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File: 1608526502357.png (500.25 KB, 985x510, 329847238947923874.png)

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Dune discussion general.

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File: 1634820231626.png (17.89 KB, 640x400, Dune-II-Sardukar.png)

>this is dumb naming
Strange way of spelling "good branding". :-/

>space marines
Is not a question about IF but WHEN we'll see them. What I really liked about the Sardaukar was the scene where they silently inserts using anti-grav. Not the same thing as in the Dune-games where they are basically walking tanks.

I really like the E S T H E T I C S, and the wire from the rocket launcer to the breastplate is cute. Cute but probably useless.

But unless you really get the drop of someone and manages to hit ALL your targets AT ONCE, you're pretty much a walking target for a marksman with a 50-cal.

Also, does anyone please have a link to the sacrifical scene in DUNC?
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>agree about paul
>the fremen is a little harder to pull off, and unlike the harkonnens they are supposed to be approachable to the movie audience so you can't make them too weird
I lost it when they looked like some kind of corpo instant diversity starting pack. Yeah, those in the cities and the fremens in the desert could very well look different. But then it would be two discrete groups with a relative homogenization. What we saw here was something like "all people that have darker skin than a brown paper bag are all the same".


just saw it in burger theaters, my thoughts

>david lynch btfoed

>i love the quebecfag
>sound design was amazing
>the movie looked incredible
>I want to have sex with zendaya
>a lot of stuff was cut from the book, but nothing that was cut was vital
>scenes and moments that were added all fit in very seamlessly, especially with the art direction
>kynes gender swap wasn't important because the character was cut back so much anyway
>mamoa death scene was cool
>orinthropters were great
I will be majorly ass blasted if there is no part 2


What happened with the music? Everything else in the movie looked great and all the sound design was fantastic. For some reason the music was really generic and forgettable.



I wanna fuck zendaya so bad

File: 1608525923359-2.png (46.11 KB, 468x541, adler.png)


First thread I've ever made here. I'm really interested in graphic design and I make shitty flags all the time. Therefore: Post your flags, your logos, your posters, your whatever. Or you can post cool shit you found - point is, post some based shit.

>Lefty shit is best, but if you think it's cool, post.
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>Post a full res image
Th-that *is* the full res image ;_;
I'm working on a potato


File: 1614684061493.png (149.3 KB, 1912x1584, test test test.png)




Feel free to clean it up.
I sadly don't have the skills or software.


File: 1634866560962-0.png (81.88 KB, 640x640, 01.png)

File: 1634866560962-1.png (78.97 KB, 640x640, 02.png)

File: 1634866560962-2.png (81.79 KB, 640x640, 03.png)

The america juche party (adeventurist) had a really cool logo

File: 1634145528970.jpg (29.6 KB, 246x377, 230561650.jpg)


Was she a Stalinist? She sure as hell never did anything wrong.
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I don't think politics like that would be good for the story tbh. It was more about the plot and characters. The only political thing i remember were little characterizations and the racial gangs. I liked that it was very very subtle that the MC was from a lefty family etc. It didn't add anything and i doubt wildbow cared beyond thinking about a realistic character etc, and i'm almost certain he's not a socialist. But it complemented the ending, if you know what i'm talking about, but again, i doubt wildbow did it conciously.


>she never did anything wrong
she became a hero

>i'm almost certain he's not a socialist
He's pretty lib and Ward (Worm's sequel for anyone those who don't know) shows that, of course this is ignoring all the political posts he makes on the subreddit for canada. Anyway, it's insane to me how the protagonist is able to live an apartment after a multiversal apocalyptic event with a ton of homeless camps surrounding the city she's in meanwhile anti-cape sentiment is framed as irrational misplaced hatred. And also preaching about the importance of going to therapy in the aftermath of an apocalypse where the average person is barely finding food and shelter


Yeah Ward is trash.


It's a shame. I was looking forward to it coming off Twig since I really enjoyed how he wrote the characters in that one. Rain's arc was neat, but everything else felt at odds with itself. Especially the latter half of the story.


It's a shame what he did to the undersiders.

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So my grandma lived in Lithuania back when it was an SSR (She says she was born right after ww2 for reference) and she liked the movies there, from what I can gather they were family friendly affairs similar to the first pirates of the carribean in tone, any comments and maybe recomendations for old soviete media?
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File: 1632858852479.png (1.04 MB, 1616x908, ClipboardImage.png)

Am I the only one that is tired of how Worker & Parasite misses every mark as a parody (and then many years later Family Guy and everyone else just blindly copied the gag). The Artstyle was somewhat based on one Yugoslavian short that won an award, and the rest is pretty much what American would imagine as Soviet cartoon based on stereotypes created by Western propaganda. It's so fucking tiresome.


Passion of Spies, parody of spy and detective films.


Man I really remember this one.


File: 1634716240344.jpeg (16.31 KB, 239x400, 443.jpeg)



>Yeah but the Soviet Union did this and then collapsed, North Korea hasn't.
NK has plenty of support from China.

>Thats a long fucking stretch my dude. Also Cuba still exists…
Cuba lost out on their support from the USSR and has to eke it out.

Can't really defend the embargo against Cuba. If anything, the USMC should make a landing and deploy american businessmen on Cuba's shores. Two marines per businessman should do the trick during the critical part in the surf.

File: 1634655523656.jpg (264.36 KB, 1706x960, bells.jpg)


Does anyone of you collect stuff? And are there any stores of which I can buy those mementos from?

I'll start with picrel (I collect bells).
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collecting is bourgeois


i collect knives


Say OP do you mind if the mods merge your thread into the older collection thread?


Why? What's the story behind them?


File: 1634816029057.jpg (63.87 KB, 636x608, dinner.jpg)

not the knife collector anon, but how is collecting knives dangerous ?
I don't know what collectors do but assuming they put the knifes in a box, and they sometimes take out the knives to look at them, that can't be any more dangerous then using cutlery for eating a meal.

File: 1608526188138-0.jpg (63.44 KB, 679x887, IMG_20200721_220000.jpg)

File: 1608526188138-1.jpg (55.62 KB, 480x1131, IMG_20200718_234716.jpg)


Aight, so I've heard folks talking about how lazy a certain "toon-boom" style is, I just wanted to hear opinions and show off some art I made
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the best way to animate is just draw lots of wojaks


I don't give a fuck about whatever styles cartoons have these days, I'm more concerned about executive meddling and the neverending exploitation of animators and writers.


> executive meddling and the neverending exploitation of animators and writers.
So something that gets solved by capitalism being eliminated then.


File: 1608526739412.jpg (255.88 KB, 702x1159, 740.jpg)

Getting back on topic.

The biggest entertainment name in history would have enough resources to not recycle animation cycles nowadays. Particularly when it is entirely CGI.

I mean… back in the day? When you had to hand draw each and every cell of animation? Yeah, I can see being cheap, or at least not wanting to cramp you hand over and over again while drawing it all.

But Frozen is a question of base character design when you can make rigs and shit, right? I realize it is likely more complicated than it looks, but you still start with a base model that simplifies things greatly that you can just copy and paste between scenes.


Excellent post bumping

File: 1608525488124.gif (159.65 KB, 749x578, 5ef.gif)

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Post all obscure and underground imageboards in this thread, the chan must be at least half-dead so no archived chans.
>inb4 'hurr durr don't put muh sekrit klub in the limelight'
The population here is low as it is, there's also a large overlap between this chan and others.
I'll start:Dreamch.net
There was this one I faintly remember and I think the theme was either dinosaurs or lizards…
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https://ochochan.ga/leftypol/ The first leftypol embassy has been made, get to it lads.


File: 1634780018023.png (74.46 KB, 1337x719, ClipboardImage.png)

Where the fuck is /leftypol/?


It's hidden because there are no posts so it's an empty board by technicality.


That's weird, there are 4 posts right now. I made 2 in the last hour.


Huh, that is odd I posted there too

File: 1634744945979.jpg (9.82 KB, 260x194, snufkin.jpg)


I feel empty in life and want to gain some hobbies.

I practice climbing, I read and write but I mostly shitpost or doomscroll on the internet.

Do you know some inexpensive hobbies for a city dweller ?


How about geocaching? It's free and you can get exercise.

File: 1608526554237.jpg (38.71 KB, 463x381, marlboro-red.jpg)


What does /hobby/ smoke?
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Fucking this


File: 1634655211523.png (359.79 KB, 474x632, ClipboardImage.png)



benis :-DDD




Anyone seen the Truth campaign against vapes? They are trying to say nicotine causes depression and getting eviscerated in the comments of their own paid promoted posts.


Apparently the UK has fully embraced vaping as a medically and scientifically approved smoking cessation device.

The US is trying to ban independent and DIY vaping to secure tax profits for the master settlement agreement with Phillip Morris and RJ Reynolds now Altria who owns Juul. All the flavor ban scares and anti-nicotine propaganda. the PACT act etc, are a push to monopolize the industry through oppressive regulatory hurdles and maintain the $XX dollars a day spending.

File: 1608526239769.png (114.47 KB, 1191x573, 7uzielfju2ey.png)

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not pictured because i don't have the screenshot:
>that time anon made a post about trump being grown in a vat in somewhere france by the situationist to tank the us empire
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File: 1632280526610.png (432.09 KB, 1864x3140, anon's dream.png)

Anon's Dream


File: 1632283668714.png (892.46 KB, 1852x4799, history be like.png)

thx for reposting my screencap
have this one too


thanks, and it's the reason for this thread :)


File: 1634579398969.png (296.97 KB, 575x946, ClipboardImage.png)

Lmao, turns out Catgirl Drawfriend made a drawing about it


fucking lmao, I remember this thread about the guy who plagarized finbol
iirc it was preceded by a thread a few days earlier where the dude asked for help dunking on his shitlib professor, and someone directed him to finbol. good times

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