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Hello citizens of /mu/ I would just like to remind everyone that A comrade of ours is hosting his own radio-station called ProlesWin and we feel this would be a good way to get this radio station some traffic. You can listen in your browser, or, you can listen with VLC Media player @ http://proles.win:8000/radio.ogg Please give it a listen and support your fellow comrades!
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File: 1631836559222.jpg (57.01 KB, 640x480, Goat.jpg)

fuck yeah


Post what you're currently listening to
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File: 1631836961096.png (1.07 MB, 700x700, ClipboardImage.png)


Why did these guys/guy just disappear off the face of the earth?


Post songs that make you cry (any genre).
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File: 1631551567565.mp4 (5.67 MB, 722x720, Hey You.mp4)


File: 1631552207689.mp4 (10.37 MB, 720x720, Shes Gone.mp4)



File: 1617264336113.png (725.69 KB, 600x722, jazz music intensifies.png)


Time to share some of that most sophisticated music, you know what it is.

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No Bitches Brew? Time to tap out.




File: 1631823672310.mp4 (21.45 MB, 360x360, moanin.mp4)

<ctrl + f Moanin'
>0 results


ah i see you're a woman of culture as well


FUCK IT, cumbia thread

I can't resist wanting to dance to cumbia (I can't dance, yet). It often has two of my favorite instruments, trumpets and accordion. And many cumbias have a melancholic or sad melody, in my opinion, which I love as well. But every single one of them makes me wanna DANCE.

It's kinda sad that cumbia is seen more as a meme or liked ironically by people my age and younger. Nowadays it seems like only older people appreciate it. I just wanna share my love for cumbia.
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Is there any good introductions to the different subgenres of cumbia? Like articles, mixtapes, albums or whatever. I mean there seem to be so many, that I don't even know where to start. So far I can only sorta distinguish the psychedelic Peruvian variant that you linked to.


La cumbia de gokú


Haha I like this one, unironically that sountrack goes very well with a cumbia beat.



bumpin with a banger from Bolivia


File: 1608526223036.jpg (354.75 KB, 842x1200, retard.jpg)

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No boring ass woody Guthrie singing about how sad it to be from Oklahoma while strumming his guitar. I want synthesisers, fast rhythms, weird ass instruments you’ve never heard before. I want shit that would make you want to get up and dance in your local town square with other third world peasants.

Is its leftist? cool. Is its advocating for the genocide of some ethnic minority or the establishment of a global caliphate? I don’t give shit as long as the music is fire.
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very nice



File: 1619655295279.png (48.05 KB, 144x180, CoolStalin.png)


As it says on the tin, post songs that you have recently found. Obscure stuff is preferred but really anything goes I suppose.

Found this while I was looking around at some Russian movies on Youtube hoping to find some communist shit to make memes from.
Pretty chill and somber.
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File: 1623269033177.png (424.96 KB, 615x680, Soviet-Pepe-cut.png)



(Re)discovered song: Слушайте братва, кто помнит такой фильм с 2001ого, Спартак и Калашников?
Я б хотел найти одну песню но её не в титрах, не где не найти!

Слова из песни "Как достали эти вечные упреки. Есть дорога у нас и сквозь потоки людей мы шагаем по ней!"

Что мог найти это короткий клип песни под названием Спартак и Калашников - Главная Тема Но дальше поиск ведёт в тупик. Кто не будь помогите!



industrial & experimental compilation from 1988


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[Introduction: Killer Mike]
Talk that shit, Bam
Talk that shit homie
Talk that shit for black people, brown people, yellow people, beige people
Talk that shit for poor people
Talk that shit for the working class, man

You a true thug homie
We got your motherfucking back
You can say whatever you want to say about whatever you want to say
Tell the truth, and shame the motherfucking devil

[Verse 1: Bambu]
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Escaping From The Artificial
Ho Chi Minh Style
Sorry, couldn't find lyrics for this one.




Well the coup is in the OP, so I got mostly french rappers

Iam, Little Brother
Iam, Tomorrow is far away

Assassin, Murderer State

Oh and a spanish one too I discovered when he got jailed for shitting on the king
Pablo Hasél, All the power to the soviets !
Pablo Hasél, Not a step back
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>Zippo, I-world
Tyrants and kings, tyrants and kings, tyrants and kings
Tyrants and kings we've been stuffed with for ten centuries
Now they have artificial intelligence
Busy in holding companies
They all dream of accessing the mind uploading
You, you're here watching your rights fly away
Desperate to see people who don't give a damn
But the guys comfort you and fill your bowl
Their control techniques would make Machiavelli blush
It's amazing what you can do with cameras
It doesn't prevent drama but it calms people down
Formal decor where mortal bodies
Evolve like in a book by George Orwell
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File: 1625802801028.png (447.52 KB, 600x600, happier-than-ever.png)


What do we think of her?

Is she counter-hegemonic, or part of a Bonapartist counter-gang?
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I find it weird how I’ve never heard a song from her. I’m not super in touch but I’ve heard a Post Malone song before, you know?


She's a female Post Malone. That's literally it.


Her mom talking about displacing Mexicans.


oh wow, she seems awful.


Karen shit.

File: 1631341183175.jpg (56.8 KB, 500x500, 1417624939126.jpg)


Post hidden musical gems



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