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"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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Thread to talk about drone warfare in general.

There are many ways drones can be used but I would like to talk about their potential use in protests and riots in the west.

In my experience something that is sorely lacking in protests going wild is intelligence about police postions, while the bad guys usually have a QG with plenty of operators gathering and distributing intelligence to police officers trough cameras, helicopters and, you guessed it, drones.

So, what's keeping us from using drones? Those for kids which are 50 bucks on amazon could do the trick, it would take a team of two, one pilot and one operative relaying intel trough a phone or a radio to someone in the front of the protest.

I know there are anti drone weapons, but they don't work that well and these aren't well established yet. In case of capture though it's good to prevent or render difficult a trace, so it would be smart to buy those drones trough proxies and false adresses, and scratch whatever number they have on them.
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Russia captured a US drone supplied to Ukraine
>Российские военнослужащие провели осмотр посаженного украинского БПЛА RQ-20 Puma американского производства. БПЛА RQ-20 Puma разработан компанией AeroVironment на основе БПЛА FQM-151 «Пойнтер» в 2007 году. БПЛА RQ-20 запускается с руки и предназначен для патрулирования, разведки и корректировки огневой поддержки. Двухосная, гиростабилизированная многосенсорная система дрона объединяет в себе обычную и тепловизионную камеры. Каждая из них имеет 6-кратное увеличение. Система позволяет обнаруживать противника днём и ночью. Дрон имеет влагозащищенный корпус и может быть оборудован солнечными панелями, с ними дрон может летать до 9 часов, без них до 3,5 часов. Интересно сделана конструкция дрона, от удара о землю он разваливается на части в строго определённых местах, благодаря этому его легко собрать и ремонтировать в полевых условиях. При размахе крыльев в 2,8 метра и длине 1,4 метра, максимальная взлетная масса БПЛА не превышает 5,9 кг. БПЛА RQ-20 развивает скорость до 83 км/ч при радиусе действия до 15 километров, на высоте до 15 метров. Примерная стоимость БПЛА RQ-20 Puma 250 тысяч долларов или 23 миллиона рублей. БПЛА отправят на изучения специалистами.

>Russian military personnel inspected the landed Ukrainian UAV RQ-20 Puma of American production. The RQ-20 Puma UAV was developed by AeroVironment based on the FQM-151 Pointer UAV in 2007. The RQ-20 UAV is hand-launched and is designed for patrol, reconnaissance and fire support adjustments. The drone's bi-axis, gyro-stabilized multi-sensor system combines conventional and thermal imaging cameras. Each of them has 6x magnification. The system allows you to detect the enemy day and night. The drone has a waterproof body and can be equipped with solar panels; with them, the drone can fly for up to 9 hours, without them for up to 3.5 hours. The design of the drone is interesting; when it hits the ground, it falls apart in strictly defined places, making it easy to assemble and repair in the field. With a wingspan of 2.8 meters and a length of 1.4 meters, the maximum take-off weight of the UAV does not exceed 5.9 kg. The RQ-20 UAV reaches speeds of up to 83 km/h with a range of up to 15 kilometers, at an altitude of up to 15 meters. The approximate cost of the RQ-20 Puma UAV is 250 thousand dollars or 23 million rubles. The UAV will be sent for examination by specialists.


>The MQ-25 may be used for direct combat purposes
I should have predicted this.


File: 1713550768007.png (900.79 KB, 1200x691, ClipboardImage.png)

Recently the US Air-force simulated the first drone fighter vs human-piloted fighter dogfight with the X-62A, a robotized F-16 controlled by an AI from the Skyborg program, facing off against an F-16. SkyNet Hunter-Killers anyone?




Recently the US Army has accepted the Leonidas Microwave system as an experimental, Microwave based anti-drone weapon.

However there's already a way found around it - a layer of copper around the drone blocks the directed electro-magnetic pulse from disrupting the drone by 100 times.

There's an interesting video by Mark Rober that he just released that covers this and other anti-drone measures as well as stuff he and his friends came up with. His ad for a robot-constructor product he made is also actually informative as to the current states of autonomous systems and how EASY it would be to make autonomous turrets a la Aliens.

>Vortex Cannon vs Drone


Here's some video


Since tank warfare is a hot topic right now I'll drop some good tank vids.

First vid is a long one covering American tanker school.
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It's not easy to hit and all your examples are not of the autoloader being directly impacted, because that's an instant detonation, of which I've seen one example in Ukraine, when a T-90M was hit directly by a mine from beneath.
Everything else is an example of other, hull ammunition being hit (mostly earlier in the war when hull ammo was being carried) and in general demonstrated fires spreading to the ammunition compartment after penetration and detonation of the attacking warheads, which is equivalent to a house set on fire, detonating the natural gas lines after the fire reaches them, as compared to literally setting fire to the gas-line from the start.

So, again not easy to hit. Furthermore even accepting your statement its easy to hit; the point was that a manual loader is even EASIER to hit. And as the Leopard II, Abrams and Challenger have proven in this war, their method of ammunition storage is in no better, even the Abrams bustle failed to protect properly.


Found an interview of the crew that killed the first Abrams.
>"Два года ехал, 20 минут воевал"
<(the abrams) Was coming for 2 years, and fought for 20 minutes

The channel is Комсомольская Правда a communist group


Cute Russian girl talks about the BMP-3
>Эх, тебе бы детей рожать да борщи варить… Куда полезла на броню, рыжая?! #izmetro #изметро #бмп



Recently a video appeared of a BMP-2M belonging to the Pskov Paratroopers crossing a field and taking a ton of hits; 2 FPV drone strikes, a hit from an RPG and a barrage of cluster munitions. More than likely some small-arms fire too. The only injuries was the commander getting concussed.

The BMP 1 and 2, despite obviously having units destroyed in combat due to the heavy combat environment and already old vehicles, have demonstrated themselves as survivable and good vehicles for their purpose despite armchair mockery. Another BMP-2M earlier in the war was hit by multiple RPGs of different types (AT-4, RPG-7, etc.) after being immobilized by an ATGM. This situation is seen from both Russian drone footage and from body-cam footage from an early Civ Div video, (the one where he and his unit commit war-crimes by killing a surrendering enemy after offering surrender).

Another BMP took a hit from a Javelin missile while evacuating the crew of another BMP. Despite the smoke, it continued to fired back and successfully evacuated, completing its mission. (vid 2)


One of the Leopard 2s destroyed by Russia and captured has been seen taken from the front lines. It's a 1999 model Leo-2A6 that had been immobilized by a mine and taken out at Avdeevka. The Russian MoD decided to place it on display after repairing it. It will take its place next to its Tiger ancestor. Abrams, Stryker and Challenger II are next.


Today, the United States is among a number of nations working to develop and field advanced directed energy weapons, or lasers, for a number of military applications.

Near the end of the Cold War, the Soviet Union began experimenting with the idea of fielding a laser-equipped tank that could blind the targeting systems of inbound ballistic missiles or vehicles. Ultimately, two prototypes of the laser-armed 1К17 Сжатие, translated to “Compression,” were built, though they weren’t complete until the Soviet Union fell and was replaced by the new government of the Russian Federation.

Today, the United States is among a number of nations working to develop and field advanced directed energy weapons, or lasers, for a number of military applications. The U.S. Air Force recently announced its intentions to begin fielding lasers on their fighter platforms as soon as 2025, and the U.S. Navy began testing its latest laser, the MK 2 MOD 0, aboard the USS Portland in May of this year. But decades before these programs came to light, the Soviet Union was already exploring the idea of using lasers as a means of missile defense.

The Soviet strategy wasn’t to use these lasers to destroy incoming missiles like the applications in development today intend to. Instead, the Soviet laser tank aimed to blind or burn out the electro-optical sensors missiles used to find their targets. Once blinded or damaged, a missile would miss its intended target, whether that was the 1K17 or other nearby assets. Other planned applications included using the laser apparatus to blind heavy vehicles like tanks, making it impossible for them to aim and fire accurately.
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File: 1710182542231-0.png (400.48 KB, 381x602, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1710182542231-1.png (684.86 KB, 800x600, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1710182542231-2.png (375.25 KB, 590x403, ClipboardImage.png)

Soviet LASER pistol for astronauts. It's only powerful enough to overload cameras but it looks cool. It actually has single use battery cartridges like bullets in the magazine. The idea was for the astronauts on space stations to shoot this out the window at approaching ships.


File: 1710182867702.png (79.91 KB, 364x282, ClipboardImage.png)

There was a laser revolver version of this too. It reminds me of the laser pistol from the original Alien (1979) film.




The laser pistol actually looks cool. The revolver has to be the ugliest looking firearm I've ever seen.



Laser deforestation demonstrated in Russia
>Specialists from the Troitsk Institute of Innovation and Thermonuclear Research tested a mobile laser complex produced by Rosatom. The laser was used to cut down forests and speed up the laying of power lines. Using a laser complex, it was possible to cut a tree trunk 200 mm thick in six minutes; by simulating a laser beam, this time can be halved. The laser installation has no analogues in Russia and is capable of cutting even metal structures whose thickness reaches 260 mm, at a distance of no more than 300 meters. Previously, a sunken ship located 50 meters from the shore was cut with a laser on Sakhalin. There are no technical details released yet; the laser complex can be installed on an all-terrain vehicle of median size or larger.
An interesting use of a laser. Perhaps its not so fantastical in the future to have laser cannons.


-Personal Armour
-Vehicle Armour
-Structural armour

Instructions, specifications, theory.
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File: 1712488135396-0.jpg (22.74 KB, 528x352, shootout.jpg)

File: 1712488135396-1.jpg (29.5 KB, 500x288, 500px-44akm4.jpg)

File: 1712488135396-2.jpg (100.38 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

How do I achieve their level of swag? Homemade armor ideas?

>heckin flood detected!!!


File: 1712499916940.png (190.23 KB, 240x360, ClipboardImage.png)

You can get really good bullet proof vests for less than $700. Also are helmets even worth it? They look really lame in my opinion but can they actually protect you from a bullet?


Against the common shitty hollow points used by random cops, yeah possibly, especially when they don't hit it in the middle.
Against the average militarized units, absolutely not, but it might make it safer to lob grenades around still.


See >>2099
But since I know (You) won't listen - How To Make AMAZING Body Armor For $30?! on youtube. Guy uses fiberglass resin to create a fairly durable Level III plate.

sage for potential glowies


Anyone have these old 'future' military stuff? I remember there being a site for it, but it's gone or something.

 No.3080[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Navy thread
Thread for all naval, maritime, ship, submarine & water craft discussion, seas, oceans, lakes, rivers & other bodies of water. Soviet & American shipping alike is welcome, as are civilian vessels. Video & images encouraged. Ekranoplanes & other marine aircraft also count.

Russian / USSR Naval sites: https://flot.com/

US / Western Navy sites (consume with copious amounts of table salt): https://www.naval-technology.com/

P.S. Be civil on this Polynesian raft-roping forum.
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>Also the US Army has been trying to replace the M4 for decades at this point, its just all attempts failed and looked like Starship Troopers parodies.

I liked the XM-8. It was robbed. But that's probably just my bias from it being the best conventional rifle in the UFO: AfterX series.


File: 1713745850893-0.png (9.22 MB, 3360x2240, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1713745850893-1.png (886.49 KB, 959x639, ClipboardImage.png)

The Marines already replaced the M4. The Army's replacement will probably be done in a year or two.


Probably good to just keep the familiar AR style instead of going to Sci Fi weapons. Funny how the top militaries keep making new versions of their 60s weapons (AK and AR) instead of doing the polymer alien nerf guns.


That's just a slightly upgraded M4! I want my fish gun!


>>4856 >>4859 >>4857 >>4858
As OP This belongs in the AR thread.
That being said: the Marines' replacement is just a modern H&K, not significantly different. The XM-8 and others looked cool, but it has severe overheating issues when firing and it doesn't appear to be very modular, meaning any jamming or need to clean the weapon is going to be problematic. Electronic sights are also pretty temperamental at the moment.

File: 1713729918800.jpg (433.69 KB, 1222x1024, digital camo.jpg)


I fucking love it even if people think it looks bad.
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Maybe he plays airsoft or something?


Ebay, aliexpress, etc why don't you consult a web search.


File: 1713732227958.png (530.4 KB, 602x400, PLA Soldiers eating.png)

Everywhere. I will wear it at home, in bed, on the toilet, at the shower, all day & night and go out in public with the helmet / cap included.


Those are ass to order from in Europe (particularly Eastern Europe because of customs). Are there no retailers within Europe?


All the more difficult considering that under Article 10 - It is forbidden to buy, sell, rent, lease or distribute military uniforms without permission.
The use of military uniforms and standard clothing once equipped by the Chinese People's Liberation Army to conduct business activities is prohibited. So it might not go through customs.

Am I supposed to contact the Chinese embassy for permission lmfao?

File: 1713601613075.png (81.51 KB, 1176x485, ClipboardImage.png)


Does this actually work or did leafanon have a giggle?


I see a lot of talk about how Russia n China could shit on the west with hypersonic missiles. which is cool af but I also don't know if thats even true or what a hypersonic missile even is(I assume it goes faster than sound?). Are they a big deal? I really do hope the hype lives up this time
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File: 1712449176064.png (540.17 KB, 515x737, ClipboardImage.png)


>it's impossible to build larger rockets with high TWR
imagine trying to push this nonsense when Kerbal Space Program exists to teach people that yes, high TWR is possible. in fact the moar boosters meme comes about from the need to strap boosters to big ships, said boosters also being heavy but having a high TWR
ICBMs are optimized for range. if you don't need range you can sacrifice specific impulse (~efficiency) for thrust
>Was it Russia's windiest day?
If he thinks there was some jump with the flag that lines up with the rocket…does he not know what a shockwave is?

The sad part is, someone ignorant will think this is correct. The point about ICBM's as someone else posted is that they're meant for long-distance (and even then Soviet ballistic missiles still launch with relatively high TWR). The A235 which is the replacement/upgrade of the Soviet A135, and is an ICBM INTERCEPTOR. It's meant to hit the hypersonic Ballistic missile warheads in space, high TWR is not only possible, but absolutely necessary given the minimum response time it has.


File: 1713545422002.png (321.69 KB, 678x381, ClipboardImage.png)

The USA has presented a new 'hypersonic missile' to take out air-defense. Despite the grand-claims, the failures of missile tests so far make me think it's nothing more than a demonstrative model and not a functional missile, let alone combat ready. At least the name is cool, 'Mako'.


When people said Iran landed hypersonic missiles on Israel through the most sophisticated air defense systems in the world (costing NATO+ almost $2B) this is a misnomer. Iran did not fire their new hypersonic glide weapons or anything. They launched ballistic missiles which reach hypersonic speeds at the end of their flight path, amidst a swarm of inexpensive drones serving as chaff.
Hypersonic glide weapons are a whole different beast. I don't know if any have been used in the field. Can any Ukraineheads comment if they haven't abandoned the site yet? It's literally like a weird plane drone thing which drops the missile or MIRV in the last stage.


I don't know who claimed they were hypersonic, the Iranians didn't. The missiles are definitely fast, but they rely on small, hypersonic warheads as you said, not a hypersonic rocket.


Does anyone do fencing, HEMA, kendo, or some other sword inspired combat sport?


File: 1656094374860.jpg (166.31 KB, 1280x906, cat.jpg)


hmmm today… i will post my favorite cat
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File: 1660214391772.mp4 (4.03 MB, 480x854, eij7.mp4)


File: 1660666932584-0.jpg (285.47 KB, 1280x948, 23.jpg)

File: 1660666932584-1.jpg (193.22 KB, 1280x786, 121.jpg)

File: 1660666932584-2.jpg (230.3 KB, 1280x783, 07.jpg)

RF-4E tactical reconnaissance aircrafts
first pic captures the lunch of 3 sam-2 aa missiles


File: 1660931695631-0.jpg (90.69 KB, 1080x909, erh.jpg)

File: 1660931695631-1.jpg (59.18 KB, 720x476, ree.jpg)

File: 1660931695631-2.jpg (51.32 KB, 800x532, srtju.jpg)




File: 1713479877796.png (807.78 KB, 599x791, ClipboardImage.png)

If you're going to bump, bump with an actual image or post uygha.

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