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It has recently come to our attention that the users of /games/ are seeking a reliable method of communication for online play and general conversation about games. I am unsure if anyone is aware, but, there currently exists and unoffical matrix room specifically for this located at: https://matrix.to/#/#leftypolgaming:matrix.org

Leftycraft community ( >>9389 ):

If anyone is interested in gaming discussion, or, online discourse please feel free to join. That is all. Thank you~

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Is Dwarf Fortress the most Historical Materialist game of all time?

>Simulates thousands of years of history

>Simulates individual lives
>Simulates entire economies
>Simulates private property, families, cities, states
>does not privilege the player with any kind of protagonism. You are simply an entity in a larger civilization
>any entity can be wiped out at any given moment and replaced with a similar one.
>deep physics simluation that includes erosion, precipitation, and the formation of continents
>can instantaneously generate an entire encyclopedia of interconnected occurences spanning thousands of years
>simulates marriage, divorce, courtship, cheating, betrayal, coups, assassinations, persecutions, and purges
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Can't believe the steam version is finally coming out in 3 days.


>pretty sure cause its horrible
Yeah the source code has to be very cruddy, given that it's been in development since 2002. But if they open-sourced it there would probably be a community effort to refactor the code and give it a proper documentation.

I hope they open the code, i want a scifi version in the style of how alpha centaury was a scifi version of CIV. You'd start out with the crew of a spaceship that has landed on a new planet. And the procedural world generation at the beginning of the game would be the terraforming process.


so is the new steam version with graphixx any good ? is the UI functional ?


If you're new to DF then the new UI and mouse controls will be a godsend for you. If you're someone whose been playing since forever you'll be irritated by a lot of the changes. Overall, I'd say it's worth it especially if you haven't played DF before and got scared off by the ascii and keyboard only UI interaction.


Apparently it's missing some features the original had. Hopefully, they'll be restored in future patches.

File: 1670562471863.png (937.64 KB, 1200x675, 1670558110111463.png)


>no thread for the game awards at all
>kid gets to sneak in and say some funny shit, /pol/ tards claim responsibility

holy shit this board is so dead lmao
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What happened?


Not much, but FromSoft finally announced a new Armored Core game after years of not speaking about it and also announced a free PvP arena DLC for Elden Ring. Nothing much else noteworthy otherwise, except Hades II maybe.


>new armored core



File: 1670625681794.png (1.56 MB, 2560x1440, 1670555944267324.png)

k i n o


File: 1670626002415-0.jpg (1.07 MB, 1920x1080, marisa_ss02.jpg)

File: 1670626002415-1.jpg (964.13 KB, 1920x1080, manon_ss02.jpg)

the only other thing i cared about game award was the SF6 trailer and Tekken 8, not much else to talk about.

File: 1655863876488-0.png (1.21 MB, 940x530, bloodalone.png)

File: 1655863876488-1.jpg (311.51 KB, 1920x1080, FarEastCollapse.JPG)

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By Blood alone waiting room edition.


I didn't realise they also reworked the Far-Eastern Collapse.
If Kerensky fucks up the Manchu's still take over the West, Republicans run off to Transamur and Vladivostok and then either become one of two different flavours of authdem, Ukrops spawn in the north, but can either be SocDem or Banderites who are now properly set to reactionary.
Harbin proper gets to keep some of the south now, Its either led by Gastev who calms down his autism a bit and becomes PopSoc

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If you add logistics companies and anti air to every template youll slice through any country easily cuz not getting bombed by planes and the logistics is amazing for places with no supply especially south america or africa


File: 1669351454439.png (2.06 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (131).png)

stratocratic trotskyist tukhachevsky


I would like TNO if their Lazar was even a piece of the Sigma that the Lazar of the Cold war mod is shaping out to be.


oh you just reminded me i need to try the cold war mod


Is there literally any reason the 'not fascists' and goofy commies are called 'Accelerationists' in this mod asides from the fact Artaud and Bataille are vaguely connected to Deleuze?

Asides from Caucasia and the Harbin Russian's who i guess are sorta like L/Acc/F.A.L.C. people - Literally everyone else is just your average goofy 1930s Fascist, None of them are doing any sort of /ACC shit at all.

File: 1670563257352.jpg (1.52 MB, 5776x8128, nOevSab.jpg)


i think lefty harry with cuno, if you see that idle animations with cuno they seem to be bonding, also cuno deserves a second shot at life, what do you think friends?


I only have done a communist play though but if I remember right all the ending are simpler with RCM restating the players actions. Getting (most) of the harie boys survive and getting the most honor points, good cops points will lead to the best ending. Personally I enjoy the game but I feel none of the ending are completely good as the game heavily implies that the events of the game indirectly cause another civil war.


>best ending
Not shaving

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what do ya'll watch on youtube? and which do you consider leftist-ish?

i personally can't get enough of


<probably more of a libertarian but has given a couple more jabs at capitalism lately
<keeps his politics to himself but a lot of people agree is more left leaning
>Scott the Woz
<definitively a consoomer but even if unintentionally can be critical of capitalism at times
>Angry Videogame Nerd
<not likely leftist but it's always a classic
<not a leftist either but funny as hell
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fart fetish


He made a fart joke…? How is that at all relevant to his political orientation??


Not relevant at all, it is just really dumb and infantile and sounds even worse in a spoken form.


Everything, it shows how aware and inserted in the political discourse in the modern world, bonus points as it's funny.


Had this guy recommended to me by youtube's algo

File: 1617228259631-0.mp4 (26.91 MB, 1920x1080, SuperTuxKart.mp4)


Kart racing general

You may now play as Alunya in SuperTuxKart.gentooGentoo
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The new Godette kart is cute.


Now make a grace character


I'm picturing Grace steering with her knees because she is holding a tea cup the whole time.


Yeah yeah, same with a couple of the updates like Konqi.
The cat-in-a-cart add-on (Lynx?) and Dashie at top-tier too.


This is fucking gorgeous and to all the people that spent their time developing the software and the team behind the art to make this game come so far you did great


the graphics are very good for fortnite i like them, they are very pretty you know

this makes me wwant to play fortnite right now


File: 1670512771217.jpg (731.37 KB, 1280x720, 1670512764379.jpg)


yeah,slowly killing your employees tend to do that,just like RDR2


File: 1670530564777.png (233.8 KB, 640x410, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1667776219739.png (543.28 KB, 960x544, Junkomaeda.png)


Im making a thread about VNs because there isnt one on the catalogue and i wanna talk about my experience. I just finished danganronpa 2, which im not certain counts as a VN or if it's a point and click murder mystery social deduction game, and i think im pretty confident to say that it presents a pretty interesting moral dilemma. On one hand, the hope faction is pretty clearly a technocratic organization who obsesses over "Ultimates", or people who possess immense talent in a particular field or study, for example the world's best scientist, or the world's best doctor. It is revealed in the story of goodbye despair that before despair took over, hope's peak academy created a method of artificially forcing someone to become extremely talented, which dialectically had the potential to equalize mankind and develop the talents of anyone, which would make the idea of meritocracy, or ruling over others due to better talents or knowledge, completely obsolete. Despair on the other hand spawned as a result of the mass movement of reserve students, malcontents who became disaffected with the idea that people with talent mattered more than the rest, since hope's peak academy was formed to research peoples' talents and how to cultivate them.
I think it would be pretty easy to side with the latter out of frustration, especially if you're talentless like i am, but i think the idea that talent could be forcibly cultivated out of someone who never realized it before would be the "productive forces" argument. Not to mention that junko destroyed civilization, which is dialectically bad.
Your turn to die is a great game too, very similar to danganronpa on a surface level, i finished it a while ago and im glad i played it. Free btw. Anyone got visual novel recommendations? I need a weeb fix.
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might as well play Phoenix Wright or Clannad baka


>horror fan being up his own ass

quelle surprise


Thank you for reminding me clannad exists. I wonder why everybody loved it years ago. Ill play it and find out soon


this is a thread for visual novels not "kinetic novels"


File: 1667969988669.png (197.78 KB, 400x225, ClipboardImage.png)


The game has now come out, what are your thoughts on this comrades
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File: 1669957209521.jpg (7.6 KB, 150x225, SonichuPose.jpg)

you're going to believe who? Sonic fans?


don't hate us cause you ain't us


what's the name of your oc


File: 1670156791922.jpg (99.36 KB, 600x607, bloodpouch.jpg)

Bloodpouch the Pouchman


File: 1670512521305.jpg (123.34 KB, 800x800, domestic2.jpg)

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