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/draw/ - Original Art

"The strength of art is greater than that of a nuclear bomb" - Kim Jong-Un
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Share tutorials, step-by-step processes, infographics about art, and art tips; in pictures, videos, PDFs, etc.

Pic 1:
>Visual Novel Background Tutorial by Sky-Morishita
Pic 2:
>Visual Novel Background Tutorial (Layout Distortion) by Sky-Morishita
Pic 3:
>KOF XII pixel art sprite development process
Pic 4:
>Learning Order to Human Character Drawing by Nsio
Pic 5:
>Ways to avoid same-face syndrome by Miyuli (deleted tweet)
She has a free book with art tips:
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I think this Krita tutorial by David Revoy belongs here as well
>Tutorial - an illustration from A to Z with Krita
<A long 1h22min Krita video tutorial fully commented. A real full lenght course suited to beginners, but also advanced digital painters. It starts from scratch with default set of brushes, preferences and break-down all the process. The repetitive parts while painting were all accelerated and can be skipped easily (a timer in overlay appears on display) Check the Timeline codes under to navigate in the video.

File: 1664602507498.png (46.79 KB, 496x485, count porky.png)


It is October my dudes.
Time to draw some spooky porkies.


File: 1664615625497.png (Spoiler Image, 34.42 KB, 708x583, pork.png)



File: 1664672307909.png (1.37 MB, 1280x1080, 01 - Pork-O-Lantern.png)



that is indeed spooky


lmao this is brilliant


File: 1664850830389.png (285.33 KB, 900x800, 02 - zombie capitalism.png)

Day late but here's #2
Zombie Capitalism Porky

File: 1646790644769.png (110.76 KB, 424x553, R (2).png)

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Lol, nice.


File: 1661247605123.mp4 (131.43 KB, 640x768, etwr.mp4)

>6 months ago


File: 1663743030205-0.jpg (2.82 MB, 4021x2141, natoid1.jpg)

File: 1663743030205-1.jpg (56.18 KB, 1024x689, natoid2.jpg)



File: 1664807790773-0.png (Spoiler Image, 3.04 MB, 3009x1609, Screenshot_1126-er.png)

File: 1664807790773-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 738.29 KB, 4096x4096, rash0910a150814396b876be15….jpg)

File: 1664807790773-2.jpg (Spoiler Image, 665.87 KB, 4096x4096, rash328769046637f0d498af19….jpg)

On the topic of furries in regards to Ukraine the amount of support among furries for "The Ukraine" exeedingly leads me to confirm the idea that a large majority of "vocal" and "political" furries are vehemently supporting Ukraine, proving their liberalism for the umpteenth time it really is hysterical to see Ukraine themed cub diaper pr0n 'supporting Ukraine' (pic 1 rel)
So you could say the Psyop is functional in the USA… though that's not a high bar I suppose.

As an aside, regarding aeromorphs - pic 2 and 3 rel are one of the multiple "support Ukraine" aeroshit. Only I found this one particularly funny given the
A) Presenting rear position - as if unintentionally saying to fuck Ukraine's flaming (butthurt) ass
B) The creatively flaming fart
C) The "creator" being a scat and hyper fetishist.
It's just a perfect combo representing everything demented about Ukraine support in the liberal West, because I'm sure the refugees and/or Nazis of Ukraine are proud and happy to be exploited on patreon for airplane porn.


File: 1664808138600-0.png (828.95 KB, 860x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1664808138600-1.png (1.32 MB, 935x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

You have Grace and Rodina rivalry. Now we have the Buhanka vs Marichka and the alpha1918 vs communism-chan rivalries.

File: 1636758765715.jpg (86.94 KB, 1347x752, IMG_20211112_231202.jpg)

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Hello I created this thread for people who like flag design and maps and herlady please enjoy posting creations I will be posting my Creations as well.
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this is pretty cool and palatable



Ultra kek





This is a thread for discussing, designing and creating zines, pamphlets, brochures, leaflets - anything that involves putting information on paper in a cheap and easy way. You can also discuss writing zines, but this thread will be largely dedicated to the design aspect.

Here are some resources:

Programs that you can use to make zines/pamphlets/leaflets and so on:
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It's something for sure.


Wage Labour and Capital is a good one too


I love the raw ink aspect. I've always wanted to recreate the clean look of the old foreign language press books (pic related). it definitely impresses upon you more when holding it physically i reckon - posters would look amazing as well. Only hang up is that the entire process seems like a pain in the ass when you're trying to mass produce stuff


they’re a midway between photocopiers and industrial printing, which is really all you need for zines

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We anons humbly request Alunya artwork from drawfriends
As Alunya art would be for all leftyanons' sake & .org
Especially from new drawfriends
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the second one is really good for an AI


File: 1664587897760.png (Spoiler Image, 897.98 KB, 2068x2864, 1664538460220-0.png)

Forbidden Alunya


File: 1664667588817.png (484.18 KB, 850x541, ClipboardImage.png)

Communism-chan - could be added to the booru




File: 1664675086380.png (520.34 KB, 850x850, ClipboardImage.png)

>1 /pol/shitter image out of ~50 normal ones
Ok fag

File: 1662799603219.jpg (81.64 KB, 618x857, black book.jpg)


calling all drawfriends! the English translation we're working on for the Black Book of Capitalism ( >>>/leftypol/1122230 ) could use a nice cover ( >>>/leftypol/1164715 ). post ideas, sketches etc here
I have a Makefile the builds the pdf of the book, and it could be adapted to convert one or two images (front + back) into pdfs and then those pdfs using pdfunite (found in the pdfjam package)
there are many ways to go about this, see https://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/17579/how-can-i-design-a-book-cover
t. LaTeX anon
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And the sky is just a solid color here, so it's trivial to add or delete a piece of that to make the picture fit any ratio that isn't wider than tall.


File: 1664128136028.jpg (83.66 KB, 514x693, Bare minimum.jpg)

Lottsa ideas, still mimicked the original cover to have something to fall back on.


some inspo could be similar to the third from the left panel of this image where the line going up leads to blood which turns into coin for the cappies pile


File: 1664286753777.png (3.15 MB, 2001x2632, image843.png)

gave it a shot


>>2766 >>2759 >>2753
jej maybe for shorter more memey versions, certainly make nice chapter breaks

This looks pretty professional.

I kinda like how at first glance one doesn't see what it is, then it's like "oh, OH", but the gist of >>2770 is there. I don't really like the American flag or chapel imo because it makes it look cluttered and "US bad" exclusively.

Solid '"but"' looks like it came out in the 70's or something so looks old if that make sense? Like I'd expect to see it in a second hand bookshop. Cool "retro" edition cover though, just doesn't really pop to me on a modern bookshelf.

This is a good default cover really.

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Flag and Banner Thread
Design your best or worst ideas for flags and their representations or repost cool flags that you like.
also Banners for the board and real life. Symbolism and poster logotypes are also welcome
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Vi jubbar pau de.


What's there to cope about? The creative output and quality of discussion here is dogshit by comparison.


File: 1663299624389.png (175.35 KB, 1920x1280, tsardom flag.png)

heres a flag i had made for the big villain of a D&D campaign I wanted to run but never could

tl;dr the russian tsardom but with even more imperialism


that looks pretty tight actually

File: 1661097032571.png (394.43 KB, 862x581, Svetlanna.png)


Ok, so this started out as a joke; a commie dommie mommy I made: Tsarina Svetlanna. It'd be a great addition to the imageboard. Course Im not artist; So how bout this: Take this character, and draw her however you like. You can tweak clothes, proportions, faces features, etc.; as long as Svetlanna's still recognizable.


Btw, some facts about the Domina:
-Red Hair
-Green Eyes
-White skin
-From Moscow
-Sadistic owner of the means of reproduction


Looks kinda fun, a little bit like that character from Camp Camp.


I forgot the freckles


Ok come on, I dont mind!

File: 1638032743891-0.png (45.19 KB, 1339x129, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1638032743891-1.jpg (177.13 KB, 629x797, Pushkin_doodle.jpg)


>tfw your school notebooks full of doodles will never be considered works of art in their own right
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File: 1645060777182.png (24.93 KB, 298x307, 2022-02-16 neech.png)

moar philosophy doodles


File: 1662718695391.png (1013.8 KB, 973x1272, ClipboardImage.png)




Engels would be proud.


>tiddies are bigger

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