'll upload the pictures there too, that way you can stop worrying about this part and focus on talking to the volunteers with their hands at the administration tools.



Dunno what you mods are doing nowadays. There's a thread on the front page saying "Jewish Communists" raped the Romanov corpses.

Also seems to be constant raids lately.

Get a fucking grip, honestly.
How do you become a mod on here? Give me a day and I'd have this board clean.


That anon in particular is banned for spam including OP spam. Another anon can make a thread on that topic if they so wish.


>thinking you can keep banned forever
Ego delusion. I don't give a fuck about "you". I expend as little time and energy necessary removing and banning offending and ban evading content so as to minimize the effect of it on the site to zero. The greater or lesser amounts of time and energy you waste here which you will never get back is a you problem.


Why have I been banned for evasion? I wasn't evading, I had a ban which expired today.


The bourgeoisie are on to you




i rescinded the 4 week ban for ban evasion and remade it as a 1 day ban for rule 7.


So apparently I got banned for ban evasion. Why? I don’t remember ever being banned for any reason. If I was the most likely reason I can imagine is that my home has two different connections based on what part of it I’m in and even then I don’t remember being banned on either of them anyways


It says I got banned for ban evasion but I don’t remember getting banned the first time. Can one of the moss at least lmk why Im banned. Not upset just Confused


What ban#/post/ip?



Id imagine it was for low effort shittalking my appeal is pinky promise I wont do it again


Ok. How did you get this IP?


Tried to post and said I was banned today for ban evasion and then gave me that IP address. Thanks for the fast response if unbanned Ill stop shit talking


No I mean how did you get the IP you are currently posting with?


Oh my b, im on my phone rn which im pretty sure is def ban evading but its just cuz it wouldn’t let me post on /meta/ otherwise


God damb I closed the page
Here it is. I’m the guy from here >>28422


How were you able to post from your phone? Did you have to toggle airplane mode on and off in order to reply?


Ok. I wasn't asking you to post your IP. That range is being used for spam atm and that IP has a long history of bans spam. Could you possibly reply from another connection/IP you use so that I can determine if you are legitimate?


No sorry mate


I told you I only have two connections over here


Ok sorry guess this IP is banned for the time being then.

Reminder to all, we do suggest using the tor node. We can manage abusive posts on the node easily and it is more anonymous and often convenient for yourselves.


What two? What are you referring to?


I stated clearly earlier that I have only two connections where I am meaning my IP is the same(I’m not sure how this stuff works). I’m aware that leftypols algorithm keeps thinking half my posts are spam but I typically ignore it since most of the time those messages come when there’s already other anons posting threads around the same time as me, or I change literally fucking nothing about my threads wording and it allows me to post anyways so I just don’t think it’s spam. That’s the best description I can provide for what I’ve seen my reasons for bans are but I just don’t think they’re valid


Tbh I have no idea how, I havent been doing any kind of shenanigans with airplane mode. All I know is that I cant post on PC and can on my phone. this is my first time getting banned on an imageboard so sorry if I’m a bit fucking clueless


What messages? And can you post fromnthat other connection then?


Can you post from another IP?


I’ll try
Here it is


If you mean in general yes I can post on IPs other than my desktop. If you mean post on an IP other than my phone ig I would have to try a VPN


Ok. There is a post with "furryanon" in the name field, is that you?


No. I’ve only used editor anon since I’m the guy that modded Skyrim and too a lesser extent new vegas


Ok maybe try a vpn then and let me know if that works?


File: 1691443408888.png (35 KB, 726x242, ClipboardImage.png)

You motherfuckers. You actually got me to install a VPN so I could post this. I did not ban evade. My IP got mixed up with someone else's. I did get banned for 5 weeks that I remember of, and that expired some month ago. I wasn't banned once after that. Fucking hell.


Which VPN is this? It has been used for spam


Browsec, Firefox add-on(Thanks)


test post to see if Proton VPN works, also heres a pic of my ban(Confirmed)


Hello mods, was banned again for some reason.


Okay I lifted the bans. My apologies, someone was spamming from a very similar IP to yours at the same time you were posting. Thank you for your patience. I will put a note that you are legit to help avoid future false positives.


Lifted. Sorry about that and thanks for letting me know.


>>28443Do you know why it only switched after you got banned?


this might not refer to me but I was another dude who got banned for ban evasion and can post again thanks mods


File: 1691455648682.png (636.22 KB, 900x615, ClipboardImage.png)

hey. i received a permanent ban and had all my posts deleted by moody while using a ip address and all i did was post a music video in a siberia thread in order to make fun of a dumb nazi. i appealed it, but this has happened to me so many times before when using vpn that i am beginning to wonder what is the point of protecting my privacy while browsing a communist website? so yes, i am guilty of once again changing my IP to a new one in order to ask this question, instead of waiting for my appeal. If anyone else rolls that IP address when booting up their vpn, the will find themselves permanently banned as well.

also, you can't post in the /meta/ thread if you're banned, meaning you need to change your IP address and risk getting a second IP address banned for no reason after your first was banned for no reason. What's the point of coming to this thread for ban appeals if you can't even post in it from the banned IP?


*while using a VPN ip address


Yeah that's a good question tupa. Maybe don't, don't come back, and do literally anything with your life other than every day spamming and masturbating to child abuse material until you get v&? It's too bad because if you were a normal user you could just use the tor node for a mentally sane number of posts which is naturally rate limited and more difficult to ban evade on.


Mods what the actual fuck? I asked a question about a deletion I noticed that had a funny ban reason. and got banned for 7 days as "IP spam" even though I have nothing to do with your schizo problems. My last post in /meta/ was >>28382
Over a week ago, Stop IP-rangebanning, you're just catching the wrong people.


I'm not using VPN you retard, I'm using the Tor Node as the Mods literally say
>Reply in meta modfeedback thread from new IP in case of false positive
My local IP is >>28382, you can check the post history of that IP and none of what I post is /pol/ in the slightest, I don't even post on the main board, all my posts have been in /anime/ /hobby/ /AKM/ and /music/ check the IP history FFS, you have the wrong man.


Since you couldn't wait until like an hour after spam ceased on that IP, reply from a different IP other than tor


My brother in christ, how am I supposed to know when the spam started or ended or that I'm supposed to wait an hour (where the heck is that stated)? I saw a funny thing in the anime ban log and asked a mod a question completely unrelated to the other posts at the time.
>reply from a different IP other than tor
<Buy a VPN I won't be using for anything else with all the money I don't have at the moment
FFS, can you just check my post history on that IP? You'll see that 90+% of my posts are not on leftypol or meta, I. AM. NOT. YOUR. SPAMMER.
I know you're distrustful as hell, but for the love of god do me a favor and give me a chance here


Think of it this way, if I was (HYPOTHETICALLY) the spammer (with presumably a VPN) why would I waste time asking to be unbanned on TOR when I could just use VPN to continue spamming and evading? I'm clearly not using Tor for anything but ban appealing so why would I bother if I already had a VPN?


>presumably a VPN) why would I waste time asking to be unbanned on TOR when I could just use VPN to continue spamming and evading?
Yeah that would be pretty dumb and insane right?


>m00dy deleted my posts again, after I literally reported the spammer for being a wrecker
Can you not? I significantly doubt actual spammers go through the trouble to get individual spam IPs that they hop onto, unbanned. Moreover posts of blatantly provocative nature are obviously not the same person as those asking for an unban since that's just pointless.

I'm requesting 1simple thing, if you'd be inclined to reply in confirmation
Check the posting history for the IP here >>28382 on different boards, I guarantee that my posts are nothing like the spammer's since I only post about media like animation, writing, drawing etc. I guarantee that I have not posted in /leftypol/ or /meta/ all week.


Did you ever consider getting a life?


Like I said. If you were hit with a false positive then please respond from a different IP so I can confirm that. It does not have to be your actual IP or something.


Does this work for you? What should I say as proof?


Yes that will do for now thanks and apologies for inconvenience. Ban is lifted.



why was the 60s counterculture thread (leftypol, 1557599) deleted? Yes, there was some back-and-forth that made socially-conservative "communists" look stupid — much to the moderation team's consternation — but there was also some legitimately interesting discussion regarding technophilic v technophobic nature of the hippies.

Stop deleting threads when your boys start losing an argument. No one cares, and there might be other stuff in it.


Just reporting I got perma-banned yesterday for ban evasion out of nowhere. Dont particularly care about unbanning, hopefully I will waste less time on this website, but in the future maybe be a little less trigger happy with permabans.


i didn't sage the thread. i've unsaged it. i also didn't delete any post by op asking why the thread was saged until just now when i unsaged it. the two short bans i gave were for posting complaints outside of /meta/. hence the ban reason.


your coworker pasquale deleted it all. showing once more that all hate we have for him is justified.

imagine being so vocally disliked by a community and yet you decide to stay, being an asshole in general to everyone you can.

you're a piece of shit pasquale, and all the bad shit in your life is your fault.


Your mental illness is on full display buddy. Do you really lack the theory of mind to understand that no on would this post and think "wow so trve sis, this particular person is evil and stole my bike"? No you just look insane.

t. non pasquale


What ban/post/IP?


It wasn't removed for it's content. It was removed for ban evasion by a spammer that spams OPs and then posts a bunch of garbage replies.


If you think the OP (me) of that Greta thread and the person posting replies are the same you are deranged.

Honestly, certifiable fucking schizo.


is the spam in the room with us right now? you, of course, have screenshots of these "spam OPs" and it isn't just an excuse to remove anything you disagree with, right?


File: 1691530085739.png (318.89 KB, 864x1281, 1691470775128.png)

Why mods don't delete others criticism but mine? Is it just schizos talking to each other?


Are the same person.


These two are me, yes:
The third one (>>28540) is not me.


Considering all of the spam that I’ve seen pop up on the overboard recently, and considering none of the offenders have shown any proof that they are actually innocent, it’s probably true then that it’s the same guy trying to shit up discourse. Probably a /pol/ chinlet or mentally ill psycho.


This. As users we need to learn to trust the mods and their instincts. They have a lot more information than us and therefore their judgements will be correct 99% of the time.


I hope this is a samefag joke.
>the offenders have shown any proof that they are actually innocent
how does one prove they didn't post something?
>They have a lot more information than us and therefore their judgements will be correct 99% of the time.

I don't know what's more sad: if you're serious, or if you're a mod. that's why I hope it's a joke with near-perfect delivery.


Idk why I got banned
Says: "banned evasion", and might be a "false positive".

The last posts I did was update femboydom thread, and post about how Elliot Rodger is a poor approach to analyzing car dependent suburbs.

Probably just got hit by ban range


>how does one prove they didn't post something?
You can’t. The point is, if a mod banned you and then, after request, they went through your post history and discovered that you’re the spammer, then you’re staying banned.


>then, after request, they went through your post history and discovered that you’re the spammer,
it's a shared IP, because it is a VPN. I suspect it is one of the mods. The janny in question is subscribed to the same VPN (not expensive), and then the janny spams the board, switching IPs, and one of the "spam IPs" just so happens to be the same IP as the person that janny wants to ban. It sounds fucking crazy and it's hard to believe there would be such a person out there. I'm pretty sure I know who it is, too.


hey mods, somebody has posted CP on /siberia/ again. I don't want to open the thread and get that shit into my cache in order to report it.


Hey mods, how about you deal with the ongoing raid instead of jacking off?


what a shit spam it's probably made by one single guy lmfao


I think there doing it to leftychan too cuz I went over earlier this week after getting banned and same shit was going down. Prolly just some butthurt /pol/yp who just needs to grow a pair and an hero


It’s probably leftychan doing it because they have a history of brigading us.


mod's, it's back again, pls kill it with fire


File: 1691705039143.jpg (75.77 KB, 1067x800, 2df.jpg)

>Oh man, I love getting into /siberia/, I wonder what will be there today!


I havent used this site in months and got a perma ban for ban evasion??


My entire IP range got hit in the banwave.


For reference I was the anon asking how to appeal this ITT, then seemingly the ban was lifted, but nada. I'm on a dynamic IP, if the entire range got hit I can't control it.


File: 1691899824824.png (151.35 KB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

Not caring that some fat burger failed to dodge a car isn't idpol.

If words don't do anything why am I banned? :^)


I'm old and done my bit, one side benefit of trump was that it would upset and activate people like you btw.

This was part of the intention. <:o)

Protip; words matter a lot. What do you think organising and propaganda is made of?


Lol what have you done exactly?


I'm not going to dox myself for you so it'll have to be general.
Published material that stopped a burger propaganda campaign against one of their victims dead in their tracks.

I'm inured to pepper spray to the point where I've had to check myself and stop judging the people interfering any attempts at rescue by fleeing.



and you did all that yet still are a hateful little bitch? why not tell your comrades how you feel about heather heyer, I bet they'll be impressed


Oh they'll be horrified I'm sure.

I'm pretty sure they'd accept that a dehumanisation campaign against America is necessary however.

Why don't you accept this?


You're not human.


OBTW, the victim I mentioned was a torture victim.


Oi! What ban evasion?


my mistake









Requesting some thread merges
>>>/anime/18570 belongs in >>>/hobby/2562

>>>/anime/15587 belongs in the older, active and larger Berserk thread >>>/anime/1822

MHA Vigilantes >>>/anime/15931 is a good thread, but too small a topic, so it belongs in the main MHA thread that discusses it anyway >>>/anime/429

>>>/anime/16626 is a good thread topic but obviously dead, please move to the mecha thread >>>/anime/845

>>>/anime/16696 is an interesting thread topic, but frankly obscure and small, please move to the Manime thread >>>/anime/13772


File: 1692221615405.jpeg (720.09 KB, 1170x1536, IMG_2262.jpeg)

That’s me and I have never spammed and I have definitely never spammed an OP. I haven’t had time to fight a ban until now, but I have made maybe 2 threads on the board in my entire time here and one of them was the one you deleted for spam.

I’ve never spammed and it on top of that, how TF does it make sense to say “someone else can repost the thread” if the thread was spam? It’s not a spam thread! And of course nobody is going to post threads about the topic if you ban them everytime.

Also how does it make sense to PERMABAN an account for appealing a thread deletion?


we're reaching record schizo levels here. this spammer is out of control. how do we stop that maniac?


So just to be clear this board has been taken over by essentially fascists with a vested interest in funneling radicals into opportunist support for a bunch of capitalist empires that happen to be competing with the West?

Lenin would have the mods here tossed in a deep dark hole forever and ever fr fr

Imagine calling it sectarian when Z-Gang stooges are told they’re essentially just proto-fascists trying to be woke yet not when these same stooges actively drag this board into national chauvinism and accuse the few remaining radicals of being “glowies”

Fucking disgusting to see what this board has finally become over the course of many years, literally just woke /pol/ now


What exactly are you crying about?


b& for shitting up multipolarism thread. reason was 14b, not even sectarianism like the post implies.


Lmao so you nighas made a literal rule that opposing national chauvinism is a bannable defense?
Says a lot tbh


To a virulent racist such as yourself any effort by nations in the imperial periphery to assert independence from international capital and the west is “chauvinism”, you won’t be satisfied until all us non-white mongrels bow to liberalism and are sacrificed for the sake of your lebenstraum


What's really important is that you've finally uncovered a woke stalinist way to support capitalism
What an amazing way to tell us all that really ever mattered to you was getting to feel good for supporting militarism


Is there somewhere I can see the current raids or whatever so I don't waste time interacting with them?



Claims to have been banned, and is, therefore, ban-evading. Mod, did you personally file it? Verify. Or it's an actual glowie.


File: 1692324067672.png (30.23 KB, 111x120, ClipboardImage.png)

>Say Misato how is the /hobby_archive/ /edu_archive/ and /anime_archive/ coming along?


File: 1692325319299.jpg (206.1 KB, 1613x2048, Misato Shinji reverse.jpg)

I was talking with you in another thread a while back requesting the creation of such archive boards for the alt boards and you said that it was being discussed by the moderator team in Matrix. This was like a couple months back in Spring. (I'm the other Misato poster).


File: 1692537208547.png (110.88 KB, 786x628, gulagwhy_1.png)

why did you move this thread to /gulag_archive/? I already told you that the posts on the "hidden" boards are not hidden at all. Now I can see what kind of content you deem "problematic". What's wrong with lifting? It was a thing in the Soviet Union.


I was also right about the site vulnerability. No, I am not talking about the gettext <= 1.2 xss vulnerability. I am talking about something that isn't a "vulnerability" and will never be flagged as that. I told you that in something as big as this frankenstein of a site you have, there will be lots of exploitable things. Didn't take me long to find one, I'm sure there's more, but this one is immediately exploitable. It has to do with people using certain things in a way they are not intended, and that can have unintended consequences.

As I said, you can ask, and I will help. Or you can delete this post, thinking in your liberal heads that removing a reference to something on the board = making that something not true or not exist.

Can't delete this one, I'm afraid. Not only is this security hole bad for the site, but exploiting it will literally crash your whole box, forcing you to reboot… and then what? You still won't know what it is and it can be done again and again. I don't even have to do it myself, just tell someone who is interested what it is. That someone could be you jannys. All you have to do is swallow your pride. One gulp.


Calm down there Sepiroth


Not sure what’s going on. I’m currently at a hotel and not using a VPN, yet I have a permaban for spam I never did. The IP’s location is generally traced to default VPN locations in Virginia and the Bay Area, but I’m not in either location and I don’t use VPN on my phone.


>>>/anime/12388 is on page 21 and oughta go in >>>/anime/1417


>>>/anime/16705 belongs in the ANIMETA thread topicwise and is on page 19


Why did the mods have to delete the Lysenko thread? It is always so much fun to gawk at these brainlets. Just move it to siberia next time.


>Just move it to siberia next time.
10-4. it was a bait thread, but i'll consider doing this going forward.


only the schizo spammer who made the lysenko nazi bait thread would give a fuck about that thread. i suggest that poster's IP is logged as " sus possibly spam"

stay vigilant mods, who knows who this schizo spammer will pretend to be next.


autistic illuminati faggot mods. show us your ugly faces and your tiny pee pees.


File: 1692719479806.gif (1.78 MB, 498x350, misato-sorry_bow.gif)

oh yes sorry ur right lol that was actually discussed during a meeting before, i guess we got sidetracked with other stuff

thanks for reminding me, we're now doing a vote on whether to create an alt-board archive.
apologies again


File: 1692723647757.png (692.76 KB, 933x1133, ClipboardImage.png)

No worries lol, I hope they get made in separate iterations, it's gonna be hard to untangle posts from /edu/, anime/, /hobby/, etc. other boards in a single archive. Alternatively an archiving sub-site (like desu for 4chan) could be helpful in reducing the load on the site.


Why are my Romanov threads being deleted or saged?


because 'did romanovs deserve it' discussion is so fucking old and stale


No it’s not, you’re just sympathetic towards them “because it went too far”. Pathetic.


Has there been a change in the makeup of the faggot jannies? There seems to be much more freedom of speech and better conversations. This place was literally reddit for ziggers for all of 2022.


There was a push earlier this year to recruit more black and brown bodies into the mod team.


Please clean up the spam


…any mods active?


I ask for my ban in siberia (and in fact the entire site, forcing me to use Tor to appeal) to be undone. None of my other posts are in bad faith and even the post I made was MOCKING a reddit-tier soyjak, using a 'jak mocking glowies which was made on leftypol OC threads. A 5 week site wide ban is fucking ridiculous when blatant liberal shills gaslighting people to "vote blue" and talking shit about the CPUSA at the same time are getting nothing.

Analogous soyjaks are still posted in leftypol threads such as the Ukraine thread, ISGeneral and burger threads. Can the mods be more clear about the 'jak ban since I thought only soyjak shitposts and scripting was banned, primarily in leftypol, not siberia.

Examples of blatant soyjak posts that mods ignored in lieu of mine.

Inb4 "muh sharty" I have never been associated with and in fact supported the ban on the spammers using soyjaks from the party site.
>inb4 IP
My IP is dynamic and it changed recently, so either someone hopped on my bandwith to spam, or IDK what else, last time I posted a 'jak was literally a year ago as part of pics mocking redditors shilling for ukraine.


>Can the mods be more clear about the 'jak ban since I thought only soyjak shitposts and scripting was banned, primarily in leftypol, not siberia.
I decided to give it a look just to make sure I wasn't breaking rules
Global rule 2 is the only one that applies
>…soyjak spam (quoting with no meaningful addition)
I was not quoting anyone, I responded to reddit-tier posts, and considering that other responses were equally low effort (for example "gemmy") I don't see how I broke the rules nor how it results in
A) to a sitewide ban
B) to a 5 week ban


please give banned ip or post made on ip which was banned, or id of banned post


The Post # was >>>/siberia/442556 and ID xxxx/64 (#21844)


I was banned for spam, despite posting very rarely here. How's that possible, mods?


You were probably spamming. 🤷‍♂️


no, I wasn't. but I guess mods decide who's spammer arbitrarily, so why bother. I don't even know for what posts exactly I was banned.




it's still there


ok I got it, sorry


Requesting >>>/siberia/442937 gets moved and merged into the AOT thread. The siberia thread has lost steam and the original AOT thread is >>>/anime/6734 so we may as well not lose the discussion it generated and merge them. Thank you.

>>>/hobby/1516 Belongs in >>>/AKM/


I'm trying to create an /edu/ thread on Nuclear Science but I keep getting a flood detected notification and I don't know why


Pizza is on siberia AGAIN MODS


Please move >>>/anime/20991 to >>>/anime/15074 which is the Chainsawman thread.


File: 1693499517568.jpg (30.17 KB, 465x438, thanks senpai.jpg)

Thank you, can you also do >>28716

And >>>/siberia/443320 would belong well in the Batman thread >>>/hobby/932


File: 1693507730048.png (678.83 KB, 690x641, 1516991424885.png)

Please merge >>>/hobby/15143 into the current 2.0 Star Wars thread >>>/hobby/31553

Also we need a /hobby_archive/ soon, there's several threads at bump limit that oughta be saved!


File: 1693521756600.png (423.37 KB, 408x612, ClipboardImage.png)

Say mods, why are so many of the image files and video files in >>>/leftypol_archive/ and dead or gone? Like they're not deleted by mods, they just no longer exist. There's so many .webms that are non functional it's not even funny and the number of threads missing all of the images in them is annoying as hell. It's Desuarchive's filedeaths all over again.

Just as an example https://leftypol.org/leftypol_archive/res/489758.html has all images dead. Why and how? Or the /edu/ checkpoint thread


>I showed you my saber please respond


File: 1693587334697.jpg (9.03 KB, 287x210, seventh sister kek.jpg)


Antinous point to me the exact rule which the thread you just deleted in /siberia/ broke.

You can't just go deleting threads purely off of vibes. It's incredibly inconsistent.


Hola moderateros?


The mods are not your personal servants


I asked a question regarding a specific issue in the archives >>28734
I also linked the other posts to bring attention to the requests.


They should just delete the board at this point.


>delete active boards


I meant this board - /meta/.
It's supposed to be where we can have dialogue with the mods but they never bother to respond to our questions.


Ah, yeah, not in recent days.


File: 1693812582935.gif (3.98 MB, 640x480, WAKE UP.gif)

Mods can you wake the fuck up and
A) Ban the obvious Nazi in the Ukraine thread that is arguing for fascism and denying atrocities as "Jew Lies"
B) Ban Anfem anon for bad faith intersectional idpol, blatant usage of unreliable or glowing sources and making deliberate concern troll posts.
C) Address some questions and requests about the site in this thread


File: 1693843739288.png (2.15 MB, 1634x1037, ClipboardImage.png)

>Ban Anfem anon
Can the mods ban him? They've used no true scotsman, strawmen and other fallacies in bad faith argumentation, linking glowie NGO sites as "proof" and is derailing the thread with identity politics. They proceed to then bait people with concern troll statements and gaslight with rhetoric comparable to "So Much for the Tolerant Left" (like /pol/ does) with intersectional ideology. And while they attack other users for materialist analyses of Russia and its status, they've blatantly ignored a literal NAZI poster (that only got banned this morning) and their blatant fascist white-washing attempts.


We now have 2 AoT threads in /siberia/ and they're both dead as fuck, just move them to the /anime/ thread, that one at least gets some posts and stays up for longer than a few days.


File: 1693884867492.png (500.76 KB, 600x453, ClipboardImage.png)

What the fuck happened to the PPH? /leftypol/ activity is low as fuck, and there's a shitton of radlib shitposters and glowies. /siberia/ is barely more active and it's not exactly high-brow posting to begin with and the altboards just dried up. Is it because of School starting soon or something? Are there really that many teens posting here? Are most of the better posters really the non-adults?


Long story short - one of the mods rangebanned half the regular users and then went AWOL.


File: 1693928330501.gif (858.32 KB, 280x158, but why jontron.gif)

>Long story short - one of the mods rangebanned half the regular users and then went AWOL.
…Wow… that's just… wow… I miss Old BO


Am I just being singled out, or is Misato prepared to make multipolar general trolling-free?


Lol have I got news for you. The anfem anon is actually ONE of the mods. He rarely uses his flag


>his flag
i mean the mod flag signature thing


_leg status?__




test post


nah they banned me too for trying to shit up the thread with bait ion really blame them tho I wonder if the multipolar thread actually went well this time


Somebody's spamming CP in /siberia/ again.


I concur


Maybe 80% of the time I try to phone post I get a BANNED message for “spam.” Sometimes it’s appealed and rejected, sometimes I can appeal. What’s with these rangebans it’s not even this bad on 4chan.


Please make /ukraine/ #165 a cyclical, until Ukraine stops suiciding into Russian lines.


>I get a banned message for spam
>what’s with these range bans
You answered your question.




This is a Shay and whatever faggotry website now.


Wvobbly, am I supposed walk around on eggshells around you now?


Misato what was your justification for purging the sex and relationship general in /siberia/. Please reference the rules in the attached document in your response.


Can you at least delete the CP from that thread half as fast as you delete my posts questioning your conduct.


Can we do something about unspoiled porn on /siberia/? Nudity is one thing, but having gaping assholes on a frontpage makes this site look rather trashy.


File: 1694827979748-0.png (13.75 KB, 635x158, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1694827979748-1.png (22.68 KB, 972x116, ClipboardImage.png)

Alright, so, what's the deal with this one? The redacted text was a link to the thread being discussed.
1) Where is the call to a raid?
Posting a link to the subject being talked about is very normal in /isg/, and another post had a screencap removed so it's not even about the link apparently. A call to a raid is when someone says "GET IN HERE AND POST SOYJAKS".
2) "lmao" as a ban message, censoring of other posts and the dubious formal reason suggests this was a ban based on personal disagreement rather than a rule. It's not like the criticism of that thread was some niche or reactionary take, it's not like most replies were disagreeing that the linked thread was performing racism. This is a mod abusing their role to censor.

Here is the post in question if someone wants context: >>>/leftypol/1597841


Fair point but that's technically what >>>/sfw/ is for.


i'm assuming you're the sex tourist guy. easily 14e,g as well as 15 given that misato consulted with the rest of us before the decision was made and that there is no community standard or norm that grants leniency to such topics.
look, you make a fair point so i will lift the ban, but if you're the same hexbear schizo that's been stirring shit for the last few weeks, i would kindly request that you please stop.


File: 1694880219234.jpg (50.61 KB, 647x730, misato_looking-up.jpg)

I do see where >>28862 anon is coming from. An idea that I could propose is, borrowing from GETchan, we could have a feature that grants users the ability to tag their created threads as NSFW, as well as give users a Hide NSFW toggle that they can turn on or off in the site's options (Probably on by default) and if on, it would either hide the NSFW tagged threads or have every image on those threads spoilered if thread is tagged as NSFW (maybe even grant users the ability to choose either or action)

think this would be ideal for most ppl


would also add that this hypothetical feature would probably only be available to use on /siberia/ and maybe even /draw/ since honestly imo it should be a NSFW board given the nature of the topic/medium (4chan's /i/ and /ic/ boards are considered NSFW for this reason)


Why even have porn tbh?
There are a million other places to post it.


why was my general general thread removed? what rule does it break? you remove/anchor dozens of threads a week because there's a general for it. I just made it easy for people to check if a general for the topic exists.


One of your jannies is actively destroying the site.
>be a janny
>see an opinion I don't like that doesn't break the rules
>check IP
>see it's a VPN
>buy a month of that VPN
>write shitposts and spam from a few IPs, including the one who posted the opinion you don't like
>report the posts
>have other jannies do your dirty work unknowingly
>pretend you don't know anything about it
could be a leftychan poster who infiltrated your mod team, or you have someone with actual mental problems on the team.


Wild to assume we have money to keep buying different VPNs.


tbf, there's really one or two VPN services worth using. I'd imagine most users here would be savvy enough to use one of the few options. And I never said all of you. It's probably one. $10-15/mo. isn't that much, especially if you have an unhealthy obsession.


It will be later implemented to the Introduction / Welcome thread, it was a good idea.

The thread was moved to /gulag/ for later reference.


<including the one who posted the opinion you don't like
so, you are proposing that one of us is buying vpn time, cycling through ip's until they find the ip that posts wrongthink, and impersonating that poster in an attempt to get them banned?
do you have any evidence of this other than that the thought occurred to you and it (somehow) seemed plausible?
>$10-15/mo. isn't that much
i don't know about you, but i got bills to pay. seems pretty silly to pay money to further this elaborate scheme when you could just get the same effect by baleeting whatever you want and ignoring dissent, as we are accused of doing all the time anyway.


>seems pretty silly to pay money to further this elaborate scheme
Not that anon, but people have done stupider things for stupid reasons.
There are people that waste money on 4chanX passes to skip the posting limits, people that subscribe to premium services to comment on various forums and sites and argue with others etc. There was even a mod on /d/ called nanna that autistically spent every moment they could using VPNs to spam caption threads with the most trash-captions imaginable, then turned around and used it as a reason to ban caption threads from /d/. So while certainly stupid and insane, it's not implausible, especially if a mod has decided to side with leftychin (see their /i/ raid thread).

TL;DR: Rangebans and micromanagement isn't going to work, it's just killing the userbase; all it takes is a dedicated shitter or sleeper-agent to awaken the problems in such a control-freak environment and we get a Fallout 76 mod situation.


>So while certainly stupid and insane, it's not implausible
it seems pretty implausible to me, 4chan janny mental illness notwithstanding, but again that's beside the point. i'm asking for any indication that this is what's happening beyond the fact that it seems plausible to (you) or (you)s.
>Rangebans and micromanagement isn't going to work
see, if this story is just a pretext to re-litigate the rangeban issue, you should have just said so. it makes even less sense to me in that context because the mods that most extensively make use of range bans are the exact mods that constantly get accused of censoring posts they disagree with.


>cycling through ip's until they find the ip that posts wrongthink
they don't need to cycle through IPs when they can see the poster's IP. They cycle through to not make it obvious it is targeted.
>do you have any evidence of this other than that the thought occurred to you and it (somehow) seemed plausible?
not just me. look at this thread, many people complaining that when they try to post the IP is banned for "spam". The posts I made personally aren't removed, yet the IP was banned between my posts and the replies I attempt to make from it a couple hours (or a day) later.

When it happened once or twice, it could have been a coincidence. But now it happens often. Look at this thread, people complaining about their preferred VPN IPs/countries being banned for "spam". And it's always a month or 4 month or forever ban. I used to appeal and write it is a VPN, but stopped after the appeal would get dismissed.

Implement a captcha and posting limits, if you have to, because this is getting annoying. When it becomes more annoying than fun to post, people will leave, they won't write these long posts and discuss things with you.


>this story is just a pretext to re-litigate the rangeban issue,
it's not, at least not for me (>>28929). I'm just telling you it's getting frustratingly difficult to post. I'd rather captcha and a posting limit, than a "spammer" holding us all hostage.


>they don't need to cycle through IPs when they can see the poster's IP.
you misunderstand. i mean cycle through ip's in whatever vpn they're using until the end up on the ip of choice.
>not just me. look at this thread, many people complaining that when they try to post the IP is banned for "spam". The posts I made personally aren't removed, yet the IP was banned between my posts and the replies I attempt to make from it a couple hours (or a day) later.
that doesn't support your supposition that this is the result of an elaborate ploy by some mod to censor posts they don't like. for my part, basically every 4 week ban i've handed out to my recollection has been for ip's or narrow ip ranges that have basically no significant history. i can't speak for the others, but i've looked at the rangebans they give, and where i see appeals for ranges that have significant post history, i lift the ban.
>I'm just telling you it's getting frustratingly difficult to post.
no, this is a completely different statement with completely different content than
<One of your jannies is actively destroying the site. etc.
the former is completely understandable and constructive feedback. the latter just comes off as paranoid speculation.
>I'd rather captcha and a posting limit, than a "spammer" holding us all hostage.
captcha does very little to deter the pathologically committed, and post limits do literally nothing to combat someone that can click a button and get a new ip, or just switch to their next proxy service.


>someone that can click a button and get a new ip, or just switch to their next proxy service.
then what's the point of 4-week or eternal bans? sounds to me like a one-day ban would make the spammer switch IPs, but it wouldn't annoy someone else a few days later trying to post from the same IP.

Despite being on /leftypol/ longer than anyone here, I don't have a post history because I switch IPs. I used my home IP on bunkerchan (cause I talked to space and new he wasn't a glowie/someone who'd abuse the knowledge). Now, I have no idea who is admin, whether you hash IPs, or who has access to the box. You're never getting my home IP, so please stop giving month-long or eternal bans to VPNs. Or at least unban them when someone appeals and tells you they're a VPN.


>then what's the point of 4-week or eternal bans?
i only perma ban for illegal content. you may have a reasonable point about month bans, and i will consider it further.
>You're never getting my home IP, so please stop giving month-long or eternal bans to VPNs.
when i do month long bans, it is only for a specific ip. my range bans are almost always in the three day or less range. exceptional cases with particularly narrow ranges go up to a week. i say this even though i don't think i've put down a rangeban in over a month. i'm not asking you to use your home ip, i'm asking you to understand that vpn's are obvious vectors for abuse by malicious actors and why that might cause some inconvenience for you as a legitimate user. either that or just use the tor node.


subject what do you think of leftychan?


>tor node
I stopped using tor after I kept getting the "your IP is listed in torexit.dan.co.uk" (or something) message when trying to post


dead website founded in the aftermath of an abortive coup spurred by wreckers and egotists now only frequented by a handful of said wreckers and egotists with a personal grudge against and a pathological fixation on imageboard janitors they feel have slighted them in one way or another.
this as neutral an opinion as you can get from a .org mod because i was on a long posting hiatus when that retarded spat occurred, and as such i was blessedly spared the experience of dealing with that bullshit as it was happening.
other mods feel free to remove this as you see fit. an honest question deserves an honest answer, but fuck giving that website free advertising.


oh nice, tor works. thanks.


we're all doing what we can.


Please bring back wordfiltering "anti-Americanism" to "anti-capitalism", thank you.


Since the 2nd Star Wars thread is getting active again I wanted to reiterate this merge request. Thanks


sorry about that
it is done ^^''


Thanks lads


Is infraredshow, haz al-din discussion a) limited only to the /isg/ thread, b) banned board-wide, or c) banned site-wide? To what degree is discussion permitted? Where on this site can we discuss infraredshow?


May >>>/siberia/446573 and >>>/siberia/442937 be merged into >>>/anime/6734


Just curious for the Mod who banned me, you're reason was meds but what other reason for the ban. I thought my post came across as shitpost, but maybe it didn't. Luckily my appeal was accepted, so I can post again. Arigato to mod who unbanned me


there u go
we should probably give some hints on those threads that they are, indeed, the general thread for that topic (and not just some random superfluous yet related thread)


I didn't make that OP or I would have said it was General in the text. Thanks anyhow


Why is the Ukraine thread cycled ATM?


See >>>/leftypol/1601115


I just want to tank the admins for making this board tor-friendly, one of the few places where I can engage since I am a tor shizo. Thank you and all the best!


>I just want to tank the admins for making this board tor-friendly
Not for much longer lol >>28814

Also you clearly weren't here for that time they banned the tor node for 3 months straight. Or when they banned tor users from posting images for almost a year.


none of this is true btw


Why does the front page administrator support NATO proxy state Ukraine?


Is TOR banned from making threads or was there a raid every time i tried it over the last months? Does this half-assed measure actually prevent raiders from flooding the catalog or do they use various VPNs anyway?
At least during the time TOR was completely blocked the post quality on leftychan/tech/ increased.


wtf? yes it is. TOR didn't work for a long while, then it worked but you couldn't post images, then it was on and off for months. people can maybe forgive heavy-handed moderation, but gaslighting is going to turn people away.


there’s literally no proof of any of this you’re just making shit up because you’re bored


Protracted Users War

Sage has been waging it for years now.



Please don't just merge threads. Make a post announcing it a while in advance, because otherwise it just looks exactly as if the thread got deleted.
This is especially an issue if a non-local OP has their thread disappear without any reason and assume they're just not welcome anymore.
in fact, just don't merge threads tbh. its not as if we have 5 USA news threads covering the first page


October 10th 2022: tor node is disabled
Mod response: >>23341
>Tor service is not broken, it requires authorization
>We're working on a tentative solution which will allow access to the onion hidden service based on user accounts, in order to moderate the the traffic coming from the loopback address in more targeted way

The tor node was then down for ~3 months. The account system discusses was never implemented - likely because it's a terrible idea. Eventually you were forced to enable tor again due to internal and external pressure.



In case any of you have midget brain hindsight, there is a ban evading /pol/ shitposter throwing free bait at the ukraine thread for like 3 hours now, that is why it is locked for now, can any of you stand to be at least the slightest less retarded for once and read the god damn room



>read the room

what in the actual fuck?


When something is read as the following:
>"will resume momentarily"
could you put 2 brain cells together and correctly assume that the thread will be opened again in a fucking moment


File: 1695538776732.png (352.6 KB, 673x604, ClipboardImage.png)

>they went and did it again anyways


There was in fact someone posting with a Nazi flag, but the post I saw and replied to about how Russia lost Armenia looked pretty tame. I was away from the board for an hour or so checking out the latest Cucktin happenings, though.
This reminds me of those shitty account sign-ins from back in the day where you could get locked out of your account for a day if some loser on the other side of the world deliberately entered the wrong password too many times.


I see what you mean re: nazi spammer, but I just scroll past the spam. This is what imageboards are usually like. You're supposed to train your brain to ignore, not respond, and move on with the discussion. A janny will come along eventually and clean it up. That's where the word and meme "janny" comes from. Jannies on 4chan could never ban, just clean up after.

Not perfect, but that's what it is. Who doesn't like it has reddit, reddit-clones like lemmygrad, forums like rhizzone, discussions on blogs like MoA, and so on.

Don't let perfect be the enemy of good.


What is the point of disputing bans when none of you listen?


How is this suggestion not tor-friendly? If anything this measure is to prevent tor abuse (which happens too often) while letting users use it.

People either don't know or don't care ThingNoticer uses TOR and the most devastating raids were from it too, hence the turning node off for 3 months part.


No the reason is to track your tor users because you retards can't handle anything that doesn't agree with your reddit tier opinions, so, you're going to act as man in the middle so you can censor the opinions of others and track tor users while hiding behind "abuse" like a bunch of faggots.
This has always been the issues you retards govern based on your feels not off reality.


>How is this suggestion not tor-friendly?
What's the point in having anonymous browsing over tor when you will possess what is essentially a catalog of our posts? It defeats the whole purpose of posting over tor.
>If anything this measure is to prevent tor abuse (which happens too often) while letting users use it.
Just do your fucking job as a janny and clean it up manually. This site is three years old now, everyone has managed to do that up until now. Are you just retarded or lazy?


As I said, the point is not that people are "abusing" the tor node. It's because they hate the tor node, but, they know removing it looks bad, so, they are trying to have their cake and eat it too.


>What's the point in having anonymous browsing over tor when you will possess what is essentially a catalog of our posts?
In case it comes to that we could implement a pass pooling system.
Torposters really need a union or something :^)


Moderator-san, I suggest you look to the 'other' lefty imageboard, specifically /i/. They WANT you to fuck up Tor like this, it only helps them kill this site. They're like parasites since the rest of their site is dead as a dormouse


File: 1695573143334.jpg (296.5 KB, 1492x1448, ani hiya soviet.jpg)

Requesting that some of the post tags get fixed, they were messed up in merge
Primarily the fuck-up comes from former-OP >>>/AKM/3202
with replies such as >>>/AKM/3203 still having the old post # >>8979 instead of the intended post, thus the reply chain is a bit broken. It's not a major problem, since anyone that reads carefully will be able to follow the conversation, but if this could be fixed it would be appreciated. Thanks.


It always come back to tor users whining about grievances in moderation…

yea we are only just talking about it. The devs haven't opined or work on it for us to vote on implementing it.


>It always come back to tor users whining about grievances in moderation…
That's because you have banned everyone else lmao


This conversation has only affirm my convictions.



File: 1695576898109.jpg (84.04 KB, 600x681, Merry Pipe.jpg)

Please add "LOTR" and "hobbit" to the OP of >>>/hobby/11615 because one has to search specifically for "Lord of the" to have this OP show up in catalog search.


done and done
I think that I got it done correctly. One post I can't figure out who they were replying to so I left it as-is.

the currently-existing TOR node will remain. We plan to expand the regular TOR node to multiple internal IPs so that TOR users don't get hamstrung as much over trying to post at the same time, even.
>when you will possess what is essentially a catalog of our posts?
already the case, really. its more of a "we can't be bothered to" thing where the effort/reward skew for trying to hunt down specific spammers on the node is too bothersome, but if there ever emerged a persistent enough threat we would purge it.

the TOR pass system is basically us providing the option of a free, internally hosted VPN to use on leftypol.

those retards think they are winning if we stub our toes. their site is dead and nothing happening right now will ever change that. if they had the righteousness of a real cause or the conviction to carry through a real revolutionary regime then maybe the users would follow them in an exodus a la bunkerchan, but as-is they just squat in more-or-less the same moderation structure we are using, except they blatantly signal "HEY, WE ALLOW MORE REACTIONARY POSITIONS HERE!"


>the currently-existing TOR node will remain.
This is a lie.
>the TOR pass system is basically us providing the option of a free, internally hosted VPN to use on leftypol.
How long before you ban all proxies and tor, meaning we will have to use your gay internally hosted data-mining system? That's what's going to end up happening. Everyone can see it.


Thanks for the /AKM/ and /hobby/ edits, I'd do these things myself, but I'm not janitorial.

As for the retards, while their site is dead and shit forthe most part, they know that too and are trying to drag leftypol down with them, so moderation here needs to tread carefully so as to not let them derail and damage this site's functionality through provocation.


Better dead than a bunch of reddit fags larping as revolutionaries.

It's not whining it's just the simple truth.
The issue is you can't handle the truth so you have to try and gas light your own userbase in order to justify being terrible at your own jobs.

You already made up your minds long before this conversations. Get over yourselves.


>The TOR pass system is basically free VPNs

It's called a man in the middle attack, fam, lol


Aren't you forgetting the part where we actually allow people to participate in the moderation of the bored and who gets elected to serve them? Your site isn't doing so great either., kek.


>Your site isn't doing so great either
consider this: only one of the two sites is constantly talking about the other one with multiple threads in the catalog at any given moment


as you can clearly see there some sort of edgelord shitting up the board pls delete


>Better dead than a bunch of reddit fags larping as revolutionaries.
<everyone posting here is the same
Ok you pubic crab.


Mods I know this policy wouldn’t be popular but can you implement a new time restriction for posting during certain hours, there’s already a post limit already but increasing restrictions on user activity when you guys aren’t available would do a lot to prevent raiding and preventing that CP or scat guy from messing up the site when all of you aren’t around.


Captchas for everything would solve the problem or at least limit the Nazi scat spam. Full on time restrictions would not benefit anyone except the sharty and net.


>Captchas for everything would solve the problem
Only drooling 4chin spergs can tolerate CAPTCHAs.


More likely is just disabling image posting over TOR for a while. Its a quick fix that doesn't impede TORposting as much and pretty much neuters the spam-waves.

Agreed, captcha is a last resort, usually brought forth as anti-DDoS measures thru Cloudfare. We do have a native, non-javascript captcha system, we just elect to not use it for anything right now.


They just pay for the pass to bypass their ridiculously dumb captcha. Not saying we should (or will ever) get to that level, just that we need a sufficient program in place so spam becomes impossible even in dead hours.


Problem is we’ve been getting hit with spam for months. Might as well use that native system for a while to see if it works.


maybe captcha for image posting only?


>>29128 (me)
*image posting over tor, i mean


A reliable captcha would solve the spam issue at least in regards to automated botting. Especially considering that using IP-hopping it makes deleting such bot spam time consuming as you've just spent like 20 minutes locating and deleting this honestly infantile and literal shit.

Captcha isn't 4chan exclusive, we had it on 8ch and temporarily on bunkerchan whenever /pol/ raid spam would hit. This is another case of such necessity and it's definitely better than the alternatives which would expose personal user data on and off Tor.


I have a suggestion in regards to that 2+2 thing for OPs.
Rather than 2+2 every time you could have the devs make a program that generates a different basic addition/subtraction multiplication/division question, or at least have a large set of different ones that cycle through 9x23 or 84/4 for example, which would essentially slow down OP spam, and wouldn't be inconveniencing any good faith posters since they're not trying to spam as many OPs as possible. Moreover it might actually be useful for people to do some basic arithmetic.


I think the OC thread being in leftypol is a problem relative to >>>/draw/. The fact of the matter is that the OC thread basically eats up all content that would otherwise go on /draw/ leaving the latter mostly unused. Moreover, because leftypol is so fast relative to other boards, it means that we go through OC threads quickly and they get put in archive, which (as I've mentioned as a problem before) loses files at time, meaning some OC goes missing permanently as the booru is not supporting of mp4 and webms.


I opened the onion, posted and was banned jus fyi. Definitely didn't do anything ban worthy.


oh, seems like there's a raid on


fwiw it was just a text post


Well, it would slow down spam a little, but the spam isn't bot-spam for the most part. It's incredibly schizophrenic /pol/ retards, .net loons, and soyjack teenagers.
Likewise, automated spam is a minority - we do have a somewhat robust anti-bot spam filter in place which prevents the most common forms of bot-spam (copy-pasting page contents to fill up posts).
I'm not sure how granular the system is for that. It'd probably have to be a captcha for TOR posting altogether, I think that is how the system works. It can either be enabled for posting threads or posting all posts in general, with the ability to narrow it down to IP ranges which have to solve it. We used that to filter out some mobile phone spam a while ago.


>we do have a somewhat robust anti-bot spam filter in place which prevents the most common forms of bot-spam (copy-pasting page contents to fill up posts).
/i/-fags have openly admitted to using bot spam and AI-generated bait, so clearly the filters aren't catching that. Also the filters make it impossible to post in any language other than English unless I add an English text character into the post, as the system blocks posts like that, which it didn't used to do.


Сan the mods fix the post tagging in the /hobby/ fantasy thread, >>>/hobby/1296 for example


>More likely is just disabling image posting over TOR for a while. Its a quick fix that doesn't impede TORposting as much and pretty much neuters the spam-waves.
been saying that for months. btw whatever tor range ban was implemented means that I can't text post on the rest of the site, over tor.


ChatGPT stuff is not easily filtered however its also very easy to notice and delete or ignore, but general bot-spam is filtered.


>the filters make it impossible to post in any language other than English



Hey I'm still rangebanned, I think, when I try and text post over tor. It's for a different post this time, that I didn't make. Could a mod reply to this?(Make an appeal in the banned IP saying this is a range ban)


there u go




File: 1695795644452.png (101.88 KB, 1080x823, VPNban.png)

what's the point of appealing the bans when you reject the appeals? You know there are leftychan raiders who want you to ban VPNs and make this site unusable, yet you play right into their hand.


>You have been banned from /leftypol/ for the following reason:
>Your ban was filed on Monday 25 September, 2023 and expires 16 hours from now, which is on Thursday 28 September, 2023
>Your IP address is
>Read the rules.
>You were banned for the following post on /leftypol/:
>Anonymous 2023-09-25 (Mon) 05:09:05 No.1607706
>File (hide): 1695618545340.jpg (5.37 KB, 261x193, images.jpg)
>You appealed this ban on Monday 25 September, 2023 and it was denied. You may not appeal this ban again.
Not comploaning, just reporting. I didn't make the post or appeal the ban so I must be caught up in a rangeban.


Quit using VPNs and switch to Tor.
Meh, you asked for it tbh. Just take the ban on the chin and come back when it’s over.


>Quit using VPNs and switch to Tor.


Any reason why not?


The recommended way is actually VPN + TOR. Even the tor project doesn't say you can use tor alone. Tor can be de-anonymised, especially if you control the node, which is why one should not run a node and hidden services from the same machine.


>Meh, you asked for it tbh. Just take the ban on the chin and come back when it’s over.
<I didn't make the post or appeal the ban
It seems pretty simple. If there's no mod active just disable tor posting or tor image posting. If there's a raid just pause tor posting for a couple of hours until more mods are available. There's no reason to put a rangeban on tor and ban people who didn't even post.


So you think mods will deanonymize people who just use Tor? That’s a really stupid thing to say anon.
Rangebans are reserved for people abusing multiple VPNs, the pattern is easy to pick up on. If you get caught up in it accidentally, that sucks but, like, deal with it.


Please more >>>/siberia/442500 into the >>>/edu/ math thread, thanks


*move, lmao I'm tired


Please merge >>>/anime/21578 into the /jp/ otaku thread >>>/anime/21578 as its topic is literally what that thread is for


LMAO I meant to link the japanese thread >>>/anime/4715 working 12 hour shifts makes you tired I'll tell you that.


>woke up
>Got mods to delete their 56788th interracial cuck porn thread just by posting in it


This is an obvious shitpost math meme, I rly dont think it rly needs to be merged.

this one is done


Mods ffs I got flashed by the same pedofag that keeps coming back, when the fuck are you guys gonna IP ban and report the fuckers to any authorities with the resources to deal with him? He’s been trashing Siberia since the start of this fucking year.


>shitpost math meme
I suppose, but better a meme to spice up the thread then to have no posts at all and no mathematics going on to speak of, and if a meme can get people to do math and learn, then all the better.

Thanks for the other request.


do you really think that it comes from a normal residential ip that we just for whatever reason allow to continue posting? all it takes is checking the mod log to confirm that illegal content is a permaban.


Please fic >>>/hobby/551 because there's a ton of posts that have fucked up greentext and post-reply linking


I'm appealing my ban for Idpol derail. While I understand the reasoning of the mods, the only reason I continued to argue was because there was blatantly subversive shit being written. While I am fully supportive of black rights, when I see Settler's tier Black Power nonsense like that it pisses me off, because some ignorant newbie is going to read it and think it's right and be pulled into a trap. The mod who read the thread (I assume) would have seen that for context I'm by far no entitled rich white kid mouthing off about "muh st00pid blacks" and am not defending cop brutality, having been on the receiving end of it. But to use those things as a way to attack white people like some 'single human giant' is like a spit in the face to those discriminatory experiences me and mine have had. I ask that you cut down the ban to 1-2 hours.

Thank you.







File: 1696591270642.png (55.27 KB, 1044x488, spam.png)

We can have threads about:
>spooky ghosts
>"dogs running into walls"
Yet every time I post a sourced and well-informed thread on an ancient "lost" civilisation, which is not that unheard of because there are "lost" civilisations and populations we know of like Population Y (look it up), there comes a spammer that ruins the thread.
>pic rel
Why does Hancock make this anon seethe so much? The anon really could be the youtuber MiniMan, because someone keeps spamming MiniMan's videos in every thread. We've also had an anon brag before (in YouTube threads) that he has tens of thousands of subscribers/views on YouTube.


File: 1696611862353-0.png (37.65 KB, 1006x218, Screenshot6362.png)

File: 1696611862353-1.png (45.83 KB, 1030x279, Screenshot92738.png)

Is this not spam? Can you please clean up the Lost Civ thread?
It's some triggered lib with a mental problem.


Why are you dismissing reports for spam, rather than deleting it? This only makes it seem like "spam" is an excuse to remove whatever a particular mod doesn't like and further makes it seem like the anti-Hancock spammer is either a mod or in your inner circle, and is allowed to shit up a thread.


>This only makes it seem like "spam" is an excuse to remove whatever a particular mod doesn't like and further makes it seem like the anti-Hancock spammer is either a mod or in your inner circle, and is allowed to shit up a thread.


Seems silly to think there's an anti-hancock spammer
Allowing the thread on the politics board is already plenty


File: 1696614508972.png (24.24 KB, 1049x201, spam1.png)

What is this then? If not spam. Literally the same "joke" over and over.
>Allowing the thread on the politics board is already plenty
You allow discussion of aliens, UFOs (which aren't real btw, but obviously a CIA psyop), ghosts, /x/ type stuff, Moon Landings being fake
And now it's been moved to /hobby/.
>A thread full of scientific papers
<Get rid of it!
>A thread full of schizo ramblings about moon landing being fake
<This is fine and belongs on /leftypol/

At least move the thread to /edu/, where it actually belongs.


>spammer spams thread
>Misato happens to come along, dismisses all reports for the spam
>Misato moves thread
>spam stops
Who the fuck is misato anyway? Some anime avatar fagging redditoid.


File: 1696614884864.png (141.64 KB, 1080x1044, morespam.png)

More spam.


I have no dog in this fight but have you tried less anger


This is the third time I try to have a thread on this topic. There always comes a spammer who spams the thread and forces the mods to lock it, move it, delete it.

Threads about aliens, UFOs, ghosts, occult stuff, lysenkoism, are perfectly fine though and allowed to be on /leftypol/. Why?


How about stop spamming this thread and quit your whining?


>And now it's been moved to /hobby/
It would do better there anyway. Stop being so pissy Hancock anon. I like your threads because the subject is interesting, but you're really expecting good-faith posts on /leftypol/? You should have posted in >>>/edu/ at least, then it would get more good-faith responses, since /edu/ is strict on spam and shitposting, only allowing for mild joking and memeing and otherwise being for academic discussion.


File: 1696648580073.png (192.02 KB, 1913x477, ClipboardImage.png)

So idpol is being anti-cosmetic surgery which is always detrimental to health. It's an elective procedure which can kill you by any measure.


What you get when you interrupt the rape footage jerk off sesh


Take your meds


was banned for spam for 5 weeks for posting "this AI shit sucks" in response to an AI generated meme in the hamas invasion thread. yeah it was off topic but that seems a little steep, post was deleted but i am this poster, you can check out my history i rarely post off topic & do contribute to threads




is this how i do it




You’re on a communist image board posting anti-Palestinian content. What did you expect? This isn’t /pol/.


Why do the mods delete all mention of China and all new China-related threads? You can't discuss any of the most consequential events and shifts in geopolitical and rhetorical focus in the world except in the thread they clearly view as a containment thread.


>why do i have to go to the general to talk about the thing the general is for?
idk anon… what a interesting question. joke. you're an idiot lol.


File: 1696792486957.jpeg (783.72 KB, 1170x1842, IMG_3300.jpeg)

The US has literally ended the normative order of the world economic and international system in order to “contain” China in nearly every front, and has initialized an “all of society” confrontation with them. But we are supposed to act like this doesn’t affect the rest of the world or US society.

Here’s a thing from just a moment ago of a U.S. sent senator reminding us that he and others have been relentlessly campaigning to open investigations into left wing US orgs b/c China. The last time a thread was made on this initiative it was deleted.


What’s also of note here is that Rubio is almost certainly using support for Hamas to push for an intelligence crackdown on these orgs for their perceived *china* sympathies, not the other way around. There’s tremendous evidence the GOP cares far more about China than Israel. But you can’t discuss this paradigm shift in its own thread except tossing a post in the containment thread where it gets drowned out next to the clickbait garbage from that South African scam artist and other clearly irrelevant BS.

I know there are a lot of people on the left who don’t want to face these issues but it’s ridiculous how much the US has reshaped itself in the last two terms out of its hatred of China and its obsession with it and it can’t be talked about outside the one thread lol.


Because some retards want to make all threads about their hobby horse, ergo they have to be curtailed and contained. Some posters also lack the capacity to read the room and aid the derailing. Lastly, it keeps the catalog from being completely overrun with (happening) threads, USA threads, and China threads.


cn you people please get back to moderating the palestine thead?


Asking why Hamas attacked a music festival is not glowposting. Ffs.


>>29294 (me)
Anyway I'm just gonna avoid the thread since the mods seem trigger-happy. I'm sure there are actual feds trying to stir dissent and shit but you gotta someone asking a question in the style of "can someone explain what is going on" in a happening thread shouldn't be grounds for a ban.


Someone posted rape footage???


no he's a schizo samefagging.


Not really, it's that video of the Israeli girl being hauled off in a shot-up Jeep. She's bloodied and rape is a likely outcome, but we don't actually see anything that can be classified as rape. Anon is baiting about "muh all males r rapists" nonsense and got banned for radlib shit-stirring.


Caught a ban for posting a screenshot of someone’s obvious ChatGPT comment in the newest Palestine thread, it was for “fail trolling” except I never posted the OG chatgpt comment and only posted the screenshot bc it was genuinely funny, it’s only a three day ban but still feels pretty silly and unwarranted


fair enough.
apologies. theres a lot of spam going on atm so bear with us




File: 1696923464253.png (186.8 KB, 1864x258, ClipboardImage.png)

Why did you anchor this thread? What rule did OP break?


>What rule did OP break?
The "No Retards" rule.


Literally ever thread on Siberia is retarded. That has to be one of the least retarded threads on all of Siberia.


Wrong board?


File: 1696997815213.png (183.64 KB, 1839x837, ClipboardImage.png)


stop spamming schizo. no one cares


Spamming what? The post asked a question and I replied with an answer.


File: 1697028161737.jpg (25.05 KB, 680x510, 2df.jpg)

Check siberia and take it down now pls



File: 1697088076824.gif (72.68 KB, 942x942, 1436734788099.gif)

Move >>>/anime/21692 to the main Lain thread >>>/anime/1331


The strategy seems to be to flood the Palestine thread with shitposts. Yes I have shitposted. Considering how pozzed everywhere else is, a heavily modded parallel Palestine thread seems like it would be valuable. Even only in times of high traffic.


mods there's a sharty spam


Obsessed jak spammer on the main board making troll threads


Can someone mod the Palestine thread it's being spammed with soyjacks



Please merge >>>/anime/21754 into >>>/anime/20306 or vice-versa.


File: 1697472163746.jpg (32.47 KB, 400x400, chen kigurumi.jpg)

Hello Mods, this please?


Please move >>>/AKM/3849 into the Hamas arsenal thread, since it's essentially the same topic


File: 1697477547353.jpg (46.4 KB, 696x480, 93 Dio.jpg)

As single-post OPs I reposted
and >>>/anime/21770
to appropriate threads they belong in, instead of having a dozen dead threads that are going to sink to page 17 in a week and stay there for literally years, only to be used as necrobump bait by spammers. Please delete or lock these and address >>29353

>>>/anime/21774 belongs in the Isekai thread >>>/anime/373 please move it.


Please add "submarine" to the OP text of >>>/AKM/3080 as a PPS. I forgot to add it to the OP when I made it


Please move >>>/siberia/444519 to >>>/tech/ since that's what it's relevant to at this point


Since you changed the leftist anime recc thread to >>>/anime/12388 I request that you change that in the ANIMETA thread, since the link to the old leftist anime thread is no longer linking properly
>Leftist Anime Content: Communist Anime Thread >>1417


Any new suspicious mod applications or Matrix members?


Please move >>>/anime/21588 into the mecha thread >>>/anime/845

And merge >>>/anime/19444 into ANIMETA >>>/anime/10489


File: 1697570822556.jpg (91.62 KB, 1600x900, big dick.jpg)

>not 5
double-plus-ungood mods…. very double plus ungood…..


Jaktard is back shitting up the main board.


Now they’re posting gore of dead kids.

Do your damn jobs.


mods for fucks sake clean up the palestine thread




Are you alive jannies? Clean up the Palestine thread.


You know, instead of warning people for the upteenth time whenever they reply to obvious bait, you should actually ban them without warning. The spammers are bad, but the retards replying to them just contribute to more spam.


File: 1697584964519.jpeg (112.12 KB, 640x947, 1653338287884.jpeg)

>Mods should just ban like heavy-handed idiots everyone who replies
<haha my gaslighting is totally gonna work
Fuck off leftychin, you are gayer than every OP and janny in existence, for being this much of a cringelord.


File: 1697610488221.png (28.11 KB, 600x315, ClipboardImage.png)

OP of the /edu/ Nuclear General here >>>/edu/20394

Can the link to >>>/edu/15841 be added to the Nuclear General OP please. I didn't realize we had a Hiroshima thread until later and didn't link it there because of that.


File: 1697710159992.gif (237.2 KB, 510x593, 27941 - SoyBooru.gif)



>mods ban me for making fun of the retard everyone is replying to
>don't even clean up his posts



jerk off instructions


File: 1697862363628.png (29.99 KB, 762x330, ClipboardImage.png)

incogtube embeds are broken on the tor node, switch to another invidious instance for the default pls


They have been for a long time. I usually open the link, which redirects to redirect.invidious.io on my setup.
redirect.invidious.io would be the best option for instance selection, but it needs users to select an instance in the iframe.
Invidious also has builtin automatic redirection at 'redirect?referer=escaped_path', so the embeds could either rely on an arbitrary instance or potentially a leftypol hosted invidious instance.


Ok, which coping 27 year old homosexual banned me for saying there is no avoiding twink death?


Alright, what the fuck is it this time, wvobbly? Was I taking bait?


Sure, provided that histrionic paranoids and bad-faith word-spinners aren't in charge of determining what constitutes "obvious bait."


I'd like to know this as well, because it made no sense.


if people keep replying to someone consistently ban-evading we do give out like 15 minute bans to tell them to stop replying, because some people won't refresh their pages every now and again, or close the tab and come back later.
It was a combination of derailing the thread to American politics, excusing the power of political lobbying (especially thru the arms industry), and generally removing Israel's agency as an actor by coding them as a US puppet.


Thank you.


File: 1698012579212.png (33.71 KB, 474x388, ClipboardImage.png)

NTA but didn't Shay talk about this happening to him?


requesting these be done


Oops can't delete OP to fix


Oh great and mightiful vols, plz fix plz

Have to add stuff cos flood
Flood from deleted post being similar, wut?


Also if you can be bothered


File: 1698137749903.png (76.68 KB, 1080x773, permban.png)

You gave a permanent ban to a Riseup ip.


Can we have some kind of list of the topics you jannies get butthurt about so I dont get banned from making one fucking post and the reason is "spam"?


lmao, nice to know I am not the only one
In all seriousness, mods should have a talk together about this kind of stuff. Bans should be used for rulebreaking, not random posts someone personally doesnt like.


Wordfilter Türkiye. Dew it.


File: 1698255130863.png (77.95 KB, 362x296, yeah zone.png)

>Wordfilter Türkiye.
That'll definitely upset the Turkish glowies that have obviously been raiding this place. I'm all for it.


Filter it to the turkey (bird) emoji


We should wordfilter Turkey to Türkiye and India to Bhārat to combat Anglophone imperialism


Requesting an edit to >>>/games/18613 OP to have link to previous thread's archive, since link to previous thread is dead.



File: 1698365521602.jpg (74.14 KB, 900x945, kursk kanmusu.jpg)

Re-requesting since the mods missed this in all the recent hullaballoo:

I'm the OP of the /edu/ Nuclear General >>>/edu/20394
Please link >>>/edu/15841 in the Nuclear General OP as I have linked other related threads please. I didn't realize we had a Hiroshima thread until later, so I didn't put it in the OP.

I'm also the OP for >>>/AKM/3080 and I forgot to add submarine to the list of included topics in the thread. Please add the word Submarine to the OP text.

Additionally one of the linked threads in the ANIMETA thread is dead since you merged the old leftist anime thread into >>>/anime/12388 so if you could change that in the OP so it would link to that thread properly that'd be useful.

>>>/anime/21588 belongs in the mecha thread >>>/anime/845 since conversation has clearly died down and it's just drifting in Catalog. It's too narrow a topic for discussion.

>>>/anime/19444 is an interesting thread discussion but it's long since run out of steam and so is just sitting in the bowels of Catalog. The thread topic belongs in ANIMETA, so it would be a good idea to merge the latter into ANIMETA >>>/anime/10489



>5 week ban for "spam"
>can't even post anappeal on /meta/
Mods check my post history you fucking idiots. I'm the OP of the /edu/ nuclear thread. I've beena consistent good-faith poster, you have the wrong fucking guy.
I reposted that christ chan link because it was relevant to the thread it was posted in >>>/hobby/ 36917 "Alternative CHANS v2"

Unban now pls
Ban #23557


Hello? Mods?


Just as proof of my being who I say I am. These are photos of my effortposts.. so I am by no means a Spammer. Now unban me FFS


File: 1698381140516.jpg (238.72 KB, 699x1024, janny.jpg)


Not really anything related to moderation but can you guys implement a paragraph formatting feature? It would be great to post, or read through posts formatted correctly since it is easier to read.


You mean like a text preview function? If possible this would be quite useful, and set us apart from other imageboards in terms of posting capability-quality.


Mods I know you're busy with the JIDF and other spam but can you help here? >>29429


Please move and merge >>>/siberia/463870 into the existing Alternative Chans thread >>>/hobby/36917 where it belongs, it's not offensive or rulebreaking content from what I've seen and apparently racism is banned in their site's rules.



File: 1698529719352.jpg (73.1 KB, 624x860, tomokonyan.jpg)

PS. Pls no ban I'm not the guy that posted the OP, I'm >>29432 and I'm not risking reposting it in the relevant thread, because of that ban, danks.


if they want to advertise in there whatever, but if they are going to continue spamming advertisements we'll ban it appropriately.


Ok then do you mind if I repost it in that /hobby/ thread, where its relevant?


sure, just don't spam it.


MODS, what is the stance on posts like https://leftypol.org/siberia/res/463959.html#q463959? This shit is just targeted sexual harassment against specific female posters.



Why did my thread of which femanon is the best kisser got deleted?

Is it because one of the posters is on the mod team, and they were angry they were losing?


You broke the first rule of this site: Do not offend or upset the matrixfags.


>>>/anime/17658 is an interesting topic and OP but it's too narrow and niche, ergo it languishing on Page-18. I'd rather it not just sink into nothingness so if the mods would be so kind, please move it into the actually active mecha thread >>>/anime/845 , since that's the most relevant, and it might actually spark new discussion in doing so.


>shilling CrunchyRoll and High Guardian Sp*ce
>just act contrarian for the sake of stirring up a derail
There were few shitposting and anons that liked the show.
The person i remember was another user talking shit about and replied with negativity to anyone that talked about or liked it.
No one was banned far as I know, the post was a joke (positive or not) about High Guardian Spice that no one cared about but you.
The rest of the posts was you being talking shit about anon that posts "nou"

>Please delete

This is like the second time where you tried to make false reports over simple posts or nothing at all, you reporting anyone you dislike at this point
If wvobbly even looked at the same thread, your own post show be deleted for derailment as well (the whole thing) since it has nothing to with the thread, and it isn't even a shitpost, just yelling at spooks even when you were talking about anything else in the thread and had a accrual back and forth talk with the same post at best


/hobby/ has like 3 /x/ threads, can you merge them since they're kinda slow and low on the board?

>>>/hobby/36720 (this should be the primary thread IMO, for how recent and posted in it is)


This was one of several responses to a now gone Mod post. If you could end the cyclical nature of the TV th