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File: 1664276038813-0.jpg (214.42 KB, 1200x1200, soi.jpg)

File: 1664276038813-1.jpg (158.61 KB, 640x951, Soybean.USDA.jpg)


>The soybean, soy bean, or soya bean (Glycine max) is a species of legume native to East Asia, widely grown for its edible bean, which has numerous uses.
>Traditional unfermented food uses of soybeans include soy milk, from which tofu and tofu skin are made. Fermented soy foods include soy sauce, fermented bean paste, nattō, and tempeh. Fat-free (defatted) soybean meal is a significant and cheap source of protein for animal feeds and many packaged meals. For example, soybean products, such as textured vegetable protein (TVP), are ingredients in many meat and dairy substitutes.
>Soybeans contain significant amounts of phytic acid, dietary minerals and B vitamins. Soy vegetable oil, used in food and industrial applications, is another product of processing the soybean crop. Soybean is the most important protein source for feed farm animals (that in turn yields animal protein for human consumption).
Post recipes and other tidbits relating to soy. Did you eat soy today? Post about it in here! Everything related to maximizing one's intake of soy and promoting soy culture is on-topic.
Pic related is today's lunch, a veritable cornucopia of soy (soyucopia?) consisting of:
>plain tofu
>soy sauce
>fried soy mince
>soy schnitzel
>a bowl of edamame
and finally, for desert
naturally this feast was entirely vegan
finally, remember our motto here at /soy/:
<Where do you want to soy today?
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good thing we're not cows


youre probably allergic and your body is inflaming


The thought inflamed my dick


Thread reads like /pol/ seething, but whatever, soy products are pretty neat. Tofu is incredibly versatile. Western stores usually only have "firm tofu" which is not easy to work with unless you're doing stir fry.

Other tofu preparations are great to add to a lot of meals, even when they have meat. For example, you can make a nice meat soup broth with a ton of veggies and meat pieces, then add soy/tofu balls (the ones that you buy dry and have to hydrate to use) and the balls are like sponges that will soak up the broth. You can also use tofu as a texture. It also keeps way better than meat. Sometimes I'm running out of meat, but I have an emergency ration of tofu to increase the protein content of whatever I cook.

Also good for salads, for example. Its so versatile, honestly. If you're scared about girl hormones or whatever, then just buy estrogen blockers or testosterone, or better yet, actually read scientific studies on the matter and drop the idiocy.

Soy sauce, both light and dark are absolutely essential if you're a home cook and strive for easy, quick, impromptu, and delicious meals.

Soy milk is meh.

Edamames are nice. I like to put tajin (a Mexican powder candy) on it and maybe some soy sauce, then cook that shit for a bit. Maybe a lil drip of seasame oil too.

Chinese cuisine, which is largely not vegetarian, has tons and tons of tofu preparations and tofu presentations.


What exactly is the point of soymaxxing? Isn't it just some ridiculous way of just going normal vegan? Is soymaxxing supposed to be "extra healthy" than just regular vegan diet somehow?

File: 1679272289187.jpg (315.01 KB, 600x801, proxy-image(7).jpg)


Was Xavier a reformist cuck for wanting mutants and humans aka their oppressors to live in peace?

Did Magneto go too far by wanting to create another oppressive mutant class?
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File: 1679295842634.jpg (18.95 KB, 474x248, th-3255398804.jpg)

>Characters who are essentially flanderized versions of Malcom X and MLK through the eyes of a wealthy liberal new yorkers
<Who is right
None because they're cartoons


Since neither one engaged in class analysis they're both cucks


Malcolm x was based though


Stan Lee through Magneto fetishized the whitewashed image of Malcolm X as a black supremacist extremist when he was none of those things.
Both got murdered by the FBI before they were able to. MLK got shot immediately after he started talking about socialism.Malcolm was murdered by a glowie when he started to expose the nation of islam as an FBI honeypot.


The X-Men are literally glow ops for the government to hunt down radical mutant groups or enemies of the state, particularly the American state. So I'd say that Magneto is a proper revolutionary.

File: 1665098614676-0.jpg (55.83 KB, 736x489, 1613359005897.jpg)

File: 1665098614676-1.jpg (53.05 KB, 768x768, 1600040581.jpg)

File: 1665098614676-3.jpg (24.23 KB, 320x306, camus.jpg)

 No.29827[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Post what you're wearing today, pieces you want to wear, recent cops, thrifting, inspo, concepts, runways, designers, questions, etc.

Previous thread: >>25977
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Also they seem very fragile, like they'd easily get torn but that's an issue with anything made of nylon I guess.


File: 1679129161611.jpg (174.94 KB, 960x1200, 1509374177777.jpg)


File: 1679284455078.jpg (40.88 KB, 393x356, 1679261060485.jpg)

if i want to darken the color of the nylon part of an already sewn zipper my only options are a sharpie, right


File: 1679368069389-0.jpg (100.82 KB, 800x800, 0031.jpg)

File: 1679368069389-1.jpg (111.41 KB, 800x800, 0033.jpg)

You: Che Guevara t-shirt
Me: Undercover SS98 “Wet Summer” Che Guevara Jacket


File: 1679368847651.jpg (52.22 KB, 500x600, 1387736686655.jpg)

you need a really specific type of personality to wear cdg, the poster boi for me is john waters. if you see him in a kooky cdg blazer with mismatched plaid panels and the buttons all off kilter you know it's a self aware joke.

but if you see some HK moneyboi in the same blazer he'll just look like he robbed a hobo.

you need serious presence to wear hardcore cdg or work in a very creative field. cdg makes a mockery of normal / banal / try-hard people who attempt to rock it. especially the last group, it's only for tru zenboi's.

obviously the diffusion and basic lines are really chill and anyone can wear them no problem but the true mainline show stopper pieces like pic related are for a very select handful of people.

cdg eats fuccboi's for breakfast, you dont choose to wear cdg, its cdg that chooses to wear you. you're either born with the cdg dna or you're not. there's no faking it. no other brand has as much potential to make you look like a retard, and it will make you look like a retard if it can smell your fear.

you gotta be a tru zenboi, there's a reason you never see darkboi's and darkdad's fuck with cdg, they take themselves way too seriously. when you've got a giant zipper placed directly on your buttcrack you gotta look like you did it entirely on purpose and don't even give a fuck you gotta look like if someone unzipped that shit and took an insty pic that you'd tag yourself on fb with it and make a cool joke

if you're a thirsty ass nervous bitch who stutters on the internet and you try to rock that shit your'e gonna look herby as fuck bro. one of the past seasons was half pastel pink with grandmas couch status embroidery everywhere, what do you think a normal person is going to look like in that? straight aborted illegitimate will.i.am's sons status bro

File: 1608526718424.jpg (142.77 KB, 1280x720, LordOfTheRings.jpg)

 No.11615[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Noticed a lot people talking about Tolkien’s works and philosophy. So, I created a thread specifically dedicated for that and other things related to it, like the movies and games.
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Way to completely miss the point the guy was making.

Even today in the age of internet, a globe spanning information network, combined with economic superiority of the west, english is not spoken by every person on the planet. But for some reason this "lingua franca" is the only language that is spoken by people it seems, because outside of somerunes of the door, none other languages are encountered, the supposed language diversity have zero bearings on the plot or characters. It is spoken by everything - from fucking trees to spider that is thousands years old that was residing under literal rock for those thousands of years eating everyone she encountered. How exactly Shelob is supposed to know this "lingua franca"?


>>Times it factors into the story: 0
Everyone and their dog knows about Durin's Door lmao. There are multiple occasions where reading, speaking, or translating text is important as well. Not to mention all the times characters discuss minor discrepancies of terminology like hobbit vs halfling.

The general point about everything speaking Westron is a fair criticism, but mainly insofar as it constitutes missed opportunity. People are often multilingual so it's not much of a stretch for some characters in large regions being able to communicate with each other through a common tongue, not unlike with Latin. And this does indeed happen. One example is when Treebeard speaks to Merry and Pippin in Westron but to the other Ents in Entish. As for Shelob, she was actively hunting intelligent creatures who spoke the lingua franca and she is also intelligent so it's not really surprising she would learn it. Not that she speaks in the story except by implication since she communicates with Gollum somehow.


>People are often multilingual
Not in LOTR. There is difference between being multilingual and everybody speaking the same language. Characters aren't written as nultilinguals who have to communicate with each other using one of the languages, they are written as if all of them speak the same language. Even fucking spiders.
>she was actively hunting intelligent creatures who spoke the lingua franca
Hunting and eating, not speaking to them. And definitely not learning their language ffs. This is just a ridiculous argument.
>but to the other Ents in Entish
Oe maybe same language but slower.
>but mainly insofar as it constitutes missed opportunity
More like bad writing. And that means that lotrs fans don't have any high ground about "muh invented languages" over got fans. Tolkien just as shitty writer as Martin is. Actually even worse since later managed to write at least a couple of decent books.


you're an idiot


Moorcock's criticism of Tolkien is overblown by Tolkien haters. Moorcock admitted Tolkien was a big influence on his own work.

File: 1608525698099.png (437.5 KB, 1280x720, hmin.png)

 No.3012[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Let's make a thread to discuss, review and analyze tv shows. Everybody is binging something these days.
Argue about dvd commentaries, Post your thesis on King of the Hill, Reminisce about a tv show you used to watch but don't quite remember it's title. Just about anything related to shows. Post your highscore on those Ben 10 CN flash games. Anything goes.
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Anyone ever seen an old show called The Torkelsons 1991

also thoughts on the last of us finale, im not ready for joel to die

I'm interested that you didn't deny BCS is reactionary, nta
But I feel like that show is a bit libbed with how much it wags a finger on how jimmy gets things done

Like the system is still corrupt but the writers think he somehow has to pay for all that he has done in an unjust world


alright but no kissing


And what do you watch?


Jimmy getting railed is just to complete the trifecta.
Walter: ded
Jesse: got away
Jimmy: prison


Wednesday is funny it's like a fucked-up mix of Euphoria and Harry Potter

File: 1650874425515.jpg (1.47 MB, 3504x2336, 35mm_movie_negative.jpg)

 No.24481[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

First thread >>2278

I just watched the new Batman movie, it's about as boring and derived as you'd expect. The villain is a real psycho, apparently he hates Bruce Wayne's father because of his scam charity orphanage where children froze to death and the villain himself grew up in, and tries to publicly reveal his father's ties to organized crime and political corruption. Luckily Batman eventually teaches him the true meaning of love and forgiveness before the villain is thrown into an insane asylum for the rest of his days, and the credits roll.

I also watched Memoria, which was just as boring and I have nothing to say about.
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Crimes of the Future was decent
Shame it bombed at the box office but they could have spent some of that budget on better set design and costumes IMO


You can tell it will be shit just from the poster


Definitely going to be shit.
It's just Hasbro (owner of WotC) trying to bring in a bunch of new consumers to jump on their 6e mobile game "integrated virtual table top" after everyone who actually knows what a TTRPG is bails out for alternative systems.


>after everyone who actually knows what a TTRPG is bails out for alternative systems
Tbf D&D has always been a hot mess and treated as a paving stone to find better games later.


TTRPG's suck


Are any of you watching this? It's the premier international baseball tournament. /our guys/, the Cubans, won their group and will probably at least make the semifinals, even though many of their best players have defected.
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File: 1678804074960.png (313.88 KB, 1080x2400, WBC schedule.png)

>How many Cuban MLB players are on the team right now?
Two guys on major league teams, plus four guys on minor league teams in MLB organizations. They also have some guys who play in the NPB (the Japanese league), which is considered to be the second-best league in the world.
>How do they compare to the Cuban team that came in 2nd to Japan in the first Classic?
That team was made up entirely of guys who played for teams in Cuba, so on paper the current team should be even better. That said, Cuba actually lost a couple of games to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic in 2006 before they made it to the final. This time, they've already lost to the Netherlands (actually Aruba + Curaçao) and Italy (actually Italian-Americans), but their group ended in a crazy five-way tie and Cuba had allowed the fewest runs per inning, so they got the first place spot. In the quarterfinals, Cuba will have what should be a relatively easy game against Australia (who beat a choking Korea to earn their place in the quarterfinals), after which they'll finally have to play a top-tier team (possibly Venezuela) and prove their worth. Cuba's quarterfinal match is the one that takes place tomorrow morning (evening in Japan).


UPDATE: Cuba has beaten Australia 4-3 to advance to the first semi-final! Also, I forgot to mention that you can stream all the games live at the following website:
strikeout (dot) ws


File: 1679231982196.jpg (194.12 KB, 1536x864, WBC bracket.jpg)

Updated bracket. Only three matches left!


It'll be interesting to see the Cuba vs USA game in Miami. I wonder if the older gusanos will protest the shit out of them or get drowned out by the younger gen who couldn't care less about some old political grudge.


File: 1679265523682.jpg (100.83 KB, 680x510, Frnc-uzWAAERFFn.jpg)

Not a shocker, but there's a sizable protest outside the ballpark for the Cuba vs USA game.

File: 1671424761206.mp4 (23.66 MB, 1280x720, Andor.mp4)


New general since last one hit bump limit.

Previous general:

I hate SW and stopped after Force Awakens, but Andor brought me back. No Jedi/Sith junk just normal people trying to survive along with attempted humanization of Imperials so the Empire is not as much of a cartoon villain anymore. Highly character driven since there isn't any action until the final episode of each story arc (each arc is roughly 3 episodes) and even then action sequences are very brief. Music also slaps and it's a pretty slow burn so ADHD zoomers probably can't handle it. Also no one has plot armor besides the main character so anyone can die or get screwed over at any moment which is a major step up. This is the direction I was hoping the newer trilogy would go in but Disney completely failed and it's no wonder that Andor managed to do it right, because the writer for Andor admitted that he hates Star Wars too and wanted to write an actual story and not just a big budget vehicle with which to shill merchandise and toys. Andor is like one of those EU novels pre-Disney takeover that got brought to life.
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i'm finding the mandalorian's dialogue increasingly cringe. i just like the pretty armor and the babbling yoda


For me I don't actually care for baby yoda, and kinda wish he stayed with Luke so we could get a story more focused on Djin's relationship with his culture. Even if its like, by the end of this season Grogu would come back to Djin after not vibing with jedi training, that is cool. I just think that Djin needs some time to find where he stands with his people.


That said, Bo and baby Yoda was cute for its briefness, and I would miss that in my hypothetical setup


mandalorian went anti-psych. fuck psychiatry!!


It is deeply funny how morally bankrupt the New Republic is. Much like the Republic even pre-Palpatine, it really just shows how little real care they have to the "peripheries" of their society and how much abuse goes on in them, from slavery to corporate exploitation and now also this whole episode really. Even before the whole brainwipe program, having daily confessional sessions with a droid makes it all very detached and impersonal, and really the whole thing really feels like an afterthought to the end of the war babysat by people who only care about it cause it lets them weed out terrorists and Imperial loyalists.

Not to say that Nazis should deserve an "equal chance" mind - I prefer the Soviet method - but the episode really highlighted how an uncritical recreation of the Republic has lead to it instantly taking on many aspects of the Empire - because the Empire was much more a part of the Republic than separate from it.

File: 1608525415591.gif (17.55 KB, 511x341, FILE155.gif)

 No.20[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Comics and cartoons are the industried were the contradictions of capitalism are the most noticeableYou know them I know them.
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>middle class
He lived in a mansion for most of his life on one of the U.S. islands. Tried real hard to scrub that one from the records for some reason.

Not a zoomer and Flapjack was fucking cool. The very last cartoon I still used the boob tube for.


File: 1679120025226.png (102.39 KB, 1516x472, ClipboardImage.png)

>He lived in a mansion for most of his life on one of the U.S. islands.


Should I get read/consume homestuck?


sure why not, just know epilogues and ^2 is dislike for a reason
i would recommend reading mspfa, they have some good shitposts.


It's a fine work, albeit lengthy and verbose, but it's also flawed and there's a reason why shitting on Andrew Hussie is a beloved pastime.
If you're a young, boring, online suburbanite who can withstand purple prose, then it's right up your alley.


So many fabulous and easily maintained buildings have been demolished because of short-sightedness. We shouldn't be vandals of architecture. We should preserve the Penn stations and the Russian cathedrals of the world, and not just demolish our monuments.

We should rebuild some of them as well. People don't just have utilitarian needs and need a "spiritual" or imaginative side which is opposed to efficiency but which startles you.
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>The reason people don't like brutalism is cause it's usually anti-human in its scale and structure, looming over people, being bland and devoid of life, etc.

This works both ways. When visiting Budapest I had this terrible, looming sensation when I realized just how large some of the buildings there are. I feel more at ease around blocks than bourgeois decadence.


I see what ur getting at but wouldn't also be cool if all these big ass buildings and monuments were basically parks/museums/common grounds/historical sights that were free to everyone.


honestly eco-brutalism the new wave

apartment blocks could look downright cozy if you put some plants there and let the residents paint/draw/decorate the blocks however they pls


Do you mean those old flats where the ceiling is like three meters high?


File: 1679140758509.png (1.15 MB, 750x1436, ClipboardImage.png)

All architecture is "functional"
Dumbasses marvel at some sort of "beauty" in Doric/Ionic columns and Gothic flying buttresses nowadays, but they were originally devised purely for structural purposes using the materials available back then

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