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File: 1608529136567.jpg (557.65 KB, 1001x1373, Hanyō_no_Yashahime.jpg)


So what's your opinion on Inuyasha and Yashahime?
T. Lad who was born on the 2000 and doesn't know jack shit.
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File: 1630430686339.jpg (118.78 KB, 1920x1078, flat artstyle Yashahime.jpg)

One of the main problems of Yashahime is that it kinda occurs in a vacuum. Inuyasha had villages with distinctly drawn people, wandering bandits, movements of armies and of course yokai living ordinary lives just as a passing background, not necessarily plot related. In the modern world there are people walking down the streets and living in home driving around etc.
Yashahime is sort of blank and lacking in background characters of any kind; no people, or settlements or nothing. It makes the world feel unlived in, like it was some pocket world created by [Innovate Clear] - utterly unlived in. You even see it with the poorly-shaded and untextured artstyle, pic related has such a featureless bald man in the mid-ground it's actually amazing this got through editing.


File: 1630440844859.png (582.65 KB, 768x504, ClipboardImage.png)

The series was fine but teenage girls and their hormones means that the romantic byplay was their main focus and the Japanese obsession with sexuality only accentuated this leading to shit like fujos and husbandoism (i.e. where the dog fucker meme on /a/ comes from).


File: 1632282005944.png (338.75 KB, 500x286, ClipboardImage.png)

One of the things I'm happy Inuyasha didn't do is fetishize lords and monarchs, you'd have a nice princess or wealthy businessman but even then Miroku stealed from them, and generally they and the military are not seen in good light outside of a couple individuals.
MAL is often trash but they this short article is decent: https://archive.ph/IqAkC


I don't see what's wrong with that


Fujos and husbandoism is just as cancerous as waifus and various fandom [x] fetishists. The romance isn't really a problem, I had no problem initially (it just dragged on too long) but it lent itself to this kind of boring and irritating fandom behavior.

File: 1608528782601.jpg (174.59 KB, 342x519, HayaoMiyazakiCCJuly09.jpg)

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Do you have anything to say about this man?
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Sherlock Hound is criminally underrated


Miyazaki was really harsh on his son, but it makes sense.


Really? If anyone finds it, post it.


Would anime today be better if Americans rightfully executed the Emperor for his war crimes after the second world war instead of blaming it all on Hideki Tojo? Someone should send that question to Miyazaki.


I disagree


Discussion of the way that Animators are treated in the Anime industry. Firstly. why are animators treated like shit? Why don't they try forming unions? You're thoughts on this whole Animator Dormitory project? How can the West (I'm assuming that most of Bunkerchan is yankees and eurofags) help?
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><Haha my totally-not-rip-off of Haruhi's world reboot is a final resolution to Evangelion
Funny that Haruhi's main cast is based on the main cast of Evangelion and later the influence went the opposite side.


It'd be funny if it didn't come off as so pathetic. Evangelion had its resolution, Anno should have just ignored otaku fans and stuck to his other projects (but he's a hypocrite, so it's inevitable).


Recent update on DxD LN, an anon found a fuck up in the translation (as is predicted). It's a small mistake but the point stands.


File: 1632282354809.png (335.22 KB, 1000x619, ClipboardImage.png)

>*blocks your path*
Illustrious Gem was kinda shit, but most of their productions are good.


File: 1632282530904.png (3.17 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

>It all starts at the drawing board OP.
Context: old dead thread talking about
>Is there an explanation as to why so many 3d animes or animes with CGI look noticeably fucking awful? I cant possibly fathom as to how any individual can fuck up so badly on aesthetics when it comes to anime as westerners already can make plenty of 3d cartoons that look just fine with good art styles, hell even for individual artists making good looking CGI isnt hard as your essentially getting 3d squares and triangles with images stretched on them to move around a screen for several minutes and artists like Ian Hubert have proven that large budgets for good looking graphics is far from difficult or expensive, so what gives?
For anyone looking to see good 3DCG Miraculous Ladybug and the 2019 Lupin III film are good examples of good 3D anime.
Also >>10169 and Aya and the Witch (Ghibli).

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It is time for us to start the counter-attack, this cannot go on
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Hey fucker, the latter part is a repost of MY POST I made weeks ago.


File: 1632277770270.png (608.9 KB, 888x499, ClipboardImage.png)

Yes, no shit faggot, I'd think that'd be pretty obvious, angry boi. That thread is dead, this one isn't, I added some stuff from a dying thread because I'm not a mod, I can't mash 2 threads together. Instead of being mad, read the thread, make a post, have a conversation and relax.


Yeah I referenced to this thread in the original one in /siberia/, to redirect the conversation here. Well, I didn't actually mean this thread, rather the hentai review one. I didn't really expect someone to repost what we had posted, but this is fine.

I'm glad to know you found my post amusing. Yeah, that nukige was a surreal experience, though there are even more bizarre ones out there.
Why did you add your own comments to our posts though? Don't think I didn't notice


>your own comments
A) I thought most of you'd pull a /b/ and refuse to post here, like the Avatar idiots are doing
B) I had comments from reading your posts but decided they didn't deserve their own posts, so I made small adjustments
C) Some posts are too small, so I combined them and used comments of my own to transition topics smoothly

I purposefully did this thread since the hentai review one is basically inactive and I reposted its effort posts here too. This thread already had some sporadic activity compared to the other VN threads, so I've been trying to cultivate conversation since the split fucked shit up.


>I had comments
*I had my own comments,


>he hasn't seen this japo-american masterpiece

<The Hobbit is a 1977 American animated musical television special created by Rankin/Bass, a studio known for their holiday specials, and animated by Topcraft, a precursor to Studio Ghibli.
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As a kid they aired this on TV and i honestly fell asleep every time i tried to watch it and nothing ever did that to me.


Don't worry anon, the same thing happened to me when I watched The Sword in the Stone.


File: 1632184091503.jpg (92.6 KB, 1200x729, 1udlvg.jpg)

Y'all just have terrible taste or you're too young at the time



Speaking of these old grungy productions Ralph Bakshi's, Wizards has some lefty elements to it. the antagonist finds some old nazi propaganda films and uses them to radicalize his goblin soldiers. it's very much a critique of the pacifist section of the Vietnam resistance, especially the climax of the film.


AMV thread
I know that AMVs aren't as big (or good) as they used to be, but I certainly think they're a lot of fun so lets enjoy the best of it!
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No longer a concern




File: 1632270372892.gif (79.28 KB, 750x498, shaggy-1.gif)

>not shabby
I read that as shaggy

File: 1626451097397.png (359.56 KB, 1920x1200, w null_ziarjzpmdmt61.png)


what do you think abour RWBY as an anime
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Faunus are badly done in general: what's the point of having two sets of ears like Blake? Horns and tails are alright, but two additional ears? What's the point? I guess it was hard to hide Blake's real nature in S1 if she only had her cat ears, so now almost every faunus has both human and animal ears.


See >>9913

>2 pairs of ears
Yeah that is anime tier dumb stuff


The voice acting wasn't universally terrible but Ruby's was especially grating to me.


TBH Ruby didn't annoy me, but the side characters and mooks often had annoying voices, like the bad German accent mook from episode 1 of Season 1.


File: 1632262940262.png (1.46 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone remember back in 2014-15 people dicussed
>Why do faunus have only one trait from an animal, and why do they still have human ears if they already have cat or bunny ears?
And the main ideas seemed to be something related to Grimm, to provide a legitimate motivation for why humans tend to mistreat them.
Humans tried to create better humans through genetic engineering. That created 3 distinct groups: humans, faunus and Grimm. Humans and faunus had souls/consciousness, and thus were deemed "acceptable". Grimm didn't, and were deemed "disposable". Unfortunately, the ruthlessness and numbers of the Grimm caused massive casualties among the humans and faunus, forcing them into a small number of cities and villages contained by natural barriers. Cut off from the rest of the world they once controlled, the humans and faunus became the remnant of the civilization they once were.

Of course the grimm origins are no longer a question in the fandom (although the Silver-Eye Grimm sorta dangled more idea bait for fans

File: 1608528755012.jpg (885.75 KB, 2480x3507, otp.jpg)

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What are some classic cute yuri animu to watch??
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File: 1631824883628.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.46 MB, 2000x2800, 4829cba65725d6944efb7c0646….jpg)

league of legends >>6739 >>9863


File: 1631825446789.jpg (Spoiler Image, 161.29 KB, 851x1277, 1631424346092.jpg)

>league of legends





You can post 3-5 images at a time stop posting single images lol

File: 1608528924834.jpg (12.07 KB, 174x200, psychic wars.jpg)


How much of this actually exists? Annie-may that's so embarrassingly incompetent that you can actually sit through and laugh at ironically, like a hilariously bad movie? It's normally a lot harder to do because every bit of animation has thought and effort put into it, so it just comes off as intolerably bad when it's bad. Unlike an incompetent movie, which is much easier for someone with a handheld camera to half-ass their way through to a finished product. Pic related, Psychic Wars is fucking terrible.
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That's supposed to be cringe? I mean if you execute it badly sure, but the concept itself isn't cringe or bad.


I don't agree with calling it "cringe" either.
Maybe it just looks cringeworthy to some people because it's CGI instead of traditional 2D, and because it's Western. Or maybe the humor and pacing aren't to their taste.


File: 1632213397511-0.png (535.72 KB, 640x480, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1632213397511-1.png (613.67 KB, 392x696, ClipboardImage.png)

>It looks like it can't be anything but a literal hentai doujin
Nah it looks like a regular ol' parody. This kind is pretty common in otaku culture. Like Gakuen Handsome for example, lol
Or even that horse boyfriend game
Since they're parodies, they're intentionally bad/weird, so I don't think they count. But that's just my opinion.


Intentionally bad things like Birdemic are also counted in So Bad It's Good territory, so I think these count


I guess, but it's 3D is excellent so the issue is kinda silly.


Let's have a thread for commie / left wing animators.

Any Hiroshi Harada fans here? For those unfamiliar, Harada is best known for his 1992 subversive horror film "Chika Gentō Gekiga: Shōjo Tsubaki," AKA, "Midori." He's also known for injecting socialist messages into his work, the exploitation of the vulnerable for the sake of profit being a common theme.

I strongly recommend anyone with an interest in animation check out his 1985 film "The Death Lullaby." It's a violent, surreal, apocalyptic fever dream of a movie (animated entirely by a 23 year old Harada!) about a boy with deformed teeth who faces intense bullying from his peers. What some may not realize is that the plot of the film is actually a metaphor for the Sanrizuka Struggle in which a collection of farmers and left wing radicals fought efforts by the Japanese government to forcibly remove residents of the Chiba prefecture in order to construct an airport.


>commie / left wing animators.
>in Japan
I didn't even know they existed, thanks a lot anon, I'll watch it.
And yeah, I think we all know about Sanrizuka, at least on this board.


Just an FYI for the future, anons - use catalog
There is a leftist/communist anime thread that is literally made for discussing anime and animators that are commies. It's literally on page 2


and there's also a Miyazaki thread where his left-wing views are discussed as well. >>469

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