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'The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism of the weapon, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.' - Karl Marx
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After three months of labor, I present you the current state of the translation project of the french Black Book of Capitalism from 1998.

The raw traduction is completed, the work is in the process of being proofread to enhance the general english level. So far two benevolent English speakers manifested their interest in this endeavour, one of them already corrected the Foreword and Introduction.

Gitea of the Black Book of Communism: https://git.leftypol.org/latexanon/bboc
If you download the whole deposit and run it trough a Tex editor, a whole book appears! Credits to LaTex Anon for this magic

This thread will be used as a hub to update the progressively the book with the proofreader's input, but also to sketch the specification of an enhanced edition of the BBOC, as well as gathering material in this regard, because after a few more decades of neoliberalism, some updates would be welcome. Furthermore as some people remarked, the book is far from exhaustive.
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>I'm more gesturing towards the fact that they're already in the process of translating Vietnamese texts to English
Oh yeah, it's great that she continues to translate Vietnamese shows and broadcast.
>but also what can you do
Despite what a lot of Grover Fur worshipper say, Stalin did a ton of stupid shit.


>Despite what a lot of Grover Fur worshipper say, Stalin did a ton of stupid shit.
true. but the more important question then is what should have been done differently? hm. anyway this is not the thread for such questions


File: 1671412449810.jpg (31.24 KB, 634x383, IMG_2893.JPG)

Yep. Also I'm on the process of translating other stuff. Been reading HCM commentaries on contemporary politics of the 60s. Really interesting stuff.


File: 1672106179362.png (1.23 MB, 4972x3380, IMG_3417.PNG)

Been reading a bunch on Vietnamese internationalist military support. It's quite insane.
>Sending guns to the MIR fighting Pinochet to own China
>Sending guns to the Marxist El Salvadoran FMLN
>Sending guns to Colombian FARC
>Giving sapper tactic training to the Sandinistas


I would like to translate this to Portuguese once it's finished.


After some consideration I've decided against it but I know someone who might be interested in taking the job


While waiting for news from proofreaders of the BBOC, I'm considering translating Road to Revolution in french but I'm afraid I will bang my head against a wall when it comes to poetic parts.
Maybe I'll just stick to the meaning and add in footnotes that's poetry with rhymes and all in the original but it feels like a waste.


new year's bump
not a bad idea, and would make good use of the LaTeX code we already have


Don't forget to rest :)


File: 1673422147998.jpg (67.71 KB, 800x450, IMG_1768.JPG)

There's something I want to ask as I've been reading up on French colonial rule and particularly their torture methods. One notable is "retournement du gésier de poule" as a punishment by the Sûreté générale indochinoise. Machine translate only means "Turning chicken gizzards inside out" and most sources like Pierre Brocheux et Daniel Hémery, Indochine, la colonisation ambiguë I can't access.


Pulling ones intestines out through ones anus.


What the fuck, and I thought anal impalement was bad


>Pierre Brocheux et Daniel Hémery, Indochine, la colonisation ambiguë
I just got that in french. I'll post it in the following.
I'll translate it in the next weeks. There should be stuff interesting for the enhanced edition and will kill time until I got news from proofreaders.



Let me post it's interesting


File: 1673816084870.pdf (385.22 KB, 170x255, DEC_BROCH_2001_01_0439.pdf)

and last part


File: 1673824762292.jpg (138.84 KB, 500x747, Invader Lib.jpg)

Doing a quick read through:
>Also as a mostly tech illiterate frenchman who learned english mostly trough manga translation and imageboards threads, my mastery of both this language and typestting is far from perfect.
Hmm, one one hand there are some small errors here ([F]renchman, [E]nglish, t[h]rough, types[e]tting), but on the other hand it also gives evidence to your claim…


>>13881 [also 'tech-illiterate' tends to be hyphenated]
Actually, if I notice any minor spelling/grammar/typo issues, should I make a pull request to the git repo, or just post them here?


if you know your way around git then it'll be easier if you just fix it immediately. I could give you push access to the repo if you like. undoing any bad commits is easy enough
also I just pushed some things I had laying around
>d5539d4 Also clean bboc.lot
>bb7194b Add Comrade Jeb! to list of proofreaders
>e5bbb46 Split intro.tex into separate files for each chapter
>Pulling ones intestines out through ones anus.
wtf man who thinks of this stuff?


Jesus christ.
And I thought the Howie Mandel shit was bad.
Nice where did you get this stuff. I would love to look for more stuff colonial era as reading material.


Yep sweet, just add me (Discomrade) and I'll push anything that's a simple typo or grammar fix.


File: 1673867766831.jpg (93.73 KB, 601x508, 57949546890384905894.jpg)

I paid for it

That's literrally what you do to birds before cooking them. The way livestock and game is processed is an endless inspiration when it comes to torturing and slaughtering people.


Well it's better for the book to be error free. You can testify the accuracy of my claim by adding the number of errors you had to correct in this single sentence.


File: 1673908189542.jpg (134.58 KB, 1280x720, oh my frog.jpg)

>Yep sweet, just add me (Discomrade) and I'll push anything that's a simple typo or grammar fix.
>That's literrally what you do to birds before cooking them
I've been studying animal slaughter lately, and usually what you do is cut around the anus. you don't try to finagle the intestine out through it. once you've cut through the pelvic floor extracting the innards is easier. cutting up the abdomen is also a possibility, and it only leaves you with the sphincter and the last bit of intestine attached to it. not that you bother with that for fowl, at least not wild fowl, because almost all the meat is in the breast
now if the French were actually doing what I describe then that's even more heinous. because rather than a severe case of prolapse, you're cutting around the asshole. now I'm no torture expert but isn't the idea that the victim shouldn't outright die from it? there's some large blood vessels nearby, not to mention the chock alone is probably enough to do someone in. fucking frogs man


Fucking copyrighting bastards. The EU sucks. It's bad enough that z-library got taken away by the FBI.
>fucking frogs man
Cannibalizing political prisoners was really prominent in colonial eras. The whole idea with deadly torture is instilling fear and obedience.





Y'all amazing and valid :3


>atrocities of capitalism are just the consequences of natural human savagery, it is the norm, so we must blame the human condition
>atrocities of socialism are the consequence of human meddling, a human-made, imposed idea, therefore it is the ideas themselves that are to blame

How do you counter that without sounding like you're coping?
I know that what we consider "normal", "natural", "the human condition", etc. is downstream from material conditions, but trying to explain to a normie that that their conception of reality itself is a product of capitalism makes you sound like a schizo.


that'd be a like explaining the concept "wet" to a fish


Just say they're wrong and say if it's the norm then how do things get done and why do people do nice things.


By asking to show some monkeys or primitive human tribes where 1 monkey owns 99% of the banans and the rest starves to death.


File: 1678018569152.jpg (158.9 KB, 2048x2048, human politics.jpg)

I'm going to take this opportunity to ask how our proofreader anons are doing


How do people get involved with this? Where can we contact you?

I'm a writer/editor/proofreader and am interested in contributing


ideal situation: register a user on git.leftypol.org and I can add you as a contributor. then just read, make any suitable changes to the relevant .tex files, git commit and git push. it'll be easiest if you use either a Debian-like OS or maybe WSL in Windows 10 can do it. you'll want the build-essential and texlive* packages. you use make to build the pdfs


it's also possible to just post any mistakes you notice in the thread and either me or someone else with push access can incorporate the fixes



Debt to Death, and that in e.g. NGOs in the third world loaning Micro Credit to those in Agriculture, creating a cyclical debt and general poverty leading to death.

Google Micro Credit, NGOs and Bangladesh, Anu Muhammad has a good explanation on it, however no death statistics, you will have to search for evidence.

Best of luck.


Does anyone have the robert kurz's black book of capitalism? I cant find an english translation.




Any news from our proofreaders?




I don't know French or Vietnamese so I can't really proofread either of the texts in question



I got a new laser printer the other day and it prints noticeably different, much thinner font than my old printer for some reason. so I've been fiddling with fonts and margins. decided to switch to sans serif for the book version of uncle Ho's text
I ran the numbers on pdf related, what I reckon it would cost for say 100 copies:
>toner+paper: $0.33
>labor: $2.00 (folding + sewing)
adding a line down the middle between pages 16-17 would remove the need for folding, because I only do that to have a crease to sew along
this exercise isn't just for autistically pretending I'm a print shop, it's also useful for printing papers and other texts that aren't available from online book shops, while saving on paper and toner and drawer space


how do you add a cover page to your pdf on Latex????


Combine the cover page and the document into a file with poppler pdfunite or imagemagick convert (with the appropriate density).


<BBOC is kill


there's a bajillion ways of doing cover pages in LaTeX itself. you can also do it with some external program then use pdfjam to join it with other pdfs
I've had in mind to create a thread on the main board about this to try and drum up some proofreading interest again


>I've had in mind to create a thread on the main board about this to try and drum up some proofreading interest again
Good plan imo, an update with initial version, plus notes oin what is to be done, would be cool :D


yeah. having proofreaders adopt a tripcode would be useful too I think



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