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FUTA GENERAL #1 - "The Best of Both Worlds Edition"
>Details: Content to post about Women with an Extra Package
- NSFW & SFW images; porn, animations, videos / gifs & other pictures, 3D or 2D
- Writing like erotica fiction, greentext, captions, & lore discussion
- Manga, comics and hentai doujins of hung women
- Lewd games with Shmeat like Fenoxo's Trials in Tainted Space ( TiTs ) >>483372
- CYOA's https://chyoa.com/tag/futanari
- Other forms of media about or depicting chicks with fem-dicks like HMVs or memes
- Shemale, Futanari, Newhalf, Hermaphrodite & Gynomorph; She got cock? She rocks!
- Futa x male, female, and futa allowed
- Dickgirl Fics can be found at Literotica, Archive of Our Own, Hentai-Foundry, etc.
- Draw, Edit and Write anons encouraged & appreciated (also see >>>/draw/ )
- Posted AI gens should be high quality, no robot spam! Observe penis, hand, foot, etc. detail
- Beep-Boop use / make Chatbots: https://venus.chub.ai/tags/Futanari >>>/tech/20665

>GULAG Rules:

1) NO IRL politics E-Drama; thread is JUST to enjoy dickchicks we'd love to fuck or be fucked by
2) TG/TF allowed, >>511959 Spoiler hyper & NO scat, diaper, fart, vore or similar.
3) Have fun, remember it's fictional & if sausage bulge on girls aren't your fetish, hide the thread

>QoTT: Would you want to be a Futa? What is your dream futa? Their Personality & Physique?

PS: Posting Sauce and Pirating is approved >>>/tech/24100 https://saucenao.com
PPS: Translations, Decensors and Colorizing of bedicked woman also wanted!


File: 1714407831842.png (934.27 KB, 1408x792, Vicky_SplishSplash_Thumb.png)

A well-known game is Futadom World. Not my cup of tea because of the binding thing but it's pretty popular.


A Futadom greentext fantasy based on the lib-left gf of pic rel.

And a good example Doujin https://www.luscious.net/albums/my-wife-is-a-futanari_87275/


Some animations including a caption


An AI gen for the infamous Perri couch meme


File: 1714409007307.jpg (5.6 MB, 2351x9999, futa cyoa rsz.jpg)

A Basic CYOA for Futa with an example selection

- Tits: Double Ds
Breast Abilities: Alter Breast Size, Special Milk (Holy Milk, Aphrodisiac, Size Change)
- Penis: Big
Penis Abilities: Magic Cock
- Balls: Big
Balls Abilities: Special Cum (Magic, Super-Strength, Contagious)
- Vagina: Selective Fertility, Squeaky Clean, Super Stretchy
- Number of Futas: More Than Not
- Demeanor: Normal
- Social Status: Nonchalant
- Special Abilities: Flight

A more recent semi-interactive CYOA: https://maleonfutav2.neocities.org/

Full size of pic https://files.catbox.moe/z3xi37.jpg




File: 1714416123405.png (244.66 KB, 405x810, ClipboardImage.png)

Soyfag shit is so tiresome


File: 1714417311352.jpg (352.59 KB, 1509x2048, media_EPYytDfUcAE31UW.jpg)

How come I wasn't invited? Correction highly needed here


Welcum fellow futa-anon!


File: 1714420703638-0.jpg (347.08 KB, 1752x2048, GMIr090acAA40SQ.jpg)

File: 1714420703638-1.jpg (380.13 KB, 1752x2048, GMIr1drbsAA4Osq.jpg)

Chang needs to get undepressed


Cuz he draws top tier cocks


are people that like futa also into irl intersex genitals?


It's more likely I guess, but not a 1:1 match.
Am not really interested into tgirls for reference


File: 1714421541098.png (1.86 MB, 1500x2000, thokmay1.png)

>Snow Monkey/Yeti Futa Comic by Alek ErectSociety - "Abominable Snow Mother"
Futa on Futa ver: https://e-hentai.org/g/2292283/fdc862e5a0/
Futa on male ver: https://e-hentai.org/g/2283851/1645e61735/


intersex people usually dont have a visible vagina. they typically have partially developed internal ovaries but their penis is usually what is most apparent. it is possible to do phallus preserving vaginoplasty to actually create a vagina that links to the ovaries but intersex people usually get assigned the male sex over the female sex and typically do not do surgery to futanarify themselves


>GULAG Rules
>2)…Spoiler hyper…
Just a reminder to READ the OP anons.

What do you mean by that? If you mean something like a biological intersex person, then their main difference to normal biology is internal mutations that rarely are physically apparent from the outside. Like Shay says here. >>528227

Also Rule 3 "…remember it's fictional…"


File: 1714423601240.png (3.96 MB, 1700x2300, ClipboardImage.png)

Eh, a bit too grotesque ngl. Older stuff was better


> grotesque
Hm- I guess it's an aquired taste



File: 1714446097125-1.png (6.48 MB, 2000x3000, ClipboardImage.png)

For some reason I always imagine the Kalgara in pdf related to look like Nyl2's Widowmaker even before I ever saw the character, dunno why.


File: 1714446761275.png (542.25 KB, 720x1280, ClipboardImage.png)

>Dixie-Bolshevik flag
LOL I wondered when Shay would show up. Heyo!



File: 1714447570807.gif (492.63 KB, 214x235, futa strain.gif)

How's life? Why no images comr8?


it's not easy working against the spiritual zeitgeist of southern gothic tragedy but i'm doing it slowly. the world conspires against me and i am still doing alright. big changes are coming and i'm mostly preoccupied with imposing those changes. ive come to terms with the fact that i cannot rely on family support or support from comrades on leftypol.org. but that doesnt bother me as much as it did a couple of weeks ago.


File: 1714448267136.png (525 KB, 820x1128, ClipboardImage.png)

>support from comrades on leftypol.org
Support in what way? We're all mostly poor-fags tbh. That being said, it's good that you haven't given up!


as much as I like futa most of it is crypto cuck porn now.


>as much as I like futa most of it is crypto cuck porn now.
What do you mean by that exactly?


funny, I'm like the exact opposite of this. I think liking futa is just its own thing that is completely limited to a specific kind of pornographic fantasy but maybe for some people it relates to irl preferences


File: 1714450238982.png (950.23 KB, 1126x1161, ClipboardImage.png)

I think for everyone it's different, the important part is to remember that it's porn and not serious business.


d-dang she's cute, looks like watamote

I want a stinky nerd futa GF


File: 1714454984069.jpg (152.86 KB, 1231x1013, Sylvia ed1.jpg)

It IS watamote
>I want a stinky nerd futa GF
I'm conflicted between an Amazonian futa gf and a MILF futa. A mix of both would be ideal. Sylvia fits that bill perfectly I just wish there was more good fan-art. I'm gonna upgrade pic rel because of it


File: 1714455665567.jpg (339.29 KB, 1529x2048, F1fDkfOaUAMOVXk.jpg)

If only


Bocchi the Cock


as a girl with a dick this thread makes me feel really seen, appreciated, and valid, thank you


File: 1714457332177.png (1.7 MB, 980x1173, ClipboardImage.png)

>Bocchi the Cock
Oh you!


Did you draw this?


I wish, but no, I'm still learning digital painting techniques, so small edits is what I'm at right now. This particular one was an upsize and edit of pic rel because I liked how Sylvia looked, but the details were rough and I didn't like the Kanji all over the image (and gag-Kazuma crying was annoyingly out of place).


File: 1714458964302.png (2.7 MB, 2462x2026, Sylvia ed2x.png)

And I just realized I missed a Kanji, fuck, fixed now.


File: 1714460244968.png (3.18 MB, 1472x1472, Misato Futa MILF.png)

On the subject of Perfect Futa Waifu's - RE:posting this because it hits almost every feel that appeals to me in one shot
>Misato-mommy Wife
>Curvy women
>Old-school art-style

Conclusion: WOULD NEED!


File: 1714469400047.mp4 (79.62 MB, 1920x1080, nyl2.mp4)


File: 1714469579631.mp4 (79.21 MB, 1920x1080, Laezel - Auctioned.mp4)



You had me until the preg part


File: 1714475095982.png (3.08 MB, 2040x1736, h9PFaRAg.png)


A lot (but not all) is not focused on "woah hot girl with a dick!" But "men ought to be replaced" where you wanking to the non-presence of males. Also a lot of artists do raceplay which I am tired of. But this is all just my opinion and I'm not trying to judge or breate, friends.


File: 1714487612103.jpg (38.09 KB, 523x605, G00d MornIng.jpg)

>Fox MILFdick Commissar

>A lot (but not all) is not focused on "woah hot girl with a dick!" But "men ought to be replaced"
I think that's because of how essentially they're usually seen as bigger, better, etc. even by concept, so I understand why this replacement idea exists. Depending on the lore or narrative it may be true, or not. I'm just not into the abuse-shit.
>a lot of artists do raceplay
Haven't personally seen that much for futa.
>this is all just my opinion and I'm not trying to judge or breate, friends
Good attitude to have, after all, fictional porn is is just that, a private fantasy behind the screen of Anonymity.

>had me until the preg part
TBH it's part and parcel to the MILF-Wife fantasy for me


>extra balls, but example doesn't actually show extra balls
that's just futa on male


File: 1714496459680.jpg (1.18 MB, 1378x1680, GMYexiMWkAA3LfZ.jpg)


File: 1714496979053.png (580.32 KB, 643x900, ClipboardImage.png)

>>extra balls, but example doesn't actually show extra balls
>that's just futa on male
Yeah I noticed. What can I say, I didn't make the CYOA

>Futafied Astolfo & Bridget
ok, ok
<the 'metal string on the dick
Ow, that hurts.


>stinky nerd futa GF
pretty much the average trans girl tbh


File: 1714524149963.png (993.39 KB, 1061x1100, ClipboardImage.png)

>Automatic Ideological Name given when posting anonymous
This is fun, but hopefully temporary or dynamic, cheers.


File: 1714529559700.jpg (Spoiler Image, 175.48 KB, 911x920, intersex genitals adfasdf.jpg)

but what about intersex ppl that have both visible and functional genitals, do they turn you on


File: 1714530155388.png (Spoiler Image, 370.72 KB, 394x525, ClipboardImage.png)

NTA(s) but I'm ambivalent. Not disgusted, just ambivalent. It's like a massive clit to me (pic rel).


A little cosmetic surgery can surely make that look symmetrical.


what? but these genitals are exactly like the ones in futa porn, except for the balls


File: 1714531974591.png (2.42 MB, 2994x3200, Shay futa at1.png)

>Shay (from Georgia)
HAH, here's a quick futa edit for you! It's sorta trash, but that's 10 minutes in MS-Paint for ya.


File: 1714540531926.jpg (3.06 MB, 2393x3264, 20240501_011516.jpg)

Thank you but shay-tan is already canonically futa haha
She really should be a bobcat and not a snow leopard but the patterns are still the same color at least. Also the artist drew her pants incorrectly since she was supposed to be wearing something like pic related


File: 1714541262951.png (1.73 MB, 1000x940, ClipboardImage.png)

>shay-tan is already canonically futa haha
Needs a bigger bulge!
>She really should be a bobcat and not a snow leopard
Ah, well it's not my art and I didn't know.
>he artist drew her pants incorrectly since she was supposed to be wearing something like pic related


Nah. Urban camouflage to compliment the bobcat color scheme of her fur and the confederate grey theme of her hat


I met this lady in Hollywood
She had green hair but damn she looked good

Took her to my house because she was fine
Until she whooped out a dick that was bigger than mine

- Afroman, "Colt 45 (And Two Zig-Zags)"



She looks familiar, is she an artist OC?


File: 1714558776153-0.mp4 (13.15 MB, 1080x1920, Widow and Illari.mp4)

File: 1714558776153-1.mp4 (8.14 MB, 1920x1080, Illari's Trap.mp4)

File: 1714558776153-2.mp4 (13.62 MB, 1080x1920, jy9z4v.mp4)


> 1st image
That PoW 😭😭😭😭😭😭


File: 1714562742638.png (6.44 MB, 2894x4093, ClipboardImage.png)

Good Morning!

Technically its Hundred Face Hassan (FATE) illustrated by Vic for a comm, but I edited it for the OP. I prefer them as OC

Really clean animations

>Afroman, "Colt 45 (And Two Zig-Zags)"
That was from 2004, literally 2 decades ago lol


Ive been listening to music thats older than two decades for a little over two decades.

Also I love seeing futas enjoying themselves.


>Ive been listening to music thats older than two decades for a little over two decades.
I was more speaking for how old this joke is in popular culture. I mostly listen to old music myself.
>Also I love seeing futas enjoying themselves.
You've come to the right thread then.


True, I already have a boyfriend though, I'm just greedy

Also, I'm too lazy and depressed to go out and meet people


Is that Shia?
The famous futadom artist?


File: 1714619100454.jpg (3.21 MB, 3855x3510, GHOIDHNXIAA9.jpg)


I am envious, incredibly envious of her
She's sexy as hell and has a massive dick to play with


>Is that Shia?
>The famous futadom artist?
No it's anasheya, also a famous futadom artist from around the same time as Shia.


File: 1714701439062.png (1.08 MB, 1125x900, ClipboardImage.png)

I've seen that futa alien a few times over the years, is that a Hylotl from Starbound or an OC?

Also in regards to Futa Nico Robin I made some posts on that a while back >>>/anime/9124 is the futa stuff and the posts about the Hana Hana no mi and its fetish potential are mine listed in >>>/anime/20940


File: 1714702163723.mp4 (391.68 KB, 616x478, eugh brother eugh.mp4)

why is futa porn art so grotesque? Anything is possible with art, you can make the most sexy thing imaginable, and people come up with this >>529077 ? Why?


futa fans are usually the type of girls who eat smegma and enjoy boysmell so some of it really emphasizes the dick cheese and veiny girlhogs


People like what they like. But yes, I feel the same way about such grotesqueries. I think some people get off on the sheer vulgarity of it and the ugly art contributes to it.


>why is futa porn art so grotesque? Anything is possible with art, you can make the most sexy thing imaginable, and people come up with this
Although I also find it gross, this is kinda misrepresentive. This sort of stuff exists across most fetishes; Plenty of male-stuff just like it. There's also plenty of non-grotesque futa stuff, such as other posts ITT. It is what it is.
Also what Shay says here >>529337

>I think some people get off on the sheer vulgarity of it and the ugly art contributes to it.
Kinda like ugly bastard I suspect. Fellatrix is a good example of this crap.


>why is futa porn art so grotesque?
it's made for the male gaze and therefore is inherently gross and coombrained


>cartoonish sexist mindset


You idiots do realize Anarcho-Nihilist anon is trans right? Either way, read the rules in the thread; keep the IRL political EDrama out. Anarcho-Nihilist anon at least had the decency to spoiler their opinion. Please desist.


File: 1714853631552.jpg (133.92 KB, 1280x720, 238333a89b183b6a jay cry.jpg)


File: 1714866829792.png (611.09 KB, 966x1000, 17148241126060.png)


im a futa fan though


File: 1714869628315.png (3.4 MB, 3000x2056, ClipboardImage.png)

Now, now. You can like what you like, such as playing with a futa's "massive dick"


I'm sorry, it's okay if you like it and I don't mean to fuck with you, I just personally find it ugly.


File: 1714870868788.png (615.31 KB, 946x806, ClipboardImage.png)

>Urban camouflage to compliment the bobcat color scheme of her fur and the confederate grey theme of her hat
Just go for a confederate uniform then.




is futanari gay


Now that we have a black Alunya, when do we get a futa alunya?


“You may now, uh… which one is the bride?” The priest asked confusedly. Nidalee didn’t care to wait any longer, leaning in and giving you a big, hard smooch on your lips before deciding to simply walk out of the building with you. She dragged you along, holding your hand the entire way back to the limousine… nobody showed up for the wedding- after all, you two only met three days ago. The entire ride back to your place was full of wet, sloppy, gagging as she fucked your throat the whooole way there~ Grabbing at the back of your head, cupping your chin, squeezing your cheeks, pulling your hair… you loved it. Every second of it. That’s why you asked to marry after only one sleepless night with her~


File: 1715118309342.png (1.2 MB, 1907x2048, 1715025510995.png)



File: 1715237964468-0.png (13.59 MB, 2732x3840, Wonder Wife.png)

File: 1715237964468-1.png (2.73 MB, 1600x2100, f17d761b1005512c.png)

File: 1715237964468-2.png (1.03 MB, 1041x1200, 16969262253970.png)

File: 1715237964468-3.jpeg (302.96 KB, 1500x1050, F2-sRwEXsAMDsSA.jpeg)




File: 1715291995871.jpg (253.63 KB, 1200x1600, 1597074555519.jpg)

>Small village worships a guardian spirit who takes the form of a woman
>She uses her power to protect the village from evil and to ensure prosperous harvests and trade
>Her magic comes at a cost: they must send her their most beautiful boy to become her lover
>She has the appearance of a beautiful woman, the kind that any man could only dream of
>However, between her legs lies a betrayal of her true otherworldly nature
>A large, feline PENIS covered in numerous, sharp, backwards-facing barbs
>It looks like more of an instrument of torture than love
>She says that only a boy with a pure soul untainted by sin can ensure her lovemaking without suffering injury
>Each year the village picks a candidate, one they believe to have a truly pure heart, but each year he returns bleeding and in need of medical attention
>This cycle has repeated for more than a century
>While the guardian does derive a bit of sadistic satisfaction from punishing sinners, her heart yearns for the day her true Mate is finally delivered to her
>She can't wait for the day she hears his voice cry out in sweet agony as her cock finally rips out of him without a single drop of blood


File: 1715293801037.jpg (704.36 KB, 773x1000, Zakura Maofuta.jpg)

So I was browsing the internet and came across a hilarious attempt at a an-com take of Futa-bu! which is a /d/-tier hentai. I'm gonna post it here just for fun I don't actually think its accurate myself or agree with it.
>"Futa-bu!, or Futa Club, is a Japanese pornographic animation known for featuring female characters with both male and female genitals. While it is usually dismissed as only serving erotic purposes, it has profound political undertones. It centers around the Futa club, an organization of feminine hermaphrodites, known as futanari, who freely indulge in their sexual desires. Through my own research, I believe that this is an allegory of an authoritarian socialist state from the criticial perspective of an anarchist.
>Asakura Mao is the president of the club. She has the largest penis by far, which she uses to enforce her rule and defend her position as the leader. The president is a symbol of the state. Anarchists believe that the state can only exist through coersion and violence. Instead of coercing her inferiors with an armed force such as the police, she enforces her rule using her genitals. If she chose to, she could dominate them to suppress a revolution.
>The president's name is a direct reference to Mao Zedong, further supporting the assertion that she represents the leader of an authoritarian socialist state such as communist China.
>We must ask ourselves this: Why are they hermaphrodites? Traditionally, males are seen as dominant and females are seen as submissive. Penis size becomes a symbol of the ability to dominate, while female genitals symbolize the ability to be dominated. Throughout the hierarchy of the Futa club, the most well-endowed are higher in rank.
>The other futanari are slightly lesser ranking, but hold some authority. Their positions are comparable to members of the Chinese Communsit Party, soldiers, or police officers.
>Niimura Akane is the only character who isn't a hermaphrodite. She is completely female. She represents the civilian working class, a class with no authority in the hierarchy of an authoritarian leftist state. Despite her lack of power, she is shown to be quite powerful. She excels in fallatio and she could easily have intercourse with the president. Because of Mao's long and girthy phallus, Akane wasn't expected to take it without great pain. However, she seems to feel very little pain. Mao commented that if she could take her "monster cock", she must have a "monster pussy". This represents the great power of that the proletariat hold over the state. Every far leftist is aware that the workers, or the 99%, significantly outnumber their oppressors, therefore hold extreme revolutionary potential. Akane never overthrows Mao because she lacks the will to do so. Only a class conscious proletariat can revolt.
>Futa-bu! also criticizes liberal reform. Marxists often critcize liberal reform in regards to center-left ideologies such as social democrats. Futa-bu! directs these same criticisms towards the authoritarian far left. The characters attempt to suppress Mao's power by physically restraining her and preventing her penis from being erect. However, she always manages to overcome them and enters a violent state of sexual arousal.
>In this review, I do not intend to make any political statement. I am simply analyzing the political intent behind this specific work. If you disagree with anarchism as an ideology, don't direct that towards me. If you wish to discuss this, discuss the artistic intent behind Futa-bu! and nothing else. I'm just explaining how it was used as an artistic device in this particular work."

A response to this was also amusing.
>"I think you could see a bit of a different message in Futa-bu!! ep. 2 (from the second "season"). In that episode, there is a foreign futanari who comes to challenge the club. I believe it is implied that she is American, so we could interpret her as an imperialistic invader.
>She defeats and detains all of the other girls, including Akane (even with the help of technology, the working class is helpless). It is only by the strength of president Mao that the foreigner is defeated. This seems more apologetic of the authoritarian socialist state as a means of protecting the working people against imperialism. It is notable that this is sometimes used as a historical explanation as to why socialist experiments like the USSR and PRC became so authoritarian."


File: 1715293897777-1.jpg (3.05 MB, 3316x4370, futa miko arcee 1.jpg)

File: 1715293897777-2.webm (376.1 KB, 996x1312, futa miko arcee 1.webm)

Looking to find an animated version of Pic 1 rel that used to be on r34.xxx similar to the webm version of pic 2.


Robopussy is something I will never get. Makes me think of ramming my dick in sheets of metal


File: 1715297980919.png (61.18 KB, 680x524, ClipboardImage.png)

Depends on the robot, some are softer than others; having soft inner parts or non-metal /organo-mechanical designs. Also it's porn, the details don't always have to make sense.


File: 1715298880009.jpeg (474.23 KB, 1920x1600, frost.jpeg)

More to my point, pic rel. This discussion reminds me of an old 8ch leftypol transhumanist effort-post I made discussing bio-mechanical robo-organics and the possibility of robotics going in the direction of 'soft'-mechanics. I gotta find it some-time I did some real good research on the topic.


File: 1715333405878-0.jpg (564.3 KB, 3000x4000, GNHBnECWMAAPRPw.jpg)

File: 1715333405878-1.jpg (293.59 KB, 1446x2958, GNHCALWXcAAqXW1.jpg)

I keep being incredibly envious.
Transhumanism is worth it if only to become a hung shemale alone


File: 1715455239253.png (1.03 MB, 2000x1179, ClipboardImage.png)

>TFW no muscle futa


Futa on Female > Yuri


technically both are the same thing


futanari is literally woman but with a dick, for a man it would still be 100% straight, but for a woman it would still be 100% lesbian. logically this makes sense but idk why people get attracted to this, actually idk why people get attracted to anything in the first place


File: 1715475226896.png (518.3 KB, 1007x840, confusing math.png)

Not quite with the penis involved in both cases, it's bisexual. Futa/Male is more straight than gay because as stated, it's a woman with a penis. Futa/Girl is more lesbian than straight on the same basis. Futa/Futa is the intermediate 50/50 of pure bisexuality. This is of course basal, excluding the femininity/masculinity of partners involved, and for the Male/Futa who is penetrating/being penetrated.

As a side note, penetration with a real penis is quite different to a dildo, for both parties involved. Even if you hooked a strap-on with a piezoelectric pressure sensor (simulating nerve endings, which would communicate wirelessly with magnetic-induction spinal interfaces that fool a woman's brain into thinking she's feeling through the fake dick) are still not quite the same as the real sensation for both parties.


>Futa/Futa is the intermediate 50/50 of pure bisexuality
that still looks 100% yuri, like, it's literally just 2 women?
the same applies to 2 men having the opposite genitals, in that case it would be 100% gay.
or maybe I'm too asexual to understand this


>2 women
<ignoring the penises and how it factors
Futa is both man and woman generally, so it's not just 2 women.
>the same applies to 2 men having the opposite genitals
You mean Male/Andromorph? That would be mostly gay bisexuality. Many gays in the first world consider the pussy to be tied to straightness, it's why gay people born to C-Section sometimes flaunt this as having "never touched pussy" (no I'm not joking there are people like that) but this is already getting into potentially derailing IRL politics, so lets avoid that.
>maybe I'm too asexual to understand this


>Futa is both man and woman generally, so it's not just 2 women.
>but this is already getting into potentially derailing IRL politics, so lets avoid that
yeah I think we should avoid that


File: 1715492112926.mp4 (41.12 MB, 1080x1920, dakkokujiro.mp4)


File: 1715493367791.png (1004.89 KB, 800x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

That animation looks new. Not the biggest fan of their artstyle but the Gyaru futa x boy dynamic this guy has in his doujins is pretty wholesome.


File: 1715635659165.jpg (365.65 KB, 2181x1073, 1662846148624.jpg)

>Futa on Female > Yuri
Futa on Futa > Futa on Female > Yuri


Pic: Textolyte does a lot of Tomoko stuff
Some futa doujins involving NEET grills

Also Tomoko thread >>>/anime/731



I'd vuuuuute for her


File: 1715753954654.png (527.67 KB, 689x1024, ClipboardImage.png)

What's that do? Can you eat it?


File: 1715984292295.jpg (164.99 KB, 1065x1301, Fwwhfx2aUAAPjSJ.jpg)


File: 1716146757418.png (1.38 MB, 1792x1792, 1000253559-01.png)


File: 1716150071643.png (26.65 KB, 512x718, AnalFiend.png)

The bit-art design made me think it was going to be an animated gif.

Oversized by far yet still strangely appealing. Also the striped thigh highs make it even better.


Ah ah, yes convert to the hyper church


Is that you Fox MILFdick Commissar?
>convert to the hyper church
I'll stick to hefty at most, but visual appeal is still fun


Always was


>Always was
Always was what? Always the name or always the visual appeal being fun!?


File: 1716324043251.jpg (109.47 KB, 1000x1349, 195fa8b.jpg)

Simply put, yes


File: 1716327061114.png (2.85 MB, 1500x3073, 17152.png)

>Nice pic
>Honest sentiment
<jpg non transparent, even with pic 2
For shame Anon! I'll attempt to do pic 1 later, maybe


File: 1716332139480.jpg (421.41 KB, 1873x2484, Well go on.jpg)

>Simply put, yes
Yes what? Who? Where? To whom is this response?

<TFW no muscle futa
Will this be the drive for future scientific development?

Everytime someone whines about "wHeRe ArE hEr OrGaNs" I want to send them this and repeat the question back to them.


Translations and Decensors


File: 1716364003186.jpg (6.37 KB, 257x196, GOIr3J2XsAA3FiS.jpg)

Thank you anon
(Goals btw)


>Thank you anon
>(Goals btw)
You're welcome(?) BTW there's a group I knew of dedicated to "Futamaxxing" ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯


LMAO, c'mon now.


Sauce on full pic?


Does a resort sound fun anons?


What would you do in this situation of you were the dad?


That picture is from the POV of the mom, not the dad.


Idk bro there's no specified genre for the parent in the pic.




File: 1716671839185.png (83.02 KB, 528x92, ClipboardImage.png)


Lol guess I'm blind then


File: 1716673007400.png (446.58 KB, 690x935, ClipboardImage.png)

Parent, whatever - what would be your reaction as a parent is the question.

Be suitably impressed and amused. Impressed because my girl would be set for life, sexually and amused because she did the typical mistake of youth; desk-masturbation and blowing ropes without a safeguard.


File: 1716674572476.png (7.45 MB, 4023x5264, ClipboardImage.png)

>bringing that up randomly
Delete this.


>QoTT: Would you want to be a Futa? What is your dream futa? Their Personality & Physique?

I would be more of a black bishonen with a neon-colored skinned futa gf. She will be tall and curvy and lean-muscular.
She will have a nice thtobbing oenis that cums citrus discharge. Her penis will have recepetor cells on the front side and backside.
It will be more sensitive to touch than the averahe oenis. But not hypersensitive in the sense of "excessive tickling"

She will be a kemonomimi and very tame but not helpless.

I too would be kemonomimi.


No-balls futa


Some more ball-less futa


File: 1716911271291.png (2.51 MB, 1800x2591, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm surprised at how little decent Zero Two futa-stuff there is even with AI-Generated stuff included.


File: 1716967779391.png (8.01 MB, 3267x1627, The Whole X-J9 Yards.png)

Returning to this, how do you feel about futa Robo-cock instead then?


File: 1716986778572.jpg (353.41 KB, 2250x2825, GOfhTe1XEAAhnQ_(1).jpg)

The master has uploaded


>The master
<has uploaded
Who and what?


>growing penis
How does that even work?


Guess, use your shiny imagination .


File: 1716996330186-0.jpg (366.04 KB, 1600x1271, 56462314.jpg)

File: 1716996330186-1.png (312.5 KB, 707x1000, 56462685.png)

016 begs to differ


Jadf, the picture in question


File: 1717031781968.png (2.39 MB, 2047x1857, ClipboardImage.png)

>Jadf, the picture in question
It took me a moment to realize what you were referring to. Thanks for the sauce on the hung bat-girl. Apparently its a V-tuber OC, BatAtVideogames (Moriko Kyoho).



>Breeding program progressing with dual capacity
Excellent. Have a full-size decensor


File: 1717436093179.jpeg (367.2 KB, 1786x2048, 95ic1h9twc4d1.jpeg)

It's been a busy few days peeps. Bumping!


Ok but seriously, why are women with a *seven* foot sledgehammer dialectical and commiepilled?


>Ok but seriously, why are women with a *seven* foot sledgehammer dialectical and commiepilled?
Taking this shitpost seriously, here's my schizo take on this:
Dunno about 7 foot hammers, but in general Futanari can be interpreted to represent the best of both woman and man, being able to penetrate (and impregnate) or be penetrated (and impregnated), a physical, biological merging of the 2 sexes representing the unity of the working class's two halves* who 'hold up the sky'.



Its the goku fusion dance




did he died?


File: 1718362111201.jpg (251.13 KB, 1831x2048, GH2Bb7BXIAAlkmm.jpg)

> Tfw you aren't a hyper-shemale that can go around with her erect super-cock out on the public beach
Why live again?


By snusnu


You're gonna need a lot of blood to keep that shmeat erect, hell even elephants and tigers struggle to pump blood into their dicks, that's why they have special bones inside the penise to make them hung on command, no libido needed


Ngl that could be neat for use


File: 1718380527340.png (211.02 KB, 660x565, ClipboardImage.png)

It's actually real??


Somebody ask Shay


Facesitting is an exquisite experience


File: 1718653258455-0.jpg (133.04 KB, 784x1204, 20230418_220207.jpg)

File: 1718653258455-1.jpg (139.57 KB, 769x1205, 20230418_220205.jpg)

File: 1718653258455-2.jpg (102.12 KB, 1241x1371, FnTfaUiXoAEVYN1.jpg)

File: 1718653258455-3.jpg (193.63 KB, 1600x1600, rn7gxy1wdpub1-1.jpg)

God I fucking need a dommie commie GF to feminize me for being an incel


This entire thread is a goldmine https://desuarchive.org/d/thread/11035227/


it's real, I know of a surgeon who does it


>"improvement island"
hack writing


you didn't get that impression from the fact it was obviously written with the authors dick in his hand


File: 1718754519918.png (517.05 KB, 540x606, ClipboardImage.png)

In honor of 420chan redirecting to here for now


No self-sucking?


File: 1719440225815-0.jpg (1.46 MB, 1220x1747, GRCCv5rbkAAudTh.jpg)

File: 1719440225815-1.jpg (2.1 MB, 1804x1747, GRCCwMWaQAAxyi1.jpg)


File: 1719711432578.png (1.52 MB, 2480x3182, ClipboardImage.png)

There's barely any 420Chan stuff as is, let alone futa and let alone autofellatio. Draw it yourself if you want.


It doesn't hit like it used to.


Bot asf ngl



File: 1720116018071.png (3.24 MB, 1310x2048, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1720142786286-0.mp4 (13.33 MB, 1920x1080, 3ic0x2.mp4)

File: 1720142786286-1.mp4 (13.52 MB, 1920x1080, ism9u2.mp4)

File: 1720142786286-2.mp4 (13.22 MB, 1920x1080, w59l2s.mp4)




File: 1720645807734.mp4 (34.4 MB, 1920x1080, JunkerDvaTracer.mp4)




Depends on how its done. Belly bulge is hotter, but a lot of it is hyper shit.



File: 1721063666026-0.png (385.18 KB, 1700x1300, i746ayedwp1c1.png)

File: 1721063666026-1.png (1.23 MB, 960x734, 1721063455951.png)

File: 1721063666026-2.png (404.06 KB, 1700x1300, qaarlqgdwp1c1.png)

File: 1721063666026-3.png (445.93 KB, 1700x1300, ceme1yedwp1c1.png)

Take your pick of Mummydom


File: 1721063734675-0.png (456.73 KB, 1700x1300, 95femxedwp1c1.png)

File: 1721063734675-1.png (382.51 KB, 1700x1300, pq0smyedwp1c1.png)

File: 1721063734675-2.png (459.97 KB, 1700x1300, w9hwz4fdwp1c1.png)

File: 1721063734675-3.png (404.85 KB, 1700x1300, 6cnrvsgdwp1c1.png)


File: 1721063798583-0.png (468.33 KB, 1700x1300, 14tretgdwp1c1.png)

File: 1721063798583-1.png (404.8 KB, 1700x1300, o2soxyedwp1c1.png)

File: 1721063798583-2.png (409.82 KB, 1700x1300, 9qu2evgdwp1c1.png)

File: 1721063798583-3.png (432.37 KB, 1700x1300, nog33rgdwp1c1.png)


File: 1721182131291-0.jpg (207.38 KB, 1280x1280, 5yoanmv1ulcd1.jpg)

File: 1721182131291-1.jpg (317 KB, 1280x1280, egfns602ulcd1.jpg)

File: 1721182131291-2.jpg (129.39 KB, 1280x1280, sl1z7632ulcd1.jpg)

File: 1721182131291-3.jpg (152.57 KB, 1280x1280, evykow62ulcd1.jpg)

More to the 'point'


File: 1721193372570.png (908.63 KB, 2753x867, Pand P.png)

>I'm Pickle-pee and this is Pump-a-rum
>Which one of us would you like to pump-ur-bum?


hot belly


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