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Discuss what info, links, resources, etc. to add on this sticky as well as drop ideas and suggestions to the /leftymu/ board at large

Matrix room: https://matrix.to/#/#leftymusic:matrix.org
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There are GUI versions of youtube-dl if you want a simple interface without command prompt stuff.


Based Comissar Joanna o7

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ITT we talk about anything related to punk, hardcore, and any subgenres of punk and hardcore.
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I know it's basic bitch tastes but I like this, the Howard Zinn reference makes me smile


my vibe rn



>Society is bad because disabled people aren't marginalized enough
The groundbreaking, revolutionary message of punk

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fellow zoomers get ITT. I'm making this thread for myself, since it's all I listen to these days. don't hesitate to recommend shit you like. it does not necessarily have to contain rap. anything in the area of trip hop, downtempo, lo-fi, chopped and screwed, gorillaz. you get the idea

some artists:
Knxwledge is a former soundcloud producer. he's the founder of the sound that YouTube calls "lo-fi hip hop" these days.
Mach Hommy, my current favorite rapper. possibly the greatest rapper of all time. just released a great album called Fete Des Morts.
MIKE. rapper and producer. makes a LOT of music which is mostly him rapping over his own beats.

some songs:
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so within the broader milieu of hexxd/surge/whatever fuck people are calling it now people started making banger ass trance tracks with clapped ass hexxd production. at first I saw people calling it hexdtrance or vyvannse trance but it looks like sextrance is what stuck cuz haha funny pun.

heres a track from each



>Sienna Sleep


>Team Mekano


worth noting Team Mekano arent a perfect example of sextrance and are kinda of their own wave





File: 1675151032682.jpeg (3.97 MB, 1920x1080, 288027.jpeg)


Post pretty good covers
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There are a bunch of good covers on Nirvana's Unplugged album





Corey Taylor , CMFT - Shakin ( Eddie Money cover )


Any "classic rock", hard rock, and glam, etc. Any rock or rock adjacent genre music released from 1958-1990.
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Flood detected; Post discarded.


Foreigner - Double Vision (Official Music Video)



AC/DC - Live at Caste Donington, England, August 17, 1991 (Full concert - HD 50fps)


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Post what you're currently listening to
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It's so funny seeing christoids melting down over this boring pop song and music video


any vaporwavers on leftypol anymore?



True Blue


Post all emo, scene and emo-adjacent music from the 2000s. Any alt or pop rock bands that emos used to listen to is good as well.
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This Is How I Disappear - MCR


Mama - MCR


Teenagers - MCR


I like this one anon, haven't heard it before.


really? chiodos was pretty big.

File: 1677691864244.jpg (1.92 MB, 1800x1200, jerry.jpg)


Why do boomers revere this guy as if he was the third coming of Jesus Christ?


Probably the massive availability of acid and other psychedelic substances that followed the band.
For what it's worth, if I ever got fucked up enough to tolerate their music, I was too fucked up to listen to music.


Why do some people hate them so much?



because they are easy to goof on and were kind of like the burning man of their day where rich kids would become flower children for a few hours listening to their favorite boomer jams. jerry garcia's ethos is quite known and it was very laissez faire towards everything in typical hippy fashion so it meant drugs were always round even if there were kids backstage (roadies and groupies brought families). deadheads as a whole come from all kinds of political backgrounds but generally are individualistic and view themselves as "free" or whatever from the "system" no matter what their politics is. very libertarian friendly in a way.

if you can put aside the cringy cultural stuff around it and deadhead culture, the music itself is incredible and as musicians they absolutely would kill it when on top of their game, but playing for 30 years every night people also hear their worst. once you listen and understand the band, the deadhead culture makes more sense. this video convinced me they were a good band https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luAqu8VX5wo


ITT help catalogue standard rapping rhythms that keep getting reused for their sheer musicality for me because I'm lazy
Starting off the most well-known, the simple triplet


File: 1678322320247.jpg (28.08 KB, 349x486, chihuahua cool.JPG)


What corporate music type do you hate the most? For me it's those generic electronic rock(?) things that play in truck commercials and E3 events, with the minor pentatonic riffs and loud digital percussions that all sound the same. I think it's even more insufferable than the yooka laylee songs, because they're so loud, and they think they're so badass
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>>7641 when did u find out, when i clapped ur dad's buttcheeks


I don't know the exact genre name, but that boring whispery pop that Billie Eilish and a few others do. It's like it's trying to be vocal jazz without any of the interesting instrumentals that accompany it.


Full commercial pop.


Seems like fun rap (DRAM, Lil Yachty, etc) died sometime in the late 2010's


Another good mention

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