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File: 1672168570982-0.png (434.97 KB, 1366x705, 2022-12-25_04.49.14.png)

File: 1672168570982-1.png (504.35 KB, 1366x705, 2022-12-28_00.13.35.png)

File: 1672168570982-2.png (468.73 KB, 1366x705, 2022-12-28_00.14.04.png)


Since a lot of time has passed since the old thread was made and all the old servers apparently got nuked by the hosting service, I have decided to create a new one on the Aternos account that I have registered back in the Bunkerchan days. Just like the previous one, it runs on one of the newer versions (1.19.2) of the game with a simple custom modpack that contains tech mods like Mekanism and the Thermal series, as well as some that add new elements to the game world as a whole such as Biomes O' Plenty and Aquaculture. Some previous additions like Pam's Harvestcraft and Chisel had to be pruned however due to lack of a 1.19.x version or being too resource extensive.

Instructions on entering the new server:
>Download UltimMC https://nightly.link/UltimMC/Launcher/workflows/main/develop
>Download the modpack https://gofile.io/d/vQSpcg
>Extract the UltimMC archive anywhere you like
>Launch UltimMC
>Create an account record in the UltimMC accounts section in top right (no Microsoft account required)
>Install the modpack through Add instance > Import from .zip
>Launch the newly "LeftyCraft" created instance
>Add “leftycraftreborn.aternos.me” into your server list and join the game

To start up the server in case it is down:
>Log into aternos.org with account “leftypoluser” (password: solidarityforever)
>Press the “Start” button
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I started it before I was aware of GTCE tbh.


The stupidest part of minecraft I think is that the effort it takes to create something does not correspond to how useful it is. Take for instance a boat with a chest in it. You can make that right at the beginning of the game by felling a couple of trees. You can freely ride that boat with a chest all over the place and put resources inside it. Compare that with a minecart with a chest which does not move freely, requires iron to make, and is restricted by a rail which is also highly expensive resource-wise. There is zero incentive to make a rail system in a survival map.

I would love a minecraft type game where the usefulness of an object corresponds to how late-game it is or how difficult it is to create. But minecraft survival is all over the place in terms of difficulty scaling. I could go on in this vain for several more paragraphs but you get the idea.

File: 1610984327247.png (329.17 KB, 738x1139, 566574655.png)


It has recently come to our attention that the users of /games/ are seeking a reliable method of communication for online play and general conversation about games. I am unsure if anyone is aware, but, there currently exists and unoffical matrix room specifically for this located at: https://matrix.to/#/#leftypolgaming:matrix.org

Leftycraft community ( >>25060 ):

If anyone is interested in gaming discussion, or, online discourse please feel free to join. That is all. Thank you~

File: 1708096002987.png (2.89 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)


Right-wing games?

I'll start:

Every CD Projekt Red game (Pole company, the most reactionary, racist country on Earth, will always put chinlet propaganda in their games, such as that caricature queer guy in Cyberpunk who's a rapist and smuggler), every TES game (lore is basically about humans, the white ppl of the setting, genociding elves and others and being portraited as good guys, Skyrim is the worst offender), every Paradox game (literal map painters made for chinlets to larp as crusaders, nazis, conquistadors and others who killed BIPOC worldwide)
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I wouldn't call Paradox an outright right wing dev. In Victoria 3 worker coops are the best mode of production and the communist and anarchist movements are depicted favorably.


Wonder if it's due to the game's mechanics, that would be hilarious.

How a grand strategy game with proper class dynamics would work? Having class interests and conflicts as a game mechanic would be based. Not because I'm a Marxist but because it's such basic shit that everyone who says classes aren't real makes me want to smash their head with a table. It should be obligatory for a grand strategy game to have a proper class system, not to make a point but to be more mechanically nuanced and realistic.


They're all rightist, nothing produced in society is free from its source


>How a grand strategy game with proper class dynamics would work?
literally Vic 3, each pop has an ideological affiliation like Rural Peasant, Petit Bourgeoisie or Trade Unionist which is based on their job, wealth, and literacy

building different types of workplaces like factories changes the ideological makeup of your population as rural workers urbanize and go from caring about agricultural land reform to caring about labor laws and healthcare


>literally Vic 3, each pop has an ideological affiliation like Rural Peasant, Petit Bourgeoisie or Trade Unionist which is based on their job, wealth, and literacy
This is it, Hearts of Iron is trash then, Victoria 3 is the best grand strategy game now. Any grand strategy game that does not have class mechanics is automatically trash in my eyes.

I do wonder if HOI4 has any class stratification mods.


I just beat this game, I remember seeing another discussion thread about this game but I can't find it, but I want to talk about the game, full spoilers.
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File: 1708282130552-0.png (483.65 KB, 1021x1024, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1708282130552-1.png (211.89 KB, 993x539, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1708282130552-2.png (1.05 MB, 1033x1321, ClipboardImage.png)


This whole fuckup could easily be a chapter in the Disco Elysium universe funnily enough.


Kim points out that Harry is unnaturally good at running which he attributes to him being a gym teacher in the game. I think at least his cardio is great canonically.


>>30831 The Deserter's words hit me like a train. Him saying "It was real. I'd seen it. I'd seen it "in reality"" and the rest of that quote got me teary eyed as a newer lefty.


Yea I cry at that last (penultimate? Or is the last scene with the cops more of an epilogue? It feels there for game reasons more than story reasons) scene every time.
Not that uncommon for other arts but something for me very rare that video games have been able to achieve.

File: 1692227561431.png (1.23 MB, 600x900, ClipboardImage.png)

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Is it any good? I haven't played it myself
Also do I have to play the previous games to understand what's going on?
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File: 1708132582675.png (640.77 KB, 1600x900, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm currently playing through act3 as Durge and here is how it looks to me, in hindsight:

Act 1:
Finished, packed and polished.

Act 2:
Unfinished, rushed and sparse. You can practically feel the budget/devtime vanishing(though ironically, you will never see the shadowcurse subside) halfway through.

Act 3:
Unfinished, cobbled together from whatever they already had half done, in a rush. It's crammed with half cooked gameplay, hacked together story bits and rushed/missing resolutions in equal part. Some aspects of it, like the circus, feel like an afterthought filler built around spare voice lines in the last minute. While others, like Sorcerous Sundries, have a shine of thoroughly polished turd, by people who weren't given anything else to do for weeks on end.

Act 4:
Cannibalized in it's infancy by Act3, which now wear's it's overstretched skin like a "mankini".

Act 5:
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I thought it's Nero the Dead Weight on the picture lmao.


Basically, same as two previous divinity games.


Is this bc devs are lazy/stupid, or were they just fucked by higher ups


Why bother polishing to the last act when most buyers won't go further than act1?

File: 1656914308691.png (8.53 KB, 449x209, ClipboardImage.png)

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Is Dwarf Fortress the most Historical Materialist game of all time?

>Simulates thousands of years of history

>Simulates individual lives
>Simulates entire economies
>Simulates private property, families, cities, states
>does not privilege the player with any kind of protagonism. You are simply an entity in a larger civilization
>any entity can be wiped out at any given moment and replaced with a similar one.
>deep physics simluation that includes erosion, precipitation, and the formation of continents
>can instantaneously generate an entire encyclopedia of interconnected occurences spanning thousands of years
>simulates marriage, divorce, courtship, cheating, betrayal, coups, assassinations, persecutions, and purges
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Yeah, i guess i was looking for something else, which is why i was this dissapointed to come here with rant. All the time i was playing i had a feeling that it is the game that i could like, but never found myself enjoying fully, always halfway there. Guess it blueballed me, lol


Understandable, if anything many people prefer to read about DF than actually play it. The fact that Boardmurdered succession game having own wikipedia page is enough of a proof for this.


>Again, Factorio is MUCH larger in scale and doesn't have such problems.
Based, and it's also libre software, maybe you're right. But are the the same kind of games really?


The appeal of DF is like the appeal of minecraft, as a way to flex your creative muscles more than solve difficult problems.


>Each new fortress needs the same unfun gameplay loop to get going
Colony sims will have colony sim shit in them. Fortresses are different if you build them in different environments, yet they have the same basic building blocks because it is logical: stockpiles store materials, etc. how would you have do it differently? Guessing it's too hard to use the painting the area tool, or maybe it's the allowed items menu or what. Never used traps or dwarf therapist, labor is for nerds and personally speaking I've had 15-ish labors max at my largest fortresses. You are simply unskilled if you think this is bad.
>Once you get going, "winning" is actually easy: once your fortress is self-sustaining, build a drawbridge and almost never open it. DF is such a brilliant game that drawbridges are indescrutible!
Dearie me, I found an exploitable bug. Better ruin the gameplay experience. Playing the meta in any game is a good way quaranteed ruin your experience. Rimworld is not fun if you build 2x2 bedrooms and killboxes. TES V is not fun if you use stealth archer. Meatspace sports aren't fun if you go out of your way to do all you can to win either. All of this applies to dwarf fortress.
>Military and combat are absolute dogshit to handle. The military is so obtuse and complex to wrangle that it feels like a job trying to get shit to work. In fact, DF's shit UI ruins more than just the military.
The only issue I found is that the arrow system was bugged for a while (archers didn't get them automatically, you couldn't assign them any) but even that got fixed. After having done the army stuff for 20 minutes I figured it out almost completely. It's a list of equipment and a schedule, easiest shit ever. After having played the game for a week, I was waging war and fighting defensive battles like second nature. Got my brother to test this due to your reply, he does not like management games, took him about an hour on a prebuilt fortress (including setting up equipment manufacturing orders, training schedules, etc.) so he could start doing raids on others and defend. Does not describe it as frustrating, simply time consuming. Did you ever play the game expecting an advisor icon popping up every second telling you what to do, or did you even play the game? Genuine fuckPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1688182390122.png (1.27 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)


What do you think of the Yakuza / Like A Dragon series? I love it!
Thread for everything Ryu Ga Gotoku
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I’m currently playing the OG Yakuza 1 on PCSX2, working just as intended, and the dub isn’t really that jarringly terrible.


The best thing about the dub is Mark Hamill. He doesn't voice Majima anymore sadly.


Finished Infinite Wealth. Good game.


without spoiler, how does it compare to other Takuza/like a dragon games? Did they improve on the turn based mechanics?


Yes, the combat is much more dynamic compared to 7. You can position yourself to get upclose damage bonuses/choose the best angles for your attacks, use combo attacks with the other party members. It only started to get old for me during the NG+.



can't fucking wait

File: 1702789339656.jpg (235.73 KB, 1284x1917, no it isnt.jpg)

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It is better than a marker but the fact that it is so obvious it ruins immersion is an issue. Good game and map design naturally leads you to the ladder.
AAA slop is incredibly simplistic in terms of game design anyway. Both the marker and the yellow paint are there to make the slop assembly process more straightforward, neither of them is for the player's benefit. There's no good answer because the question is wrong.
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What I personally want from games are:
>no untraversible waist-high fences or boxes
>no pointers
>no paint

If you need me to feel confined, I want to feel REALLY confined. Not just feel confined because my character is on a wheelchair apparently. Invisible walls are also sus but you can just make it so every time you want to exit an open location the character will be like "Where tbe fuck am I going?"


Yeah I wish more games would just be like 'I don't need to go that way' instead of contriving blockages.


>instead of contriving blockages
It's not just blockages. It's """blockages."""

At least doors in Stanley Parable are unopenable because they're locked. At least there's a logical explanation.


What's more unimmersive: the character not being able to go that way or all environments being completely blocked except for the route(s) that are there for the player character. With the latter, the fiction surrounding the NPCs makes no sense. Why are these people distributed evenly along a winding corridor with no way in or out except the end points?



File: 1708329769907.png (559.84 KB, 640x448, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm curious to see what would happen if a game with a phenomenal story and great combat, but with PS2-era graphics, got released. I wonder how well it would hold up against modern AAA games
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PS2 era graphics, designs and tropes are ripe for a comeback but indie devs haven't even catch with PS1 graphics yet.
Is making a 3d game really that hard?
Last moth I tried out The Punisher and God of War 2, the gameplay is simple, they just stick to a design and stick with it but the presentation is fantastic, real time capsules of that era's culture.


File: 1708450389018.png (864.51 KB, 1612x796, ClipboardImage.png)

In the PS2 and early PS3 era, developers had to concede that the technology wasn't advanced enough for full realism, so they had to compensate with style. a sort of semi-anime /semi-heavy metal poster 3D


graphics in modern games dont even look better
they're just unoptimized
>why arent they optimized?
because it doesnt sound cool to Wall St investors who are paying for the game's development. to them optimization, good music, good art design, good level design etc is pointless time-wasting fluff that gets in the way of slapping lootboxes on shit


File: 1708519901573-0.png (1.63 MB, 1080x703, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1708519901573-1.png (3.66 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1708519901573-2.png (334.02 KB, 500x375, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1708519901573-3.png (1.05 MB, 1024x576, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1708519901573-4.png (4.07 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

PS2 games that look like this had a large team of people. I'm not saying it can't be done but it would need a decent size indie team to pull it off. You need competent devs and a competent art team that knows character modeling but also architecture low poly PS1 games are easy, timeless looking ps2 games are going to be much harder and not cost effective.


File: 1708519916806.png (527.28 KB, 720x586, ClipboardImage.png)

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