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File: 1608527576590.jpg (479.74 KB, 1920x1080, 20200511233059_1.jpg)

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We have a HoI4 thread but why not just have a Grand Strategy general thread? I'm pretty sure there are plenty of people here who play the other grand stratgy games/think hoi4 is too dumbed down shit. Plus /gsg/ on 4chan is infected with /pol/yps and I really want an alternative place to discuss the games. So what's everyone been playing? Here's the results of my recent Serbia to Yugoslavia campaign.


Are there any non-paradox gsg worth playing? Looking for something different.


The closest off the top of my head would be Age of Civilizations 1 and 2. Never played either game, though.


File: 1608527579943.png (1.22 MB, 1280x1000, freeciv.png)

Playing a lot of FreeOrion and Freeciv lately myself. Are there any grand strategy games that properly deal with the micromanagement problem in late game?


Bruh those games can be fun for the first time, or if u play with a friend but otherwise it just gets too damn boring


File: 1608527583611.png (841.14 KB, 600x600, moonblade.png)

Does Dominions count as grand strategy? You play as a god trying to knock off all the other gods and become the big guy at the top. The game mostly focuses on building and arranging armies and giving your spellcasters orders.
It also has some fun memes


The last time I played Dominions I encountered a weird bug where I spawned on an ocean tile and couldn't move units. Couldn't find any info on that bug, so I don't know if it's common.


I've never had that happen, although Illwinter is one of those "two guys renting an office in a strip mall" type companies so crazy bugs happen. They're a pretty dedicated pair of guys, though, so patches come out regularly, known bugs get fixed, and they're cranking out loads of new free content for Dominions V in the form of some cool factions that I won't play because I'm too lazy to make their gimmicks work when I can just play MA Ulm or EA Ermor, but the existence of a Prestor John inspired faction makes me happy.


Communism in Victoria is pretty restrictive.
If a nation adopts communism, it still has primary nations, primary religions and due to mechanics it attempts to go back to slavery.
Same with Anarchists, where it is just Ancaps on steroids who don't live long due to mechanics pushing them into adopting democracy.


We should make a mod that improves the politics of V2 since only God knows when we'll get V3


Play CWE, it adds enough shit to make a commie run good (including Market Communism à la Deng).

Granted that sometimes it might get weird, like having a Jingoist Market Communist Albania that's a member of the EU, NATO, OECD, etc that goes around declaring wars all over Africa to get that sweet pop ideology boost event.


Anybody still play Darkest Hour? Was gonna see about porting over some scenarios from HOI2 and maybe adding some content as well


any good Victoria 2 mods to paint the world red with?


File: 1608527974088.png (151.87 KB, 1400x1883, 0amy2rt.png)

Hello, there is a Victoria II multiplayer campaign starting this Saturday (August 22th). If someone here would like to participate sign up in discord server https://discord.gg/QHtx3p


File: 1608527974800.jpg (19.33 KB, 474x251, glow.jpg)



>>2590 The Cold War Enhanced mod is pretty good, starts in 1947 and still being updated. https://github.com/settintotrieste/Victoria-2-Cold-War-Enhancement-Mod-CWE/tree/master/CWE/localisation


File: 1608527975161.jpg (82.3 KB, 600x336, screenshot1.jpg)

What about games from Kremlingames like crisis in the Kremlin? Are they worth playing?


Who /Darkest Hour/ here?


Hell yeah comrade

I've been thinking about trying my hand at modding DH again, now if only I had graphical skills


I still play it, it's the right amount of autism and has actually in war events unlike hoi4
hoi3 straddles the line too much between fun and autism and at that point I'm just gonna fire up War in the East/West instead
War in the East 2 soon


File: 1608527980225.png (223.48 KB, 981x719, paradox fags.png)

>googles war in the east
holy shit and I thought HOI was autistic


WitE isn't that bad honestly, they have a ton of small scale scenarios for you to dip your toes into
the full scale 41-45 war where you control the entire front literally takes years to play through tho


Bump, this can be the new HOI thread


If anyone's feeling nostalgic a few Hoi3 workshop mods have been made for Hoi4.

Makes the map, division counters, SFX, loading screens, and music all from Hoi3. it's pretty dope.


File: 1608528220110.jpg (112.37 KB, 572x303, 1458583466342.jpg)

What is the best way of getting into HOI4? Are there any good up to date tutorials or playthroughs made by youtubers which explain the mechanics?

I'm a bit of a casual who only played EU4


Are you buying it or pirating


I'm appropriating it so to speak.


You box select units.
You use the "draw front line" tool on a border.
You draw a "plan" of attack.
You declare war and watch as your dudes automatically carry out the plan while you afk and watch national foci complete.

You modify the crap basic division to be 7 inf and 2 arty
If you have industry and doods you make it like a 14 inf and 4 arty, and eventually toss in a tank destroyer. This makes you invincible last I tried.

You enable NATO logotypes to feel like you are a real general and not just a larper with a broken game.

You invade Japan and kill yourself from the pain that is to actuly do it.

You decide that vanila is not worth it and play mods.

You, just maybe, finally have something that can be called fun.

Ok. Half way through that I realized that I was starting to spill too much bile but fuck it. The game isn't hard to get into really. I imagine you'll try vanila either way, but my advice is just don't and go for Kaiserreich as the first experiance. I think playing something like the Bengal Commune might be a good starter experiance, as it gives you a nice early medium-scale personal war with mostly equal sides to dip the feet in. Perhaps Central States of America are also good in that, but the war is smaller and might be more fiddly.
Anyway, to get mods for your cracked version, go to https://steamworkshopdownloader.io or http://steamworkshop.download then find the mod you want on steam page, copy url, download, find your cracked files and using the launcher menu create a mod folder to store the files. Currently on mobile, but there was a proper explanation for this in the bumplpcked thread.


Am I the only one who hates modern Kaiserreich? I've been playing it for 2 years now and it just feels so much off from what it used to be
At first: Semi-realistic mod about a German ww1 win, most things are jokingly hyperbolistic and meme centered
Now: Hyperrealistic mod about trying to win as X country, manual wargoals are hard to get making fringe playthroughs impossible
I can only really play the 2ACW now because it's tolerable compared to the rest, but they just destroyed my 2nd favorite (NFA)


Thanks anon, that's helpful. I played it once as Spain before man the guns was released but I didn't really get the meta and don't really know how to prioritize stuff or what templates to use. I stupidly invested in 40width divisions in 1938 and didn't build enough planes to defend against the fash


It’s pretty boring now. I left for Kaiserredux.


When it comes to planes just do 1:1 fighters and CAS, less fighters if you already have enough for air superiority.
Also check https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1944416524 for proper templates stuff. I'm not sure if the "add 1 Tank Destroyer" to the 40 width division trick still works, so use it at your own risk.
Also, perhaps it changed now, the best doctrine group was the Superior Firepower one.


At that point just play the new era mod for vic2


Download TNO and play Germany. The TNO ui looks cancer but it’s much easier to use and understand than the vanilla ui


So, just pirated HoI4 to give it a try, and holy shit, this game is dumb. Just the fact that aircraft ranges are calculate from the center of the made-up strategic region, rather than from the base where they are stationed, and that you can't choose where to put the fucking airbase is enough for me to give up on this game.

I'm going back to hoi3, from where I should never have left .Fuck this piece of garbage game.


Aircraft ranges are dumb and suck, but the game has to be simplified somewhere.


The whole game was simplified. Aircraft was gutted. This game is trash garbage


played as Lanius, and it was quite good fun. Obviously went ahead and did a world conquest with Caesar, and had a good time with it.


Any good HoI4 total conversion mods to follow other than these?
>Kaiserreich and the submods
>Red Flood
>Red World
>TNO and TWR
I pretty much just play the game for the modding scene. The old games where god-tier but the scenarios are really lacking.


File: 1608528228878.webm (707.75 KB, 480x360, thats disgusting.webm)



Millenium Dawn depending on your taste, and 'End of a New Beginning', though I'll admit I haven't played those that much.


From what I saw, isn't TWR pretty shit, and even more liberast than TNO? Like there maliciously isn't a single ok USSR path. Its all either muh 1984, muh total cleptocracy or, seemingly just to spite lefties, Zhukov and all his government officials die no matter what by big building, leaving brainlets incharge.


File: 1608528229244.png (144.22 KB, 441x259, hoi more like oi.png)

>Cold War : Iron Curtain
Historic cold war
>In the name of the Tsar
What if the Russian Empire (somehow) wins WW1 scenrario
Weird alternate WW2
>Star Wars the Clone Wars
Pretty unique mod with a different scale, star wars mod obviously
>Unification Wars
Warhammer40K mod i think
>Old Europe 1300
Somehow transform HOI4 into a medieval game, with high effort
>Lords of the rings
A bit glitchy but pretty cool overall
>Hearts of Azeroth
Warcraft mod. didn't play too much but it has effort and content
>The Fallen Eagle
what if WW1 never happened scenario
>Après moi le Déluge
long ass story but overall what if Napoleon won scenario


Honestly, the worst thing I find about Zhukov's tree, is that after you complete the mini path after Zhukov bites it, outside of a submod that lets you justify war goals manually, there's literally fuck all to do, shit, I mean, at least Konevs tree can allow you to declare war on the Toronto Accord if you feel like it


>Weird alternate WW2
Eh wouldn't exactly call it weird, I mean shit, its premise is literally "What if the Entente won WW1" from the Kaiserreich universe lmao


File: 1608528229512.png (319.02 KB, 905x678, 20201107155238_1.png)

Check the tabs in this teaser lmao


What mod is this?


Is the Napoleon mod any good? I saw it a while back and it seems quite cool, but is it polished to at least KRish standart?


My review of battle for the bosphorous (also kinda a longplay so I'll just post it here too)

I'm not going to go too far into the stuff about how the price is the same as other DLCs that have actually had new mechanics in them, but even with the stuff that is there, I had a shitty time.

The Ottoman empire tree: you don't achieve your goals until well after 1939, so the entire world is at war and you can't claim any territory without waging war against the Allies/Axis/etc. So, if you want to reclaim any of your territory, you have to settle in for a long, miserable war that stretches across the whole globe. I only finished 'Hardly Anything Sevres' in 1950, which as you can imagine was fucking miserable, as vanilla becomes borderline unplayable due to unit spam after 1944. Also, it was absurd that the Ottomans could instantly core territory as far afield as Romania and Algeria without even needing to build compliance.

The Bulgarian communist tree: This tree barely even worked. The mechanics for building support with internal factions were okay, but by the time you managed to get your country to communist, you couldn't intervene in the Spanish civil war (which locks off one of your focusses and best army leaders), but the bigger problem is that the mechanics that are supposed to allow you to flip your neighbours to communism to create the Balkans federation do not work. Yugoslavia will join your faction regardless, but the decisions to grow their communist popularity do not work past 55%, and they never flip to communist aligned. For other nations, it takes far too long to build their communist support and they too do not flip before the world war starts. For example, Greece did not flip to communist until after Italy declared war on them and they had joined the allies. Romania flipped in 1941 finally, but would not join my faction because it preferred to join the Comintern. Then, their focus tree led them to join the Axis anyway. I raised Turkey's communism support to 90% for gods sake and they didn't flip to communist ever. It would have been faster and easier if I had simply invaded my neighbours one by one but in that case why even include focusses which are supposed to allow you to build the federation? I even tried this playthrough twice, once on non-historical, and once on historical, and neither time did I manage to get anyone to join my faction.

Just don't buy this, it sucks.


Sorry didn't mean to reply to you, but since I have
Half of the mods this guy is listing are totally incomplete so I'm guessing no it isn't polished. For example unification wars only lets you play as the emprah until he conquers the Himalayas. Fuhrerreich is more complete but I would say it's far below the standard of Kaiserreich/EaW/etc.


>Unification Wars
>Warhammer40K mod i think
Didn’t this stop development halfway through? They didn’t even implement the correct map and having starships in that period is just plainly lore breaking. Also chaos is communism for some reason.
>no porn tab
>resetretards and brainforce
I mean of course it would be. The scenario is thought up by an ultra lib, they didn’t even implement puppeting right. With just complete map gore if Vietnam and India won the war against the ROC.


A mod called The Fire Rises lmao

Basically, it's a mod set in the year 2020 and everything goes to shit, up to and including a 2nd American Civil war, the pic that I posted precedes a civil war in the DPRK


Playing WW3 on the Cold War mod is really fun. It’s a lot of buildup sadly. But the huge variation in unit types allows for a really great playing experience.


Millennium Dawn is a great mod. But only if you play as China or US and do WW3. The combat, naval, and air units are pretty realistic and interesting.
But can you fight WW3 on it


Check out Deluge Revolutions, it's a more up-to-date version of the mod


>Kalterkrieg and Krasnacht
Two Cold War mods set in the Kaiserreich Universe.
>Bring the War home
Civil War breaks out in 1960's America
>Millennium Dusk
Modern Day mod where the whole world goes to shit
>Decorum Est
A substance called Hephastium exists and its use in World War I contributes to a far greater number of deaths
>Long and Happy Life
A Nazbol rockstar become president of Russia in 1996 and the whole world goes to shit afterwards


Just went and check and holy hell the devs are pretty damn based. Even when bombarded by libs posting the same god awful red scare crap they still btfo’ed them in good faith.
Actually retconing back Marxism is pretty good too.


File: 1608528230700.jpg (57.79 KB, 600x790, kane.jpg)

anon from >>5841 here


Its true that most of the mods i listed aren't completely finished, but i tried to give playable overhauls, because mods like Godspeed or Long and Happy life are still not available. The anon i responded pretty much cited the most important mods in the HOI4 community. I can recommend a mod, not a overhaul but still a great one, called "New Ways" it adds multiple focus trees, releasable nations and you can play as an anarchist nation (from Ancom to Ancap, with mutualism and egoism) with unique mechanics.

So, what mods are you hyped for ? Mine are Millenium Dusk (the GFX is fucking awesome), Bring the War home, Red Alert Last Dawn and Mushroom Wars (a crack mod in the Mario universe, unironically looks great)


Ok, so I have just spent a good few hours trying to get all info available about Godspeed and damn, it seems like possibly the best mod yet. TNO is cool and all, but it is way too, ehh… how do I say it… self serious, too auteur? Don't quite know how to describe it, but the feeling it leaves behind is that it is a piggyback vechicle for the lead dev to show off his epic story ideas, which kinda steps on the cool creative shit you could explore in an alternate cold war. Meanwhile Godspeed seems to be like Kaiserreich when it was still cool, but even more creative and wonderous in all the stuff it could house inside, with the added effect of a wider story of a global crisis that isn't a predetermined "Burgundy is the final boss" shit, which hopefully means the end result of the mod will be a good synthesis of the strongest parts of KR and TNO.


Pretty much anything with a balkanized USA or more fair depictions of socialism

Spartacus looks pretty good, as does Legacy of Anarchism and Fraternité en Rébellion

I already mentioned Deluge Revolutions but I'm interested in that too

And while it's not a HOI4 mod, I am hyped for the mod I may or may not make myself


It’s a shame that the Kaiserreich devs are horseshoe theorists. Like Mussolini is a totalist… and mixing extreme communism with national populism.

But I do feel like some of the devs did their research into leftist rhetoric, because some of the decisions and pop ups are pretty based


I allways find Foster, both his path and community perception, to be funny. The guy is literally the single best actual socialist in the mod, but for some reason the devs felt compeled to also shove in weird "muh 1984" crap in his path. So the community just sees him as "da funni ebil path", even though, ya know, can just choose not to do the stupid stuff like child kidnaping. Also he is the only American path to my knowladge that actively does something about racism.


>But can you fight WW3 on it

As for Millennium Dawn, I've had a bit of fun playing as Russia and bringing back the USSR


>Red Alert Last Dawn
Same, speaking of Red Alert, there's another one based around a mod of RA3 called Paradox (Sadly though, only a demo of it got released before it got canned because of limitations of making mods for RA3)

>Mushroom Wars

Hol' up, there's a fucking Mario themed mod for HoI IV?
Fucking kek, and I thought the Sonic the Hedgehod themed mod that's being developed was pretty crazy


I mean, its Goebels logic. You get the community to accept EaW, and then nothing else is too crazy anymore. I mean, HoI4 Star Wars, middle ages and Warcraft mods sound weird, but hey, its not as crazy as Brony mod. Then Mario and Sonic is just par for the course.


There is blessed Sablin


That’s from TNO.


File: 1608528237600-0.png (229.74 KB, 402x468, Screenshot (23).png)

File: 1608528237600-1.png (277.48 KB, 435x544, Screenshot (25).png)

The main problem for MD Russia is that Russia has so little research slots unless you use cheats. Also in MD in general Strat bombers are extremely OP in that mod. Same for naval bombers. WW3 is by far funner in MD then WW2 in main game though. I'd love to do a multiplayer MD WW3 game of NATO vs USSR and PRC or something like that.


>The main problem for MD Russia is that Russia has so little research slots
Yeah, that is unfortunately true aswell


Can't believe they only have four. They should have at least six.


>1962 NPP national-convention.
&ltInside Wallace's mind
&ltYockey's mind
"i hope the R-D's put that Jew Goldwater on the ticket so i can test out my list of racial slurs!"
&ltInside RFK's / Humphreys Mind(s)
"Wowzers guise we cant wait to implement a European Social-Democratic economy and a comprehensive reform plan to end racial segregation (POGGERZ!) anyway hope nothing goes wrong on the short walk from the convention centre to our limo!"
&ltLe'Mays mind
"Wealth Redistribution?, Protecting White-American Identity? What does any of this shit even mean? I just hope Wallace wasn't lying when he said he'd let me lead the invasion of Japan…"
&ltMargaret chases mind
"Yes im NazBol but less racist how did you know?"
&ltGus Hall's mind.
"HAHAHAHAHAH All according to plan…"


Oh yeah and btw if La'Rouche isn't a possible NPP candidate at some point this mod is officially dropped imo


La Rouche is too TNO to be in TNO. All of his shit unironically sounds as if it was straight from the mod:
>Trans-Continental roads
>Hyperfocused on space shit
>Anti-Windsor conspiracies
>Aristotelian-Platonist war


If I remember correctly there’s a submod that adds both La Rouche and J Sakai. It’s amazing.


Eh, not a submod per se, but more like some dude on reddit made for fun


>Vicky 2 with mods
>Save the FRCA.
>Send Dixie divisions to die in Central-America in no infrastructure / 10 supply limit provinces.
>Ally Federal Republic + Texas + Brazil
>Mexico allies Colombia.
>Colombia wants some piece of jungle off of Brazil.
>War goes very very badly for Mexico-Colombia.
>Panama Independent.
>Yucatan, Chiapas, Rio-Grande, California all independent.
>Central America all on its own unified with Chiapas and Panama to completely unify Central America.
>Wait 6 years declare war for the northern Mexican territories.
>Betray and balkanise Brazil


Oh yeah and then.
>Ally Argentina.
>Decide that since I just murked Brazil I might as well LARP as a Republican revolutionary.
>Trigger UK into declaring on me by playing hard ball over Washington.
>Wait for the UK to come for me. Playing defensive and whittling down their forces / letting them drop from attrition.
>When I see them start sending suicide stacks of 3 / 6 k men to take states I push.
>Proto-Canada murked
Now all that I have to do is beat Spain and the last stain of monarchism will be removed from the new world.


Yeah, this image


Who would be a good Burgundian system leader for the US be?


Someone else suggested William Luther Pierce, the guy who wrote The Turner Diaries



maybe the guy who wrote siege would do, probably to young though


That sounds like a good option since he literally wants nuclear cleansing



So is there any good mods for Victoria 2 for suggestion?
Looks dumb as shit. There's no way that schizo would ever beat Germany in an actual war.


>Looks dumb as shit. There's no way that schizo would ever beat Germany in an actual war.
nah, the AI is very eassy to beat


New Russian Reunification video for TNO, what do you all think ?


>Looks dumb as shit. There's no way that schizo would ever beat Germany in an actual war.
Stranger things have happened, imagine a world where the Nazis were the better faction, and the lost. TNO is less of a grand strategy and more of a horror game, that's what makes it so good. It explores true horror in a way traditional horror games can't. True horror isn't jump scares but a knowledge that the thing you fear is their, and you can't beat it, you can only lie down or join it. I guess this is why reactionaries are the best horror writers. Because they are against social progress, a force that can't be stopped, only sped down or speeded up.


I'm p sure the devs have said that burgsys is inspired by his beliefs.


burgsys exists because natsoc isn't edgy enough for this mod


what makes WW3 scary is the fact it will completely annihilate all the progress you made during your wholesome 100 Harrington presidency
The game just ends after the 2nd superevent (glitchy vid), you can't play on


I like the little additions like the clock ticking or the rocket launching with some specific paths, the game has a lot of love put into it


how do you get the john glen path on tno


File: 1608528258888.png (1.21 MB, 1248x724, Screenshot (29).png)

absolutely based


Its either:
Loose 1st to the NPP, win 2nd as R-D
Or win as R-D LBJ, go Glenn 2nd term
I don't remember which it is.


>yelsin reunification
&ltliquor pouring sound


Business idea, submod for TNO that adds some elements from Wolfenstein (Like supersoldiers, Tesla cannons and shit like that)

Since the demo for TNO was first released, I had an idea like this floating around in my head where Deathshead from the Wolfenstein games was a possible successor to Hitler, who has a rivalry with Himmler as to how the Reich should obtain total victory, where Himmler aims to bring about the apocalypse via the paranormal rather than nukes (Or combined with the use of nukes) whereas Deathshead wishes to conquer the world with superior military technology (And unlike Goerings retardation of making the sungun, Deathshead simply straps some nuclear missiles onto a satellite)

Oh and Lysenko could make actual supersoldiers and the other shit he can do could actually have a chance of working


File: 1608528262918.png (1.21 MB, 1249x734, Screenshot (31).png)

Went NPP as RFK and he got killed at the same time Japan declared war on me over a diplomatic crisis (didn't know those things could become wars) Storm Thurmond then became POTUS and repleaed the civil rights act while American troops were just cackewaled throuch Japanese occupied China. I then swept into Japan and took all their VPs before the nukes could fire and won WW3. While at the same time I got this event. TNO is a very strange mod, you spend a decade in game pushing a country as left as you can and then you just get couped. I played an Italy game where the Fascist party became reformists, had elections, and socialists got elected but then the King launched a coup. Very strange.


I feel like the game will have a lot of cop-outs where you get coup'd but the very last stretch of the game will always have the people you backed coming out on top. seeing how much it focuses on narrative, this is basically building suspense for that eventuality


RFK getting elected and then dying and having his reforms reversed by Thurmond is meant to be a lead up for a potential Gus Hall (M-L communist) presidency.
A similar thing unfurls if Wallace gets elected then impeached within his first four years.

Le-May can choose to basically become a NPP-C president and pass an even more comprehensive civil rights act which if coupled with the goldwater presidency can usually lead to a Hall win, If Le-May chooses to double down on the whole 'Just scream nigger at people' thing then he coupled with goldwater can lead to the yockey presidency


Probably the “shrimp boat bug” acting up again. It’s a bug where a flavor text event that was supposed to create short-term tension but always have the AI choosing to escalate to open warfare. They’ve tried to prevent it from happening when the player doesn’t control the US and Japan but they could theoretically still happen when you control either side.


>Storm Thurmond then became POTUS and repleaed the civil rights act
How does he even do that without a senate majority? That part needs to be rewritten


>the King launched a coup
That is what happens when you try to abolish the monarchy. There may be a republican Italy path added later but for now the only socialist Italy path is monarcho-Eurocommunism.


nah it was the "Japanese submarine in American waters" event


that is cringe


So how about that Heydrich redemption arc?


Forget it, Jake, it's TNO.


I'm pretty sure Thrumond coup is desirable for the most far-left outcomes. 1, it can easily lead to Hall (and I am pretty sure the coup + repeal is the most comprehensive way to get NPP-L in charge), but also 2, it can lead to a more left-wing than RFK Harrington presidency, if I am not mistaken.

Also I do really wonder how the second decade will go if you get Yockey or Hall elected. Devs said they can both loose AND win in 1976 vs six other candidates (and I can only assume that one of those is the other of the two, so Hall if Yockey won 1972 and vice versa). So I actually kinda want to do a 100% "funni" run as US, which would be something like RFK > Glenn > Yockey > Hall.


I hope hall and yockey get content


>New Hall update
&ltMake his path even more difficult to get through by shilling The African Mandates with huge buffs and even when they collapse won’t even affect the R-D popularity at all
&ltMake him bad because “he’s a hecking homophobe” beyond what he is in OTL because he’s a logger’s son
The amount of utter hatred for the working class of the liberal devs are showing. Utterly disgusting.
I guess they had to resort to this because people are starting to see that being a tankie in TNO is actually a sane option.


Everyone was homophobic back then, no twnetith centenary communist is going to have modern views on every subject, no one from that time period did. Especially if Nazis won the cold war and the only ones preventing them from world domination is a very pathetic and weak version of NATO and a very very very weak russia.


>The amount of utter hatred for the working class of the liberal devs are showing. Utterly disgusting.
Couldn't say it better myself, but for some reason I just can't look away; its like a horrible train wreck.


The entire thing is just so much of a desperate attempt to control the fanbase opinions:
>Hall is the second worst presidential choice because you will have to ruin the US to get him in
&ltBut we can totally turn the US around with socialist policies
>No he’s a tankie!
&ltSupporting the USSR is actually good in this timeline though?
>No, he will shut down the FBI and CIA. Not the heckling based CIA! We need uncle Hoover to rule like a corrupt shadow government to fight the Germans and Japanese!
&ltThe CIA and FBI are shit even in OTL. Killing them is good.
>Hall is a homophobe!!!


Funny thing is that Panzer apparently wanted to make Hall WORSE than Yockey, and the rest of the devs not being comfortable with going along with that was one of the key reasons he retired.

Of course, I'm surprised that the same dev team who approved "make Heydrich into a tragic villain" drew the line at "make Hall worse than an actual nazi", but it's something I guess


I'd like to make mods for Paradox games solely to counter the usual liberal/conservative biases you usually see in them


these are the people who call us ideologues


>make Heydrich into a tragic villain
This makes no sence, the purpose of burgsys is that its so horrible that its horrifying in a way that makes the hair on your head stand up, I understand them having some German leaders that aren't bad for balance reasons, but making Heydrich good destroys the meaning of this mod.


You think it's bad for you? Try being a guy who's literally part Czech and who's great grandparents took part in the effort to kill that monster. It's positively revolting to see Heydrich get last minute redeeming qualities, especially considering that there's ample evidence that the real Heydrich was a total sociopath who had no "loved ones". And yet Panzer considers this an absolute masterpiece of writing.


Wow. Never thought that Panzer was such a faggot.
I guess Krasnacht and EaW devs are the only HoI4 modding people who aren’t cringe liberals. Kalterkrieg and Red World are unabashedly monarchists. Kaiserreich are ultra-centrists and Kaiserboos. Red flood had an actual schizo Nazi from Montenegro. TWR on the other hand have the creator a neoliberal cuck while the devs just dumbass centrists.




Someone needs to make a Cold War mod for red flood
I’d do it but I suck at coding
An anarchist-objectivist Cold War is the most interesting scenario but it doesn’t make sense because the only paths for those ideologies are in the same country


>So how about that Heydrich redemption arc?
>approved "make Heydrich into a tragic villain"
Wait, what did I miss? In the old version he's basically a fucking reptile who happily nukes the planet if he wins.
>Red flood had an actual schizo Nazi from Montenegro
Based schizo Nazi, Red Flood Germany is the best communist country in all the mods inb4 some autist singles out Goebbels, the meme leader


Can someone explain wtf happened with Panzer, Hall and all of that drama? Are ppl actually starting to see Hall as based? What are the devs doing to curb socialism?


i dont remember foster kidnapping kids or being so comically evil? what the hell did they do?


where can i find all this panzer drama it sounds fucking hilarious


>Wait, what did I miss
In the new update the only Heydrich path is him turning against Himmler after the nuclear plans are revealed to him (but only because it will kill too many "Aryans"). A few weeks later Himmler realizes that Heydrich is secretly working against him and launches a failed coup in Berlin. After this Germany collapses into a dozen fiefdoms run by a bunch of different factions including SS divisions, Wehrmacht groups, Speerites, megacorporations, partisans etc. Himmler and Heydrich battle for influence over these factions and control over the German nuclear missiles (if Himmler gets more than 50% of the nukes, it is over). These factions are gradually integrated/conquered to each side until the final conflict between Himmler and Heydrich in a Second Civil War. After Heydrich wins he personally executes Himmler. Heydrich gradually has mental breakdown, loses faith in his ideology and executes himself. Germany is plunged into a Third Civil War (unplayable for now, you are switched to observer mode)


Foster has an event about children being raised communally in special camps rather than by their parents.


File: 1608528291462.jpg (418.82 KB, 1589x831, greich.jpg)

>what could've been


It was always there. As I recall, Foster has three main flavor events:
1. Establishing the black belt national self-determination, which is based
2. Legalizing euthanasia, which is good, but the event text seems to imply that he might fake euthanasia documents to kill off dissidents or something.
3. The kid thing, which is insane any way you look at it: first interpretation that it is a radical Taylorist measure to boost productivity by making sure proles aren't distracted by family, and the second one is that it is a tool of control on party members, as their kids would technically be held hostage at all times. Good thing is that you can simply choose not to pass this event.

Also there is the meme thing where if Butler coups Foster the event text mentions "Storming the Citadel", which makes it seem like over the top 1984 shit. Though same wording might be true for Browder coup event as well so idk.


File: 1608528291791.png (349.83 KB, 738x874, pov_sleged.png)

>All that shit
Reminder that in all the dev QnA streams Panzer shilled Heydrich path as his baby, so he definitely feels proud about it and thinks its good epic writing. Man, what an amazing individual. I love watching his saga unfold. Feel bad for people actively attached to the mod and its story quality, but I kinda like the fact we have this absolutely auteur lolcow.


I remember when TNO came out and it was recommended to play Heydrich first, and for the first few days the Heydrich route didn't even work. Bravo.


What's people's opinion of long and happy life? I'm in a discord server with one of the mods and he's pretty chill


It’s made by a bunch of Russian chauvinists who idolize Dugin, so I’m not all that enthusiastic about it


It seems like the only non-insane ideologies in it are left wing ones at least


There’s pretty much no way France can realistically win against socialist Germany. Most realistic scenario is that the One State took over most of Asia, the Internationale is Europe and most of South America (with an isolationist Japan) and the US already broken apart.


Seconding this


thank god for submods, Göring's Wild Ride submod is the funist hoi4 playthough ever, hopefully someone will make a submod that is just as fun but also involves a leftist figure (maybe lyndon larouche coups the US gov)


We should really do a /leftypol/ overhaul of TNO. Just don’t name it as such.


>Red flood had an actual schizo Nazi from Montenegro.

Didn't know TheAthelasProject worked on Red Flood lmao


What the fuck?

I thought that Heydrich was never supposed to turn against Himmler?




>I thought that Heydrich was never supposed to turn against Himmler?

Nah, that was always a temporary state of affairs. Heydrich was always supposed to have his own primitivist path.



Nope, that was just a big lie that they propagated, even among lower team members such as myself. I first caught wind of it nearly 2 years ago when I was on the team, but mere mention of it to Panzer caused him to rage at me about "pleblore", so I assumed Panzer had come to his senses and realized that giving one of history's biggest monster's some feelsy redemption events is a really bad idea.



Making Hydrich good would have nothing make seance. Especially sense all the other German paths are depraved in their own ways (goering wants ww3, borman wants to continue a slave society, speer becomes insane, socialist Germany kills every grunt who worked for the old regime)


Is it really that Heydrich becomes good though? From what anon described it seems more like he just literally doesn't want to nuke the whole world, hardly a high standard. That doesn't make him not a Nazi or whatever. Then, when he beats Himmler it just all seems pointless so he kills himself. That doesn't make him 'a good guy'.


See, it IS like that throughout most of the playthrough. It's only the last events, after you've beaten Himmler, that the sympathy shit begins to unfold, as we're shown from Heydrich's perspective how he's been alienated from his children and him coming to realize Nazism is actually bad. Some other events if Himmler comes out on top in the nuclear struggle make it clear that one of Heydrich's primary motivations is love for his family, which comes as kind of a shock considering who we're talking about.


File: 1608528294329.png (274.97 KB, 573x586, vtmvu2pviwu21.png)

Literally picrel


I’m replaying Tyumen in tno now that it’s fixed, what focuses do a take to avoid the coup?


Isn't Khruschev supposed to be actually good in TNO, though?


If we were going to do a mod it may as well be an original


I could only imagine the disastrous autism




An evil sociopath loving his family isn't really very remarkable though. Almost everyone is motivated by family ties in one way or another. That's a classic part of the 'little Eichmann' trope.

I dunno, without playing it myself I don't want to say it's good or bad but I'm not entirely against such a concept as a super Nazi realising that for as much as he might hate Jews and degenerates and so on, what he's doing isn't making his or his family's life any better.


The thing is that they wern't sociopathes when the nazis first seized power they were no diffrent from several other right-wing dictatorships at that time or ones that would exist in the future. Before Kristalnight jews in germany were better off then blacks in america. They became uniquely evil through a series of events, but they didn't start off that way and they wern't uniquely evil, the scary thing about the NSDAP is that anyone could do what they did, and they could justify it by their higher ideals. Evil deeds are not commited by evil men, but by good men who think of thier actions to be rigtous and justifed by their higher ideals.


Yeah he is, but I just want to know what focuses I have to take to avoid it because I haven’t heard much about kaganovich


>huh duh a Nazi also have kids you know
Literally the plot Amazon’s the Boys. Which is also remade under them to be more sympathetic to the corporate villains.
Having kids doesn’t exempt you from crimes against humanity fuckwad.


Therein lies my problem with all HOI4 alt history mods; by taking real historical figures and events and bending them to shape your own ideological biases you create the most vain and frankly disgusting works of 'art' conceivable.


Another funny thing is in a recent thread on the community. People actually posted numerous proofs that Gus Hall’s supposed “homophobia” was just regular anti-Idpolism and the devs made it up to make him look bad and fit their liberal mangled version of history. Their response is just more childish meltdowns and weak excuse of “autistic creativity”. Such sad brainworm infected people.


>some guy from the twentieth century doesn't conform to modern social norms
what a shocker, Regan, Eisenhower and FDR probably had similar views on gays to Hall, but no one will bring that up


>Another funny thing is in a recent thread on the community
Which thread?



>he's still alive


Well, yeah, he was MP for Bolsover for about 40 years I think before he lost his seat to the tories last year


Is it impossible for one man to mod anymore? I swear every mod I come across has like 5-6 people working on it and they're constantly begging for more help. Is it insane for me to think I could make a fairly simple mod for Darkest Hour myself?



File: 1608528298683.png (1.72 MB, 1903x1080, cefcze57s4261.png)

Take less than 4 of the more progressive options in the focus tree and Khrushchev will not have the power to do a coup


how long tell a submod comes out where gus hall is super great


File: 1608528298973.png (137.68 KB, 574x451, TNO Russian Warlord.png)

Ust'-Bumfuckinsk has three paths that are unlocked at the regional stage after an abrupt "hey, let's change the government, boiz!" moment (be it due to a sudden election, a first one in more than 20 years; or a coup).

Gena Cid's wacky radical path (AuthSoc/Fascist)
&lt- A focus dedicated to training Ust'-Bumfuckinsk ragtag army into space marines + an event where a poor conscript called Petrovich Korazov is yelled at by a drill instructor straight out of an American movie;

&lt- "Purge Blessenniy's Faction" focus and associated events with graphic descriptions (someone certainly will post one of these events in discord saying it gave them nightmares);

&lt- Forcing people to make rifles for the state, shooting these people with the same rifles when they slack off because of starvation;

&lt- Even though the leader is almost caricaturely antagonistic, still will have some unironic ironic unironic fans in the community.

​Democritus Blessenniy's wholesome path (AuthDem/LibDem/SocDem)
&lt- Event marking Blessenniy's rise to power with the title "New Dawn of Spring Hope" or some other combination of these words;

&lt- An obligatory event where a dung farmer called Old Man Vasily sheds a manly tear of joy, because he knows that somewhere out there in the capital a congressman cares and thinks about him while voting for acts and bills in the gilded marble halls of power;

&lt- A single "fly in the ointment" event about a poor person still being poor, that was added so that this path wouldn't be criticized as "too perfect" or "unrealistically wholesome".

​Unbekannt Strenggeheimov's wildcard E S O T E R I C path
&lt- Unbekannt will win only because the player made conscious effort to bring a nutjob into power;

&lt- Either establishes sweet wholesome peace and equality for everyone, with smiling babies and rainbows; or is just as insane as Cid, but with a focus on an absurd fringe ideology/conspiracy theory that would get anyone on a 24/7 watchlist in a single Google search. Either way creates a failed state.

&lt- Policies that are vaguely defined in focus descriptions (interpretation of these policies will lead to several major flamewars in the community);

&lt- The path was kept secret by the devs, but immediately spread all over the community and memed to death in mere hours after release.

Miscellaneous notes:
1)Every character in events awkwardly adresses other people by their surname (even their family, friends and colleauges). Because patronymics are hard.
2) Regional stage features a power struggle mechanic in the form of a two-side progress bar, a competition of whoever has the highest number or a full-on election survey. You can never guess whether you will spend 100 pp and forget about it or you will have to savescum it to death.
3) "Chasing the Sun".
4) Foreign policy tree will always include a focus with an event to a foreign nation which the player will never get to read.
5) Reunified Russia does not use the classic Russian tricolor. What it does use is fancy adjectives in the state's name to differentiate it from other unifiers.


Playing the Werbell Tree now and its pretty fun. The writing in this game is so ridiculous though. Honestly it's good for a laugh.


Was enjoying it but game glitched into unplayable state. How hard is it to just create a mod that works in basic function?


File: 1608528299266.jpg (44.84 KB, 533x483, 1425024487019-1.jpg)



File: 1608528301929.png (328.47 KB, 857x767, WellIminchargenow.png)

>Gao after he spends 10 years great leap forwarding china for the second great war of resistance against Japan but then Japan gets fucking KISHIED.COM'ed


Ah a familiar face!


Does anyone have the event id for the German civil war in tno? It never fired in my game and I don’t want to start a new one because I’m in 1967


It starts in something like 1964 and has events based on time so I think your game is probably fucked regardless


File: 1608528306097.png (31.99 KB, 136x102, sanchez live.png)

>Der Polandissches Reich Platz Konigreich
>Der Drei Sicilieren Reich
>Orengiche Popenreich
>Kleine Serbiuss
>…lische Rhodsen Rreich
>Franzosische Reichs
What the fuck?


Should we have a separate thread for Vic2? I would post about it more but the conversation largely leans towards TNO/HOI4


File: 1608528307503.png (185 KB, 360x450, 450.png)



It has been made


File: 1608528309732.png (1.03 MB, 1250x700, Screenshot (32).png)

nazbol memes have gone to far


Wait what? I thought his entire economic focus tree only consists of him scamming people to fund his military escapades. Did they change it to make him more sympathetic like Heinrich?


Not that anon, but I don't think so, IIRC, the nationalisation of banks was just another way for him to fund said military escapades


What do you guys think about all the paths for Red Flood Germany? I’ve only played the vanguardist path and the Leninist path and want to make the next playthrough more interesting.


what are the different leaders you get?


why is his chin so pale?


Grey stubble?


I’ve only seen Meyer, Goebbels and Sedov as the successors of Levi. Never know that there’s more because the focus tree is so gigantic.
The Sedov orthodox Leninist path is pretty fun though. Pretty much a overall better version of TNO’s Sablin playthrough.


Anyone here played socdem Komi? I was thinking about playing as them but I wanna know if they’re good or not


All Italy paths in TNO explained
>Do you like democracy?
Ciano > Elections held

>Elections are being held who do you like most?

&ltChristian Democrats
&ltCPI/SP coalition.
Socdem dude and LibSoc dude
&ltThe PNF
AuthDem guy

>Want a Republic

&ltSocialist or social?
Put the LibSocs in charge and take the most left focus's
Put the AuthDems in charge and take the most right focus's

Lol xd no republic for you if you do either the army kills you and ends the game


if voring conquers italy, the puppet gov is a republic


Don't know how intended by the devs this is, but all the based outcomes in TNO seem to only be available with "acceleration", like how SA only goes left-wing if the RK's achieve total victory and collapse. Wouldn't be surprised if the based Italy path will only be available for post-Voring collapse timeline.


Does the SA even exist in the TNO universe?


SA as in South Africa


File: 1608528316852.png (2.12 MB, 1920x1080, eqm8xn69qc361.png)

The Holy Burgundian Empire




File: 1608528319029.png (2.25 MB, 1080x1680, k2i8xb0zr4f31.png)

I imagine myself in Transjordania, leading my Platoon. Our mission is to stop it*Lian dogs from advancing. We mow down it*Lian dogs but they keep coming. I shoot it*Lian dogs but I run out of ammo so I draw my sword and begin slaughtering it*Lians, since it*Lian are way more psychially inferior to me, I slay them by dozens. Then I get shot, but I didn't fall, I kept fighting. Then shot again and again. it*Lian were shooting me from a distance like the cowards they are. I lie down, facing up to sky and I see KARA BOĞA (Tengri) smiling at me, I smile back… Then I woke up, in Turkiye, my homeland. My TURK brethen gave me a warm welcome to heaven. I finally made it, I finally made it into heaven..


TNO feels like its going downhill in terms of story and bias. Even tho Panzer quit we still have lots of honestly cringe/lib story telling. Examples being:

>GO4 wholesome big chungus feel good wank.

>DSR+Kovner=worse than actual nazis.
>NOOOO you can't like Gus Hall, he's totally HOMOPHOBIC *citation needed* and wants to dissolve the CIA and expose Hoover's shadow gov.
>Whatever the fuck they were thinking with the Heydrich path (humanizing him).

It also speaks volumes that their reddit, discord and mod by extension equivocates "tankies" (actual socialists) with fucking Nazis who at this point have wiped out hundreds of millions of Slavs, Jews, Political opponents, French. Belgians, Czechs. Honestly almost anyone in TNO is worth supporting against the Nazi dogs who run all of Europe.


Could you direct me to the core drama of Panzer leaving? I still don't really get why he quit. Did he leave sonme sort of goodbye message?


From what I've heard he quit due to disagreements with the dev team. He rly pushed some fucked up ideas like making Hall worse than Yockey which the rest of the dev team wasn't ok with. If anyone knows more I'd love to hear about the Panzer spergout


holy shit will everyone quit bitching about discord drama
if its bad then we'll stop fucking playing it


I thought it was because he got tired of developing for TNO in general?


hope all this retardation brings the mod down like what happened to kaiserreich tbh


Fucking this. We should spend more time trying to make a submod for it. Fucking hell it’s not that hard to even do. Cold Summer Springs looks great.
A more saddening thing is that Red Flood is also going downhill. Based on the new tease, the devs have basically turned Accelerationism into the only hook for the mod. Not even a slight attempt at pushing for also very interesting shit like crazy esoteric anprims, objectivist Randian retardation (of which Hoxha used to believe in as well) and crazy communist paths. It’s just full Right accelerationism now.
Now they mostly ignore the whole storyline where Artaud exiled most of the left futurists into the Caribbean which is still a dead end.


This is why Bunkerchan should make our own mods, I would but I have no graphic design skills


File: 1608528338525-0.png (8.88 MB, 3780x3780, godspeedmapeurope.png)

File: 1608528338525-1.png (1.59 MB, 3049x1547, Godspeedmap.png)


TripleA. Should I play this? I discovered this game by accident, Did any of you try this before?


What is there to check out? It's not even released in unfinished state yet.


Its development speed is even slower than Krasnacht. Any large development updates only come a few months or so while the devs is lazy to the point of never posting their work outside of discord.


File: 1608528348384.png (1.69 MB, 1172x1512, bomba.png)

Its fun but kinda limited. TripleA originally is a virutal simulation of the Axis and Allies board game, with many variations (Its turn per turn) but the community made plenty of intersting maps from sci-fi and fantasy to cold war and ancient times. Its cool, but its surely not as complex as HOI4 or EU4, still, you can give it a try.


Is there any hope for Europe in the TNO universe? It seems that regardless of who succeeds Hitler it will be a fascist shithole damaged beyond repair. What are our opinions on this hellhole timeline /gsg/?


I found this mod by complete accident, but it seems really cool. It‘s called bringing the war home, and it‘s about a US civil war in the 60s, it seems pretty based
Subreddit (I don’t like reddit but it‘s one of the only spots to talk about it):
Apparently they‘re looking for devs, so we can make it more based
Apply here:


Speer slave uprising ending is borderline based.


DSR, monarcho-communist Italy, Iberian collapse and French resistance are the only way out for Europe. The DSR gonna suck at first but it will get better. The stain of fascism must be wipe clean anyway you look at it. A bourgeois democracy built on corpses will inevitably revert to full fascism when push come to shove like what we have now in Chile.
Too radlib for me. The HOI4 alt-Islamic mod sounds and looks much more promising.
>Bayt al-Hikmah is a Hearts of Iron 4 total conversion modification that explores an universe where the Umayyads won in the battle of Toulouse, and subsequently Charlemagne never established himself as Holy Roman Emperor, which led to the Islamic world to dominate World Affairs.
>Orthodox Azadism, or just Azadism as it is referred to in-game, is derived from the Persian word azad, and holds as fact that history is determined by material struggles between classes, and that true freedom can only be achieved through the destruction of the class system. Azadist societies have a variety of internal structures, but are generally focused around equal distribution of wealth and resources. 'Orthodox' Azadists generally have more centralised governments than Confederal Azadists, but unlike Nationalist Azadists, do not see the nation as a necessary and integral organ of the revolution.
&ltOrthodox Marxism
>Confederal Azadism are marked by an extreme distrust of state institutions and centralisation. Confederal azadist 'states' thusly have most of their power rested in local councils and cooperatives, elected via horizontal direct democracy. Local and minority identity and power are also often times highly valued. However, critics of confederal azadism state that this relative lack of unified state vision could create weakness on the reactionary global stage
>Azadist Nationalism, on the other hand, differs from the conventional azadist position of a united international proletariat being necessary for social revolution, instead arguing such a unified international order would erode the cultural foundation of the world's nations in a similar fashion to industrial capitalism. Hence, nationalist azadists favour a strong socialistic patriotism, and to bolster individual worker’s nations, aimed to protect them both from economic alienation and cultural degradation.
&ltleft nationalism
>Orthodox Shukism (called just Shukism in game) believes that continued economic growth, industrialisation and financialisation are the catalysts for a prosperous and meritocratic society. Shukists generally favour lax state regulation upon business, and view the role of the state as the safeguarding of trade. Shukist states generally favour liberal democracy as a form of government.
>Traditional Shukism aligns generally with its orthodox cousin on principles of free trade and liberal democracy. However, traditional shukist parties are generally formed from the interests of rural, landed interests rather than urban industrialists and financiers. Hence, traditional shukists find in the expansion of urban capitalism both dehumanisation and the erosion of traditional values, and thusly while more socially conservative than regular shukists, are also more in favour of social welfare and protectionist economies, particularly regarding agriculture.
>Zakat Shukism is now an ideology widely espoused far beyond the Islamic world, and largely divorced from religious identity, but was initially developed as a departure from the Islamic principle of zakat, that of the wealthy individual being morally required to share his wealth with the less fortunate, to the governance of the state. Hence, Zakat Shukists attempt to create a just and prosperous society through social welfare programs, state investment in industry and infrastructure to spur economic growth. However, zakatists differ from azadists in that they do not oppose the capitalist system fundamentally, and simply seek to shelter the poor from its worst excesses.
&ltsocial democrat
>Dustur Oligarchies are governmental systems where power is largely concentrated within an entrenched ruling elite -whether it be nobles, the military, or some other group-, but is also shared with a nominally democratic civilian branch of governance, such as a parliament or in local administrations. Thusly, Dustur oligarchs have clear, and constitutionally codified limits upon their power. Dustur oligarchic states generally state order and harmony as national values, and will generally oppose reform from left or right as 'populism' or 'agitation'.
Oligarchies are ruled by a single entrenched group, such as the aristocracy or military, and differ from their dusturist cousins by having no civilian or constitutional counterweight to this group's power. While generally antipopulist, different oligarchies may use a variety of different economic systems, based upon the particular leading group.
>Absolutist governments concentrate power into the hands of a single indvidual or small group of individuals, and is typically associated with absolute monarchism, but may apply to certain military juntas, or even authoritarian republics. Absolutist states tend to heavily favour protectionist and monopolistic trade policies.
>Nahdaism is an ideology that depicts its subject culture as a noble and virtuous people, eternally under threat of both external and subversive internal threats. Thusly, they favour the creation of a strong state and military to drive back the nation's enemies. Nahdaist countries typically forge strong connections between state and heavy industry, in order to maximise military capacity.
&ltfascist corporatism
>Fida’ism is a right-wing authoritarian ideology which is often compared to nahdaism. However, while nahdaists view the problems of their nation as outside subversion against a noble people, fida'ists blame 'degeneracy' upon the wickedness and moral bankruptcy of the average citizen. As such, fida'ists attempt to transform the citizen into a model of traditional or modern values through authoritarian state measures, and heavily corporatist economics, both of which seek to instill the values of station and hierarchy. While more internally authoritarian, fida'ists are generally less expansionist and aggressive than nahdaists.
&ltessentially natsoys


>When you try to load up a game in TNO, but it gets stuck on "Becoming the sick man"
Feels annoying man


Fun Fact: In the mod, there exists a leftist revolutionary as one of the leaders, and one of the devs actually interviewed them so they can get info on how he was like. They got in trouble with DisCIArd as a result.
It's based as shit.


Aye, another (Albeit not so) fun fact is that one of the devs (Well, before she left over the fallout before that happened) was part of CHAZ, and she was the one that had that fake twitter 'cap made in the /leftypol/ thread on CHAZ


File: 1608528360263.webm (222.06 KB, 640x360, ForRealThough.webm)

>Too radlib for me


The ideologies are actually mapped out pretty well


File: 1608528367370.jpg (31.57 KB, 457x572, Alunya_holding_you.jpg)

>libsoc is 'less left' than old and new left


For those that have played TNO as England and conquered Wales and/or Scotland, was it possible to reduce the effects of the Welsh Terrorism and/or Scottish Terrorism spirits?


>Old left
>aka the radical trade unionists and CPUSA people
>More left wing than libsocs
>aka hippies and SDS old guard
Yea? Everything checks out.


>new left
>more left the old left


File: 1608528368692.png (128.3 KB, 360x450, Sukarno.PNG.png)

Why TF is Sukarno marked as a "Fascist" in TNO? I don't get that at all. I know he was a pragmatic nationalist who was ideologically flexible but I feel like AuthDem or Despotism would make more sense even though he's still collaborating with Japan in this world.


cause he's allied to japan who's also fascist, fascist is just a fill in for "generig right-wing dictatorship" in this mod, despotism is for monarchs


You also have to remember that 'fascist' is separate from National Socialist in TNO, so arguably 'fascism' is not overtly genocidal and less worse than it is in vanilla/OTL


New left is maoists


Isn't "new left" just hippies though


>13B dollars treasury
>41B dollars debt


Nazis don't believe in economics


the green money is your GDP, so burgundy has a debt to gdp ration of 400%


In the mod they‘re maoists


Anyone who's played as England, when the election season decisions come round, how exactly does it work, as in, how do I make sure that the party I want to win the most votes, get the most votes, do I campaign in areas that are purely under my party's control or campaign in the areas under the other party's control or the areas where, or where the results are more contested?


Not played it but you campaign in contested areas obviously.


It's a first past the post parliamentary election so the more contested areas.


Ordosocialist Gaming
Ordosocialist Gaming


File: 1610757492598.png (5.19 MB, 2500x1600, ClipboardImage.png)

Yeah, I know they did this a year ago, but they updated as of now


Krasnacht looks great and the dev team and community is based, definitely a HOI mod I'm looking forward to.


the last GS game I played was eu4, and I had finally WC with Spain
Yeah, you could say I'm an expert


Isn’t the Red Night mod the same premise but more liberal?


Well, TNORedux just fucking died.




yeah it's really bizarre to me that "tankies" are portrayed so poorly in the mod (with the exception of i guess WRRF) when in this timeline the US itself is basically the counter-hegemon very much worth critically supporting, but apparently the victims of a genocidal war of a scale unimaginable in our timeline, who scratch out a living in a literal wartorn wasteland, are just as bad as the fascists because they arent compromising on order and discipline



We should make one of our own lmao


File: 1611751348466-0.png (2.53 MB, 2290x1235, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1611751348466-1.png (1.22 MB, 957x1093, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1611751348466-2.png (632.07 KB, 1248x704, ClipboardImage.png)

Also, I forgot to mention Red Flood finally updated.


What's the best mod for gommulism and can I get it without using steam workshop?


Don't know about best, but you can get pretty much any mod that's on steam on


The best mod for lefties is Equestria At War, prove me wrong, you can't.


I can't, it actually is the best one.


>Sandino and Marti

Yeah i'm saying basedsandinistaSandinista


File: 1612181656930-0.png (1.37 MB, 960x754, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1612181656930-1.png (1.12 MB, 1080x757, ClipboardImage.png)

They're pumping out teasers fast recently.


It kinda bugs me that people keep making more and more new mods instead of just working on the ones that already exist. Except Sons of Mobius, keep making that lads.


Business idea, TNORemarx, in which we give LibSoc and AuthSoc paths for countries in TNO, as well as overhaul existing LibSoc and AuthSoc paths, maybe do the same with SocDems too lmaonazbolNazbol


I think the 'redux' brand is kind of ruined, plus the new dev team seems to be less antithetical to leftism. Not a bad idea though.


> plus the new dev team seems to be less antithetical to leftism
Which one, the Redux dev team or the TNO dev team?nazbolNazbol


I meant the TNO dev team, the redux people are all fuckin poltards.


Ah rightnazbolNazbol


I mean I shouldn't have really said 'dev team', I think most people are the same, it's just Panzer that's stepping down. I almost feel bad for the guy, clearly he put in motion something pretty impressive, but sadly that's the way of the world, creators all eventually turn from eager and openminded, full of new ideas, to eventually become reactionaries jealously guarding the orthodoxy that they helped to produce and which now benefits them.


File: 1612410673452-0.png (3.16 MB, 1920x1080, 1.png)

File: 1612410673452-1.png (2.99 MB, 1920x1080, 2.png)

File: 1612410673452-2.png (2.98 MB, 1920x1080, 3.png)

hardly felt like a fallout game by the end lmao

I started as the Baja territories, a small colonial state of the NCR kinda like what the Mojave was, but the NCR ended up getting sniped by the Western BoS and Enclave and I had to betray them before they capitulated to get some of southern california and extra bits of baja to survive
so for like a whole 10 years I was basically the only democracy in the running, constantly harassed by the Enclave to the North and Legion to my east, with only 8 some pissant underdeveloped states to my name and virtually no reliable GDP since the only trade I could get was fucking tithes to the Western BoS
the hard times finally hit when the Legion officially declared war, and the Baja ranger corps had to spring into action. Amazingly they cut through Legion in short order and pushed all the way to New Phoenix before the Legion corpses piled so high they couldn't push anymore, and the war became an interminable back and forth. We again got a few minor breakthroughs when we managed to steal an entire fleet of Vertibirds from the Enclave for our own use, but we were just a bit too small to take on all of Legion.


File: 1612410956958-0.png (3.55 MB, 1920x1080, 1.png)

File: 1612410956958-1.png (3.06 MB, 1920x1080, 2.png)

File: 1612410956958-2.png (2.9 MB, 1920x1080, 3.png)

bad turned to worse as the closest other democracy in new canan was destroyed by Legion-aligned tribals, even though they were hundreds of miles to my north I could feel the defeat and the legion as a whole creeping in
the first good news we got in a while was that the BoS out in the more central-western US had reformed into pseudo-democratic states, with the Texan Chapter forming a Provisional Texan Republic and the Maxon Chapter forming the State of Colorado.
a mix of BoS power armor and wasteland levies turned out to be just what we needed to turn the war around. Legion was fighting on more and more fronts, and as other states smelled their weakness they circled around like hawks to take them out. one after another states closest to Legion declared and before long they just ran out of troops to halt all the simultaneous advances, and Baja won a long and hard-fought victory


File: 1612411260062-0.png (3.17 MB, 1920x1080, 1.png)

File: 1612411260062-1.png (3.43 MB, 1920x1080, 2.png)

File: 1612411260062-2.png (3.48 MB, 1920x1080, 3.png)

the partitioning of Legion was harsh, meant to ensure nothing like Legion could ever rise again. whatever wasn't annexed was put into client states under various powers, leaving the tribes scattered and leaderless.
soon enough Baja established positive relations with the new democracies at their doorstep, including a surprise in the Mormons surviving the white legs and even outlasting them as the Enclave lead another genocidal conflict against them, taking Utah for the Enclave.
Joshua Grahmn saw the Enclave for what it was, and before long they established a formal alliance with us against the big threat: the Enclave


File: 1612411768412-0.png (3.12 MB, 1920x1080, 1.png)

File: 1612411768412-1.png (3.14 MB, 1920x1080, 2.png)

File: 1612411768412-2.png (3.18 MB, 1920x1080, 3.png)

to our surprise the Chosen One of Fallout 2 fame had lead their people to conquer further north and form a Cascadian Republic, facing down a Northern Warlord using salvaged American and Chinese tech from the war in Alaska to secure a vast empire. as could be expected of the Chosen One, they dunked on the opposition so hard I forgot the guy who was leading them.
naturally the Chosen One was none to pleased to hear of the Enclave's return so they joined up on our war against the Enclave and opened a front from the North.
To the East, Joshua called upon all the faithful of Utah to take up arms, and so they did: an army numbering in the hundreds of thousand congregated with bibles in one hand and a 1911 in the other. before long the Cananites fielded the largest army the world had likely ever seen since the Great War.
Baja, for its part, lead a major invasion across sea and air into Enclave territory, their few stolen vertibirds fighting a hard battle against the Enclave's numerous fleets as Baja's finest advanced under constant bombardment to liberate the people of California, the Texan forces following close behind and filling in any pockets that Baja left in its hard blitz to liberate the NCR capital.
The BoS quietly fed all opposing the Enclave with enough weapons and tech to just counter the Enclave's but not enough to be a threat to them in the future - probably hoping they would just wipe each other out most likely.
as the Enclave buckled on all fronts, all of the countries they had subjucated began to rise against them and join the oncoming forces to fight for their own liberation. before long what was left of the Enclave fled east on their vertibird fleets, not to be seen again. Baja restored the government of the NCR and the Canannites returned to their traditional home, and found an entire new swathe of wasteland to spread the good word to.


New Red Flood update just came out. The fully reworked Japan and Korea are nice but the rest is just more “lol randumb quirky” retardation. Accelerationism in that mod now just covers everything weird and esoteric to the point of not making any sense anymore.
How much /pol/ are we talking about here? Full retard or semi retard?


why is HOI4 so popular among modders? its easily the worst paradox game being played rn. ik that its well suited for casuals and LARPers but you would think that the people who spend so much time modding are a little more devoted and would prefer to spend their time on a better game

even Imperator is much better at this point than HOI4, and the Vicky 2 Cold War Enhancement mod is better than most of these HOI4 mods besides maybe TNO which had to jump through insane hoops to make the game half decent.


Probably because it is so easy to mod.


Most HOI mods take place either at the same time as or after WW2 so why would they use an engine more suited to victorian warfare?


>How much /pol/ are we talking about here? Full retard or semi retard?

Pretty full retard, I was initially skeptical of the claims of the TNO devs that they had been doxxed et cetera by the Redux team, but the fact that the Redux people were sooooooo offended by that accusation that they immediately went crying to Kiwifarms et al who went full on retard Nazi on the situation and tried to dox everyone convinces me that the TNO devs were entirely truthful to begin with. I'm sure you could find the threads on there if you wanted but I wouldn't recommend it.


File: 1612800132392.jpg (500.28 KB, 576x1008, reverse posadism.jpg)


File: 1612812591079.jpeg (72.42 KB, 640x547, stfurevisionist.jpeg)

Miss me with that Revisionist shit


haha le funni gulags and no freedom man


There one of these but for Kaganovich?



does this really need to be a TNO/HOI4 thread? the board is slow enough as it is, the Vicky2 thread died almost immediately

how about a prompt:

>if you could give a framework and design philosophy for any new paradox/similar gsg, what would it be? can be a sequel or totally original

i would go for a game set in the cold war, lets say 1947 to 2020 just so theres a good late-game for alternate scenarios. you dont play as a nation-state, but as a non-state organization, broadly split into Intelligence Agencies, Corporations, and Insurgencies (maybe also something like the UN or a trade bloc or something but seems harder to catch under the net)

Intel agencies, Corps and Insurgents all engage similarly in kinds of diplomacy, trade, base-building, resource extraction & trade, etc, but their focuses and strategies operate in very different ways. they also interact with eachother extensively, so that nation-states themselves more take on the role of terrain/pops/etc as seen in other gsg.

in general the base of gameplay would be something like vicky2 as far as relevance of pops and terrain, but politics would mostly be AI interaction. you would effectively have nation-states and other competing non-state orgs as very complex AI with varying degrees of power and influence over politics (national and international) and, at the most basic level, influence over pops.

not sure how this could be fleshed out or actually implemented but i would really love to see something like this, where you can expand your network of contacts, design an ideology and attempt to spread it among the population, try to control key resources, try to balance military actions with approval from the population, etc. playable non-state orgs could be like the CIA, the KGB, UNITA, the ANC, Shell, the Shining Path, the CCP (gets a little weird there as far as leading towards effective state power), the RAF, mexican cartels, if they were willing to court some controversy the KKK and al-Qaeda would be obvious inclusions.


Is there any submod for TNO?

Also i think we need a HOI4 mod where criminal groups have taken over nations, with Mexican/Colombian cartels, Cosa Nostra, Camorra, Yakuza, Triads, Bratva etc ruling the world


Well, one that immediately comes to mind is Goering's wild ride which is a mod about Goering's Germany, duh, and fixes bugs with his tree in normal TNO, and I think can disable nuclear war aswell so you can conquer the world without too much risk lmao


File: 1613055561886.jpg (445.62 KB, 1536x2048, CALEB HOI4.jpg)

Anything non nazi focused?

Also please someone design a focus tree for this lol (the mod is the Red World one)sandinistaSandinista


File: 1613057167245.gif (4.69 MB, 460x259, questionmark guy.gif)

>non nazi focussed


First focus name: A Government Of Action


Well, there is a submod in the works about that little nation of Vorkuta ran by Vasily Blokhin

>That pic

>Also please someone design a focus tree for this lol (the mod is the Red World one)
lel, someone should show Caleb that he's in that lmao

Also, wait until you see who's the RevSoc leader lmao


Business idea, TNO submod where the USSR of OTL 1962 is put into TNOTL 1962


Zhdanovs experiments go horribly wrong (or right) and the USSRs of two timelines switch places.
Massive confusion occurs when Germany suddenly loses contact with the RKs and USSR suddenly loses contact with the Warsaw Pact.



That would probably lead to a nuclear exchange between USSR and GGR though that ended the world.


And Japan, since Vladivostok, Sakhalin, and Kurils would be magically transferred to Soviet control.


That reminds me, I've had this idea floating around my head of making a Wolfenstein themed mod for TNO, imagine the shit that Zhdanov and Lysenko could make with Jewish space magic lmao


Wow yikes. Why does most existing mods have devs being Nazis?


They really don't though? Just 'redux' mods.


File: 1613856464195.png (771.06 KB, 1527x785, TFR_American_Tooser.png)

>[…] without Trump, the democrats would collapse soon afterwards at the current circumstances
[X] Doubt

Oh yeah, one of the lead devs for this mod unironically thinks that the Democrats stole the election lmao


From which mod is this taken?sandinistaSandinista


The Fire Rises


Seems interesting, any link?sandinistaSandinista


File: 1613870157329-0.png (940.48 KB, 1200x673, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1613870157329-1.png (1.1 MB, 1198x675, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1613870157329-2.png (1.01 MB, 1195x674, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1613870157329-3.png (634.09 KB, 1198x673, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1613870157329-4.png (1.1 MB, 1198x676, ClipboardImage.png)

They don't seem to have a reddit, but I did find this on the HOI4 modding sub


Upcoming game for tankies


What's it called? I don't want to click that link.


File: 1613882870679.png (1.35 MB, 1627x742, 35734958734875.png)

Combat Mission: Cold War. Part of a long-running series of tactical wargames I really like for turbo grognards.


that's not a grand strategy game though

get your own RTS thread


Whatever, nerd.


I heard they’re reworking France in Red Flood and adding George Valois. Still obsessed with weird futurism of course but that’s a good start.
Also apparently Unification Wars got actually good and have content now.


Unification wars? What's that?sandinistaSandinista


I wish somebody remade advance wars but for pc instead. Wargroove is boring medieval shit, I'd rather it would be in a modern military setting



40K mod where you have to unify the entire planet in the 30th millennium C.E..


Good, i was just thinking about playing that mod.


>Unify the planet
<Not play as Ursh and fuck everything up and shit on Big E
<Not play as a half mad half genius tyrant of the Pacific
Terrible taste.


I have been looking through the Krasnacht wiki…

>no syndie takeover of the international worker's movement after WW1, which is ahistorical and totally stupid

>Lenin, Leninism and Marxism weren't discredited after the failure of the Russian Revolution because "he was aUthORiTAriAN"
>syndicalist states aren't necessarily more democratic than normal socialist republics (what's the difference between a trade union and a party bureaucracy?)
>actually it seems authoritarianism and bureacratic overreach are mostly result of material conditions, ie. low economic development, threat of imperialist invasion, imperialist sabotage and espionage, etc. and not the bad character of Vladimir "Statist" Lenin, which caused him to believe in the teachings of the extremely mean and statist Karl Marx



Anti-communist HOI4 players complain a lot about how Krasnacht is being developed by evil commies


lel, any examples, I could do with a laugh lmao


LINK SOMETHING pleasesandinistaSandinista


Please show us


Most HOIshitters are on Discord so that's prolly what he means




More socialist HOI4 mods thankssandinistaSandinista




To sadly bring up TNO again; I heard that they're getting rid of the 'authoritarian socialist' and 'libertarian socialist' categories and replacing them with 'Socialist' and 'Communist', with communist actually Leninists and socialist meaning all non-Leninists which apparently even includes people like Zhdanov. So Harold Wilson, Ultravisionary Zhdanov, and the Siberian Black Army are all going to be in the same ideology category. Truly genius.

I hear they were triggered by people treating Libertarian Socialism as an automatic 'blessed' category so instead of having 'good guy socialists' and 'bad guy socialists' they're instead going to muddy the waters by putting tyrants in both categories, so there no such thing as a blessed socialist category.


File: 1614528600218.jpg (39.99 KB, 680x511, BRTky.jpg)


Oh yeah, the degens over at KiwiFarms have leaked screenshots about shit old devs have done, as if they actually give a shit about who was affected by it

>mfw someone does a get banned from TNO discord speedrun any %


>its easily the worst paradox game being played rn
That's the point. The gameplay mechanics were dumbed down really bad, they are not engaging or immersive at all. This is why modders had to step in, who realized that things could work if they expand the story elements by controlling what each country can and can't do through focus trees and events. It's true that a lot of mods aren't like this, but I'm pretty sure the modding scene and the game itself would be a lot more dead by now if it weren't for Kaiserreich and the trend it started.


I would also add Cults and other such orgs like Scientology as they had done some shady stuff too during the Cold War

Plus mad science orgs and so on


This has nothing to do with the leaks tho. Calm down.


Zhdanov being a tyrant is such stupidity holy shit. The mod recently had huge backlashes from not only leftist but also far right retards as well. What’s up with that? Most of the videos shitting on Panzer and Pacifica are mostly from lolberts for some reason.


Well, Panzer was a braindead Vaushite who literally made the entire Hall tree as his autistic strawman against le ebil dankies. Meanwhile Pacifica seemed to be your average baizuo. Its deffinetly good to see them gone, as theybwere replaced from the left, at least it seems so for now.

However the autism with Zhdanov etc doesn't seem to be ideological in my opinion. Remember that Panzer was a Fallout oc writer who cited GoT as his main inspiration. Its less anti-communism and more "woah doood, what if we like make the wholesome 100 candidate secretly a tyrant?". Same with Heydrich redemption (despite it going against the very essance of the mod), Kovner cringe, Burgundy etc. Btw, the new lead devs are already in my good books, since they are going to make Burgundy into an incompetant SS failstate that can hardly succeed in the James Bond shit Himler plans.


I was kinda annoyed by Zhdanov when I first played it but after reflection, it is a fairly funny meme and ultravisionary USSR isn't even that bad of an option for Russia, easily in the top 50%.


>>if you could give a framework and design philosophy for any new paradox/similar gsg, what would it be? can be a sequel or totally original
Cities: Skylines, but it's historical. You take a control of a city at the end of the early modern period, and have to see it through industrialisation and deindustrialisation,


Kalypso already made that game and it kinda sucked



So we finally got some leaks about the people "leading" Russia post-funni murder man in TNO and their ideologies etc.


Super events and music are fan made but the portraits and where they supposedly spawn is real.zapatistaZapatista


>post taboritsky
Shit, will they extend the game into the 21st century?


<Post taboritskiy
So the official lore is that he manages to unify Russia and then dies?


Official lore, as far as I gather, is that Zhukov unifies Russia, all others are alternate timelines. Tabby path ends with Russia collapsing and him killing himself with gasoline. Originally this leads to a perma-shattering of Russia. If this leak really is true, it just means that Russia has more content after this path that isn't just permanent collapse.


Probably not, although there probably might be an event for if you reach 2000 or some shit


So you have AN ENTIRE SUBGAME after Taboritskiy?

There are 22 (!!) warlords in that video, how do they think to be able to pull it off while having to do focus trees for USSR/Germany/Usa/Japan in the next game?sandinistaSandinista


I am curious as to what the deal with the Redeemed black league is


Tabby lighting himself on fire with gasoline happens when you send agents out to kill him, when he reunifies Russia he just collapses and dies when the clock reaches midnightgorroGorro


The Black League lore is that they were more like the Ural-League and were more about protecting people and prepping then trying to start third impact. So assuming Yazov dies in the events of Tabby taking over and the Black league "redeems" itself of his autism then maybe they basically just try to protect people that come their way (which would make more sense as well since dev's say that Tabby basically fucks russia so bad none of these warlords will be even able to theoretically project power outside of their immediate regions for decades)zapatistaZapatista


Wtf can Tabby even do that's worse than over a decade of carpet bombing and bandit militaries raping and killing everyone?


He literally kills 75% of people that live in Russia in this timeline by the time he dies (He gets a special national idea that gives -75% MONTHLY REGIONAL POPULATION) With a fair few more voluntarily choosing to become indentured servants to boorman in Moscow in order to escape him.
+ The video / portraits / leaks obviously show entire sections of the country are still under the control of his schizo fanatics.zapatistaZapatista


So we can assume that "Alexei ll" is just another schizo LARPing as royalty like Rurik yes?
(Unless Russian team really just wanted to dab on Panzer and Pacifica since they said they would never actually let there be a sane taboritsky / Alexei outcome)zapatistaZapatista


>So we can assume that "Alexei ll" is just another schizo LARPing as royalty like Rurik yes?


I mean even if he was real it doesn't exactly justify Taboritsky's path, I give reasonable odds on him being real but his path being like "I just wanted to stay gone, Russia had moved on, but how he fucked it up so bad I have to try and save people from this madness"


>no sub game for any Russian unifier to conquer Europe and fight the OFN or China (and the rest of Asia) to wreck Japan because muh canon!!!
<have post game content for literal insane people that doomed the country they rule like Heinrich and Tabo because muh memes?
What did they mean by this? This is why TWR is still better because I can invade the US as the Soviet and crush the KMT retards.


Apparently the photo is of a real person who lied about being Alexei


>Sane Heydrich
Very subversive!
>Sane Tabby
>Sane DSR


>>Sane Tabby
What sane Tabby path?


DSR being some weird german Juche shit actually got dropped around the time when they disabled the second phase GCW to begin with apparently.
Current germany teams claim is there will be multiple paths depending on who ends up leading the country from SocDem to LibSoc to classic-tankie to NatBol.zapatistaZapatista


How come a two term George Wallace dosen't result in the Yockey presidency in 1972? (Assuming wallace goes fully right-wing in every option that boosts yock popularity)
Like if we assume Wallace has radicalised the NPP to the degree where they go completely mask off implement nationwide jim crow and deploy federal troops to every state capital or whatever and basically make America a unitary state then why the fuck would they not just voot for yockey as his successor?zapatistaZapatista


Yeah the idea was taking "what if a bunch of student radicals only understood communism through the lense of naziism". It was actually kinda interesting, but as you said got canned.


The idea of both Hall and Yockey is that they only get into power because their opponents have failed so much. NPP-C and NPP-FR are their more moderate compatriots and if they are successful, there's no reason for them to radicalise outwards.


>weird german Juche shit
Since they commit self-genocide it is more comparable to the ideology of "anti-Japaneseism" which was followed by some schizo self-hating Japanese leftists such as the East Asia Anti-Japan Armed Front.


Iirc in TNO 2 Anti-Japaneseism is meant to be there too.


Does anyone have a link to the original leak or did it get deleted?gorroGorro


The last Chinese focus kinda implies a fascist China rising up against Japan.sandinistaSandinista


We need an alt history cold war mod set in a world where the USSR wins in Europe but Japan wins in the pacific. The post war will be proxy (and direct) conflict between USSR and Japan with giant robots and psychic teenagers. No nukes so we can have full industrial wwiii.


File: 1614883824918.png (43.24 KB, 1060x276, 6829261.png)

It seems that the libtard legacy of PinkPanzer is fading away


OK, this is epic


So they're getting more and more based?


It looks like TNO2 won't be a liberal wishlist anymore, now that canon is gone


Bold of you guys to assume this means socialism is going to be doing better rather than that the devs are now supporting more authdems and 'moderate fascists'.

Remember this post >7830



In Omsk there are "Redemptionary Brigades" which are basically penal battalions for criminals and enemies of the Black League where they are given a second chance to redeem themselves and possibly join the actual Black League. So they are probably the redemptionary brigadiers who formed a new Black League after the original one was crushed.


On the plus side, it appears the DSR won't be depicted as the German Pol-Potists that they were going to be



a shame, it was a cool idea with very shit execution
hopefully they keep the idea of trying to rediscover what it means to be communist after years of repression of any kind of class consciousness or communist thought rather than just turn them into bread-and-butter socialists


I can really see Panzer's Vaushism and Horseshoe theory brain in action in the way the current Gus-Hall / Francis-Parker-Yockey events are shown in game.

A Communist being democratically elected in the face of an extremely reactionary and unpopular predecessor (Im pretty sure that Hall / Yockey can basically only win if Goldwater is pres) and doing the RADICAL move of
- Putting in place a civil rights act. (All through legislative means with the ability for others to critique and voot against the bill)
- Exposing the crimes of the FBI and CIA and beginning the dissolution of the organisations through legal and legislative means.

Is treated as just as much of a disaster for america as…

>A raving Schizo NeoNazi True believer getting elected and immediately trying to abolish the first amendment and sending death squads to kill civil rights protesters and rig voots in his favour.

these two things in any rational mind would not be treated the same.zapatistaZapatista


but don't you know all extremism is bad anon?


How else would you keep redditors and 4channers from sperging out?


'Ate Reddit, 'ate 4chan, don't give a fuck if they sperg out, simple as


>me forming the Federation from Star Trek with Zhdanov is possible


The sorry excuse for that is "oh well Hall is just a bad guy like Stalin who abused the situation to get himself into power under nice promises and then showed his face of just being a power hungry homophobe".


File: 1615059838520.jpg (20.56 KB, 455x381, wooooooooooo.jpg)

>The post war will be proxy (and direct) conflict between USSR and Japan with giant robots and psychic teenagers. No nukes so we can have full industrial wwiii.
So Red Alert 3 mod ?tankieTankie


>Red Alert 3 mod ?
Speaking of which, there is a mod about RA3 in the works, however, it's based on RA3 mod, Red Alert: Paradox


Just watch the Kaisercat version of the Britsih revolution. It's a shitty Spanish civil war knock off.


Have you seen the trailers for the new American Civil War show? Was excited for it but then it turned out to be another "GoMmIeS bAd BeCaUsE tHeY aRe EbUl An ShEeEiT"
Just wait until Krasnacht or Bring the War Home comes out.


What show what are you talking about


Not really a show, but an animatic.


I mean cmon they weren't gonna have the syndies as the good guys, this is youtube we're talking about


>More of kaisercat wanking
No surprise there


>Was excited for it but then it turned out to be another "GoMmIeS bAd BeCaUsE tHeY aRe EbUl An ShEeEiT"
Haha, what the fuck…nazbolNazbol






Yeah but it's so stupid, it's obviously wasn't written by people that know the lore or the history of britain at that part. They have a French Commando raid on Portsmouth ffs.


I bet it will end in wholesome 100% New Ingurland wasps uniting with the blessed Pacific democrats or some shit


>i mean yeah macarthur military coup happened…
>pls root for the pacific states who will most likely just call ceasefire and effectively secede because that's how you solve social tension in your country, have the most remote parts break off and pretend it doesn't exist


Also the PSA literally never fights the Union state even if they share a massive border, they both just focus on the Syndies/MacArthur until they're both wiped out, then fight the Union, /I guess, if we have to/.


Tbh the worst part is that they turn the SOE into the cheka. Not only is this fucking silly from a nomative perspective, but it completely misses the themes of the UoB.
The UoB is not a revolutionary state, it is a state that had a revolution. The point is that not only is its politics pluralist, but in some ways nothing has changed since before the revolution. The elite of britain left because A) they could and B) they had somewhere safe to run to and retain power (think of how during the German revolution the elites left the liberals to later attack them). The fact they left meant there was no need for revolutionary terror, instead the UoB is very hodge-podge: syndicates are formed off the back of old unions, there are home guard militias that are basically autonomous, some places just run themselves. You see no looting of say churches or the like (sidepoint but catholics would have been a major element of the revolution, being the working class base of cities like Liverpool, London, and Glasgow), no revolutionary terror, sure people died and there would have been violence but it would have been far more mobish than organised: and most certainly not a terror.
What does this mean thematically for the UoB? Well it's a more moderate state. It's starting leader was someone IRL who hated the concept of nationalisation ffs. It is a country where a "Second Revolution" is not only reasonable, but for some parts of the population is an active demand: hence why the rise of Mosley can work from a narrative standpoint. It's not just "Oh he's Stalin" it's "this is what a radical nationalist populist would look like in a socialist system", and it makes him compelling, it makes it dynamic, he is trying to launch a cultural revolution in effect, something to stop the union ossifying. But nah teh UoB actually had a civil war and a secret police and a terror also french commandos doing fucking daring raids on Plymouth???


THE SYNDIES ARE LIARS AND TERRORISTS!!!! Mega-cucked video, I hope the woman narrator (idk if shes a character in game) gets captured by the syndies


She was the rallying call for the syndicalists in the CSA trailer.


How disappointingnazbolNazbol


BTW, what's a German nuclear scientist doing in the US during the 2nd Civil War lmaonazbolNazbol


Bruh apparently they're reworking the lore lmao:
>Note on episode numbering: We are releasing out of chronological order because some areas of the lore are still under rework. We are now writing E02 which will release after this one - the end of the weltkrieg and Commune of France reworks are nearly completed, so we waited for final lore and went on with the UoB first. We may release future episodes out of order aswell.

Also, this comment was liked
>Wow. The Navy mutiny in Plymouth is probably inspired by the Kronstadt Rebellion.


>Wow. The Navy mutiny in Plymouth is probably inspired by the Kronstadt Rebellion.
I mean they're not technically wrong but holy shit that's stupid. Also surely any mutiny during this period would be in Scarpa Flow.


>Bruh apparently they're reworking the lore lmao
I knew they were doing that, apart from the fucking stupid flag, they are making it so Britain has resource shortages; which is actually reasonable Britain imported 80% of its food during the interwar period and putting that kind of cap on the UoB is a good way to balance it and explain why it didn't rearm, and a few other things, but god if that is the new official lore the Nukr deserves to be yeeted from a bridge.


I believe a main plotpoint is that Germany has figured out how to make the bomb, and that they are trying to prevent it from falling into the hands of the Syndies and Longists.


Perhaps, but how did the plans end up in the US, assuming that the German scientist being talked about didn't steal the plans and fled the the US


File: 1615295919626.jpg (384.65 KB, 1920x1080, ju36fvz0vxl61.jpg)


What libshit is this mod?


I stopped playing this mod as soon as I read that.
Iron curtain, it's a cold war mod, and it was actually pretty good, first mod to utilize dynamic focus trees if I remember right.brocialismBrocialism



Cringe liboid wirters.


I assume that the scientist is a defector that wants to give the US nukes because they're the muh light of freedom in the world and Germany is evul, also he wants to ensure multipolarity I guess


"The deportation of the entire Jewish population of the Soviet Union to the Gulag would have followed."
seems legitbrocialismBrocialism


I mean that bit seems BS, but, Stalin definitely became more anti semitic as he got older and was planning purges of Jews (maybe not all Jews but some at least)


Did you read the rest of the focus tree? It's full of the same caliber of nonsense, mention it sure, but it doesn't make sense to include so heavily.
Also, "The anti-Jewish campaign was presumably set in motion by Stalin as a pretext to dismiss and replace Lavrentiy Beria, prosecute other Soviet leaders, to launch a massive purge of the Communist Party, and, according to Edvard Radzinsky, even to consolidate the country for a future World War III"
I ain't gonna deny the doctor's plot was a real conspiracy, but I don't think Stalin was as worried about it as compared to everything else.brocialismBrocialism


Stalin was either anti-semitic or cynically using anti-semitism for political purposes, either way you can hardly deny his guilt, and it's not like the focus tree says 'holocaust 2.0 lmao'. I mean for example Stalin did persecute various Jewish writers previously.


Stalin gave them a whole autonomous oblast though, how is this antisemitism?sandinistaSandinista


I mean it basically is, but let's say it wasn't, how relevant was it to Stalin's distrust of the west? I'm not denying anything I simply said it absolutely wasn't on Stalin's mind as much as everything else. Stalin also persecuted christian writers, the Soviet government at the time was also fighting with Sharia councils at the time. Not a great example.
My point is that this didn't deserve it's own path in the tree.
I've been told that since it's in amur it's more of a containment zone than an actually ethnic oblast.brocialismBrocialism


With the same line of reasoning Israel is a shitty ass box of sand.


<36000 km2

<Trade with China on the border

I'm not saying its paradise but is surely isn't like Vorkuta or stuffsandinistaSandinista



Moving there was voluntary and it never achieved a Jewish majority


What in the goddamn? Since when did Stalin proclaim himself omnipotent? No wonder why both South Korea and south Vietnam have such huge buffs in recent updates.


Anybody have a link or .pdf for the essay on why Stalin is God?freudFreud


I dont play Kaiserreich and dont know much about the lore.
I know that the "Syndicates" are just like generic commies and basically every real-world US leftist from the period rolled into one statelet.
I know the "America First" is Huey Long and MacArthur overthrows the federal government.

But whose the guy surrounded by crosses saying he's going to "purify" America is he like a christcom or this games version of taboritsky? He seems spoppy.zapatistaZapatista


That is William Dudley Pelley, an American fascist leader.


>But whose the guy surrounded by crosses saying he's going to "purify" America is he like a christcom or this games version of taboritsky? He seems spoppy.

When you're playing as Huey Long, you get offers of help from both the 'business plot' industrialists, and from Pelley who leads the 'silver legion' (American Nazis basically). If you take either of their assistance you will obviously be beholden to them and it can make the difference between post-war Huey America being a mildly racist anti-elitist social democracy, or completely corporate cucked and worse than old America, or Huey gets killed and replaced by either a Neo-Confederate or non-Confederate branded new American fascism (led by Pelley).


An upcoming update of TNO will have Gorbachev as a reformist collaborator of the Nazis


Ha typicalbrocialismBrocialism


TNO should be its own game, its not ethical for Paradox to get rich from the work of the people while doing fuck all.


TNO is fucking gay and thus grand strategy players getting scammed by Paradox is entirely ethical


If you mean for the libshit writing it could be fixed though


The guy who made the mod is a fucking Neoliberal, btw. Don't expect anything remotely good from that mod


>not pirating the base game


The Pokrychev path is pretty wholesome though. He basically turned the USSR into a larger version of Cuba, with the submod it’s perfect. Or sometimes the Toronto Accord AI just go full retard and attack one of my allies and sealed their fates.
Still annoyed that there’s no option to return China to communism though. That bit is dumb since the lore explicitly stated that the CPC escaped the country largely intact and is helping Vietnam against the KMT.


>with the submod it’s perfect.
Wait, which submod?


United the USSR as Sablin. Really enjoyed his path.


That "Tambow" faction that is basically just a corporate city state made me think.
What are the most r/NeoLiberal countries / Outcomes for countries in TNO?zapatistaZapatista


>Be strong in the belief that life is wonderful. Be positive, and believe that the Revolution will always win.
Pure hopium of an ending.


Can't deny that, but nothing wrong with a nice feel-good route sometimes

I'm sure people can come up with some, but remember that neoliberalism didn't come about until the late 70s/ early 80s in OTL. Arguably, it would take even longer to develop in TNO because the world is more devastated by WW2 and the continuing Nazi order which keeps many parts of the world from being fully developed/exploited.


Manual war goal submod. Also I heard that TWR is going to have a huge Soviet rework to add back based Zhdanov. Although Zhukov looks like a mongoloid now.


Spain is broken as fuck in TNO.
If you do the diplomacy focus's and choose "meet with business leaders" with every country you get like 9% per annum GDP growth in 1962 when Iberia's economy is meant to be "Sluggish".
Then if you go full AnCap / NeoLib mode you get like 15% percent per annum.

Spain under Franco-Salazar is basically this worlds Japan. Small as shit but with a massive economic boomzapatistaZapatista


Goldwater: using Conintelpro to bust even the yellow unions


If he fucks that up, it massively increases the popularity of Gus Hall



>The morons choosing Wallace

>Especially the dude "Global_Box_7935"


File: 1615726908640.gif (5.27 MB, 637x354, Kazuya Smile.gif)

>Hate to say it but at the end of the day I'd take having one group of Americans screwed over as opposed to everyone being screwed over, so Wallace gets it.


Holy fuck the number of votes for Wallace
>muuuuuuh American "democracy"
>muuuuuh Gus hates the gays (totally not made up lore to make Hall less appealing in a desperate attempt to equate MLs with Nazis)
>NOOOOO you can't purge the CIA and the criminal right wing rogue intelligence agencies you're destroying Amerikkka nooooooo

I hate the TNO fanbase so much


Me and a couple guys are thinking about making a hoi 4 mod, would you guys be interested in a lil project that's:
1) quasi-story based
2) centered around Europe and the USSR just after Russia pulls out of WWI
3) also deals with some plausible alt-history scenarios

We want it to be like an interactive historical learning experience about the troubles that faced the socialist movement in the interwar period


Sure, I don't see why not


Would the idea be to limit the map solely to Europe? Because the way I see it, the only real way to nail this is by making it region locked with a severely railroaded event path for the rest of the world. Because the main grabber for this scenario would be the Russian civil war, followed by the German defeat and the victory of Eastern European nationalists, followed by German civil war and Baltic wars against West Russian Volunteers, followed by Soviet (or the White since this can go both ways in game) invasion of former Czarist territory, culminating in some sort of Polish-Russian war. I guess if you are ambitious you can add on a WW2 that is Russia vs League of Nations in case they beat Poland.

If I had to imagine, the game would start with most of the map locked, and states only getting story events until they get their part of the action. Because at the very least you'd want to railroad in Germany loosing and the Kerensky government collapsing.


What do you guys think of Red Flood? The recent reworks made Revolutionary Japan and Zheltorossiya fun again while adding the DPRK for some good flavor. They’re seemingly adding the left wing to avant gard France finally in the next update as well.


My main problem with it is the god hideous focus trees.
Also the fact they spam "accelerationism" everywhere.sandinistaSandinista


Honestly, I think its the best we got compared to other "enlightened" centrist overhauls, Red Flood seems to take itself less seriously while being relatively accurate here and there, which I think is a good thing


Yep. This is so fucking stupid that accelerationism lies everywhere from ultra capitalism with esoteric nationalism to anprim crazed nationalists to ultra planned economy with hive mind characteristics. Like what the hell does rebuilding Finno-Egyptian empire have anything to do with accelerationism? Or why the fuck is nationalist revivalism not in the same camp as reactionary?
What annoys me the most is that even with the reworks, the left wing of the futurists are still gone, pushed into irrelevancy in the Caribbean.


>They’re seemingly adding the left wing to avant gard France
Interesting, more on these dudes?


You've overthinking it too much, clearly Red Flood is just there for the funni maymay demographic.



This is gonna be full of autism lmaonazbolNazbol


It bothers me more that you can't even get Libertarian Marxists and Vanguardists to team up on the left
Are rightoids going to create something original for once?


No idea, but holy shit, the fucking filesize limit is fucking pathetic lmao, 1.024mbnazbolNazbol


File: 1616023750328.png (7.18 MB, 6316x2820, hoi4 mods.png)

Admin upped it to 5mb

I went on a hunt and found the full size version of this image that was posted there, and apparently the extremist mod removed was… Red Flood lmao


>and apparently the extremist mod removed was… Red Flood lmao
Kek, what?


Lots of people said it was Rise of Italia but the creator said it wasn't, the only other comment about it said the previous version had Red Flood in it.


>Rise of Italia
That was the one that was pro fascist, right?


I looked at it on google and it looked retarded so I'm going to say yes


>HOI4 thread is at the top of the catalog
>/gsg/ thread is just HOI4

anybody play Vicky2 Cold War Enhancement mod? i highly recommend it, currently having a great USSR run


I haven't, and you're going to hate me for this, but did you try the HOI4 Cold War: Iron Curtain mod? It looks pretty fucking baller at this point. Not got round to playing it yet as I only saw how good it looks at this point yesterday. It looked kinda crappy when I first heard about it.


Haven't really plaed Vicky 2 myself tbh as I don't own it, so I'm gonna have to say no to playing the cold war enhancement mod aswell lmao


Man fuck Iron Curtain they got rid of the man swf and that's when the shit writing beganbrocialismBrocialism




The mod owner got couped and I don't know for absolute sure, but after the new guy took over the writing got a lot more soviet hostilebrocialismBrocialism


Damn, that's some bullshit.


File: 1616091754289-0.png (16.29 KB, 314x318, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1616091754289-1.png (360.11 KB, 911x570, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1616091754289-2.png (390.34 KB, 1024x576, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1616091754289-3.png (15.45 KB, 820x154, ClipboardImage.png)

I went and looked this up because I'm a dramawhore, and I was like oh I guess Starfoth is swf, since he's the sub creator, not posted and gone, then I noticed leftwinglow, because left wing glow lol, then I saw this in his history.
Then after doing this I notice SWF is not Starfoth and is actually on the mod list, so maybe all the autistic writing was removed? Is this the sort of thing you were talking about?


It was a super promising mod too :'(brocialismBrocialism


The comfirm stalins omnipotence stuff yeah, hold on I'll double check who got couped, I'm pretty sure starwarsfan was the couperbrocialismBrocialism


Here's an idea for an alternate timeline mod:
>Set in 50s or later
>Hitler and schizos like Himmler never come to power of NSDAP and / or are assasinated / purged, leaving "moderate" natsocs in charge
>Concentration camps, ethnonationalism, revanchist rethoric still happen, but no outward expansion asside from maybe Anchluss
>Eastern Europe is a battle of influance between USSR and Germany, which basically is a neoloberal hell with fascist slaver chracteristics.
>Rumblings between the old Allies over inter-imperialist grievances
>Fascist Spain and Italy, but no real loyalties between each other or Germany
>Global tensions rising, everyone is drawing up their own intermingling alliances, a la pre WW1
>The multi-polar cold war is about to get hot


my bad, swf and starwarsfan are the same person, kinda obvious in retrospect. Stuffi was the original owner, heres his pagebrocialismBrocialism


Side note: stuffi has a new mod out and Im gonna try it out right now


So, Cold War: Iron Curtain confirmed Good, Actually™?
I'm glad you got it mixed up, I saw a Woodcuck video on it and it looked like it was much better history wise when he played it, not being sure when the rewrites happened. Good to find out he was playing it after the coup because it looked cool and pretty accurate and impartial.
Isn't Stuffi the guy that made the cringe though? Are you some kind of cringe hunter?


Nah nah starwarsfan was the guy who made it cringe, stuffi the original owner as far as I remember kept it okaybrocialismBrocialism


File: 1616093244365.jpg (48.63 KB, 274x372, Sergey_Taboritsky.jpg)

Was he really that crazy IRL?


Oh, but one of the devs said it was a very old tree and they removed it? So they despasticated it at least I guess?


Found this off google
<Sergey Vladimirovich Taboritsky was a White emigre reactionary monarchist and one of the most eager supporters of Nazis from the Berlin emigres. During his exile, he became aligned with various ultramonarchist organizations, such as Aufbau Vereingung and was a deputy to Vasily Biskupsky, who headed a Nazi government body dealing with the Russian émigré community. Hiding his Jewish heritage and fabricating his origin as a descendant of Baltic German noble dynasty, he became a member of NSDAP in 1942. He founded a SS-controlled organization that indoctrinated Russian youth into becoming SS sabouters.

<His most famous feat was assassination of Vladimir Nabokov's father, who was a Kadet emigre in Berlin, when he fell as a collateral victim in Shabelsky-Bork and Taboritsky's murder attempt against Pavel Milyukov (there are also records of Taboritsky attempting to assassinate other Russian liberal politician, Alexander Guchkov, by unsuccessfully trying to beat him to death with an umbrella).

<Despite his Jewish lineage from mother (which he was painfully aware of, trying to plea the Church to remove the "seal of Cain" from him), he was a virtulent anti-Semite who took an enormous pride that he made The Protocols of Zion prominent in Germany. Despite being a monarchist, he lost faith in the possibility of the Imperial restoration in near future and believed that if Russia is to be fully purified out of Bolshevism, the German Fuhrer had to conquer and govern it for 25 years.

<His insanity is purely fictional liberty in TNO, as well as probably his belief in that Alexey survived his death (there weren't any sources indicating his preferred candidate in my research attempts), but it is known that his partner-in-crime, Pyotr Shabelsky-Bork, being incredible naive as he was, sincerely believed that Nicholas II's family survived the murder and claimed that his several publications were written with permission of the "Tsar Autocrat".


File: 1616094469878.jpg (442.05 KB, 1920x1080, 20210318150458_1.jpg)

Just checked sorry bro, it's still cringe.brocialismBrocialism


I figured it out, it's still in as of a week or so ago, but it was added when Starfoth was in charge like a year and a half ago


File: 1616098547688-0.jpg (413.03 KB, 1920x1080, USSR1977(2).jpg)

File: 1616098547688-1.jpg (438.61 KB, 1920x1080, USSR1977(3).jpg)

File: 1616098547688-2.jpg (388.59 KB, 1920x1080, USSR1977(4).jpg)

File: 1616098547688-3.jpg (419.99 KB, 1920x1080, ussr1977(1).jpg)


fuck it i'll just post it here anyway. it's 1977 and i shrugged off the sino-soviet split and reallied with the chinese, theyre the 3rd superpower but still well behind me, and i'm tailing the US closely. was right behind them in industry for a while but the immigration restrictions mean that my population of employable workers couldnt keep up with theirs. still we're toe to toe on prestige, my sphere is huge and includes a bunch of africa and the middle east as well as peru, chile, and pakistan, and i'm right behind them in terms of military rank. i vetoed spains entrance to a few international bodies i was a part of on the grounds that they're fascist, which meant that later on i was able to invade them without WW3 starting and liberate catalonia into the USSR sphere. i wanted to completely balkanize spain into my sphere but my infamy was already catastrophic so i settled for catalonia and did a bunch of pacifist posturing for a few years until my infamy was gone and then i just remilitarized and reinstated our right to declare offensive wars, lol

>all the way up to date on techs
>full social services, all fully funded
>full pollution controls, already widely utilizing solar power
>relatively lax political laws (state censorship of media, quota immigration, political meetings subject to regulation, 3 years obligatory military service) but there's no much wiggle room or nuance with these in the game, your ruling ideology keeps them pretty firm

oh also Yugoslavia and Greece are both communist, in my sphere, and Yugoslavia is YUGEoslavia because i encouraged them to include Albania and Bulgaria instead of sperging out about it


> the immigration restrictions mean that my population of employable workers couldnt keep up with theirs

also the fact that my worker pops retire with phat pensions, have 6 hour workdays, and heavy safety regulations in the workplace, leaves me about 1k points behind the US in terms of raw industrial output, but i'm also trying to get ahead of the game by establishing production of computer parts and shit like that before theres even a significant demand for them


Look at Turkey, the defiant little shit.
>American Germany
So true!!


This mod is basically kind of a mismash of other mods, the only completed scenario is 1936, however the GDR has a complete cold war treebrocialismBrocialism





>A slavic Nazi collaborator(lmao) is the last person I'd call a chad
<proceeds to get downvoted to oblivion
Fucking TWRetards I swear.


Jewish Nazi Tsarist who tried to kill the guy that wrote Lolita but failed because he got drunk and walked on the stage singing and waving his gun around and proceeded to shoot the wrong guy before getting tackled.

But no he wasn't Russian Miguel Serrano / Savitri Devi irl.




>Jewish Nazi Tsarist who tried to kill the guy that wrote Lolita but failed because he got drunk and walked on the stage singing and waving his gun around and proceeded to shoot the wrong guy before getting tackled.
What the fuck lmaonazbolNazbol


Is TWR fun?


Not really. Not enough narrative to enjoy peacetime like TNO, but not enough wars to enjoy like vanilla/KR/etc


File: 1620377169834.jpg (48.05 KB, 425x960, 4N3IM8q.jpg)

Played it, and honestly, it's shit.

Germany just fucking dies 3 years into the game and thats about it. Literally. There is nothing else to do, and Soviet Tree is shit


Garbage libshit. Kills Zhukov for no reason every time you curb stomp Germany. Most of the Russian reworks are focusing on the collaborators now.


File: 1620920517332.mp4 (9.06 MB, 624x352, Imageboard bots.mp4)

I don't feel like CWE has enough unique events for countries and war is boring because of the amount of units. It gets boring after the initial dividing up of europe events, and brazil is always really overpowered. I'm not the biggest fan of itgorroGorro


File: 1620928496535.jpeg (80.37 KB, 512x512, 1620928483042.jpeg)

anybody played the tno brazilian mod? it's looking pretty great


but what do you do? can you conquer all of SA? that's why i find america so boring to play as, the writings nice but the gameplay doesn't exist.


File: 1620929988687.png (320.72 KB, 590x549, 1321313123.png)

it's a demo, so most of the content is just writing showing off the setting. the gameplay is limited to some choices here and there, the election and development mechanics, and helping out south africa against the colonies.


File: 1620935307342.png (3.08 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone else into Grigsby's games? I'm about to attempt a Stalingrad to Berlin campaign.


true and fair enough, its definitely too easy for brazil, india, italy, and japan to become superpowers, you see it happen for at least part of every game. latin america is particularly barren in terms of events and interesting gameplay.

i have really enjoyed my playthroughs as the USSR and thruout africa, however. the sim economy and pops aspects of vicky2 just keep me coming back


Business idea, Man in the high castle style mod, but replace the Japanese empire with the USSR


So I'm playing Earth 2020 mod for Sid Meyer's Civ VI as DPRK, do any of you map painting autists have tips?dprkDPRK


the red flood mod turned me into an accleration-schizoist. i don't care that it's not even a real ideology, i believe in it now.accelerationAcceleration


Get this nerd shit outta here


The setting has already been made by /tg/. Making a map a focus trees would be simple enough.


Interesting, although the idea I had in mind was more grounded in reality rather than having supernatural elements


File: 1621589775966-0.png (729.95 KB, 960x599, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1621589775966-1.png (82.16 KB, 960x319, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1621589775966-2.png (72.96 KB, 900x299, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1621589824860.png (51.85 KB, 600x188, ClipboardImage.png)


Post predictions:
>Heckin wholesome 100 anarkiddies
>Communists always shown as kid eating 1984 despots
>Dumbed down economy to Stellaris levels
>MTTH is completely removed
>Fabricate claim button
>Historical focus trees that result in a railroaded experiance
>Overdesigned military system with national boofs and deboofs


The economic gameplay of Victoria 2 is absolute trash tho


I want to be excited but if CK3 and HOI4 are anything to go by I think I'm more apprehensive






File: 1621623193181-0.png (3.68 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1621623193181-1.png (3.92 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1621623193181-2.png (2.01 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1621623193181-3.png (2.22 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1621623193181-4.png (4.85 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1621623462898.jpg (52.59 KB, 460x215, header.jpg)

This one?


fucking hate that soulless interfacestalinStalin


I was gonna say that I liked it. It looks clean, modern, and functional. I think a 'pen and paper' interface is a bit passe and out of fashion.


Meme magic strikes again. This will be the first game I pre-order


it looks like a fucking phone game interface lmao


No, that's what the new Rome Remastered UI looks like, this isn't anywhere near as bad.


I honestly could not design a worse UI for the game if you asked me to'
also why the fuck do they always add these realistic-ass looking maps, nobody ever fucking uses them and they just make the map look hideous when they try to make the political map mode be half-transparent to show it off more
just make it fucking flat and give it color


The map looks nice. Not everyone wants their grand strategy games to look like it's 2002 still.


>government investment
<they added mana points
just make the government cost money you tits


Oh god no they're using Imperator trade routes for Vic3


>they are using trade route systems from before christ to simulate global capitalism


I'm not saying that mana points are the best system ever, they're not, but there needs to be some kind of mechanism to stop the player from abusing rapid changes to government policy, in real life it takes a lot of effort to get the government turned around to new ideas even if they're obviously superior.


don't tell me you actually buy video gaymes. shitdox video games nonetheless


I barely play/buy them in general so don't mind too much, but ya I'm a techlet and haven't tried pirating


So from what I read, it isn't mana and more like, ongoing expenses? Like instead of the expenses being money, it is administrative capacity etc.


>>19576 (me)
So if this is legit, honestly the political and class system sounds pretty based. It is using a lot of marxism groups (gentry, peasants, petit-bourgeois, organised labour, labour aristocrats, PMC). the political system itself is based in Liberal Pluralist theory, but it appears to be based around class. Seems kinda neat ngl.


>inb4 stylized game breaking classes introduced in first dlc
>inb4 "BUSHIDO" dlc


Thinking about modding for Darkest Hour but I have no idea how I'd ever be able to compare to mods like Kaiserreich that have like dozens of people working on them, and that's ignoring my limited skills


Shit dude, no need to compare yourself to the most famous mod of the game (and which probably has even more people than the dev team). Just see if they need more people to the mod and try to help in with what you can (though it probably must be tiring idk).


Everytime I want to get into a /gsg/, I go through the whole pirating process, watch a bunch of videos, play a few games, and then I get bored. What's wrong with me?

I've played CK2 and EUIV, and on a conceptual level I like them. I've had a lot of fun playing them. I like political games. But the games feel too "open-ended" to have fun. For example, in CK2 I have no idea what ruler to play as and it's too "gamey" to win a game. In EUIV, the only country that interested me to play with is Castille, and you can only play Castille so much.

Should I give up on /gsg/ and just try to have a real life instead? Or perhaps other /gsg/ games might interest me?international_brigadeInternational Brigade


Fair enough, though I'd like to make a mod that isn't liberal and portrays socialism in a more positive light
There's always Vicky 2 and HOI3/4, and, of course, Darkest Hour


Ok lets settle this.
Red-flood france
>Avantgarde-France (Escadron)
>Avantgarde-France (Acephele)
>Free People of Gaul.
And for italy.

Which path for each cunt is most based/least cringe?zapatistaZapatista


File: 1621698210212.jpg (60.48 KB, 722x720, u go mister monket.jpg)

idk for Italy but France is completely fucked no matter what.

If France goes Escadron, it becomes a really fucking weird totalitarian regime, where Artaud claims he deleted reality and only him matters. It something like Brave New World but even worse without the clones shit.

For Acephale, hard drugs, cannibalism and rape are now legal and women are treated like sexual objects. To put in perspective of how much its fucked, there is even an event that show how a woman sells his pre-born baby as meat and there is whole controversy about that. also something something homo-erotism.

And for Gaul, there is two paths actually :
The first one is just some weird pagan celtic france where nature plays a big role i think. Didn't played it so can't tell exactly.
And the second is pretty much extreme anarcho-primitivism : Cities are burned, there is a massive breeding program, infrastructure is fucked and in, the end, Gaul decide to ""liberate"" Europe by fucking everyone else. Its hard as shit since your industry is pummeled but you can do cool stuff with your large manpower since half of your pop is militarised due to men becoming hunters or something.

I think Escadron is the least worst, bc atleast there is a stable governement that hasn't gone completely batshit crazy, even if its still weird as fuck.tankieTankie


File: 1621708484253-0.jpg (98.71 KB, 750x858, snap.jpg)

File: 1621708484253-1.png (518.08 KB, 724x720, ClipboardImage.png)

>new USSR focus tree teased
>it's a "trotsky takes over the soviet union" episode


File: 1621708962720.mp4 (3.43 MB, 800x532, 4th Holodomor.mp4)

BASED4th_international4th International


Wow, very original.


in hoi4 the soviet union should be able to core any annexed territory like anarchist spain can


Sorry that they didn't pick 'random soviet bureaucrat that 0.01% of the population knows takes over the USSR'


It's not 2016 anymore, it's been done to absolute death at this point.


I hope we get a fourth option different from the whole Stalin/Trotsky/Bukharin stuff


File: 1621742922303.png (4.53 MB, 7202x796, 1mtn74t5yp071.png)

A recap of HOI4 related content from PDXCON


File: 1621743064929.png (23.71 KB, 373x44, ClipboardImage.png)

big if true


Extreme Anprim Gauls for sure. Only because I enjoy mowing down millions of Crossed-tier crazy people with communist Germany’s machine guns and artillery.
Of course Shimoi. Simply because Spaghetti Weeaboos rushing at modern military lines with shitty katanas is hilarious.
It’s so annoying that there’s basically no fun path at all for the UK though, it’s just different flavors of imperialist liberals trying to take back their colonies.
>No Beria coming to power
>No intelligentsia coup
>Not even a military government
Terrible level of creativity. There could even be more mechanics for the Soviet like diverting industries in the war or a tree for dealing with Japan and China.



That's been a part of the game since the start anon.


Of course, but who cares. At least something. I'm still hyped, and Stalin has his own big tree too. I hope they allow alternate history beneath trotsky though.


>>No Beria coming to power
>>No intelligentsia coup
>>Not even a military government
>Terrible level of creativity. There could even be more mechanics for the Soviet like diverting industries in the war or a tree for dealing with Japan and China.

To be fair, it does look like there's going to be a 3rd path, with Trotsky being the "left opposition" there could possibly be a "right opposition" path aswell


It will be Bukharin.


how is it possible that the fronts in this game are still so fucking broken after 5 years from release? It's incredible how bad paradox is at making AI.


Honestly surprised they haven't fucked off trying to program it all and made an attempt at machine learning AI.


Its OK you fag


it's not ok, it's so fucking bad. Just select all the troops on a front make them advance and watch.


Better way to do it is to put the meat on a front with no orders and just have them fill in the gaps and defend, and to micromanage your tanks in key areas.


that's what I do but it's so bad even at doing that. Troops constantly shuffling from one side of the front to the other, if you have multiple generals you constantly have to fiddle with the borders and field marshal are not better at all. Not to mention when it assign half of the troops on your front to the 1 tile empty pocket you just created by advancing.


t. vic2 and eu4 and ck3 and ck2 player.


>Mowing down the AnPrims.
You'd think it would be rather easy to lose to Gael Larper Artuad considering in my game playing that path all i did was rush the decision that gave you 1000 infantry equipment a day and set my division template to 40-width all infantry and just whittled down Germany's entire army for about 5 months and then stormed to Berlin then just dropped said 40-W deathstacks on London and pretty much freeded EVropa from technology.


>1000 infantry equipment a day
Of course. Since it’s not a meme path like Obama in Kaiserredux they have to make it so that the war isn’t a complete curbstomp. Although realistically those “equipment” would be like rocks and simple spears with a resulting battle being similar to Vietnam vs /pol/ pot.


Anyone have a decent strategy for a Mamluks > Rûm game, I'm tired of kebab removing me


Go into the game files and do the kebab rebalancing that was long waited but never delivered. Just replace their retarded OP traditions and first 2 national ideas into some random bullshit. There is no shame in nerfing big boys, do it to anglos, frogs and the spanish as well, they just make the game boring and predetermined. Oh how I miss the days of super Hamburg and super Ulm fighting over who unifies Germany…


Oh no the funny reddit meme path country had just collapsed!
You have to choose whether you would rather try to survive in…
>Holy Russian Empire (Post-Collapse a.k.a Syvatkar + Vyatka. led by guy whose name i forgot).
>Andrey Dikiy / Holy Russian regency.
>Talberg / Imperial mercantile consortium.
>Ural-Purification zone.
>Imperial airborne brigade.
Make your choice (relevant should be considering whether you prefer a horror that will end quickly or a horror without end)eurekaEureka


And now it’s gone! It’s hilarious how much mental gymnastics the devs have to go through to say that futurists is above left/right axis.
>The French state that Artaud rules over is not in any way comparable to the empires of the Interwar, whether they be German, Soviet, Italian, or American. While certain aspects of France may be borrowed from other systems, both in lore or in meta-development, this is not a sort of allegorical storytelling, and France is by no means a stand-in for the Third Reich in the Red Flood timeline, in any way, shape, or form. It is completely separate and unique, self-contained in its motivations, and quite frankly, simply making France into Germany and Germany into Soviet Russia would be such an extremely lazy and boring game design choice it’s almost insulting to be accused of such.
<we’re not like the other mods we promise! Also we will try to portray their beliefs correctly this time!
>Fascism. What is fascism? From the crisp uniforms of devoted speech-givers, to the weight and gravity of totalitarian systems, to the values and ideals that shape men into warriors, and warriors into tombstones. At the end of the day, fascism is a word. A word misused, much to the chagrin of myself and many others, as we have seen the Druidist and Escadron paths referred to as simply green and fast fascism respectively. I can certainly say that was not the goal when designing them originally, and it absolutely is not the goal in the rework. While the systems imposed by these groups may be similar to what can be called fascism, and their leaders might have partaken in such ideologies in real life, in no way do we intend to simply give the Brownshirts a new wardrobe and transplant them in Red Flood. The ideas represented in Red Flood are not in any sense an unadjusted surgical placement of real world ideological values, geopolitical aims, and cultural mores Frankenstein’d together into some grotesque amalgamation that could be called “(adjective) fascism.” We do not aim to simply vomit up Wikipedia articles, we aim to build a world, and in Red Flood, fascism is just a bit too 1920’s for our taste.
<even though most of the leaders have real fascist beliefs, we won’t be doing it accurately now.
How the hell does one write a paragraph that is immediately contradictory to the next one? The level cognitive dissonance by these people are both pathetic and sad.


the one thing i can't get over about this mod is how technocracy, a form of non marxist socialism that is even somewhat frequently discussed on /leftypol/, is dumped in the accelerationist ideology together with ethno futurism and national rejuvenatism, two different brands of fascism. i don't mind the turd positionist bullshit from the devs that much, but how do they even justify a socialist ideology that is focused on rationalism and progress being allied with incredibly spooked reactionaries like that?


also i really hate the bloated way that jackass writes. too many fucking lines just for saying futurism isn't fascism because it just isn't


So I finally managed to beat the shit out of the Ottomemes as the Mamluks and form Rûm only to realize Rûm has generic missions, so they're literally just a worse Ottomans it is pointless to form them –'


Now reconquer persia and return to central asia


Because they don’t want accelerationism to be fascism and the insinuation that they themselves are fascists for constantly wanking over it. So they just put some random technocratic elements in there to muddy the water. Plus the technocrat path for the US is just futuristic imperialism.
It hardly a political ideology at all. That’s the true reason why fascism overtook them so quickly in real life. They have no actual economic policies at all and if they ever had any it’s always hampered by some insane paganistic nationalism like the Polish ones. That’s no way to build a political movement.


File: 1622390254413.jpg (284.48 KB, 1080x1063, 1622389222330.jpg)

the official description of accelerationism is also very funny because "expansion and acceleration of certain techno-social processes to generate radical social change, aiming to identify, deepen, and radicalize the forces of modernization and technological progress to achieve certain goals of social transformation" is such a vague and abstract word salad it could even be used to describe any of the regular socialist ideologies


It’s so egregious in the case of National syndicalism in Korea even though the path explicitly tried to restore the ancient imagined Korea that span into Manchuria, it literally LARPed as Goguryeo. This reminded me of one argument I had with a retarded pollack on that sub who genuinely believe that a pagan ultranationalist planned economy can work under accelerationist Poland without collapsing into privatization like Italy did.


yup, welcome to the DLC hell with imbalanced gameplay which is EU4


Why do they all do this???eurekaEureka


>my gay niche ideology is acceleration isn’t so I’ll insert it into a mod where it’s prominent!
<wait why are they laughing at me?
<stop! take me seriously!
Most of the modding community for Hoi4 are autistic fashoids or liberals. Only a few are decent and most are non-Anglo mods.


>The Midnight Fan.
>The Ending the Kali-Yuga by A C C E L A R A T I N G right through it enjoyer


This is getting integrated to base tno now


I think it is some form of irony poisoning, where rootless young men spend so much time working on this ridiculous accelerationism shit in their mod 'as a meme', and because they have no real political grounding, they begin to internalise this obviously absurd ideology until they start thinking 'hey, maybe this isn't so crazy after all?'


>As plenty of people have pointed out Bataille's path for France is to put it bluntly "a disgrace", It is a complete misunderstanding of Bataille's real world economic and social views. George Bataille was not a cannibalistic rapist "WHAT IF THEY CONSENT THOUGH???" AnCap. And the stated goal of France in his path of "Creating a society based on its accursed share" is basically word salad.
I actually agree with this but if they make Bataille's path some sort of L/Acc shit will they still leave in the AnCap path but just change who Artuads second in command in it is?eurekaEureka


From the comments it seems they are trying to get rid of all the old 'funni' routes. Which, I mean, I never really liked Red Flood that much but if you remove the meme value from it then I really don't see that there's anything left.


>Idea for something that should be in TNO / A submod.
Red-Flood crossover.
As a player controlled French state after you get curbstomped by Burgundy if you take a very certain choice or decision etc then Marc-Augier/Saint-Loup starts an UltraNat rebellion in Bordeaux in the same Vein as Long Yun.
Much like Long Yun your "bleeding out" with a constantly degrading negative national spirit but to balance it out your units have something like 20% attack org and defence for all your units. You can reduce the effects of the "bleeding out style focus" by taking decisions where you basically raze / loot states under your control for everything it can possibly give for the war effort reducing them to 1 infrastructure and destroying all factories in the process.
Once you capitulate the French State Burgundy and Brittany dogpile you.

Industrial Neo-Slavery Nazi + The Porkies profiting off of them v. AnPrim Gaul LARPereurekaEureka


File: 1622756413513.jpg (846.29 KB, 1065x1170, 1622756407351.jpg)

Anyone played Soviet Russia in kaiserredux after the update? From the teasers it looks to be one of the best soviet focus trees I've seen.jucheJuche


It looks incredible, only once played Kaiserredux. My "PC" is dogshit.


Why is kaiserredux so much better than the retarded kaiserreich bros?


>triumph of national bolshevism
that is the worst thing I could read all dayssnpSSNP


>Molotov was a """""""""""""'NAZBOL"""""""""""""
The person that made this should ktszapatistaZapatista


Yeah it also has a path where Goebbels (leader of the socialist faction that's just "Bolshevik" put in google translate so is called Majority) goes into the communist meeting in Germany and is like "guise… wot if we had socialist with all the classes?" and all the communists become immediately convinced and become Strasserists.


Nah, that one is part of a submod for Kaiserredux, Roter Morgen it's called


When something is too silly for Kaiserredux, holy shit, it must be pretty silly.


No, someone just decided to make that submod, besides I wouldn't have been surprised if the actual Kaiserredux people would've done something similar with Goebbels tbh


rip white boy!


I'm trying to form Rûm as the Mamluks in EU4 but the Ottomans keep beating the shit out of me plz help D:


You have to kill them early.
>Ally Byzantium (or no cb and vassalize them) and some of the ottoman's rivals
>Galleys, bitch
>When they try to take constantinople, let they start the seige. Once they cross the straight, blockade it, so they cannot return to their capital.
>Don't be afraid of small peace treaties, they're quite tough early on
>Keep attacking the ottomans, slowly annexing their land war by war


File: 1623048459098.png (81.9 KB, 1823x1289, Clay_War.png)

Wanted to advertise this here, since y'all seem like the lot that would enjoy this type of game. Check it out, it would be more fun if we had more people involved
>come up with a country
>have autistic relations with other countries
>stealing clay is allowed (but not recommended in the early stages)


Anarchism finally got Nerfed in TNO.
Instead of the regular Siberian workers revolt it seems once you unify CentralSib+FarEast the entire Free territory explodes into a giant Heydrich Germany style cold civil war where you have to woo people to your side.


That's pretty cool tbh.


they're changing the ideologies?


They are renaming LibSoc to socialism and AuthSoc to Communism, while also doing some shuffling between the two (Nasseresque authsocs are now socialists, Sablin is communist etc). The idea is that Communism is Leninist and socialism is non-Leninist and sometimes non-Marxist.
They are also adding a crap ton of sub-ideologies to fill in further gaps. For instance we just saw a reveal that showed the Palestinians being MZT (Maoists).


I wonder, is the collapse guaranteed or are you able to avoid it or some shit?


Paths for Russian Empire in Hoi4 - Red flood.

Russian Empire wins the Summer coup war
>Kolchak Alive.
>Kolchak alive - Pick decision that results in Kolchak being couped after the war.
Mikhail Diterikhs (Reactionary / Black hundred's) Basically the worst one
>Kolchak dead.
Either the reactionary or despotic Romanov second cousin or whoever the fuck they are.

Novorossyia wins the summer coup war.
>Mikhail Drozdovsky
despotic Russian ultra-nationalist.
>Mladrossi coup.
Anastasia l T H E - R E G E N T - E N D U R E S


It seems like Krasnacht imploded. Most of the original creators left and they started to disassociate themselves with BTWH. Probably this have something to do with the kaiserboos taking over the project to try and make it line up with the updated lore.


I'm in the krasnacht discord and I can't find anything about them disassociating with bring the war home, as searching the acronym doesn't give any results, and the only mention of it directly is a link to the btwh discord (Although the link itself is invalid)


Could anyone help me find a HoI4 mod in development? I once saw it here under some sort of mod megalist. It was called The New Order but in some sort of latin (possibly French) language ("le ordo nouvo" is my aproximate butchery of the name). It was basically TNO, but in Kaiserreich cold war where Totalist right-wing syndicaliats won WW2. It had really in-depth DD about France, which basically became a corrupt fascist corporate state run by crooked syndicates. There was a guaranteed French civil war that wasn't actually a civil war but more a bunch of different army regiments trying to pull a fast, mostly undestructive infrastructure and civilian lives wise, coup. The most based outcome (in my eyes) was a "neosocialist" (basically ML in the right wing totalist-dominated world taking power and crearing a planned economy. Not sure about the rest of the world.


Neo-Rurikid Chads are redpilled across all timelines it seems.

HAPPILY EVER AFTERaccelerationAcceleration


yeah if you're gonna bring up some drama then link proof at least.


I got you fam
l'Ordre Nouveau
Here's the subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/leOrdreNouveau/


Thanks, thats the one


Judging from what can be seen on Discord, the devs are openly talking about "realigning" the mod to be more in line with Kaiserreich lore. There is also an announcement from early February that the dev team is undergoing a "reorganization". Ever since early March no new country teasers have been realesed. There has been also talk of changing Krasnacht lore to fit recent changes in Kaiserreich lore (France, India). This is probably just an excuse to change more shit with less resistance (if Kaiserreich changes something again will they start rewriting things again? also I thought the point of Krasnacht is/was that they are open to retconning Kaiserreich for the sake of realism/consistency/hismat). Most likely things are fucked, the devs are just good at keeping things quiet.


I feel like this doesn't really mean anything, the fact they haven't posted anything in a while isn't evidence of some schism or purge in the mod team.


What exactly is the drama with KR lore changes? I know there seems to be a schism almost in their community, but I didn't actively follow the mod for a long time. I know Russia is getting reworked into starting as a Savnikovist dictatorship or something, but that doesn't seem so large as to warrant a drama.


The Soviet Union is getting removed as a possible path for Russia which has pissed off some people


Wasn't there a leak that showed Kolontai and Radek as possible Syndie/Vanguardist leaders of Russia?


The most sketchy part is how the entire subreddit got redone. Most of the original moderators and regional lore people like mentalomega and sheev are gone. Now it’s only felina_bukharina left after the purging.
At least Red Night has the balls to stick to its own version of Kaiserreich canon and doesn’t have to do everything exactly like the retarded retcons.


>Load up TNO
>Loading screens
>"When one opens up a coffin, or one destroys it. Nevertheless a delicate odour of cedarwood will come forth" -

We gon get the funni boys




>DLC/expansion about USSR

>all the dev diaries are about Poland and Baltic States

What did they mean by this?


They will get to it


>They will get to it
>USSR the only major nation to had no focus tree rework since the HOI4 launch
>finally, USSR DLC. But they talk about Poland and Baltic States

Tell me you don't see what I am seeing


>Both democrats and anti-Soviet communists will also be able to declare the destruction of fascism a greater cause than the spread of socialism and align themselves with the British Empire. Doing so will allow Poland to renew her interests in colonialism and attempt to purchase colonies from Allied powers. By officially recognising the Maritime and Colonial League, Poland can purchase Madagascar, Palestine, and more. If any of your purchases are successful, Poland will have somewhere to build their forces in exile, should the front back home fail.

>anti-Soviet communists can buy colonies from the West

GUH, but also seems legit


Reads like something straight out of a fever dream from a pollack wank binge.


Never heard of foreplay?



The teases about USSR have shown at least half the Soviet focus tree being alternative history about Trotsky.


That sounds pretty cool to me. Also that's exaggeration, we just haven't seen the other alternative candidate yet.


File: 1624368517677.png (1.16 MB, 5632x2048, ClipboardImage.png)

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