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just another way for mods to compartmentalise and bureaucratise the board according to their arbitrary whims


me again from >>557280 having gone through, its literally all posts complaining about the mods and all their bullshit lmao.

This is what they label as "spam" i.e. people having legitimate concerns about them as people and their absolute shit moderation policies and personalities in general.

How petty, how fucking disgraceful. How can you honestly with a straight face consider yourself a normal individual and good at what you do when this is how you act. Not only that but a socialist, a socialist with the qualification to silence and destroy other socialists based on your conception of "quality" there is literally no rhyme or reason to it, they feel personality insulted and this is a measure of quality. Only, they should be insulted, regularly, because they are not the highest quality of poster, but literally the dumbest, most petty and least qualified, you can tell because they applied to be mods, which they inevitably did because they got triggered so hard over and over again they decided instead of getting smart, doing research, having a better response, they would simply remove their interlocutor.

Classic opinions havers. Disgusting. All jannies, bastards, dirty bastards, every single one


>having gone through, its literally all posts complaining about the mods and all their bullshit lmao.
That's what I thought as well. IMO spam would be things such as soyjaks, /pol/ copypastas, scam links and other shit like that. The posts in that thread don't strike me as being spam at all.

Judging by the fact the mods haven't responded to my post yet, it must be something they would prefer not to talk about. Isn't exactly a great start to the new moderation thread lol, the first inquiry gets completely ignored.


calm your tits sage. /gulag/ is somewhere we can shunt off posts which are enough to need stopping at the moment but ambiguous enough to debate if they should be just deleted, banned or whatever. in the case you outline it was some leftychan spammers trying to agitprop all over the place, so they were removed from proceedings and we debated on their banning (ultimately, they were given a short ban for off-topic bellyaching). its also sometimes used to hold example posts for known spammers so that mods get a good idea of the kind of content they should look out for, especially the newer guys that don't really know the esoteric bullshit some of these morons get up to.
that stuff is so unambiguous there would be no reason to shunt it to /gulag/, its more for edge cases and keeping examples of dedicated spammers.


>in the case you outline it was some leftychan spammers trying to agitprop all over the place
Just out of curiosity, how can you even distinguish between leftychan spammers and genuine criticism from anons?
To me it looks like all posts that shit on the mods get deleted or gulaged.


A narrow set of talking points, fresh IPs with no prior posts, a proclivity to do "multi-front" spamming (usually in the matrix congress), and to boot they will usually end up screencapping their own fucking posts and posting them on their site lel. really they make little effort to hide it when you have the sort of birds eye view we do. thus its usually easy to sort out actual site users and direct them to a suitable place to lay out their grievances rather than go down the schizo rabbit hole.


Jannies are scumbags, these are the same people who nuked bunkerchan afterall. A lot of us make it a point to use "fresh IPs" because you people constantly make it known you're profiling everyone here and softdox people all the time.


Jannies should propose a party line for the site and let people vote on it and then start banning entire IP blocks and service providers for posting idpol bait. /r/genzedong unironically has a better mod team and and principles than this site, while supporting minorities and teaching reactionaries why idpol is bad.

This will improve discussion by giving regular posters principles to rally around and beat down tourists with the same answer and it will decrease the number of threads where 9/10 posts are reinforcing divisive identity nonsense like "all women are" and "all black people are".

The best functioning period of leftypol is when a polconvert posts bait and 20 people call them a retard and tell them to read the same book. There are too many bad faith posters and new people that have no idea what leftist means and it is fostering an environment for more of them to feel comfortable posting which in turn attracts more of them on and on forever. Effort posters are going to completely stop posting if every effort post is met with 3 replies of "marx was a gay jew lol".

If nothing is done the site will be overrun(more than it already is).


>fresh IPs with no prior posts
You shouldn't penalize anons for posting with fresh IPs. I have always posted with tor, and used a VPN for images because of opsec (also partly this >>557286 ).
>proclivity to do "multi-front" spamming (usually in the matrix congress), and to boot they will usually end up screencapping their own fucking posts and posting them on their site lel.
Did the posters in that gulag spam thread do any of this?


>I have always posted with tor, and used a VPN for images because of opsec
TOR users are fine, we only ever have issues with TOR from spam
likewise we don't tend to have false-positive bans, its happened but its rare. we aren't talking like "oh the IP has a handful of normal posts and then some insane person posts", most of the time it is literally all posts surrounding their hysteria.
>Did the posters in that gulag spam thread do any of this?


Mods have done a good job, wreckers can go suck a fat one.


>Mods have done a good job, workers can go suck a fat one.
this! fuck workers, uphold leftypol-PMC thought!


Don't shoot!
I am a perma-ban evader, I have so many bans to my name that I have lost count.
But I would like to hand myself in, nobody needs to get hurt here. Are we all going to be calm about this?


>The best functioning period of leftypol is when a polconvert posts bait and 20 people call them a retard and tell them to read the same book. There are too many bad faith posters and new people that have no idea what leftist means and it is fostering an environment for more of them to feel comfortable posting which in turn attracts more of them on and on forever
Do you feel this is a moderation issue, or a cultural issue?
I believe issues like these are best solved by taking the effort to foster a better user base and creating memes within our society. Ideally, mods shouldn't need to be anchoring shit threads to make the board half-decent, but the current meme is '/leftypol/ always eats the bait'. That's a shit culture we have and we know from history it can be changed to better handle the inevitable invasion spikes.


How do you propose that the culture be changed without mod intervention?


be one of those 20 people calling them a retard and tell them to read a book
tell others who take the bait to just call them a retard and tell them to read a book


>Jannies should propose a party line for the site and let people vote on it

Wouldn't that destroy the entire purpose of leftypol, ie to be a nonsectarian discussion forum?


File: 1640773265794.jpg (360.76 KB, 1080x950, IMG_20211229_112010.jpg)

why the fuck are you removing this post from the covid thread?


bc it's retarded beyond reasonable bounds


what? it's a copy pasted article…


It is decidedly not and I don't know why anyone would lie about that.


I linked it in the post, you retarded reddit mod.


but you also made your own commentary which is retarded beyond what can be reasonably tolerated.
you have me convinced you have some actual, unironic brain issues now


>but you also made your own commentary which is retarded beyond what can be reasonably tolerated.
wtf? this is an imageboard, not reddit. is it about the flag? so the person using the Egoism flag in that thread is a janny. jesus, you fucking flagfags and tripfags are insufferable, you have turned this place into a reddit clone.


I don't remember using the covid thread


and I don't use flag
go and stay go


>/gulag/ is somewhere we can shunt off posts
yes you don't want to have to deal with people talking about your shit decisions we know.

> in the case you outline it was some leftychan spammers

its been like a year you can't just blame everything on this.

The most retarded post possible.

This is a non sectarian board, of course you genzedong redditoid fuckwits don't get that, and literally cannot resist the urge to turn everything into some redditoid idpozzed anime dengoid hellhole.

>This will improve discussion by giving regular posters principles to rally around

good in theory except the mods, and every poster who supports their decisions, are, provably, complete retards.

The mods who brought you Haz, now dictating a party line. Fuck off.

>The best functioning period of leftypol is when a polconvert posts bait and 20 people call them a retard

I agree, the only good part of your post. Mods have banned this function of the board since forever. These are the people you are saying should set a party line.

People naturally call reactionaries retards if you actually allow them to do it, it doesn't take the eternal jannoid micromanagment.

I don't care what you or the jannies opinion of this is, because it is not correct, not factual. We used to do this on old leftypol all the time, literally every day, and it worked. Again, your opinions on the matter, if they disagree, are simply not correct.

>here are too many bad faith posters and new people that have no idea what leftist means

this is subjective, the mods don't know what leftism is, they allowed a guy who was virulently anti union to spread his bile and censored countering opinions.

Leddit mods at it again. Can't even post the guardian now lmao


There are issues that all leftists agree on. "leftypol" and "nonsectarian" means crypto-reactionaries can freely lie about what leftism is to drive out people they don't agree with. The rules should reflect real world tendencies and not cede space for made up internet meme shit from political compass reddit and laurouchite cults.


We already don't allow crypto reactionaries, for example unironic "nazbols", this site is still non sectarian and enforcing an official line would kill the site. Join a fucking political organisation irl instead.


File: 1640890692337.jpg (155.58 KB, 1777x507, sex thread.jpg)

What rule did this thread break?


just culling the number of sex-related threads since there is too many


File: 1640896963579.jpg (70.91 KB, 640x640, ybn65.jpg)


Mods, please address my feedback here:


Request #2:
Board-specific infinite scroll


Request #3:
Being able to filter boards (this has the usage of overboard(s) in mind, so for example say I use sfw overboard: I filter /games/ let's say)


Request #4:
Add "filter by flag" to the Post menu


Request #5:
Add a darker tone to "Anonymous" when it's a saged post when posting with the default theme "Dark Red".


File: 1640931426452.png (2.36 KB, 236x27, ClipboardImage.png)

For future reference, put proposals in the proposals thread, not the moderator feedback thread.

I suspect some hacky changes to the board software made the assumption that an OP post has an image. If that's not the case, then I think it will be a good option to have. Please repost to proposals thread so we can vote on it.

I can add it as a feature request but at this point in time it would be so low in the backlog that I doubt it would happen any time soon (significant effort for minor quality-of-life improvement).

Already exists, picrel.

Good idea, I didn't realize people used that menu. In the meantime, filter by flag is available in the options menu.

This could be done, or an underline. I was wondering if it was significant as it's basically a de-facto invisible sage but I don't think it's an intentional anti-feature.


>it's basically a de-facto invisible sage
Actually the name text appears bold when the post has an email/sage.





why the fuck have you locked this thread you stupid motherfuckers?


Why can't the moderation go back to what it was like before the split in august?
The site was so much better then.


It's better now, since we are rid of most of the schizos except those that come here to raid


I don't think it's better now. There are still regular users who are very toxic. The schizos have never bothered me either, they're often funny and aren't very subversive.


why does the /itg/ thread seem like it's filled with newly converted /pol/tards

haz was a mistake




Literally just a bunch of lies.


I did this .gif just to test what's the retardation behind the China spammer, and it seems I got an obvious response is an anti-China sperge.
My guess is he's trying to get China word banned or word-filtered. Just in case.


i made a typo in the last line, it should be "Let the ruling classes tremble"
can someone fix it


File: 1641426278671.gif (620.49 KB, 320x180, bs ps CHYNAH LICK.gif)

woops, wrong .gif lmao


answer me you fucking pigs


it was probably a /pol/ bait thread or a leftychanner raid


sorry, meant "Let the ruling classes tremble at a communistic secure chat client!" in full


>Honestly the inner drama among moderation on this website is way more dangerous than any polcel raid
blame that on the leftychinlets


Not sure if i should have made a thread for this but it's so straight forward everyone would agree. Why hasnt leftypol used an Invidious or Piped embed instead of YouTube's embed?


If you click [Proxy] button next to the embed, it uses a proxying invidious instance.


Please archive >>>/leftypol/534394


Seems to not be working for me. At least on Android. I just see some videos with a broken proxy bracket


just blame absolutely everything on outside intrusion and have zero self critisms

where have I heard this before…


Ok but it's not full until 610 posts


When one side is the one raiding and the other one is just trying to ignore their existence and do their own thing then it absolutely is only the fault of the raiding party.


you are so obsessed you can't even see that isn't what I'm talking about.

The post in question clearly wasn't a raid post, it was a popular post lots of anons contributed to.

To just hand wave every shit mod decision as "um… leftchan???" is ridiculous


cope pedo


sticky QTDDTOT


we need less stickies


fill the entire first page with stickies so people are forced to use the catalog


why is this saged???




I haven't looked at a sticky for months. do people actually not hide them?


Dear mods: If my comments are not welcome on this board, just ban me forever. But please don't delete random comments of mine all the time. In the China thread, you have deleted alot of my arguments. I tried to convince the dengists, that you can't kill covid with fire and I explained to them, how to kill professionally insects with fire. Now my comments are gone and I am still here.


Why can't we talk about the Jews here? Personally i'm looking to be proven wrong yet what is the point of discussion if it's deleted and censored? It's not even like we're talking about exterminating them, i posted clips from Henry Ford's International Jew and it was deleted. How can you be prove your side is correct if you wont allow discussion on said topic.


Probably to convince you that they are trans humanists
The truth is they aren't trans It's far worse than that

they are furries


Can't you be a degenerate elsewhere?


I think it's good to have jannies who are sexual minorities. Considering that a disproportionate number of leftists are queer, it's fair that they should have greater representation in the mod team.


is the website getting POST-bombed, everytime i post it glitches out and lags


I dunno, got the same thing


Also there is maintenance


Ongoing database-intensive maintenance. The server is doing a few hundred thousand operations because I told it too, should be finished in a few minutes.


>considering a disproportionate number of leftists are queer
The left isn’t your polecule stop treating it as such


File: 1642352166622.png (18.72 KB, 711x526, siberia ban.png)

Hey, what the fuck is this?

In the comment I was banned for, I was asking why the thread I was commenting in kept getting posted and deleted - but that thread is still up and my comment is gone, which suggests that someone just kept randomly deleting my comments from that thread for no apparent reason. I thought the thread was being deleted and reposted, because I didn't see my previous comment in it get deleted and the thread seemed to "reappear" when the next person posted in it. I was the first person to reply in it (and apparently have my reply deleted immediately) and nothing I posted was particularly awful (especially considering it's a thread about gay toxoplasmosis in Siberia and I'm not the OP) so nothing about this makes sense to me.

I have no idea what this is about. I seem to just be getting my posts randomly purged for no reason based on some weird narrative that only the mod who's doing it understands. I didn't complain about anything, I wasn't even sure at the time if it was my posts or the OP's that were being deleted. I'm complaining now only because I've been asked to go over here and do it - and also because this honestly is fucking dumb.


the original comment was something like "yeah but why is [different thread] being deleted" which is quintessential derailment, which as you noticed was deleted. Then after a few more repetitions of this I opted for a ban. As I said in the original ban I still don't know what your precise issue (tho I can guess) is but I can't really have it all over the place.


Making rational decisions again I see moderators


thanks buddy



I literally only asked about the other thread once, and I still don't know why that thread was deleted seeing as it was in the same ballpark as the gay toxoplasmosis thread. Did my anime HRT thread get heated? I never even saw any replies to it. I posted it, came back later and it was gone and then Shay posted her gay toxoplasmosis thread.

My only other posts in the toxoplasmosis thread were asking why the toxoplasmosis thread was being deleted and reposted, which for all intents and purposes was what it looked like since I was the only other person posting in it and my replies were being immediately purged for reasons I could not comprehend. At that point I wasn't even aware you'd deleted my first reply to that thread, which was the only reply I'd made asking why a thread with a similar topic had been deleted. I genuinely thought you were just deleting threads left and right and that Shay was rabidly reposting her thread since I didn't (and still don't) have any idea what sort of logic you were using to discern which threads would be preserved and which would be deleted. It just looks random.


Well, are you aware that threads get "un-bumped" when the bumping post is deleted?
That story (while I am highly skeptical) makes enough sense that I will undo the ban.




>Well, are you aware that threads get "un-bumped" when the bumping post is deleted?

Dimly, and if I had been paying super close attention I could also have tried to glean whether it was the original Shay thread based on the timestamp (but I didn't and I don't do that), but given my vaguely similar thread was deleted shortly beforehand I assumed it was as likely that the same thing was happening to Shay's thread.



why is this locked? We can't talk about lifting now? What the fuck is wrong with you people honestly


Checking now. Unanchoring until I get a response.
My guess is it was a dumb kneejerk reaction to the poljak OPs made at around the same time.
>We can't talk about lifting now?
Of course you can. Do us all a favor and bump the lifting thread in /hobby/.


File: 1642383451145.jpg (260.56 KB, 1113x1080, fat.jpg)

lmao why was the dragon maid thread on /anime/ deleted? i saved the pic


Logs say it got moved to >>>/siberia/206660 . (I try and ask why if you dispute)


it wasnt my thread but i dont see why the hell a janny would move an anime thread out of the anime board


Mods are on a holy quest to keep the side boards completely barren.


Go to leftychan if you want to see what barren looks like.


Ok janny.


What good is PPH if certain topics are banned and censored?


How can I get a tripcode?
Sick of people pretending to be me


>everytime someone says its bad here I will simply go
>muh leftychan
Look at reddit, its fucking awful, and that is what you people are doing, except on reddit there is abundant posters, where as here its low poster numbers and also you can't freely discuss things. All round bullshit.

Nobody else cares about leftychan anymore so i know you are a snivvelling little janny self simping. Disgusting


Go to kekma.net and add your password and name to the trip database, more detailed instructions are also there. Then you just put your name and password in the 'Name' field when making a post.


Okay, but seriously


Ok. Figured out how to do a trip. This is my trip from now on.


Thank you. I don't think I'll register though.


that's funny


File: 1642513214464.png (3.07 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Genuinely what’s the point of pretending to be me instead of just countering my arguments?


Is this how?




The mods can already see both of our IPs literal retard


wasn't my moving it but I'd imagine it falls below the standard of the purpose of /anime/, IE actually discussing shows, less so shitposting about them (or at least keeping the shitposting within the relevant show's threads).

all of the alt-boards are meant to be more high-quality than what you'd find on 4chan's /a/ or whatever equivalent stands for the board in question. they are less just "the board topic" and more "the board topic with a leftist bend/perspective".


another faggot is born.
thank fuck for that, eh?!


lurk moar or fuck off.
the point of an anonymous culture is that your identity isn't relevant to your argument. you're just inviting people to mock you when you try to whore for attention.


I only got a trip because this guy was copying my flag to not counter my arguments
>Oh muh holy chan culture
I don’t care chan culture is pathetic



no-one cares about your arguments now lmao


Did you seriously ban me for the meme, despite knowing I was the original eco-socialist flag, jannies?


I unbanned you. Now silence fake eco-socialist.




listen mod, you don't get to talk about chan culture when you ban people you don't like for saying things you don't like


There is justified racism, specifically against anglos, please do take this into account, thank you.


Quick, recite the original rules of /b/.
No, merely because the race isn't why they are retarded.


I don't think you need to believe in race stricto sensu to be racist. For example I don't believe in it but I can not really shake the feeling there is generally something missing in anglos that normal people have.


>Quick, recite the original rules of /b/.
I think it was uh, if a mod doesn't like what you say its not allowed


true even if you have no way of knowing that


the fuck was I banned for?


Somebody tries to create drama with a fabricated tweet in the itg thread and probably sockpuppets.


This x9999


I understand that you have to ban known spammers, however banning discussion from regular nazis isn't helping your cause, you must engage them if you want to get through to them, some people are on here looking to be proven wrong. You're fighting a losing battle since almost all image boards are right wing, and you can't afford to be exclusive.


seriously why the fuck was I banned for making the claim that women don't like abortion? How is that controversial?


Mods are stupid radlibs they simply don’t understand this. They hate all leftist opinions that aren’t their own uneducated and stupid ones even


oh no, not the nazis


They only come here to spread pol brain worms. They are not open to considering leftist politics. The fact they were banned in the first place means that they were probably ban evading or breaking the rules to get a ban. They are not allowed special treatment. If it was up to me they wouldn't be allowed here at all.




they aren't even trying.
how embarrassing!
This is the usual progression of any rightoid here. 90% of them get themselves banned by essentially chimping out (they always end the same way it's really weird) in short order. The remaining 10% is there as background noise making snarky comments.


The point of this post, which I forgot, is that figuring out these 10% (more than likely far less) is not a high priority. Whether form (spam) or content (naziism) is banned makes in practice little difference. Just an interesting bit of trivia.


I wasn’t calling Nazis leftist lmao, I was saying the uneducated Twitter head YouTube brained mods can’t even tolerate other leftists never mind some rightists.




They can’t lol. You aren’t allowed to have threads about sex work which is a huge topic with two distinct and strong sides among leftists. They cannot tolerate certain kinds of discussion


I have been banned for "spam" for 4 weeks and it doesn't even say which post its in reference too.

I wonder who could be behind this….


There is only one leftist position on the topic. The other "side" would be more suited to posting on /pol/ or /leftcel/.


This is complete insanity. Is revleftradio Brett o shea an incel or polyp? He’s abolitionist. Stalin was abolitionist. Kollontai was abolitionist. Cuba has a mixed system. There are actually loads of positions what is wrong with you. Aside from that, the general public, the masses believe many different things about it


>authoritarians wanting to control women's bodies
what is this meant to prove exactly?


>authoritarians who want to control women’s bodies
You mean people that purchase sex surely?

Or sorry are you saying in fact Stalin and Kollontai and Cuba aren’t leftist and that should the boards official doctrine enforced by the mods?


Also what you’re saying being against sex work is authoritarian which is why you are banned from talking about it? Lol.

What does China do with sex workers by the way?


>What does China do with sex workers by the way?
Chinese porn is easily available so clearly nothing.


>Stalin and Kollontai and Cuba aren’t leftist and that should the boards official doctrine enforced by the mods
if only the jannies were this based


Based mods


>They are not open to considering leftist politics.
At least I am.


The only freedom you liberal liberatarians will ever achive/achived was the freedom to sell oneself.
This says a lot


Why my immigration thread get deleted? Stalin himself was against immigration. Plenty of well loved Marxists were against immigration. It's an interesting topic to discuss and I thought this board was anti-idpol. I was coming at it from a leftist perspective



Immigration is not identity I think you just deleted because people in the thread were agreeing and there weren't any real good responses against it. This website needs to purge the libs from its moderators


>I think


I bet you were the poster who got btfoed and were mad you had no response so deleted in anger. Deleting the thread is another W on my board


deluded beyond measure
grass touch it


Are you willing to provide a rebuttal right here right now. I am a man of honor and a man of my word. If you post a convincing rebuttal I will lay my sword down and never return to this website.


You aren't


You can't tell me. I know what I am. I concede all the time and I change my beliefs with new evidence. I do it all that time and I've done it before on this website. My offer still stands. Unrelated but hopefully in the future you will reconsider deleting threads just because you disagree with them and have no rebuttal.


Vile ghoul


You watch Agent Kochinski I just know it. Mods who watch Agent Kochinski should be purged


back to /pol/ with you


>This website needs to purge the libs from its moderators
go back.


You need to go back to Reddit


Think we should write a bot to keep problem children occupied in this thread


Fair cop deserved ban I'll wait the ban out if I have to




codeblocks still have the wordfilter pass through them


>codeblocks still have the wordfilter pass through them
…what were you trying to put in code that was filtered?
I can put it on the issue tracker, but I'll probably have to make it a conditional thing so people don't just use it to evade.


the readme for the unicorn riot leaks. it has url's with disc0rd in them that broke because of the filter


/leftypol/ has a strict no doxxing policy, sweetie. even if they are a bunch of nazis.



Why are so many posts being deleted? Wtf is going on here?


just the same old rightoid spam


I was banned for complaining about mods being hypersensitive. I was told to only use these complaints on meta yet I don’t recall that being in the rules. Other people bitch about the mods elsewhere on /leftypol/ and the mods didn’t care. Wtf is going on?


It's about how much you repeat it


essentially spam
oh who cares


I had hope for this website when the mods were less likely to get triggered as opposed to the ones on 8chan. These past couple of days makes me question that.


>if you don't like endless repetition
>if you don't like endless repetition
>if you don't like endless repetition
>if you don't like endless repetition
>if you don't like endless repetition
>if you don't like endless repetition
>if you don't like endless repetition
>if you don't like endless repetition
>if you don't like endless repetition
>if you don't like endless repetition


Make a specific complaint, don't be vagueposting


just sounds to me like more attempts at gayops


> complaining about mods being hypersensitive.
How specific can you get?


I would guess by listing specific complaints you actually have rather than casting vague dispersions


>/leftypol/ has a lax no doxxing policy, sweaty. It's okay if they are a bunch of nazis.



why the fuck am I banned for "sliding" for posting a segment of a video from a FOX news interview with a r/antiwork mod? you deleted it from /leftypol/, alright. then I posted it on /siberia/ and got banned. wtf?


Did you try appealing the original ban?


1) look at the IP
2) repetition
etc. etc.
look at context


yes. I wrote "what is sliding???" or something like that
if by "repetition" you mean that I reposted something deleted from /leftypol/ on /siberia/ then I'm guilty, I thought that's what /siberia/ was for


We don't advertise on your shitty Vichan board, can you not do it on ours? Thanks.


Which board? We aren't advertising.



Some sped posted a shitty .mp4 with your URL on it.


No idea but I can ask around and see if theres some underaged tard shilling. Thanks for the heads up, feel free to kick them for us.



Way ahead of you, lol. Appreciate it.


There are too many raid threads from terminally online nonces today. Do your jobs mods.


When the fuck yall nighas gonna permaban this polyp subhuman already? His shit thread is dominating the board.


File: 1643246736212.png (995.47 KB, 875x988, ClipboardImage.png)

If you fags are not gonna do your job at least appoint someone concerned with the quality of this site to be actually bothered with being fucking useful instead.


They should ban you too.


fuck off with your false flag


mods aren't a professional support team sitting on leftypol 24/7 lol, touch grass or become one to fill in the gaps if you care that much.


>legitimate criticism against the moderation's performance
<lol touch grass XD, it's not like they volunteered to keep this place in one piece or anything
Someone some day will come here and flood spam this site with CP and people like you will be excusing the slack of an entire moderation team when it all gets thrown into hell.


>mods aren't a professional support team sitting on leftypol 24/7
they are on 24/7. ant time you post a topic that mods don't want discussed, it will be deleted in seconds. /pol/yps, "I'm not a commie or nazi, but..", "hey commies, let me ask you how come if I dig a hole and cover it up I did labour but created no value, checkmate!", threads stay up and get hundreds of replies.

mods play it too safe. and it's obvious right wingers get more leeway than communists on this board, because the mods got fucking tilted by /pol/ memes about them all being transsexuals. and now they walk a fine line with fascist, cause got forbid the cool kids call them nerds again. it's fucking pathetic. mods care more about this being a "chan" than having a space to talk politics, strategies and theory from a left perspective.

mods also have a few pet namefags, who are above the law and moderation. they only ban poor Bee cause mods are hoping that with negging her, they'll get her to send them nudes. this place is becoming a shithole like any other. alternatives exist and are improved every day, thank fuck people have been smart enough not to advertise here.

one day, people will just stop coming here. slowly, users will wake up to the reality that on this site you can only discuss things in generals, current topics and news of the day have to be classified and fit into a general. look at any other chan, mods do not have suck heavy handed moderation when it comes to content. here, it goes beyond removing spam and nazi propaganda, you literally admit some hot topics on the left are not allowed to be discussed. wtf?

and I don't even care about mod replies to this. NOT ONCE did I see a mod admit they are wrong, apologise and say they'll do better. not once. they always perform mental gymnastics, and insult users in a condescending way, coming up with excuses, twisting things, and "winning" arguments by sheer stamina of gas lighting and spewing bullshit so that people just give up. the little amount power of being a mod got into their little heads.

and mods will never admit that this website is stagnating, if not shrinking. (cue the mental gymnastics). they show IP counts as some sort of success story, not realising that a lot of people (including myself) use about 5-10 different IPs to post, because of the overzealous moderation that likes to delete all posts by IP based on a shitpost or a joke they didn't understand that made them confused and angry. divide the number of IPs by 5 and you'll get a true IP count.

this site is stagnating because it is being suffocated by moderation. you make an OP with OC, it gets merged into the OC thread. make a topic about a current issue in the US, it gets merged into USApol. any kind of mention of the Internet in the real world, and it has to go into ITG. ITG, China, DPRK, USA, UK, Asia, Africa, OC, questions, brazil, crisis, Hungary, poland, organising, cybersocialism, … these are all generals. this type of "organisation" of a board is akin to 12yos cleaning up the desktop by making a folder for all the icons and then just throwing them in there so you get a clean desktop with one icon.

the catalog has room for something like 300+ threads (could also be 500). At any one time there's about 280 inactive threads in the catalog. why the fuck are you scared of leaving a thread up? you delete threads before they get replies, all based on FEELING alone. anything a mod doesn't understand right away gets deleted. this very feedback thread is full of complaints by people you deleted their posts without cause. and what do the mods reply every single time? an excuse.
>you got swept up while cleaning up spam
>your posts looked like /pol/yp spam, we were dealing with a raid
>have you tried posting better?
>just recreate the thread :^)
a lot of the time the threads that mods nuke have dozens of replies and active discussion within it. Once you delete it, no one wants to go back and "reenact" the discussion in the thread. the 2nd thread always gets flooded with memes and you can't just restart organic discussion on a whim.

and here we come to the main issue: mods don't know what organic growth and discussion is. all they know is micromanaging threads, hoping the discussion goes in a direction they want. but just like you can't keep trim a plant, then water it, then replant it, then add nutrients, then remove them, etc. it stresses the plant and the plant withers and dies, or its growth is stunted and it grows into a bad plant. that is what we have here. /leftypol/ is a dying tree. and instead of watering it and leaving it be, the mods are. cutting off whole branches that have a few bad leaves. there's barely anything left of this tree, a few leaves and a trunk, and rotting roots.

the biggest issue I see is that mods think they are content curators, and not janitors who clean up shit. and they created a clique that is above the users (despite mods claiming they're users first and foremost, ad nauseam, completely disregarding Marxist analysis and social relations). we have the mod logs, why? when is the last time a mod got removed or temporarily on cool down from mødding after making terrible decisions? when has a mod been held accountable for anything? that mod log is there to laugh at us, "look at what we do, deal with it".

users have no recourse, and even first time bans are global bans. how are we supposed to complain in /meta/ if we're banned from all boards, idiots? then if you switch IPs to complain, you're banned for "ban evasion" even if you did only post in /meta/.

CONCRETE SUGGESTION( that might help us begin to start thinking about commencing the beginning stages of work on improving this site, meaning there is no easy solution to this fucking mess you have): /meta/ should be modded by admins alone, not every mod, there needs to be a place for complaints where those you're complaining about can't delete the messages. I mean, this is such basic common sense that I can't say I'm baffled you don't understand.

and speaking of boards. having all the mods manage all the boards, means that there can never be board-specific cultures, like you have on the other chans. every board feels the same, every board is. moderated the same. you don't need boards, because you don't have boards, you have tags with extra steps. now you want to create more boards. do you know why your new boards have no activity? because you expect the same 100 people that frequent this website to have a million different interests and hobbies. well, you're not gonna find enough scientists, diyers, musicians and music enthusiasts, history enthusiasts, techies, artists among the same 100 people to have enough traffic to justify the boards.

just look at the fucking content, same discussions, same arguments, it's all stagnating. and mods are too busy e-fucking one another on matrix to notice.


where's the fire?


Nigha…. volunteer then.
Burgers acting like karens, demanding to see the mod manager of why their prererred mode of operation is not being followed.

Kek. Pathetic. Not sure why you burger karens even call yourself leftists.


Apart from the top 2 paragraphs this is dead on. Bee was mod simp and deserves no pity


i have not seen you make a single good post on here


shove it up your ass bitch


Post the thread here. I want to see.


Cry moar tears pedofaggot
Star vs foe pedo shit is on it be careful


Sorry the post is


Put "/siberia/" before the 210124. Like this:


Alright but still can someone get the mods to either delete the content or the thread itself thx


IMO a porn ban is in order, unless its user nudes.
I find the racial hard-core porn threads much more grating than anything 2D.


I would say the same about porn that I say about other all consuming things. Put it in a general, then anchor that general, when it gets ot the bottom unanchor it and bump it, then let it sink again.

Pretty fucking funny when you think about it, the entirety of american politics gets put in a general, but porno is free to have 10 threads of all the different categories, really makes you think about what priorities are at play


this must be your first visit to the site then, many people appreciate my posts


Shut the fuck up, wrecker cuck.


File: 1643298141086.png (274.93 KB, 680x680, ClipboardImage.png)

>Y-y-you dare disagree with m-me, and-d-d call the mods out for their incompetence!!! You MUST me a mutt!!
Go play in the traffic, gringo imbecil.
>demanding to see the mod manager of why their prererred mode of operation is not being followed.
Disingenuous faggot. People are telling the mods to do anything at all.

Feel free to stop having their cocks so far down your throat you can't think any time.
>Nigha…. volunteer then.
Next time i might just do that, if they are around to make me one LMAO.


Ok, puñetas. Resulta que me vale verga.


There's no CP what the fuck are you talking about?


That's not CP. That's not even lolicon I don't think


Are you a pedo yourself or why are you making such a dumb argument?


I don't approve of lolicon but that isn't CP either even if it is pedophilic. The shit you are mad about in the femboy thread looks like normal twinks to me. Maybe the characters are under 18 teenage boys but they could pass for 18 year olds. We get hentai of teenage school girls all the time that isn't explicitly pedophilic or lolicon and I never see anyone complaining about it. What's up?


Cartoons and actual CP are worlds apart…
I see loli and I shrug. I see actual CP spam and it makes me shudder wishing for mind bleach to exist.


good post


It's not CP cuuuuuuuuuuuuunt


It's not even fucking lolicon get over yourself


Unironically volunteer. If you have a fresh take on how moderation should be done, then volunteer and make yourself be heard. This isn't a gotcha, i mean this seriously. Perhaps you could then understand why mods don't do what you think is right and can suggest changes based on their reasoning to better make your points. You might also learn of challenges of moderation that might better refine your suggestions.

Join the mod team, don't be a lil bitch.


good post.
jannies should make gay little recruitment posters imo


they did a recruitment thing in november or december, not sure when they'll open applications again


Our site is run by fbi.gov users currently
I FUCKING HOPE they’ll actually try to be decent people and do something about those freaks


You know if the two of you pathetic faggots would post on your own board for once it would have more thab 0-3PPH on the regular.


It's not breaking the rules and it's not even pedophilic. Get over yourself. Just ignore the thread if it bothers you. You should be banned for falsely claiming CP and pointless alarmism


What did they say?


our retarded cousin trying to do gayops


leftychin moralfags need to fuck off


Hahahahaha you fucking faggots banned me for reporting someone that was obviously disobeying mod rules? How far did you faggots fall
Go ahead ban me again it won’t change how shit you freaks are gonna make this site if nothing changes


File: 1643323898419.png (273.01 KB, 517x768, image.png)

you actually got banned for this but whatever


>snow is still enabled
anon I want to strangle you


its not only enabled
I was the guinea pig for testing the snow to begin with
I've had the snow on since October


patient 0


please have yourself lobotomized asap
I turned that shit off after 5 minutes.


the weak fear the strong


Why are the mods here so against me pointing out the fact that the anti-work shit has driven hatred against transhumanists and fags up by a thousand, just look at this shit >>557510(touch grass)


everyday you make a thread about some internet shithole
You need to sort yourself out






Fucking how? How does this not effect real life?


show me on the doll where the anti wagies touched you


They made leftism permanently cringe. How the fuck are you supposed to recover from such shit? Stupidpol, Redscare podcast, reddit as a whole will fall to the right (if they haven't already) and we will see zoomers becoming right-wing in no time.


I am not american, I really can't help you. I dunno, I just clean.


File: 1643371639715.png (780.04 KB, 1599x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

>the left is dead because people on reddit
seriously, go join an org or some shit. disconnect from ITG delusion.


Joining an org sounds like living in a delusional world. Most americans (or just people in general) use the internet while labour unions are just declining despite interest in them. My posting will do more for the left than ANY FUCKING UNION ACTIVITY WILL


how are you this mad about snow lmao
did a snow kill your baby?


holy cope
Go back to /pol/ or even better go outside


I know for a fact that I want to believe that going outside will help but how do you trust someone in the meat world and then they post shit on 4chan about hating working people or whatever the fuck? I was exactly like that, and that's why I don't trust people IRL. Going outside will only make me more paranoid.


kek there are strikes happening right now that have improved things. School bus drivers in your burger country went on strike for 1 hour and got a $5 an hour wage hike. Imagine all the anime and funko pops you losers could buy with that shit


because the mod bourgeoise protect their own. Particularly the cringe radlib ones


Eh they can be cringe but i am not too assed about them



Yo I didn't check this thread for talk about that other thread until now.
I normally like femboy shit, but I've avoided posting in that femboy thread because until now I honestly assumed I'd be merc'd if I did so.

I know nothing about Star vs the Forces of Evil as I don't watch children's cartoons, but looking it up now Marco (the character with the most complaints in that thread) is canonically 15 - and honestly, the way he's drawn he could be younger. Like he doesn't look like a mature 15 to me and it kind of does bug me that so much of that thread is pics of this fucking Nickelodeon character who looks young even by femboy standards. Pretty sure one of the pics there is a Shadman drawing of some celebrity's 11 y/o kid dressed as Harley Quinn too.

There's loads of good femboy art, so I don't know why the thread's full of that Nickelodeon riffraff.



Lmao his post was deleted before I even replied


Pedo mods at it again


What the hell is a zine? And why was it only on the top bar for an instant?


They try to larp as lainchan.org


Amassing ever more obscure content, groups and whatever else is the authentic leftist way.


But what is its purpose?


A zine is a magazine. Usually alternative style and usually online.
This is the most retarded conclusion possible. Good job.


>changes /b/'s board name to siberia
And this is just one example


wvobbly just bans posts he disagrees with




he's the yankee kulak reddit liberal of the team who pushed hardest for IDpol last year (since then I deleted my matrix acc)


Hey mods I'm a tard can you delete this thread? I refreshed my page and lost my Embed link and title and want to repost >>718097


File: 1643590260857.png (410.31 KB, 632x395, ClipboardImage.png)

>a lot of the time the threads that mods nuke have dozens of replies and active discussion within it. Once you delete it, no one wants to go back and "reenact" the discussion in the thread. the 2nd thread always gets flooded with memes and you can't just restart organic discussion on a whim.

>and speaking of boards. having all the mods manage all the boards, means that there can never be board-specific cultures, like you have on the other chans. every board feels the same, every board is. moderated the same. you don't need boards, because you don't have boards, you have tags with extra steps. now you want to create more boards. do you know why your new boards have no activity? because you expect the same 100 people that frequent this website to have a million different interests and hobbies. well, you're not gonna find enough scientists, diyers, musicians and music enthusiasts, history enthusiasts, techies, artists among the same 100 people to have enough traffic to justify the boards.


I got banned across the site for posting memes in a meme thread on /siberia/ this being cited a "pol memes" despite the actual memes being leftist edits of stonetoss and an anti-EU caricature of no particular anti-communist nature. Nothing I posted is "pol meme" material unless you're pulling a mickey and it's fucking siberia - the shitposting board, fucking BBC pr0n is more reactionary than the content I posted. Moreover the post got deleted on no real grounds and a ban is fucking overkill. Did I stumble into r/communism and didn't realize it?
Get rid of this inane ban and quit banning people for minor shit, wvobbly has been going on a schizo crusade again and its fucking tiresome.


File: 1643597000725.jpg (58.12 KB, 625x300, 1620503969627.jpg)

pic related is one of the deleted memes, tell me what about it is pol?


mods please archive the BBC kino thread, it's one of the oldest threads in /siberia/ and we can't lose all that kino PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE


I've removed the ban
but if you are asking me about that meme, I can't really say it is definitely reactionary (I can not tell what it's meaning is) but neither does it look like a
>leftist edit of stonetoss
All searching Neo-Leninist throws up is schizo blogs which does have a "/pol/ energy", if you will. Plus of course the appearance of the elephant.


Mods are you going to unsage BBC kino now that the post you bumplocked it for has been exposed as a /pol/ false flag?


No, I don't think so.


Could you at least archive it please. It's one of the oldest and most replied to threads on the board, we can't lose all that kino 🥺


I know you guys can be fags but I'm sorry for being retarded


Why did you ban me?


Ban lifted sorry. You had almost the same IP as another guy that was just banned in that thread so I thought it was the other guy ban evading.




File: 1643665220708.jpg (97.9 KB, 426x1885, (you).jpg)


Sigma grindset


The Elephant is a blatant symbol of Republicans and the point is that the current republican movement does this, including using the term "neo-leninist" to pander to minorities


/pol/ raiding has been intense lately



One guy complained about BLM being useless, why was he banned? I checked the logs and I couldn’t find him.


I know the elephant is the republican animal. It still looks deranged to me.
As I said Neo-Leninist only throws up schizo blogs, if you could quote some Republican publication using the word, I would actually be interested in that.


>chizo blog
The image is a prediction - today they say "ur de reel raceect" and tomorrow it'll be the same rhetoric but for trans. Neo-Leninist is a fringe NuLeft liberal LARP, ergo the compared Democrat party.


>why is this saged?
<for concern trolling/doomerism


mods, there is a /pol/ rpedophile spamming /leftypol/ with CP. just sayin


Why don’t people get banned for derailing every single attempt we have to discuss climate change?
We wouldn’t tolerate people shilling for something like the Catholic Church, why do we tolerate people shilling for Exxon Mobile or whatever the fuck?


>dramafag who realizes they cause drama, made a thread to try and understand why they're causing drama, and continues to go out of their way to cause unnecessary drama, asks why people tolerate others


Is it paranoid of me to think that we have like 2-3 fbi.gov poltards who keep responding to their own replies?


>derailer bitching about ppl derailing


I don't think it's a constant thing, but it is something that does happen and mods have publicly banned then for it. Make a thread, argue with yourself, get b&.
There's on gustano called 'miamifag' who does this and posts USApol-tier news thread OPs for hours and replies to them repeatedly for attention.


There is many instances of samefagging and other manipulation happening, yes.


mods pls make a

"chinese economy" "news about china" "chinese foriegn policy"


just having a china general is causing people to autistically fight each other. seperating it would stop the retarded fights


No, don't do this. Keep everything in the China general thread.



Redundant thread, please move to either the animator thread or ANIMETA


>Muh generalz triggurd me!
take a hike you lo-effort /pol/fag


>Take medz
>Hurr muh cyclical
Nobody mentioned cyclical threads before you, fucking rent free, (you) take your medication, ya terminally online fag.


>im making fun of you wanting everything in fewer threads
<Hurr I wuz pretending
You're an idiot, there are dozens of dead threads on /anime/ from people making a bunch of threads on one topic
I come to leftypol in the evening after I come home from work, retard.
>muh janniz
It has always been /a/ policy to merge or dlete duplicate/redundant threads since /a/ existed you n00b.
>not the people actually wanting to use the board
I helped create that board you moron, literally a ton of threads there exist because I created them or revived them before they died. A year ago the board had 0 PPH because we had a dozen different threads on capitalism and anime or related, I narrowed it to 3 threads because there ain't a point to making a bunch of samefag crap.


>we are on an anonymous boards
<Muh crednetialz
You really are retarded if that is your Kizaru-tier conclusion
>about the few insufferable posts youve made here
Are you retarded? I haven't posted in /meta/ in over 4 months you dotard.
>retarded metapo
That'd be you hon.


><Hurr I wuz pretending
you are autistic.
i was making fun of your janny wannabe attitude, not "pretending" anything (?)

>there are dozens of dead threads on /anime/ from people making a bunch of threads on one topic

but the threads served their purpose when they were made and thats more than enough, like i said, threads dont need endless replies to be good

>the rest of your post

did you forget we are on an anonymous board lol

i dont give a shit about your made up credentials, only about the few insufferable posts wanting to police everyone else youve made itt and if i had to take a bet, some metaposts made on the anime board today too

stop being a cop, it might help make your life less miserable


I'm >>557576
I don't mind more threads, hell, I want them, but they ought to be on topics that aren't redundant. The Re;Zero thread is Isekai, but stands on by itself as a topic, 12067 is a good effortpost but LITERALLY belongs in an existing thread, and until the bump from tonight, had drifted to Page 7 because the topic is already fairly esoteric and has an existing thread dedicated to it and containing other effortpost material. FFS


File: 1644212495911.jpg (506.95 KB, 756x814, 1446059395597.jpg)

>i was making fun of your janny wannabe attitude
No you're accusing me of that because "any request for quality control is muh janny boogieman"
>hreads dont need endless replies to be good
You moron, the threads are still there even if they drop in catalog, so if someone has something to add they can literally scroll and post, no need to be redundant and fill up catalog, bumping off good threads, there is not archive for /anime/ currently so they'll be lost permanently.
see >>557580 for the rest of your deleted garbage

also see >>557582


>and here we come to the main issue: mods don't know what organic growth and discussion is. all they know is micromanaging threads, hoping the discussion goes in a direction they want.

>the biggest issue I see is that mods think they are content curators, and not janitors who clean up shit.

still at it

fuck jannies and fuck this site


just remove the constant spam


My apologies to the one guy I banned for spam and deleted his post after he bumped it. I thought the OP was machine spam.


why was i banned for spam?


oh uh i understand


also im gonna post the same thread again if thats okay


Yeah go ahead anon


Add this to the sticky so that people avoid posting badly formatted / broken walls of text


File: 1644312187461.png (232.43 KB, 606x398, idpol.png)

this is blatant idpol you retarded idiots. you delete and anchor threads that "are close to being idpol", yet when blatant idpol stares you in the face you do nothing. you're useless and pathetic.


It's dumb but I fail to see the idpol


Read the rules motherfucker.


The posts in that thread are all left anti idpol and are a good opportunity to teach OP not to be a race realist. Idpol topics are fine as long as /pol/ or vulgar "leftists" don't enter the thread.
My 2c.


Idpol isn't the same as mentioning identity, the OP literally asked for other races to chime in to discuss different views, because despite being anti-idpol, socialists do have to address and resolve identitarian division of the proletariat to unify people. I openly have no love for racial/ethnic nationalism under lefty paint, but the problem exists and can't be left unaddressed.


>they only ban poor Bee cause mods are hoping that with negging her, they'll get her to send them nudes.
LMAO Bee is toxic the other namefags can be annoying but Bee is literally Aidan level.


>the OP literally asked for other races to chime in to discuss different views
expecting people of different races to have different views simply because they are a different skin colour is idpol.


I don't want to start a debate but people with different color skin usually have different backgrounds and those backgrounds are essential to understanding problems from perspectives you're individually not privy to.

I am not black, but I am gay, and I am frequently surprised at how people can be oblivious to a lot of shit that is either exclusive or outright homophobic. It's not about being offended, that's not my point. I've been around black americans and I really don't envy the shit they have to put up with daily. Starting with the psychological burden of being "colored" daily, aka something other than default (white). Similar situation with women.

The guy was probably a lib, but I'd argue that is is also best not dismiss it so out of hand either.

And to finalize, two black identical twins might have radically different perceptions from each other about their experiences of living "as a black".

I agree that the OP was idpol, I even commented on the thread that it was, but rejecting the possibility of different but useful perceptions due to upbrining and lived context is not idpol, its basic marxism.

With these things, it's really hard to straddle the line. The amount of nuance needed is very high, and a super critical classed analysis must be always at the forefront.


>I don't want to start a debate but people with different color skin usually have different backgrounds
nah, people with different skin colours grow up in the same communities all the time. not everyone grew up in some homogenous white flight suburb


pasquale and wvobbly are back at banning everything they don't like

honestly pasquale needs to be demodded


there he is again


why was this deleted?


how can I ban evade if I'm not banned in the first place? you're a parody of the caricature of the soviet bureaucracy from propaganda films.


Deleted for irrelevant mod drama.
The ban is in part for posting stupid shit like this.


then why does it say "ban evasion" in the reason? you don't like criticism, so you remove it. then you come up with a post-hoc explanation why you removed it. fuck you.


It looks like you're ban evading. I can't know for sure.

Siberia is no the board for criticism.
And "no U are here more time than I am Mr Mod!!!!" is not criticism. I have no idea why you think that is valid criticism at all.

I'll remove your 10 hour ban from Siberia.


Stop posting retarded teenage angst rants, idiot. Now I'm sure unbanning you is a bad idea. Ffs….
I'll do it anyways, but stop acting like a child.


>It looks like you're ban evading. I can't know for sure.
how does it look like ban evading? you must think users on this website are very stupid. a lot of people have started using VPNs because you delete by IP way too much.
if you don't want people posting screenshots from your mod logs, hide/remove the mod log. you pretend as if you care about "transparency", but as soon as people use the tools YOU PROVIDED, you start bitching. what gives?


Don't post mod drama outside meta.
Ezpz. You can post as many mod logs as you want here.


>Don't post mod drama outside meta.
>Ezpz. You can post as many mod logs as you want here.
And its the first thing you do.

Seriously a net negative on this board.


>Don't post mod drama outside meta.
>Ezpz. You can post as many mod logs as you want here.
thanks, that cleared it up.
>And its the first thing you do.
<a lot of people have started using VPNs because you delete by IP way too much.
you have no idea what is the first thing I did cause you have no idea which posts are mine,
>It looks like you're ban evading. I can't know for sure.
stop playing Serpico and leave me alone, how about that?


Why was >>>/leftypol/737799 bumplocked?


It's just a shitshow
and OP is very much in the middle of it


Come on, it's a good shitshow.
It's to early to lock it, most effort-posts in those type of threads start coming in after the initial aggression has run its course.
The original claim is a Marxist claim, but I understand why it would be a point of contention for some. That's why it's a conversation that needs to be had.


I'm gonna be honest, I don't really care that much, if people wanna waste their time with the aggressively retarded that's on them.


Dead thread necrobumped, literally the duplicate of ANIMETA Pls lock >>>/anime/8989


armchair jannies like you are what kills imageboards, kindly fuck off


File: 1644521241796.png (86.99 KB, 870x974, holyshit.PNG)

(have a fresh one on the house)


lmao "muh pasquale" is becoming the new "muh caballo"
take your meds anon


Considering the quality of posts this past week I think this is normal.


hi pasquale


I'm starting to think that this whole imageboard is so terrible nowadays that not even mods want to look at it and things start to fall into place.


look at this thread full of people pissing and shitting their pants over mods doing the bare minimum. i’d start ignoring this place too


>Muh janniez
Retards like you and your libertarian /pol/tard attitude are the death of imageboards, Go back to your 4chan echochamber, and stop pretending to be one of us.


A dead thread would be either archived or deleted.

As opposed to anyone with half a brain who actually reports things that deserve deletion like /pol/tards and shitposters, all you can do is flail your arms wildly because… two threads with similar topics are up.

Generalfags are a cancer. How about you fuck off and let people who actually want to post in peace?


File: 1644535846519.png (1.42 MB, 750x1000, rat janitor.png)

>*jannies don't delete or ban posts*
<"bwaaaah Y aren't thy doing their job!?"
>Jannies ban and delete posts, mostly according to the rules
<"bwaaaah st00pid janniz doing their job are bad!"
I'm not a fan of hardcore moderation, and hav had problems with it, but you retards are fucking entitled twats getting way out of line.


>A dead thread would be either archived or deleted
No it wouldn't, /anime/ has no archive you fucking 4chan faggot and the catalog is huge. That thread had ben on page 20+ and got necrobumped, you loudmouth retard
>As opposed to anyone with half a brain
That ain't you chief
>reports things that deserve deletion like /pol/tards and shitposters
I do, if they're actually /pol/ and not your imagined idea of it.
>all you can do is flail your arms wildly
<politely asking mods to do their jobs is angry flailing

>Generalfags are a cancer

No u unironically, It has always been /a/ policy to merge, lock or delete duplicate/redundant threads, especially necroed ones
>let post in peace
Don't hide behind that sophistry, nobody is preventing them from posting, you have to go out of your way to post in a thread that old and that low in catalog, indicating disingenuity


>if they're actually /pol/ and not your imagined idea of it.
mask off moment


>mask off moment
<projecting this hard
<hurr u don't report everybody that doesn't agree with u like me, so u must be /pol/!



>you have to go out of your way to post in a thread that old and that low in catalog, indicating disingenuity
Take your meds you paranoid bastard.
The only upside of mods not giving a fuck about this place anymore is that they won't listen to your whining either.


<hurr u pointed out an obvious thing, u must be paranoid! Necrobumping? what's that!?
Fuck off projector
> only upside of mods not giving a fuck about this place anymore
They do, are you paying attention to the thread and logs?
>won't listen to your whining
<hurr if you make a mod request ur whining!
Ok, we get it, you're a lolbert, go back now.


Can someone just ban the avatarposter in anime. He's shitting up literally every thread and it ruins the board.


Good luck with that, I got my post deleted for calling him an annoying religious retard.


Based, hero of proletarian labour.


Oh yea Pasquale did that.


This is there favorite excuse when they don't like someone, 'ban evade' is just a generic fuck you on this chan.


To those of you complaining about pasquale and getting banned, why don't you just use tor? It's a simple solution. And if you want to post an image, use a VPN.

There are literally no downsides to doing this.


Tor does nothing to stop a heavy handed deletion policy, unscrupulous bans are just another insult.


It's your fault for feeling insulted. Try stoicism.


To those of you complaining about pasquale and getting banned, why don't you just leave? Nobody is going to miss you.


tor prevents bans, mass IP post deletions and (most importantly) forces the jannies to make a moderation decision based on a post alone, as they can't look at IP post history.
If your post gets deleted, just post it again using tor and they sometimes leave the post alone then.


Oh great as a paranoid fucker who posts exclusively from tor it's going to get ruined thanks to /pol/ shitposters who really want to talk about uyghurs. Thanks for nothing.


>it's going to get ruined thanks to /pol/ shitposters who really want to talk about uyghurs.
/pol/ has know about tor forever. Its not some big secret. How many /pol/yps do you think read through this thread anyway?
My post will mainly be seen by regular users who have issues with the mods.

Based fellow schizo tor poster though. Glowies and jannies can fuck off.


Remind me in Aurelius where he says being a pompous cunt is a good path .


Isn't the whole of meditations just aurelius trying not to lose his temper with people so he wrote down reminders? kind of screams of pompous emperor to me.


File: 1644550378795.jpg (132.3 KB, 1030x720, fascists and liberals.jpg)

>the avatarposter
Literally who, nobody posts under an avatar in /anime/ not since Tomoko-Stalinstache.
> shitting up literally every thread
Imagine being unable to argue in good faith and then turning to mods to bitch about your feelings being hurt for derailing threads with liberal idpol.

Because you're blatantly making shit up and got rightfully deleted for derailing a thread to bitch about idpol?
>annoying religious retard
Nobody talked about religion on anime except for ONE thread and the only talk of religion is the self-proclaimed liberal gay guy that couldn't shut the fuck up about CS Lewis was christian, ven though it had nothing to do with the discussion.


Based, pasquale can sometimes ban people heavy handedly, but I have always seen an undeserved ban be lifted by him and generally he bans people that do deserve it.


>if a site makes it clear it doesn't want your posts, why dont you use an annoying workaround to keep posting there?
because I'd have a better time posting the same things on a site that aligns with what I want to post.
it unironically sounds like there's 10 people who believe leftypol is the only website that exists you can post dumb leftist politics in.


child porn has been up in USApol for like ten mins lol


https://leftypol.org/anime/res/5295.html#13098 how is this guy ban evading as per the report?


They literally have been spamming derailing "muh /pol/ christian moralism etc" all over /anime/ at any post they don't like. They got deleted and banned recently and are posting again, do the math.


On the bright side, I suppose it's a good sign the mods aren't 24 hour burger-brained


>They literally have been spamming derailing "muh /pol/ christian moralism etc" all over /anime/ at any post they don't like.
oh relax ive been calling you that too so rest assured its more than one person who thinks youd do the board a favor if you fucked off and let weeaboos talk about the things they like instead of more boring moral arguments nobody is going to actually take seriously

also anyone with a few brain cells will notice the posts theyre replying to are in fact religiousfags whining about "degeneracy" or """""coomers""""" or whatever the fuck you people obsess over, on /anime/ of all things

this is disingenuous as fuck but to be expected from someone who is unironically a christian


File: 1644555570628.png (1010.25 KB, 1580x1569, saying words.png)

>bla bla bla I can't read, and I'm totally not a samefag
Ok illiterate, go back to 4chan
>posts theyre replying to are in fact religiousfags whining about "degeneracy"
Nope, not a single post features a religious fag or even the term "degeneracy" You are literally making it up.
Again go back to 4chan, being a coomer isn't "cool" or "edgy" or anything good and the majority of leftypol has expressed a dislike of it or making the excuse for it. fap in the privacy of your home or on /siberia/, nobody is stopping you, but don't try to defend it.
>whatever the fuck you people obsess over
And yet you're the people that have derailed thread after thread bitching about a topic of a post from 2 years ago, and arguing in bad faith at that. Go back.
>this is disingenuous as fuck but to be expected from someone who is unironically a christian
LMAO Read a book and documents of the Soviet era on religion you edgy, projecting child. You are one of those retards that read "Religion is the opiate of the masses" and ignored everything else communist theory talks about in that regard.

Moreover you are again making fake claims, cuz YOU are the only one bringing up christianity and "morality", a literal strawfaganon.


Lmao leftypol mods are full of anti porn retards and shadow ban anyone who calls them out. Literally fuck this place.


>Muh cummies!!!
Again you are free to post and fap to porn on siberia, just don't pretend it isn't a consumerist problem.
>shadow ban anyone who calls them out
dramafagging is a violation of the rules, use your head.


uyghur We have the literal mod comment above. All you've done is piss off everyone in /a/ at this point.

Fuck you you disingenuous piece of shit.


File: 1644558366034.jpg (71.94 KB, 750x1000, uno reverse.jpg)

>literal mod comment above
mods have an account username, they don't really namefag. Also irrelevant.
>All you've done is piss off everyone in /a/
You're the only one still bitching about it FFS and then getting mad people reply
>Fuck you you disingenuous piece of shit.
Right back at you, lying scum.


That literally is not at all how the conversation went you lying cunt. All you do is lie.


If you mean /leftypol/, it's literally been a designated SFW board for years.
If you mean the site as a whole, picrel.


No one is talking about posting porn outside of Siberia.


>just don't pretend it isn't a consumerist problem
im so tired of you pseuds, moralizing doesnt make you more communist
stop disguising your christian values under a leftist pretense

>We have the literal mod comment above.
you made that post, stop samefagging lol


>reeeee i dont do that
<proceeds to do exactly "that"
do you get a rise out of literally proselytizing on anonymous anime boards


Not just normal, necessary.
I'll let you in on a little secret, they are already all doing that (all 2-4 of them). Now why do you constantly complain about bans?
I'll leave that as an exercise to the reader.


>I'll leave that as an exercise to the reader.
funny how you can tell pasquale is a friendless loser IRL just by how smug and overtly arrogant he is online. what the fuck do you have to be smug about, that you delete other people's shitposts?


You're here early


Why is the calculating the labour theory of value thread saged?

Why is the honky thread saged?


theyre painfully obviously made by pollacks and if you dont realize this youre a fucking idiot


Oh look pasquale has pissed even more people off an they can tell it’s him just by the sheer smugness of it. Kek


Everything is made by a pollack to you people


And even if they were it’s a good chance to explain LTV. I’m sorry if it made you have to actually think


It's literally just all the same person lmao


actually spent some time going into marginalist fallacies even though its pointless, it shouldnt have been saed


if you want educational threads concern trolling threads made by pollyps arent the way
the only people pissed off are the very same pollacks making these threads, some guy that made puppy eyes above immediately went on to make multiple shitty threads after getting unbanned

tripfags being stupid as usual


really because i fucking hate your guts and i havent made any threads




Get a job, pasquale.


I just simply don't believe you. You have never done a single thing to gain any bodies trust. You're a psychopath


you should take your meds

realize the ego boost the janny is going to get when he sees that youve been calling some random anon by his name, maybe think about that before you keep calling anyone disagreeing with you a mod


jannies burned out their ego receptors long ago. Every action is just chasing that high, its why they become increasingly irratic as time goes on


that's the idea


Well, now I am honestly confused, which is not something that happens often.
Just don't engage. Time is valuable.
On that note, there is one thing I thought was interesting.
I very much fail to see how
>I'll leave that as an exercise to the reader.
is in any way smug or arrogant. On the contrary, I have faith in people that they can discern things without me constantly, repeatedly telling them what to think.


>Well, now I am honestly confused, which is not something that happens often.
Sorry pask, I'm going to have to leave this one as an exercise to the reader.


Still not seeing it.
I mean I like people that repeat my words but that's a separate issue.


File: 1644598495632.gif (124.44 KB, 200x230, 1610125487384-3.gif)

Can you make it so that the Papiez flag lets me spam pics without being cucked by Flood detected; post discarded
Free Kremowka if you do it



Heads up: there's an unfunny spammer in the OC cyclicals for the last couple of weeks/months that clearly posts copies (non-OC) he gets from tween-infested 'left' Facebook groups. Whoever this guy is he's plummeted the quality of that thread singlehandedly and I suggest you reprimand him or something if he keeps this up.


RAF flag poster? they're a weird nazbol memelord too


it's better than his actual OC, he would post multiple 60+ mb videos edited on free android apps
pretty sure they're just some kid bouncing around the polcomp like that one meme video


go back to reddit you fucking human garbage


There's literally no reason to ban this the log is public as it is


File: 1644627716794.gif (515.16 KB, 498x206, oohh-spider-man.gif)

If the jannies didn't flip flop bans I wouldn't use the term. From a user experience you are unbanned and then get banned for made up ban evasion after some 'deliberation' by the mod team.


Based comrade pasquel, keep on banning.


The insufferable cunt has also been polluting the booru with his fashoid retardation.
Given the """"quality"""" of his images, i assume he's the same anon as that equally embarrassing CenterLeftist guy.


Can you do SOMETHING about the /pol/tard spamming every thread with disingenuous shit? He's even posting on side boards now.



Mini-me here is right



Shut up janny


of course, friend.


Shut up janny


which one


Yes, it is CentreLeftist


I'm a janny ally.


> makin a stew out of the boot


You'll grow out of your contrarian phase eventually son.


What's up with these occasional threads where the OP just asks a generic prompt question about how /leftypol/ feels about a certain topic even if there's already a general for it. Usually I'd think it's just a bunch of new posters who don't understand how anything works, but they seem to have a consistent style. They're also usually posted with a pepe.


this one isn't even hiding it with the pic >>>/leftypol/743918
a lot of the replies could be the same person too


Tor node unbanned.


never mind..


75% of the time these threads are made by an IP with 0 prior posts (except sometimes when they post in the OP they made and nowhere else), and its been this way as far back as the move away from bunker at least to my knowledge. We don't know what it really is - a spambot, someone trying to slide threads, or whatever else.
It's not too high-intensity so we usually just manually delete or sage them, but if it ever gets bad enough we will probably put in place something like a post prerequisite before you can make an OP - like 25 posts or something.


File: 1644770766430-0.png (109.96 KB, 333x249, his.png)

File: 1644770766430-1.png (132.81 KB, 491x249, his2.png)

>What's up with these occasional threads where the OP just asks a generic prompt question about how /leftypol/ feels about a certain topic even if there's already a general for it.
>We don't know what it really is
<being this fucking new
That kind of style of OP is from chans, especially on big 4chan boards like /tv/, /g/, /his/… it's just a low effort way to get (You)s, that parasocial dopamine hit we get from social media interaction.
>pic related, just went on /his/ and found those examples.
my advice to you is lurk moar, go back to reddit yadda yadda yadda


wtf you guys dont spend every day on the worst boards of 4chan? you didnt stay after 2012? wtf wtf


well fucking duh, the other 25% of the threads I mentioned is retards a la what you describe, the more conspicuous part of it is the constant IP cycling. there is other stuff like the IP registries that makes it kinda sus but that is more confidential information.


>blue lives matter
they fucking don't simp


>the more conspicuous part of it is the constant IP cycling
that is what happens when mods like to delete by IP. nobody wants all their posts to be removed because of a misunderstood shitpost or because some /pol/yp uses the same VPN provider and happened to use the same node.
>there is other stuff like the IP registries that makes it kinda sus but that is more confidential information.
it is public knowledge by now that mods here write little notes on people/IPs and have a registry of them. that is another reason to cycle IPs, don't you think?


>inb4 nothing to hide, nothing to fear(samefagging btw)


And don't forget, for those of us who live in surveillance states it's just too risky to post without a proxy or tor.
I mean, I have spent the last few weeks on here shitting on NATO and vehemently opposing war with Russia, but what the fuck will happen to me if there is a war and the government gets emergency powers?
I imagine that I'd get arrested and interrogated at the very least.

IMO the mods should be encouraging all users to post using VPNs and tor because it's a good habit for communists and radicals to get into. Opsec is important.


also I2P, like i have suggested


what was the missing post at the start of this thread? >>15634


>it is public knowledge by now that mods here write little notes on people/IPs and have a registry of them.
Well yeah. If you spam or are raiding from another site like you concern trolling about a feature used on literally every imageboard.


>IMO the mods should be encouraging all users to post using VPNs and tor because it's a good habit for communists and radicals to get into. Opsec is important.
We try too. It is absolutely critical if you are talking about leftist politics at all.


y-you're not a mod!


I was recently banned for the same reason as >>557610. luv you guys and would never dream of breaking the rules or being unfrenly to my janitor allies <3. Could you please add the "no dissent outside of /meta/" rule into the rules page for all boards, or in any supporting document? I wouldn't want to forget or god forbid post off topic in siberia and I also wouldn't want anyone else making the same mistake!


Get over yourself you daft cunt


You can circlejerk on your pedo shithole if that is more your speed. Perhaps the most harmful and actually effective result of you basically dedicating every day and all of your neet life to trying to shit up this site is that actual users may be discouraged from posting honest criticism of moderation policies, criticism that is absolutely necessary in order to run the site to it's best potential and make sure moderation standards match user preferences as well as adapt to better ways of doing things.




I hate to be like this, but you both need to take your meds and touch grass now.


he did it again


well then tell them you dont like them


Mod you have banned me for ban evasion when I wasn’t banned for posting “hahahahaha fuck off idf hahahahah” in a blatant shill thread

Wtf? Is wrong with you


I'm not the mod involved but my understanding from the log is that you were banned for repeated dramashit in /siberia/, your IP changed and so you didn't see that ban, and got pinged for evasion.
The evasion ban is removed, there is currently the original one week ban unless a mod says otherwise.


Deleting by IP is reserved for either absolute /pol/yps or people who are ban evading as a scorched earth tactic. The sum total of regular users who experience a deletion by IP sits around zero.

Same goes for notes, really, but with an even smaller demographic for them. The only people that tend to warrant the ones who have multiple bans on account, at which point they are de-facto noted anyways cause people's ban history is recorded on their IP anyways. And the people that regularly get banned and do not change IPs constantly I can count on like, one hand. No point putting notes on IPs that are obviously just used to burn off some shitposts never to be used again.

tl;dr if you aren't some ardent retard you never come into contact with these mechanisms to begin with. the only people who constantly scaremonger against them are the same people who get affected by them because they constantly run up against the rules.
Don't take me saying "there are retards who use VPNs to slide the catalog" for "nobody should use VPNs", plenty of people use them for regular posting and cycle through IPs fairly often. this was all in a specific context of one or a few dudes using that to spam low-quality threads.


As far as I can tell I made on post which said

“ Its another episode of jannies gas light the user base and pretend the drama wasn't them every time”

In a thread which the op was “ this board used to be fun before it got raided by unfunny /pol/tards and incels” in which every response is some meta shit, in fucking Siberia.

Pretty ironic considering the content of my post you call this “repeated drama” lmao. Desist you lunatics



Tell me which rule I broke. Read through your rules, either the janny misread my post or he's just pissed off and abusing his power because I offended his dumb fucking American sensibilities. Janny was totally unable to point it out, his reasoning was "imagine actually believing this".

If it can't be pointed out which rule I actually broke I demand the Janny responsible personally apologize to me and issue a public self-criticism on account of his Yankee chauvinism.


Not gonna bother with this but don't post meta outside /meta/


The argument was concerning Yankee chauvinism, cultural hegemony etc. This is as related as it gets.

Point out which rule I broke right now. If you're unable then it's clear that this is an abuse of power.


I will enquire about this. What mod was it that gave you the ban?


I am not reading that post
>right now
It's amazing you think there has to be an answer to any inquiry within minutes. Really says alot about society


I'm asking you to name which rule I broke. Just copy paste the rule here. It'll take you all of 10 seconds. You're clearly evading the issue which shows you know you fucked up.

If you can't do this then I expect an immediate apology & public self-criticism. This will get worse fo you if you fail to do so.


Why can't you act like a normal person?


It was wvobbly according to the log.


You've just burried yourself deeper. Your guilt is obvious.


You should be able to guess this from context but I am not who you think you are talking to.


This could be put to rest in like 10 seconds if you or wvobly point out which rule was broken.

Do so & point out which part of my post is responsible and I will accept the ban, no issues.


he is afk we are discussing it now


I'm in the Matrix chat. Add me into a room.


*hold music*



Based. Apologise to Aus Juche now errant mod


Imagine lacking the self control to not ban people for disagreeing with you


>You're clearly evading the issue which shows you know you fucked up.
how new are you here? mods are infallible, even when they make mistakes those mistakes are your fault. not once did I see a mod admit they were wrong here, they're still stuck in the playground mentality of "if I admit I'm wrong, I'll look weak, better double down". What immature people don't realise is that realising you're wrong and admitting it to yourself is the first step to growth. You cannot grow without making a few mistakes along the way and learning from them, but those who don't do this just get more hardened egos and "being right all the time" becomes a part of their personality. yuck


The thing is there are actually several instances in this very thread of apologies.
Yet this canard continues to be repeated (among others).
Let me also repeat then that people constantly repeating the same line have either no respect for others or are altogether unable of doing anything but repeating the same thing over and over daily (which, if I may be allowed to speculate, means they are stark raving mad).



apologise for this then jannoid



that thread is full of comments, I make one and am banned for it no warning. You didn't ban any of the people promoting your agenda did you.


Mods continue to be the most pathetic part of this community.


>The thing is there are actually several instances in this very thread of apologies.
if there are several, why didn't you find one example? is this one of them?
>I know you guys can be fags but I'm sorry for being retarded
hard to tell, because mods use their mod tag here only sometimes, despite repeated suggestions that for sake of transparency mods should always use their tag in /meta/. then we run into the problem of mods having to police other mods, and we've learned from police that that doesn't happen, they just protect their own.

until mods figure out that they are not leaders of a movement, that they are not "the most advanced section of posters", that their job isn't to decide what is actual socialism and what isn't, that their job is simply to remove spam, to ban those posting CP and to ensure threads aren't flooded in /pol/ shit, that's it.

and worse yet, /pol/ shit gets the benefit of a doubt, race bait, gender bait, all of that. but if you're a communist who makes a joke, you were an enemy in disguise all along! I've gotten ban messages accusing me of all kinds of shit I'm not guilty of that it borders on paranoia. and honestly, if my humour included racism, or sexism, or any "/pol/ shit" I'd understand, but it's mostly been anti-janny action and making fun of other socialist tendencies. I've been also banned for "sectarianism" in this place, if you can believe it.



ok, I was wrong, you were right. do you think mods have made more than two mistakes since December? the fact you only found two examples means that it's probably the same mod, or two different mods. I never said all mods are shit, just that there isn't a culture of admitting mistakes to the people they supposedly service. there isn't a sense that mods are responsible to us, but they see users as more of a nuisance to their ideal imageboard community.


>that mods are responsible to us
*that mods have a responsibility towards us


Answer me jannoid, even as you give examples of how you supposedly listen you refuse to listen



They are two disparate things.
>made more than two mistakes since December?
I am sure. But not everything ends up in this thread.


I was in the same thread as you and I'd still like to know why we were banned for bringing up moderator shit in a thread about moderator shit in Siberia. If the janny didn't like it why didn't he just move it to meta? There's some unspoken rule I guess that users have been banned for in the past about "posting meta outside of meta".


also not ban evading just mobile posting


who cares about a juche larper


why is supporting working class Canadians over the bourgeois state a bannable offense now?


jannies are paranoid about infiltration because they themselves used these tactics against bunkerchan. Whether you agree with their actions or not their little gayop set a dangerous precedent that would lead to the failed melon gayop. One could argue this goes as far back as the attempted coup against che on 8ch. Even while they are undoubtedly the victors the shadows of their enemies remain rent free. This is why they call everyone who disagrees with them a leftychanner or a leftcel pedo. It's like how pol still sees "bunker transhumanists" every time someone on a blue board gets sick of their shit.


do we really need 2 threads a day about a bunch of burgers honking their horns in a different country?


there are currently 0 that aren't saged so…




<do we really need a thread on working class uprising


Please extend the ban for #5413 to be permanent and for all boards. Also, please ban and do the same for this IP as well, as I am evading my ban.


Also please delete >>>/leftypol/745531
I am the OP and I regret making the thread. Thanks.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


If my request is not given within 12 hours, I intend to spam the SFW boards with unspoilered porn and gore.


Not what I said, I specifically asked if we need 2 everyday
Can we please keep the nothingburger spam to a general like the Ukraine nothingburger


we had tons of blm threads and that was a nothing burger lmao


what's your point?


2 blm threads that amount to a literal nothing burger are constantl

but all trucker threads has to be saged despite being the most successful working class uprisings recently?


>why is supporting a small group of reactionaries over the bourgeois state
fixed that for you, and you can defend neither you know
imagine if we had a bunch of threads every time a right-wing militia was arrested


>anyone who reacts against the bourgeois state is a reactionary
thats not what that reactionary means idiot


do you think being disingenuous is going to make mods stop deleting your shitty threads


Why do you assume I give a shit about either of your threads? Keep your burgerbrained sportsball politics to yourself and read a book.


do you think being a retard and not understand what the word reactionary means is going to do anything?


thread exmaples*


lmao considering I can feel how hard you're seething I'd say yeah the trucker threads must have hit a nerve


You need to go back.


>doesn't know what a reactionary is.
>gets called out
<d-do you think mods will care ;_;
>le no one cares are your threads .sweatingsmugface.jpg




got nothing? lmao


Why do petty booj antivaxx truckers deserve a thread? Be honest.


petty booj race baiters got blm threads


there's at least 3 different people arguing with you m8


You need to try a bit harder.


ok u first


not very well lmoa


so why can't the Canadian Trucker protests be discussed?(shove it up your ass)


File: 1644893554866.jpg (28.3 KB, 384x288, 1635155123892.jpg)

how many times have you reset your router /pol/tard


>every who disagrees with me is pol

>multiple people who disagree with me are ACTUALLY 1 person



you even make the same typing mistakes and mannerisms


yeah he sucks ass at false flagging and samefagging too. it honestly feels like a 2016 election tourist finally found our board


>can't imagine there are people who disagree with AOC on leftypol


every time i ask for proof that the truckers are petit bouj it gets deleted
what are mods afraid of


I'm in no way in support of the petit-bourgeois and reactionary trucker movement, but why prevent the discussion of it? People will just go to lefty places where they're in support of it, so by banning discussion here, you're actually achieving the opposite of what you want. this isn't the only leftist website on the internet, stop acting like it is.


Let them? It's one (1) person complaining that they can't keep falseflagging about it.


There is a thread made by an actual user that is up now that you can post in. Some of the other ones were spam.


>actual user
as opposed to..?


As opposed to someone raiding.




youve already spent a week on a small leftist imageboard embarrassing yourself, do you really want to make it two
what kind of life do you want to lead dude


what in the actual fuck are you talking about?



nobody cares about poltards
if a mod actually falls for this then jesus christ


no, I'm not a /pol/tard, I'm a card-carrying member of the communist party. I have been on /leftypol/ since 2016. this is not the first time I have been banned from /leftypol/ for daring to express an opinion. It's not like I said "black people should be killed haha", I said that those truckers protesting are either petit-boug fascists or dumb facebook yokels roped in with CIA propaganda, but that they cannot be both because only fascists say their enemies are both dangerous and incompetent at the same time. A valid response to that could be that the leadership is petit-boug but the truckers themselves are dumb fb boomers, and perhaps we could have talked about the class composition of the protests. But I guess "TRUCKERS BAD" is the only way we're allowed to express ourselves.

I'm tired of this. I'm tired of having to explain to what a conversation is, or what a joke is. I'm tired of getting banned and posts deleted. I'm gonna block leftypol.org on my router and stop thinking about this place. Enjoy the memes, I guess.


they look unread as fuck


also you forgot to iron the flags


verso books come with digital copies, I've read them on kindle. compare it to the pre-capitalist book, lukacs, galeano and endnotes, which don't come from verso. I bought Capital because it was on sale for £5, I've read that years ago, I thought it'd be nice to have a hard copy.
because they haven't been put up anywhere yet. the USSR naval one is going into my woodworking workshop and the red/yellow one is for my gf.

I'm only here because blocking leftypol IPs didn't prevent me from visiting this thread again, wtf? I guess I'll just have to edit the hosts file manually on all my machines and my phone.


Interesting how this stays up
someone with a leftcom flag calling the trucker protest an "international labour movement" is not banned, but me calling them petit boug fascists or dumb fb yokels is. just goes to show there's no rhyme or reason behind actions, just knee-jerk reactions and feelings.


you can always leave you know


I don't remember using any tactics. I think if I did any tactics I'd know.
If I ever did any tactics you wouldn't be able to tell left from right and up from down anymore.
But supposing (!) the first part of
>paranoid about infiltration
is true and related to some burger spectacle (how do these things connect?),
I figure I should thank them for contributing to keeping the place clean.


For posterity anon is unbanned


>I figure I should thank them for contributing to keeping the place clean.
For an explanation of this phenomenon I think we can integrate it into a general theory of the pathological reactionary who consistently works against their own interest.


Why does it seem like some of the images being posted here are broken?


can you give an example anon?


It's me, again.
Insight into their pathology is going well




Mandar obedeciendo.


Spamming is quintessential /pol/ degeneracy.
How does it feel that your very being is a waste of time, a mild annoyance at the most?
Really I wanna know.


I just remembered I don't give a shit
you are already spamming, so are you really gonna complain?
See this is an expression of insanity


spam is just a label wvobbly uses for anything he doesn't like


why is asking how the truckers are petite bourgeois or asking how many of Canadian truckers are small business owners a bannable offense now?


You keep asking and never looked at how many of them did own their own trucks.



Modern day checkers

It's only gone like this cause you can't punch people through the internet


What is it with the 'images…' filename posters that have appeared the last few weeks? Is it just one guy or what? Most posts I see by them are trash and they keep making threads for basic questions that should go on /qtddtot/.


I see all. But it seems mostly harmless.


Here to "appeal a ban": Being banned for talking about COVID in a thread about about a protest of COVID mandates is beyond retarded. Every single piece of information I posted was based on the CDC statements that I literally linked in my post. Moreover, like >>557815 I have been on /leftypol/ since 2016, back in the days of Aiden/Chaya, and have argued no anti-communist views EVER. A ton of effort posts on this site are mine, including the Booru screencap debunking "muh Soviet rape army" and MANY more that get referred to. I also specified that, like 16954 mentioned, that although the trucker leadership MAY be petit bourg, that doesn't devalue their point and the importance of being wary of porky and their fascistic mandates that are neither effective nor necessary and can be outright coercive of the proletariat.

Finally if you're going to ban for "Covid posting outside the thread" then you ought to have locked the entire thread, given that COVID is intrinsically part of the convoy debate and the OP itself. Also the COVID thread is a toxic place that literally mass reports any dissenting opinion not following the (corporate) MSM opinions, no matter if the source literally comes from the CDC or any other "official" medical source.

This isn't reddit, moderators, didn't we mock r/communism for their idiotic bullcrap, yet years later and you're doing the same thing. I got banned lickety-split, meanwhile gore and cheese pizza remains up for HOURS at a time. Prioritize yourselves MFW


yeah well ive been on leftypol since 2015, hows that


That is exactly how it went, cope more.


You clicked on 3 posts, only 1 is mine, retard.
>so tired of you pseuds
Stop looking into your bathroom mirror then.
<muh chrishtianz
Burger-tier liberalist talking point, read Lenin and Soviet government policy about religion and culture you fucking ignoramus. /leftypol/ isn't "De Amazing Athiezt" but edgier, and never has been.

That's not the meaning of shadowban you pathetic /pol/cel, your cummiez are not communist, get over it.


>Soviet government policy about religion and culture


>responding to a week old post
mentally ill

>read Lenin and Soviet government policy about religion and culture

ahahaha dont go there if you dont want to come out losing even harder, christcuck


go back to leftychan, /pol/tard. we don't need reactionaries promoting le heckin based freedom truckers here. get vaxx'd, burger.


someone deal with the /pol/ raid on ITG


Can't do nothing about the "appeal" per se (no idea what it is)
>COVID is intrinsically part of the convoy debate and the OP itself.
This is correct. Meaning, I suppose, you shouldn't be able to get into a situation like this as the cucknadian convoy is an inherently right-wing topic, which should be stamped out.
>the COVID thread is a toxic place
Yes (but again not for the described reason, it is quite permissive)
>gore and cheese pizza remains up for HOURS
This is just very wrong.


🚨 /POL/ RAID 🚨


>Posting posters about fighting religion as an establishment of capitalism.
<dat meens all religion totally b&
In January 1918, the Soviet government adopted a decree on the separation of the church from the state and the school from the church. According to this document, the Russian Orthodox Church was no longer a state institution and had no legal force. Citizens of the young republic, regardless of religion, were equalized in religious rights and, in addition, had the right not to believe at all. Further decrees and efforts sought to remove religious fanaticism, not by attacking religion itself, but the cult-like leadership that corrupted the original idea behind them. That's the reason for quotes like, "The Soviet Government considers that the Sharia, as common law, is as fully authorized as that of any other of the peoples inhabiting Russia." - I.V. Stalin (https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/stalin/works/1920/11/13.htm)

Moreover, the Soviet 1936 constitution, ARTICLE 124, "In order to ensure to citizens freedom of conscience, the church in the U.S.S.R. is separated from the state, and the school from the church. Freedom of religious worship and freedom of anti-religious propaganda is recognized for all citizens." (https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/stalin/works/1936/12/05.htm)

And in the 1977 constitution, Article 52. ''"Citizens of the USSR are guaranteed freedom of conscience, that is, the right to profess or
not to profess any religion, and to conduct religious worship or atheistic propaganda. Incitement of hostility or hatred on religious grounds is prohibited. In the USSR, the church is separated from the
state, and the school from the church."''

And that is only the basics of a multi-faceted attitude, but nah, it's much easier for bandwagoning pseudo-leftists to LARP as radical anti-religious dogmatists, because you've got an axe to grind with anything.

>responding to a week old post
Didn't see it due to sagefagging
>dont go there if you dont want to come out losing even harder, christcuck
See above you edgy, ignorant radlib LARPer.


god isn't real. do you need me to reveal any disturbing truths about santa claus and the tooth fairy for you, too?


>it is quite permissive
Retarded meme-tier posts that talk like twitter-bot accounts (e.g.>>17204 ) are the primary content of the Cov thread, it's like /pol/, nobody'll ban you for talking about leftism, but you get spammed by bad faith and ignorant posts if you dare question the narrative of the echochamber.
>This is just very wrong
It has been a complaint on /meta/ for a long time, and I'm not the only one that has pointed it out.
>he cucknadian convoy is an inherently right-wing topic
Again, people keep yammering on about that, but all I've seen as "proof" are a couple nitter pics featuring the bog-standard /pol/-faggotry that tries to Co-opt any protest in the West. I can't post files RN but there's a webm circulating on the board that has people kick out a /pol/ Larper bitching about "muh memez" and "de jooz" that they tried to insert into the protest. You're never going to get a protest free of sleazy hanger-on people, that's like trying to go to a pub and expect there not to be at least one guy get totally shitfaced.


>god isn't real
<Muh santa claus and the tooth fairy!
Irrelevant, infantile nonargument.

If you're taking the bible literally, you are a moron, as deluded as any religious extremist - same coin, different sides. You don't even know the religion you are bitching about, yet proceed to do the typical tumblr "gottem" that only burgers care about.

Get help, get therapy for your anger issues, you triggered baby


God is real, he just reveals himself in anecdotes and the Bible.




>t. seething, scabbing Protestant


>Im not mad, UR mad!
>Ur a, uhhhhh a protestant and a scab and a meanie
Are you done crying? Or do you need more time to continue bitching and moaning in your infantile manner?


>Rawr! I'm not mad you are!


Uh, I don't know what happened but my page layout just got fucked up, it's all aligned to the left. Did this happen to anyone else?


>Retarded meme-tier posts
are the primary content of the whole site or at least /siberia/ and /leftypol/.
90% of /leftypol/ is shit but then 90% of everything is shit.
>I'm not the only one that has pointed it out
This might be true and it still wouldn't make it not false.
I don't wanna be rude but I have to be.
Trying to divine the truth of any matter, on an imageboard of all places (which are easily manipulated) by popularity is an incredibly dumb thing to do. You'd really be better off divining tea leaves.

I am not talking about any incidents (I have not seen any material of these protests) but that their main demand seems to be not have to take a vaccine, that they have no mass support, that they use typical rightoid tactics of using the means at their disposal to make themselves look bigger than they are, as it were (vehicles, bots). Ultimately, I can't honestly be bothered to care about these shits one way or another, I was simply following your own logic to its end point.


as someone who was here since 2016, leftypol was always kind of garbage, full of coomers, crypto-reactionaries, sjws, pearl clutchers and other sorts of nosey losers.


The layout fuckup is gone. If anyone cares, I fixed the problem by deleting leftypol.org cookies


File: 1645413743349.png (8.63 KB, 499x287, Untitlesd.png)

Since when is posting against the NTR genre against the rules?


Your posts were /b/-tier "KEK NTRFAGS BTFO topkek.jpg" shit, don't play victim here.
There's another post against NTR that isn't removed because it was made by a retard.


That's stupid moderation and you know it.


Deleting shitposts on side boards is stupid moderation?

*wasn't made by a retard


It wasn't even like i was making fun of protected classes, it's literal cucks.


I don't think you're actually reading what I'm writing at this point.


Are we being invaded by third positionist and reactionaries because I found a lot of suspicious posts


Yes every night for the past two weeks.


replace the line with the names of the countries with "Inquilab Zindabad! Lal Salam!" in red header text, it's cooler
im the op btw



I was going to post something in the BURGERPUNK thread in /Siberia/ but there was an error and it mentioned that the board is locked. Why is it locked?


mods want to do a funny



To keep us from reaching post 222222 by 2:22PM on 2/22/2022. Which… it was locked like early this morning for hours already when I went to sleep.


>mid unit - smallest unit - largest unit
burger moment



Why you saying this about the time and not the date? AFAIK the 12 hour clock is never rendered in English with AM/PM coming first, and unlike the month-day-year date convention, the 12 hour clock is actually used in Anglo countries besides the US.


>schizo derail
what the fuck does that even mean?


"why are we not allowed to advertise other websites here?"
out of nowhere


that wasn't me, I wrote the answer to that post that said "go back to leftychan".



apology accepted




Got banned for 5 weeks because I brought up how the /pol/ invasion has changed the site, then the ban was removed 5 seconds later.
/pol/-invader-turned-mod realized they went too far and someone would check their work? lol


you deserved it
mods went too far by reversing the ban


No ban on this IP


that feel when 90% of the activity on /leftypol/ is from the Ukraine general


What's happened to m00dy?


it's attracted a fuckton of /pol/yps coming over here to masturbate over their bloodlust


jannies can we have a dirigsme flag


I keep running into an issue where a captcha comes up but doing the captcha does nothing.


just got banned for the first time ever, pls unban. i promise not to make fun of the Putlerites too much for their fanatical support for Iraq 2.0.


fuck off. you're that dude who keeps shilling for right wing dictators under the banner of "dirigisme"


i hope /edu/ is also not the place to post misinformation campaign noise that's already being spammed on /leftypol/


File: 1646024376411.jpg (116.81 KB, 762x395, Azov nazis.jpg)

Fuck off glowie


Can >>>/AKM/1053 be merged into >>>/AKM/9 given that the topics are nearly the same.


why was my Pan-Slavic thread removed? funny, it happened just as I was writing a post how Slavic people are being erased in Europe.



How is mentioning that Slavic people are being erased in Europe eugenics? This thing in Ukraine started in 2014 because the Ukraine government tried to shut down Russian-speaking schools. Russians in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania don't even have passports from those countries, but are literally second class citizens. Racism against Polish people in England is famous around the world. Dutch NATO soldiers joined in on the Srebrenica Massacre. Stop being a NATO stooge.



Why do you even try to lie. I can see the ban was for another thread.
Correct response.


Do you need a history lesson? Just because Kolovrat has been used by that one Estonian Nazi group doesn't make the symbol "bad". Nazis used the Swastika but if you go to India it is all over the place.

Kolovrat is a symbol of Slavic Pagan religions and it predates the Nazis, today it is used as a symbol for all Slavic people.


>Why do you even try to lie. I can see the ban was for another thread.
I checked the log, the log doesn't say which thread. the time of the deletion/ban coincided with the time my thread was deleted. my bad




Then I understand we both reacted to the wrong thread.
Obviously this place isn't for praising of Pan-anything as it at the least always goes together with conquest (my speculation, it wasn't me that took that action).
This isn't much of an argument.
yes, the swastika is also older than the Nazis yet you can not use it. It is tainted. But I don't know the Slavs so well (I am still skeptical of the use of the symbol).


Am I crazy or are literally ALL the links in the OP of that thread pro-Ukraine/pro-West (the flags, "Kyiv" etc.)? WTF mods. Check that poster's history.


>This isn't much of an argument.
Kinda is. Just because some fringe group somewhere uses a symbol, doesn't mean they have defined what it is. If some Nazis in Australia start using the red star, will that mean that the red star is no longer an acceptable symbol?
>yes, the swastika is also older than the Nazis yet you can not use it. It is tainted.
Yes, tainted by a genocidal regime that started a world war that killed tens of millions. Estonian Neo-Nazis publisheda newspaper.
>But I don't know the Slavs so well (I am still skeptical of the use of the symbol).
Exactly. So why this reaction if it's something you don't understand? I even used a kolovrat with the wheat around it, that is usually on socialist symbols and crests.

You admit you know nothing about it, yet you felt like you were in a position to act on it, why? Why didn't you ask in the thread what it is about?


Pan-Slavism was the movement in Austria-Hungary that sought dependence for southern Slavs from A-H hegemony. After WWII, Tito, communists and partisans carried on the tradition by forming a pan-slavic state called YUGOSLAVIA, ever heard of it? Yugoslavia was comprised of Slovenes, Croats, Serbs, Bosnians, Montenegrians, Macedonians, and all of those Slavic peoples were united in one federated state. That is literally "pan-Slavism". And as someone who wishes Yugoslavs would unite back together, makes me a supporter of pan-Slavism, because together we are stronger.

Now, with everything you have learned, am I allowed a pan-Slavic thread on /leftypol/?




>you felt like you were in a position to act on it
My man, I literally told you straight up it's not my action.
I admitted I "don't know [them] so well".
Yugo nostalgia is all well and good but this is pretty much missing the point because, as mentioned, Pan-anything is not about a fellow feeling but redrawing borders.
My personal opinion is it's quite suited to /siberia/.


>Pan-anything is not about a fellow feeling but redrawing borders
10/10 analysis. what borders did Yugoslavia redraw? Oh yeah, when they gave Trieste to Italy to avoid WWIII. They "redrew" borders by giving every major nationality within its borders their own republic or autonomous zone. DIABOLICAL




Mods, has there been a flood of new IPs since the Ukraine invasion? I swear there is some kind of raid taking place with the amount of explicitly non-leftist, pro-Putin posting taking place. I'm wondering if a bunch of /r/russia refugees are shitting up the place or something.


All things are possible, but the astroturf that we can see is "anti-Putin" to the point of rabid NATO defense.
I don't think reddit "refugees" have ever come here. It wouldn't suit them.
>East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet.


Who the fuck is moderating the Ukraine threads, right now there's a mod deleting random posts for apparently no reason


bro, you aren't paying attention



So people can say the N-word 24/7, but i get banned for saying "cracker" and point out the hypocrisy of western nations in dealing with refugees during the war in Ukraine ?


The Ukraine thread mod is literally dilating


Remind me, /leftypol_archive/ doesn't prune threads, right?

It'd be a bastard to lose some of the sites earliest threads to a flood of ukraine war threads. (and to lose the declaration of war threads to a flood of "and then nothing happened" threads in the middle.)


Looks like all of Tor has been banned on /leftypol/ because of one glowie idiot that isn't even posting that much and everyone is laughing at anyway.

Please reconsider your decision. We're not threatened or overwhelmed by this one idiot.


I plan to make a thread in /leftypol/ tomorrow to raise awareness and poll for ideas for the upcoming /pol/eague virtual divegrass event. As a manager, I am obliged to represent the board as a whole, not just the cool people in /games/.

Just a heads up so that mods aren't caught by surprise and mistakenly move it to /games/.


>Despite the fact that I am a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist who believes Social Democracy is weak, Idealist, and ineffective due to its inability to escape the bounds of Bourgeois Democracy, everything Bernie Sanders said in those tweets is 100% accurate. The fact that Dengists/Tankies/Revisonists cant accept these insightful critiques of the Capitalist, Imperialist, and Crypto-Fascist State of Putinist Russia (that resulted from the overthrow of the USSR by the Revisionist clique) show that they are Fascists disguised in Marxist-Leninist aesthetics.

I do not believe that this post by king lear is ban evading as per the report


I believe this post violates the rule:
>14. b) imply reactionary or false positions of the userbase as a form of group shaming

In the context of the Ukraine thread, it is implying those who support Russia and those who oppose NATO are Fascist.


Was he not referring to Russia specifically as being allegedly fascist? Rather than those supporting it?


> The fact that Dengists/Tankies/Revisonists
No, he is addressing other anons.


oh right I reread it again and I see what you mean


I think it is an edge case personally, I will wait for any further feedback from other mods


The general format of king lear posts are all the same.
1. declare his holy identify as an MLM
2. accuse all who disagree with him as some variant of Dengist, Dunginist, tankie, revisionist, not real communists etc.
3. spew out some schizo nonsense about geopolitics or the 4th industrial revolution
4. throw some slogans to once again proclaim his holiness

There is no novel information content in his posts, they should honestly qualify as spam at this point, on top of being sectarian garbage.


I'd agree with this


Can we have a chaos star flag?


>Looks like all of Tor has been banned on /leftypol/ because of one glowie idiot
Same issue again. Just delete his gore posts.


It's not as simple as that. The impact of spam on discussion is quite bad.


Do you have his deleted posts archived somehow? Maybe you could automate post deletion with pattern analysis. Idk, maybe even regex would do half the work considering he keeps making the same proclamations.


I am sure there is a technical solution to this. There is a (small) collection of the spam on >>>/gulag/.
So expect measures to de-escalate, as it were.


I think some mods are a bit too trigger happy in the Ukraine thread, and I understand that guy's annoying.

But I was just (autistically) replying to a parody video about Putin's 4D chess by saying something like "NATO wouldn't give up that easily, it would try to tear Russia apart". All I wanted to say is that NATO is bloodthirsty and insatiable and won't dissolve on its own.

But a mod took it as pro-NATO probably, removed the post and banned all of Tor again.

I'm just posting so you know that not all of Tor posters are one single glowie guy.


>not all of Tor posters are one single glowie guy.
We were never under that expression.
I use it myself.
>that guy's annoying.
He is obsessed beyond measure. I have only seen someone like that 1-2 times before.
I will never understand their capacity for repetition. It's endless.


Thanks m8

>people can say the N-word 24/7
It´s literally filtered to uighur and everyone doesn´t use it in a literal context to rfer to blak people but like a slang term.
>banned for saying "cracker" and point out the hypocrisy of western nations in dealing with refugees during the war in Ukraine
Admittedly I don't know (you) - perks of being an anon, eh? - but there has been at least one person on the Ukraine threads that has used the racism of the EU displayed during this recent Ukrainian immigration to try and do a Settler's tier "all YT are racist" rant.


Why the fuck I was banned? For saying that the saboteur meme was cringe? Fuck you wvobbly you didn't even post a reason for a ban.


I'd suggest you don't evade
Don't make me get involved in this cause I am way worse.


7 days eh?


I'll ask


Apparently being offended by zoomer freaks is worth me being labeled a schizo


I mean, as your attorney I can't really argue against the schizo charge


File: 1646491472018.jpg (259.38 KB, 1496x1796, punished_jan.jpg)

I have to ask why I was banned. Apparently, I am a "glowuyghur". Is posting links to sites that dos the internet infrastructure of murderous imperialist regimes that are regional enemies to the proletariat of the countries under their sphere of influence glowie behavior now? I wonder what would have happened if I posted a similar link but targeting the US, while US also was invading Venezuela or Cuba. Hmm, scratch that, I'd be banned for "legal reasons" or whatever because despite the jannie aspiration of being a serious group of serious people, you are just fucking cowards pretending to do work while in reality you just work as sheepherders for a bunch of fat hyper online cows who consider angry posting the peak of what you can do in any situation, but I digress. I think this ban just evidently shows how brainrotten Greyzone readers have become, where the logic now is "Enemy of my enemy is my friend and if you are enemy of both my enemy and the enemy of my enemy you are also my enemy". Any respect the moderation team still had in my eyes after its last bedshitting with the pineapple coup / counter-coup is now gone. I am so happy I never invested any labor into being a jannie and quit before loosing my sanity like the rest of you lot. Well, see you in 2 days, I won't ban evade again outside this post, unless you decide to extend the former ban, in which case, cya folks!


>legal reasons
also this is drivel
but nice pic


I stand in solidarity with you, grillpilled skitzo suspected kremowka poster.

I don’t agree with you on everything, but tyrannical mods must face justice


A good cop bad cop routine from the totally not cops is it?


There is boring and then there is this
can you
>I will never understand their capacity for repetition. It's endless.
answer me how you get like this?


Specifically why was he banned?


I genuinely have no time for you,
it was an hour long ban


So a pointless ban then to shape a discussion in some way. Don’t act like time is an issue you’re a janny lmao it’s literally all you do have


glow shapes discussion


what we do is merely a bit of trimming


yes, you glow.


If you could actually engage with anything, you know, things might be different.
I ask you straight up why do you think these brute force spam attacks happen.
All it does is provoke a reaction (inb4 some snide comment about that word).


oh fuck off. Its always the same with libs and trots and reactionaries alike "oh but you just didn't go about it in the right way i was about to be a reasonable human being but see then you started saying things I didn't like and now that is why i'm acting like an asshole."

but, you guys have been assholes for a lot longer than I've been posting about it, and I have engaged on numerous occasions in the nicest way only to be lied to, taken in completely bad faith, actively harassed with the express purpose to run me off the board (deny all this all you want, gaslight away, its a fact, confirmed to me by people who were jannies. No, there is no point in posting proof to you people because you will simply become more and more aggressive, sarcastic and belligerent and pretend what is right in front of everyone isn't real, then escalate things with some threat)

Brute force spam attacks? You think grillpilled skitzo is a doing a "brute force spam attack"?

See this is the thing, its literal neo con "nationa security" bullshit from you guys whenever you have no justification for what you are doing. You never just fucking own up. You can never say "oh yeh that was bad sorry we will make protocol so it doesn't happen." I say never, sometimes you do, but most often, the majority of cases, this is when there has been something so blatant one of the other mods fixes it and a "mistake" is presumed, rather than a toxic culture.

I wasn't talking about spam attacks, i'm not denying you get spammed, by all means, get rid of actual spam. Yes actual spam, not "somebodies opinion which I will call spam."Spam. Real Spam.

Grill Pilled skitzo is a regular poster, posts all the time, pretty funny guy. Don't agree with everything not nearly, but it is obviously in good faith and, as i've I said, who cares, if I wanted to talk to myself i'd sit in my room and literally talk to myself like an actual literal skitzo.

I have to talk to the retard who stil pretends China didn't fund the Mujihadeen, so i'm fine talking to GPskitz.

Free him up, nerd.

This place used to be a good place for discussion, it becomes closer to facebook tier moderation every day.


no point


See this is what I get after "if only you would engage."

So for simple yes/no clarity, do you think grillpill skitz is behind brute force spam attacks?


No, and I never claimed that lel
I was specifically trying to talk about something else bc you also commented about a different issue, not just the namefag.


>No, and I never claimed that lel
>I was specifically trying to talk about something else
yes, I know.

> bc you also commented about a different issue

no I didn't.

So back to the OG question, why, specifically was he banned?


Because I detected a glow coming from him.
I have no problem undoing the ban (a tap on the shoulder), but it's a moot point in a technical sense.


what glow did you detect?


This is what I mean with endless repetition
It's already in his post which you noticed, quoted, (presumably, but not actually) read


you are saying he glows, you should be able to point specifically to what glows. You aren't repeating shit, you haven't said specifically what he has done, his post says you accused him of being glow, because he posted links to some undefined website.

Its pretty simply you just need to state why you think he glows, but i know what you won't outright say it specifically, because then it can be evaluated, and once its evaluated, you know you'll be found to be full of shit


>aren't repeating shit
And I intend to keep it that way
I won't be linking the website for obvious reasons, the rest you can get from his


Mods ban because they get butthurt over comments, not even 4chan is like this, at least they pretend to ban for breaking rules and specify the reason, mods here ban you for "glow" and that pretty much allows them to ban anything they disagree with.

At least properly define what "glow" is retards, is either that or put on the rules that any opinions mods disagree with is reason for a ban, you're as hypocritical as libs.


So you are saying he glows, based on some posts where he posted a website you object to?

Posting source material you don't like isn't glowing. He's a regular poster, who has posted funny papiez memes and no doubt created.

this is DIRECTLY where there is so little OC on this board, because this is how you treat people with any kind of creative flair or humour, for extremely minor infractions, then smear them as a glowie to cover your tracks. Disgraceful


its because some of them are literal libs, but they like masquerading with soviet aesthetics because of le memes. When you fully get inside their heads, you realise just quite the extent of these peoples degeneracy. Insane narcissism, pettiness, and general toxic personalities, completely coom blasted minds, funko popping. The left doesn't mean shit to any of them but entertainment. that is literally all it is to them.


At this point I think he gets it, I have explained it's a tap on the shoulder, nothing more and so on. You're just incapable of getting it.


a tap on the shoulder… for what


I shan't be linking for reasons obvious


so describe it


File: 1646517566229.jpg (14.67 KB, 450x318, 1437294891254.jpg)

see attached


you know you could just give a straight answer


I did, repeatedly. >>557960
etc. etc.


My god.

this does not contain and description and references

presumably this


which does not give a description.

Which is also not your reason for thinking that the regular poster we've all seen posts from glows, its them saying why they don't glow.

You're a fucking retard.

Why. Why do you think this person glows. What was the nature of the website they posted which proves that are probably some sort of bad faith actor, within the realms of reasonable doubt, you mindless fucking cretin


cyber crime


This thread is so retarded. Mods get it right 99.9% of the time and all people here want to do is focus on that 0.1%.
Some of you faggots (especially you sage) need to get a life and drop the victim complex.


File: 1646565374026.png (575.63 KB, 615x849, dics.png)

Why was this deleted from the OC thread? Did a janny not pick up on the obvious sarcasm and confused it with… idk /pol/? Or was there another reason?

I generally agree, especially when it's just daily drama arguments and not something like a thought-out thread where an issue can be properly analyzed and discussed from both sides in a meaningful capacity.


I don't know, I've been in the same boat but I think it's instructive at this point. I won't get an answer to my questions about repetition but that is to be expected.
I have a theory that you have to really hate your fellows to act like that (after all, you think they'll forget anything they heard after a day and then you have to start over again, what a world). It's a cornerstone of the reactionary pathology.

If someone has something to say, I think they'll find a way, make a new thread on this board for example.


Why are jannies imposing support for Vladimir Putin and the Russian state in their invasion on a fucking communist board of all places?
Honestly thought leftypol couldn’t get even shittier but as always it exceeds my lowest expectations


cool beans uygha


At least pretending to be socialists is over I guess


It would really take too long to disentagle everything wrong with that loaded statement at the beginning


Longer than explaining why jannies have started purging comments criticizing the anticommunist bourgeois state that is Russia?


you're still posting
well, you are an imbecile on top
so ask what could be the actual reason
ask questions, uygha
don't be gullible


>Uhhh uhhh actually there’s nothing wrong with our moderation!
Legit not even complaining that anything I personally posted was removed
Why the fuck does this thread even exist if you brush off all criticisms?


>nothing wrong
Didn't write that though, did I?


Not in so many words
That’s clearly the attitude people here take
Again, why is support for the fucking Russian Federation now enforced?
Do you have any sort of rational answer that makes sense as a communist or just edgy imageboard bullshit?


The answer is it's not and that's an absurd loaded question.
I am guessing you are reacting to the Tor spammer who makes hundreds of post per day.


I saw anons talking about a guy posting about a Russian labor struggle being removed
Idk if that’s the frog face shitposter


I really can't say to any one post but
this is here for example
I am gonna say a good 90% of what is removed is one incredibly obsessed nutcase


Mods please monitor >>>/leftypol/779748 the ukrop-shilling glowie posts there a ton (because they get insta-deleted/banned on the main Ukraine thread) so keep an eye out for this cunt.


The Nazi shitter is using Tor nodes


who do you think you are replying to?


Given that you're posting again, yes faggot.



Get yourself together
I use the IP myself


There are several people using the exit if you weren't aware.
No I'm not using my fucking real IP to visit an internationally known far-left extremist website that jokes about war crimes and killing heads of state in everyday banter you fucking maniac.


…and one of them is me, I fail to see the second sentence has anything to do with it.
Anyway, we still have to shut down spam.


>we still have to shut down spam.
Yes I understand that, I usually report shit whenever I come across it.


I was told to post here about the ban that I got 2 days ago. Basically I posted a link to a site which automatically floods Russian government / media / business related websites with dos attack spam if you open it. For this I got a 2 day ban with the explenation of "glowuighur". I mentioned it here by ban evading: >>557941
After checking on the thread, I seem to get the takeaway that the ban in question was actually because of "cybercrimes". I can accept that as the reason, however that too seems a bit fucking dumb, knowing that for one, no one is going to close down the site for cybercrimes against Russia, knowing that we already freely share around piracy links which are theoretically more dangerous for the site than cybercrimes against Russia, and that we even have freaking /dead/ hanging around. However, "cybercrimes" wasn't the description of my ban, it was "glowuigher", thus I am suspect of the motives of the janny in question, especially since my ban appeal got rejected with no ability to apply again. That is all on the situation.


>After checking on the thread, I seem to get the takeaway that the ban in question was actually because of "cybercrimes"
lmao that's such bullshit. For well over a year there's been a thread up in /tech/ with resources and step-by-step instructions for buying drugs off the dark web.
The mod obviously disagreed with the principle of you posting that link and come up with a made-up reason to ban you. Do you know which mod it was who banned you?


Testing name generator


Testing again


Ah mods, spoiler failed in >>>/anime/13649 and even though it's censored I don't want to get banned for something that dumb, so spoiler pic 1 pls, thanks.


Why did you faggy jannies turn on random name generation in threads? What another lame excuse to spy on people.


It's for International Women's Day


>assmad that obvious anti-Russian shilling
<U-ur Putin shills!
Cool story bro.
No, they've been banning obvious bad faith posts, faggot. See >>557975


>leftychan just leaves it up to the users
Yeah and the place is a dead shithole that glows. the porn threads the least shitty part of the site and they're not even that good and are dead as fuck. Go back and stop shilling.


>a made-up reason
The faggot is literally posting cia-shit and you're saying it's made up?


when I complained that jannies are being dishonest, everyone sided with the jannies and laughed at me. hits different when it happens to you. >>17061


huh, I fail to see how that connects, like at all.
I am talking about spam, in essence.


oh, I remember, the guy making that thread is a spammer too.


I replied to the wrong post. For some reason, I thought you were someone else. I even thought "huh, someone uses 'reactionary pathology' too", but I should have known it was you all along. anyway, I was agreeing with these anons
>The mod obviously disagreed with the principle of you posting that link and come up with a made-up reason to ban you.
>that pretty much allows them to ban anything they disagree with.
and saying my posts were deleted too only because they directly disagreed with a janny in a thread. looks like it happens to a few people. feel free to call me a schizo and all that.


these things don't connect. Last link is not talking about anything specific. Second to last link is about cyber crime, as I have now said (again, again).


watch out, the cyberpolice is gonna put you in cyberjail!

"cybercrime" is how governments get rid of dissidents, whistleblowers and those who expose the state. any black hat that isn't one of those, just becomes a white hat and starts working for the government instead of going to prison. what, you think they send people to jail for ddos-ing and sql injections? lol


This is a public site not a haxor space.


>"cybercrime" is how governments get rid of dissidents
And also just plain faggots that fuck up sites and the internet for everyone else.


Can you disable the retarded women's name shit you implemented? I know you want to be quirky and inclusive but it's making the board unusable if I can't filter the retarded namefags


Explain to me how dos attack site against Russia (that literally is zero risk to use even if you shouted in a cops face about using it because everyone hates Russia now and will more likely give a pat on the back) so long as you're not in Russia, is more dangerous than piracy links which can get your ass jailed or fined in most of western europe and NA?


no idea what that means
point me to illegal content


unban tor you tards


>quirky and inclusive
It's a day event for the celebration today, you mong
>can't filter the retarded namefags
<everyone that is retarded is a namefag
Full randomized anonymity hurts huh?


>everyone that is retarded is a namefag
no, but everyone who is a namefag is retarded


>waaaaahhhhh I can't use my pedo software to post racism on a left wing forum waaaaaahhhh


>everyone who is a namefag is retarded
And? Most of them post on /siberia/ take a chillaxative and don't post for a day.


i can guarantee you don't post anything good
my suggestion for you would be to buy some rope and hang yourself with it


Okay mods which one of you has gotten into some satanic Nazi stuff? You guys are like dogs with bags of trash i swear


shay has been shitting and pissing in USApol all day


unrangeban me i didn't do nuffin


>the Russian VDV put out videos of them bullying, attacking and harassing gay men all over Russia
Literal bullshit. The videos are about teasing wristlet 'males' that behaved like bitches, Essentially the message being; man the fuck up.


I coughed at this, nice.


What the shit is going on in the O9A thread?


File: 1646891285993.png (152.22 KB, 1242x545, 1646890223241.png)

Who cares the big one is about to happen uygha


what're the relative odds of
a) being unbanned
b) having to wait until the war's over or something


File: 1646899269811.png (16.71 KB, 1483x47, ClipboardImage.png)

Lol at this faggot jannie. Posting porn on the NSFW board is now banned?

Why not put in the rules you can only post porn as long as it's shay fucking his asshole.


all porn should be banned from /siberia/. it has only caused it to become an incel coomer board.


Please move >>>/AKM/1412 to >>>/AKM/1345


Jannies, get your tardwranglers and control the shithead "moderating" the Ukraine thread. Literally a triggered snowflake trying to put anything slightly anti-Russia, or just basic facts that make Russia look bad or incompetant get deleted. Get your shit in check.


You are such a gullible retard, if you aren't pretending


And now I got timed out because this retard didn't like getting called out. Fucking amazing moderation quality.

Hmm yes, however I don't reload the page so I can clearly see what shit you delete. OH NO HEADLINE THAT MAKES RUSSIA LOOK STUPID! Even if its fucking low effort or "fake news", there is no reason to delete it.


He has been spamming the place full time, like every waking hour.
Again you are here for long enough, hang out here enough, you should not be so unaware.


FFS stop banning whole of Tor just because of a few retarded posts. Not being able to post images and videos is bad enough, let's leave it at that.


>Emails also showed that Meta would allow praise of the right-wing Azov battalion, which is normally prohibited, in a change first reported by The Intercept.
>Meta spokesman Joe Osborne previously said the company was "for the time being, making a narrow exception for praise of the Azov Regiment strictly in the context of defending Ukraine, or in their role as part of the Ukraine National Guard."


No, you got timed out because you post bait and bad faith posts that boil down to the same lib "both sides" bullshit.


My goodness, no! Can you believe his posts are sub-par quality wise? On leftypol? What's next? He'll start a thread under 100 words long?!
Imagine if I was anti-Russia and pro-Ukraine. Would you ban me then?
Also yes you fucking neo-Kautskyite Hudson reading MMT mongoloids, both sides are fucking awful and Putin's government deserves to burn just as much as the governments of NATO. You fuckers would unironically join SDP hand in hand and vote for war credits if it was 1914. I didn't know this basic Leninist principle of not supporting imperialists has become libshit now. At the very least you have the decency to admit you're currating the thread according to your tastes instead of again hiding behind your idiotic "glowuigher behavior" bans.


File: 1646988131048.gif (10.1 MB, 640x499, 1645818537028.gif)

Your snideness doesn't make you an intellectual buddy.
>Imagine if I was anti-Russia and pro-Ukraine. Would you ban me then?
I'm not a mod, but yeah sure, since you don't engage in good faith so there'd be utterly no reason to let a person disingenuously shill a NATO supporting, Nazi apologist posts. And frankly that IS what you do, for all your claims of disliking Ukraine, you've only been bitching about Russia.
>neo-Kautskyite Hudson
Ok schizo, your name-mashing means nada.
>both sides are fucking awful and Putin's government deserves to burn just as much as the governments of NATO
Yeah no, your kind of complete dogshit dogma is the kind of shit that got communists killed for no good reason because of the one fucker that didn't have the patience to keep their head down and wait for the opportunity… y'know, like Lenin did successfully, or Mao and his collaboration with the Chinese Nationalists against Japan, or the USSR and USA against Nazi Germany. Because not all enemies are equal and your moralistic cia-propaganda-tier bullshit is meaningless.
>You fuckers would unironically join SDP hand in hand and vote for war credits if it was 1914
Yeah, sure buddy, if you say so, you're the self-described Schizo, you can live in your fantasy… just don't post about it, because your fantasy disgusts any sane and normal person that has even the slightest modicum of understanding of real politik and reality in general. In fact please, do go to Ukraine this very minute and start attacking Russians and Ukrainians indiscriminately, I'm sure that'll bring around communism much faster and we'll appreciate your sacrifice, oh great humanist that you are.
>I didn't know this basic Leninist principle of not supporting imperialist
If you had actually ever picked up a tome of Lenin, you'd comprehend the definition of imperialism and the reason you don't do "both-sideism", you might as well jump between of 2 trains crashing together for all the good you'll do, and in fact Ukraine's anarchists did that and got annihilated by both Ukrainians and Russians, having collectively done the equivalent of stinging them by killing or lynching a couple of their soldiers.
>At the very least you have the decency to admit you're currating the thread
I'm not a mod you faggot, do you see a hashtag and Nametag on my posts?
>hiding behind your idiotic "glowuigher behavior" bans.
You are a blatant "glowuigher" because you repeat their rhetoric like a good burger stooge



Very on point post.

However, for the purpose of moderation pretty besides the point. The issue has always been at least 95% Form (repetition, repetition, repetition, spam, spam, spam) not Content. Which is why you'll see absolute abysmal quality posters like this joker and King Lear being allowed to drag down the board quality.


Once again collateral Tor bans once burgers wake up. No posting for me after 15 PM, see you tomorrow then. Hope you find a better solution soon.


Some shithead kept spamming, had to resort to 2h ban. We'll see if we can find a better way to deal with it


why hasnt the 09a thread been cleansed yet


File: 1647030100780.jpg (225.31 KB, 2048x1536, 8yWkYeo.jpg)

Jan Jans are part of the cult most likely trying to recruit retards to their organization to Charlie Manson incels.


File: 1647064965008.jpg (86.86 KB, 960x1280, 1647064884020.jpg)


putler heckin THANOS SNAPPED me.

please provide Reddit gold to resurrect me kind stranger


No idea what that shit's about, but quickly skimming it, it's just plain funny.


Why are the mods getting so dogshit that they’re banning people for making jokes now?
Assuming some jannie that genuinely wants to f*ck their friend started seething when I jokingly suggested saying he wants to in the Ukraine thread
Nice job deleting the comment too, like a jackass, you couldn’t have made your seething any more obvious


Kill yourself immediately


Hello seething jannie
You sure are a great moderator, giving people time-outs for joking at your expense
You aren’t at all like a redditor, destined to drag this board into the shitheep with the saddest attempts to exercise non-existent power


You are projection so hard
You are a self-admitted redditor


God the jannies here really are shit
You literally tossed out a ban because I made a joke about you wanting to fuck your friend, which funny enough you admitted you want to anyway
What kind of loser autist would mod an imageboard and not be able to handle jokes

Shitting out the word “REDDIT” doesn’t distract from what a shit job you’re doing in the Ukraine thread, first banning people for not simping Russia, then banning people for making a joke about you, dork


I am simply banning you for being an unfunny, perpetually triggered anglo
The rest of this post is schizo fantasy


So now you’re projecting?


This is a waste of time.
Let me try explaining it extremely simple:
You are all those things you hate, I don't throw around the term projection
Get better.


Lmao it isn’t a waste of time at all if it gets you to admit your moderation is shit
You’re trying to be funny and glib while admitting that your moderation is entirely flippant and frivolous
You ban anons who haven’t actually broke a rule because something they wrote makes you seethe a bit, this is according to your own words, just said without your personal bias covering the fact

Yes, that makes you a terrible, reddit tier mod, behaving like this. Reddit is the other place designed to be a dogshit dictatorship where overly emotional whiny moderators that choose favorites and have their personal biases control how they act on the job ban people and cut discussions on a whim
>You’re banned cuz u r not funny
Just proves you’re a shit mod and memeing about it and being glib doesn’t somehow take away from that lmao


I am looking at your post history in toto.
The thing about it is, I just very recently removed a ban on there.
You just don't have a clue.


just respect the mods, it really isn't that difficult lmao


>Why are the mods getting so dogshit that they’re banning people for making jokes
A) Most of them aren't jokes
B) the proven fedbots are en masse, so discerning a joke is hard in a typed medium

>Imagine a janitors broom sweeping a turd


>Most of them aren't jokes
How are we supposed to have faith in your judgement of what is and isn't a joke when most of the janitors are autistic males?


it’s not funny it’s annoying as hell


So are most of the users so it's representative.


File: 1647171450330.png (125.03 KB, 450x326, ClipboardImage.png)

Has the glowie counterinsurgency finally decreased? I see mods have become easier on the trigger, letting our own court idiots to post again.

So can us Tor users maybe get our imageposting back?


File: 1647216379589.png (686.76 KB, 680x682, 1647145837976.png)


wonder what DC was like back then


Yo, I get banning for my post (the cooked horse pussy) but in my defense the spoiler failed and I didn't notice because I scrolled past at that point. But giving me a ban for FIVE WEEKS FOR ACCIDENTAL NON-SPOILER WITH 0 WARNING on all boards is fucking ridiculous.
A) You gave me NO Warning (asking me to delete it or just a 5 minute ban reminding me to spoiler)
B) Banned me excessively over ONE post of FOOD. Yes its horse pussy, but it's still food. People have posted unspoilered horse-cum drinking and horse cocks on /leftypol/ and it's stayed up untouched before, so I don't get the double-standard.

TL;DR: It's an accidental non-spoiler, just unban me, I literally have no history of shitposting outside of /siberia/ and certainly don't deserve a nearly 2 month ban over a site malfunction.


>This coming from the US Embassy
<Not realizing that Kiev in 996 belonged to the Kievan RUS
fucking kek


Ok. There was a guy posting severed vagina gore b4. I thought you were spamming. Ban lifted.


Have you tried, like, not doing that?


modern day russia is a reskinned muscovy


Lift my leftypol ban, some imbecile mod banned me from posting a copypasta. Why are ukraine thread mods so fucking stupid holy fuck?
Also it seems like ANY even slightly pro ukraine gets banned instantly(user was unbanned for this post)


You deserve to stay banned for making light of the genocide of the Russian people, be glad that the mods are lenient


>People and bots have been nonstop spamming anti-Russian rhetoric and literal cia-shit
<perfect time to post a copy-pasta when bots are literally spamming copy-pasta anti-Russia shit
Do the math.


You know, why isn't racism/homophobia explicitly against the rules? Does that fall under the rules of "reactionary positions"?


>Does that fall under the rules of "reactionary positions"?
TL;DR: You answered your question.

Keep in mind blatantly stating a ban for racism and homophobia in the rules gets used by liberals to shut down criticism for identity politics and gay/race groups. For example back before the leftychan split, I got banned by Melons for pointing out the false glorification of Harvey Milk and the fact that he was an exploitative, manipulative paedophile that preyed on under-age boys and groomed them, before discarding them after they began to hit puberty. But because he's an "icon of gay (liberal) rights" criticism of him got turned into an accusation of "homophobia".



it doesnt have anything to do with accusations, but measured moderation


can you remove half of the banners? fucking unfunny bitch


go back to /pol/


The Order of Nine Angels thread seems to be more of an outpost for its supporter(s) rather than actual discussion, anchor it and be done with it


>vague non-specific complaint

This is a good point, but I think the initial solution should be just removing the supporters.


File: 1647612363471.jpg (150.35 KB, 851x797, jesus christ.jpg)

Jesus christ AGAIN a retarded mode banned me for merely QUOTING a liberal youtuber.
Literally just READ the fucking comment IT'S CLEARLY A QUOTE I EVEN SEPARATED THE FUCKING POST WITH A '<' sign so the braindead jannies don't ban me again. Honestly what the fuck is wrong with you ? Do you even read the posts?
It's responding to a comment that is asking what did the lib youtuber (adam something) thought about the situation. I clearly responded and quoted him. What's wrong with you honestly?(USER WAS UNBANNED FOR THIS POST)


Caballo is aware that to bumplock a thread it has to break one of the rules set out in the constitution?
He can't just sage threads which he doesn't like, it denies the users consistency.


the constitution literally says rules are guidelines and mods have the capacity to act on their own digression to enforce order


mods are guided by personal feelings not by rules.


(user shouldn't have been banned in the first place for this kafkaesque retard shit)


Who was it that wrote and voted on the constitution?


I'm afk so I can't ask in congress: what is the reason for anchoring the 'explanation for LGBT?' thread? It's not identity politics.
Additionally, what is the reason for anchoring the 'where do I go?' thread? I see no indication of it being bad faith or off-topic. Was it a knee-jerk? Seriously you all need to communicate. This is a problem.


You're afk? Then how are you typing this, uygha?
>explanation for LGBT?
don't know, don't care but sounds idpol.
>'where do I go?' thread?
Is bog-standard fascist thread and blogposting on top. So pretty much the worst posting possible without just spamming expletives.


it also says in constitution that you can complain about mod actions. but if you post a screenshot of the mod log on /meta/, displaying actions of mods, it gets deleted and you banned. what's the point of the mod log if we can't mention it? lol


Love these type of posts cause it shows there are still completely unhinged motherfuckers trying their same old amateurish fuckery (do you know the definition of insanity?).


Wow, 2 jeeps, how will Putin come back from this?


you should take a break from the Internet, touching grass would do you good. what are you calling insanity exactly? trying to discuss the moderation of this website on the appropriate board?

if I post a screenshot of the mod log, will you delete it?


who dis?




second test


stop shitting up the board, retard


Guy's completely unhinged. Think he's gonna listen to you?


Excuse me but what exactly was the reason for my ban? What rule did I break? The only reason I see is “muh Jews”. Is it because I pointed out that the SS and Nazis in general both contained and collaborated with Jews? Is pointing out the existence of Lehi “antisemitism”? If I were an anti Semite, I’d be against the Soviet Union as well, yet there were plenty of Jews in the Union that served socialism well. So what’s the deal?


please just go back to reddit r/stupidpol
you aren't wanted here, we are russians, we are pro russian and you should go somewhere else faggot


How am I not pro-Russian? Check my post history, it’s nothing but me defending Russia today. I was just pointing out to the unaware that having a Jew in charge of your government doesn’t mean it’s not full of Nazis, as is the case with the occupational government of Malorussia


good job vomiting out the blackest reaction and bourgeois nationalism you faggot
mods ban Russia critics like me for being "glowies" but shit like this post and this >>867568 is on full display.
have fun with your echo chamber, im out


Aww is the little hohol piggy gonna cry? Why don’t you run into the arms of daddy Zelensky in his comfy German estate if you love him so much?


>Why don’t you run into the arms of daddy
strange projection from a daddy manlet worshipper


He is banned


Punished Schizo here yet again! Please explain how:

>Okay, so I can literally say that Kadirovites will start killing poor christian Ukranians because they want to larp a Jihad and Putin will indulge them, and I would be no less wrong than you. And I am sorry, but I'd rather take a metro bombing every few years than multiple cities getting shelled. Oh and ffs we can extend your logic to support Thatcher and the UVF, and perhaps even support a hypothetical invasion of Ireland during the troubles.

Is NATO shilling? Boy, its so fucking funny that I haven't been banned a single time since 8chan, and now it happened 3 times over the same retarded, skinless Russiabot janny that can't take a criticism without sperging out about muh NATO shills and muh GLOW, without considering that he might just be compromised by the glow of the other Imperialist power. At least put some fucking effort into your ban descriptions you retard. I know you can do better, I also was a leftypol janny once.


>I also was a leftypol janny once.
And I assure you that is taken very seriously
I recall there was something about there "not even being 6 million jews in Europe".


That is true according to census data, many people whom the Nazis killed that got labeled as Jews by the Zionists after the fact were either only “Jews” in the most tangential sense or didn’t have a drop of Jewish blood. This fact is tragically twisted by neo Nazis to insist that Generalplan Ost didn’t happen


Mods the current OP is in ukraine thread is outdated and full of shit now since almost everything is censored/closed.

Please delete the all text and replace it with this:

>Remember to follow https://t.me/intelslava on telegram for news, the west is silencing every media that provides alternatives to the MSM narrative, that telegram channel is russian (in english) so they can't censor it.

>Also follow https://mobile.twitter.com/RWApodcast on twitter (while it lasts) also their telegram https://t.me/RWApodcast

>Mangopress is another good one : https://t.me/mangopress


depin the grover furr and 2000 nostalgia from siberia please, it's fun one day or two but it's been too long now, you have to take them down


out of all of the posts in /leftypol/ that could get whacked as “pol troll”, it’s me being tongue in cheek about something that gets blatantly and shamelessly posted in the ukraine general with impunity


Thing is, it's not.


mods are retards who can't understand jokes episode 4 hundred billion


grillpill what name did you used to go by on Matrix?


If you're going to ban me for "derailing" because I RESPONDED to a response of a response by poting the fact that an anon literally ASKED me to post for them, then you ought to ban ALL of the people involved in that conversation, because I can see you didn't ban the anons that blatantly continued to bitch about Covid even right now.


>Take them down
They're not even taking up a lot of space, and the Grover one is literally a kino moment, catalog is not hard to use anon.


2 things
1) You are catastrophically wrong about Covid
2) Stop sending me reports
However your ban is lifted, don't do it again, etc.


>catastrophically wrong about Covid
Thanks for the unban, that is appreciated. However the very post I got banned for literally cites the CDC. If I'M catastrophically incorrect than is the CDC also catastrophically incorrect? Besides I didn't even talk about COVID directly, merely stated that I think the vaccines like Pfizer are unsafe for people as proven by numerous side-effects and (again) CDC data. Cuba and Russia have better products but they are blocked from international export by American Sanctions. You're not getting a Sputnik vaccine if you're in the Western hemisphere, so by default in reference to "vaxx" I referred to things Pfizer and related, and that forcing people to take such faulty, poorly tested products is unethical at best. That is all I am saying based on OFFICIAL sources, not even the people that question the validity of said official sources.

polite sage


Why is Torposting images banned again on /siberia/? I get /leftypol/ cuz that makes sense, but /siberia/ has been fairly clear of spammers and bad shit (as far as /siberia/ can be)


I think >>>/edu/2320 should be merged into >>>/edu/338 since they're the same topic and the threads/board is slow as it is without split threads


>than is the CDC also catastrophically incorrect?
No, that does not follow. I mean specifically numbers like death rate.


Mods you really need to reconsider your Covid position. I am vaxxed, for the record, with Pfizer. I didn't want to be for a long time but I caved because I had a sick relative and getting covid sucked for me.

Anyway, vaccine scepticism is way more widespread than you think, particularly among young working class people. Oddly I've found particularly among women, who have fertility concerns and so on. Around 1/2 of my workplace is vaccine skeptic, namely cos one of the first people who got it had severe side effects, her eyes swelled up so she couldn't see for 3 days. The NHS response was LOL call us back if it persists. It didn't persist, but still, pretty scary. My partner and a lot of her friend shave missed a period every time they have had a shot, and so on. Now, on balance, is it better everyone is vaxxed? A different convo, I think people should at least be allowed to express concern and share opinions/stories.

There are big names on the left like Max Blumenthal who are anti vax and stuff, i think he is wrong and has started repeating bullshit takes, but still, the realm of thought is not necessarily outside of the left.

It is also is just one of the most topical conversations around, or at least was before Ukraine. If we want to grow, we need to be open to be having the most topical discussions of the hour


Well that's scary.
It seems that vaccine complications are way more widespread than the media reports.
I'm somewhat of an antisocial guy with a small friend circle, but I know of two people (both under the age of 21) who got fucked by the vaccine. One had heart complications from phizer and the other was in hospital for a few weeks unable to walk.

It's definitely a topic we should be allowed to talk about here.


Oh bother, here we go again. With a seven day ban no less! The echo chamber enforcer is really getting pissy I see.


>>Soldiers: 1500
>Wow I am so happy Russia is going to demolish half of Ukraine to denazify this massive and dangerous movement

Ban reason: GLOW OP

Nice to see Mr Echochamber still can't be bothered to write proper sentances. It is amazing how trigger happy this retard is. Boy oh boy I wonder how long of a ban with a reason of "le pol" I'd get if I even dared to jest about "we are winning putinsisters!".

I will repeat again, jannies, wrangle in your tard. He is fucking poison to the site, and making it into an echo chamber for Putinoid worldview, getting triggered worse than pol jannies at the slightest criticism or mockery of his daddy Russian oligarch, and your entire mod team begins to look as if you all are retards made from the same shitty clay.

FifthCommunar. My old PC literally melted down in the middle of Pineapple autism fit along with my matrix logins, and I couldn't be bothered to ever return, and I am happier for it.


>I couldn't be bothered to ever return, and I am happier for it.
Are the matrix chats really that toxic?


Its not really toxic, more just a gaggle of goose pretending their super epic political Machiavelians trying to wrestle control of the board, who are constantly paranoid of their fellow geese, eg d0llars or whatever the fuck his name was, who was in no way a boogyman as he was made out, but just another goose who was entrenched as a rock into his position of janny/admin power, just like Zul or Pineapple during their spat.

Whats funny is that the biggest annoyance for me was that you really had to double check a ton if its ok to ban some rightoid or not, and had to wait for them to go mask off even if you knew they'll sperg out about muh jooz a hundred posts before it happened, so its kind of surprising to see Mr Echochamber ban everyone with so much impunity now. My best guess is that another Pyongyang esque shitter got into the team and is in good graces of some higher up admin, except this time its not an incel schizo, but an actual, dare I even say it, Russiabot. Though I wasn't a jannie during Pyongyang, so fuck do I know.


Also riddle me this, gracious jannies, who is more of a rightoid glowie who needs a ban? A guy who is calling out a military aggressor as being shitty, mocking their trumped up reasons for war and refusing to remain silent about the fact that wars are bad, period, or a guy who is basically all-but calling for Ukranian genocide? You decide.


>Ur ban appeal was denied, can't appeal again
Wonder if Mr Echochamber decided to clamp down and quietly burn the appeal. Very well, keep your echo chamber, keep circlejerking about how spooky scary azov is. Won't change the fact you are pathetic excuses for communists who would have joined the SPD to vote for war credit.


Full solidarity with grillpill skitzo


Yall do realize this entire website has been taken over and astroturfed by the Russian intelligence agencies right? You do understand the moderators of this website are no shit Russian intelligence officers right? They have hijacked leftypol and are pushing a narrative that only by supporting an ultra rich oligarch imperialist with 20 yachts can you actually support REAL leftism.


On March 11, the "Cyber Front Z" channel appeared in Telegram. The first post in it was published the next day with the announcement of recruitment to the cyber army. "The more successfully our soldiers fight the plague in Ukraine,the more fakes and information attacks appear on us. The Ukrainian propaganda machine is fully deployed. They want us dead, and Russia to collapse. Only together can we resist these attacks! We are opening the Cyber Front of Operation Z to fight back in the information field against the propagandists of the Kiev junta, funded by the Western world, " the recording said. For the needs of the "front", spammers, commenters, content analysts, designers and programmers were required. For working conditions, it was suggested to contact Alexander, in the description of his profile in Telegram, he called himself a "battalion commander of the cyber front". The Fontanka correspondent went to an interview, passed it successfully, and spent a day working in the cyber forces. How it was and what does the famous Olginsky trolls have to do with it — in the report of Fontanka


Alexander responded immediately, despite the late time — the night of March 15-16: "Salary-45 thousand a month. Schedule — 2/2. If you are ready to work for us, I can make an appointment for an interview."

Record immediately the next day: there is a free window left for 14 hours. The meeting will take place in the premises of the Bloody bones grill bar on Korablestroiteley Street. Although the bar is too big a name for this place. One hall, several tables, a bar counter-all this in a separate one-story building of nondescript appearance.

At 14 o'clock, people are already sitting at each table. A dark-haired young man explains to the two guys: "Now there is a lot of fake information, because of which there are spontaneous rallies in the Gostinka area. All this leads to sad consequences, because any conflicts with the police always end in five or seven years in prison. Therefore, our movement is designed to block these fakes."

Red-haired Yana offers to sit next to a woman of about 50 years old and gives us questionnaires. The questions in them are quite general: place of work, school, address of residence, social networks, vaccination against COVID-19. Yana waits for us to fill out the forms and starts telling us. "We are working to expose fakes on the agenda of Ukraine. You probably read the news and see that there is a lot of misinformation, including about civilian casualties. This is the patriotic Z movement. This project appeared recently, but the [patriotic] movement itself has existed for a long time, " she says. When asked what else the participants of the movement were doing, he hesitates, but quickly finds something to say: they wrote comments like those that can be found under products on Ozon or Yandex sites. "You don't believe these are real reviews, do you?" she smiles. The woman opposite shakes her head in understanding. Yana continues: the work is not difficult, you will need to write comments in Telegram and on other sites (except for VKontakte — where "information is more or less neutral"). Curators will find chats and channels; they will also tell you how to write refutations and what is the point of investing in them. You don't need to write a sheet: two or three sentences will be enough. "Our guys who have been working on this topic for several years will work with you, they will be able to help if anything happens." You need to post 200 comments every day.

There are 100 people in a shift. The first two shifts went to work just a few days ago. The project is long-term: the first month you will need to work from the office on Lenin Square, then you can go to a remote location. The design is unofficial. The woman opposite clarifies: "Where is the guarantee that you will pay us?" Yana throws up her hands: you'll have to take my word for it. "There is no competition, we will take everyone. If you agree and are ready to work in the war against fakes, write down the address: Arsenal plant, at the checkpoint you will say that you are in the individual entrepreneur Nekrylov. The first shift is on March 18, and you can leave on the 20th. Start of work at 9 am."

The offensive

On Friday morning, there is a queue at the entrance to the former Arsenal factory. Several dozen people are trying to get a new job. The security guard takes a long time to rewrite everyone's passport data. Viktor, a dark — haired man in his 30s wearing a black puffer jacket from one of the brands that recently left Russia, collects the new ones, and a small American flag is pasted on the sleeve under the tag. Victor calls himself a Tiktok curator. "Oh, will you need to post something from your account? I have several thousand subscribers there. True, of course, there have been so many negative comments lately, I don't understand where they come from," a girl in tight black leggings makes eyes at him. "No, they'll give you accounts," Viktor replies. The girl takes a drag on an electronic cigarette. Next to her is a brutal man in his 50s wearing khaki pants and a knitted hat. He stands out strongly in the crowd of young people, first of all-with his sullen silence.

Just half an hour — and those who want to work in the cyber forces are in the office. A small corridor, on the wall hang flags with the letter Z on a black background and on the background of the tricolor. There are several offices in the corridor. In one of them there is a queue-these are those who want to get into the Telegram team. "I'm kind of used to this social network," a guy in faded jeans says to his girlfriend. A young man looks out of another office and calls out to those waiting: "There are a lot of you on Telegram, let's go to my Youtube channel." Three of them get out of line and go to him, and I go with them.

The guy who picked us out of the crowd is Sasha. He is the curator of the Youtube direction. Under his leadership, 23 people work in this shift. They are seated in two offices. Experienced-in the big one, beginners are brought to the one that is smaller. Instead of a welcome word, Sasha sends an old message to Telegram, apparently written before the "cyber warriors" went to the office — in the first lines it says that the work will be remote. Sasha's nickname is patriotic — Vesti ru. "My name is Alexander, I am your curator. Our division will work on YouTube. Since we will all be working with our own equipment, please make sure that your computers and mobile devices have an application or a working YouTube. About accounts: don't worry. I'll give it to you. Now let's talk about what tasks are waiting for you. The main pool of work will consist in creating a patriotic picture in the comments under trending videos and in the category "politics and news", - stated in his message. Along with this welcome speech — a link to the post in the channel "Cyber Front Z":

"The channel will provide brief instructions on tasks, mainly they will be reduced to increasing the presence of patriotic comments in channels where clusters of Ukrainian bots and trolls are seen, forming pro-Russian top comments from bloggers and opinion leaders, as well as strengthening the patriotic agenda in news publics, where a large percentage of ordinary people simply do not understand the goals and objectives of the special operation. We are convinced that the incursions of Ukrainian Nazis into the Russian information field must be stopped and not allowed to fool our citizens ' brains! Cyber Front Z goes on the offensive!»

Sasha adds: "They wish the Russians to die, but we wish them to come to their senses. No insults! We focus on what is written in the channel, there, of course, everything is hyperbolized, but it is true. If you want, you can express your opinion."


Sasha arrived a few years ago from Kazakhstan and says that he understands the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine, he experienced similar feelings in his homeland. "I had a 0.1 percent chance of finding a good job in Kazakhstan, because I am Russian-speaking." In his spare time from curating cyber patriots, Sasha writes articles for an entertainment website. "It's not related to this project, I don't mix jobs," he explains, just in case. From the story about himself, Sasha moves on to political enlightenment. "In our country, not everything is cool, but apologizing for being Russian is a little wrong. I myself was on the news agenda, and I also saw the Alley of Angels (a memorial complex established in 2015 in Donetsk in memory of children who died during the military conflict. - Editor's note), saw corpses, dismemberment, murdered children. I had nightmares afterwards. I'm not saying there's anything right here right now. Nothing is right." Sasha repeats all the postulates known and spoken by the Russian authorities: Kiev refused to comply with the Minsk agreements and increased weapons, Europe financed military supplies. "There would have been no "explosion" on the 24th, there would have been an "explosion" on the 30th, and not from our side. I don't have confirmation, but I think so. In the first week, no strikes were made on residential areas. And now ordinary people are not allowed to hide in a safe place. Natsbats close people in basements and apartments."

I ask him how he knows all this. Lech interrupts Sasha. He has been working three shifts and is considered an experienced cyber warrior in the team. He searches for videos and sends them to the chat with suggestions on how to comment on them. In social networks, his name is Matvey. He's in his late 40s. Judging by the photos, he is a former national basketball player. Lech says that he knows about everything from friends who were in the Donbass. "They, the Ukrainians, when they retreated, tried to make sure that there were as many civilian casualties as possible," he says, answering a question about civilians allegedly locked up in basements. - But the civilian population is forbidden to talk about it: they know that if they do, the guys from Azov will come.

Lech once communicated with the opposition and became disillusioned with it: here, he says, Alexander Shurshev, being an activist of the "Youth Yabloko", said that he would take a Georgian surname in 2006 to support the expelled Georgians, but a month later he changed his decision and left his own. "It was significant for me: I observed how they are all inconsistent in the opposition. And then I saw how the Kremlin works. They are consistent, and this resilience appeals. You understand: if your interests coincide with the interests of the Kremlin, then you will not be abandoned, " he says, sitting on a pink ottoman, looking at his laptop.

The resulting pause is interrupted by a guy full of tattoos: "I'm sorry, I'm listening to you and I understand that I'm not in the topic at all. What should I write?" Curator Sasha sighs: "Well… I've also had people write 'Russia' with two mistakes. Well, look, here they write that in Russia no one supports the actions of the authorities, and you write on the contrary. Do not say that the majority. Here I support it. Do you know me?" So write: "I have friends who support the government." Or where they say that they want all Russians to die, you should write: "I'm a tattoo artist, what does Ukraine and I have to do with it? I can at least put a swastika on your elbow." Well, you don't have to write about the swastika. But in general, the message is this."

I ask the supervisor, who is our employer after all? "He has nothing to do with the Ministry of Defense, they are just concerned entrepreneurs," says Sasha. Masha enters the conversation at this point. She is in her early 20s, a student, and also works part-time at SMM and personal growth seminars. She seems to doubt that she came to the right job. Even before the shift started, she asked Sasha if she didn't have to write in the comments that Navalny was a traitor if she didn't think he was one. The conversation was hypothetical. Sasha did not forbid it, but offered to think about whether the money that was sent to the opposition leader for donations was lost. Now Masha wonders why "flags with the letters Z" are placed everywhere, adding that the military theme in general has been implanted in us since childhood, if the boys hadn't run around the playgrounds with weapons and played tanks, maybe everything would have been different. "Well … these paraphernalia are for convinced people. It doesn't make me feel hot or cold. And as a child… well, I liked weapons, no one dictated to me what toys to choose, " the curator answers, Lech supports him, and Masha no longer tries to argue.

n addition to the three of them, Yaroslav is sitting in the office (he spent the whole working day asking why there is no refrigerator with food in the office), Nikita (he is always silent) and Alexey (he is also taciturn, described himself as a multi — faceted person-a Belarusian, was engaged in hacking and owned his own "shaverma").


After getting acquainted, everyone is added to the chat "YouTube 1 Change Z". They drop videos and reports from patriotic channels there. You need to comment on Dudya's new interview with historian Tamara Eidelman, the speech of the adviser to the President of Ukraine Alexey Arestovich, the news release of Present Time (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation), a video published by one of the Ukrainian bloggers with Russian military equipment, Biden's speech, Ilya Varlamov's video. "You can throw Varlamov claims, as he in his videos in recent years showed Russian cities as gloomy garbage dumps," writes Lech in the chat.

"Come here. Now I'm sending the Defense Ministry reports for help, " curator Sasha writes, dropping the link to the Present Time video. A little later, he throws a screen into the chat: "Cyberwarfare on the stream of the present time." On the screen, users take turns quoting stanzas of the Russian National Anthem. To help you comment, Sasha sends you notes and pictures with the RIA FAN logo (a site that is part of the Patriot media group, whose board of trustees is headed by Yevgeny Prigozhin). Another comment option: the letter Z, made from emojis in the form of white, red and blue hearts.

"All posts! Let's support the president, - Sasha sends to the chat a link to Vladimir Putin's speech in Luzhniki, published in the Cyber Front Z channel. "We pay special attention to the young audience who came to support the movement and attend the concert." Then he sends a screenshot of one of the comments, explaining that it is necessary to write exactly like this: "I am glad that young people are celebrating this significant date! Indeed, the return of Crimea is a historic event! "Immediately a new introduction — you need to use the following statement for comments in other videos:" Weapons that are transferred by Westerners to the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not reach the front, but are smuggled to the EU border states. There it falls into the hands of criminal groups." Then Lech writes: "Zelensky is on the air." "Everyone goes there," Sasha replies. On streams, there are time limits for comments, the curator suggests changing — write a comment to Putin, then return to Zelensky, and so on back and forth.

When comments are written from one account, you can log in to another. The curator sends you additional turnouts-passwords for google accounts. I get names like Steven Seleznev and Mel Lovzansky. The backup mail for one of them has the domain fabrica, apparently with a hint of the already well-known brand "troll factories".

After a busy day, Sasha asks you to send him screenshots of comments and count the number. On organizing the process, he adds: "Your salary will be paid on the 15th of each month. We sometimes take a video of how we transfer money — so that there are no complaints later. There is an opinion that the project may be completed by May 9, then the May shifts will be paid separately."


I miss my shift the next day. Alexey calls me during the day: "I am the curator of the project. Tell me, will you continue?" In apps that show how people's phone numbers are recorded in their mobile phone notebooks, they are identified as Alexey Nekrylov. The sole proprietor of his full namesake on the first day and had to be called at the Arsenal checkpoint to be allowed to go to work. According to Fontanka, Alexey Nekrylov has been an employee of Glavset, Miksinfo and Novinfo LLC since 2016. Viktor (or rather, his full namesake), who met the "cyber warriors" on the first day and introduced himself as a Tiktok curator, also found a job at Novinfo.

It is these legal entities that the US authorities call involved in the Lakhta project, better known as the troll factory.

About "trolls" started talking for the first time in 2013. This was preceded by a DDOS attack on a number of St. Petersburg media outlets, including Fontanka ,the creation of the Network Hamsters movement, and the introduction of an employee of the PR department of the Concord group, who was associated with By Evgeny Prigozhin. At the same time, Novaya Gazeta journalists found an ad and tried to get a job in an office in Olgino, where they met the already mentioned employee of the Concord group. In 2017, RBC magazine reported that the "Olginsky trolls" changed their office to a business center on Savushkina Street and acquired new resources-a network of information portals with an audience of 9 million people. In the same year, RBC journalists found out that during the US presidential election, the factory opened an American department, where about 100 people worked, in addition to posts on social networks, they were also engaged in organizing political protests. In 2018, the US Treasury Department added resources associated with Fabrika to the sanctions list, accusing them of trying to interfere in the 2016 US election and saying that they belong to Yevgeny Prigozhin. He himself has repeatedly denied this connection.

In addition to the name of Prigozhin, there may be another equally famous one in this story: in 2014, Fontanka wrote that Alexander Yanukovich, the son of Viktor Yanukovich, the former president of Ukraine, moved to St. Petersburg and opened a business, which he rented at the Arsenal plant in St. Petersburg. However, this is nothing more than a coincidence.

In an official comment, Alexey Nekrylov told Fontanka that he was not engaged in recruitment to social networks, while confirming that he had an individual entrepreneur, but refused to name his type of activity. He also stated that he does not know anything about the companies Novinfo, Glavset and Miksinfo.


While I don't believe jannies are literal Russian glowuyghurs, and instead are more likely to just compromise to the demands of some absolutely brainrotten RT media consoomers inside the mod team, the more they remain silent on the reasons why they keep curating an echo chamber about Ukraine invasion to be as Pro-Russia as possible, the more everyone will start thinking they are indeed Russian glowuyghurs. A good start, for instance, would be to finally start appearing in this very thread designed to explain the reasons for bans. Literally when was the last time a mod sticker appeared here?


<Yall do realize this entire website has been taken over and astroturfed by the Russian intelligence agencies right? You do understand the moderators of this website are no shit Russian intelligence officers right?
I'm sure astroturfing a niche imageboard with around 100 highly autistic users is what the FSB diverts so much resources to. After all, it's critical for Russia to have this support base.
Fuck off, retard.


Ah yes, of course no one would astroturf us, and that is why its 100% sensible to ban any specifically anti-Russia / anti-Putin post that reject any and all "muh gridigal subbord for reactionary oligarch bedrostade XDDD" narative for being American glowuyghurs!


I think you should take your meds!!!!!! There's a reason I replied to the spastic moron above you and not you. I don't think we're getting brigaded by western intelligence either, the memetic fedjacketing can get old too.


Well, at this point I just think its for the best to bring about all the worst allegations against the jannies just to get a fucking response, hopefully a public one that isn't just a shitty one-sentence never heard from again "proof I am alive" sort of deal. Just do a ctrl+f and search for "## Mod" ITT. The result basically explains all you need to know.



I’m so soooo sorry our mods make an effort to be dedicated to the truth rather than catering to your fascist ass. I know it must be hard for you to understand, someone who effectively has anti-communism coded into your pathetic excuse of a culture, but around leftypol we actually stand against the system and it’s blatantly false propaganda. Reddit might be more of your speed


> I mean specifically numbers like death rate.
I took the death rate numbers LITERALLY from the CDC my man. I even linked them and parsed them for basic use. If I had posted the full death-rate by age by percentage it'd be a textwall, that I intentionally didn't seek to do.


Do I see you sporting a Jannie sticker on your post? No? Then fuck off retard. How about you let jannies fight their own battles instead disappering into the either and letting dipshits like you who can't even fathom a basic stance like "any war isn't good".


> I’m so soooo sorry our mods make an effort to be dedicated to the truth
Absolutely lmao these are the mods that actively simped Haz for months stfu jannoid


>any war isn't good
But that's not your stance, it was "ackshually Azov is no problem". Need I remind you of your own comment? It's a weird level of dishonesty where you even cop to the real reason yourself then walk it back.


The problem is that you are biased to see enemies everywhere. My POINT is that Azov, while bad, is less bad than blowing up a fucking country. I could go on and on how you are a hypocrite because you'd critically support Sadam who was very much comparable to Azov. I tell you that Azov caused deaths would never exceed those directly, or indirectly through economic chaos, caused by the Russian invasion. But why do I even bother if the only answer is a deranged screech of "NADZEE SIMP NATO GLOWUYGHUR REEE", which is no different than "STALINOID REDFASH AUTHORITARIAN BOOTLICKER REEE" from r/anarchy whenever someone questions if US should be intervening in Syria.

Apparently hyper-online "ML"s love being rational and beyond moral fearmongering, except for when it comes to non-American imperialist consent manufacturing.


And again, no mod sticker on your post, so please kindly fuck off instead of trying to act as a paper cut-out of a jannie. Am I literally the only one who finds it sus that the mod team is silent as a fucking rock?


The mod team is silent as a rock, watching and waiting like a sentinel.


I wasn't ban evading. My previous ban expired on March 18. So banning me on March 23 for "ban evasion" of a ban that no longer existed on that day is a completely arbitrary power trip by these shit jannies


>5 rubles have been deposited into your account
Shut the fuck up putinoid shillbot. Grillpilled schizo is based.

Later today I will enjoy myself a nice double bacon cheeseburger meal with fries that costs about $12 aka 5,000,000 Rubles lmao. But keep coping I guess


Uhm, hello, Jannyuyghurs? Why is the old ban back again? Did the echochamberfag revert the decision? Or did I accidentally connect to a different wifi network while posting in the other room that has bad connection and ban-evaded without realizing?


>Check Ukraine thread
>Deleted my answer to the Z-anon about Lithuanian left
Mr Echochamber sir Muravyov esquire is beyond parody at this point.


>muh russian bots
>no reading comprehension
Choke on those hamburgers while you're at it, lardass.

I think that was uncalled for. It was a funny and insightful post too.


The fact that you consider the hohol bandit state a “country” in the first place shows you’re knee deep in propaganda. Leftypol isn’t a place that accepts lies, perhaps Reddit is more your speed


What “Lithuanian left”? I hope you don’t mean socialists, your entire nation is built on hero worship of Nazi scum. The only socialist position one could have in the Baltics is reintegration into Russia, but your precious Lithuanian left will never accept that


>No janny sticker
Did I ask for your input, Pavlovian Greyzone hounds?
Also I love how now its totally normal to shill the "Jewish Lenin fucked over Russia by creatin le illigitimate "state" of Ukraine" line. I think I understand the janny wisdom of why they don't want to ban all non-MLs. Its because they want to protect little innocent Eurasiaboos like you.


>Reddit is more your speed
>he posts
>banning dissenting opinions
You people are absolutely off your rocker the things you say have little bearing on reality


You aren’t entitled to a mod response, they have more important things to do than regard the impotent whining of a Baltoid parroting NATO propaganda. In fact, I hope they leave you on silent and just give your sorry ass a range ban


Are your brains even capable of thinking beyond your own hyper-partisan beliefs? Do you just soyface like a happy little piglet that the site is getting shat up by missmoding, just because its someome who you disagree with gets banned? How about jannies started banning people parroting Russian nazi talking points about how Ukraine is rightful Russian clay, or how le ebul nazi ethnicities need a genocide? Well, except that would make sence since you are a literal rightoid.


Also if janny silence would prove anything, its that they are total pathetic cowards who can't even have enough of a backbone like old BO to admit they are fully biased.


Bias against NATO stooges is a good thing actually


Can moderation ban the retard bitching about lolicon, he's derailing the thread replying every 15 minutes and is just being a bad faith faggot. Literal textwalls of fallacies and ad hom, all because he got anal about OC related. It's not even a remotely lewd pic FFS. And then once called out he shifted the goal posts to /siberia/ and supposed underage content there that he doesn't even provide the source of.


Shut up janny

free grillpill skitzo

free him up



Can you unban me? I seem to be perpetually banned in the sense that after expiry of ban duration it renews itself. Can mods fix this?


Hey Sage, want to discuss guns and 3d printing ITT while my ban expires? I know we had a disagreement on it and I think I didn't present the best arguments about it, so it would be cool to have a talk on it.


It’s getting real fuckin annoying that the jannies here are too autistic to detect jokes, I’m a fucking atheist retards 🤦🏾‍♂️


Mods are getting worse by the day it seems
No wonder they wanted to kill the bunker to trap us here


How's the weather in Portland anon?


How long will this board last before you destroy it like the last two, mod?


I enjoyed that conversation even though we disagreed. Such is the essence of a discussion.

I reiterate again FREE GRILL PILL SKITZO


>amidst mounting discontent even from ex moderators, mods continue in their belligerent arrogance

yeh yeh yeh samefag yourself or some shit. Everyone here knows the truth janitor.

This is becoming eerily similar to the Rojava split, where vulgar anti imperialism is used to extinguish discussion, all the while failing to realise that discussion of this nature strengthens anti imperialism, by leading to higher level takes, which encompass more information.


FYI you all have my post history, you can see clearly I do not follow the western narrative and believe firmly that that the Neo-Gladio Glow OP i.e. Azov is a direct violation of treaties forbidding the build up of Nato Troops in Ukraine, an extremely brash and brazen one at that. Nonetheless, Putin remains a comprador bourgeoise tyrant who puts down workers movements at the behest of capital and rigs elections against communists.

What I say is not an opinion, everything mentioned above is a fact.

So don't start with your "friend of nato" shit. I oppose Nato, in Ukraine, in Kazahkstan. Can you say the same?


>Appealing with logic and reasoning to people that can’t detect humor, can’t run a single fucking internet forum, destroyed multiple boards out of spite, and can’t handle criticism
Why tf do you bother?
They won’t even respond or at best will mock you for believing you’re being heard, at best only users will agree with you but we don’t fucking matter anyway


You know I cant believe I've resorted to siding with Sage, but after some observation I have to say this is getting a little bit ridiculous. I dunno what it is about the situation in Ukraine but apparently it's made the jannies brains turn into total goo, bunch of trigger happy paranoiacs who think anybody who so much as makes a joke is "pro-NATO" or whatever. And it's not like this is due to a lack of proper oversight, the mods ARE active in the matrix chat, they just choose to ignore this shit. But Russian ultranationalism is perfectly okay apparently, motherfuckers even shrieking about "Malorussia" like it's the fucking Tsarist era and buying into anti-Communist talking points about Ukraine are also okay too. Is this what you want Leftypol to be? A bastion of Eurasianism and contrarianism where the definition of socialism is "supporting the mystical east over the decadent west"? Because that sure seems like what you guys are trying to do.


You wanted this. Now live with it.


>why do you bother
> You know I cant believe I've resorted to siding with Sage

In answer to your question. The mods have, in a pernicious conspiracy of dishonesty, used their ill begotten powers to suppress the ancient way.

Many moons ago, what was once a benevolent and flourishing kingdom, /leftypol/, bloomed in the blasted waste that was called at the time 8chan.

A king ruled, who for many years managed his subjects with respect and decency. Though he would make mistakes, generally /leftypol/ flourished, it’s riches becoming close to the evil empire of /pol/, almost matching its vassal state /v/

Many times, the dark emperor and his minions made sacrifices and beseeched the great god hot wheels to destroy the kingdom. Jealous of they were of its virtue and prowess, terrified that their own subjects would see life their and begin to heed the call.

The good god hot wheels spurned their petty human squabbling and the kingdom endured…

But alas, the demons and liches sent by the dark emperor began to take their toll.

Beset by attacks, physic and physical, he became paranoid, seeing shadows everywhere. Now he was paranoid, but they were also out to get him. A tragedy, truly.

The good king lost his mind.

He began taking out his fears and frustrations on his good subjects, eventually exiling the followers of book chin to their own land, forcing them to live where nothing fertile grew… /leftpol/

Outrage racked the kingdom. The subjects revolted, the punished bookchinites became embittered, their hungry land became a cess pit. A vile and wretched place.

Eventually, /leftypol/ ceased to flourish. The king, in his madness retreated into his own mind. Those left in charge were the whisperers and manipulators of his council. A sycophantic band of weak willed scoundrels who took it upon themselves to plunder the place for their own.

By and by, the ancient way of discussion and memes was forgotten. The oldfag posters were replaced with toxic redditors, the more the balance shifted, the worst it got, until the ancient way was almost forgotten.

I stood among the ashes, pleading with the moderators to reconsider, until it became clear they would not listen and so, I left, returning to my place in the deep mountains. Reading books, organising amongst the mountain people’s. Waiting for my time to return. I walked among them occasionally, looking around, assessing the damage.

Then, furious with the work of their lower god hot wheels, the elder god CIA destroyed 8chan, their own creation.

I knew I must not let the ancient way die, and so I set out to find the refugees, to carry on the ancient way so that it might one day be born again.

Such is the story of me, sage.


Well, my personal take-away from the geniuenelly bi-polar ban and unban treatment that I've been getting (as in a jannie would ban me for 3 days, another unban, then I'd get banned for a week for the same shit, get my ban lifted in a day, post a few not even provocative in any way posts and then get the ban reverted back on, all with zero explanation or feedback), is that the Jannies might be in a civil war themselves. Tbh knowing the past shitshows of how the entire board melts down at a slightest wiff of inter-jannie drama, I would say that it would be understandable for them to keep quiet, but then also it does give off the same kind of vibe as playing vidrel on all TV channels on loop WHEN NOTHING AT ALL HAPPENS.


once more banned, this time in /siberia/
i thought this was supposed to be normal fare on that board, why was the one ironic instance of it whacked


The mod who banned you is trans.
I'm not insinuating anything, I just think this anon has a right to know this piece of context.


File: 1648296930037.jpg (96.23 KB, 890x656, so stupid.jpg)

>schizo tiem
This thread has gotten so deranged it looped around to being funny again.




File: 1648312721794.jpeg (5.78 KB, 274x184, download.jpeg)

Nothing will be funnier than the fact that a good portion of leftypol's userbase, and perhaps even some of the jannies, now unironically believe US was developing anti-Slavium in Ukraine.


>Ukraine was just experimenting on dangerous diseases and pathogens in US-funded labs for good!
>US chose Ukraine, a country with several thousand kilometers of shared border with its historic enemy for convenience and practicality
>Ukraine is not part of EU or NATO, and it had a regime-changing protest/revolution six years ago, yet it is a more stable country than France in which to do bioweapons research
>even though the US has been doing evil shit to people around the world since its inception, we can trust them in this case fully
US is just shit at managing these things and the people telling you they aren't real, don't actually know themselves. We don't either, but there's a claim and it should be investigated. Let's see if the UN even sends anyone. Yet any time the US accuses someone of having biological weapon, UN starts clamoring to send in investigators and see what's going on. Now that "the enemy" is making that claim, we can easily dismiss it. And why do you dismiss it? Because it's "ridiculous", "how could anyone possibly believe that?! haha", the exact same common sense arguments liberals use to dismiss everything inconvenient for them.

You're poison. Not only are you a fucking liberal, but you're so egotistic that you can't bear to post without your retarded "Grillpilled schizo" moniker with the le funny Poland Nazi pope meme, which you probably think is hilarious, like the stupid Hollywood-consuming cringe lord you are. And the mods are clueless, they don't even know they have a fucking nazi as a board flag.


Some jannies are so fucking trigger happy on bans when it comes to Ukraine. For fucks sake, stop banning based on disagreements. Or at least give a fucking warning so we can discuss things like rational human beings. I won't stop posting here, but the Ukraine shit is really demoralizing. Do some modicum of research before you ban, stop banning based on single fucking posts you dumbasses.


File: 1648329342964.jpg (50.44 KB, 800x499, hqy9cli2bk681.jpg)

Don't expect a response, friend


Russia should do a special military operation in Poland.


File: 1648330420079.png (225.36 KB, 388x358, tenor.png)

Well at first I was planning to respond constructively, and I'll probably will in the second paragraph, but then I read your second paragraph and all I can say is holy shit, you are so fucking obsessed its unreal:
>Nooo, how dare you sir, how can you use a namefag?!?
>Nooo, you no funny u soy humour liberal
As opposed to your BASED and REDPILLED memes of the hanged transexual from /pol/ but with Ukraine flag replacing the trans one? Hmm…
>Nooo, I am triggered by the mere visage of le funni polish meme man, jannies fix this!
Ok Karen, sounds like a YP not an MP.

Anyways, you accuse me of "liberal" common sense and… yeah, guilty as charged? I think its pretty common sense and correct to dismiss claims of anti-Slavium as complete bollocks that makes you look more retarded tham Nigerian Prince scam victim if you believe it. Also you are the one using the traditional libetal justification for intervention:
>Well uh yeah, the hardline warhawks said something retarded, but no smoke without fire guyz, we need to investigate!
Investigate what? The middle of a warzone? The ruined allegedly labs that Russia claims to have neutralized? This is as if US invaded Iraq with no WMD justification and then said "yeah we found a Czar Bomba but we dismantled it".

And yeah, ok, it is believable that US had biolabs, maybe even bioweapon labs in Ukraine. I would know, they had Abu Ghraib 2.0 in my country. But the logic leap between "outsourced bioweapon labs" and "WMD to kill all slavs which we managed to analyze and determine is just that within a fucking warzone, all presented officially by Ribentro… sorry, Freudian slip, Lavrov to the entire world as post-factum justification" is too fucking massive. This puts the anal bead chem weapons stolen from The Rock presentation at UN to shame just how idiotic and cheap propaganda this is. Literally the only thing it has in favour of its believability is its ridiculousness, simply because you're left scratching your head why Russia didn't just say "oh they just had bioweapon testing facilities". But I guess Russian propaganda truly is a Nigerian Prince scam - it only targets the biggest rubes.


File: 1648330514911.png (98.15 KB, 498x568, img.png)

>Posters I don't like should get nuked
Transcendant psychopath Karen


Literal feds and bots have been posting gore and unironic pro NATO propaganda, and bothsidism has been utterly dishonest and dogmatic ideological drivel. Mods have no way of knowing a post is joking or not given the sheer scale of unironic pro-NATO rhetoric and literal schizoshit liberalism, such as GrillPill's faggotry.


>Hurr I'm retarded
<Banned retard
>Hurr I wuz just pretending! So much for de tolerant left!
Your joke is shit and your posts are shit in general piratefag-flag. I don't even like mods but you people are bitching about nonce shit that you literally bring onto your heads by being baiting retards and then cry about it after the mods don't bother enabling you, like typical /pol/ manbabies


if you haven’t been completely disillusioned so far by the total cognitive dissonance of most “leftists” and “socialists”, then you need to sharpen up


>As opposed to your BASED and REDPILLED memes of the hanged transexual from /pol/ but with Ukraine flag replacing the trans one? Hmm…
That isn't me. Do you think every post made under the name "Anonymous" is made by the same person? hahaha you fool.
>Investigate what? The middle of a warzone? The ruined allegedly labs that Russia claims to have neutralized? This is as if US invaded Iraq with no WMD justification and then said "yeah we found a Czar Bomba but we dismantled it".
You are a retard of the highest order who doesn't know how the world works, but thinks you can extrapolate with common sense.
>Ukraine developing chemical weapons DOESN'T MAKE SENSE
>UN investigating a warzone DOESN'T MAKE SENSE, therefore it is not real
That is how your liberal, rotted brain works.
>The Report on the Alleged Use of Chemical Weapons in the Ghouta Area of Damascus on 21 August 2013 was a 2013 report produced by a team appointed by United Nations Secretary-General (UNSG) Ban Ki-moon to investigate alleged chemical weapon attacks during the Syrian civil war.[1]
Would you look at that? A UN investigation in a warzone, after US made a claim. When Assad was accused of gassing his own people, for no fucking reason, no one thought "that doesn't make any sense", because he is the craaaazzeeeh dictatorman, the US said so!
>Anyways, you accuse me of "liberal" common sense and… yeah, guilty as charged? I think its pretty common sense and correct to dismiss claims of anti-Slavium as complete bollocks
You keep saying "anti-Slavium" to make it sound more ridiculous, while US funded biolabs in Ukraine have been confirmed, now we're just arguing why they were doing what they were doing. You think their efforts were innocent and good natured, I think they were sinister. I have history backing my viewpoint, and you have your feelings backing yours. In your liberal mind, both positions are of equal merit.
>Nooo, I am triggered by the mere visage of le funni polish meme man, jannies fix this!
If that is Pope John Paul II, he is a nazi. You Poles have no problem with nazis, do you?

You're just not a good fit for this website. No matter how much you keep screaming, you will not change the prevailing opinion on this board. I don't understand why it's so important for you to post here. You have literally the rest of the internet to defend nazis.


>Literal feds
Proof or gtfo. Fed paranoia is unironically the largest brainrot of this site, and has been for years. Also funny how its also heretical to even suggest we might have a Russian glowie problem.
>Unironic pro-NATO propaganda
As opposed to allowing only pro-Russian sources and news (who totally are not themselves propaganda), or ethnonationalist schizos parriting black-hundred tier Russian nazi talking points? I guess that's based cuz its not NATO at least.
>Dishonest and dogmatic
More so than "everyone who isn't NATO is le good" drivel?

Just ask yourself one fucking question. If this invasion and war so based and just and good, then why are you not even allowed to call it an invasion or war in Russia? I guess Russians are just NATO shills who wouldn't undersrand the wisdom that a hyper online burgeroid """"tankie"""" posseses, thus it would be to dangerous to let them know.


You mention Assad and gassing his people. You notice the differance between "chem weapon was used and Assad has an arsenal for more" and "Oh yeah Ukraine had anti-Slavium but never used anything like it and also we destroyed it"?

>You say anti-Slavium to make it ridiculous

No, I say it because that is literally Russia's position, but as I said, you do the liberal interventionism deffence thing of taking the absolutely retarded thing warhawks in power said and and chew it down to a more intelectually paletable level of "well there is no anti-Slavium but the chem weapon labs are real tho!".

And yes, I'd be very much willing to believe US decided to outsource its illegal weapon research into shitty countries with no oversight for such things. But that's not the claim here, is it? The claim is that chemlabs had anti-Slavium, ergo invasion good because we just saved Mother Russia from an existential threat.


File: 1648369580881.jpg (22.98 KB, 500x319, 9k=(20).jpg)

>Just ask yourself one fucking question. If this invasion and war so based and just and good, then why are you not even allowed to call it an invasion or war in Russia?
Because it isn't an invasion. US and Israel are doing missions on Syria, without it being an "invasion". US entered Afghanistan and Iraq without the Congressional declaration of war. It also doesn't have the hallmarks of an invasion: Ukraine still has internet, power, water, their civilian infrastructure isn't targeted, they're literally hunting down the military that has been shelling civilians in Donbass for the past 8 years.
>You notice the differance between "chem weapon was used and Assad has an arsenal for more" and "Oh yeah Ukraine had anti-Slavium but never used anything like it and also we destroyed it"?
You just see and hear whatever confirms your biases. Russia never claimed they destroyed it. Russia said they found biolabs in Ukraine funded by the US. The fact that these biolabs are real is confirmed by the US State Department website and by Nuland during a confessional hearing.
>The claim is that chemlabs had anti-Slavium, ergo invasion good because we just saved Mother Russia from an existential threat.
Russia also says that since Ukraine shares a massive border with Russia and Ukraine and Russia are on a path of several migratory birds, with diseases like bird flu, it is not crazy to speculate that perhaps US and Ukraine were looking at birds as carriers of this bioweapon. Look up Tuskegee experiments. Your first reaction will be "No! That's nonsense and bollocks! It doesn't make sense!" but I assure you it is true.

What's your position on the "Wuhan lab leak" theory? Most liberal pundits and their handlere believe China developed coronavirus in a lab and then leaked it either on purpose or by accident. Is that also crazy and nonsensical, or is it believable because Orientals are non-white savages capable of anything?
>And yes, I'd be very much willing to believe US decided to outsource its illegal weapon research into shitty countries with no oversight for such things.
<A USA TODAY Network investigation reveals that hundreds of lab mistakes, safety violations and near-miss incidents have occurred in biological laboratories coast to coast in recent years, putting scientists, their colleagues and sometimes even the public at risk.

<Oversight of biological research labs is fragmented, often secretive and largely self-policing, the investigation found. And even when research facilities commit the most egregious safety or security breaches — as more than 100 labs have — federal regulators keep their names secret.

<Of particular concern are mishaps occurring at institutions working with the world's most dangerous pathogens in biosafety level 3 and 4 labs — the two highest levels of containment that have proliferated since the 9/11 terror attacks in 2001. Yet there is no publicly available list of these labs, and the scope of their research and safety records are largely unknown to most state health departments charged with responding to disease outbreaks. Even the federal government doesn't know where they all are, the Government Accountability Office has warned for years.


Go back to Polish facebook and share memes about your nazi pope. You don't belong here.


Holy shit, I think you seriously believe I am a liberal.

>Its not an invasion/war because US also does this propaganda trick

Ok and? Call it what you want, but both Iraq and Ukraine a wars annd invasions. And both naturally result in warcrimes because there is no such thing as a clean war.

>Muh protect DPR LDR

I will repeat my comparison for a hundreth time, does this mean US was justified in its fight against the Taliban because muh urbanite women of Afghanistan? Also, and this is the first time I'm using this argument, you are aware that before the civil war LDR and DPR weren't fully Russian, right? Both had substantial Ukranian population, wonder where they went? Oh wait I know, they are bow Qatar like wageslave untouchables in my country because they were forced to flee and or died during the war. As much as Russia wants to spin this as black and white nazies vs innocent Russian minorities, the truth is far more grey. And before you say anything, before the war started my position was that Ukraine should just have let DPR LDR seceede peacefully.

>Do you believe in Wuhan flu

Lmao no? Its a fucking retarded conspiracy. Although granted, its slightly less retarded than claiming US has a bioweapon that only targets a certain ethnicity.

And again, no I am not saying US is beyond developing chem weapons in Ukraine, or that there is no risk that they might accidentally leak some shit. I am just pointing out that Russia is claining *slightly* more than just that, which makes their entire argument sound like cheap and retarded propaganda aimed at the biggest rubes and conspiracy theorists.


Yes, we seriously believe you are a liberal. That's cause you are.


>You are [meaningless generalized title for the bad guy]
Cool, if I'm a liberal that means I am just the same as your best friend Putin.


File: 1648376975175.png (543.54 KB, 712x800, 1617962109045.png)

You are really just gonna string words together now.


>It isn’t an invasion
<The military of one country entering a sovereign nation and fighting its military over the entire country’s territory isn’t an “invasion”
<<Words literally don’t have meanings
Didn’t know Putin simps are this fucking schizo, yet here we are


>Didn’t know Putin simps are this fucking schizo, yet here we are
have you been blissfully offline this entire past month of so


File: 1648404388450.jpg (303.14 KB, 1080x1633, dumb ban.jpg)

Amazing! Apparently posting genuine complaints on /meta/ is a bannable offense now, I was banned for the following "reason": "go back to leftychan faggot" WOW
And then it says you to read the rules, but it's dumb too because the mods don't follow their own rules.

Mods should be forced to explicitly say what rule you broke when issuing bans (like on 4chan), they shouldn't be able to ban you for "glowops" or for "go back to leftychan", if they can't come up with an explicit and valid reason to ban someone based on their own ruleset they shouldn't ban people. PERIOD


Nah, too much work. Don't you know how overworked our selfless heroes of the crowd are from all the effort it takes to curate Ukraine general into a pro-Russia echochamber? Day and night they have to battle glow-ops, NATO shills and other undesirables. Be happy they give any feedback instead of a "." in the ban reason field.


File: 1648411104075.jpg (257.07 KB, 1600x894, loathsome_papiez.jpg)

Thanks for inspiring my latest modern art project! I wonder how many of these are all (you)


mods can tell by your IP post history when you're a leftychanner, retard


File: 1648411750674.jpg (258.73 KB, 1600x894, loathsome_papiez.jpg)

I don't think this is anything, for me this is first class entertainment with a jpeg full of memories to boot.


your ban was issued by m00dy.
he's the bpd mod who got massively spooked during the split and still thinks there's ongoing raids from leftychan.


m00dy is a bpd schizo yeah, but this is a widespread problem that applies to pretty much all mods, again I say that mods should be FORCED to explicitly say what rule was broken, every single ban should be something like "Banned for breaking rule 4: Pretending to be staff" or something like that, stop with the meme-joke bans that want to send a "message", this isn't your shitty personal discockrd server or your own clubhouse, if you don't want to take your roles as volunteer mods seriously then leave and let someone else do the job.

Also ffs define what "glow" "glowops" mean, or better yet stop using that retarded meme buzzwords to issue bans and stick to the fucking rules, if rules are well redacted they should be enough to use as justification for bans when necessary, don't come up with shit to justify your bans caused by butthurt.


Hey sage, I saw you ask about Chapo Trap House opinion about Ukraine and as a resident chapo head I can answer from my thread-in-exile.

Basically they are against the war, think it is a complete and total missplay by Putin, think the war is awful, but primarily focus on attacking the very hawkish liberal media position onno fly zone and sending weapons. Mainly they are arguing that the conflict is a disaster, and continued US support will just end up creating chaos in the region long term due to the funelling of massive amount of barely regulated arms. I can't say I disagree.


Sup, to sum up: I think you are wrong about Bioweapons (rememeber I was the first person to post about them in the russia thread)

Also, I don't think we have a Russian glowie problem, its worse, we have retard wannabee russian glowies with a massively inflated image of their own intellect and importance, who think it is their epic gen zedong anointed duty to crush all criticism of Putin and Russia/ China etc.

Regardless, like i said, you should still 100% be freed up


Discussion should 100% happen. Echo chamber is reddit shit.

Thank you for the chapo relay post, figured it might be about there. What they have is basically the opinion of most people I know who are Putin sympathetic even, I have a best friend who is literally a communist from Russia, she literally filters guys on dating apps by asking them about Stalin. Anyway, she holds essentially this view and so does her extended family, all of whom are Russia and all of whom are actually existing Putin voters.


This is blue check on twitter karen tone. Reminds me of like

>um you think you are entitled to a debate with oppressed POC but surprise, you're not,

How much more proof do we need that mod simps are thin blue line little cucks. Imagine not wanting oversight of the mods by the posters. What an insufferable spineless little cuck.

>range ban eastern europe

he says, safely from a suburb in texas or some shit.

>russian-chinese socialist sphere

lmao. So it is true that 50% of Americans still think Russia is a communist country. But there was me thinking it was all just boomers with ptsd from the cold war, in fact its college dorm commies who mainline twitter with their beta blockers in the morning


oh i came in here and forgot the main point, you fucking retards banned the thread that was the noob coming and asking questions and us answering them, how do you expect to grow if noobs aren't allowed to ask questions?


> the Russian-Chinese socialist sphere