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File: 1623111306811.jpg (33.92 KB, 749x496, CASTILLO.jpg)

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Get in here

This thread is for discussion of the 2021 Peruvian Election. Looks like it's keeps beign a close one, and either one could win this. The Peruvian Left has gone far, however, and has united under a pretty based candidate. Let's watch

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File: 1623111401251.png (9.44 KB, 255x239, 1622916772708.png)

Will Castillo BTFO the cryptocointards of Peru if he wins?


Nth for fuck gonzalo


Hasn't crypto lost like half it's value this month?
You can rest knowing he has already been vaccinated, probably with Pfeizer


Put me in the screencap


File: 1623111552065.png (20.16 KB, 1411x128, ClipboardImage.png)

from last thread
why would calling himself anticommunist but still a ML be saving face? Arent Marx and Lenin bigger boogeymen loltechnocracyTechnocracy


File: 1623111577200.jpg (57.97 KB, 1080x578, E3TLU_uWQAQFgjG.jpg)



Bigger boogeymen than Gonzalo? No



When is US vote coming in? how many will there be? can it effect the elections?


did you ignore the quote from the actual article? he opposes gonzalo's form of communism because as it turns out, SL killed a lot of the people he knew when he was younger.


you're purposefully just ignoring the context? Or just a west*** gringo who cant read?ak-47AK-47


He’s gonna BTFO Teslabros when he nationalizes the lithium mines


Taking it from one of the first mainstream supporters of Castillo:
>Foreign vote: there will be a total of 900K, of which 38% vote in the proportions as they are going until now (do not forget the blank and flawed vote).
>With these assumptions at the end they would be about 78K difference for K. 10K + and 10K-
>At the moment the difference between PC and KF in Peruvian territory is 79K and expanding. Aim for more than 100K difference.
>No, it doesn't look like K's way is the PEX vote.
>Perhaps they will try with the contested minutes, but there it seems that they do not do it either.
>To remain vigilant.


File: 1623111775318.jpg (22.77 KB, 255x255, 1623006422475.jpg)



I don't see a video to contextualize the whole thing, so I am guessing they are either paraphrasing or chopping intentionally his speech.
Typical liberal media attack.


I read the original quote and it’s even more clear he doesn’t really know what communism or socialism is. At best he thinks chavismo is socialism period and the Soviets were communism period.


mb misread the reference, still it's too good to be true
you wintechnocracyTechnocracy


To anyone, looks like there is a lack of coverage in english YT about Pedro Castillo, or Free Peru in YT. If anyone wants to change it for the better thanks.




<900k foreign votes
<At the end there would be 78k difference for Keiko by winning 62/38




Coup incoming in 3 2 1.sandinistaSandinista


So Castillo is a Socdem? Does that make China Socdem? Why don't people call it that? They also nationalized the commanding heights of economy. Afaik Sweden and Denmark are called socdem but have a tiny fraction of the SOEs in China and Venezeula and have centrally planned economy. Is it a matter of scale or proportion? Are there elements of Dengism or SWCC in Bolivarianism?


It's happening live on national tv right now


https://youtu.be/ELkvVRS73Ds (The only live I have seen)


File: 1623112072766.jpg (62.12 KB, 1080x462, el-landlordo.jpg)

libs shaking


Stop trying to steal the vote Keiko Fujikaren.


I fucking knew she would do that.
They took too much because they were probably waiting W. D.C. green light


Do we actually have anons from Peru here?


Look at that biopic you know it's not some little small lot for a humble home.


Where is the manager of the ONPE!!
The only proofs shown are 2 personeros who broke the rules and an audio kek
Yup, I am one


there's like 4 peruanons


Good Pedro Castillo is gonna collectives your tooth brush just Vladimir Marx zedong did in the people’s republic of Venezuela.


File: 1623112198495.png (153.79 KB, 415x481, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1623112207507.jpg (122.93 KB, 750x555, warface5.jpg)



File: 1623112233842.png (577.29 KB, 640x468, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1623112236882.mp4 (1.62 MB, 854x480, 1618532977945.mp4)



Being charitable, he's playing defense/electoral politics. Not that I think he's a socialist but I do think he's bullshitting a bit there


I'm about to say: Does she wants to force herself on top?
Let's see if she tries to pull this shit off how the people in the countryside will react.sandinistaSandinista


are you an idiot anon? Its not your actual face


The true acceleration was the friends we did along the wayaccelerationAcceleration



No dude that's his face


File: 1623112398217.png (296.87 KB, 640x834, ClipboardImage.png)

>why do jews ruin everything?
Well, I wanted to type this in the new thread only so it can be read.
It's mostly a few faggots who think they speak for everyone and want to use their minority status to smear people they don't like politically, a lot of us who are Jewish are sick of what they do. Look at this, I have to say I'm Jewish just to refute their nonsense, because it holds more credibility or something.

In the United Kingdom they did it to Corbyn, and you know, in the UK it's mostly Orthodox Jews (I don't hate Orthodox Jews but they can be big faggots, see Ben Shapiro). In America it's more Reform Jews so they couldn't do it to Bernie as effectively (aside from the fact he's Jewish himself they dipped their toe into trying it anyway because they're retarded faggots who can't stop sucking cocks). My family is poor, and there are poor Jews. And some of them are based. My dad loved Bernie I think, he hates most the politicians but not him. He speaks populistically and wants for everyone to love each other.

But don't let me fool you. I think there's been a shift to more liberalism and right-wing ideology globally among the Jewish community even if we have significant holdouts. It hurts my soul. The kibbutzim gradually are privatizing, the socialist influences seem to become less. One of my heroes is Albert Einstein, a Jewish socialist. You know what he said about nationalist Zionism? Picrelated.
"I am afraid of the inner damage Judaism will sustain.."
Well lo and behold he was so correct I can't believe it. I don't think he was as religious as me but I can see it. Another thing has been the ultra-Orthodox lunatics. Some of these motherfuckers are so fucking crazy. Yet people someone see "more extreme" as "more genuine"? But it's a reform movement within the religion… funnily enough you have some of them ending up anti-Zionist though. I fear for the future of the Jewish community. I think the diaspora will have to speak against the smears against anti-Zionists. If it happens to Castillo I hope the Peruvian Jews will know the truth.


File: 1623112404616.jpg (82.61 KB, 492x623, chad_hegel.jpg)


So far keiko has submitted some 'evidence of fraud' but they are like small cases that she found on social media


post yfw Fujitards on suicide watch


Shouldn’t you be back on the Siberian containment board?


I think he’s a red social democrat which is the best anyone can ask for in the modern day without knowing anything about Marxism or socialism or communism. Someone who is about powerful unions, nationalized key industry and social health, education, housing policies.


5 Cases in 25 million electors
Check this account


>More than 91000 votes lead

WE'RE BACK ON TRACKsandinistaSandinista



Watching Peru Election results.


That board has been so dead recently


Yeah she doesn't really have a case here, it feels like she wants her followers to chimp out


File: 1623112655232.jpg (82.45 KB, 854x1047, Ezt2MChUcAMZpF5.jpg)


I think Channel two was going to be proKeiko, but the share of ownership of the socdems looks like it has softened their position and coverage
Nice, right now their are showing coverage in Tacabamba, Cajamarca


I knew it was nothing to be worried about.


I fear a Keiko landslide in the Us anons.


Long pencils, ronderos and red flags, nice.


File: 1623112742424.jpg (47.69 KB, 481x600, Alunya-cat-BURN.jpg)

It's always a war, whenever classes are still on, class war never stops.


Me too. Do we know how many ballots were cast in the US yet?


It’s obvious it will be dummy


Throw in anti imperialism and consider the current conditions of Peru and I think I'm happy with it


File: 1623112998233.jpg (77.13 KB, 1080x1331, krte9rv8jhy51.jpg)

It's over, Castillo won.




They already know they lost, that's why they already claiming fraud.
It would out of this world that all of the sudden the election switches, and she acts like
ME BRAAHH? I never said it was fraud BRAH.. WHERE did you get that from?


Show us your BBPs Big Brown Pencils


File: 1623113041226.png (384.23 KB, 1439x1065, check2.png)



What’s wrong fujicuck. It’s just a pencil, why you so scared


How does a non-governing entity even commit election fraud? Every famous and obvious examples of fraud I can think of were elections were the governing party was at play. The 1996 Russian elections for example, rigged by Yeltsin. Putin's multiple rigged elections, same for Assad, or how that South Vietnamese guy (can't remember his name now) held an election before a referendum to unify the country, I think it was, and got like 98%. Even in non-presidential elections, shit like referendums and whatnot it's also always the ruling government. Take the Austrian annexation by Germany, it may have been popular, sure, but 99,73% popular? Doubt it.


File: 1623113084821.jpeg (84.28 KB, 1024x576, fatkat.jpeg)

Post >yfw no effectual change happens and Castillo is replaced by a porky in the next election.international_brigadeInternational Brigade


File: 1623113087515.png (173.52 KB, 500x451, 560984506989054.png)

The Shining Path's reputation in Peru is roughly equivalent to Nazi Germany's reputation in Central Europe and the (private) media has a tendency to engage in guilt-by-association innuendo against anyone left-of-center.

Eh, anons have a tendency to extrapolate these terms across the whole world, as if social democrat means the same thing in Germany as it does in Latin America. You start to get into these abstract ideology boxes removed from context. I think Peru is just different from your typical first-world country, where unlike Peru, you've got ridiculously huge academic/middle classes (i.e. Vaush and Contrapoints yada yada) which redefine the project of the left around them, but generally speaking, an organized left movement on the periphery is going to be much more left-wing than a first-world / core movement, since the peripheral movements are acting in opposition to the main concentrations of wealth.

In Latin America, a ton of the people are also indigenous and generally have long, hard political educations which foster some extremely serious people and leaders who risk or have risked painful, torturous death for their organizations. The last left-wing leader of Brazil was literally tortured in prison for being left wing when she was a young radical, and her predecessor (i.e. Lula) was imprisoned in 2018 on trumped-up charges following a far-right coup. And while these people can often be moderately corrupt (as opposed to just nakedly corrupt like Fujimoney), they also don't tend to seriously sell out. See: Morales, Mujica and Lula. They all come from this sort of background and apparently so does Castillo. And it's an encouraging sign that people from these movements are regaining prominence.


File: 1623113105979.mp4 (762.35 KB, 640x480, L MAO.mp4)


<Don't you see? The evil gommies control all the electoral offices! Even the ONPE where the director met with Fujimori even before!



the overseas votes won't be enough for Keiko


Not sure why everyone is freaking out about US votes considering Keiko literally lost in the US to Pedro Pablo Kuczynski in the 2016 Presidential election 53%-46% so hopefully the US votes are close or even have Keiko losing once again.



Good post


then why did Castillo even had a chance? Bernie's reputation went into the toilet after he hesitated on criticizing Cuba, I'd expect the equivalent of a European neonazi to have no chance no?technocracyTechnocracy



This is how Trump's Big Lie started, just so you know. BewaretranshumanismTranshumanism


I really like this




Yeah it's going to be a rough week. I hate keiko bros


activate the anti fujicuck rondas


I fucking hate redditors


Peru had one of the worst responses to the pandemic, to the economic crisis, and 3 goverment crisis in the last 5 years.
It was a gold mine for the left that Free Peru took advantage, if we follow a liberal analysis.
In a marxist one, the class war rised to the roof, people lost their livelihoods, their rented rooms, their families, etc.
The international area does not matter much if you don't let them encase you, he pursuit a harder border and inmigration status, something popular among everyone. He did not recerived help from Venezuela (In contrast with Humala, who got support from Chavez and fell in 2006 to the antichavista campaign)
The race is close to the end, and is matter of the party and the electoral bodies to mantain the lead and crush Keiko's fraud allegations.


What's exactly wrong with kicking out foreign criminals?


What sub is this on because I'm about to get banned off it?


File: 1623113795742.png (256.38 KB, 498x486, 1622870772315.png)



That faggot responding would probably be for undemocratic brutal shit if it was his side. Therefore I honestly don’t care if Castillo was really those things, if only spite the liberal and make them hurt and paraded through the streets and hanged for just being a liberal.


I feel like this is going to be commonplace in future elections. The actual results will become meaningless because the loser can always just cry "hax!" and cause people to riot for their side. Thus ensuring that the only thing that really matters is who can pressure the legislative branch into declaring them the winner, which will boil down to who has more militant partisans. The only reason not much happened in America beyond the January 6th shit is because burgers dont have any bite to go along with their bark, they're far too pampered to actually risk any of it. Peruvian far rightists, however…


>wants to create paramilitary groups of young people
Extremely based if true but I haven't heard of this before


Take pictures.


Why do the Shining Path fags on this board hate Castillo again? They can literally live their LARP thru that.


File: 1623113949526.mp4 (20.17 MB, 496x360, 1622827099870.mp4)

Alright fuck it I'm off to bed, here's hoping I wake up to pencil win


If you're not larping with them, you're larping against them. Thems the rules.


File: 1623113974437.gif (2.47 MB, 200x200, hulse.gif)


Jimmy Dore can't edit his own biography and the Wikipedia is somehow the best source.
Even guaidont profile on Wikipedia had him like the president without even quoting one single article of RBoV's constitution.


Well ultimately isn't this a good thing for radical socialists? Technically it's a good thing for rightoid extremists as well but that's always the case in these situations. Like they say behind every fascist is a failed revolution.



>Said that we wants to free an ethnic nationalist

<During his campaign, Castillo said he would pardon ethnic nationalist Antauro Humala, a ethnocacerist and brother of former President Ollanta Humala, who was sentenced to nineteen years in prison after leading the capture of a police station in Andahuaylas that resulted in the deaths of four police and one gunman.
This is based

>wants to create palamilitary groups of young people

kind of spooked but based in that it triggers libs

>abandon the "american convention of human rights"

exteremely based

>reinstate the death penalty

actually bad. nobody should die at the hands of the state.

>doesn't care about LGBT issues

won't say "based" per se, but based for focusing on worker rights over idpol

>praised the venezuelan government


>wants to kick [Venezuelan] refugees out

nuanced issue that I'd I have to look into more to opine on

overall, none of these issues makes him worse than Keiko lmaointernational_brigadeInternational Brigade


File: 1623114095813.jpg (46.47 KB, 960x714, Ew2V8VuWQAIVBp9.jpg)



> nobody should die at the hands of the state.
Alberto Fujimori does.


Barring the idpol takes literally all of those things are good
>Abandon the "American convention of human rights"
Imagine being such a brainwashed fuck that you think this is bad lmao


Well, Pedro Castillo wasn't a member of the Shining Path, and was in fact at violent odds with them as the leader of a peasant self-defense militia. The other side of the coin is his opponent: Keiko Fujimori, the daughter of the death caravan mafia dictator who murdered nearly 70,000 indigenous people and sterilized god knows how many more.

That leads to the other part of this which is unfortunately the ethnic component that divides the country and notoriously so in the case of Peru (and also Bolivia), with rural areas having a strong indigenous element, both demographically and culturally. Last thing, the Peruvian economy has collapsed, the government has been burning through a series of corrupt presidents who haven't lasted very long, and the country has the highest recorded COVID mortality rate in the world (which doesn't mean it is the highest but it's up there).

It's nice to know liberals are horrific no matter what country they're from.


Oh sure yeah in the long run it'll help disillusion the population from liberalism, we just need to make sure we have the opportunity to do shit before the fascists consolidate.


File: 1623114231613.jpg (87.09 KB, 640x920, Soviet_chad.jpg)



huhunited_farm_workersUnited Farm Workers


If wikipedia had instead said that he wants to take in refugees, this guy would have listed that as a bad thing


Another time to throw away missconpetions that someone might has (the ideas he has are from english wiki lol)
>Said that he wants to free ethnic nationalists
ANTAURO LIBERTAD He rised against Toledo's corrupt goverment and it would be a great token to his supporters in the army.
>Wants to create paramilitary groups of young people
Wants to extend the rondas (self organized communitie police) to the cities, as it has happened in Cajamarca
>Abandon the San Jose Accord
Yeah, to reinstitute the death penalty, pretty popular idea around here.
>Reinstate the death penalty
What is the problem with death penalty?
>Doesn't care about LGBT rights
It has been adressed, in the platform of a United Left, the LGBt communty has a better oportunity for their fight than under Keiko's fascism. Peru Libre has received Critical support from them and has met with them.
>Praised Venezuela
Problem liberal?
>Wants to kick refugees because they commit crimes
The neolib president PPK opened the borders to vuvuzuelans and they have organized mafias of drug trafiicking, contract killings and prostitution. Is there a problem on wanting to deport them? I bet that in Venezuela they will get a great treatment by the Socialist goverment too. Or better, the death penalty for those criminals.


You should stop trying to cater to libs, it's not healthy.tankieTankie


I really doubt the Big Lie or whatever is going to take hold here because it's just so cliche and has been tried by copetards worldwide
I can only see it if somehow Peru becomes vocally anticommunist in like a weektechnocracyTechnocracy


>Said that he wants to free ethnic nationalist
Gonna go way way out on a limb and assume this is somebody who's in jail for fighting for indigenous rights or something.
>Wants to create palamilitary groups of young people.
Based, similar to what's happening in Vuvuzela with the people's militia. If Evo had had this he might not have been coup'd in the first place.
>Abandon the "American convention of human rights"
Based, fuck those glow ops justifying sanctions against left-leaning countries.
>Reinstate the death penalty.
Sounds like he's prepared to deal with what the western imperialists will throw at him if elected.
>Doesn't care about LGBT issues.
Ok? That's not the same as being against the gays. Social issues like that are primarily wedge issues anyway, so he's avoiding shit that isn't relevant to his campaign.
>Praised the Venezuelan government.
Ok, and?
>Wants to kick refuges [sic] out because "they commit crimes".
( X ) Doubt
But even so, this only matters if they actually do kick people out.

>He's not just an union organizer.

Yes he is far more based. It's funny how even though he apparently is a social conservative or whatever they did a really bad job of pointing out his flaws, putting more focus on how he's too lefty than on how he's not tolerant enough, which is pretty mask-off for whoever posted this.


knowing Gusanos, they will be voting Keiko heavily so that’s the issue.


Of course not, not all of them. Just like the 3-5% was the amount of them who where involved in shady shit if I am remembering correctly from the media when they where backpedling on the fearmonger campaign. But from time to time police grounds up some of their mafias and is the same. Drugs, sicarios and some here and there executed prostitute, rival,etc in a grousome way (sometimes, other times are just executions). I can bet there will be an accord between countries soon.


File: 1623114671662.mp4 (8.24 MB, 640x360, 1621816393517.mp4)

How quick are glowies gonna move to coup Castillo if he wins


>What is the problem with death penalty?
To be honest, while I believe some people deserve to die, I oppose most executions on the grounds that if you fuck up and kill an innocent person there's no way to rectify the situation. I think it should be reserved for things like war crimes and mass murder where there's no possibility of convicting an innocent person.tankieTankie


File: 1623114812013.jpg (93.08 KB, 498x750, 72d.jpg)

>"Marxist" superimposed on Karl
>"Leninists" superimposed on Lenny


Repeat after me


Wouldn't cryptos be perfect for labor vouchers tho? It keeps track of every monetary unit.


no that's the blockchain not crypto itself


Keiko literally gave people a hashtag (#fraudeenmesa) during her speech, to post their 'proof of fraud' on twitter. This is a circus


They won't even try this time.tankieTankie


Damn. Would be a shame if some one used that hashtag for other purposes


Another thing that most people miss about the death penalty's related to socialist history is that often times it's not used to punish people, but simply to get rid of a threat for good. For example think about what the Bolsheviks did to the Romanovs, sure from a superficial level it might look like "punishment" but more than punishment it's simply eliminating a threat to the movement. This is even moreso clear when you look at how they didn't just execute the Tsar, but his entire family. Imagine how much big of a ruckus one of these kids would've caused if they had managed to escape to the West and start propagandizing against the USSR. It would be like North Korean defectors x1000. Also the fact that by eliminating the entire family they massively undermined the legitimacy of the White movement. Who can claim they're a direct descendant now and heir to the throne? Imagine how demoralizing it would've been to have been a White and seeing hundreds of people claiming to be Anastasia and that they had managed to escape. No legitimacy can be formed under those conditions.


Build a wall around Burgerland but to keep people in.


Hate Floridian's, Florida as a place is pretty cool.


File: 1623115196932.png (413.93 KB, 1863x533, ClipboardImage.png)

Canada gave 76% to keiko



>stop the steal in Peru
>implies there will a Jan.6
And you don’t these assholes will let them actually coup the place


So how long is this vote gonna go on? It’s like they’re electing the second president of the world after Jooo Biden.


love from ️ ️ tamil nadu


They are saying ballots form Europe won't be counted until Wednesday because according to Peruvian law the ballots must be physically in Peru to be officially counted.


File: 1623115333072.png (392.02 KB, 600x458, 1623115329844.png)

>Canada gave 76% to keiko


how does the left deal with the gusano question? they can't keep getting away with this


It’s literally fully of Peruvian Kpop fans and I don’t know if they are pro or anti Keiko lol


In Cuba they were kicked out, but they keep reproducing.


yeah I saw, seems they're anti Keiko from what I can tell


Are there actually Peruvian weebs that vote for Keiko because she's Japanese?


It's like Castro said, if they want to fuck off and abandon their country we can let them.tankieTankie


>>wants to create palamilitary groups of young people
>kind of spooked but based in that it triggers libs
It's not spooked at all, it's an absolute necessity nowadays. Latam porkies have made it clear that garden-variety succdemism is no longer a choice, so we have to arm up just because.


Anti keiko, for some reason kpop fans basically dominate peruvian twitter, they can kill any hashtag by raiding it nonstop and have done it many times


Florida is literally Gusanos Israel. It must be wiped so that they’re no longer relevant


Wtf were kpop stans based all along?tankieTankie


Also out of Bozo's playbook. They widely circulated dumb shit like some faggot voting for his party's number in a state where they had no candidates and crying fraud when the electronic ballot box thing coughed up a null vote.


File: 1623115649790.jpg (106.86 KB, 802x1200, w_null_rsp33zma9t371.jpg)

Kpop is now communism


They’re very liberal buts it’s always funny seeing zoomer kpop fans dunking on rightoids. Like the whole trump stadium thing


Believe it or not kpop stans in Latin America are mostly leftists. But I thought it was also the case in the US no? Or radlibs at least.



Execution, purges, re-education camps, labor camps. But in order to normalize this we have to win support of the great majority of the people and activity make their lives better to essentially “get permission” from the masses to liquidate all gusanos one way or another. Again we need then people’s consent and that requires a lot of work and development.


Who won by the way? I assume Logan got destroyed by Mayweather?


File: 1623115822075.mp4 (918.93 KB, 512x480, rJJXLq87vpE605yX.mp4)



because "communism" is a spooky word worldwide thanks to porky propaganda

just call it "worker-owned market" and win on the same platform


LMAO the meme magic is so perfect, based peruanons


It was stupid, it was a draw. Lasted the entire 8 round


File: 1623115964743.mp4 (3.88 MB, 320x240, Mr Perfect theme.mp4)

Like i said yesterday, it was a draw


Damn boring, that sucks




This. It’s sad by worker ownership is a lot more “politically correct” nowadays than communism is as a word. Promoting national cooperatives and shit like that would get people on board without worrying about the “communist spook” propaganda.


Lead is getting bigger.

Pencil: 8,552,117
Kek'd: 8,459,997

Found a live election results update stream of the election:




I was listening to an interview Caleb did with this Cuban liberal Democrat type, young woman who was born in Cuba but moved to Miami with her parents when she was very young. She's not a communist but returned to Cuba and visited, and it wasn't like what she was told, and when she tried to speak out back in Miami and take a more moderate liberal approach to Cuba, she was treated like a Castroite agent by these people. They planted a bomb under her car. The hard-right, fascist Cuban emigre leadership holds a monopoly over the community, and they're organized criminals.

Anyways, it's interesting too, and I don't know what Caleb's opinions about this are, but this woman thinks the hard-right gusanos are actually hurting their own cause – so maybe it'd be better if they stay in charge. Not that the Communist Party of Cuba is going to be like "oh then they're nothing to worry about," but it might be better to have an enemy that has no idea what they're doing than an enemy who does, maybe? Because they're self-defeating.


How can I be a draw? Floyd got drawed by a non boxer? Jesus Christ that’s side. So much for the best technical boxer in the world.


shes cute


So good


Caleb's suit just has the power of attraction


They made up rules to exclude judges and be a draw if no KO


No it was an exhibition match, so essentially the whole thing as a glorified sparring match


US gusano vote is finally UP


did it leave a mark?


Major Israel vibes most definitely. Sadly that’s how it’ll be for the considerable future, even with the Castros no longer in charge


It's only at around 7%, keiko wins 80% of the vote


File: 1623116396970.png (517.48 KB, 1897x585, ClipboardImage.png)

Low turnout


>Listing all the reasons he is based as negative things
Americans are the stupidest breed of humans Satan ever raped onto the Earthlenin_capLenin Cap


Finally! Alright bros, let’s get ready for gusano ratfucking


>Bernie's reputation went into the toilet after he hesitated on criticizing Cuba
as a European immigrant in South America, believe me or not but people here are not as dumb as your average estadounidense aka US American


File: 1623116492196.jpg (41.5 KB, 640x640, ELkQSTIW4AAy5kK.jpg)

That's not a good quota so far. I was definitely hoping for more Castillo votes there based on 2016 diaspora vote


Lead maintains.


Pencil: 8,560,232
Kek'd: 8,467,081


Did seriously only 5,000 show up to vote? Damn Keikofags must be so demoralized by that.


Yeah but Fuji was up against a lib, so you got to account for that


<CASTILLO IS OVER 0.5% difference.

By the way, the people are guarding the votes in the ONPE


Sorry, wrong picture LMAO


sorry if this has been answered before but what is "Electores Hábiles" & "Participación Ciudadana"?

Looking at the US results


No más pobres en un país rico


No, anon, the # of voting records to process is much more.


Elligible voters and actual voters respectively


19k @ 7%
270k @100%
28% turnout 76k
80% fuji = 60k votes for her


I AM correcting my self, you are correct> >>18027


File: 1623116668014.jpg (397.6 KB, 2048x1536, E3UsF_9WEAMfjgV.jpg)

Hundreds of castillo supporters are waiting outside the building hes in for orders.
They are ready do whatever it takes to stop the fujifraud


I'm telling you guys this is gonna be one of the most razor-sharp elections in human history. It might come down to literally a few hundred votes


thank you. so only 5k gusano voters from the US. damn it looks like it's over for Keiko


It’s the fucking US you idiot. Even if the turn out was huge Castillo wouldn’t get even 25 percent of the vote.


It's only at 7%


Yeah I was about to say, I'm surprised it's so little. Seems like the diasporafags couldn't even give much of a fuck about voting, makes sense though, they're probably gonna stay in the diaspora. They have almost no reason to come back to Peru.


What was your first clue?
Mine's was the dollar/market collapse, which are the capitalists sabotaging and later convinced me Kek'd claiming fraud.


Redditors belong in the dirtlenin_capLenin Cap


Well, if you ask me, many of them are illegal and work like 2 or 3 jobs to being slaves, so about those around 500k, I don't think they care a shit about Peru until they can spit shit on it.


The only countries in America (The continent, not that awful country) where Peter Castle has a lead are Cuba (with 100% of the votes counted) and Chile (with 2.8% of the vote counted).


File: 1623116959166.mp4 (7.9 MB, 640x360, ANTAURO AMIGO.mp4)



These songs are so damn catchy, here's another etnocacerist song


100k lead with 1% left, isn't this over?


Don't want to jinx it but it seems like it, the only other three countries where no counting has started yet I think are Venezuela, France, and Italy. Of those three the one with the most voters will probably be Venezuela, and if it follows the wider Latin American trend it'll probably be a win for Keiko (the only two countries in the continent with a win for Castillo were Cuba and Chile) but it won't be enough it seems. France and Italy will most likely also go to Keiko but the votes in Peru itself will outweigh all of it.


That is why he will get free in July 28th
Castillo always had as security army reservists.
Always check your army anons.


They need to be sure that the difference is enough to be irreversible.
This means, even if from now on 100% of the votes arrive to her, it wouldn't be possible to her land a victory.
I know burger can't grasp the idea of direct democracy, but it's easier than electoral colleges.


There's still time for Operation Impugned VotesfedFed


Oh wait I forgot Japan, they haven't started the count there also but again, will probably go to Keiko but not enough to overturn the Peru votes.


>so please send me proof of fraud on twitter plz


Japan are about 30k eligible voters, I expect them to go to Keiko 95%, together with the US gusano vote which will be about 100k it's actually really fucking close and not in a good way




Isn't Immortal Technique a Peruvian


Anti-Keiko. Kpop fans routinely swarm hashtags they don't like to co-opt them for their kpop agenda, e.g. "#ripGeorgeHWBush" and shit like that.


Bros the US gusano votes are starting to roll in. According to my very rough math there will be around 80k US gusano votes with 80% of them going to keiko closing the gap considerably


File: 1623117910768.png (914.7 KB, 836x469, ClipboardImage.png)



Thread theme


122,077 lead for Castillo in Peru, with 0.950% of the votes left


Peru is not even full, yet.


Yes, I was surprised he hasn't posted about it on Twitter so far.


To add to this, votes from spain are coming also, with estimated 33k votes with 64% going to keiko so around 21k. Bros this aint looking good


Bros around 80k US gusano votes with 80% of them going to keiko just flew over my house


>fascist Cuban emigre leadership holds a monopoly over the community, and they're organized criminals.
It's always like that. A violent conflict is inevitable no matter how slowly you move towards progress, because ultimately, this isn't a matter of politics, but of civilization versus barbarism. Capitalism rewards evil more than any other social system ever devised, plain and simple.


File: 1623118134925.jpg (29.01 KB, 753x707, 1616912990299.jpg)

I knew you all celebrated too early.international_brigadeInternational Brigade




It's ogre bros




Kill yourselfpan-africanismPan-Africanism




>leftypol right nowthinkThink


Ignore the demoralizers! Castillo will emerge victorious! The pencil is mighty! The special K is cringe!


That means 64,000 US gusano votes! We have A 100,000 lead that's a 36k cushion.


Bro I've come to recognize that URL, you're not fooling anyone stirnerfag


And still, countryside votes are coming in.


I don’t recognize that URL what is it?




It's gonna be tough to beat Keiko's previous defeat. The difference was just 42597 votes.


Your boi pussi will emerge penetrated.


Imagine obsessing over a bourgeois electionegoismEgoism


>in the year of our lorde 2011 + 10
Are you reconquistakidding me?


Plus 21k from spain of pure keiko

I'm looking at chile right now and that one might save castillo


File: 1623118509274.jpg (28.4 KB, 596x767, ketamine ketaOURS.jpg)

>The special K is cringe!
you take that back right fucking now


Honestly no matter what happens this election might actually fucking implode the country


Elections are accelerationism.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


Here's a bit of clarification for the math. Suppose Castillo has a lead of 100k votes and 80k votes come in from USA with 80 percent going to Kek no. Then Keiko gets 64k but at the same time Peter Castle gets 16k . So the cushion for our guy is larger it's actually 52k in this scenario.


if only gonzalo knew when to quit


accidental embed


Imagine obsessing over the obsession of a bourgeois election


Not many know that Peru also had a October revolution, Velasco was planning to join the WP and Comecon and then launch an invasion of Chile to depose Pinoshit liberate the concentration camps and put the CPC in charge but some Gusano couped him before he could do it.



There are about 400k votes left to count in Peru


Exactly how long would this take to get counted


Ketamine is kinda lame. Just gimme some weed.


This is continuously changing.


>all the US votes so far have been from new jersey


File: 1623119077337.gif (113.11 KB, 500x450, kill-la-kill-uh-wait.gif)

Anon, I do avatarfag sometimes but you surely abuse lel


Mmmm…. what about Cal? I can recall somewhere I read Cal is the biggest Peruvian community inside the U.S.


I love jersey


fuck you americans, learn to stats
pencils need to keep 45% of remaining votes


>Less then 0.50 left to be counted. Mostly ruraloids (see: Based Castillo fans) and overseas votes (surprisingly not tilted towards gusano that much)
>Castillo lead climbing.
>Fuji on stage crying about muh deep state commie election fraud begging mutts to intervene.
stick a fork in it folks, Velasco will be avenged.eurekaEureka


HOLY SHIT this happened like 15 minutes ago
Castillo is telling his followers to get ready to defend the country



Aren’t you the guy that got sad someone else was using Ryuko as their avatar or that someone else


>we never get to see a timeline where based Velasco throws Pinoshit to the dogs


Castillo should organize a coup if OAS or Keiko starts doing election fraud


File: 1623119501646.png (1.41 MB, 1280x720, Castillo.png)

This gives such album cover energy


Lead keeps growing.

Pencil: 8,571,147
Kek'd: 8,475,639


Between this, Chile chads, PT about to be swept back in in Brazil, Cuba Nicaragua and Venezuela and Bolivia South America is definitely /ourcontinent/eurekaEureka


When this guy wins, leftists should trash the hammer & sickle and embrace the pencil.thinkThink


Holy crap is civil war 2 happening!!!


combine them


I'm buying a bus ticket to Tacna
Time to defend my presidente


YES, Ha Ha Ha, YES.


>I'm buying a bus ticket to Tacna
>Time to defend my presidente

Stay safe comrade, I hope you know what you are doing and getting yourself into, good luck.


Jason's analysis:


always has been

Spanish castes' legacy and latifundium produced extremely classist societies and brutal class war

that's why we have so many coups – not just to overturn socialist governments but also destroy the worker movements


>Castillo has surpassed Fujimori by 95,570 votes



Lmao Ecuadorians on Twitter are scared of mass migration there if Castillo wins.


Does /pencilgang/ have any merch we can buy from overseas?


the pencil is mightier than the…democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism



Fourth Sword of Communism, more like
Fourth Pencil of Communism


I come to add the Fifth Ayy Lmao of Communism, for Comrade Castillo Wins he will Free the Ayy Lmaos From Area 51.Posadists believe in the Pencil man, and Argentina is the next to return to the Red with the Reemergence of the Posadists.posadasPosadas


He will channel the ancient energy from the Inca to contact the Comrades Ayy Lmao from Machu Picchu,
A peruvian SETI sending the Internationale to the outer space.


>The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism by weapons, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.



International juche gang!


File: 1623121226976.png (270.17 KB, 416x636, 1620174145429.png)

>wake up to find I was wrong about Pencil man going to lose
It's a good sort of feel

With any luck, Colombia is next.eurekaEureka


You’re just a doomer faggot


Maybe. Mostly I was afraid it was going to be rigged votes with CIA fuckery. There may be a coup down the line, but I've got more hope.eurekaEureka


>as a European immigrant in South America, believe me or not but people here are not as dumb as your average estadounidense aka US American

wtf /pol/ lied to me AGAIN


Even when we lose we doom only to blow off steam and for fun not to actually be loser cry babies.


Do it comrade. Do it for the working class!


File: 1623122328576.png (1.44 MB, 1200x1200, pedro.png)


And I'm just sitting here, having no based lefty presidente to defend…


so when does the coup to restore democracy start?


Libs still control the legislative


File: 1623122618998.png (428.18 KB, 720x996, basedkpop.png)



Godspeed kpopfags


File: 1623123360659.png (53.58 KB, 750x293, Glowie Tiem.png)


File: 1623123440532.jpg (46.46 KB, 480x480, 1622444711650.jpg)



Lead grows

PENCIL: 8,575,142
KEK'D: 8,477,047

Over 100k votes soon.


Lead will probably shrink as gusano votes roll in


btw why is Castillo associated with pencils?


more like lead grows amirite?



Because of his pencil dick


He is a schoolteacher


File: 1623124820675.jpg (4.6 KB, 150x150, logo-150x150.jpg)

Peru Libre logo


>>15741 (as a more emotional meaning)
Also, in a more factical manner (checking with the anticommunist press aka Peru 21) they argue that the pencil is a copy of the army of teachers to alphabetize in Cuba. Which was then done similarly by Cerron in Junin and later taken as simbol of the party (the last simbol was PL Peru Libertario/Libertarian Peru).


>>18151 (checked)
Interesting. Thanks lads


File: 1623125687969.mp4 (10.3 MB, 1280x720, EP.6.720p_Trim.mp4)

How bad would you have to want it to start a civil war to make Keiko president?soviet_unionSoviet Union


File: 1623125934788.jpg (79.75 KB, 736x491, 1623027243640.jpg)

is this what passes for anime these days?


The :3 face for half a minute makes me want to break the legs of some animators



File: 1623126133482.png (284.84 KB, 440x640, ClipboardImage.png)

I don't get how rightoid weebs manage to be consistently and unceasingly racist while also jacking off to a girl this brown
>inb4 le tan le sunburn le etc
you know what I meantechnocracyTechnocracy


File: 1623126323194.jpg (876.3 KB, 4096x2217, E1nHpUZXIAMExhs.jpg)

the franchise would have been infinitely better if nagatoro had been straight up black


first amendment that needs to be in every communist society: Every anime animator gets their knees expropriatedak-47AK-47


manga is better anyways lol


I don't think it's racist to say that mainland Japan is so sexually perverted and messed up that it's impossible to try and fix
In a weird way it's like how furries/kinktards/BDSM is secretly creeping up in popularity in the US even in the face of public backlash. Sure the Jap govt won't say anything on it but that just allows it to fester
You'll see western artists making anime characters look more realistic (see that one Dragon Maid girl trend) and get slandered limb by limb by weebs of old 4chan vehemently dedicated to their loli porntechnocracyTechnocracy




Did you ever consider that everyone is perverted and you're the weird one for pearlclutching about it?


Update. The lead is stable.


>>18162 (me)
To think I saw her the last time I visited the capital, singing Flor de Retama in a famous square to the 20 that were there.
So nice from her, fucking covid man, I wish I could celebrate, I can bet a lot of bad luck fellas are going to die tonight.


This board was made specifically for pearlcluching because what in the fuck else are we going to do for the next 30 years until China achieves socialism?technocracyTechnocracy


File: 1623127793097.jpg (378.1 KB, 1179x2048, E3TRV4IXIAEuH6B.jpg)



File: 1623128244381.jpg (36.32 KB, 678x414, D4j7T5YWsAAfX8-.jpg)


Merc journo Jaime Bayli breaks on live TV
Pedro Castillo gives speech and thanks the people


File: 1623128486024.jpg (144.94 KB, 976x549, 1623124176817.jpg)

If the absolute madman who made this is reading this, could you please edit it to Castillollo? It sounds like Jojo, well depending on the local Spanish dialect, but regardless. Thanks.


>Lo sentimos, no puedes postear en este tablón desde tu ubicación.


File: 1623128638570.png (647.95 KB, 976x549, bombtrack.png)


File: 1623128679366.jpeg (251.97 KB, 1213x1603, download.jpeg)

ya love to see it folks


show me a sane man and I will fix him


File: 1623129212188.png (228.86 KB, 739x1033, 1623103860697.png)

basado y rojopilado, tho Pedro could have stayed, do you think it's better with or without it?


just looked back in here, why is this talk even in here lmao?
tfw no black nagatoro to bully me
oh noo that suuuuckstranshumanismTranshumanism


File: 1623129834281.png (649.66 KB, 976x549, bombtrack1.png)

i don't speak Spanish, i thought it was a one word nickname kinda thing


But not pearlclutching about sex, begone reactionary.


Do you think it sounds more Jojoesque with or without Pedro?


with pedro, all the 'o's make it sound ridiculous


File: 1623130517840.webm (7.88 MB, 1280x720, 1622338472796.webm)




So we know he won. What are we waiting on? Sekiro to concede?


the western libs will call this guy a far right dictator


we will probably know officially who won in like 12-24 hours cause i expect most of the US votes and spanish and chilean to come in todayislamic_communismIslamic Communism


>US votes
all presumably from the peruvian exclave of Langley, VA?


File: 1623131337101.jpg (33.18 KB, 680x361, media_E3U0aJGXoAIHN8j.jpg)

gommies BTFO

Good point, I'll keep the Pedro-less one. Thanks.


Fake country


File: 1623131771135.jpg (215.23 KB, 1076x1356, media_E3TTFruWQAUg9kl.jpg)




File: 1623133873050.png (907.75 KB, 2100x1395, Live like this.png)





*Northern Macedonia


Yeah but trumps is truebrocialismBrocialism


File: 1623134521300.png (196.2 KB, 850x494, ClipboardImage.png)

US gusanos so far


Sorry I am burger and I have been cheering on the side lines: What do you mean "Us gusanos" I mean I know what a gusano is, but, what is this demographic of people? Are there people living in the US that get to vote in this election?


So i'm seeing that Pedro's lead is growing.
Is it me though or it is still too low to counter gusano power from abroad?sandinistaSandinista


dude we won enjoy it


remember those that one anon who was like "real leftists check what /pol/ thinks before they judge who's a leftist" ROFLMAO


Peruvian citizens living in the US can vote in the election
You're way too pessimistic bro. Weren't you saying Israel was gonna completely wipe out Gaza a few weeks ago


You're right anon. I'm very pessimistic.
I'd like for Pedro's lead to grow past 120k to be more relaxed.sandinistaSandinista


Peruvian diaspora that in the first world tend to be pretty reactionary. They are either rich, from a very educated/professional background (you know what kind of people can get those in the third world) and much of the poorer ones have bought to the consumer pseudomeritocratic lifestyle, and overall they look down on their country and themselves trying to push their bullshit politics to a country they don't even live in. And yes they can vote in the elections

Pedro leads in the country by 125,000 and the count is at 99%. Doubt gusano vote can counter that but it's just getting started, we'll see


99% is the processed actas.
There's still more than 2% to be counted in Peru.sandinistaSandinista


From my counts, the gusano vote should Keiko a 130-140k additional lead as of now.
Currently Pedro's lead is around 98000, so he would be down 32000/42000 votes.

Still we have 2% of the Peruvian votes left, which means that to ensure Pedro's victory last 2% of Peruvian votes (around 340000 votes) should go 58/45 for Pedro.sandinistaSandinista


anon must gift us the four 4's to make sure


File: 1623138049002.png (16.02 KB, 864x566, 1621872554286.png)

So let me get this right: This election is going to come down to a group of people (rich people) who don't even live inside the country itself?


i think it's just part of imperialism


Keikobros… what the fuck… we were supposed to own the commie cucks…porkyPorky


File: 1623140871507.png (87.5 KB, 800x449, ClipboardImage.png)

>did you really believe you could defeat the working class and ruralchads?
>think porky think


File: 1623141373347.jpeg (50.12 KB, 474x631, 876865.jpeg)

These memes are fucking mint.


File: 1623141494412.mp4 (2.29 MB, 1280x720, Gonzalo Iroh moment.mp4)

Gonzalo after hearing about Castillo's victory


What would you recommend instead?


>Sure the Jap govt won't say anything on it but that just allows it to fester
Why should a government do shit about people being horny?


File: 1623142912368.png (1.83 MB, 791x1136, Minor_Classics_1.png)


so did fujumoris lose for good or can they still come back?


According to my calculations they can still come back, but Pedro stands a good chance too >>18205sandinistaSandinista


<In a part of Lima where the left has been estimated to do well, a man who appeared to be an election watcher of Perú Libre got caught manipulating ballots. Castillo's party distanced itself from what happened and claimed to not know the man. Shortly after, the suspect could be identified as being a member of a right-wing party allied with Fujimori.


guy is a /pol/ack and his only political motivation is telling people what to do where it is none of his business because he has to compensate for the bullying in high school after he showed up with my little pony merch


Are ya winning, son?


Que maldito nefasto.


The capitalists will manufacture the pencil we shall stab them with

Pedro "Pencilenin" Gonzalo





Milton Friedman would have supported Castillo


Right-wing accelerationism. Get a really left-wing government in power so the US will be forced to set up a brutal military dictatorship where everything is privatized.


Wtf? No. I meant the one pencil vid. But I guess that makes sense since he was a Chicago boy responsible for Pinoshit


Even so, I don't think Peruvians would have it. The current mood all around the world today and especially in Latin America is to combat and resist even without the presence of a vanguard party


>combat and resist even without the presence of a vanguard party
How isn't Peru Libre a vanguard party?


Castillo las masas rugen
y los Andes se estremecen
expresan pasión ardiente
fe segura y acerada
y el pueblo que escucha atento
aceleró su jornada
¿Qué es Castillo?
canta el fuego
Castillo es no a la Korrupción
¿Qué es Castillo?
canta el fuego
Lapicito es no a la Korrupción


I guess my sentence was phrased ambiguously. I meant to say that it's not unheard of today for people to riot and more against a particular thing that pisses off many sectors of the populace. In Myanmar, this sort of shit is leading to civil war. Violent demonstrations are still going on and off in Colombia, and then there's the comparatively less deadly situation, but worth bringing up, in France.


Despite not having a vanguard of some kind


But there is always a vanguard anon. All these protests, movements and riots didn't just magically appear. There were many activists and organizer involved, probably from a lot of different organisations.


>There were many activists and organizer involved, probably from a lot of different organisations.
Yeah, but wouldn't that just be the broad progressive movements laying the groundwork as opposed to a vanguard organisation in the leninist sense?


The vanguard, like all concepts, changes with historical circumstance. We don't live in pre-rev russia, so the marginalised communities of our time are separated by different trends. The proletariat will always be the proletariat, but the language to unite must first be communicated with bourgeois idealism at the front but class analysis as the blatant subtext e.g the police hate you because you're black, and that's because poverty enables white supremacy (capitalism). This then moves into a vanguard in the Leninist sense when the language is understood.

The actors of BLM/XR/whatever who have a class analysis are the preliminary agents of the vanguard even if they don't understand it yet. Our job is to communicate that and make sure Bidenites/liberals don't subvert that trend


what one can observe is that even things that then develop as "broad progressive movements" are initially jump-started by radicals; but because they are too few and not well known, their effort is quickly hijacked by more mainsteram "progressive" left-liberal groups.
But yes - a vanguard in the strict leninist sense does not exist.


Made the wrong example anon, XR was probably glowed from the very beginning.sandinistaSandinista


Great post that explains the situation over there, Burger Anons tend to think that the Shining Path is this really popular movement in Peru when it isn't lol


Alright. The situation worldwide right now is one of resistance, so even if the popular movement is not consolidated into Castillo and Perú Libre we shouldn't count out the popular movement to at least pull off some significant resistance if they try the Chilean method.


Just replace the sickle with the pen for similar anti-imperialist socdem movements in the global south
For anti-imperialist communist movements replace the sickle with a keyboard, for taking the Cockshott pill
two-pronged front for 21st century socialism globally, united


Yes. All such huge protest events are important even if they don't immediately lead to anything. Occupy was a disaster, yet without that moment there would be no leftist rebirth in the USA, where self-proclaimed socialists can now get elected while such thing was an imposibillity pre 2008


File: 1623150232253.png (477.03 KB, 1201x682, ClipboardImage.png)

Castillo's share is shrinking

the gusano ratfuck begins


File: 1623150436626.png (1.15 MB, 1505x2048, 1623150421469.png)

Took them a while. Didn't get a ban, just a warning and downvoted.


make alts and post SNEEDtranshumanismTranshumanism



File: 1623152718065.png (537.92 KB, 797x800, 1619517645566.png)

How much of the vote left is ruralchads and how much is gusanos?


it shouldn't but it should also be legal for me to shoot any man who looks at me sexually without me wanting them to. i mean if you think about it that is legal if nobody finds out thoughtranshumanismTranshumanism


what happens if the storeshitters actually tip the election against PEdro to the Jap compradoranarcha-feminismAnarcha-Feminism


why we have a blazers flag ?


probably indingenous spergout and then a fizzle (there's been a lot of strategic voting here so i think his passionate support is mainly regional) and then fujimori fascist terror begins including against the indingenous (perhaps with election riots as a casus beli even)transhumanismTranshumanism


Even if I don't like seeing nasty shit internet perverts come up with you have to be retarded to waste people's time to crack down on some losers "raping" paper with pencils.
Unless the technocracy guy thinks a thing goes away if you just declare it illegal or some shit lol


Degenerate first worlder defending child pornography, not really a surprise tbhalbaniaAlbania


>It's just drawings
Meant to imitate children and stimulate sexual arousal in pedophiles
>>B-but it PROMOTES child molestation
>do you think incest porn promotes actual incest?


Even though it would result in him getting condor'd almost instantly how would you react if / when Castillo is sworn in his first act is literally.
>"I am pardoning Abimael Guzmán and the rest of the PCP organisation and inviting him to serve as my vice president!"eurekaEureka


>if i repeat the scary word it makes it bad
cope more retard


Don't bring that discussion here dogdamit
That should belong in Siberia to not derail the thread
Also, check this out
>Peru Libre HQ Lima


wasn't he talking about forming paramilitaries
Imagine if he's an actual commie


That would DEFINITELY made the army coup him. So don't have hopes of that.
Also he would lose support of the liberals and center, as a political bet, it does not gives profit


File: 1623155410771.png (463.79 KB, 725x483, ClipboardImage.png)

Could you elaborate which of his words were "scary" to you?technocracyTechnocracy


don't bring up nonce stuff again it's just gonna derail the thread lol


when you say liberals and center do you mean in the political establishment or working population?


Bruh I hop in the thread after waking up and people are talking about lolis?? Lmao fucking /lefytpol/, never change


Actually while im playing with hypotheticals.
If Gonzalo ever escaped from prison just how fucking scared would peruvian people be?
Like obviously the SP dosen't barely exist anymore but would the idea that he is hiding in the fucking woods be psychological torment to some people?eurekaEureka


Can we stop talking about drawn child porn and focus on Castillo


He's too old imo for it to cause a strong effect. Sure some people will probably shit their pants but I think if that were to ever happened unless he received immediate assistance from the few SL militants left he would succumb to natural conditions pretty quickly. Or be very easy to capture again.


Stop shitting this thread up with lolicon discussion, anyone who continues to discuss it in this thread is getting a short ban


Only if the media spookify him into some Ted K style agent of evil instead of a crazy old mantechnocracyTechnocracy


One could say they are in both parts. In this election the center has been anhilated (The Purple party and Together for Peru almost don't have any congressmen) but they are an important mine for technical cadres (Since the Free Peru program has emphasised science a lot and has promised a minister of Science and Technology)
Fuck me, they got 2 boards to discuss it and they do it here kek
>If Gonzalo ever escaped from prison just how fucking scared would peruvian people be?
A lot, but more probable is that the Nepalese implant an strict ML view there that this would happen. The man is in his 80s,sick and is the most guarded prisioner in Peru.
>Does the prospect of a SP gives people the creeps?
Yes, it has already being shown how terrormongering about the invisible terrorist (and visible in the VRAE) can mobilize people to vote for Keiko.


How many people support them though? I thought most of the crazy shit they were accused of doing was actually done by the right wing paramilitaries, what's up with that?
no you


>they are an important mine for technical cadres (Since the Free Peru program has emphasised science a lot and has promised a minister of Science and Technology)
So like university educated specialists?


Calm down, this is only happening because counting has not yet been resumed in Peru while it's going on abroad where gusanos reign supreme.


He would lose support from everyone barring the 300 PCP members lmao


Well, if someone is bored and want to see some Velasco era documentaries there are some in YT:
>Tierra sin Patrones (1973, done by SINAMOS apparently)
In spanish.The revolution is in full swing
>Perú: la revolución que nunca fue (PERU: The Revolution that never was. Dir: Peter Tiffin, UK, 1979)
One witnessing the end of the revolution. The coops were without funds and in the verge of collapse, Velasco fell 4 years ago and Morales Bermudez pursuit a return to b. democracy.
>La revolucion y la tierra (Land and revolution)
A retrospective doc about the revolution. In spanish


If you retards listened to the average Peruvian instead of 15 year old white American kids on Twitter you'd realize that no one in Peru likes the Shining Path lmao
(also yes the military did a lot of fucked shit)


No one has posted gusano tears yet. You should be ashamed of yourselves.



sage is a brit, nice


Castillo's lead has gone up by 0.1%


The SP? Right now just a minimum from the minimum. That is why the political faces of the SP didn't caused so much upheva in recent yearsl. 30 years ago in 1991 a poll was done showing that only a fifth in Lima (or was in all Peru?) were in favour of them. But people after the war followed many roads, exiling themselvs, retiring from politics, changing political shirts (kek, last election there was the scandal that some old SP cadres were in the Fujis party).
Humala got to 70 (or was it 90%) approval after capturing the last free SP buro member, Artemio.
Twitter was a mistake


damn the SP must have really fucked up :/
what's a good resource for watching the results?



Their biggest fuckup was losing. Had they won they would've been vindicated.


Castillo now leading by 130,934 votes in Peru


>If my grandma would not have died she would be alive.
Don't althistory it anon. An almost is a failure and there is no way to time travel it back.


That puts him in a safe position right before the US votes come in ?


Stoner by John Williams makes me want to kill myself but can confirm it's a good read. I would recommend picking it up from a library over buying it though. I've heard very good things about Chess Story by Stefan Zweig (which is an allegory about WWII/Nazism by an Austrian Jew written during the war while in exile) and The Obscene Bird of The Night too.


I'm not althistoring anything, I'm just saying that had they won they would've been vindicated. This is true of any conflict, I will agree that the ruling class writes history is a far more accurate statement than the victors write history however the latter can't be disregarded completely. That is the reason why so many atrocities and war crimes comitted by the victors are swept under the rug and forgotten.


Nah, most likely would have the same legacy that the Khmer Rouge has, celebrated for minor achievements but still widely hated because it fundamentally wasn't a popular movement to begin with, Blanquist-Narodniks lol


Yes, it's unlikely Keiko gets more than a net positive of 100K votes abroad.


Foreign vote count is up to 44%, and Castillo's lead is slighlty over 87000.
If there is still some rural Peru ballots to count ourguy has a chance.sandinistaSandinista


lmao cursed. I thought they were real maoists though? They had peasantry autism or something?


I still think the Shining Path made distinctions between urban porkies and urban workers, but the kinda-mystic peasant populism reminds me of the Khmer Rouge. I need to read more about them. I don't think they were good, but they were also fighting a really horrible regime too… but it's all academic now.


They’re nowhere near comparable. The shining path actually tried to build something that resembled socialism in the Maoist sense (even through still carrying all of Mao’s national chauvinism as baggage). Their red terror was nowhere near the level of genocidal massacre of the military junta.
On the other hand the KR killed themselves in their aspirations of creating a Khmer empire and drowned the country with the blood of their own failures in industrializing (they blamed the collapse of their policies on “the Vietnamese soul” trying to sabotage the country). Nowadays the people that support the KR in Cambodia are on the far right National party that is still funded by the US.viet_congViet Cong


>The people that support the KR in cambodia.
S…Some Cambodian People unironically stan them????eurekaEureka


Just a minor adenum vietanon
The SP didn't fought the Military Junta. They went back to the military bases in 1980 (and later were given control of half of Peru under the emergency status). They fought against a b. democracy. Well, that until Fujimori did the self coup. Kek, Garcia almost got couped twice by the army.


just far right bug"people" I take it


PeruANO here, just woke up, it seems like they haven't been counting rural votes at all since I went to sleep.
They have been processing the acts but not counted. It's mostly gusano vote that is being counted right now
US votes are already at 50%.
If the current trend continues for the US votes it will end up with something like
60k for fujimori
16k for castillo

Another problematic country is spain and japan
Spain currently is at 4% but with a rough projection based on the current numbers it will end with something like
21k for fuji
11k for castillo

Japan is another gusano festival with 93% of the votes going for Fujimori, it isn't surprising tho. The total votes will be about 10k. With 9k for fujimori the rest for castillo

Those are Fujimori's biggest countries and the US and japan are already at 50%+ counted.
Castillo advantage in Peru is 130k right now with about 2.5% total votes left to count. That is probably like 350-400k with most of it going to castillo


Have you seen the movie The Killing Fields? One of the actors, a Cambodian guy in the role of a man trying to escape Cambodia (I think it's based on real events but I can't remember) was assasinated by Khmer Rouge sympathizers after the movie aired.


File: 1623159870603-0.png (810.37 KB, 1349x1412, Ukraine.png)

File: 1623159870603-1.png (817.3 KB, 1348x1523, Russia.png)

Caleb Maupin is rolling in his grave


They were never going to win lmao, it's another myth spun by terminally online Gonzaloites that the Shining Path akshually controlled 80% of the country, but this is frankly untrue
They were active in 80% of the country, in terms of AREA by province, (in the same way that if I had control of all of the frozen tundra in Russia or Canada I would technically control 75%+ of the country but this is functionally useless) and only really had (rather weak when stacked against the total population size) numbers in a single province, and even then, that province is one of the mountainous ones, where not only is there severe lack of population density, but since this is the Andes, it's sort of like the Himalayas in that you can't really "own" a steep mountain in the same way you can "own" a valley or the "flat" terrain nearby.
They were Maoists, so anti-revisionist they actually denounced and fought against the ML MRTA guerilla group for being "Castroites" lmao, they did have peasantry autism but this was largely one of Gonzalo's many LARPs in that he wanted to be like Mao
Key difference being that Pre-Maoist and Maoist China were comprised of 80% to 90% peasantry, or at the very least people who live in the "countryside," whereas even at the beginning of the "PPW" less than 1/3 of the population in Peru lived in the country, around 30%, and a lot of these people were displaced into the cities, where ironically enough, they probably were poorer because they had no employment nor did they own their own small plot of land anymore, they were probably living in favela-esque slums you see all over at the edges of cities or in the poorer regions around the coast
tldr; Shining Path truly controlled a small amount of land in a single province, that province being one of the ones that is the most mountainous, never had membership exceeding even 1% of the Peruvian population at their peak, mechanical application of Mao's process killed them
That's great and all, but I defer to what most other Peruvians say in that the military actions were justified
Keep in mind that most Peruvians, even those in cities and even in the most bourgeois of districts live on the cliffs of poverty and are working class, especially back in the 1980s and 1990s, so if they're saying it was worth it to put a stop to the armed conflict, you can imagine how much they disliked whatever the SP was putting down lol, I always laugh whenever twitter-Gonzaloites attempt to say that "No bro you don't get it, all of the Peruvians who actually lived through the conflict are really the brainwashed ones, they haven't been graced with the education that my 1st world self has to see the truth, that the Shining Path did nothing wrong" always defer to the opinion of the masses whenever there is this sort of shit, it's a good filter to see which leaders/movements/organizations are actually popular or not (like in post-soviet or post-warsaw pact country's admiration for Stalin and Lenin)


I'm not denying that, and I've never heard that 80% claim before. Afaik they had almost 50% of the country in their control but that was their peak influence. I agree they were probably never going to win, again I'm just stating that their loss damned their legacy forever.


>That's great and all, but I defer to what most other Peruvians say in that the military actions were justified
Were the military not associated with death squads that roved around the country torturing and murdering political opponents and unionists?


Hello all.

I have live updates streams up on here:

Enjoy the burger election music on rotation.


Also, while I'm not one to suck the KR's dick, a lot of the deaths there were caused by the US doing air raids and bombing the country flat, on top of this, looking at how peasants lived in Peru, they already lived more or less in a communal style, this being a cutural tradition dating back from the Incan empire lol, people greatly overstate how much the SP did, they more or less just scribbled a border and centralized slightly along with sending in chauvinistic armed guards, that isn't really that hard considering that in most instances they waltzed in and occupied territory
19th and early 20th century "anarchists" and nationalists were more careful with their assassination bombings in their days lmao, if 1980s guerillas can't help but "oops I car bombed a bunch of innocent people in the streets" then we truly are fucked, you never saw the July 26th pull any bullshit like this during their wars, nor the Chinese or Russians in theirs, why should the failed revolutionary cult get any slack lol?


>Amlo is a true-believing left-winger, but he is also conservative (with a small “c”), instinctively frugal, and pragmatic.
>Chile’s voters are trying to take their fate into their own hands. The evidence from the rest of the region is that international markets may not let them do that.


Doesnt this prove him right? Russia being the only Euro state to vote CastillobrocialismBrocialism


>Castillo's campaign puts out a press release saying he will preserve the central bank's autonomy, and his economic plan does not include any nationalizations, expropriations, exchange rate conotrol, price controls nor import bans



Castillo is a well known denguist bro


That it I'm rooting for the jap


Sweden, Norway, and believe it or not Croatia also voted Castillo.


Personally I don't blame him, seeing the record of how quickly the US will try and coup you for even doing any moderate change in a South American country. Can't go full on nationalization without getting hit like Venezuela and then being constantly harassed .posadasPosadas


4d chess


yeah the sample size is too small to draw any sweeping conclusions but it's interesting anyways


Not gonna lie. Castillo with beard i would


Think 30% at best, you've also got to consider that a lot of it is really nothing, just really dense jungle or Himalayas-tier ice-capped mountains
The Sinchis were largely an "anti-narcotics" unit that terrorized the peasants, the only thing that the peasants had in terms of defense were the ronderos, which had been a traditional peasant militia that originally protected cattle from getting stolen from bandits but also protected their villages, ronderos were like wild west sherrifs in that they were technically illegal paramilitary organizations, the state was actually kind of antagonistic towards them but largely didn't give a fuck because they generally didn't give a fuck about the peasants
The Sinchis and other death squads didn't really kill unionists or political opponents, I'd say that fits the SP more than them, they mostly operated out in the bum-fuck country where that shit didn't exist
Methinks it's a bit for show, like the "we're anti-communist MLs with Peruvian characteristics line the party officially touts, they know the Western journalists are frothing at the mouth to get him to say that he's going to pull some based shit so they can fear monger about a red socdem secretly being the next Lenin


>Can't go full on nationalization without getting hit like Venezuela and then being constantly harassed
then you can't have anything.
Confrontation is inevitable you just have to be the first to bend them over


I have told in the last thread that they are proposing "Popular economy with markets" aka Socialism with namibian characteristics.
What is so surprising? That position will now be more strong since Francke is getting light as economic minister.


>we're anti-communist MLs with Peruvian characteristics line the party officially touts
Stop repeating this line, it was debunked earlier Castillo was referring to the sp specifically:
unless I'm retarded and interpreted that wrong


That's what I mean, I'm on your side mang


File: 1623161539577.jpg (179.06 KB, 1352x640, E3VY4HNX0AIAz0n.jpg)

Pictures of miami fujimorist gusanos.
Most of the female gusanos dye their hair blonde/light brown kek


my bad, read that wrong, sorry fam
at least they look more mammalian than keiko itself


Can I get the link to this site? Sorry for the slowpoke request


Ditto for Brazilian gusanos. In fact, I'm seeing Peruvians metnioning a lot of cultural trends which also afflicted Brazil in recent times. Coah culture, consoom, entrepreneurship cult ("millionaire thinking" attracts money and shit like that) and sho on.


>Yes, I'm completely against any form of immigration to the US, how could you tell?


Well that is very true, better go ahead confront the coup and deal with the US constantly trying to over throw your government. Personally I hope that they will do something in Peru, I don't want to to have to suffer more because some but hurt monkies that want to own the world can't have their way.posadasPosadas



gusanos really do see themselves as temporarily embarrassed white people huh


A thousand dollars to Miami!??
Wow, the vaccine tourism really has driven up the prices


LMAO that fucking instagram page name, that's amazing


File: 1623162616694.jpg (90.41 KB, 537x571, E3Xb25RWUAMW7s4.jpg)

>the state of peruvian newspapers
that's a rare cheeky pedro tho





>female gusanos dye their hair blonde
They fucking all do. They hate being Latino, but also use that identity when it serves them well.


Lead has shrunk to 78k


For the record, you can even afford a $1200 "economy" flight out of Peru you're most likely not your average "middle class" person you probably live in one of the nicer districts, good tickets cost around $800 and even that puts a dent in your savings


are they are only counting abroad votes atm?


Yes, that's why the lead is shrinking more faster. At the end Castillo will surely have a lead between 20K and 70K votes.


How many of these faggots exist abroad anyways?


File: 1623163827184.png (591.14 KB, 897x599, italia peru result.png)



Just added Italy to the /leftypol/ approved countries list


12% have been counted
Don't be to cocky
(Also check Saudi arabia, from the five none went to vote kek)


Jason was proved right again.brocialismBrocialism


Based take


Bruh just elect the fucking socdem already ,i want to make fun of you after he starts cucking out in his first speechanarchismAnarchism


oh wait nvm lol

>In an apparent bid to calm markets, Castillo’s team issued a statement outlining its economic plans. It was far more moderate than the campaign manifesto of his party, Peru Libre.“We have not considered nationalisation, expropriation, confiscation of savings, exchange controls, price controls or import prohibitions in our economic plan,” the statement read. Castillo’s team said it would “respect the autonomy of the central bank, which has done a good job [of] keeping inflation low for more than two decades”.



File: 1623164267868.png (443.12 KB, 983x858, five-based-filipinos.png)

Solidarity through mutual hatred of the Japanese!


Shut the fuck up anarkiddie
I am so happy of knowing that the rat will go to jail, that vaccination will be free and fast and that there will be a goverment for the people in this forsaken country.


File: 1623164364981.jpg (43.75 KB, 320x401, kek.jpg)

>a goverment for the peopleanarchismAnarchism


File: 1623164564387.mp4 (15.35 MB, 1280x720, EL RITMO DEL CHINO.mp4)

>Nooo the people of Peru can't have anything nice
>They should just abolish the state.
There is a reason why anarquists were never persecuted in all the internal war. They weren't a threat to anyone.


Unrelated to your castillo hate but there's sort of a cult of personality here in Peru around the head of peruvian central bank Julio Velarde.
It's honestly quite bizarre


The peruvian Jabba the Hut has been there as long as I can remember. Kek, the man has a better salary than the president of the republic and is fat as fuck.
But the sol/dollar ratio has been stable for all this years, that is why there is that personality cult. A good chunk of what I can tell as middle class is waiting for him or to Castillo to get the currency down again.


man he is fucking creepyanarchismAnarchism


Graph anon, if you are here, what lead does Castillo need to still win?


There’s a lot of light skinned in there if you know what I’m saying. Makes me wonder hmmmm.


What % we are of the foreign vote and how big is Pedro's lead right now?



I told you people that the samurai actually knows what she’s doing as opposed to “trust the pencil” over here.


File: 1623165908989.png (30.46 KB, 192x114, ClipboardImage.png)


El Ogro de las Americas…


La Luz Extinguido…


These election threads are so fucking reddit stop voting stop caring about any of this shit


Castillo lead is about 79k
Foreign is at 51% with 101k votes for keiko, 47k for castillo.




This electoral circus only diverts from the struggle of the masses


>stop caring if you are about to live under comfy succdem or right wing death squads



Do we know how many foreign/overseas votes are left? Is it enough for Keiko to pull ahead last minute?




File: 1623166236973.png (1.29 MB, 1024x544, 1619307043814.png)


Voting is the biggest LARP possible, anti-communist rats. Not even a Maoist, just someone with sense.
Wake up to the real glowies.


We are halfway done with overseas votes. I don't think there's much hope for keiko left


You are too worried. There are parts of Peru where the votes haven't been counted, yet, with tens of thousands of votes with % very high to Castillo.


>calls everyone glowie
>literally using glowing tactics
Just go back to Reddit and continue you’re work there fed


File: 1623166561079.jpg (621.87 KB, 2048x1536, 1622498238121-0.jpg)

people this is it everyone go home we've been refered to as redditors on /leftypol/
Better let a fujimori rule 5 years and stop larping alright


File: 1623166601279.png (105.19 KB, 750x696, Reminder.png)



El Atrocidad…sandinistaSandinista


>tfw Shogun Keiko will reing supreme
I got a boner.


You literally have to vote in Peru or pay a fine


Extremely basedfedFed


File: 1623166876418.jpg (161.64 KB, 815x1840, kC3ZwbH.jpg)

I know these memes are the quintessential /pol/ idpozzed race obsessed shit but I can't help but laugh my ass off. Between the awful spanish translation and the horrid depictions of the mutts it's too fucking perfect to not laugh.


The triple dots absolutely obliterate me. Really drives home the genuine fear…


File: 1623166961503.png (225.82 KB, 921x1416, wojak-retard-rip-brain.png)

>voting isn't communist
>but the material conditions for a violent revolution aren't set for a violent revolution
>not understanding that the conditions aren't set is anti-materialist, thus, anti-communist.

Do you what a color revolution is? The CIA knows the only way a violent "revolution" happens, when the conditions are not set, is by pouring millions into the violent sphere to create the fake conditions.

If you think the people should abandon the political power to capitalists, then you are not too communist tbh.


This isn’t actually enforced and you can always leave your ballot blank. Btw, wonder why your enemies want everyone to vote so badly? To legitimize bourgeois rule and present it as the only alternative.


Communist revolutions are not comparable to the CIA’s.


My enemies don't want me to vote, they prevent Americans from having anything other the Chuck Schumer and George Bush.
>To legitimize bourgeois rule and present it as the only alternative.
Not a material explanation


How is old Pedro looking he Winning or nah?


they are though
conditions compound conditions


Leave the 1st world to the anarchists.anarcho-communismAnarcho-Communism



Well it's a liberal democracy, that's something which must always be considered. In the 20th century the only case of communists winning through liberal elections I can think of was Albania in 1953 iirc. I believe it may have also happened in some Eastern European after WW2 but I think in those cases the majority of them the communists came to power through coups, either shortly before or after the war was over. There's not a single case of an armed struggle victory in a liberal representative democracy.


*Eastern European countries


Of course they not. The argument was to point out that the CIA fakes the material conditions for a revolution.
If there are none, why the people should abandon the political power through votes? just because capitalists will vote, too? is he: >>18368 going to explain to the people that they will eat shit while capitalists reign, while they become an angry mob that will create a revolt that will eventually turn into a violent revolution?
No of course he will not.


Yugoslavia friendo. Where the national liberation movement was really a coalition of communists plus other who joined the rebellion against the Axis


It's so over the top it's impossible to take seriously, and it makes a great mockery of their idpozzed category-brain. It's also a parody of burgers in general being fucking OBSESSED with their ancestry.


But Yugoslavia was a monarchy before the war, and after the Axis invasion the country was split between Croatian and Serbian puppet states, can't be considered a liberal democracy in that context.


>Eastern Europe
<they got power from coups
American lies. The most prominent coup, the one in Czechoslovakia, still resulted in the majority electing a communist government.
I mean the communists were elected in Finland a few months before Stalin kicked the bucket. Finland had been a right wing country for years, but that had changed through popular struggle, armed or otherwise.


Is he that guy who can survive a car crash


Americans will call themselves Irish despite their last Irish ancestor coming over in 1730


Well I know for a fact that in Bulgaria for example the communists seized power through a coup, after the Red Army entered the county and the local communist partisans overthrew the monarchy. I think you're coming from a place of simply an irrational aversion to the concept of coup, I don't understand why communists dislike the concept of coup so much. Not only can rightwing militaries pull them off you know, and there's nothing wrong with seizing power through a coup. It's just a scary word for communists.


File: 1623167731237.mp4 (17.66 MB, 640x360, Flor de retama.mp4)

Well, peruvians 75% of the times not. We have our fucked up electoral system and a fractured left but as everyone is seeing, the people were able to carry a marxist party to the ballotage unlike America where the left has to cuck to the Democrats (scenario that happened here in 2016)
You forced my hand


>250k impugned votes
yes hahaha YESfedFed


Hey so you guys remember how we were talking about how strange it was no votes had arrived from Venezuela yet? What are the chances those votes can be glowed from both sides? I don't know how it could be done, but is it possible they're being rigged by Maduro or potentially the opposition?


Maduro and PSUV don't rig elections, that's US lies


President Guaido is handling itfedFed


You want to create a new society, yet you fear the difficulties involved in forming a good parliamentary group? Curious…


Have you seen what coups by the military resulted in for Africans.It was all bearucratic government and gunning down opposition.


Well maybe it's time they do start rigging elections


> who is Allende


You want to create a new society but insist on using professional bureaucrats ?curious….


US gusano vote at 70% already
Castillo still leading by 75k


You mean like the Derg? From what I've read they were hardly communists and just took advantage of aligning with the USSR for aid. Though in Africa there's also the case of Sankara who also came to power through a coup, unfortunately his government was very short lived.
That's why I explicitly said communists, Allende was not a communist


I'll take "What is Blanquism?" for 400 Alex


Coups don't inevitably lead to blanquism


Wait is there a source for the contested ballots thing, I can't find it


You would forgo bureaucrats even when a revolutionary mood is a rarity? curious…


>Us votes 70% completed
>Pedro still holding 75k lead
<Still a 1% rural Perù ballots to count



There's still 2.3% peru votes to count


File: 1623168860353.png (6.76 KB, 300x168, download (1).png)

>There are some 1,364 contested 'actas,' or voting tables, which is likely to equate to some 270,000-300,000 votes. They are set to be counted by a special committee set up by the electoral board, which could take at least a week.

What the fugggg :—DD


File: 1623168890311.png (604.31 KB, 763x621, based.png)

I was checking something and I heard that Peru Libre invited an observer from Yemen
It was true kek


File: 1623168905294.png (152.52 KB, 677x658, letradman.png)

>The largest Gusano pool wasn't enough
How can one lose so much?


>special committee


I believe this is because a lot of these actas were deemed illegible, or were lacking any signatures or shit like that. I suppose what this special commitee does is determine if the acta can be considered valid, if not they just discard it afaik


coup time




Contested actas just flew over my house


Look at all of those successful revolutions with left-wing military coups that totally aren't at the very best not very in tune with the population or at the very worst super bureaucratic and liable to get couped by their own guys
See Velasco, Allende, Sankara, etc.
Reduces most political action to party politics (solely within the de facto vanguard), effectively rendering popular opinion moot and thus being really unstable because a couple of dudes getting pushed out or killed destroys the movement, more or less


Also just free ammo for the US to call them a dictatorship and to get sanctioned even more


Did Allende get in by a coup? I thought he was voted into office


He was elected, and was ousted in a coup by the HECKIN' EPIC HELICOPTERINO MAN


>Why yes, I am a Peruvian electoral board member, how can you tell?fedFed


Voted in
So? This happens regardless of how you get into power, you shouldn't base your policy on how the US will react. This mentality limits you immensely, what you should be focused on is how to survive the inevitable sanctions, not worrying about if your actions will cause them in the first place. Look at all the countries the US has sanctioned and look how many have survived. If anything the countries that went as soft on socialism as possible are the ones that were fucked the hardest from sanctions.


A couple of days ago a local newspaper here in Peru said that it was Allende's fault Pinochet couped him and that can also happen here in Peru if Castillo doesn't 'moderate'


Does this mean kekoid lost?


Not yet, but her chances will always be lower than Pedro's.


A lot of Chilean rightoids also use that argument. In a sense it was kind of his fault considering he didn't take the measures to adapt properly to the sanctions and internal sabotage done by business owners. Basically the entire situation was done to manufacture the political climate for a coup, and the government failed to deal with the problem.


Lel. Arguably defanging himself is what gave Pinoshit free reign over Chile.


Look at the date.


My b on Allende, there are more examples in Africa
Not an argument, population will turn against you on a dime unless there is prior support, or unless you're extremely competent at implementing your policies, last bit of this is right though, you want something akin to Bolivia where the population will fight in the streets tooth and nail against US implemented dictators as opposed to being limp fish/powerless largely because the power struggle happened within the bounds of the military


>New Guardian article basically says "Yikes Fuji, not a good look on those fraud claims" while also mentioning her own possible corruption
Its over Keikobros…


TFW when even the neo-libs are calling you out lmao


Let this be a lesson to aspiring neolibs, Porky WILL NOT HESITATE to throw you to the sharks the INSTANT you stop being useful.



How come Cuba and the DPRK have survived? By walking around eggshells to avoid American agression you're only making the situation worse, the public support will be created if you deliver better conditions for them, not by stalling and appeasing external powers. No socialist country has survived doing this, so just take the sanctions for granted and find how to deal with them. Make sure you create a strong network of friendly states which will continue to trade with you, etc, whatever must be done. I hate this mentality you are spousing, it's basically the same mentality as not doing anything in fear of feds attacking you. Without even doing anything you're castrating your movement from fear of outside actions.

History backs my arguments, no society who attempts socialism (in particular a small vulnerable country, will survive against imperialism by simply appeasing it. This reminds me of an interview with Che by an American reporter, the reporter asked him how the sanctions were affecting the country, it was structured in a way for him to give in and say yes the sanctions are decimating us. But guess what he said? He said the sanctions were hardly an obstacle and that the government were working their ass off to deal with them. This is how socialists win, by dealing with all obstacles and not avoiding them like scared weaklings.



>The Nobel prize-winning Peruvian author Mario Vargas Llosa, who endorsed Fujimori’s opponents in elections in 2011 and 2016, has backed her this time because “she represents the lesser of two evils”.

My God I hate this fucker.iwwIWW


He's a fucking cuck, the chad Gabriel Garcia Marquez btfos this fag, in poltiics and literature.


File: 1623170596032.png (441.01 KB, 857x672, india peruano vote.png)

wtf Peruanos in India


>58 votes


Literally the ambassador and his family probably


The Eternal Pajeet


He's a sucker.


This is to be expected outside off kerala there isn't significant left wing support.


I mean 4 votes I'm retarded kek



This is ironic right?


I hope it is
Fachos are mentally deranged, holy shit


LMAO this is unbelievable


I never said to appease them you cactus, I just said that a sole military coup isn't the way to go about it because unless they're incredibly competent and most of the population is perfectly alright with a very abrupt change in power, the situation will get very messy very quick, you'll get, Cuba is a little bit similar if you ignore that it wasn't a military coup at all, it was a vanguard-led war with a large amount of support from the Cuban people unpopular figure installed by the US, and the DPRK was forged right after the Japanese surrender and is wholly incomparable
Also both of these were actual revolutions with armies and were/are socialist states, which had the official backing of the Soviet Union (and China in Korea's case)


Ok then what are we even disagreeing about? Coups? Whatever, the way to seize power can't be mechanically applied anywhere, it must always adapts to the conditions of the region. Besides that's one of the least important points, what matters most is keeping power.


File: 1623171539471.jpg (16.87 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

Remember to sharpen your pencils bros


What is the post of armchair quarterbacking Castillo anyway, he’s probably sweating his balls knowing his country can get couped any moment right now.


Yeah as kekoids prospects for victory become slimmer the possibility of a CIA intervention gets larger.


That's fearmongering, he's probably focused on winning for now. Depending on what fuckery Keiko pulls he shouldn't back down, if he wins and Keiko calls fraud he should cause the biggest ruckus so that anyone who comes to recount the votes makes sure the results are valid.


Nationality larping is as bad on the lib-left as it is on the lib-right


lmao that video.


Military (that is, not a vanguard-let movement)coups being a viable mode to gain power, which I don't see as being possible nearly anywhere and it's been shown in places like Peru, Burkina Faso, El Salvador, etc.
I mean, we've got this, I suppose, so maybe it won't be all that bad


I am the anon from above


What's happening in this video?


Aight thread's full again who wants to make the 7.0 thread


Endorsement of Castillo by some of the armed forces and police lmao


updates are so slow now, sometimes the numbers don't even change


We need a new one until 100.000 lead has been secured at closing


Another one for the weeklong recount


Is somebody gonna make a new thread or nah?


Ok, give me a sec


I am not sharp enough edition
New one

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