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/draw/ - Original Art

"The strength of art is greater than that of a nuclear bomb" - Kim Jong-Un
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Share tutorials, step-by-step processes, infographics about art, and art tips; in pictures, videos, PDFs, etc.

Pic 1:
>Visual Novel Background Tutorial by Sky-Morishita
Pic 2:
>Visual Novel Background Tutorial (Layout Distortion) by Sky-Morishita
Pic 3:
>KOF XII pixel art sprite development process
Pic 4:
>Learning Order to Human Character Drawing by Nsio
Pic 5:
>Ways to avoid same-face syndrome by Miyuli (deleted tweet)
She has a free book with art tips:
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I think this Krita tutorial by David Revoy belongs here as well
>Tutorial - an illustration from A to Z with Krita
<A long 1h22min Krita video tutorial fully commented. A real full lenght course suited to beginners, but also advanced digital painters. It starts from scratch with default set of brushes, preferences and break-down all the process. The repetitive parts while painting were all accelerated and can be skipped easily (a timer in overlay appears on display) Check the Timeline codes under to navigate in the video.

File: 1670333142269.gif (1.42 MB, 1024x1024, porkyscream sketch.gif)


ITT Post animations, WIPs, and so on.

Professional animation is usually collaborative, with different people drawing the parts of the animations, doing lines vs color or keyframes vs in-betweens, etc.
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File: 1670339015338.gif (147.29 KB, 512x512, 2022 porkyscream.gif)

For reference, here's the same animation with just the original keyframes (poses) before adding inbetweens and build-up or follow-through. I used several of these animation principles to make the animation look better. How many can you see?


>How many can you see?
6 or 7?
also a challenge: animate it at 50 fps :^)


It's actually not always ideal to animate things at higher frame rates. That's one of the techniques used (#9 in the video). The frame rate you animate with can convey different things.

The whole animation is 24fps (as in film), but parts of the animation are animated "on twos" i.e. with each step taking 2 of those frames. The early movement of the mouth and eyes are animated this way to make them smoother. A higher frame rate would probably look too jittery because the movement is small enough that variation in the lines would stand out. The beginning of the jerk backwards is also animated on twos so each step stays on screen a bit longer to be easier to see. On the other hand, the windup (leaning forward and squinting) and follow-through animate on ones to draw the eyes and cause anticipation to make the larger movement more legible, and to compress the time it takes to go through those more minor movements.


File: 1670341960135.gif (380.45 KB, 359x450, up booba.gif)

oh yeah good point. the mind is really good at filling in blanks anyway



File: 1636758765715.jpg (86.94 KB, 1347x752, IMG_20211112_231202.jpg)

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Hello I created this thread for people who like flag design and maps and herlady please enjoy posting creations I will be posting my Creations as well.
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Dixie but worse




File: 1670358183958.png (41.03 KB, 1440x882, Soviet Red Army flag.png)

Russian Red Army flag I made.

PS: Not a member of the CPUSA, I just like their variant of the H&S

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We anons humbly request Alunya artwork from drawfriends
As Alunya art would be for all leftyanons' sake & .org
Especially from new drawfriends
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File: 1670178644257.png (109.81 KB, 579x600, Alunya Oopsie.png)



File: 1670321921717.png (379.35 KB, 2182x2182, lunya_drawing_drawpile.png)

An alunya I made a while ago



File: 1667085620214.png (8.07 MB, 1900x2533, ClipboardImage.png)


Done a shit ton of posters and stupid edits and wanted to shere them whit you: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/4/folders/1mT4cadpJsDWmS6hy99xBVZn7Ega-ckqX?usp=sharing

They are mainly in spanish.




Thank you, anon! Althrough I'd prefer english, these looks great, more anime posters is preferred too :3


File: 1670097792111.png (130.16 KB, 709x702, marx_drip.png)

Dam these are amazing

Also, nice inclusion of drip Karl Marx

File: 1662799603219.jpg (81.64 KB, 618x857, black book.jpg)


calling all drawfriends! the English translation we're working on for the Black Book of Capitalism ( >>>/leftypol/1122230 ) could use a nice cover ( >>>/leftypol/1164715 ). post ideas, sketches etc here
I have a Makefile the builds the pdf of the book, and it could be adapted to convert one or two images (front + back) into pdfs and then those pdfs using pdfunite (found in the pdfjam package)
there are many ways to go about this, see https://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/17579/how-can-i-design-a-book-cover
t. LaTeX anon
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if anyone wants to use ai generation for the cover there is this website i found pixai.art


Why no mention of image dimensions?


I went with A4 for now: >>>/leftypol/1271943




File: 1669637533390-0.jpg (319.42 KB, 2396x1112, commie uwu =3.jpg)

File: 1669637533390-1.jpg (1.24 MB, 3840x5665, PabloJan - Lonliness.jpg)

So proud elements of my ideas made it onto the front cover :3

File: 1638032743891-0.png (45.19 KB, 1339x129, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1638032743891-1.jpg (177.13 KB, 629x797, Pushkin_doodle.jpg)


>tfw your school notebooks full of doodles will never be considered works of art in their own right
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Engels would be proud.


>tiddies are bigger


that's literally amazing, did you draw it?


Does anyone know who this topless woman is? Was it someone Engels admired? Or just a random nobody?


Mary Burns


This is a thread for discussing, designing and creating zines, pamphlets, brochures, leaflets - anything that involves putting information on paper in a cheap and easy way. You can also discuss writing zines, but this thread will be largely dedicated to the design aspect.

Here are some resources:

Programs that you can use to make zines/pamphlets/leaflets and so on:
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Sleepyhead socialism




Adobe literally assumes you will pirate their stuff. It's part of their business model to assume students will pirate it to learn the skillset that they can then use when they get hired by a business who pays for the software or they buy a personal license.


Try 1337x.to
PirateBay's cucked.


apt-get install inkscape

File: 1627932410973-2.jpg (184.71 KB, 1079x1083, furry artwork.jpg)

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Tania is the best!



File: 1668206857987.png (2.15 MB, 2336x1646, happyroom 2.png)

I drew my room, give me monies!


Can I live with you?


Damn bitch, you live like this?


Requests thread.
Provide inspiration and make requests to artists here. Remember that you are not entitled to a delivery.
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>Charles II of Spain face
lmao god idea


what's the source for it?


hueg booba tbqh


we made a mistake to stop worshiping female fertility
we need to go back


File: 1668228178220-0.png (Spoiler Image, 7.34 MB, 1730x2521, 98254166_p0.png)

File: 1668228178220-1.png (Spoiler Image, 344.38 KB, 512x768, 1665436059154-0.png)

File: 1668228178220-2.png (Spoiler Image, 459.92 KB, 512x768, 1665436059154-3.png)

File: 1668228178220-3.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 1079x1086, dirty bulk.jpg)

>we need to go back

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