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A general for "western" animations/cartoons.
Gonna start off with a recommendation to watch The King and the Mockingbird the 1980 version especially, absolutely comrade-pilled movie.

Good torrent sites (massive pop-up warning, put on an adblocker):


I'm gonna start off with a recommendation you read the catalog.


i did



>Король и птица
Man I have that on disc, it´s a pretty trippy film.


it's a masterpiece


animation is a distinct artform


The scam of NFT "cartoons"


im not watching that shit. post actual cartoons


I know artists tend to be retarded in general but they really can't articulate any criticism against NFTs other than "muh environment". I'd rather read actual left economists with actual arguments against them like Varoufakis.


>they really can't articulate any criticism against NFTs other than "muh environment"
Did you watch the video? It has nothing to do with environment. And that's ignoring the fact that it's not just "lol muh enviro" see >>>/edu/8686


Why should I use that weird site instead of pirate bay?

>Король и птица

I'm not seeing that one anywhere? Please post english title as well.


the king and the mockingbird


tl;dr his conclusion is
>I want to believe NFTs could work and help artists but right now it's to "corrupted" and is a scam.
Reminder that if you think NFTs are a good idea you are a rube. This video goes into way more depth explaining just how bullshit they are (over 2 hours) if you somehow need to have it explained to you in simple terms.


>right now it's to "corrupted" and is a scam
and it will stay that way under capitalism


NFTs are a scam regardless. They wouldn't make sense under communism. The whole point is to take something that is not scarce and make it scarce so that you can speculate on it and so supply is a factor in price. It's fundamentally reactionary.


I hate "artists" with a passion. They might be some of the biggest defenders of capitalism.


File: 1644446815215.jpg (44.51 KB, 650x365, 1644443415154.jpg)

They're bringing back Futurama. Again. Again again.


Disenchantment wasn't working out?


They couldn't get DiMaggio back for this though. Why even try.


Goddamnit can't anything nice just stay dead? It was getting pretty unfunny in the last few Comedy Central seasons, I can only imagine how much worse it could get.


A really good cartoon from the 90s/early 2000s are the various series by Adelaide Pictures, particularly, Men in Black, Godzilla: The Series and Extreme Ghostbusters (vid related).

The Extreme Ghostbusters (for example) is a cool show, but more importantly does something that modern "diversity" cartoons fail at. The characters are diverse but don't make it a forced point: A latino, a handicapped guy, a black guy, and a goth girl. It was entertaining, had creepy monsters, and didn't feel politically forced. To top it off, it's not a remake, they're the successors to the original Ghostbusters. They also do address ideas like racism but engagingly. For example (spoiler), an episode where a Jewish boy brings a golem to life to keep a bunch of racist thugs (which so happen to be Garrett's old friends) from desecrating his father's synagogue. Moreover instead of making Garrett look like a Anti-PC jerk when Roland brought their racism up, it portrayed Garrett as being unaware of his childhood friends being "Neo-Nazis" and when he discovered that Roland was right and after saving the day he let the authorities rightfully arrest them saying that they were no longer his friends because of the hate crimes they committed and that his real friends were Roland and the rest of the Ghostbusters.

So yeah, really recommend this


File: 1644738124298.png (215.64 KB, 474x316, ClipboardImage.png)

>Futurama but Billy West does all the male characters


and still gets paid less than Katy Sagal, since she did live action in one semi-popular tv show in the 90s


File: 1644808458966.webm (6.9 MB, 640x480, Preciosa4.webm)

I recommend Argentina film Ico that you can find below, not the /co/ sub but still fine.


The new Transformers Earthspark kinda looks interesting and a return to form, though the 3D CG of the kids is kinda generic, but otherwise neat.


File: 1645124678704.jfif (10.01 KB, 172x293, elfo.jfif)

Green Bart says LAND BACK


File: 1649822925897.mp4 (1.82 MB, 888x500, J-hanueowm1OWZII.mp4)

Fucking AS, man. Though nothing will be as mean spirited as what they did to Metalocalypse.


have this vague memory of a babar episode where he’s in this modern industrial city but it’s in ruins
can’t find it


This sounds vaguely familiar and I think it had been a Planet of the Apes reference.


Anyone know if the Bucky o'Hare site is dead? It doesn't give an error just never loads


People dunk on Rick and Morty, but it's still a thousand times better than whatever the fuck Smiling Friends is


it's a pretty average adult swim show, but the average adult swim show is bad. most people i talk to like it because that guy from oneyplays made it. he comes across as an asshole so i never got into the hype


Will watch later, but…
>Calarts reactsona
>Daring to call any artstyle shit
Glass houses much? I would honestly have to give a long and proper think before deciding if calarts is any better than the mass produced randomgen diarhea that is the ape artstyle.


File: 1653074026023.jpg (173.16 KB, 1448x1131, 1643077448762.jpg)

you know what dude? fuck you, ok


what sort of chemicals did you have to ingest to get so wrong


Love this film


I loathe Persepolis because its just boring and very eyeroll worthy but April and the Extraordinary World is certainly interesting.


Recess 2 when?

anybody ever watch the freakazoid making of special? it's wild how ill prepared they were making the show

and still so funny, freakazoid is literally a shitpost out of bruce timm's drawings


isn't it based? i've read only a few pages but it talks a load about marxism and dialectical materialism


dn worry guys

both of your shows are dogshit adult swim garbage


File: 1654898927874.jpg (33.25 KB, 918x278, persepolis-2611868306.jpg)

It partly is. She only talks in reminicense of it for her uncle principally. She just mention communism in her childhood and later when making friends with somee bourg punks.
To me it looks like she got some Marx for begginers by Rius
And now socialists are just fine with the Ayatollahs, such is life


Although in a second read, seems like the uncle was just fine with the mullahs in charge…the problem is that they were purged.


No not really, it feels like every other generic "middle eastern life under turmoil" novel I've had to read in school in the past decade and its just boring to me. It has a lot of lib moments and even more in the movie.




>now socialists are just fine with the Ayatollahs
are they really? is islamic communist still allowed there or is it altogether banned

is the movie stop motion animation or actually animated cartoons


I remember it as being pretty shallow and self serving. She briefly talks about how she had family members that were politically involved and whose stories would actually be interesting, only to spend both books talking about her really mundane, privileged life and how dissatisfied she was with it.

She also throws an innocent man to the wolves when she wears makeup out on the street one day and has a big laugh about it. I guess she feels bad afterward but only because her mother (or grandmother? I forget) calls her out on being such a piece of shit.

Imo it was kind of emblematic of the whole book, just this narcissistic, self serving endeavor. Time and effort that would have been better spent on people with actually interesting lives or things to say.


How about this? Both are shit but Smiling Friends is slightly more funny due to the absurd humor.


I was referring to international socialists. And no, it seems that it is still banned.
In the open, politics still gravitate from conservative to/and reformists.


they both have the same kind of absurd humor



Why is western animation so low effort if it's not a box office release and even then it's CGI?


because it's mostly produced for kids and the adult ones are produced for teenagers and stoners.
South Park is unironically one of the most consistently well animated western toons and that is a sad thing.


If you mean for like TV stuff, it's because Western TV channels require personal connections and don't operate on a more skill-based level like say Japanese studios. Cinematic releases tend to be high quality with studios like Disney and Pixar which do care about skill and talent and are less favoritist.


>Recess 2 when?
Isn't that just Community?


>if it's not a box office release
There's high effort western animated movies, but they're practically unheard of to most people, because they aren't made to sell. Those have to compete with bigger and better known studios like Disney and Illumination, who completely dominate the animated film market.
>and even then it's CGI
Because it's cheaper and less time consuming, maximizing profits.


File: 1689311909550-0.jpg (114.9 KB, 1400x700, F07i-ShWYAojGzP.jpg)

File: 1689311909550-1.jpg (70.3 KB, 950x534, F07i5enWYAcuDpi.jpg)

File: 1689311909550-2.jpg (80.31 KB, 1200x800, F07jM0OWYA07udW.jpg)

What are your thoughts on Studio Mirs style. For reference, they animated Korra, Voltron, and the latest Superman cartoon. In a way, I like it, in the sense I prefer in a way a more proportional, human style. I think the problem with current animation is that a lot of it is very round and circle. I know that its slowly changing, but I still think of this era as lets say Steven Universe level roundness to it. However, what I am afraid of, which Studio Mir plays into, is the animafication of western cartoons. Not in the sense of, "GET THAT ANIME OUT OF MY BASED WESTERN CULTURE" but more of the sense that it feels very artificial. Its like trying to catch a fleeting moment. I feel like you can do anime/western mix but right now its as if they are trying to catch a trend rather than doing it for the love. Putting that aside, in a way, I would prefer if a Studio Mir style became the trend, hopefully making its way for more shows in a similar yet different style





Both the studio Mir style and the "CalArts" style have the same core problem: homogeneity. If you stick too closely to a formula (whatever it is) your visuals become indistinct from each other. One of the strengths of animation is flexibility since you can just draw characters differently. Both the styles you mention are at the extreme homogenous end of TWO different scales. Both in terms of the overall style and in terms of variation of design within a style. The extreme heterogeneous end of of overall style is Gumball, which goes so far as to do mixed media animation. The extreme end of heterogeneous design is One Piece, where characters come in literally all shapes and sizes but still fit a common style. There's plenty of space to explore on those 2 spectrums, but it's a lot easier to homogenize on both. It's easier to train people to do just one style, and if the elements you're animating all look the same it's easier to move animators to different tasks and move production along.


Go watch every Don Bluth film if you haven't already. Trippy, freaky, dark movies. The peak of animation before everything went digital and then 3D.



And the the Amblimation stuff.


File: 1689374177077.png (215.15 KB, 944x531, ClipboardImage.png)

>The extreme end of heterogeneous design
>One Piece
lmao even

1. Alvida
2. Bonney
3. Shyarly
4. Monet
5. Robin
6. Hancock
7. Baby 5
8. Rebecca
9. Hina
10. Nami
11. Tashigi
12. Violet
13. Perona
14. Vivi
15. Shakky
16. Cindry
17. Kalifa
18. Makino
19. Nojiko
20. Cavendish
21. Ivankov
22. Marguerite
23. Keimi
24. Shirahoshi
25. Conis
26. Otohime
27. Kaya
28. Porche


I don't like animation that tries to abandon style for "naturalism"
Animation is intrinsically stylistic


1. heterogenous in design, not style (OP has a homogeneous style)
2. there's more to design than just the face
3. 28 characters out of hundreds

Post a better example


File: 1689439248467-0.png (869.61 KB, 1280x1280, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1689439248467-1.png (4.53 MB, 4000x4000, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1689439248467-2.png (417.96 KB, 1000x1000, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1689439248467-3.png (389.13 KB, 1024x1024, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1689439248467-4.png (6.1 MB, 2896x4096, ClipboardImage.png)

>there's more to the design than just the face
half the characters are basically nami clones
>"b-but look what they're wearing! so unique!"


Did Oda have a stroke or something, because I swear the female characters looked more diverse in the beginning of the manga.


>east vs west bullshit


This website literally has an entire board dedicated specifically to the Japanese animation industry, go complain there


reread my post


Since we're on the topic of strange 2D animation not by Disney, there's also We're Back - a Dinosaur's Story.

As a long time One Piece reader, post Time-skip One Piece women, are almost 90% Nami clones, with different outfits and hair. Male characters are much more variable in OP though.


To be fair Pre-TS Nico Robin and Nami looked much different to on another or Hancock or several other women. Only Vivi and Nojiko looked significantly like Nami. Post-TS they all started melding together in looks.


He married a Nami cosplayer, probably had something to do with it.


File: 1689472005357.png (404.76 KB, 704x528, ClipboardImage.png)

Not a stoke but he's worked himself into sickness more than once.

Probably lol


>Since we're on the topic of strange 2D animation not by Disney, there's also We're Back - a Dinosaur's Story.
Posted it:


Goddamn can't we have one thread for Western animation? There's a whole board for anime.


I like Bakshi's style alot. I've only seen Wizards and Cool World so far. I want to get around to the rest of them.


File: 1689474112413.png (9.86 MB, 2930x3927, ClipboardImage.png)

I love the design of Necron 99. One of my favorite character designs.


Bro relax it isn't the primary thread discussion, just an aside conversation that already ended and it was more about an art-style in general than anime in particular. Threads will and do have conversations outside the OP reason, Rule 26 of the internet bub.

I love the aesthetics of those small 2D animations in general like Rankin & Bass or Don Bluth, where they didn't shy away from giving characters individuals looks or worn, lived in appearances.


I don't know why but when I was a kid, they would constantly play Secret of Nimh for recess on rainy days. And it would never pass a certain portion of the film, mainly because they would always play it from the start, so you have a set amount of time, you would only see that portion. But I thought it was a very captivating film, and that the aesthetic is just great. I wish more films were like it, but its very expensive, and there really isn't any independent studios anymore. Just the occasional film here and there.


Don Bluth was among those taught by the original Old Men 9 of Disney, so his methods, style and risk taking comes from that old-school system, where animation was treated as an art-style that had very exclusive numbers of 'apprentice' similar to how the old masters of classical painting and art had small numbers of apprentices and the secrets of the arts were a way of life, and not just a technique or job.


not really, anime is just romanized japanese word of animation, but weebs fetishize japan.


The man said ANIMATION, Not Anime, and he's correct that it can be an artform, if it's done with care.


Its been so long since I watched it so idk how the movie as a whole holds up but I'm going to torrent The Triplets of Belleville cuz I know the animation was really good


It's esoteric, but the film is fucking awesome. I suggest not getting the dubbed version, but the original, it's much more atmospheric.


File: 1692105483316.png (176.5 KB, 1131x321, ClipboardImage.png)

Since I could only recall the art style and dark themes, I was a bit let down by it being a comedy but still, wow, it was way better than I remembered. So many little details to pick out, think I'll be rewatching this one periodically, at least the first 2/3rds or so. Agreed about not getting a dubbed version, I mean theres almost no dialogue anyway
I wonder if the creators other films are worth watching? I'd only even heard of Les Triplettes de Belleville


meant to spoiler instead of redtexting but whatever lol its a 20 year old movie


The Illusionist is pretty damn good, though I still think Triplets is his best work.
I honestly love the Triplets of Belleville, it's something I remember seeing as a kid and enjoying every moment of it.

Lol, easy mistake and yeah it's pretty old (fuck and I am getting there too).


I had fun hate watching Anastasia recently.
The whole film is bullshit western propaganda about the Romanovs but it’s animated well.


This. Rasputin is so bombastic and the story is actually pretty good, if it wasn't based in real events.

Also it spawned a bunch of ripoffs like vid rel.


>I remember seeing as a kid and enjoying every moment of it
7 y/o and current me found it mildly disturbing yet every time this thread bumped I'd wrack my brain trying to remember the name of it. It certainly left an impression anyway, glad I rewatched it. Will check out the Illusionist soon


I fucking loved the scenes of America being so overweight. The fact that none of the characters were same faced other than specific, intentional characters


That Communist Rasputin is already pretty wild, but him telling his talking dog with the papakha to “shaddup” is the cherry on top.


File: 1692142718403.png (1.96 MB, 1824x1072, vlcsnap-2023-08-15.png)

Ya I got a kick out of morbidly obese NA as well. Almost started seeing a pattern there where all the poor and working class folks were relatively normal looking (even the gangsters) whereas everyone else, who were either ambling around like tourist or consuming something, was morbidly obese. It kinda echoed skinny Champion giving all his surplus food to Fat Bruno. That said, Im probably overthinking it


Maybe this is too modern/anime inspired but this movie is kind of like a love letter to GTA San Andreas, with weird fantasy/sci fi mixed in. I watched it in the original French. Enjoyable if you like action scenes.


nonsensical plot, the animation is fire tho



Because nothing new can ever be made
Only remakes and reboots forever
Always follow from idealist garbage like "story wheel" jungian, campbellian nonsense when you attempt "new" forms
Follow from ancient aristotelian formulas of creating tension and releasing in catharsis
Always follow film school procedure and established animation styles
Never experiment - never unlock a new way


File: 1697504872140.jpg (78.69 KB, 607x903, 1696955463666.jpg)

Heartbreaking: Creator of widely successful pilot for independent online animation series has gotten the "daily discourse" fandom. It is day two of their show existing.


What series?


The Amazing Digital Circus


this whole fandom culture is so weird and fucked up. Some people are just randomly joining fandoms without even consuming the piece of media the fandom is built around, kind of like those “communists” and “socialists” who don’t really do theory but are around purely because they like the vibes.


to be fair the cartoon gives such tumblr vibes (not derogatorily) that i dont think you couldve expected anything else


If it's not one thing, it's another. Constant Payne is a good example. Either it's bad fans, shitty creators or shitty corporations. It's a miracle any good shows get made


Do they know that if they have annoying fans they can just like, ignore them?


Annoying fans are one thing, but you can often get situations like with /sug/ where the fandom actively becomes a menace.


What's /sug/



They could also make fun of them like many authors do instead of pissing and shitting.


>what's /sug/
It's the SU fanbase name >>2529
Ok u got me lol


I actually didn't know, I was just pre-empting any funny business

What's so bad about it?


They harassed several people to suicide because they didn't draw a fat character fat enough
They harassed the creators when they said that they shouldn't harass people and dug out old underage R34 of Ed, Edd and Eddy that the creators drew years ago.
Also doxxing, bot-spamming sites etc. They were so bad that they got the furry treatment on 4chan, kicked off /co/ and /aco/ into /trash/ and banned on sight outisde of it.


That's the MLP treatment, furry stuff is still tolerated somewhat.


Until /trash/ was made furry was banned from everything but /b/ and the furry board was deleted after being up for a short time. /mlp/ at least has a board of its own and can be posted in other boards if relevant to a thread.


I've seen storytime posts get deleted because there was a pony ad somewhere lol.


Depends on the board most of them are pretty lax on ponies at this point, now that the brony craze died down.


>They harassed several people to suicide because they didn't draw a fat character fat enough

proofs? that sounds a bit too wild


Well I should amend that to attempted suicide. There's a few cases but the primary example was zamii


the unholy trinity


Yep. Same retards would go on to try and shill for crunchyroll and it's awful Little Witch Academia/RWBY ripoff.


I liked the part where the new Tumblr sexyman is just Bender again.
More series could do with a Bender.


File: 1698216794134.jpg (62.57 KB, 640x480, mpv-shot0007.jpg)

>A general for "western" animations/cartoons.


I'm nostalgic for hiding furry threads inside other threads. We once made a fake DC comics thread with catwhistles in the OP, capefags were cool with it and jannies never spotted the ruse.
Then there was the whole shadow drawthread every caturday, fun times.
>the furry board
April Furs Day? The one where everyone who posted on it got banned.


invincible season 2 is close !

also for anyone who havent watched them, waltz with bashir and persepolis are both very good and relevant to current events


> there was the whole shadow drawthread every caturday
Yeah I recall that
>We once made a fake DC comics thread with catwhistles in the OP
Kek really? You got an archive link?
>jannies never spotted the ruse
Yeah current /co/ jannies ban for no reason right now, literally impossible to go there unless it's a show currently being aired, it's why /rwbyg/ gets kicked to /trash/ along with every other cartoon show. They also banned a bunch of people for making a /cog/ board proposal which was made because
A) /v/ was getting a shitton of spinoff boards so why shouldn't /co/
B) If the mods only wanted currently running shows on /co/ then why not just make a /cog/ for non-current shows?

Regardless its with that sort of shit that all the older, better threads got killed.


File: 1698378087825-0.png (7.6 KB, 334x39, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1698378087825-1.png (5.52 KB, 322x39, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone got sauce?


>Kek really? You got an archive link?
There isn't just one time it happened and I can't find the one I was in (too man to seatch), but here's an example: https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/65508331/


Thanks, and yeah I think I caught the tail end of those threads when I was in /co/ (I drifted in and out a lot back then).

Where'd you get the caps to begin with? Those look like tumblr posts.


>tail end


>Where'd you get the caps?
Was looking through the /pol/eague 6 archive videos, it's a /leftypol/ supported engaged in bantz with an /mlpol/ supporter.


Ahh, I see. The sauce for that is probably hard to find. /mlp/ might have it tho



File: 1698637218157.png (106.42 KB, 641x848, 1698535353569037.png)

So I finally decided to give TADC a watch and it was pretty good, I hope it maintains its quality. The author seems to be into arthouse shit so I'm keeping my expectations somewhat high.


Has anyone seen The Amazing Digital Circus? I have no idea what the fuck it's about, but it's trending everywhere and I'm curious at this point since the main character's name is a Russian word.


literally one post above you…


Dark humor show created by a Newgrounds user and the studio that animated Murder Drones that got blessed/cursed by the algorithm so now it's incredibly fucking popular in only a couple of weeks.


>“communists” and “socialists” who don’t really do theory but are around purely because they like the vibes.
So twitter (and somewhat old tumblr) then, the time of leftypol anons to twitter users back in day wasn't good


I actually see the sentiment that you "don't need to actually engage with the piece of media you've built your personality around to be a fan" on social media fairly often.


no you
who said funny


File: 1698646321365.gif (165.09 KB, 625x625, Nope swastika.gif)

Uh… what?
>aged up
Nope, it was disturbingly on model for the underage original characters (I found the leaks, though I won't post them)
>That show will never be based like high guardian spice
Oh god not you again. Didn't the mods give you a ban for this shit a year ago?


File: 1698646527673.png (1.53 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

I didn't know they were referring to it in their post, I didn't see the post to begin with anon.

>creator of Murder Drones
Oh. I can't tell if that's a good thing or a bad thing TBH, since I never saw that show, though the concept summary sounds pretty interesting. Pomni is pretty cute too.


File: 1698647051795.png (486.44 KB, 680x1161, ClipboardImage.png)

>that posting style
>that retarded response
Yeah it's you. Please desist.
>"aged up AU" when they're not
LOL no. You can see the characters are drawn as they are in the show.


Wizards was well made, and Fritz the Cat is alright if a bit overly raunchy. C**nsk*n was just god-awful on a number of levels, and is poorly done edgelord shite.


Cool World was cool. Check it out if you havn't. Still want to watch Anerican Pop too.


i said studio. the creator of the show joined them just now


Puritanical hate mobs are the opposite of "based". Lil B would be ashamed.


I've seen Cool World, my favorite of Bakshi's work tbh. American Pop is honestly just depressing. It's well made, but something about it leaves me feelng drained.


>Puritanical hate mobs are the opposite of "based"
True, but who the fuck cares about what Lil B thinks? NTA BTW.


hes literally who coined the term


He mostly meant it in the traditional sense. Based, base head, crack head, he picked it because people used to make fun of him for looking like a crack head.


No, he didn't. Based is a derivative of West-Coast slang for crackheads (freebasers, baseheads etc.) that came about in the late 80s, early 90s when Lil B was a kid. He just took the name up.


no he coopted the term and made it about not caring what others thought of you

yeah i dont think anyone saying based in the last decade is using it that way


They should've gone all in with the cool CD-ROM effect and aspect ratio instead of ditching it 12 seconds in.


File: 1698648892961.png (732.28 KB, 708x661, 1697501898629.png)

Also I'm glad independent animation is getting attention but the content farms are going full throttle with this new cartoon. My recommendations are nothing but garbage clickbait about it.

They worked on fucking Hazbin Hotel, they shouldn't act surprised about this.

Every show should have a Bender.


>he coopted the term and made it about not caring what others thought of you
>i dont think anyone saying based in the last decade is using it that way
Yeah, since it's used today as a stamp of approval in the same sense as /ourguy/ and the opposite of the term "cringe", something that was used en masse primarily on 4chan in 2015 or so and spread to other social media.


>the cool CD-ROM effect and aspect ratio
Was probably too niche or possibly time consuming to use.
>content farms are going full throttle with this new cartoon
Probably because of all the Rule 34 and people taking the bait so easily.


>Probably because of all the Rule 34
what? you think niche porn has an effect on youtuber clickbait? huh? what?


<the amazing digital circus 2520 (October 30, 2023)
That's really high numbers for an indie show barely a year old, so it's probably getting exposure in content that gets a lot of views on twitter and stuff - erotic fanart.


File: 1698653722281-0.jpg (19.24 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

File: 1698653722281-1.jpg (20.74 KB, 320x180, mqdefault2.jpg)

File: 1698653722281-2.jpg (20.02 KB, 320x180, mqdefault3.jpg)

No, content farmers are more basic than that. Just reaction videos and manufactured controversy.


god imagine putting your face out there for every single shiny new thing just to make a couple of cents


File: 1698688935233.png (2.35 MB, 2635x1750, 1698649824354158.png)

A whore is a whore, even a digital one. I'm referring to the ecelebs, not Pomni here

Saw the video in the middle, and yeah it's just riding the hype and inevitable toxic fandom culture that arises; obviously people on reddit and twitter are going to have the most retarded takes like "Pomni is a bad character for running away". I feel like this is a result of capitalist alienation and the need for escapism resulting in modern fandoms and fandom culture in general becoming toxic groups of assholes… I suppose being a fanboy/girl often comes with the word "FANatic" implied.

I personally liked the pilot, it's disturbingly mindwarping but not overly grotesque, it plays with the old school computer graphics/glitch effect that reminds me of old school early 3D animations and game glitches. The concept of abstraction is kinda interesting as well and the colorful cartoon design offsets the horror without feeling off. Pomni so far is exactly the character the audience is with the most, as like her, we are ignorant of what's going on. Supposedly this is based off of Sartre's No Exit play, however it reminds me more of Five Characters in Search of an Exit from the Twilight Zone, which was inspired by No Exit. It also reminded me somewhat of the original Pinnochio story, regarding the other puppets and Буратино variation, particularly Pomni's jester outfit and Russian name.

On a separate note I find the immense amounts of Rule 34 after the episode debut being less than 2 weeks ago, almost fascinating.


File: 1698692057575.jpg (1.04 MB, 3600x3000, 1698532377367244.jpg)

The spam of this show made me want to ignore it but I didn't want to make the same mistake I made not playing Undertale for years because of the fans and I don't regret it, as a pretentious fag I really like it so far.


File: 1698694097985.png (954.23 KB, 894x1000, ClipboardImage.png)

I've seen that pic everywhere LOL.
Good for you anon, watching a movie or tv show and enjoying it doesn't necessitate being embroiled in the shittiness of the fandom and clickbait ecelebs trying to ride the popularity, enjoy it for what it is.


File: 1698697669675.png (794.61 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

I wanted to add that the rundown office scenery during the Exit loop is similar to the Stanley Parable which goose admitted to being an inspiration.


>literally just googled 'fluttershy more butt'
That actually worked for once lol.


File: 1698884768840.png (300.36 KB, 774x622, Clownporky.png)

I'm really liking the demonic clown porky from the new Helluva Boss episode.


I thought it was kind of basic, nothing worth that much attention, but Pomni is cute and I'll probably watch the next episode


it made me laugh, thats more than most shows these days.

also one of the voice actors ALLEGEDLY harassed someone i used to associate with and their boyfriend but i didn't realize it was them until the crdits rolled :^)


>I thought it was kind of basic
what makes you say that


The jokes and the plot were very predictable and the visuals were 'ok' but nothing special. My overwhelming feeling was 'meh'.


the visuals were one of the best parts


File: 1698886251072.jpg (99.8 KB, 847x439, 1698786880810313.jpg)

Damn bitch.


I didn't really like the character designs and the visual fidelity from what I remember was impressive I suppose from an indie perspective but Gooseworx has millions of subs, they're not exactly underground, and it will probably take years for episodes to come out, I don't really see anything special enough to spend a bunch of time discussing/anticipating/etc.

My reading was that they were people who got stuck in some kind of VR hell and the reason why time isn't an issue is that maybe the simulation is running 10000x than real life. But the anon who said it's like SOMA might well be correct and that's a more parsimonious theory I suppose.


File: 1698897340453.png (777.06 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

> one of the voice actors ALLEGEDLY harassed someone i used to associate with and their boyfriend
Which VA?

>I didn't really like the character designs
I thought they were vibrant and colorful.
>Gooseworx has millions of subs
Meaningless in this day and age any talentless hack ECeleb can have millions of subs, doesn't mean they're not indie.
>it will probably take years for episodes to come out
Gooseworx is working with Glitch and runs Hunipop discussion, having friends with the Hazbin Hotel group, Lackadaisy group and now the group that produces Murder Drones. Episodes will probably be coming out every few months or so considering the pooling of resources here. Also the sheer popularity it exploded into in such a brief time is getting more and more people into it and the attention brings funding. Also there's rumors of a Digital Circus game being developed alongside the series, which is an additional attractant.
>Don't really see anything special enough to spend a bunch of time discussing/anticipating
You don't, others do.


File: 1698898349180.png (692.59 KB, 1269x714, 1698637749981116.png)

Unlikely but an interesting idea for the story much later on
>Pomni takes control of the circus from Caine
>Ends up going crazy, but not to the point of abstracting
>Instead she lives in her own little world like Kinger
>She's forgotten she even had a life outside of the Circus and now only remembers being the funny jester that manages the AMAZING DIGITAL CIRCUS!!!!!!
>Any sense of fear or hesitation in her is gone as she puts on a big smile and gives the people inside of the game adventures every single day
>Sharp teeth are also in effect 24/7 now, her blue colors have been replaced with the color black, and now she's always got 15 different clown jokes on hand like cream pies she can pull out of nowhere and one of those flowers that sprays people with water
>The rest of the people in the game leave, but she's the only one who thinks she's truly free inside of it and stays


Soma is a video game.


>Which VA?
Kingers, which feels weird, cause i actually really like this character.


also holy shit, if the plot is anything like SOMA i will really like this show, SOMA gave me recurring nightmares for years and i still think about it all the time, such an interesting concept. i really hope the story goes down a similar path or something just as good.


Oh, I didn't see anyone mention it in this thread so I was confused as to what was being referred to.

>Sean Chiplock
Him? The voice acting is good, but I honestly know nothing about the guy.


i don't really know anything about him either, other than what aforementioned former associate had told me, could be just drama nonsense.



Show from the late 90s about nerds misunderstanding the basics of life and has the hot chick love interest thing going. I'm shocked it didn't get at least one more season because it did such a great job at world building. As absurd as it is, it manages to be very human in everything it does. It is no surprise that real people were interviewed to get ideas for plots and characters. Also created by the people who later made Megas XLR, lol.


File: 1699949753048.png (2.21 MB, 1500x1430, Cartoon Medicine.png)

*Note: The meme doesn't actually reflect my view. Well kind of, but I don't actually give a shit about calarts. Its a stupid point brought up by people with a clear bias.*
I have seen recently that more and more cartoons have been trying to go the anime route. In a way, I welcomed this, since I wanted more realistic proportions and more serious story telling. But the more I look at it, the more it seems it is all a cash grab. A way of cashing in on the trend of anime. So now they will make all their shows anime. I dislike this. Even if their is styles like lets say Justice League or Teen Titans, Batman Beyond, there is a certain distinct feel to it. But now, they simply want to emulate it. Hell, Scott Pilgrim, the premiere comic that would work wonders with a cartoony style is instead being marketed as an anime. Why? To pander, to try and get that market share. Its cynical. And it doesn't help that more cartoony, rubber hose inspired cartoons are being canned. WB have been especially bad. I'm no John K, with that RETVRN mindset when it comes to animation. But I dislike this trend, especially when it tries to capture the anime essence without truly getting it.


I agree, they saw that anime and manga absolutely destroyed them at sales numbers and are now desperately and cynically trying to win people back.


It's always been funny to me how off-model Gumball got looped in with the 'calarts' meme. The only real argument is if you compare to the pilot design or something. The show esp. S1 is outstanding in its era for being absolute eye-candy and not made in North America.


Streaming services have just turned "anime" into a brand meaning "animation for adults". It's dumb but I care more about the quality of the end products than anything else.

Yeah the entire meme is bullshit and isn't how the characters actually look. The fact that it caught on tells you about the quality of 4chan/4chan-adjacent discourse.


File: 1699976016312.jpg (125.26 KB, 1200x428, chadball.jpg)

>the entire meme is bullshit
Toonboom isn't bullshit, that got debunked in these threads yeas ago. The images are only vaguely different to the actual models and Gumball is the only one that doesn't fit the meme if only because the rest of the show is so distinct. Beanface is very much an aspect of those 'cartoons' and the general style is very similar to one another, with (again) Gumball being the exception. The reason people started calling Toonboom style "calarts" is because it was "pioneered" in California Arts school, and became associated with it because the school has stopped educating animators properly and just focuses on cheap mass-produced product similar to many of the cheap shitty SoL anime that gets produced en masse in Japan, where they abuse keyframing to save money and time in animation rather than properly animating scenes.

TL;DR: Animation in corporations is shit either way, late stage capitalism is eating itself and mainstream art.


File: 1699989375535.jpg (94.64 KB, 828x931, 1699973394163798.jpg)

Gumball was so good.


File: 1700267714055.jpg (211.81 KB, 733x800, 1628038947532.jpg)


File: 1700268067580.jpg (320.79 KB, 1266x1018, expandizzy.jpg)

that was me. also g5 shitposting is where it's at now


File: 1700320372891.gif (431.21 KB, 173x319, Bender hips.gif)

/co/ has had endless threads about this pilot for weeks, so I decided to give it a watch. I don't really get it. maybe's it's baby's first existentialism for a lot of people?
>More series could do with a Bender.
I hear he's great


its fun


decided to rewatch it. I guess it's OK


>. Hell, Scott Pilgrim, the premiere comic that would work wonders with a cartoony style is instead being marketed as an anime.
Scott Pilgrim was always very western animeish. Like tumblr art style in general.


File: 1700336078120.gif (562.74 KB, 418x312, tenor.gif)

And American animation was good mostly because it's not some hyper realistic cookie cutter shit. American animation was more about utilizing the distinctiveness of the art form with squash and stretch and visual gags and etc. I'd like to see Japan make some more stuff like Shin Chan and etc.

Yeah some realistic 99s animation would be cool, but what the entire world market is missing is cartoons that really have the spirit of animation.


File: 1700336721073.jpg (165.18 KB, 1200x800, desenhos-Hanna-Barbera.jpg)

I wonder if anyone has ever written about it, but I'd call it the Hana Barberaization of animation. Everything is this real low effort cookie cutter shit nowadays. All shots are from the same angle, same framing, no dynamism


Hanna Barbera pioneered "limited animation" to produce animation cheaper. Instead of re-drawing the whole character you separated them into layers and re-drew only the parts that moved. That's why all their characters have collars. It makes it easier to separate the head from the body and animate them separately.


Yeah, but you can tell there has been a deliberate attempt to animefy it. Like they obviously kept a cartoony style, ala panty and stocking. But compared to an animated short that came out right before the movie, it shows the vast difference in style they were going for. Whereas this one, while having some anime tropes, still maintains a western comic feel, while this new one is like you said embraces Western Tumblr Anime Style.


It only appeals to people under 13 and people over 30. You wouldn't get it otherwise.


File: 1700793129619-0.jpeg (33.63 KB, 640x360, omni-man.jpeg)

Thoughts on what can be called the "Western Action Show Style" trend


Also I have only really seen a few screenshots and poster. But this is something I am looking forward to, and hopefully gets noticed so more films like it are made


Isn't this just an attempt at copying Timm?


Yes and No. I would say Timm is more exaggerated, whereas this new style is more proportional. (Obviously there will be exaggeration in some instances, like Allen the Alien) But for the most part, humans have about as realistic torso, leg and head as you can imagine. I would say Teen Titans are closer to Timm than this style is to Timm.


>muh commies
>muh degenerate
>attack helicopter joke
Jfc what an awful meme


Needs more tits and ass


I like it


I will say this is one of the downsides of this style. Which is not necessarily bad, if you're show doesn't call for fanservice, why bother with it. But it is something that generally not done within the style, and can be bad later on. If you're adapting something and a character is referred to as sexy, could be a case that the style doesn't convey that compared to other media. My guess since its reserved for more serious shows, fanservice is a no go. Hopefully, that changes as the style is more refined


kinda weird that the mere presence of an attractive character is considered "fanservice" now, when i think of the term massive jiggling tits come to mind


>watching cartoons
I hope all of you are still in school. Otherwise, yikes! And then I bet you wonder why none of you have gfs. I don't think women want to spend their days watching cartoons lol


I was being flippant but I didn't mean just having eye candy. All this cape shit is so asexual and sterile. There's no sensuality or eroticism. The only desire expressed is to dominate and murder people and it's just kind of gross.


Fanservice is like pantieshot and bath scene


Please go back bein jock bully in some 90s school movie that you came from.


File: 1700931586875.jpg (708.63 KB, 1800x2048, 1700850164997368.jpg)

Even that is toned down.


I think this is due to budget. In fact the first season was even more unnecessarily brutal than the comic actually is, turning Omniman into someone who simply didn't care about collateral damage to a psycho who went out of his way to kill as many people as possible.


File: 1701228969189.webm (2.82 MB, 1280x720, 1701217411703708.webm)


1- Is this actually from an episode?
2 - what is he cringing so hard at? the lack of sound makes it confusing


throw it back = twerking


Anti-Fash kino coming through


File: 1701989812304.jpg (181.74 KB, 1280x720, 1701904816673831.jpg)


uh oh! it's Edge-O-Clock!



That is such an ass character design.


Ok, to be fair, you are an idiot. These take place in two different periods of the story. First one is much later, when Thragg makes the alien his sex slaves to produce millions of his children for an army. And the second is after Nolan leaves Earth, and becomes their leader. This pic is more comparable to the second pic. I saw people were complaining about that and listen, again if you think modern cartoons have zero sex appeal, I can agree. But if you're going to do it, be factual about it.


i thought you guys were complaining about the adaptation looking low budget at first…


Violence is sexual. Expand your horizons.


lmao fair enough. i still don't expect to see the Netflix version of the space sex slaves


File: 1702521204307.png (Spoiler Image, 1.67 MB, 3000x3400, ClipboardImage.png)

>Kung Fu Panda 4 trailer dropped 13th of December
>there's already Rule 34 of the new characters within the first 10 hours


The rise of puriteens has truly gone too far, nothing can have any kind of allure to it nowadays or else it's gonna be cancelled online.


Stop with this low-effort bait again. You keep whining about "muh puritanism" and it's boringly incorrect. People DO like and want characters with sexual appeal to them, those are literally the most popular characters today.


u really think only one person complains about puritanism online? rofl


The point stands, its a fucking false statement.


I was comparing the image here >>38034 not the one with the lingerie, the one from the show still looks bland and sterile in comparison.

I didn't even dislike the show but I don't like how everything has no sex appeal in general nowadays and the trend of 'problematic' noticer people is fucking annoying.


Lower Decks isn't as awful as it's first impression lead me to believe.


Just finished the first season and yeah, not awful, but not great.
>Star fleet isn't a military organization anymore
>discipline, what's that?
>characters constantly worried about being "fired"
>everyone is some kind of jerk
>too many fucking references
>not much science fiction
>still tainted with dogshit abramstrek crap

<characters aren't all loathsome, mariner not just lolsorandumb

<shows some character development
<not stupid edgy r&m knockoff like velma
<good uniforms
<not completely meta poisoned

I'd give it a D+ but it wouldn't be Star Trek if it had a great first season right out of the gate.


>characters aren't all loathsome, mariner not just lolsorandumb
Most of them are, the most relatable, interesting characters are side-characters like the Doctor. Mariner was obnoxious at best and fucking harmful at worst, only coming out on top of things because of plot contrivances. Realistically she should have gotten severe consequences for things ranging from inebriated misconduct onboard a ship while on duty, grievous injury of a fellow crew-mate while fooling around (on duty), dereliction of duty, etc. She's only still in Starfleet because of nepotism… which goes against the meaning of Star Trek
>not stupid edgy r&m knockoff like velma
It's literally just Rick and Morty humor stuffed into a Trek setting, Mariner is just a black female Rick,
>good uniforms
Star Trek Uniforms are simplistic as is, kinda hard to fuck up a design that you lifted from the live-action shows.
>not completely meta poisoned
It may as well be, since the metashit just taints the entire rest of the show, because you can't help but remember this shit in any actual in-story elements.


File: 1705985509060.png (444.61 KB, 450x630, ClipboardImage.png)

how is this getting universal acclaim lmao
the show is ass and the creator is a zionist
>"colonialism is bad" message
>but Japan can't into guns and needs a white guy to figure that out for them
>and the half-white protagonist just is better at fighting than everyone
>and the whiteness of the protagonist is treated like it's a supernatural power, and the characters in-universe directly attribute the skills to her being half-white
>except when the show is throwing a pity party for victims of anti-white discrimination


The protagonist isn't celebrated for her "whiteness". It's set in isolationist Japan in the 1600's. She is treated like a monster for it, and views herself as such. The white guy who is her father isn't some great dude, he's a merciless smuggler and colonialist who is only tolerated because he makes the upper crust money while peddling poison and weapons to the underworld. The show creators are a mixed couple as well, so why is it so wrong for them to tackle their respective heritages from different angles?


all the authority figures are pieces of shit in the show, jap or white. i think youre looking to get offended tbh. the writing is mediocre and tropey and thats it


>creator is a zionist
Just because you replaced "Jew" with "zionist" doesn't make this /pol/shit any more relevant to the show, unless you can demonstrate how Zionism is reflected in the show
>Japan can't into guns and needs a white guy to figure that out for them
That's not dialectical material progression works, moron. Also guns were invented by the Chinese, along with gunpowder. China stagnated under later rulers and the Opium Wars destroyed its power, see >>>/edu/8045 CTRL+F "Opium"
The European powers developed guns even further surpassing the Chinese and the Islamic countries of the Middle East that had also developed fire-arms from trade with China.
Japan was isolationist and insular, even more so with the end of the Sengoku era chaos, as the Edo Shogunate sought to stabilize the nation. This involved strict traditionalism and resistance to change and outside influence, which would only change with the Meiji Restoration in the 19th century which was when Japan opened up to the world and rapidly caught up on the innovations of the world. Guns were not developed because it was foreign and untraditional, as well as hard to use, so they remained primitive. See >>>/edu/1855

So this isn't about "muh stupid Japs" but a reflection of the material conditions and actual historical reality of the country not having advanced fire-arms and did not acquire or develop them for some time for various socio-economic reasons.

As for "muh wt pypo!", you're an ignoramus on multiple accounts. People of Mixed-race/ethnicity historically have been subject to xenophobic discrimination; for a half-white girl in Japan, the part that is going to be discriminated against is the whiteness.
Furthermore stop white-washing the Japanese, they were no less brutal than Europeans, as their post Meiji restoration imperialism shows, simply at the time they did not have the opportunity to actually do anything against anyone but themselves.
Finally the main villains of the story are white; the main character is literally targeting 4 white merchants to assassinate them, among whom is her father. They are neither depicted as good nor 'better' or anything but asshole bourgs no different than their Japanese counterparts.

Your racial obsession reveals you as an idpozzed rad-lib. Read a book or go back.

PS: I'm don't even like the show that much, its interesting but I've seen better. However I'm won't accuse it of being something it is not. Even Hideo Kojima liked it, and the Japanese can be quite picky about how it is depicted in foreign media, they certainly weren't very enthusiastic about the Fire Nation in ATLA.


File: 1706029904913-0.png (206.15 KB, 586x549, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1706029904913-1.png (360.03 KB, 1170x1051, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1706029904913-2.png (1.2 MB, 1170x1547, ClipboardImage.png)

>The protagonist isn't celebrated for her "whiteness".
She is portrayed as the cool anti-hero who is better than everyone else, and she is actively mythologized as a supernatural "onryo" not just by the framing but by actual characters in-universe.

It's not about the authority figures, but the way the white characters are framed as special. They have to actively revise history and reduce Japan's level of military technology to accomplish this.

>Just because you replaced "Jew" with "zionist" doesn't make this /pol/shit any more relevant to the show, unless you can demonstrate how Zionism is reflected in the show
You can easily check by googling it (picrel).
And it's relevant because he wrote the show, which is largely about racism and colonialism. Zionism is an example of weaponizing white victimhood since Israel is a nation for "Jews" but really only European Jews like the Ashkenazi. Zionism is rife with white supremacy/nationalism because the ideologies are historically related.
>That's not dialectical material progression works, moron. Also guns were invented by the Chinese, along with gunpowder.
Japan had already integrated firearms into their militaries. Guns were not as historically significant in the Edo period since Japan wasn't at war with itself, but they were very significant in the Sengoku period, and at one point Japan's gun production eclipsed Europe's. Militarily adopting firearms played a major role in unifying Japan and the onset of the Edo period.
The idea that a white guy importing guns to Japan could overtake Japan's forces is a stretch at best and it reeks of "Guns, Germs and Steel" style pop history plus orientalism. Yes, Japan moved away from guns as a primary weapon during the relatively peaceful Edo period where guns were less useful. No, that doesn't mean Japan would be unfamiliar with military use of firearms and be overrun due to not having them or knowing how to adjust strategy/tactics to deal with guns.
>The European powers developed guns even further surpassing the Chinese and the Islamic countries of the Middle East that had also developed fire-arms from trade with China.
Continued development of firearms by Europe due to fighting more wars than Japan is a real factor, but having somewhat more advanced firearms (flintlock vs matchlock) is not even close to the same thing as guns vs no guns.
>for a half-white girl in Japan, the part that is going to be discriminated against is the whiteness.
This is a show for westerners and made in the west. They picked a historical context where you can find a basis for anti-white discrimination because that appeals to them for one reason or another. You can't really argue that this is merely incidental when most of the media set in the Edo period doesn't deal with it because it's a marginal issue, whereas this show literally puts it in the title.
>Furthermore stop white-washing the Japanese, they were no less brutal than Europeans
Never said anything to this effect. One of the more odious elements of the western fascination with Japan in media like this is the way it ignores Japan's imperialism and xenophobia. The show is not wrong to portray Edo Japan as a dystopia. It's bad for other reasons. Primarily in the way that the white or partially white characters are important and special in the narrative (to the point of individually having historical impact). There's more dimension to this kind of portrayal than whether characters are "good" or "bad."
>Your racial obsession
The plot of the show is literally "I am going to kill every white man left in Japan (3 people), no matter how many Japanese people I have to kill to do it (hundreds)."


>Look at this ECeleb calling other people zionists because they say hostages should be returned and that bigots use justification for anti-judaic sentiment
How is this not true? The hostages are largely civilians and people are, in fact, using this conflict as a reason to hate on Jews, look at /pol/ celebrating this. Zionism is fascism, no shit, but zionism =/= all jews. I do not like Michael Greene, he's a lib-dem burger, but these are not Zionist statements and are irrelevant to the show's story and content.
>Zionism is an example of weaponizing white victimhood
Thanks for revealing your ignorance. You don't even know who the Azhkenazi are, or their relation to Jews and Europe, nor the how Zionism arose and why it involves Europe so much. Stop learning about Jews from /pol/
>at one point Japan's gun production eclipsed Europe's
<proceeds to not name said time period or the context
>Japan had already integrated firearms into their militaries
<Muh Sengoku!
You barely even read your own link, did you? Half your post is nearly verbatim the wiki-content. The first Japanese fire-arms were based on primitive Chinese hand-cannons and were extremely limited and rare. Later weapons used during the Sengoku era were introduced by the Portuguese and Chinese - primitive matchlock weaponry, during the late 15th-early 16th centuries. European guns of the time were more advanced than Japan's and by the 1600s (the beginning of the Edo period) far outmatched Japan in that area. While Japan barely had matchlocks comparable to the weapons of early conquistadors, that loaded slowly and were extremely rare relative to most of the armed forces, Europe was fielding ships of the line with cannons, muskets, pistols and more, and advancing rapidly in number and power. Gun-masters only became a thing later in the Sengoku period and specialized battalions were formed because it was a rare weapon. Compare this to Europe which was by this point, primarily fighting with guns. These were very limited weapons and extremely expensive, something only the nobility or special forces would use/have. Peasantry and farmers most certainly did not have them, nor could they be allowed to have them, given the laws about armament of lower classes.
>The idea that a white guy importing guns to Japan could overtake Japan's forces is a stretch at best
It really isn't considering how Commodore Perry's mission(s) ended Sakoku and how similar things were done in parts of China. The fear of such foreign invasion and overthrowal was a prime motive for the formation of Sakoku Edict.
>This is a show for westerners and made in the west
Not an argument
>They picked a historical context where you can find a basis for anti-white discrimination because that appeals to them for one reason or another.
You're a retard who has clearly neither watched the show, nor read its background. The creators are a mixed race couple whose Asian-American daughter was born with blue eyes, something that in many Eastern cultures is considered demonic. They thought about how a mixed race child would be treated in Edo Japan and wrote the story based on that.
>One of the more odious elements of the western fascination with Japan in media like this is the way it ignores Japan's imperialism and xenophobia
Yes and this show does not do this so far.
>in the way that the white or partially white characters are important and special in the narrative
<Oh no the main character is mixed with whites so that means that their relevance to the plot is bad!
Radlib rubbish.
>to the point of individually having historical impact
Like many other fictional character-driven stories such as Rurouni Kenshin?
>There's more dimension to this kind of portrayal than whether characters are "good" or "bad."
Correct, and most characters are not pure evil or pure good, including the primary antagonist. https://blue-eye-samurai.fandom.com/wiki/Abijah_Fowler
>The plot of the show is literally "I am going to kill every white man left in Japan
<o matter how many Japanese people I have to kill to do it (hundreds)
Wow, revenge is blind and has consequences, who knew!? Also you're being disingenuous about the nuances. The protagonist does not go out of their way to kill Japanese people, nor is her hatred for whites because of just race, her entire life was made miserable by the very fact that she was seen as lesser for being mixed race, and as far as she knows it is this fact that led to her mothers demise and her own shitty life, not to mention that she thinks her mother was raped by her father. She doesn't know WHO her father is, only that he is one of the remaining 4 whites in Japan, thus she hunts each of them. Is that flawed? Yes, because the character is human, and not a Mary Sue.

>but the way the white characters are framed as special. They have to actively revise history and reduce Japan's level of military technology to accomplish this.

NTA but that's just blatantly fucking untrue from both a historical and writing perspective. The White characters aren't "special" they're outsiders, which makes them an anomaly in an otherwise closed off culture. As for technology, it is not revisionist when it is true. technological development in Japan lagged for some time, in part because it lacked resources, it's why katanas had such a complicated process of creation, because iron ore was low quality and hard to acquire, its the same reason Samurai had complex non-metal armor.

Again I'm not saying this show is even close to perfect, it most certainly is not. However I think your 'criticisms' are exaggerated and ignore more important or blatant problems with the story such as some side plots being unnecessary, characters not making sense (man with no hands) and some of the fights being full of the protagonist getting stabbed yet still powering through it like nothing.


>zionism =/= all jews
What percentage are zionist?
>You don't even know who the Azhkenazi are, or their relation to Jews and Europe, nor the how Zionism arose and why it involves Europe so much.
It's not complicated. Azhkenazi are conducting a genocide in front of the whole world at this very moment.


>Again I'm not saying this show is even close to perfect, it most certainly is not. However I think your 'criticisms' are exaggerated and ignore more important or blatant problems with the story such as some side plots being unnecessary, characters not making sense (man with no hands) and some of the fights being full of the protagonist getting stabbed yet still powering through it like nothing.
People can't just say they dislike some fucking cartoon they need to bring ethics to the table and say it's actually "morally wrong" or something.


>How is this not true? The hostages are largely civilians
Oh lol you're unironically buying the narrative then. If anything Hamas is protecting the hostages, at the rate the IDF is killing them.

If your cartoon or TV show or any other media makes a point of being political, it's more than fair to criticize its politics. It's fair regardless, and a lot of media has awful politics, but if you make the issue of racism the center of your story, then how you handle racism is a key part of whether the product is any good.


>turning the thread into shit about Israel


youre getting mad at alleged subtext that only people who want to be offended will perceive


>you're unironically buying the narrative
No, retard, I'm just capable of seeing other people's perspective, incorrect or flawed as they may be. Hostages were taken, the details of that vary, but to say that their conditions are likely to be good is to lie. Calling something what it is, does not mean I am defending Gaza's bombings or anything of the sort, nor does that mean that the show writers are doing so. As I said, they're libs and I don't like them or many of their works, but that is not relevant to the story. Rudyard Kipling was a British Imperialist through and through, his stories and poems are still excellent, regardless of his political views.
>If your cartoon or TV show or any other media makes a point of being political, it's more than fair to criticize its politics
NTA but that's not the point, the point is that your criticisms are ass-pulls.
>but if you make the issue of racism the center of your story, then how you handle racism is a key part of whether the product is any good
And? The white man we see is clearly racist, just as the Japanese are racist to him, but because they're both people of power and corruption, his racism is instead for lower class Japanese. The Same treatment is given to Mizu, a blue-eyed half-breed who is clearly not a noble and so a target of racism from the Japanese. Mizu causing the deaths of other Japanese people in her quest for revenge is multi-faceted and we even see this explained both in subtext and directly.
Revenge is blind to consequences by hatred, thus she kills people that get in her way, even if these actions bring slaughter onto her head and onto those that crossed her path. This is literally pointed out to her by the main villain of S1. And what love to Japan or its people should she feel when she is rejected by them, merely for having blue eyes? The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth is a proverb for a reason.

So like I said, the series has flaws, but bad race politics? No.

You mentioned
>and the whiteness of the protagonist is treated like it's a supernatural power, and the characters in-universe directly attribute the skills to her being half-white
It is treated as supernatural because she is seen as demonic, in a time ruled by superstition and the sword, when oni were genuinely believed in, and a crazed slasher like her with eyes associated with the demonic, most certainly would be treated as supernatural by some. As to her "natural white skills" most of the time that is in relation to her destructiveness, such as when Fowler throws the sight of burning Edo in her face as her 'white blood' showing through.
Neither the Japanese, nor Europeans are good people, they are individuals, part of the society they are in, and act on their own rational self-interests, emotions, and needs. One person may be a scumbag through and through while the other a good person, and their race, sex and social positioning is irrelevant, those aspects only impact the limitations a person may have within society, thus men have more independence and power to act than women, which is accurate for a feudal society.

So regardless of my personal criticisms of the series, I would say that much of its socio-economic commentary is quite on point, and what mistakes or issues there may be are not significant enough to warrant whining about.

Because people can't like anything anymore, it has to be "relatable" to their specific political identity, because rather than having AN identity, their identity is fractured between sexuality, politics and biases influenced by this, and everything else human is secondary.


File: 1706077191517-0.png (385.93 KB, 687x544, 1705638023798.png)

File: 1706077191517-1.jpg (281.37 KB, 1956x1526, 1691020430458.jpg)

Hazbin Hotel is my fuck you I like it show. Snake boy is such a cutie. The cat guy too.


Not a fan of the juvenile humor, but other wise pretty gud.

Also is it me or are we seeing a backlash at this whole series and the team behind it? People spreading rumors and kind of overblowing the flaws of the series.


social media being hyperbolic as usual. also i didnt like the excessive swearing at first either but knowing its intentional makes it a lot more palatable. the more powerful and ancient the character is the less they tend to curse i.e. vox immediately drops his facade and becomes just as immature as valentino as soon as he hears alastors name


Yeah, why is this not in /anime/? Cartoons are graphical arts after all.

That aside, I think Man of Action is severely underrated as a studio. Their only widely discussed cartoon is Sonic Prime, and that's only because of the Sonic fandom. Who still remembers Generator Rex, huh? HUH?

I think Ben 10 had a unique fate of being extremely popular with kids but extremely niche within the animation fandom, not because it was obnoxious like TTGO but because nobody seemed to care. And I'm not sure Gen Rex gained nearly as much popularity within its target demographic as Ben 10 did.


Because /anime/ is for japanimation, duh


still think the designs in this show (and HB) have to be an absolute nightmare to animate


File: 1706134508929.png (1.15 MB, 1500x2000, 1705006593990.png)

Knowing Viv was into sparkledogs as a teen makes so much sense. Funnily I enjoy the designs in HB and HH but always loathed sparkledogs, especially when they were most popular.


File: 1706134550162.png (427.4 KB, 834x717, 1705008305348.png)

I love this fucking loser.


File: 1706135468851.jpg (Spoiler Image, 178.43 KB, 442x640, twismug.jpg)

he just learned about the power of friendship


It's actually been pretty fun. Not amazing but not terrible either. I can't hate anything with Keith David in it anyway.


Keith David's performance is always a plus.


i know one of the animators, this is what they had to say
>it's not a nightmare, they're actually simpler to draw than people think. people who throw that around aren't animators




clean up artists is probably more of a tedious job for that show more than anything


Materialist analysis of Hazbin Hotel when?

>Also is it me or are we seeing a backlash at this whole series and the team behind it? People spreading rumors and kind of overblowing the flaws of the series.

Part of the backlash has to do with how terrible the creator is to her staff.


>Materialist analysis of Hazbin Hotel when?

Shitty disney formula with gay demons


disney invented musicals


And gay demons.

That does make me wonder though, who is going to come out on top once all these bullshit streaming services start to cave in on themselves. Are we going to see Disney buying up entire libraries like they did with Fox? Still eagerly awaiting King of the Hill in Kingdom Hearts Mister Iger <3


Remember these corporations buy up entire libraries only to burn them for a tax write-off.


File: 1706229204409.jpg (66.25 KB, 728x409, 1520769471192.jpg)

he gives me monarch vibes. i hope he redeems himself and the alleged leaks about him getting killed off dont turn out to be true


Feel like Husk (winged cat) is the one getting killed off. He doesn’t really have that much story wise and his death would be big for Angeldust’s character arc.


/anime/ is for graphical arts. It says this in the description.


I love action shows and the Western style is still more refreshing than anime style but tbh when shows like Samurai Jack or Motorcity attempt a different approach they are more memorable. And I'm definitely the kind of person who loves higher stylization.


File: 1706403049867.jpg (72.49 KB, 720x756, 1672631213387.jpg)

Inside Job was fun. Shame it got canned but at least they didn't run it to the ground. The good-natured kind-hearted himbo was the best character.


it wasn't just another dumb rick and morty clone?


Iterative creations still have the capacity to be enjoyable anon.


Anon, I helped CREATE the board's original threads and it is the equivalent of /a/
It is LITERALLY in the name /ANIME/ as in the term for japanese animation and related japanese content. Do not be obtuse.


rick and morty invented scientists


File: 1706433115448.jpg (96.89 KB, 1386x814, mhart.jpg)

mfw i realize rick and morty invented scientists


I thought they meant that the MC is a disgruntled cynical misanthrope.


>I think the problem with current animation is that a lot of it is very round and circle
90s' thick-line animation is not "cool" anymore so most studios moved away from it except for Titmouse.
If only
>Studio Mir
Nobody here mentiones Flying Bark Studios who created Rise of TMNT, Glitch Techs and Monkey King. They actually try mimicking Studio Trigger anime unlike Mir's comic-book-inspired art style.


>>39108 (me)
Even the way Mir animate action scenes is more movie-like compared to anime's sakuga one-shots, extremely close and dynamic coomera angles and speed lines.


File: 1706854214751.png (472.02 KB, 658x796, protecc.png)

I hated the overall breakneck speed pacing of Hazbin Hotel but the show was fun. The finale was good. Hope they get a second season.


I hope they make lots of good r34 of those two angels


Watched the Twelve Tasks of Asterix the other day. It was pretty funny but I admit that I was a bit taken aback by the archaic racialism (the africans with the giant red lips etc)


She's sho cute and fwuffy, like a baby bird :3


File: 1706908180276.jpg (Spoiler Image, 622.35 KB, 1487x2143, 165f438a624cc6aa2c9fbc7048….jpg)

i saw it coming a mile away but im still glad he got the treatment he deserved at the end


i remember stephen universe gays had a meltdown over this when it first came out. probably because it has le sex and le swear words.


File: 1706911056992.jpg (112.73 KB, 870x581, he never scored.jpg)

you think he'll score in heaven?


Y'all have your own entire thread FFS >>5447


File: 1706921526644.png (552.39 KB, 719x619, charlie hooves.png)

you don't tell me what to do
thoughts on Charlie's hooves?


File: 1706942582414.png (Spoiler Image, 1.4 MB, 1592x888, 1706858445608465.png)

I love him so much.


File: 1707007743945.jpg (67.06 KB, 420x414, precious_pentious.jpg)


File: 1708900861445.png (2.23 MB, 1000x1441, jimay.png)

>Tells kids to annoy capitalist CEOs
based show.


File: 1708903046099.jpg (141.98 KB, 775x1789, 1708902035314071.jpg)


>Bizzy is the CEO's son
>Heloise is a classcuck
The only thing stopping Lucius is Heloise being down bad for Jimmy, otherwise she'd probably tortured him to death already.


>>39758 (me)
Conclusion: a weapons' engineer who's close to the CEO having a crush on you is based.


>>39759 (me)
I'm going to Israel to seduce all the female military engineers so they sabotage the war effort, this is the only way to stop the conflict.


Godspeed, anon.


File: 1709109303135.png (401.18 KB, 675x483, uzi.png)

Anyone here likes Murder Drones?


I tried watching it but I felt meh.


i watched some, but i couldn’t keep going once the russian ai/robot appeared, something about her voice just made me not want to watch.

Also the guy who came up with designs 100% has something for sharp teeth because why the fuck does every single one of his works have a “creepy” female character with rows of sharp teeth.


Do you hate Russian stereotypes perhaps?
I've heard that some Russian fans were not a fan of Doll's thick accent and being voiced by an American instead of a native Russian.


Saw the pilot, possibly a few episodes, pretty good stuff.


Imagine complaining about the accent being too thick. I personally do not mind that, what's more irritating in Western media is spreading outright lies like in Company of Heroes 2. I'm sure COH2 is a fine game but damn, is the plot in it shite.


sharp teeth are hot and cool



Idk, ithe way she talks just felt weird, couldn’t exactly put my finger on it, might be partially due to the tone of her voice, idk. I don’t want to talk shit about the va, she seems to be fluid in the language, but the way she voiced the character just made me not want to watch.


File: 1710170206944.png (847.32 KB, 1000x563, ClipboardImage.png)

Has anyone seen Viking Skool? It looks and sounds interesting.


Vikings… but it's a highschool AU???


File: 1711087049511.jpg (56.85 KB, 780x751, 1703269362432.jpg)

After getting up to date on Bob's Burgers the pilot feels so bizarre and dark, but is still one of the funniest episodes.

>"You're the worst kind of autistic!"

>"You can't even count…"

>Bob: "He looks like a child molester… Louise don't bring him the burger, let Gene do it."

>Gene: "Why do I have to get molested?
>B: "No he won't molest you because you're… heavy."
>G: "Heavy kids can get molested!"
>Louise, pinching his cheeks: "Yeah who wouldn't wanna molest this face?"

You would never get an exchange like that in the show now, nothing even close to that dark. The longer it goes on, the more it wants to be a wholesome family show which is a total waste.


Wait until you see the original cannibal premise.


I guess the first seasons got just the right amount of pussification. Although the bootleg far side art is more appealing than GoAnimate meets Home Movies.



I like this art style more honestly. It's a shame that the higher-ups always want to produce these adult comedy shows as cheaply as possible.


> russian ai/robot
Do you mean Doll?


yeah, whatever she is I dropped the show after the episode she apeared in.


Animation unironically peaked here


File: 1714541327409-0.jpg (126.12 KB, 442x672, gumball6-3824531821.jpg)

File: 1714541327409-1.jpg (62.12 KB, 1113x845, makes sense.jpg)

>likes the pilot style better
It's very common for pilots or first seasons to have better animation. Then, you get cases like Regular Show's season 2 episode 'First Day' (turning the pilot into a canon episode) where you can just tell which clips are ripped from the pilot and which are new.
There are also other cases like Gumball S1 where they didn't get all the episodes out (36 instead of 40) and S2 is very clearly degraded in comparison.
Since a pilot is a single episode not made with the same industrial constraints in mind, they're typically much more stylized, even in cases where the animation is more limited.

Digging into the history of shows sometimes just shows how far they fall from what they could have been, and how they changed to fit pop culture, like an original idea turning into a Simpsons family sitcom.

I know it was made after the pitch, but:
>not posting the plank character model sheet


Nobody's gonna talk about the multiple Disney TVA pilots and other material that someone on 4/co/ leaked?


I find it funny how the animation industry has not changed one bit, with them showing off AI as making animation similar to how Foodfight said with their motion capture software, along with Larry Kasanoff throwing out already completed animation to make it "better" like what Phil Lord did with Spiderverse recently.


Goddamn, Digital Circus Episode 2 was a fucking ride. Completely different from the pilot, yet just as good IMO. The fucking end with Gummigoo was just heart-rending, like GODDAMN that was genuinely fucked up.


File: 1714804356035.png (91.68 KB, 337x453, 1714783425387256.png)

See you space cowboy.


Also I feel stupid for not noticing the Peppino taunts the first time I watched the ep.


>The sloppy (sweet) kiss
Farewell Cowboy indeed!

Yeah there's A LOT of references to other things in the episode.


File: 1714870011716.png (229.14 KB, 1280x1280, gummigoo.png)

were eating good


Ye it was p good. The voice acting especially is very solid, some lines were delivered awkwardly but I think that's more on the show than the actors themselves. This episode was also funnier and better-looking


File: 1714883934212.jpg (552.61 KB, 2400x1800, 1714881059965956.jpg)

This indie cartoon only has 2 episodes out and there's already a pop-up store in Japan.


>This indie cartoon only has 2 episodes out and there's already a pop-up store in Japan.
It's popular even with 2 episodes, so it makes sense.

I think both episodes are equally good, but very different from one another, which makes them interesting.


unironically doing the soyjaks pointing IRL, wew


yep 4chan invented people being excited and pointing at things


File: 1715191794880-0.jpg (294.69 KB, 1020x595, 1715191409110110.jpg)

File: 1715191794880-1.jpg (128.08 KB, 1080x443, 1714871405415.jpg)

Fandom-brain tards are mad the actual character doesn't fit their collective hallucination. Luckily Gooseworx is going to make him even more unhinged.


Actually I think they're doing it ironically. Or self-aware-ly, at least.

>Luckily Gooseworx is going to make him even more unhinged
Based. I don't want another soft-inside I-can-fix-him bad boy. I want Rated R Bugs Bunny.


File: 1715200145951.png (842.63 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

>N-noooo you can't Jax actualy be a toxic asshole!
LMAO. Like >>41877 says, unhinged old-school Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny.


File: 1715210407586.mp4 (2.17 MB, 852x480, It's over.mp4)


I watched the leaked eps and considering all the shit that happened in production it never even began.


File: 1715225246813.mp4 (4.28 MB, 852x480, Cartoons.mp4)

Had no idea. How bad is it?


File: 1715313440924.jpg (3.39 MB, 4080x3072, PXL_20240510_034439798.jpg)

greetings from shinjuku


Fucking nice. Did you take a pic next to the Pomni statue?


File: 1715327550022-0.jpg (566.06 KB, 3122x1819, 1715310298639442.jpg)

File: 1715327550022-1.jpg (269.64 KB, 2048x1445, 1715309859441341.jpg)

File: 1715327550022-2.jpg (156.49 KB, 1450x1958, 1715320428108388.jpg)

File: 1715327550022-3.jpg (569.93 KB, 2048x2048, 1715311194667156.jpg)

this is like the only ship ive truly cared about in a really long time



im not gonna show my face but yes


I love Jax, its like he is doing an evil character playthough in a video game, instead of saving the Saccharine kingdom teaming up with an evil murderous sludge monster for no reason other than it being more interesting option.


Lets be honest, its probably a good thing no one has tried to continue this show. It just wouldin't be the same, guaranteed to be worse.


File: 1715465953287.png (84.86 KB, 265x160, brainrot.PNG)

Every commentary video with a thumbnail that has giant text with a character making a facial expression like that is made by a retarded asshole producing hours of pure brainrot that has nothing to do with the story of the show. The worst part is that a lot of times this shit influences the creators themselves to giving into fanservice and implementing the wack shit proposed whenever its a running series and video gets enough popularity. Then it follows up with the channel owner making a live video or a short showing their ugly funko pop figurine collecting face and going "OOOOOH GUYS WE CALLED IT, IT REALLY HAPPENED!!!", actual fucking parasites these youtubers.


Of course. The show should've happened then and there, now it's just too late.


Reminds me of those channels from the mid-2010s like Wisecrack, thinking things like Rick and Morty are "deep and philosophical".


File: 1715469031407.jpg (216.9 KB, 1300x1293, 1715371119227.jpg)

In the case of TADC the author said at least the first 5 episodes have already been written and that she's going to stick to her initial plan for the whole show.

Before the 2010s you had pop philosophy books like "The Philosophy of The Simpsons" littering libraries.


or "zen and the art of X"


Tigress got done dirty in the 4th KFP movie and by proxy, Angelina Jolie (as did the rest of the Furious Five). I don't get the hate Aquafina got for her role though, I thought she played Zheng pretty well and the fox was a likeable character. I think part of it is because of her voice role for the Seagull in the Little Mermaid movie, where the director clearly just had her act like a racist stereotype of a loud annoying black woman for no reason. The other part is how Tigress got almost no screentime and Zheng was the focus instead, which probably irritated fans, especially with how important Tigress was to all 3 films and the Furious Five being important supportive characters in general through-out the films and TV-series.


that movie had a lot of bad writing decisions in general tbh


File: 1716156293071.png (117.24 KB, 1489x1480, ClipboardImage.png)

I know. It also pisses me off that the 7 Nation Army cover from the first trailer wasn't actually used in the movie or that it STILL hasn't been released as OST.


Pic rel is an inconsistency about Chameleon's motivations, but it can be reasonably explained: her argument of being rejected for being "too small" falls on its face the second you remember mantis is like 5 inches tall.

Granted it can be argued that this is a different region and we have seen masters reject teaching someone kung fu just because of the way they look like, for instance, Crane had to literally prove himself to everyone who doubted him because of his skinny legs. And Viper technically speaking was seen by her father as someone that he must protect because of her lack of fangs and venom. Plus, it wasn't just her being small as her reason, she also said that some masters said that she was lowly and others also said that it just wasn't her destiny to learn Kung Fu.


leaving this video here
even tho panda 4 (from reviews) seems to be mediocre film that i also didn't watch, i still find this vid about the interview on it's development interesting


File: 1716725547581.jpg (64.47 KB, 720x408, mpv-shot0013.jpg)

Shrek 2? More like Shrek 2 Rape Scenes.


i like the adventure time/regular show type theme of smiling friends combined with the more 90s grotesque style. although the humor sometimes falls flat for me. also there was a 2 year gap between the first season and this one, so idk if the popularity can be sustained.


File: 1718312570280.png (1.21 MB, 1566x880, ClipboardImage.png)

>Why do anime fans say modern anime is superior to modern cartoons?
Because they're into some turboweeb genres of anime the likes of which were never made in the USA. The closest thing to the moe genre is MLP.


I think I only posted movies ITT. Now for some deep cut American TV shows.

Anyone remember Cadillacs and Dinosaurs?


Why do anime fans say modern anime is superior to modern cartoons? Lowkey sounds like "modern gaming bad" bs. Sure, good Western cartoons don't hit the mainstream, you have to go out of your way to find them but it doesn't mean that modern cartoons are "bad," it's just that anime is massive now while cartoons that get nearly as popular tend to be of poor quality because fuck the executives and their market research or modern sensibilities or whatever bs they ruin popular Western cartoons with.

Basically, watch more indie cartoons, modern cartoons aren't dying, modern gaming isn't dying, modern comics aren't dying, stop consuming corporate slop, thank you for your attention.


Oops, sorry for deleting the post, wanted to add a picture.
Girls' cartoons maybe? I dunno. Slice-of-life anime in general has no proper Western counterpart except… 6teen? Maybe 6teen.

The issue is most cartoons are targetted at kids and most adult cartoons have an edgy/disturbing artstyle. Westerners in general seem to be averse to cuteness… except maybe French? Finnish? I dunno.
Nonononono, doesn't count unless it's Equestria Girls.


most anime is absolute garbage that just panders to their audience of retards and weirdos, I believe that reason why so many animetards are so aggressively obsessed with putting japanese cartoons above US cartoons is a result of a form of orientalism and/or fetishisation of eastern(mostly japanese) “culture”. Those individuals are just looking for an excuse to put their consumer behaviours above those of other consumers in an attempt to validate their consumerism and to feel special, those individuals also often tend to be into some very popular anime, which makes their elitism especially silly.


>most ——- is absolute garbage that just panders to their audience of retards and weirdos,
>Those individuals are just looking for an excuse to put their consumer behaviours above those of other consumers in an attempt to validate their consumerism and to feel special,
one edit and it becomes impossible to distinguish if you are talking about anime or cartoon.
but both of these industries are out to make money, so they gonna make garbage to mass sell.


Who is ready for the West to RETVRN


>female pig
Already Woke


Petunia is a classic Looney Toon but she only appeared in B&W shorts so she has spend most of the 20th century in obscurity.


well that should be pretty apparent that it’s the case with cartoons too, it’s the case with most media created to sell, but japanese media in my opinion is less subtle with it. The less subtle pandering is very appealing to stupid slobs who like to complain about western stuff.


If there is no crossdressing Bugsbunny, then I don’t want it.


In anime's defense, it is easier to find something that's decent compared to cartoons. But that's 'cause cartoons are still a niche compared to anime, most of cartoon shows are relatively obscure. When you talk about Demon Slayer many terminally online people at least know it. When you mention some cartoon from Jetix or whatever most people will look at you with confusion. Also, it's only recently that Adult Swim started investing into action cartoons like Primal and Ballmastrz, before that action cartoons are in perpetual state of executive torment, the only reason Ben 10 survived that long is because it had plenty of aliens to sell as toys. If Ben 10 really only included 10 aliens the execs would be like: "Yep, that's it. Can't sell toys anymore." The consequence of many action cartoons being toy-oriented unfortunately.


For every truly popular anime there's literally hundreds of others that never penetrate the "mainstream". We barely get western cartoons these days, much less cartoons that appeal to a niche instead of general audiences.


Waiting for the inevitable shelving for tax return purposes.


>my consumer behavior > your consumer behavior
People who need to justify their consumption choices with vague leftoidism are so pathetic and a perpetual detriment to these boards.


So which is it? Does anime try to pander to everyone or only to "weirdos" (accuses a poster of a niche imageboard)?


Both, some anime like one piece is extremely mainstream and some other anime like “my little sister can’t be this cute” or whatever it’s called appeals to another kind of audience. Anime is very mainstream, but it has this “niche” appeal to it and anime fans like to overblow how “special” and “niche” their interest in a multimillion ip is. This leads to a certain kind of elitism and a superiority complex.


File: 1718746440490.png (591.48 KB, 1024x378, Dreamworks animations.png)

Side note about DreamWorks itself: DreamWorks was created by Jeffrey Katzenberg after he felt he deserved the president position at Disney. He left and started his own studio out of spite. Therefore, DreamWorks' early years were split between two visions, Katzenberg's vision to imitate Disney and surpass it, and another vision by the various independent filmmakers he hired to basically mock it. DreamWorks invested a lot of money in elaborate "epic movies" on par with Disney (such as The Prince of Egypt, The Road to El Dorado', Spirit, and Sinbad). Despite the first two being received well, their profits were mediocre, and the financial loss of the last two basically killed the vision for DreamWorks, as well as contributed to the decline of 2D animation in general. Meanwhile, the subversive approach, which based its identity on poking fun at established Disney tropes and way more tongue in cheek jokes, was well-received and made a lot of money. Even crap like Shark Tale made a lot of money, and it created the profit-base that would allow for more nuanced stories to be made and make money, such as How To Train Your Dragon and Kung Fu Panda.



Good film!

Why do all the animals have big asses?


Scavenger's Reign was great. It's exactly the sort of exploration of a harsh and dangerous alien world which I love, and which is severely underrepresented in visual mediums. Books like this are really common in the sci-fi genre but when it comes to TV or film that fit this kind of genre, all I can really think of is Made in Abyss and this. I think it is something that can only really be done in comics and cartoons, since with live action you'd have to rely so much on CGI and you wouldn't be able to do it stylistically so it'd end up a mess. Live action alien exploration stories always downplay the aliens.

I liked it a lot. Overall its a really good film. I didn't really like the character designs but the rest of the art was great, especially for a Western Animated film of which I am not really into the cinematographic tropes of. A lot of thought was put into the detail. Action scenes were kinnetic and exciting, even though as I said I don't really like the tropes of Western fight scenes. It kind of had a wierd ending which didn't sit well with me though, its kind of like a reverse GitS. But, I don't understand why in all robot films where their minds are directly copied from humans, they are still discriminated. Surely if you are going to have a robot backup activated once you die you'd want them to have the same rights you did. Every single person would have the motivation to give robots equal rights because they are all going to die and become robots anyway one day. I will say the story is not exactly the most original ever, but its good enough.

I legitimately hate Invincible. It's such rubbish. There's no consistent world building, and no themes other than exciting alien superhero vs CIA and good guys!!! I hate superheroes. I also hate smiling friends and South Park so much. How can anyone enjoy that rubbish. I feel sick just trying to watch either of them.


>Both, some anime like one piece is extremely mainstream and some other anime like “my little sister can’t be this cute” or whatever it’s called appeals to another kind of audience.
Almost like blanket statements about a whole medium are fucking retarded.


File: 1719820272191.png (782.49 KB, 1117x735, 1704366465967.png)

It pains me that Regular Show was cut short. Pains me even more when I remember what happened to JG's second show. It's extremely disheartening that the crew never shared all that openly announced cut content. At least with Regular Show you had to poke around to know they had more plans for Season 8 but it got cut. Quintel came out and talked about Close Enough's episodes getting cut down with half of almost each one in S1 gone. Plus if you pay attention you can see bizarre inconsistencies in those episodes that imply the cut content had been fully animated and removed at the last second without the chance to revise scenes.

After Close Enough I just gave up on new shows entirely. I'm tired of trying. It's hard enough as it is to find something to enjoy, Close Enough was even a little disappointing since it obviously leaned more into Californian writing, but I still stuck with it because I did ultimately enjoy the characters and I wasn't going to drop a JG show. But even when I do find something to enjoy there's always something that fucks it up for me, usually in production.


They can't, already sold it to some other distributor, so unless they somehow try and get out of that contract , they don't have a say
also sad that WB, the studio that created and is the homes of the looney tunes, sold off a classic 2d LT film because they have no faith


More like twi-lewd seriously the fuck was with that facial expression

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