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Anime Recommendation List General
Thread to recc anime for anons of leftypol and former bunkerchan to enjoy (or to avoid)
- So-bad-it's-good animu >>2551 - bad anime that can bee enjoyed ironically
- Next season anime watchlist >>346 - anime that are currently being released.
- ANIMETA thread >>10489

>"I have never watched a single Anime nor read a single Manga in my entire life. Where should I start, what are the essentials?"

Anime STARTERs examples
- Any of the Ghibli films for art and culture (See >>469 )
- Fist of the North Star & Desert Punk for post apocalyptic stuff
- Akira, Alita Battle Angel, Jin Roh & Ghost in a Shell (1 and 2) for Cyberpunk (also see >>>/hobby/1782 )
- Naruto, Bobobobo, One Piece & Rave Master for shonen adventure and action (See >>1732 >>510 )
- Gun Buster, Big O, VOTOMs, Gundam & Macross for Mecha (See >>845)
- Tiger and Bunny, One Punch Man & Astro Boy for hero stuff
- Irresponsible Captain Taylor, Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, The Legend of the Galactic Heroes, & Space Pirate Captain Harlock space adventure
- Ranma, T-REX Na Kanojo , Urusei Yatsura, Highschool DxD & Inuyasha for romcom with action
- Kinnikuman, MegaloBox, Hajime No Ippo & Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple for fighting/boxing anime
- Konosuba, Devil is a Part Timer, Familiar of Zero & Now and Then Here and Now for isekai (also see >>373 )
- Dragon Ball Z Abridged and Sword Art Online Abridged for abridged series
- Rose of Versailles, Shinsekai Yori, Little Witch Academia & Ashita no Joe for leftist stuff (See >>1417 )
- Parasyte, Ichi The Killer, Ghost Stories & Dorohedoro for Horror (See >>10198 )
- Lupin III, Sherlock Hound, .Hack for mystery and crime thriller


based, nice thread op

if I like Haikyuu and Ace of Diamond where should I got next?


Hajime no Ippo



>based, nice thread op
Thanks, there are a couple threads like this in catalog, all dead and poorly done, so I made this to consolidate everything including my posts into a united OP for convenience.
>if I like Haikyuu and Ace of Diamond where should I got next?
Other than Hajime no Ippo that other anon suggested I'd recc Food Wars


>hero stuff
Season 1 and 2 of BnHA is pretty good, I dropped it after that though.


File: 1635646377766.png (982.68 KB, 931x523, ClipboardImage.png)

Something in similar style and very interesting is The Tale of the Heike;
Heike Monogatari is criminally underrate. It's beautiful and it has probably one of the best OSTs of the year. Directed by Naoko Yamada and Composed by Kensuke Ushio, it's a masterpiece in making, retelling an old story anew. The style and story really remind me of Ghibli content, and I highly recommend it.
>Synopsis: The Taira clan, also known as the Heike, holds immense authority over Japan. When a young girl, gifted with an odd eye that allows her to see the future, foolishly disrespects the clan, her father pays the price of her crime with his life. Soon after, as fate would have it, Taira no Shigemori—the eldest son of the clan leader—stumbles upon the same unfortunate girl, who now calls herself "Biwa." Biwa informs him that the downfall of the Heike is imminent. After learning of the great injustice Biwa suffered at the Heike's hands, Shigemori vows to take her in and care for her rather than let her be killed. In an era of rising military tension, the Heike are in the midst of a cunning struggle for power, and bloodstained war is on the horizon. Shigemori, whose eyes allow him to see spirits of the dead, is both anxious and hopeful to prevent his clan's demise. Biwa, however, is reluctant to reveal the future to him and must adapt to her new life filled with both happiness and sorrow in this pivotal chapter in Japanese history.
https://myanimelist.net/anime/49738/Heike_Monogatari MAL entry
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Tale_of_the_Heike OriginalTale
A really good review: https://archive.ph/78WvN


Anything that presents a complex narrative like Legend of the Galactic heroes?


Gundam has some pretty good and similar narratives in Zeon, but you probably know that. Some suggestions I made in the past >>4948

Also >>3863 LOTGH thread


Never attempted to get into it. I've seen shows with gundams like code geass, eva, and guren lagan, but thats pretty much it.
is this the gundam I should start with?


Embedding error.
>space adventure
Ed is high as a kite all the time.


File: 1635649233883.png (288.35 KB, 602x483, gundam timeline.png)

Gundam is a fairly complex story and honestly MOST of it has a lot of complex narratives. See pic related and take your pic of starting point for Gundam, it's definitely a good ride.


>I've seen shows with gundams like code geass, eva, and guren lagan
lol you mean mecha, not gundams


Also see >>10597 for a recc on Gundam starting points.
>I've seen [mecha] shows
then please feel free to peruse the mecha thread >>845


Shut up nerd, I dont play with transformers I just watch cartoons


File: 1635649599052.png (1.18 MB, 831x703, ClipboardImage.png)

>shut up nerd, I dont play with transformers I just watch cartoons
Checked and keked.


Thank you, that's validating


Where's Iron Blooded Orphans in this?


File: 1635650469230.png (439.68 KB, 1200x744, ClipboardImage.png)

Post-Disaster, pic related


Do I really need to watch the OG series before it?


Not necessarily, no.


Just watch the OG Gundam or the film trilogy repackaging of it if you don't have time. Don't get caught up in the timeline autism because that does not matter until you have watched the original and it's sequels.


Ok, thanks

Megalo Box


Embedding error.
Getting into Lupin the III


File: 1639546009908.png (1.56 MB, 2467x2004, r1dBVAd.png)

Found on Reddit


A good anime is good regardless of its genre or content. Don't waste your time with charts and don't be a cliquist.


Yes, but some people simply want to watch more stuff with certain themes that they prefer, that's why threads like these exist.


Was going to make a new thread but then saw this one. Might as well post what I already wrote.

>Belladonna of Sadness

This 1971 film has a lot of sexual content, but it is one of the most beautifully drawn anime of all time and is a great audio-visual experience, with varied styles of art over the film. It includes incredibly experimental and interesting shots. Plot wise it tackles the sexual, religious and feudal heirarchy with great visual storytelling. It flips the idea of sexual corruption as bad, and turns satanist hedonism into a revolutionary force which only positively affects the villagers.
Tomino's Gundam is a masterpiece because of how good the characters are. They are astoundingly well developed and feel real due to characterisation present in almost all episodes. Tomino's style of storytelling is obtuse, and the subext is not narrated out like in most anime, which many people really enjoy which is why the show has such a strong fan base. The themes of the original show are extremely well expressed in the last third, and a number of scenes towards the end are absolutely fantastic. As for the leftist analasys, Gundam is anti-fascist, with a possible Trotskyist degenerated worker's state analasys on the antagonist faction, who were originally a revolutionary anti-earth eco-fascist group until they were taken over by a ruling familly. However, their ideology is not wrong as the Earth Federation opresses the space-underclass as well as destroying the planet. There is a lot to unpack here and the evil principality is well humanised despite being clearly in the wrong, except for Char who did nothing wrong. Tomino is known to have some sexist takes, but this isn't really present until the 90s and before that his anime all have strong women.
>Gurren Lagann
It is the ultimate revolutionary anime. The entire show goes about combating conservatism and reactionism in a highly bombastic way, without making them seem evil. Instead, conservatism is just wrong and impossible to maintain. The show is epic, with very strong pathos and emotion in some very memorable scenes. It also wierdly has a bit on establishing a revolutionary government and revisionism.
Its literally about a socialist revolution and anti-imperialism, something which few western media depict even in a sci-fi setting. I have shilled it enough in other threads but this is a must watch for any socialist anime fan and its only 4 episodes so you have no excuse.
>Fang of the Sun Dougram
Its a long anime about a guerilla war against colonialists and their puppet government. The art and animation is awful but some of the characters are legendarily good and the plot is among the best in the medium. I only finished it recently and haven't had a good think about it but I completely recommend his one to people who enjoyed LoGH and Maoists.
>Shin Sekai Yori
This one is interesting. My reading is that the show is about how reformism won't work and how people from the ruling class who oppose the system are transformed into the very upholders of that system, including the parts of it which killed their friends and enslave other humans. It unironically seems third worldist, with only the opressed race being able to rise up in revolution. I would definitely like to discuss this one with others.
Good if you like nihilism

Ashita no Joe
Definitely watch Dougram


File: 1642396490269.png (178.61 KB, 321x357, ClipboardImage.png)

>remember that Miyazaki didn't just do Castle of Cagliostro but also a bunch of episodes of the old TV series
>watch the series finale he directed
>there's a robot
<it's the castle in the sky robot


>The entire show goes about combating conservatism and reactionism
You mean the absolute monarchy or something?


What are the best bureaucratic animes? Something like ACCA13 but maybe not as fruity.
Great series, probably best quality of last season. But man oh man is it depressing. The latter half is just watching people die every episode, grim. Also not really watchable unless you do some homework first.


naoko yamada (the director) is gonna be the next isao takahata


fuck you, because of this I took up this series and now it has become my life. I have lost my job and now I have become homeless help.


That's a terrible way to describe it, even though it's technically true. It's more appropriate to say that it's a josei manga in a shojo magazine.


>>Any of the Ghibli films for art and culture
Ghibli is mainstream garbage. I'll never understand retards creaming themselves over boring movies intended for boring people. No 3-sentence 'reviews' ridden with grammar errors a 5 year old would know not to make offer any novel insights on what makes any of these shows good. If you want to write your theses on anime do a better fucking job. It should take more than an hour and a couple of rewrites.

As for the folks posting pictures they themselves did not even create, shame on you. All you do is repost shit you don't even agree with, fucking a. Pictures are even less descriptive than those 3-sentence 'reviews' If anyone got something to say about a show that isn't generic and applicable to literally any other show be my guest. Show me you've actually tried to pay attention to a show. Prove you are capable of doing this to even a single scene. Prove you aren't guttersnipe incapable of even the simplest of evaluations.


ghibli might be for normies but it's well-made normie shit. Miyazaki and Takahata are/were genuinely talented filmmakers who knew what they were doing. I'll take it any day of the week over Generic Isekai No. 18023840293 or another show about horny high school kids having screaming-nosebleed fits over seeing panties

real chads watch Angel's Egg tho


>Ghibli is mainstream garbage
<muh normies guyz!
You're pretentious.
>retards creaming themselves over boring movies intended for boring people
A bland non-argument formulated in typical 4chan fashion that makes accusations that are blatantly untrue to ANYONE that has seen more than a trailer clip of these films. You clearly have not.
>3-sentence 'reviews' ridden with grammar errors a 5 year old would know not to make offer any novel insights on what makes any of these shows good.
It's ironic that you peak of grammar yet yours is hardly the best. Moreover this is an utter nonsequitur strawman
>If you want to write your theses on anime do a better fucking job. It should take more than an hour and a couple of rewrites.
LMAO you have to be trolling right? That's not how movie reviews function - you summarize general concepts and their execution in a film, not nitpick every detail to oblivion, (though even the details are mostly well tended to in Ghibli films). The kind of thing you speak of is called an analysis and is something different from an audience review.
> folks posting pictures they themselves did not even create
The fuck is this supposed to mean? I didn't create the English language so I shouldn't use it? I didn't create a photograph of a mountain so it can't be posted for an example? Get off your high horse you delusional dolt.
>Prove you are capable of doing this to even a single scene. Prove you aren't guttersnipe incapable of even the simplest of evaluations.
1) There is nothing to prove to a simpleton using 'fancy' words they don't understand properly
2) People discuss things and explain them if necessary, shoving in extra, unrelated content does not make something nuanced or "not generic" it's just random.
3) This isn't even tangentially related to your first statement, you're just ranting and raving like a man-child.

PS If you're going to respond to a post actually reply to that post you wuss


>real chads watch Angel's Egg
To be honest it' a good animation and an odd story but it doesn't truly resonate with me because the film feels too meandering to me (inb4 you jump on me for saying this, this is MY OPINION, no more or less).


That's fair, it's not for everyone. I love it personally


>boring movie
>boring people
Subjective, not an argument but your personal opinion based on your personal taste (if you watched them at all)
Overall I'd say it's high quality bait


File: 1643084915543.jpg (76.22 KB, 1200x675, cola_scissorseven.jpg)

Technically a Chinese Cartoon but the best Chinese Cartoon you can currently watch on Netflix (besides maybe hxh and the gundam movies).

Show is an easy 10 for me because it's so much better at shounen heart/friendship shit than basically any other shounen (ie it never falls into lame tropes about fighting for a vaguely defined humanity or protecc the weak etc). If there is such a thing as organizational communist/socialist values this show is an example of it.


>and now I have become homeless help
If that's true you don't have to worry about kingdom anymore. Glad I was of help


A Penguin's Memories (1987) is really odd, but a kinda cool OVA that I recommend.
Full movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPxNlNtqwuI


Just putting this out there


are those the guys that pushed for cars going very very fast xd



based. I still love the first part but I am gaining more respect for the stink one.


my favorites don't get much attention. The Slayers (and The Slayers Next & The Slayers Try), Parasyte, Record of Loddoss War


DO you remember Rune Soldier Louie perchance?


Still love Parasyte.


But they got a lot of attention when they came out. Lodoss despite being a copy-and-paste retelling of a generic D&D campaign was wildly popular back then. And like you just mentioned Slayers has gotten plenty of material.


damn brahs nobody cares about two of the most famous japanese fantasy settings in the 90s and a manga that has sold millions and earned several awards……


I love Lodoss. That reminds me I need to play that new deedlit game.




I'm looking for Pirate themed anime other than One Piece.
Also looking for Space Captain anime kinda like Captain Harlock or Captain Taylor. Anyone got good Reccs?


>it's the castle in the sky robot
Nice reference and saves animation modeling for a budgeted TV-series


If it's ever made, I recommend the Fire Punch anime.


what's fire punch and why do you rec it


File: 1687929607852.jpg (58.4 KB, 637x960, FhXs3H5WAAQqpOf.jpg)

Please, could you recommend anime for people who don't watch anime in general?

I like the military/tactical genre (without being stupid action) I really liked Girls Und Panzer and Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou, I tried to see Kantai Coll and Strike Witches but I can't finish it because idk, I don't like to watch anime in general, lately I watched Bocchi The Rock but then again, I'm not one to watch anime


for shounen, Hunter x Hunter, Gurren Lagann, Death Note, One Punch, JoJo

for slice of life, Nichijou, Tonari no Seki-kun, Mushishi

I haven't watched shoujo besides Sailor Moon and My Little Witch Academia

for seinen, Berserk (1997) (read the manga if you like it), Monster, Ping Pong the Animation

I guess a better way to recommend an anime would be what you're looking to do. Like, if you're interested in sports or mechs or cute girls doing cute things.


The Boondocks


dude you just listed mal's top rated anime when op spelled out what genre theyre looking for


I mean, I didn't add lotgh, baki, and kaiji because he said it was for beginners, but I would definitely rate it above all the ones I listed personally. But I appreciate you pointing out that MAL is a great resource for those interested in getting into anime

also wtf are you doing triple posting


OP are you looking for a series or movies? Ghost in the Shell seems right up your alley.


>stupid action
As if adrenaline action does not require good choreography.


>slice of life
Implying that Nichijou isn't shounen somehow.


Unironically Chainsaw Man. The horny stuff is on par with stuff like Euphoria and other horny series so it's whatever.


Isn't Chainsaw Man about a FUCKING SIMP?


Go watch Black Lagoon, it is unironically very based and not overly long.


File: 1687998842295.mp4 (4.83 MB, 320x240, pururin.mp4)

the problem with what you want is that an author can't write characters that are smarter than him. and manga/LN authors aren't intellectuals. the suspension of disbelief while watching these tactical animes often breaks - you should only watch them for the power fantasy and the fan service, if that is what you like

with this in mind, if you still want a military themed anime, I can think of some recommendations that aren't extremely cliche, but there aren't that many military themed animes
"zipang": 26 eps, rather long, boring towards the end, it is similar to what you would expect from western media
"urasekai picnic", "gate" and "tsuki to laika": these are more recent, require a shorter attention span, are loosely military-adjacent and belong to different genres (bipolar lesbians, otaku power fantasy, and anti-soviet romance, respectively)

if you want to start watching anime in general, start with "welcome to the nhk" if you are young, or "yuru yuri" if you aren't. you can use MAL to find recommendations, but as a general rule, avoid anything with a score above 7.50 (there are exceptions)


i dont understand why a "tactical"-themed fictional narrative needs to be realistic or even "smart" to be good

>avoid anything with a score above 7.50

lol youre a dumbass


see, I didn't say that it needed either to be good. the problem is that authors do think that the characters (the "tactician", usually the MC) need to be smart, but then fail to execute the idea, to a degree that borders parody


It's about a young man that learns to value himself and the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships. And also chainsawing demons.


>It's about a young man that learns to the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships
So, a simp?


>>"I have never watched a single Anime nor read a single Manga in my entire life. Where should I start, what are the essentials?"
I'd start with the WW2 tear jerkers. Grave of The Firelies and In This Corner of The World. My 70yo like In this Corner of The World even.

Anyone got any other serious business animu recommendations. Still have to watch Barefoot Gen.


so, garbage. might as well watch netflix series at that point


yeah virgin that's right


>t. least pretentious poser


why are 90% of the characters there white boys


File: 1688072964593.jpg (49.26 KB, 499x353, Shonene mindfuck.jpg)

>Muh Huitey!
Go back


>why are 90% of the characters there white boys
1. They're Asian (Asians also have white skin, races aren't like Power Rangers).
2. There's a lot of shounen here (anime targetted at middle-school boys) so it makes sense that there's a lot of middle-school boys. Sailor Moon is shoujo so it has a young girl as a protagonist. There are exceptions however (both Azumanga and Nichijou have girls as the protagonists).


same kind of person who is mindboggled in 2023 that there are racist latinos


Same kind of person who posts "white girls fuck dogs" in-between his Japanese zoo hentai sessions.


what the fuck are you talking about you imbecile


>what the fuck are you talking about you imbecile
They're obviously a liberal snowflake who thinks we're incels.


Can you guys recommend a character driven show, with fleshed out protagonist and side characters, that have character based conflict ( not like a McGuffin driven, or Mistery driven plot), I'm talking something like chainsaw man, legend of the galactic heroes, oshi no ko or spice and Wolf, where everyone is a fully rounded character, the characters evolve and the conflicts are character based rather than plot based. If it has a dub in German that is even better


Gomen for the misunderstanding, I was referring to this poster >>20222




Code Geass



>not like a McGuffin driven, or Mistery driven plot
<chainsaw man, legend of the galactic heroes, oshi no ko or spice and Wolf
anon I…


>>20286 ← insufferable cunt


>Y-you laughed at me so I'm gonna call you names!
Nice projection there, now take your meds.


death note, naruto


The first Gundam


What's so virgin about this take? Seems to me that the guy fell in "love" with Makima primarily because "She's being so nice to me" and "I want to touch her tits." He became so utterly obsessed with her that I don't think it's healthy. I'm just tired of anime protagonists swooning over the first conventionally attractive girl they meet. But you can like whatever you want, it's just my opinion, I'm not trying to deny you your enjoyment of the show. If you like simps as protagonists, that's okay, it's just not my cup of tea. I had these kinds of crushes in my younger years, I've long outgrown this period in my life. I'm not sure why you're so angered at me.


youre complaining about one of the few times it makes sense for the protagonist to be like that


Hm. I guess I can't relate then.


NTA but I agree with them, the level of simp is hilarious - literally no different to "le samurai serving his master loyally for saving his life" or some shit.


Media shouldnt be consumed only to see yourself in it.


It's not about seeing yourself, man, that's cringe. It's about being able to like the character (or the aspect of the author's psyche or friends and co-workers it's meant to represent). We have to spend several seasons with the protagonist, you know, they must be entertaining to watch at least. Otherwise you'll just get sick of them.


File: 1689629778767.png (413.11 KB, 1079x1016, markup_1000005088.png)

God that's nightmarish from the dog's POV. What anime?


the dog is a human being.
it's called "My Life as Inukai-san's Dog" and it's fucking weird


Weird is good.


Witch from Mercury


damn I'm tempted to watch this now, apparently it has an 'uncensored version' 🥴


was bad and the lesbians barely had chemistry


Was good and the 'just friends' had gay sex


>just friends
They kept shitting on each other the entire series lol.


it's not healthy you fucking retard that's the whole point


Watch the dub


Just found out about Gunsmith Cats, pretty fun.


If you liked Gunsmith Cats you'll like Cats Eye the anime. Its free on youtube and is damn good.

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