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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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This thread is only for feedback related to technical issues (bug reports, suggestions). Otherwise use /meta/.
Public Repo:
If you have any grievances you can make a PR.

Mobile Support:
Thread For Mobile Feedback: >>>/tech/6316

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your rotating banner system (/banners.php) is inefficient because it's impossible for users to cache these images in their browsers. everyone is constantly re-downloading previously-seen banners.

you can see if a file is already cached or is downloaded by refreshing a page (e.g. https://leftypol.org/banners.php ) by checking http responses in firefox in the Network tab in Firefox Developer Tools (ctrl+shift+i) and seeing if it says "cached" under the "Transferred" column for the file

you can instead make it so twig serves the direct path to a random image from your banners folder instead of sending it to your inlined banners.php image file stream so that browsers can actually cache these images. this can speed up frequent visitors' page loads and reduce a bit of bandwidth per frequent visitor.

1. go to /inc/lib/Twig/Extensions/Extension/Tinyboard.php
2. add this line in that list of Twig extension functions:
new Twig_SimpleFunction('random_banner_url', 'twig_random_banner_url'),

(don't forget to put a comma at the end of that previous item or you'll get php error / blank page)
3. at the end of the file add this function definition:
function twig_random_banner_url() {
	$path = dirname(__DIR__, 5) . '/banners/';
	$isDirEmpty = true;
	if (!file_exists($path)) {
		return '/static/blank.gif';
	$handle = opendir($path);
	while (false !== ($entry = readdir($handle))) {
		if ($entry != "." && $entry != "..") {
			$isDirEmpty = false;
	if (!$isDirEmpty) {
		$files = scandir($path);
		$files = array_diff($files, array('.', '..'));
		return '/banners/' . $files[array_rand($files)];
	return '/static/blank.gif';

4. go to /templates/index.html, and change
<img class="board_image" src="{{ config.url_banner }}"

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File: 1652178099732.png (66.43 KB, 1200x852, ClipboardImage.png)


How many of you are based enough to use these keys?
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The only one I very rarely use is Insert, it's pretty niche


>Page up
>Page down
Use them all the time. Had a mindblown moment when i bothered to click them and discovered what they each did. Made navigation infinitely more convenient.
Use it rather frequently.
What does it do



see this is why i said i feel bad for the zoomers. even if they're smart enough to use apps like these, you can type about 100-200wpm with a regular keyboard and practice


The problem is that the delete button is too close to end, so sometimes I end up deleting stuff by accident.


insert is pretty useless tbh and the others can be bound to arrow keys or other keys closer to center if youre big dicked


Not only did we convince every single person on the planet to carry a camera and microphone everywhere we also convinced suburbian dwellers to fill even their own homes with cameras because they're afraid The Poors will steal their Amazon packages.


luckily smartphones are overall declining in sales since the mid 2010s
the introduction of 5G was largely an attempt to bring sales back up


Are people buying pc hardware and dumbphones instead? I thought internet access was close to a necessity for most people nowadays.
Is the market saturated with older models? In this case i don't see how that would change the surveilance part.


>I thought internet access was close to a necessity for most people nowadays
why would you think this
>Is the market saturated with older models?
i’ve noticed people keep around older models, although i think that’s kind of negligible on general usage


so tired of middle-class paranoia dude


Why do programmers like to pretend to have very specific skillsets and knowledge, and call themselves "frontend developers", "Javascript programmers" or even "React programmers" when in reality their knowledge and skills are applicable to almost everything programming related and they could easily do the job of almost every other programmer? Is this some trick to get higher wages and segment the market or is it just some internalized helplessness instilled by recruiters looking for "the perfect match" and employers unwilling to provide training?
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Carpenter and woodworker here:
You are right but the differences has more more to it.
A carpenter may work indoor or outdoors, preparing material or installing it respectively
A woodworker stays indoors.

Machines and tools are different since they fit different scales plus in carpentry lots of materials and techniques are standardized so you can buy it processes from a third party.

In woodworking materials require a more detailed work, specific joinery, adhesives plus lots and lots of sanding.

Honestly after writing this I feel any difference I could list will not mean much but when you work on one and move to the other it does feel different.


> when in reality their knowledge and skills are applicable to almost everything programming related and they could easily do the job of almost every other programmer?
You have never coded anything harder than hello world, i can tell.


Apparently they're a senior software dev.


And one that probably sits on their ass all day, knows a bit of C/C++, and tells other devs what to do. OP doesn't know what framework/API specialization is and thinks every language follows similar OOP syntax.

File: 1652711565976.png (9.73 KB, 223x215, ClipboardImage.png)


Does it glow? Can I use it safely?
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How difficult is it to buy a machine that can run Qubes fairly well and last long?


Not difficult if you stick to this list. https://www.qubes-os.org/hcl/
Lots of people buy old Thinkpads because they usually work (not all, see the link) and you can disable Intel Management Engine on some of them.


I have a CPU that I want to repurpose. Some of those builds have the one I will use. I think I will take the risk



First of all even if there were any leftist haxxers they wouldn't be widely known (for obvious reasons?).

Second, barrier to entry and lack of any focus on this exact thing. In other words, programming communities are either apolitical or right-leaning, or that we communists ourselves usually just glance over it in favor of a more direct approach (organizing, strikes, protests, clubs, unions).

Third, we are very unorganized and there is lack of necessary structure. I mean it's good for attracting new members into the Leftist cause but the lack of internationally united socialist/workers' movement (Internationale) prevents us commies to successfully coordinate our actions in a way that it really matters or just have enough people in various numerous haxxing groups. There isn't enough people.

Though, I must agree with ya, comrade. We really lack the absolutely crucial media presence: Lenin, Liebknehct, Luxembourg and many marxists at the time were either relying on or were directly involved into the newspaper campaigns and articles, going as far as having a lot of their own newspapers (and it was at the time when it was the only medium of mass influence). Just Youtube videos or Jacobin wouldn't suffice. Besides, we don't even have proper AgitProp (stuff like creative design, posters, art). Many genuinely good anti-capitalist art pieces aren't even done by open communists but rather by attentive libs. This isn't cyberwarfare, but this involvement into internets culture is necessary too.



>Honestly why isn't there more left wing cyber warfare?
because being capable of cyber warfare requires a level of education and free time that most working class people don't have


I bought a framework laptop because my previous one was so cheaply constructed that it literally disintegrated from use.

I quite like it. I'm not going to pretend that buying a product will solve any systemic capitalist evils like ending e-waste or granting a right to repair, but on a personal level, I'm hopeful to be able to avoid some common pitfalls with consumer products like disposability and planned obsolescence by being able to repair this thing myself or replace parts on it. Plus it seems pretty sturdily constructed in the first place. The keyboard's very crisp by laptop standards and is backlit (which is thoroughly unremarkable, but my previous laptop wasn't, because I lived in the stone age), the trackpad's nice, the screen is annoyingly glossy, though it is high resolution with a large color gamut. Hopefully they release a matte screen at some point. And being able to choose where the ports are on it is a bit of a godsend to deal with cable mess.

Thoughts on this thing?


Also framework's planning to make some sort of marketplace to buy/sell secondhand parts, so you can buy used parts or sell parts to users once you're done with them to recoup some of their cost.

They're also trying to cultivate a market of third-party manufacturers to make parts and modules etc. and they're releasing the specs of their designs accordingly. Maybe it will make the laptop more flexible and less prone to vendor lock-in.

Also they said in the forums they had plans to support coreboot, which is cool.


Awesome, now give it ethernet, physical trackpad buttons and a cheap version with a 6th gen i5 or something lol



No ryzen no buy


I'm interested, but like >>14638 says, I'm waiting for an AMD version
Wait it has no ethernet? lmao

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Thread for questions that don't deserve their own thread.
I wanna buy some headphones to go outside i don't want to spend more than 100€ on them. I want them to be mostly durable and secondly to have good sound quality, also i don't want to look like a jackass while wearing them, any suggestions?
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why the fuck do you recommend this ?
if you want to convert shit or stream
a fucking media player


>why the fuck do you recommend this ?
those are really powerful programs if you are willing to learn how they work. And they will work on really weak hardware. mpv has a lot of plugins that lets you do a lot of stuff, it's not just a media player.


>willing to learn how they work
he want a video editor.
some day you should learn want normie wants.


ffmpeg is a video editor


bro you don't understand the point, he want a video editor not a fucking terminal nightmare
bro if he ask for one recommend something that's user fucking friendly

File: 1633128017791.gif (1.38 MB, 1366x768, CoolTerminalRice.gif)


Hey guys, scarce here. As of late I've come to realize that most desktop environments are kind of shit since they're either just bad like xfces or really bad like GNOME/KDE, and tend to be unstable, often having updates that completely change the desktop and workflow so I've started to look at more lightweight options like window managers. So far the benefits seem to outweight the negatives.
> Stable, you make your own config and it never changes unless you want it to
> No gnometroons or Scalies causing drama in your git issues
> Can choose any combination of software without it looking too tacky
> Lightweight, speedy, just werks even on ancient hardware
> Diverse components build up to a fully functioning 'DE' of your own making, no blote
> No udev, dbus, poetteringware unless you want it.
> Will give you a 6 pack, make you rich, grow your dick 5 cm
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File: 1653278821246.jpg (122.18 KB, 972x916, 1647140198107.jpg)

what are the most lightweight window managers out there? and by lightweight i mean low on processing power not memory


WMs are io-bound, which is why memory usage is the common metric for their performance. Because it is waiting for user input, the WM will not starve any other processes, if it is reasonably fast at taking hints and drawing its pixels. A WMs memory footprint leading to the swapping of other processes is a far greater concern.



I don't want my PC use to be an intellectual exercise


ahh i see i wanted something that would drain my battery less but i guess any lightweight dm will do the trick

File: 1626469487974.jpg (286.54 KB, 770x484, Zhaoxin_SoC.jpg)


Since US tech embargo on China is still in effect and US plans to squeeze Chinese tech companies by restricting their access to computer chips. China's reaction to this was to make one of their goals to have a home-grown alternative for Intel, AMD, TSMC and the like to decrease dependence on the US. So I was wondering what kind of progress have they been making lately and what are their prospects of ever having a viable alternative to Intel and AMD?

There is all this talk about SMIC, Loongson and Zhaoxin and that in early 2020 Zhaoxin allegedly published a chip comparable to 2017 level intel and AMD tech and they are planning to have parity with Intel in a few years. Then there are Some sources are saying that China is failing horribly at acquiring manufacturing tech for more advanced processors. And I really can't make any real sense out of it.

So when will I be able to buy a computer that uses a hardware that dunks on burger made tech and sends my personal data to Beijing instead of Washington, if ever?
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How China Made An Exascale Supercomputer Out Of Old 14 Nanometer Tech

>If you need any proof that it doesn’t take the most advanced chip manufacturing processes to create an exascale-class supercomputer, you need look no further than the Sunway “OceanLight” system housed at the National Supercomputing Center in Wuxi, China.

>Before this slew of papers were announced with details on the new Sunway many-core processor, we did take a stab at figuring out how the National Research Center of Parallel Computer Engineering and Technology (known as NRCPC) might build an exascale system, scaling up from the SW26010 processor used in the Sunway “TaihuLight” machine that took the world by storm back in June 2016.

>The 260-core SW26010 processor was etched by Chinese foundry Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation using 28 nanometer processes – not exactly cutting edge. And the SW26010-Pro processor, etched using 14 nanometer processes, is not on an advanced node, but China is perfectly happy to burn a lot of coal to power and cool the OceanLight kicker system based on it. (Also known as the Sunway exascale system or the New Generation Sunway supercomputer.)

>If the 160 cabinet scale is the maximum for OceanLight, then China could best the performance of the 1.5 exaflops “Frontier” supercomputer being tuned up at Oak Ridge National Laboratories today and also extend beyond the peak theoretical performance of the 2 exaflops “Aurora” supercomputer coming to Argonne National Laboratory later this year

>The bottom line is that NRCPC, working with SMIC, has had an exascale machine in the field for a year already. (There are two, in fact.) Can the United States say that right now? No it can’t. The United States is counting on its exascale machines to be more energy efficient – Frontier and El Capitan for sure, we shall see with Aurora – but we have no idea how computationally efficient any of these future machines really are.

So all know, the current 28nm Chinese risc processor using Sunway TaihuLight relased in 2016 is 4th on the TOP500 supercomputer list.


They should use that super computer to heat water for residential remote-heat.


Like what HP does in Finland with LUMI?

>The computer will use 100% hydroelectric energy, and the heat it generates will be captured and used to heat buildings in the area, making LUMI one of the most environmentally efficient supercomputers in the world. The former UPM paper mill where LUMI is located had only a single 2 minute power outage during its 38 years of operations thanks to the site's reliable connection to the national grid.




There was a system in Holland I think where each home got a couple of servers to heat water. Seemed like a great idea.


File: 1645336201925.jpg (89.82 KB, 1018x511, old tech.jpg)


Is it wrong to miss technology nerds of old? Were they just as bad but for different reasons or actually better?
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>The Free Software movement isn't a political party, it's solely concerned with software, and it doesn't have a political line outside of freeing software from restrictive licenses.
A Stallman-esque political line already sort of existed in the Pirate Parties of the late 2000s and early 2010s, but their aspirations never went beyond what was already being demanded of European social democracies at the time. Even if you fashioned yourself a Marxist-Leninist with no delusions about the efficacy of bourgeois elections, that must've been pretty underwhelming. I had much more 'anarchist' sympathies back then and still found myself disappointed.
>What do you want more from the Free Software movement? That they invade the headquarters of West Coast tech companies and force them to put their source code under the GPL license at gunpoint? Good luck with that.
I mean, that'd be a lot more exciting to be sure. I'm reminded of when people joked about the possibility of Maoist cadres raiding a Texan crypto mine and redistributing GPUs to the gamer masses, lol. You could follow in the footsteps of Joseph Konopka and start a revolutionary cell molded after the Realm of [email protected] (but communist). It's important to remember that stuff like this wasn't unrealistic even in Stallman's time—the New Communist Movement had reached its peak while he was attending Harvard and MIT, after all. If you're comfortable with fighting on a readymade battlefield where the enemies of free software continue to define (and circumvent, as was the case with open source) the rules of engagement, that's fine. Just don't come at me with the pretension that you're actually doing socialism 'within capitalism' or whatever. We should probably look at free software (and free culture) in the same way Marx analyzed the luddites and utopian socialists: well meaning radicals with some fantastic ideas, but ultimately misguided on a few key points. Which brings me back to what I said here >>14383


>The beauty of free software is that you can be a free software activist and have your own political opinions on the side.
If you can be a free software activist and hold your own political opinions on the side; what good is your activism? It's like you're admitting to your own impotence; it's really bizarre.


People with boring and impotent politics are so quick to call others "ultras" and "purists".
Funnily enough Stallman is considered an "extremist" by many, especially for his lifestyle of complete rejection of anything proprietary.


>I'm reminded of when people joked about the possibility of Maoist cadres raiding a Texan crypto mine and redistributing GPUs to the gamer masses
yfw after finding out the Texas power grid is responsible for nearly half of all Bitcoin mining capacity in the US



What is this referencing?

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