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News 07/27/21 — by News Anon at 2021-07-27 (Tue) 19:46:47

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North and South Korea agree to restore communication channels, improve ties
The two leaders agreed to “restore mutual confidence and develop their relationships again as soon as possible,” Blue House spokesman Park Soo Hyun said in a televised briefing. Park said the two Koreas subsequently reopened communication channels on Tuesday morning.

Biden, Kadhimi seal agreement to end U.S. combat mission in Iraq
U.S. President Joe Biden and Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi sealed an agreement on Monday formally ending the U.S. combat mission in Iraq by the end of 2021, but U.S. forces will still operate there in an advisory role.

Communist Party plans pickets across Russia after election officials reject Pavel Grudinin’s State Duma candidacy
The deputy chairman of the party’s Central Committee, Vladimir Kashin, told Open Media that pickets are planned for July 30 and 31, as well as August 1. The KPRF also plans to seek permission to hold rallies on August 14 and 19, and on September 1. “If the rallies are not authorized, then we have working mechanisms to get around these bans. There will be Reds in the cities,” Kashin said.

Banning Navalny’s website is ‘unacceptable’ & officials are abusing power against opposition figures – Senior Russian Communist
With a parliamentary vote just around the corner, the authorities are abusing their power and using it to “prevent [opposition] candidates” from running against the ruling party, United Russia, he added. “I don’t read Navalny’s website and haven’t seen what it says. But if there are no calls for extremist activity there, it is an unnecessary measure. My personal opinion: there was no need to block it if there were no violations,” he continued.

Housing campaigners hail Oxford City Council for passing anti-DSS discrimination motion
HOUSING campaigners have hailed Oxford City Council agreeing to stamp out “DSS discrimination” against tenants in receipt of housing benefit and universal credit — and called on town halls across the country to do the same.

UK MPs warn of collapse of country’s ‘hollowed out’ justice system due to stagnant pay & years of government cuts in legal aid
In a new report, the House of Commons Justice Committee has urged the government to consider implementing major reforms and conduct a review on how it funds legal aid. In this system, the state pays defence counsel fees for defendants who cannot afford to hire their own lawyer.

AMLO Proposes Replacing OAS With Truly Autonomous Organization
AMLO proposes regional integration similar to the European Union to CELAC as the cooperation and consolidation processes in Latin America and the Caribbean are moving forward with CELAC's leadership. The President of Mexico expressed that in this process, the substitution of the OAS for a truly autonomous organization, not a lackey of anyone, should not be ruled out.

Cuba Blames The U.S. For A Molotov Cocktail Attack At Its Paris Embassy
The Cuban Foreign Ministry's International Press Center said three Molotov cocktails were thrown, with two hitting the embassy and setting a fire. Cuban diplomats extinguished the blaze as French firefighters and police arrived at the scene, it said.

Emmanuel Macron ‘pushes for Israeli inquiry’ into NSO spyware concerns
In a phone call, Macron expressed concern that his phone and those of most of his cabinet could have been infected with Pegasus, hacking software developed by the Israeli surveillance firm NSO Group, which enables operators of the tool to extract messages, photos and emails, record calls and secretly activate microphones from infected devices.

Fears of Toxic Smoke After an Industrial Explosion in Germany
Federal authorities had quickly declared the situation an “extreme threat” and warned local residents to avoid the area, stay indoors, shut their windows and doors, and switch off home air conditioning units fed by outside air, as they assessed the toxicity of the smoke that billowed out from the site.

News 07/23/21 — by News Anon at 2021-07-24 (Sat) 12:34:57

‘Peak hypocrisy’: Tokyo Olympics bashed for ‘worst part of the pandemic’ reminder after mega-rich celebrities sing Imagine (VIDEO)
Activists and singers Keith Urban and John Legend – each of whom reportedly have net worths of around $75 million – were among those to melodramatically recite the former Beatles' lyrics in a supposed show of solidarity.

Algeria: Athlete withdraws from Olympics to avoid facing Israeli opponent
Algerian judoka Fethi Nourine has withdrawn from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in order to avoid facing an Israeli competitor. Nourine, who was set to compete in the men’s under 73kg judo competition, announced his decision on Thursday, one day before the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony.

Lebanon's water system on brink of total collapse, says UN
Lebanon's water supply system is on the verge of total collapse, according to the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), in what would mark the latest development in the eastern Mediterranean country's slide into chaos. More than 71% of the country's population – over 4 million people including 1 million refugees – are at immediate risk of losing access to safe water, UNICEF said on Friday.

Volunteers hunting for Mexico’s ‘disappeared’ become targets
The mainly female volunteers who fan out across Mexico to hunt for the bodies of murdered relatives are themselves increasingly being killed, putting to the test the government’s promise to help them in their quest for a final shred of justice: a chance to mourn.

FMLN Denounces Political Persecution in El Salvador
The right-wing regime is deploying trials for alleged acts of corruption as an "authoritarian mechanism" of social control, which is similar to what dictatorships used to silence their opponents. The purpose of this lawfare against former officials of FMLN administrations is to create diversions to hide what is happening in the country.

Slovak police unleash tear gas as anti-Covid demonstrators push into parliament in Bratislava
Demonstrators could be heard chanting “gestapo” while holding banners saying “stop corona fascism” as Covid restriction amendments proposed by the government were debated by parliament. The amendments would give people vaccinated against Covid easier access to public spaces like restaurants, cafes or mass events.

It's so hot in Dubai that the government is artificially creating rainstorms
Scientists in the United Arab Emirates are making it rain — artificially — using electrical charges from drones to manipulate the weather and force rainfall across the desert nation. Meteorological officials released video footage this week showing a downpour over Ras al Khaimah, as well as several other regions.

China floods: thousands trapped without fresh water as rain moves north
Local reports suggested the city of Xinxiang, home to 5.8 million people, had been hardest hit, with more than 260mm falling in a two-hour window. State media reported the Wei river had burst its banks and flooded villages near Hebi. Local authorities pushed at least half a dozen trucks into the breach in an attempt to block it, without success.

News 07/20/21 — by News Anon 3.0 at 2021-07-20 (Tue) 18:53:20

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Police Motor Pool Firebombed by Dutch Anarchist Group, Revolutionary Resistance
Militant anarchists in the Netherlands have claimed the July 15th attack targeting a police motor pool with an improvised incendiary device/explosive device (IID/IED) in the small Dutch town of Gemert. The detonation of the device and the ensuing conflagration destroyed at least one police squad car and seriously damaged two others. The burning vehicles were discovered around 4 a.m. and extinguished.

Kurdish forces claim to have killed nine Turkish invading soldiers as battle rages in Iraqi Kurdistan
KURDISH guerillas claimed on Sunday night to have killed nine Turkish soldiers in raids in the Avashin mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan as fierce fighting continues. According to Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) sources, two military camps and a rocket launcher were destroyed in last Friday’s operation.

==Duque isolated as many in Colombia go on strike again
Colombia’s far-right President== Ivan Duque found himself isolated on Monday as mayors and protesters prepared for the 84th day of anti-government protests. Bogota Mayor Claudia Lopez gave the indigenous people from southwest Colombia a warm welcome as they entered the city to take part in the Independence Day protests.

Mexican Journalist Shot Dead in Morelia City
A group of armed men opened fire on him in the facility parking lot and drove away through Madero Poniente Avenue. In the attack, an ice-paddle salesman was also hurt. Michoacan State Prosecutor’s Office already arrested three suspects on the La Huerta road, less than three kilometers from the crime scene. The detainees, who held firearms, are currently at the Intentional Homicide Specialized Investigation Unit.

US senators introduce bill aimed at reigning in White House's war powers
Three US senators, who have long campaigned against the White House's war powers, introduced wide-ranging legislation on Tuesday aimed at curbing the president's authority to issue arms sales, send troops into combat, and declare national emergencies without congressional approval.

Communist party joins coastal coalition talks
The push to establish a coalition of political parties at the Coast ahead of the 2022 elections has received a boost after the Communist Party of Kenya (CPK) joined the movement. … CPPC will deal with the political agenda while CIDI will handle the economic and social agenda of the region. This is expected to lead to the amalgamation of the five parties’ plans and aspirations.

Russian Tanks Move to Afghan Border Ahead of Drills
Russian tanks stationed at Moscow's base in Tajikistan have arrived at training grounds near the border with Afghanistan ahead of army drills next month, the Defense Ministry said Tuesday. Russia will stage military drills from Aug. 5 to 10 with Tajikistan and Uzbekistan at the Harb-Maidon training ground near the border with Afghanistan where the Taliban has led a lightning offensive against government troops.

CPI(M) will not shield guilty in loan scam: district secy.
The Communist Party of India (Marxist) will not protect its members on the committee of Karuvannur Service Cooperative Bank, near Irinjalakuda, if they are found guilty in the loan scam, party district secretary M.M. Varghese has said.

Activists arrested in Quezon City are humanitarian workers – group
Karapatan-Caraga said that Gomez and Velasco are both engaged humanitarian work over the years. In fact, the group said that “officers and personnel of some of government agencies in the region know them personally as they have coordinated activities particularly with the Department of Social Welfare and Development and local government units in the Surigao and Agusan provinces and several municipalities.”

Health Workers Begin Indefinite Strike against UP Govt's New Transfer Policy amid Pandemic
During the strike, the health workers staged a protest at the CMO and shouted slogans against the Yogi Adityanath-led government. They said until the government accepts their demand, they will not return to work. The statewide call for a work boycott was given by the Chikitsa Swasthya Mahasangh, a federation of eight healthcare associations.

News 07/12/21 — by News Anon 3.0 at 2021-07-12 (Mon) 19:36:15

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Peruvian prosecution to investigate Keiko Fujimori's alleged “disturbing of the vote”
As per the preliminary results and after more than a month, leftwing candidate Pedro Castillo appears to be the winner, although by a narrow margin. Congresswoman Liliana Takayama, of Fujimori's Fuerza Popular (FP), is also under investigation, it was announced. Fujimori has other open cases for corruption and irregular financing of her campaign.

'A New Condor Plan Is Underway in Latin America', Morales Warns
Bolivia’s ex-President Evo Morales warned about the implementation of the new Operation Condor in Latin America. He pointed out this possibility given the growing evidence of the participation of Ecuador's ex-President Lenin Moreno and Argentina's ex-President Mauricio Macri in the 2019 coup against him.

Cuban leader warns of US-backed opportunists seeking to destabilise country
CUBAN President Miguel Diaz-Canel called for a united struggle against the crippling US embargo on Sunday as he warned that opportunists were seeking to take advantage of the economic crisis. Large protests have been held in the socialist island, where the economy has shrunk by 11 per cent due to Washington’s continued blockade as well as the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

NPA Carry Out Successful Offensive In Masbate Province
Revolutionary justice was awarded by the Red fighters of the NPA’s Jose Rapsing Command (JRC-Masbate province) on July 10, 5:30 am in Sitio Balunos, Brgy. Rizal, Dimasalang. Four were killed and 17 wounded among the mercenary army of the US-Duterte regime in the ambush conducted by the JRC.

MP: Barela Tribals Rendered Homeless as Forest Department ‘Attacks’ Fields and Homes
Amid the ongoing pandemic, over 40 tribal families belonging to the marginalised Bhil and Barela adivasi community in Madhya Pradesh’s Jamniya area, falling under the Khandwa district, have been rendered homeless. In its proceedings, the state forest department on July 10, bulldozed several houses despite an ongoing stay on any evictions amidst the pandemic.

Palestinian party expels minister who refused to resign over critic death
Palestinian Authority Labor Minister Nasri Abu Jaish has been expelled from the Palestinian People’s Party after he refused to quit in protest over the death of anti-corruption activist Nizar Banat. Two weeks ago, the Palestinian People’s Party, formerly the Palestinian Communist Party, announced it had decided to withdraw from the PA government in protest over the death of Banat shortly after he was arrested by PA security officers in Hebron.

==Journalist dies after being beaten by homophobic mob while
covering canceled==
Tbilisi LGBT Pride march, Georgia erupts in protest
The body of Alexander Lashkarava, one of a dozen journalists attacked during mob violence against LGBT+ activists, was discovered by his mother on Sunday. According to his colleague Miranda Baghaturia, the Pirveli TV cameraman was beaten by a mob of 20 people last Monday and sustained multiple injuries, resulting in him having to undergo surgery. He was discharged from the hospital on Thursday.

Concerns raised over MSPs exploiting lobbying loopholes
INVESTIGATIONS into undocumented lobbying being carried out within the Scottish government has raised concerns about loopholes being exploited by ministers. Joint analysis by media co-operative The Ferret and the Herald newspaper found that hundreds of meetings held had not subsequently been reported to the lobbying register.

Police investigate racist abuse of three England players
British police opened investigations Monday into the racist abuse of three Black players who failed to score penalties in England’s shootout loss to Italy in the European Championship final.

WHO: Rich countries should donate vaccines, not use boosters
Top officials at the World Health Organization say there’s not enough evidence to show that third doses of coronavirus vaccines are needed and appealed Monday for the scarce shots to be shared with poor countries who have yet to immunize their people instead of being used by rich countries as boosters.

News 7/8/21 — by News Anon 3.0 at 2021-07-08 (Thu) 22:55:20

Communist presidential candidate in Chile receives more support
The opposition party Social Green Regionalist Federation (FRVS) is currently one of the forces that back communist candidate Daniel Jadue for the first of Chile's presidential election, scheduled for November. This decision, announced on Wednesday, was made by this party's extended council with the participation of the teams from the 16 regions of the country where the FRVS is present.

Haitian Police Shoot Down 4 Suspects and Arrest 2 Attackers
In the early hours of Wednesday morning, the assassins entered Moise's residence in Pelerin, a high-class neighborhood located on a hill in the highest part of Port-au-Prince. During the attack, the President was shot and killed and his wife was wounded. She was later flown by ambulance to Miami. Their two children, a boy and a girl, were taken to safety.

Medellin gangs have as many members as ELN in all Colombia
Despite being involved in extortion, money laundering and drug dealing, the super groups that are part of the “Oficina de Envigado” have enjoyed long-standing ties with the local elite and the Medellin Police Department.

Polish YouTuber to file claim after his detention under draconian anti-communist legislation
POLISH YouTuber Michal Nowicki was detained under draconian anti-communist legislation for promoting “totalitarian practices and methods of action” on Wednesday. Authorities swooped as he left his mother’s house to go jogging. He claimed they chose a spot between two bushes so there were no witnesses.

Government urged to reverse ‘shameful’ plans to phase out £20 universal credit ‘uplift’
Work and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey said today that those receiving the uplift, described as a lifeline by campaigners, will start to see an adjustment to their payments from October.The government is going ahead with the cuts despite widespread opposition to ending the uplift, including from former work and pensions secretaries, among them Iain Duncan Smith, once dubbed the “architect of austerity.”

Spain’s far-right Vox party under fire for veiled Twitter threat against editor
On Tuesday, Vox’s official Twitter account published the person’s name and photograph, and accused the magazine, El Jueves, of “spreading hate against millions of Spaniards on a daily basis”. It added: “It’s possible that many of them may begin demanding that he takes responsibility for it when they see him leave his office.” The tweet referred to the city and street location of the office.

Spain passes Transgender Equality Law; protests engulf country after homophobic murder
“They are rights, not wishes. It’s the law!” read the pink, blue, and white banner of the Communist Party of Spain as its members marched with the wider Unidas Podemos (United We Can) coalition for Madrid’s Pride Parade this past Saturday.

Israel demolishes Palestinian Bedouin village for seventh time in under a year
Israeli forces demolished the Palestinian Bedouin village of Khirbet Humsah for the seventh time on Wednesday, leaving an estimated 11 families, numbering more than 70 people, homeless. At around 9am local time, dozens of Israeli military jeeps, bulldozers, police vehicles and trucks raided the hamlet, located in the northern Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank.

Legitimacy of the CPN (Maoist Centre) challenged at the Election Commission
Advocate Saroj Budhathoki, on behalf of around two dozen former Maoist leaders who defected to the CPN-UML, registered a complaint at the commission on Wednesday, saying the party, the Maoist Centre, is illegal as it has not abided by the Constitution of Nepal and the Political Party Act, 2017.

WHO blasts wealthy nations for "abhorrent" COVID vaccine "nationalism" as global death toll passes 4 million
The world passed the "tragic milestone" of 4 million recorded COVID-19 fatalities on Wednesday, the World Health Organization said, adding that the pandemic's true toll was probably higher. WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus announced the landmark had been reached, more than 18 months since the outbreak emerged in China in December 2019.

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News 7/5/21 — by TYBNA at 2021-07-05 (Mon) 19:15:01

AKEL new leader looks to reshape future
Communist AKEL had its worst election showing in recent history at the May parliamentary elections, garnering just 22.3% of the vote despite the government’s popularity nose-diving. … Stephanou hopes to mark a new era for AKEL. “If we really want to change the reality in which we live and with which we are not at all satisfied, as the vast majority of our people, we must, first of all, reshape ourselves,” said Stephanou.

Conservatives ‘threatening British democracy’ with multi-million-pound plans for mandatory voter ID
Ahead of the publication of the government’s Elections Bill today, Labour is urging ministers to drop their “undemocratic” and “discriminatory” plans to make photo ID mandatory for people to vote in the next election. The plans are being put in place to supposedly prevent voter fraud, but the issue is vanishingly rare.

Palestinian citizens of Israel protest against vote on law barring family reunification
Palestinian citizens of Israel protested on Monday against a government vote on a controversial emergency law that blocks thousands of Palestinian families from reuniting. The Citizenship and Entry Law is nominally a piece of emergency legislation that was passed in 2003 to prevent Palestinian inhabitants of the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip from gaining residency or citizenship of Israel through marriage to another citizen.

Israel arrests Palestinian rights lawyer after anti-Abbas protest
The Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR) said in a statement that Farid al-Atrash was arrested early on Sunday at an Israeli checkpoint east of Jerusalem while returning from a protest against the Palestinian Authority (PA) in Ramallah, where the PA is based.

Afghanistan: Soldiers flee to Tajikistan after Taliban clashes
The retreat is the third time Afghan soldiers have fled to Tajikistan over the past three days and the fifth case over the past fortnight. In total, nearly 1,600 soldiers have crossed the border. The latest group of Afghan troops sought refuge early on Monday morning after fighting with militants during the night, Tajikistan's National Security Committee said.

Slovenian street name row highlights tensions over former dictator
Thirty years after Slovenia achieved independence, a bitter dispute over a street that since 1979 has been named in honour of Marshal Josip Broz Tito has highlighted how the former leader of the federation of Yugoslavia continues to divide opinion in central Europe.

Stan Swamy death: 84-year-old Indian activist dies while seeking bail on terror charges
One of India’s most prominent tribal rights activists, 84-year-old Father Stan Swamy, died in hospital on Monday even as his application for bail on terror charges remained pending. The activist and Jesuit priest, who suffered from Parkinson’s disease, was undergoing treatment at a local hospital in India’s Mumbai city for several weeks.

LGBT+ campaigners in Georgia call off pride march after violent far-right mobs break into organizer's office & beat up journalists
The violence came after Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili attacked the march as “unreasonable,” claiming that the Pride event, named ‘The March of Dignity’, had been organized by the “radical opposition” that seeks to “spark tension” and destabilize the country.

Siberia Forest Fires Fueled by Historic Drought, Heatwave
The republic of Sakha, also known as Yakutia, is especially vulnerable to wildfires as more than 80% of the region is covered by boreal forest known as taiga. So far this year, Sakha has already seen record-breaking droughts and abnormally high temperatures, creating ideal conditions for severe wildfires.

Global Food Prices May Ease Next Year After Recent Surge
A gauge of global food costs has jumped to a nine-year high on the back of huge Chinese demand and weather concerns, squeezing consumer budgets hurt by the Covid-19 crisis. But in the next couple of years, inflation-adjusted prices may ease before staying largely flat through 2030 as demand growth for grains and fish slows and farming supplies rise, the OECD and UN said in a report.

Overworked, underpaid: workers rail against hotel chains’ cost-cutting
Several of the largest US hotel chains have outlined different ways of working, which labor groups say amount to a slide in standards that could have a profound impact on workers’ lives. Nuris Veras Merlos, a housekeeper at a Hilton in downtown Seattle, was recently recalled to her job, but is only scheduled one or two days a week because her hotel eliminated daily room cleaning. She is concerned her job may disappear.

Pro-Trump social media app briefly hacked hours after launch
"The problem was detected and sealed in a matter of minutes, and all the intruder was able to accomplish was to change a few user names," Jason Miller, the site's founder and Trump's former spokesperson, said in a statement to Reuters.

‘I can’t live on $709 a month’: Americans on social security push for its expansion
Nancy Reynolds, age 74, of Cape Canaveral, Florida, works as a cashier at Walmart while struggling to make ends meet on her work income and social security benefits of just $709 a month. “I can’t live on $709 a month, so I have to work. I have no choice, even though my body says you can’t do much more,” said Reynolds.

Tyson Foods Recalls 8.5 Million Pounds of Chicken Over Listeria Concerns
Tyson Foods Inc. TSN is recalling about 8.5 million pounds of chicken products that the company and federal officials said could be contaminated with harmful bacteria. The recall, one of the largest announced in recent years by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, covers products ranging from bags of boneless, skinless breasts to fajita strips.

Audacity 3.0 called spyware over data collection changes by new owner
Audacity was acquired by Muse Group in May, a company that also controls Ultimate Guitar, MuseScore, and Tonebridge. Since the purchase of Audacity, changes have been discovered in online support documents indicating that it is being used to perform data collection on its users.

Socialism is on the upswing right now. And whenever radicalism has been on the rise over the past century, that has also meant that something else has gone on the rise: state repression, often at the hands of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. That certainly was the case in the New Left era. In their book A Threat of the First Magnitude: FBI Counterintelligence and Infiltration from the Communist Party to the Revolutionary Union — 1962-1974, Aaron Leonard and Conor Gallagher tell a shocking and even gripping story of how the FBI did everything it could to destroy leftist groups emerging from the ferment of the student, civil rights, and antiwar movements. The book is a follow-up to their first book Heavy Radicals: The FBI’s Secret War on America’s Maoists and is based on a huge number of documents (many of which are included in the book) obtained from the bureau on a variety of left groups and activists. At times, A Threat of the First Magnitude reads more like true crime than leftist history. The laundry list of FBI tactics for disrupting radical groups is incredibly long, and the reader often feels hot on the trail of infiltrators of these organizations — even at the highest levels of their leadership — as Gallagher and Leonard put together the pieces of how and why the FBI disrupted them. At a recent event at the Seminary Co-op Bookstore in Chicago, Jacobin managing editor Micah Uetricht spoke with Aaron Leonard about what they found and what lessons leftists today can take from his book. The interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Rumsfeld Remembered as ‘Complex,’ ‘Energetic’—Not as Killer of Multitudes
One thing you won’t find in corporate media obituaries of Donald Rumsfeld is any estimate of how many people died in the wars he was in charge of launching. You do see occasional references to the US troops he sent to their deaths—as in the AP‘s obit (6/30/21): "Defiant to the end, Rumsfeld expressed no regrets in his farewell ceremony, at which point the US death toll in Iraq had surpassed 2,900. The count would eventually exceed 4,400." And in the New York Times (6/30/21): "Mr. Rumsfeld, more than four years out of office, still expressed no regrets over the decision to invade Iraq, which had cost the United States $700 billion and 4,400 American lives." But the Afghan and Iraqi lives lost as the result of the wars Rumsfeld managed—which by the most careful estimates outnumbered the US dead by a factor of a hundred or more (PLOS Medicine, 10/15/13; Lancet, 10/12/06)—simply go unmentioned. This, of course, greatly facilitates the job of the obituary writer, who is required to present every deceased member of the Washington establishment as a complicated, ultimately lovable character, regardless of the scale of their crimes. Or as the Washington Post (6/30/21) put it: “Mr. Rumsfeld was more complex and paradoxical than the public caricature of him as a pugnacious, inflexible villain would suggest.”

What should we make of China’s Communist Party at 100?
THE 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party has heightened resonance in the era of the new cold war. There has been a dramatic shift in attitudes towards China in recent years. It is increasingly presented as a “systemic challenge,” in the words of a Nato communiqué. From being depicted as a country whose rapid economic growth provided an example of the benefits of capitalist globalisation, China has become both an economic and a political enemy, its communist character once again highlighted as a menace by Western politicians. Under Donald Trump the US revived rhetoric reminiscent of the first cold war, declaring the Chinese Communist Party a threat to “our freedoms.” What’s changed? Liberal pundits say that China has become more assertive, more aggressive. But changes in Chinese policy are more perceived than real. A willingness to attract foreign investment and technology from 1978 was always about developing China’s own productive capacity. As China begins to edge ahead in multiple technological fields, Western corporations take umbrage that it aspires to be more than a vast pool of cheap labour.

News 2021-07-03 — by TYBNA at 2021-07-03 (Sat) 22:16:25

‘Workplace deaths & dismissals scarier than Covid’: Labor unions hold massive rally in Seoul despite PM's warning (PHOTOS)
The unions had planned to hold a rally in Yeouido, western Seoul, but they decided to gather at a new location after police attempted to block them from going to Yeouido by erecting barriers. “We have gathered here to protect the lives and safe employment of workers,” KCTU chief Yang Kyung-soo, said during the rally, which lasted for about two hours, according to the Yonhap news agency.

Oli tells Nepal faction to withdraw support to Deuba. Dissidents refuse
CPN-UML chair KP Sharma Oli has given an ultimatum to the Madhav Kumar Nepal-led faction: withdraw the signatures in the writ petition filed at the Supreme Court demanding the restoration of the House of Representatives and the appointment of Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba as prime minister.

HPG reports ongoing Turkish attacks on South Kurdistan
The Press Office of the People’s Defense Forces (HPG) released a statement providing information on the latest attacks carried out by the Turkish army in southern Kurdistan, northern Iraq. HPG provided the following details of the Turkish state’s continued attacks on guerrilla-controlled Medya Defense Zones on July 2nd.

Greek and Turkish young communists to meet in Lesvos
Greek and Turkish young communists, members and friends of the KKE and the TKP, are going to meet on July 9-11 in the island of Lesvos (Lesbos), at the 30th Anti-imperialist Camp of the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE). KNE organizes this year's Anti-imperialist camp in Mytilene, Lesvos, under the slogan: “In Greece and Turkey, the enemy is the same: NATO – governments – capitalism! Socialism is the future!”.

Pulling a Trumpie? Brazil's Bolsonaro says he won’t concede defeat to ‘fraud’ in next year’s election
Next year, Bolsonaro is expected to run against popular former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva of the same Workers’ Party, who was barred from running in 2018 by a controversial criminal conviction. Brazil’s Supreme Court cleared his criminal record last year, making him a viable candidate again. Opinion polls project Bolsonaro’s defeat to Lula, as the leftist politician is usually called, with some indicating a one-round landslide for the ex-president.

Anger as case dropped against British squaddie charged with Bloody Sunday murders
THE families of two men shot dead in Derry on Bloody Sunday vowed to continue their fight for justice today after the case was dropped against a solider charged with their murder. “Soldier F” was charged with murdering James Wray and William McKinney in Derry in January 1972 alongside five counts of attempted murder.

Striking workers block Paris airport, delay flights
The workers were striking at Charles de Gaulle Airport as unions and airport management argue over pay cuts, The Associated Press reported. Charles de Gaulle said it is trying to avoid layoffs for employees by cutting some pay, as revenue is down 80 percent due to the coronavirus pandemic, which devastated the travel industry. Police used pepper spray to attempt to disperse the disgruntled employees as passengers who could not get through were sent to other terminals.

French far-right chief criticized for her mainstream turn
French far-right leader Marine Le Pen is facing stinging criticism for making her party too mainstream, dulling its extremist edge and ignoring grassroots members, with some warning that this could cost her votes in next year’s presidential race.

New laws legalize police state operations in Germany
* The Federal Police will be able to massively restrict the freedom of citizens and refugees via bans on staying, detention pending deportation and similar measures, without requiring judicial authorisation. * The powers of the police and secret services to tap into computer systems, mobile devices and other electronic systems in order to gather and/or manipulate data on a massive scale are being legalized. * Authorisation is being granted for the secret services and Federal Police to carry out cyber-attacks and other observation and persecution measures merely on the basis of a targeted person’s opinions, without any evidence of criminal activities.

Mexico water supply buckles on worsening drought, crops at risk
Experts are sounding the alarm that parched crops could under-produce after temperatures hit 40 degrees Celsius (104F) on June 30 in some parts of northern Mexico, including key farming areas. … Hopes to replenish Mexico’s parched reservoirs now hinge on the traditional rainy season, known formally as the North American Monsoon, which is currently under way.

Indonesian government allows COVID cases to skyrocket
Over the past fortnight, records of transmission have been broken numerous times. The Indonesian Health Ministry recorded 25,830 new COVID-19 cases on Friday, a fresh record, bringing the total tally to 2,228,938, with the death toll rising by 539 to 59,534.

Russia Reports Record COVID Deaths for Fifth Straight Day
Russia on Saturday reported 697 Covid-19 deaths in the previous 24 hours, the fifth straight day the country has set a new record as it battles the surging Delta variant. It also recorded 24,439 new coronavirus infections, the highest figure since the middle of January when Russia was emerging from its second wave of the pandemic.

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Communists call for people to unite in struggle against Nato imperialist war plans
An open letter, with signatories including the Communist Party of Kurdistan Iraq, the Communist Party of Greece and the Communist Party of Ukraine, warned that Nato had outlined a strategy that constitutes an escalation of aggression and a preparation for war.

Queen Victoria and Elizabeth II statues toppled in Canada amid anger at deaths of Indigenous children
Statues of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II have been toppled in Canada amid growing outrage over the discovery of unmarked graves belonging to Indigenous children. A group gathered at the Manitoba legislature in Winnipeg pulled down the statue of Victoria on Canada Day – an annual celebration on 1 July that marks the country’s confederation.

WATCH: Hundreds protest in Istanbul as Erdogan withdraws Turkey from international treaty protecting women’s rights
Crowds of hundreds, mainly women, marched in central Istanbul on Thursday. Activists and members of various NGOs, as well as representatives of the LGBTQ+ and feminist communities were seen chanting, drumming, and carrying banners opposing Ankara’s withdrawal from the international treaty.

Sudanese opposition factions join forces to protest government
The protests that tried to reach the presidential palace were led by the Communist Party, the Sudanese Professionals’ Association and the Resistance Committees Coordination, along with the remnants of the Bashir regime and elements of the Islamist movement, amid fears of violence that would exacerbate the political and security situation.

Iran names hardline cleric as top judge amid calls for probe into 1980s executions
This week, a UN expert called for a new investigation into Raisi's alleged role in the deaths of thousands of political prisoners when he served as a judge in the 1980s. In 1988, a committee on which Raisi sat ordered the execution of between 2,000 and 4,000 Iranian political prisoners, including members of the People's Mujahedin Organisation of Iran (MEK), a group labelled as terrorists by Iran and Iraq, as well imprisoned members of Marxist and leftist groups.

German police search homes of five Kurdish activists in Hanover
The search warrants against the five activists were issued by the Celle District Court a week ago at the request of the Celle Public Prosecutor's Office. The defendants are accused of violating the Law on Associations according to Section 20 (1) No. 4 of the Law on Associations, i.e. of supporting the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and thus of violating the 1993 ban on PKK activities.

Iraq: ICC urged to reopen case on UK war crimes
The European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) submitted a request to the ICC on Thursday for a review of the decision by the body's chief prosecutor not to pursue an investigation. They added that the request was also filed on behalf of Sabah al-Sadoon, an Iraqi national who was captured and tortured by UK soldiers in Basra.

Boost fund for schools goes to rich
Its research shows that average per-pupil funding for the most-deprived fifth of schools has fallen in real terms since 2017-18 by 1.2 per cent to £5,177, while for the least deprived fifth it has risen by 2.9 per cent to £4,471. In 2020-21 an additional £266 million was allocated to 3,150 schools. The poorest fifth got nothing, while 37 per cent of the least-deprived fifth of schools got an increase, the NAO said.

‘Clothing police’: Leftist Melenchon denounces Macron for opposing crop tops in French schools, likens him to ‘Iranian Ayatollahs’
Macron’s remarks were criticized and mocked by Jean-Luc Melenchon, the leader of the leftist La France Insoumise (France Unbowed) party, who compared the president’s stance to that of the religious leaders of Iran. “So now we have two thinkers on women’s clothes – Ayatollah Khomeini, who was then followed by Ayatollah Khamenei, and Monsieur Macron – who decide if a young woman, a girl or a child behaves properly,” Melenchon said.

World Food Program begins activities in Venezuela
The initial quota, which consists of rice, vegetables, salt and vegetal oil, was delivered in Maracaibo, the capital of the state of Zulia, and prioritizes children under six years of age, who will have the food delivered to their homes as schools are closed, according to a press release from the WFP.

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Xi Jinping: China’s goals are within reach and we won’t be bullied
He also delivered a measured yet firm message to the world – that China “does not carry aggressive or hegemonic traits in its genes”, but the days when it could be bullied by foreign powers were long gone. “We have never bullied, oppressed, or subjugated the people of any other country, and we never will. By the same token, we will never allow any foreign force to bully, oppress, or subjugate us,” he said.

Italian Judges Confirm Conviction for Operation Condor Killers
On Thursday, Italy's Supreme Court upheld life sentences for three Chilean former officers involved in the disappearance of Italians during the execution of Operation Condor, a U.S. counterinsurgency strategy implemented in Latin America during the 1970s and 1980s. … "First of all, we are very happy for the relatives of the victims because they have finally found justice… We also hope that the sentence will generate follow-up actions in Chile and other South American countries," the Italian General Confederation of Labor (CGIL) Secretary Maurizio Landini said upon learning of the convictions of those who participated in the repression unleashed after the 1973 coup d’etat against Chile's President Salvador Allende.

Assange supporters sail protest boat through London to demand his release
SUPPORTERS of Julian Assange sailed past Parliament and the US embassy to demand the release of the WikiLeaks founder as he spends his 50th birthday in Belmarsh Prison. Mr Assange was spared extradition to the US by a judge earlier this year, but he remains in the high security prison, where he has now spent three birthdays.

Daniel Jadue, Communist Party Frontrunner in Chile’s Presidential Election, Unmoved by Parliamentary Resolution Denouncing Him as ‘Antisemitic’
Jadue was defiant following the Chamber of Deputies resolution excoriating him, declaring on Twitter: “A country in the midst of a health and economic crisis, hundreds of deaths a day, families can’t make ends meet, but right-wing deputies vote for me to explain what others wrote [about me], in a school yearbook, 35 years ago! Get serious!” He did not discuss, much less apologize for, the antisemitic content of the entry.

Court rejects attempt to reopen investigation into Yasser Arafat’s death
In a ruling issued on Thursday, the ECHR said there had been no infringement of the right to a fair hearing and the complaint was “manifestly ill-founded”. The court unanimously declared the complaint inadmissible. Arafat died on 11 November 2004 in the Percy military hospital near Paris, to which he had been flown from the ruins of the Muqata, the presidential palace in Ramallah in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Sudanese people demand government resign after controversial IMF deal
SUDAN’S transitional government has led a brutal crackdown on protesters demanding its resignation after it agreed controversial economic reforms in a deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Hundreds took to the streets of the capital Khartoum on Wednesday calling for “the fall of the regime” while rejecting IMF policies.

Israel arms sales: Court decision ends hopes for transparency
A legal campaign to expose details about Israeli arms exports came to an end this week, as the country's Supreme Court not only rejected a petition regarding tracking technology made by an Israeli cyber company, but also shut the door on all future petitions. Appeals from Israeli human rights lawyer Eitay Mack and a group of Israeli activists, who first embarked on a campaign to expose secretive Israeli arms sales over five years ago, demanded that the country’s Ministry of Defence release documents and records pertaining to the sale of weapons and military systems to countries under military embargo, engaged in civil wars and in systematic violation of human rights.

Wildfire amid record heat wave forces entire village in Canada to evacuate: "The whole town is on fire"
A wildfire amid a record heat wave in western Canada has forced authorities to order residents to evacuate a village in British Columbia that smashed the country's record for hottest temperature three days in a row this week. Mayor Jan Polderman of Lytton issued the evacuation order Wednesday, saying on Twitter that the fire was threatening structures and the safety of residents of the community, which is 95 miles northeast of Vancouver.

Hell on the Road of Bones: Wildfires in Russia’s Far East engulf highway known worldwide for danger & extremely cold temperatures
Videos posted online show how the road is covered in flames, with smoke causing very limited visibility. Earlier in the week, local authorities revealed that they would artificially induce rain to fight against the wildfires. Around 69,000 hectares of wild land were reported to be ablaze.

Russia Posts Record Covid Deaths for Third Day Running
The country is battling a surging outbreak driven by the highly infectious Delta variant and worsened by a lagging jab drive, with President Vladimir Putin urging Russians on national television Wednesday to get vaccinated. The daily death toll released Thursday topped Wednesday's record of 669 and Tuesday's of 652.

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