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It has recently come to our attention that the users of /games/ are seeking a reliable method of communication for online play and general conversation about games. I am unsure if anyone is aware, but, there currently exists and unoffical matrix room specifically for this located at: https://matrix.to/#/!YWrRUKLasccyNpfbue:matrix.org?via=matrix.org

Leftycraft community ( >>9389 ):

If anyone is interested in gaming discussion, or, online discourse please feel free to join. That is all. Thank you~


Name a game with mechanically better combat I’ll fucking wait
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No wonder the side boards are dead.


I think the ability to switch different weapon sets and characters gives you a lot of depth. Most people just go through the game with the least friction possible, which is generally mashing the light button or doing the glitch with dash heavy attacks. It is a flaw, I admit, but not one that you can say every arpg avoids either.
The story is still better than the combat imo.


OP here

No both the entirety of kingdom hearts and nier have god awful overconvilted stories with way to much symbolism. And yes I’ll admit that every other kh game beyond maybe birth by sleep along with nier games beyond the new one as a collective have terrible combat overall


the original nier was bad
darkengard was awful, but I believe that to be on purpose.
I preferred the kh1 story to any of the other khs, because of how simple it was and how they tied the Disney villains into the story. now it's just a cabal of shadowy figures from a hand-held spinoff making new kinds of enemies show up in every world.


The combat to me feels like a mechanically unrefined bayonetta with less enemy variety. I don't think the story is bad either, just a bit cliché and poorly presented. The symbolism isn't really a problem until the NPCs explain away every metaphor you come across.

The game's strongest suit is it's RPG aspects. The "open world" is designed like an RPG overworld with narrow branching paths and widely different biomes. Character building is the coolest shit I've seen in a game in a long time.

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What games do leftypol play? I played through Stalker recently, I also like Deus Ex, Mount and Blade Warband, Dark Souls. I play supreme commander daily and generally enjoy strategy games.
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Very good game that made my opinion turn completely on it over the last month. I used to think its the worst Fromsoft game after it chewed me and my old-gen PC with Guardian Ape and Spirit Monk. But after Elden Ring I said to myself "fuck it, one more try", played it from the start with good framerate this time and… Its the best Fromsoft game. It is amazingly fun to do the parry duels, and it feels really rewarding. I think to an extent I might just had something click in my head (literally didn't rage a single time, even though Owl, Owl (Father) and Demon of Hate all killed me at 1% health/poise on them left once), because now I love this game. Still think its bullshit how finite some consumables are, but that wasn't too much of a biggie, since I pracitcally didn't use any of them outside of pellets and flasks. And it really felt good that I managed to beat the final set of bosses without much issues. One-shotting True Corrupted Monk after being forced to learn for a good few dozen on Owl (Father) was insanely rewarding. Now the game is my new stressball as I give in a few shots at the chalange modes from time to time. I hope one day they port Bloodborne to PC, because I also used to look down on it for seeming too fast, but after Sekiro I'd really love to give it a shot.


Does anyone remember the name of that game where you are part of a post-Somoza style goverment? Aka text based Nicaragua

I can't remember the name of it



Been playing this game, it's about a socialist earth fighting against climate change.
Got my ass kicked a couple of times.


Also Montana/Gaps, Freecell, and Whitehead.


Hundreds of the 1001 confirmed bugs are STILL in the game to this day and might aswell never will be fixed but before I rant on about the bugs I’m gonna first complain about how mediocre the game started off as and still fucking is

The UI is a mess and clutters your screen with shit you only need to have a few functioning brain cells to understand. As for the rest of lifeless essays shit quests it goes without saying you might aswell have the game playing itself because it holds your hand on all of the still minimal amounts of content

There’s no fucking atmosphere at all making the game not scary in the fucking slightest. Seriously name one just one instance where you’ve seen anybody play fallout and say they ever felt scared, or sad about what goes on in the game and not at the game for how much of a fuckup it is

The AI is laughably retarded from the scorched to the raiders to the ghouls, they all behave like pathfinding zombies. Not even the zombies you’d find in games like left 4 dead 2 that do interesting shit like attacking each other or sneaking up on you. Just fucking lazy as shit pathfinding AI that walk in a line to kill you. Stalker is an over decade old fucking game and manages to portray how real bandits in video games would respond to fire fights with AI flanking you, changing positions, hiding, alerting others etc and the mutants get their fair share of love to with dogs running away when they’re too wounded or monsters hanging up on you in groups rather than attack you as individuals along with dispersing when injured to fuck up your aim. Fallout 76 has NONE OF THAT AND ITS RELEASED OVER A DECADE AFTER STALKER

The scorched beast is a literal not even bothering to at least reskin copy paste off the dragon model in Skyrim
that has all the same fucking bugs.

The models for all the rest of the enemies in this mediocre excuse of a game all look like aliens. You know how zombies in left 4 dead wore clothes based off their locations and had visible human features, no one not the scorched to the ghouls to the ai even have a design that looks even remotely human and there’s not even variations to those models.
The mutants don’t even look like mutated creatures they’re based off of st least in stalker a boar mutant looks like boar but with larger teeth and other junk in fallout a mutated cockroach looks like my grandma is see in a nightmare after smoking five lines of cocaine.

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FO4 with mods still beats FO76 big time though.


>For starters make the physics run off public servers and not off players PCs
Servers cost money.


I’m gonna assume this is sarcasm and we haven’t reached the point where standards have sunk so low for Bethesda that they’re literally too lazy to know how to run a multiplayer game


Implying it's laziness and not cost savings


There’s one thing I see many on this board and in real life assume to often about capitalists and it’s the belief that they always know what they’re doing

It’s no secret or surprise that companies are not managed by one person but rather are clusters of bureaucracy that each fulfill individual tasks to make the collective of a for profit institution wealthier but when these clusters get inefficient it’s noticeable and destructive z

Warcraft 3 reforged is by far a perfect example of when this incompetence is fully realized and I’ll explain why. The game when it was released was a full scale downgrade of everything vivendi made in the original Warcraft 3 before it became activision blizzard and when you understand how low the prospects were for the remaster you’ll realize that not only shouldn’t have there been a way for blizzard to fail at remastering the game but also that they shouldn’t have fucked up as badly as they did as all that they promised were remasters of old models animations textures and lights. Why did this occur? As mentioned prior incompetence

Capitalists are not immune to error loads of mistakes happen all the time in capitalist institutions to the point where the full scale collapse of entire industries around the world is a regular occurrence and in blizzards case that incompetence came in the form of mismanagement, teams being randomly rescheduled, failing either to assign developers their roles or forcing them to churn them out to quickly etc. the end result was a game so buggy, graphically outdated and mediocre that it was reported the main menu consumed more memory than the actual game as it ran on a chrome browser than on the cpu cache or at least the GPU on its initial release all before being labelled as one of the worst releases in gaming in the year it was first sold. Please to all readers do not forget this and when you see more instances of these poor releases by companies small or large never forget Warcraft 3 and the incompetence of capitalist institutions
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What would be a good alternative for floating points then? Unums/posits are still experimental AFAIK and are not seeing much use currently outside of experimental implementations.


Assuming there will ever be a studio that cares enough there likely will be a full implementation of the iee 754 standard for numbers in games assuming again that the entire gaming industry doesn’t explode in that time


There's no earthly reason to have a map that big when most of it will be empty anyway (like Just Cause), it's much better to have a smaller more detailed map.

Also as anon says you should just load the map procedurally as you go.



1500 kilometres is the maximum potential size for a map where moving is even still possible. Remember how I stated earlier about the rate at which physics breaking down in games is proportional to displacement due to the size of the positions requiring more significant digits? This also means if your travelling over 1000 kilometres away floating point numbers will round off any and all motion at around the 10th decimal place, that sounds like a lot but when you need functions like sin and cosine to simulate periodic and circular motion along with rendering multiple objects random errors and things teleporting to the wrong locations will still be very present, and that’s in the best case scenario for most modern games these precision losses are experienced at far shorter displacements from coordinates 0,0,0 for whatever reason


Common lisp has long floats and rational numbers. Combining them requires the rational numbers to be converted to floats, but it uses some tricks to ensure accurate comparison. It may also process arguments to associative functions in the order preserving the highest accuracy.


First let me get two points to establish before I go with this thread

>immersion doesn’t equate to good game design

>getting a player immersed in a game has little to do with graphics

The actual key components in immersion are AI and animation. The reasons are the fact that complex AI builds complex ways of fulfilling and interacting with goals in videogames, and animation brings a level of believability for what’s happening in games further allowing players to find enjoyment from the visuals.

AI provide players with a mountain of methods to solve problems and play the games they like any way they want due to how they respond to the things around them, for example if I have an enemy mob in a game and simply give a region on that ai that when hit does more damage than attacking any other region suddenly the player can decide and plan how they want to kill a mob than simply mash buttons until victory. This is already seen in games like Tarkov or the stalker series where a single bullet well positioned enough can clear a target in due time encouraging players to get better as they play and that’s just the beginning. Generally you can expect that the more complex an ai is not just in its available reactions but how it interacts with other ai to provide more and more options for gameplay until you can wind up with exploits for these mechanics by players whom have enough playtime to have learnt and excelled in them. Like mob farms in terraria, or megabases in games as dense in opportunities like dwarf fortress.

Animation also improves the immersion a game can provide to a player simply by providing a level of believability to the events on screen, it may not seem like much but simply having a door open by having an ingame model animated to physically open the door rather than just having it open goes a long way especially with simpler animations for things like crafting objects in tlou2, mounting yourself on horses within rdr2, seeing zombies actually take time to bleed out in left 4 dead or just watch mobs fucking go wild on each other in monster hunter. It all makes a word feel alive and dense with detail that simply can’t be faked with only high resolution textures and meshes.

In conclusion a game maker when designing a world to be immersive should focus primarily on the animation and AI components of said game. It goes a long way at lPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The real reason for the immersive first person mods for skyrim is so you can see the turbo honkers added by other mods.


Unironically this, plus the added immersion in combat. A modlist with CGO + Blade & Blunt +
Maximum Carnage + IFPV turns the usual slow and floaty as shit fights into visceral skirmishes that might quickly end with either your opponent or your character dead, and the new animations and the camera following your characters' head in first person mode makes the whole ordeal even more immersive, almost to Dark Messiah levels minus the ability to kick. Highly recommend trying this if you already haven't, preferably with a equipment mod like Armoury of Tamriel or Immersive Weapons/Armors installed too.


kek just looked at the user uploaded images on that mod and you weren't lying



Lel, would definitely have spilled my drink if I had one.

File: 1652952322943.jpeg (212.29 KB, 800x450, the-sims-4.jpeg)


Wake up, get ready, go to work, come back, level up some skill for a bit, eat some shitty food and shower, go to sleep, repeat until you receive paycheck to spend on AESTHETICS, do it all over again.

Why did I find this fun when I was younger? What's the POINT? Earn virtual money to CONSUME virtual decorations? For what purpose? Nice """escapism""" Will Wright
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a lot of the fun of the sims imho is escaping capitalism with insane hijinks. sims 3 is most conducive for this since you can revert to barter economy and do anything from gardening to freelance gem cutting to alchemy. sims 2 is still my overall favorite sims though, cause it has just such a tight few systems with a lot of interactivity, whereas the later sims are mostly just fun but disconnected systems you can play with. of course that is mostly the fault of the DLC policy of EA - hard to make a game of integrated systems when there is like a hundred pieces of DLC between store stuff and expansions. easy to pirate now-a-days though.
oh, and shoutout to doing home decoration, especially with console commands and mods to allow for more items on surfaces. I love just the serenity that comes from gradually expanding a room both in function and form.


Oh, and the last time he tried to break dance, he didn't stream for 3 months due to back pain. He


Sims 3 would be cool if the sims themselves didn't look like bloated chinless potato faced abominations


>Has anyone ever made a life on hard mode mode for the sims? That'd be pretty cool.
There are loads of mods for like, more expensive bills, less wages, you having to manually go out and buy groceries, ect.


This post is missing the most horrific part of the sims: absolutely terrorising them.
Random sims from the neighborhood will just enter your home, eat your mac and cheese, and there's nothing you can do to make them leave.
On the flip side, you can force your sims through a massive labyrinth, goading them on with the promise of a toilet.

File: 1608527760495-0.jpg (55.36 KB, 528x704, download 1.jpg)

File: 1608527760495-1.jpg (25.12 KB, 256x324, download 2.jpg)

File: 1608527760495-2.jpg (9.23 KB, 183x227, download 3.jpg)


General for 4X games, but also an opportunity to introduce you all to a new game called Shadow Empire.

The game has an incredibly deep planet generation system that affects gameplay massively, including rotation of the planet (lol), makeup of the atmosphere, terrain, mineral deposits and alien life. It also has a logistics system to make you supply your units with food and ammunition, if they run out of supply they'll be very weak so you need to keep expanding the supply lines to the front and also making sure the enemy cannot cut you off. Obviously being encircled is very bad news for your troops.

You start as a minor "Regime" and your goal is to conquer the planet after the previous galaxy wide regime collapsed sending most of it into civil war and apocalypse. Each regime can be run differently and has different perks based on decisions you make throughout the game. For example if people start striking you can send in the army to deal with them (autocracy) or just pay them off (democracy), alternatively you can avoid the situation entirely by administrating the zones well, but that may lead to other troubles like a lack of credits for purchasing resources. You can run a mix of different systems so your decisions aren't set in stone for you but there are bonuses to always picking a certain method like unique units and stratagems, which are like ideological playing cards.

TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8XAh8Wii4k
PURCHASE: https://www.matrixgames.com/game/shadow-empire (more screenshots here showing off features)
CRACK: https://www.skidrowreloaded.com/shadow-empire-v01-03-00/
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File: 1653355394000-0.png (1.54 MB, 2969x1785, Shadow Empire 23.png)

File: 1653355394000-1.png (4.98 MB, 1919x1079, Shadow Empire 24.png)

File: 1653355394000-2.png (2.31 MB, 3837x2157, Shadow Empire 25.png)

File: 1653355394000-3.png (1.84 MB, 1268x684, Shadow Empire 26.png)

File: 1653355394000-4.png (343.2 KB, 1020x239, Shadow Empire 30.png)

Pic 23: The beauty of encirclement! It felt good to finally get some revenge on the Montusians. This is about the time I finally started to get a handle on how the combat system works - obviously, encirclement is the vital component, much like HOI4.
Pic 24: Stabbing south through native/hunter territory, we managed to encircle a decent number of Montus troops and hold them.
Pic 25: You win some, you lose some…
Pic 26: Their capital is in sight! The southern mountains shielded our territory, allowing us to focus our offensive force against their garrisons.
Pic 30: With ratios like these, unfortunately I resorted to savescumming a decent amount. I justify it by saying I'm still learning, though. Hopefully next time I play I won't need to. I tried a few games after finishing this one, but I just felt kinda burned out, which is understandable since I played it for like 3 days straight.


File: 1653355946434-0.png (2.75 MB, 1291x1011, Shadow Empire 33.png)

File: 1653355946434-1.png (4.31 MB, 1915x1080, Shadow Empire 34.png)

File: 1653355946434-2.png (391.14 KB, 2037x475, Shadow Empire 35.png)

File: 1653355946434-3.png (1.82 MB, 1474x876, Shadow Empire 36.png)

File: 1653355946434-4.png (1.29 MB, 2304x1474, Shadow Empire 37.png)

Pic 33: Montusian Stalingrad. They die in the megacity ruins like dogs.
Pic 34: Weird bug where the map overlaid onto itself. Probably due to my shitty PC running out of memory (I'm waiting for GPU prices to go down before I get a new one…)
Pic 35: Now that's more like it! The war had definitely turned now.
Pic 36: Mopping up the remains of their whole corps. Once they're out of supply, Montus' fancy toys aren't much good.
Pic 37: Just thought this ratio was funny.


File: 1653356776287-0.png (1013.73 KB, 2973x1217, Shadow Empire 39.png)

File: 1653356776287-1.png (1.02 MB, 1791x1137, Shadow Empire 40.png)

File: 1653356776287-2.png (1.31 MB, 2320x1487, Shadow Empire 41.png)

File: 1653356776287-3.png (1.39 MB, 2943x1763, Shadow Empire 42.png)

File: 1653356776287-4.png (1.03 MB, 1789x1136, Shadow Empire 43.png)

Pic 39: The Nomad tribes are done for now that we are fully mobilised. No more will they cut off our supply lines!
Pic 40: Sure, we love our allies! By this point we have made friends with everyone else besides Montus. Also, this minister is leader of the communist party.
Pic 41: Now we really have them on the ropes.
Pic 42: The assault on Montus' last effective defensive line around the capital.
Pic 43: Now everyone wants to suck up to me. 😳

Sorry to post so much crap, next post is the last one.


File: 1653357130990-0.png (399.87 KB, 2037x479, Shadow Empire 44.png)

File: 1653357130990-1.png (2.7 MB, 1917x1079, Shadow Empire 45.png)

Pic 44: A major anticlimax but… I finally got another 'victory pact' strategem, which I immediately played on the largest major besides me, who I had 100 relations with for like 50 turns and helped me by attacking Montus' southern front. That was enough to put my alliance over 50% planet control, which won us the game. It's a shame I never got to finish off Montus, especially since I was right next to their capital, but if it hadn't been for conquering their territory, I never could have won the game, so it all worked out.
Pic 45: Not sure I was really the 'senior partner', my southern ally had a decent amount more territory than me, but most of that was just relatively worthless open plains, so I guess it figures.

Anyway, in summary, good game, I will probably play another game of it sometime, but I definitely need a break first because I played it for easily like 40 hours at least. There's a lot of stuff I barely got to use, so next time I will definitely play a more hostile planet where I can't just diplomatically win over everyone.


One thing I remember from playing ages ago that I think is a real protip is to figure out the penetration of the early game weaponry and up-armor your shitty armored cars to counter that, I think it's something like 120mm? A slight increase from the standard armor. No point going higher or building tanks in the early game as nobody has tanks themselves, so instead make your wheeled vehicles armored enough to take the beating and you curbstomp the enemies with minimum strain on logistics and production, not only that but you keep the rapid speed.

>Pic 21
>Conquest acquired us a new zone: Bucha

Assaulting into stuff like MGs gives you a serious beating to infantry, best to starve them out and hammer them with artillery for a few turns before an assault.

>Sorry to post so much crap, next post is the last one.
Nah it's cool, the thread needs more posts.


I'm so fucking hyped for Saints Row reboot
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New Saints Row will be best open world crime sim ever


I just watched the new videos about the customization bit, and they look pretty good.
I'm just not too excited for the story though.


I never cared about story in Saints Row tbh, so it is fine to me as long as they do not go too cringe with the writing and as long they deliver on gameplay and customization. Some secondary characters from the OG timeline like Troy and Professor Genki reappearing would be also a good touch too.


File: 1653304701242.jpg (66.65 KB, 1024x768, Overload.jpg)

It's really depressing to me that this standout game from 2018 had such poor sales that Mike Kulas had to return to Volition to make more Saints Row games.


It has 1300 steam reviews, it can't have /that/ poor sales. What was he expecting, AAA levels?

File: 1608527889503.png (876.33 KB, 1280x646, L197L_sDsoo.png)

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Any good High Fleet memes other than the constant use of the based soundtrack?





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