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/AKM/ - Guns, weapons and the art of war.

"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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File: 1673175179547.jpg (27.37 KB, 500x500, q6ce2kyq58p31.jpg)


does /akm/ have its own do/k/ument? I'd like to get my greasy hands on it. post links with information on anything related to building weapons, we'll compile it
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I think they meant drones that won't be shooting at us


uygha go to a moske if you wanna make people switch imaginary friends.


These fucking faggots have nothing to contribute. This is one of the worst/k/ boards to ever exist


This is a great place to start. Dont be a dipshit make sure you're downloading and surfing anonymously.
Meds,bombs,games,comics. whatever you need.



thanks, but most of the useful material there has been removed and I can't find archives. For eg: murdercube and rhodium


My idea for a shitty gun would be one that fires caseless ammo, but doesn't rely on any powder propellant/primer, just electricity. Perhaps a strong magnetic pull? Electrostatic charge?
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Yeah coil guns and rail guns. Look em up.


They all suck.
Better off using compressed air or black powder if you're going with the most basic firearms possible.


File: 1670030662327.png (570.27 KB, 1280x534, ClipboardImage.png)

A Gauss Rifle, you're talking about a Gauss Rifle.



a compressed air/propane gas gun might actually work though


Today, the United States is among a number of nations working to develop and field advanced directed energy weapons, or lasers, for a number of military applications.

Near the end of the Cold War, the Soviet Union began experimenting with the idea of fielding a laser-equipped tank that could blind the targeting systems of inbound ballistic missiles or vehicles. Ultimately, two prototypes of the laser-armed 1К17 Сжатие, translated to “Compression,” were built, though they weren’t complete until the Soviet Union fell and was replaced by the new government of the Russian Federation.

Today, the United States is among a number of nations working to develop and field advanced directed energy weapons, or lasers, for a number of military applications. The U.S. Air Force recently announced its intentions to begin fielding lasers on their fighter platforms as soon as 2025, and the U.S. Navy began testing its latest laser, the MK 2 MOD 0, aboard the USS Portland in May of this year. But decades before these programs came to light, the Soviet Union was already exploring the idea of using lasers as a means of missile defense.

The Soviet strategy wasn’t to use these lasers to destroy incoming missiles like the applications in development today intend to. Instead, the Soviet laser tank aimed to blind or burn out the electro-optical sensors missiles used to find their targets. Once blinded or damaged, a missile would miss its intended target, whether that was the 1K17 or other nearby assets. Other planned applications included using the laser apparatus to blind heavy vehicles like tanks, making it impossible for them to aim and fire accurately.
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>The British military has tested the DragonFire long-range laser-guided energy weapon. Prior to that, the ability of lasers to track a target and hit it was tested by a team of specialists from the developer company. The new tests included hitting targets at various distances.
Yet another announced laser weapon nothingburger. How long until lasers become an actual utilized system outside of targeting lads?


Diffusion of power in the atmosphere is bad.
Satellite vs satellite to avoid interference?


You can overcome the atmospheric diffusion problem if you avoid heating up air.
That means that you can't put too much laser power into the same space.
Effective laser weapons will have a spread out array of millions of relatively weak lasers that form a combined beam that has a cone shape whose pointy end meets the thing that gets lasered.



that requires a very sensitive piece of equipment to be meaningfully useful

File: 1673498162818-0.jpg (80.11 KB, 1509x227, how to win cold war.jpg)

File: 1673498162818-1.jpg (26 KB, 404x316, ayy lmao2.jpg)


Forgive for having a thread based on a 4chan screenshot (bleh) but I would very much like to discuss this topic because matt christman also brought this issue up in one of his vlogs.

soviets and red chinese go full yolo in 1950: what happens?
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yes but does that mean they lose? does america at the time have enough nukes to make that happen?

keep in mind that vietnam was bombed to shit and the communists still won


In 1950 absolutely not, the US has 300 A bombs max, and the best way they have to deliver them is by using B-36s which are plagued with issues, have a limited speed and range, and which probably can be shot down by Mig-15s.


I lost the .pdf but there's a US intelligence document from directly after WW2 outright stating the Soviets very well have the capability to overrun Europe to the Atlantic to little or no resistance, but they speculate they're avoiding doing so due to concerns about their capability to hold said territory in the long term.


Remember that most of the anti-axis resistance in Europe at the time were loyal communists. Actually after WW2 the French resistance kept asking the Soviets for permission to revolt. But the Soviets by that point had pretty much abandoned world revolution and were doing what they could to try and maintain peace with the capitalist world.


Pretty much this
While, yes, the Soviets very well could have won the Cold War by heating it up early, you have to remember these are pretty much pipe dreams and alt-history scenarios. Stalin's main concerns at the time were to cuck to the Allies at every turn, not world communism. Even in Eastern Europe, what would later become the Warsaw Pact was more of a proxy zone to secure every potential route into the USSR in case of an invasion.
The way the USSR could have won the Cold War would have been to avoid it entirely along with WW2, if things had gone a little bit different in Warsaw, 1920 we'd be living in a completely different timeline.

File: 1652557465416.jpg (83.05 KB, 992x744, ar-15s.jpg)

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Is an AR-15 the best rifle to get if you're looking to arm yourself? I know it's incredibly popular in the US, but I'm not sure how much of that is just people trying to operator larp.

- Cheap ammo
- Ample parts
- Easy to use

- Complex
- Low powered round
- High-profile sights
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File: 1674385525798-0.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.51 MB, 640x720, 1648387855133.webm)

File: 1674385525798-1.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.37 MB, 1024x576, isisbabysoldierkilling.webm)

File: 1674385525798-2.webm (Spoiler Image, 842.77 KB, 1280x720, Executionbackofheadpistol.webm)

Sure, never disputed any of that. Just was replying to the guy that was talking about multiple shotgun blasts. I think one blast on any exposed area will probably take you out of commission, I reckon any pistol blast to the head will probably fell you too.

Either way, if you can score one shot, you can probably score two if you're composed.


The main thing is most armor above level III is designed to stop shotgun blasts and pistol rounds. Which is exactly why you need to train to adapt to any given situation and be accurate with your firearm. The security guard at Tops was most likely trained to aim center mass and that's it. It's not like you can use Fallout's V.A.T.S. irl and easily aim for specific moving body parts in the heat of a gun battle. It all comes down to first being comfortable and accurate with your firearm. That's the minimum amount of training you need to even consider attempting to make shots like that at range with anything besides a shotgun. It's not like when that security guard woke up that morning he thought he was going to get into a firefight let alone in one against an armored individual.


Gore is allowed provided it is spoiler-ed, thread relevant, and you give some indication as to it's content.


The other obvious advantage to shotguns for personal defense is that buckshot will not over-penetrate as much as most pistol rounds


Rittenhouse used bargain bin FMJ rounds when he installed a goatse on that guy's arm. And as someone else said they blown out knee was from a military round, most likely m193 FMJ. The velocity of 5.56 allows it to cause some nasty wounds due to fragmentation and hydro-static shock

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What can we learn from the Russian invasion of Ukraine and this example of relatively modern warfare? Strategy, tactics, operations, geopolitical responses, information warfare, civilian pov and response. Anything related. Not the thread to talk about "who is in the right".
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File: 1673292226536.png (295.76 KB, 340x470, ClipboardImage.png)

>If you aren't aware the majority of people that care for morality/ethics tend to be proletarian, the rich are psychopathic or sociopathic exploiters by the nature of their class
We are reaching levels of ideology not thought possible. I am actually amazed, you are not capable of comprehending the world outside moral categories.
>The concept of human rights is not bourg and your claim as such is ignorant and inhuman
I guess if you are incapable of going beyond bourgeois morality, I shouldn't be surprised that you would also defend bourgeois right to the death. Avoid reading On the Jewish Question or later Marxist criticism of rights or they might blow your mind
I like that your immediate response when disagreed with, multiple times in this thread, is to hide behind the idols of Great Men, even ones who have little to nothing in common with eachother or any relevance. Lenin next to Allende, lmao?
<what is "moral" depends on person to person
>No you absolute moron.
Wew lad. If you believe in moral universalism guess I can't stop you, best of luck during Bible study.
>An entire facet of communist appeal is that it is meant to unite the people on the grounds that there are many central parts of humanity that are universal and so almost everyone has something in common.
What in the god damn fuck are you even talking about lmao
Communism is not a vague universalism, communism is the self-liberation and self-abolition of the proletariat, it is exclusive by its very own nature. There's no vague ""the people"" involved, unless you subscribe to the pre-Marxian notions of communism of course, in which case fucking lmao
>blah blah blah proles care about nationalism
No shit. They care about religion, too. Are you religious?
The role of a Marxist is not just to appeal to whatever proles find important, but specifically to peel back the layers of illusions that obscure reality as it really is, whether it's nationalism, God, etc.
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File: 1673293817270.png (2.49 MB, 1280x899, ClipboardImage.png)

Also, vive Robespierre you Thermidorean bitch, considered "Bolshevik avant la lettre" by Lenin. No wonder liberals after the fact, from Carlyle to yourself would dogpile on him and recoil in shock at the Terror, they are too spineless and weak-willed to even imagine carrying through a revolution from start to finish. The guy was the definition of a liberal pacifist who would cry from the death of a pigeon, and yet he was among the only ones who realized that in a revolution they are tasks that must be carried out and leaving a revolution half-done is a death sentence.


Text wall, ad hom, baseless assertion and projection… yet not a single actual argument, truly amazing. Also didn't you say you were going to stop? So much for that assertion.


File: 1674070984526.png (61.04 KB, 225x225, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm thinking Russia and us are learning they indeed have the second best land army, just not in the world but rather in Ukraine, now the floodgates of western weapons are being forced open. I'm curious to see how their "defense in depth" strategy will hold up once Ukraine has enough armor and ifvs to launch a major offensive.

File: 1672714745214.jpg (372.46 KB, 800x533, teargas.jpg)


You are now chief of security for your dumbass org meetings.

How do you defend from inevitable fascist attacks?

hard mode: legal in your country
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File: 1673822670528-0.png (8.16 KB, 60x60, up.png)

File: 1673822670528-1.png (9.76 KB, 60x60, you.png)



File: 1673856802512.png (9.63 MB, 3392x2196, flags.png)

>Flags like, it's a flag, but attached to a relatively thick wooden stick
like the ones our Greek comrades like to carry in the front rears of their demonstrations
as you can see they're also big into motorcycling


fashoids will never attack an org meeting cause they are opportunistic druggies ,they will either muster forces and attack an antifascist rally in hopes of coming out of it as the victims or a random girl handing out leaflets putting up posters , you will very rarely get into a pre planned fight with a fasch

Security:put up a large guy or two in the door ,same thing in a public meeting make sure you have enough guys to defend yourself and lookouts


My first thought will be to evaluate the risks, and prepare defense against the most plausible ones.
Why would fascists be the first one to attack?
I would think the government would be, that's how it rolls here anyway.

File: 1637919879845.jpg (92.02 KB, 740x1110, 740full-glowie.jpg)


Please dump all your guerilla warfare/ resistance/weapon manuals/psyop tactics PDFs you have. Im finally making a collection. If therers already a collection somewhere on the site point me to it. It can be CIA stay behind shit, homemade weapons shiut, vietnam shit,guerilla warfare from brazil whatever is practically useful and can be printed and disseminated among people in a revolutionary situation. things that give you some rudimentary education
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File: 1672408958823.jpg (100.11 KB, 800x600, TqavkL6.jpg)

also /r/fosscad has lots of partly 3D-printable guns


File: 1673476812216.pdf (20.44 MB, 197x255, Field Manual Actual.pdf)



did he ever make a diy Rifle ?.


File: 1637003100567.jpg (71.73 KB, 849x473, jones-civil-war.jpg)


The talk of a new civil war has been going on for a long while now that it almost sounds like a worn out trope.
But how does leftypol feel about it? How could it start, run and end?
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File: 1663069819070.png (106.57 KB, 1256x630, ncpc.png)

funny such a thing could b said? seems everyone is ready is ready cannibalize each tbh given an actual crisis


don't get brainworms from the spectacle
People are mad, but a war needs sides. There aren't even geographic differences holding back development or anything. Most people aren't racist, much much fewer are racist enough to not only kill also live as actual soldiers in an ongoing war. What's left? What division is there to divide america? Look to the past as well btw - the superficial beef/split among the political superstructure is just between two different routes of class-collaborationist militaristic & repressive rule. They will be able to come together when the time comes (or be scared into submission), just like all historical transitions from democracy to fascism. The bourgeoisie puts up limp resistance. So this is not a source of real division. The only thing left is class.

How will a class civil war sustain itself? Only if there is a coherent class ideology to sustain both sides (or else it'll be one-sided terror). Well, we live inundated with bourgeois ideology. What's the component that's needed for civil war then? Proletarian ideology. What does this mean for a proletariat which is not yet in possession of a society in its making? It means an understanding of its current repression by the ruling class, as well as it's historical mission.

Right now, civil war means communism. Ergo, we're not ready for civil war (or else we're ready for revolutionary war - which we are not).

Since we're lacking the proletarian ideology, why not predict more of the same? More black snipers, more riots and crimewaves, more schizo right wing terrorists, maybe the return of anarchist+leftist propaganda of the deed, and a good helping of state terrorism and union busting. As well as street skirmishes, etc.


Biden vs. Trump was a big split in American society and it wasn't even class based. Both were bourgeoisie and managed to rally riots/low level insurgency (BLM and George Floyd riots for Biden, MAGA and Capitol Hill storming for Trump.)

There will be another Trump and another Biden/Hillary Clinton. There will be another intra-bourgeoisie shitfight and that's the most likely thing to lead to civil war.


I live in a backwards colonials Frankenstein nation in the global south, every couple years there's an ethnic or Islamist rebellion and every time it gets crushes with in a week, cause our nation has a competent army
revolution often requires to have your enemy to have an internal issues that can be exploited in midst of a conflict, the US has done the same,



File: 1670380747366-0.gif (216.15 KB, 320x240, ac-130.gif)

File: 1670380747366-2.gif (2.81 MB, 480x270, ac -130 2.gif)


Thread to appreciate gunships. Why are they so awesome?






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