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"You may say I'm a larper but I'm not the only one. I hope some day you'll join us and the proletariat will be as one"
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File: 1673977731502.jpg (230.56 KB, 1000x1000, communist_joanna_newsom.jpg)


Discuss what info, links, resources, etc. to add on this sticky as well as drop ideas and suggestions to the /leftymu/ board at large

Matrix room: https://matrix.to/#/#leftymusic:matrix.org
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loved seeing them and M.O.T.O.

rock against Israel, baby

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Post in this thread every time you come to this board. Post music you like here, whatever it may be.
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File: 1695752409859.mp4 (1.47 MB, 380x360, 1695547595169.mp4)


Post music to cry to.
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Really makes you wonder why tribute songs sound like such shit today.

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Post what you're currently listening to
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Last Bong Of Humanity - Hymns Of Indigestible Munchies


post conservative and rightoid music of any genre.
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She doesn't have the voice for folk music.


First heard this in The Leftovers (great show with a great soundtrack). I like its creepy atmosphere. Smug cultists salivating over the apocalypse.


(FYI the context in the show is very much ironic, it's a sequence where fundies continuously fail to predict the rapture.)


Kek I went to high school with a lot of Evangelicals and I remember this band.


That baby clearly had anencephaly…


music memes that make u smile and maybe even gigle and on the off chance even howl like a hyena
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lmao hitler playing kanye west, that's some good foresight


File: 1678435140272.mp4 (1.52 MB, 720x748, arabic ice spice.mp4)



File: 1697372253471.png (110.61 KB, 1080x1031, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1708961132353.jpg (96.93 KB, 1170x1067, media_GHPBdnNWcAAx4MD.jpg)

File: 1706861585195.jpeg (372.25 KB, 781x644, IMG_0898.jpeg)


Puffy killed 2pac and hip hop.


The feds killed Pac.

You'd be shocked at how much the FBI was watching hip hop in the 90s. Wu Tang had a massive file.


feds killed pac, puff killed big.



Who said Puffy wasn’t a fed like Jimmy Henchman or Haitian Jack?
Notoriously, Puffy called the feds to back off the night biggie got smoked.





Can someone who is a fan or something explain what this guy's fucking deal is? Why is he releasing albums on major labels while prancing around with Wolfsangels and other pseudo-swastikas?
People say it's all full of double meanings, but his music is so unpleasant to listen to, it's such a celebration of anti-intellectualism and being braindead that I end up too disgusted to even listen to it.
Before you immediately assume I'm not "in on it" I'm a big fan of Genocide Organ, who have a similar approach of using reactionary symbols as a weapon against reactionary ideology. When it comes to this guy, I mean, he's hanging out with Tom Metzger and Bob Heick. Stewart Home, who seems like a pretty cool guy, directly accused him of being a Nazi, in an article that is here but I have yet to read it
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just listen to any other noise/industrial band, they're pretty much all better and definitely less nazi garbage


The sad thing is, Boyd actually has made good music. He's just a sick fascist fuck.


Has Rice said anything openly Nazi or antisemitic or is he just a shock artist?


who cares lmao


File: 1653502142382-0.gif (2.53 MB, 385x498, IMG_9775.GIF)


post jah chune n dat fam
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I love this sound


Can someone recommend me reggae/dub with this kind of atmosphere?
Really heady, kind of melancholy stuff.




File: 1617264336113.png (725.69 KB, 600x722, jazz music intensifies.png)


Time to share some of that most sophisticated music, you know what it is.

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File: 1693037501555.jpg (60.86 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

>explains the history of jazz and racism
>doesn't mention class once
Why are bourgeois radlib hipsters like this? (and why is their musical output always such poor quality despite circlejerking about le theory)


Laufey 😍


jazz album which paradoxically has a picture of adorno on the cover


File: 1707157387616.png (868.26 KB, 1080x1295, the rock maoi head.png)

huh, that's cool


fuck this dude & all those other berklee types

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