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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature"
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This thread is only for feedback related to technical issues (bug reports, suggestions). Otherwise use /meta/.
Public Repo:
If you have any grievances you can make a PR.

Mobile Support:
Thread For Mobile Feedback: >>>/tech/6316

Onion Link:


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For a backend version of Anon's >>12449 code a checkbox can be added to the post form wherever convenient
then the $file['filename'] can be suppressed between $file['extension'] and $config['filename_func']
if ($config['suppress_filenames'] && isset($_POST['suppressfilenames'])) $file['filename'] = "$i." . $file['extension'];

Checkbox sync is in >>10441 and memory leak cleanup in >>10455 and >>10478.


>its really costly on computers to run regardless of the processing power and hard to optimize
>it frequently makes mistakes because if a task is so complex that you need to train a robot to hopefully make the right decision in a constantly changing environment then that means the task itself needs to be simplified not adding more expensive hardware or hell just build a simple cheap to maintain machine that can handle the 1 specific task it was made for
>rarely is it ever used beyond marketing and shoved into shitty released products by the dogshit pile of financial scamming of investors, overpriced gadgets that have the shelf life of milk left in room temperature and hype culture that is the global big tech industry
>this shit was invented during the early 1900s, the times when the cold war was starting and humanity was entering the atomic age only for the tech to become abandoned when actually qualified engineers and scientists instead of tech billionaires realized the tech was shit and had little function in the real world until decades later the corporate world brought a dead technology back again only for the masses this time to realize it really was useless
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the accredited degen apes on wall street who are too big to fail because the government bails them out, have crashed the economy multiple times. the retail investor, ie the random retards, simply don't have the power to do that. also fuck the government


That was such a brutal read - I really liked the scihub article by Francis Crick of all people telling everyone to slow their roll


>Someone already made a thread on this




File: 1638599944767-0.png (45.62 KB, 226x223, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1638599944767-1.png (35.36 KB, 225x225, ClipboardImage.png)


so ive been using e ink shit like kindles and holy shit my eyes dont hurt anymore and i dont feel any headaches. Reading it feels like im reading a regular ass book

so i decided to check computer e ink monitors so to go full e ink and not get eye strain anymore


the first image is 1000 bucks

and the second image is 2000 bucks



yeah the company that owns "eink" has a monopoly through the patent

File: 1612998061767.jpg (3.86 MB, 3120x4160, ereader .jpg)


I love my electronic reader, I must have read hundreds of books on it, all free thanks to the pirate comrades and websites like library genesis, mobilism or archive.org.

Picrel is a Kobo Aura with Plato as OS. I hear KOreader is also good.

So fellow anons, do you live fully in the current year? Do you own an e-reader? Do you love it? Are you still hesitating to get one?read_a_fucking_bookRead a Fucking Book
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I've looked over a lot and only pocket book sell here other than kindle and I have no idea if they're good. Can you suggest some decent models totalling about $150


based on your given constraints (budget / must be pocketbook) I would go for the Pocketbook Touch Lux 5, use a sd card to side load books and not hook it up to the internet.


I'd rather get free books from the library than spend 100$ on some pseud tablet.


libraries are more for browsing for something interesting "oh this looks worth reading" where as online pdf reading Is more for "I want to read this specific book" let me see If the pdf is on the internet


that pseud tablet can get way more access to books pdfs or etc than your local library could

and before you say muh computer, the problem is your eyes burn and your brain gets headaches when you read over 30 mins on a computer

(and flux i only barely solves the problem(well for me)

with the e ink e reader theres no light pouring into your eyes and causing you eye strain and mental pain

File: 1608526287100.png (32.83 KB, 432x432, 1565502518003.png)

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This Thread Has Been Re-appropriated for leftypol.org Usage.

General thread meant for the discussion of the mobile app for browsing leftypol.org, known as clover.

Releases can be found here:
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4chinz won't work because of the new captcha and flags. No need to try


I like to lurk 4chan also. Can you guys fix it do the fork world with the new captcha system?




The creator of this app died


Wish I could use kurobaEX with leftypol also…

File: 1637699119017-0.png (67.58 KB, 746x899, Tokens.png)

File: 1637699119017-1.png (49.52 KB, 740x628, DAOs.png)

File: 1637699119017-2.png (21 KB, 724x499, Daos2.png)


Today on twitter I stumbled across a thread about web3. There was a political compass meme that put Web3 in the LibLeft quadrant and MMT in AuthLeft quadrant. Some users quibbled that Web3 is actually LibRight. I am immediately skeptical of any of these classifications because the implication is that MMT is somehow an explicitly "statist" or "authoritarian" doctrine. I am also skeptical that Web3, given its proximinity with shitcoin technology and teh blockchain and NFTs, that it could ever be considered "leftist." I decided, however, to attempt to research this issue further to see if I could find anything of value in Web3 that might be conducive to bringing about revolution. I went to the following site for reading:
FreeCodeCamp is generally a website that one goes to for various sorts of programming tutorials. Content that is political is not common on this site, but I think this article in question might be the most mystified tech literature that I have read in awhile.

Most of the FreeCodeCamp article on web3 talks about cryptocurrency wallets, the blockchain, and how great they think it is that there are no "gatekeepers." Standard blockchain propaganda that lacks any mention of the fact that the blockchain is environmentally catastrophic given the obscene amount of electrical energy necessary to keep it running.

>see pic related

How are tokens and tokenization any different from shares?
This is extremely reminiscent, to my eyes, of the issue that befalls so-called NFTs. It is seemingly another reinvention of a thing that already exists, in the case of NFTs a reinvention of a deed of ownership, in the case of tokenization a reinvention of shares. How can anyone ascribe revolutionary value to this?

>re: DAOs (pic related #2)

What is a DAO if not a worker cooperative with additional steps? Am I understanding this correctly? While worker cooperatives are definitely an improvement in comparison to the predominant corporate structure endemic to Capitalism, there already exists a critique of worker cooperatives. Fundamentally the problem with worker coops is that worker cooperatives merely ameliorate conditions under Capitalism, but ultimately do not hasten revolutionary processes, aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Oh I know. I am so sick of RMS and his useless free software foundation that I use open source software out of malice now.

I call it revolutionary but I'm really disenchanted with it as something deontological. It not there isn't useful free software. I just don't want to revolve my digital life around it. I always feel like I'm going in circles with it compared to a cracked copy of windows 7 and the powerful tools the capitalists have built over the years. There are alot of areas where open source tools don't come even close like accurate CD ripping or reliable DVD burning. I know I know patches, backdoors but I really don't give a fuck. Privacy just feels like a sick joke at this stage with so many ways to out yourself even when trying. Now I just feel like I'm climbing the glowie priority list for half heartily using signal and full disk encryption. I'm likely wrong but right now it seems the greatest benefit of open source code is creating a massive silo of somewhat bitrot resistant technology that may be useful when civilization inevitably collapses.

The computer should only be a tool at the end of the day. Whatever organizations emerge and what problems they have should define the software not the other way around.

Simple ad-hoc efforts like libgen, the pirate bay and git repos can easily be replicated and extended without whatever the fuck a DAO is. I can't think of anything for DAOs outside some nightmare sharing economy apps that will end up quite impractical.


libre software is the better direction to go in because it's easier to fix and modify, even if you crack proprietary software you still don't get any source code. Propriety software is always at risk of being abandoned, and then you're stuck in a dead end.

You should not try to normalize the severe crime of privacy violations (it's sort of a red flag that you might be a glowie if you do).
Digital rights and information rights are sort of in the early states of social development. Most People have so far lived in a world where information played a different role. The ability to have control over your information is, in time ,going to become the same thing as the right to exist.




>environmentally catastrophic given the obscene amount of electrical energy necessary to keep it running.
the cryptofags will counter that only applies to proof of work algos not proof of stake


Actually cryptofags will counter that mining rigs don't need to be anywhere specific. You can set them up in a remote African hydro-electric plant and mine overnight when the energy would have been wasted anyway. And it's not like the current banking system doesn't use electricity. The foreign exchange market processes $5 trillion per day. That is literally people doing nothing but exchanging fiat currencies for other fiat currencies. If you want to talk about a system that wastes more energy than we do now then the bar is actually very high.

File: 1608526413928.png (12 KB, 200x200, shit cringe.png)


Can we have one of these going? I hate having to be forced to use this shitty spyware for school. It is so janky and broken and is missing several features that I usually take for granted in a computer Also the person who thought shoehorning Grammarly every time I open up CIAhrome deserves to be hung, drawn, and quartered (in minecraft)
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You can install leenukes on chromebooks now.



it pisses me off how many otherwise perfectly appealing X86 netbook type devices at a reasonable price point are only available with chromeOS, with no way to 100% strip it out and use it as a regular machine like you can or at least could before UEFI let some OEMs be cunts with Windows devices.


ChromeOS is based, final (and ultimate) manifestation of Gentoo

if you're really gonna be a punk about it, then just slap CloudReady on it instead of CrOS, and experience the degoogled chromium bliss


It's really not that simple. Tried it, proper fucked. Bios/bootloader is absolutely fucked beyond salvaging.


ITT post a tool or tools you find useful when attacking, maintaining access, bug hunting, recon or whatever else. I'll start:

Weevely3 is my favourite out of the box PHP/.htaccess web shell. Its payload is very small and you can sneak it in to many places and has many features that make the job faster, especially with its pivoting functionality
and lastly its modular allowing easy creation and sharing of new functionality such as adding privilege escalation methods and automated further backdoor and persistent access creation.


is that jeremy hammond? and is the subject a william gibson reference? you must be a xposter from lain


I have no experience with this. What is your main use of these tools? What is your typical attack pattern?


This seems like a fedpost….


File: 1638476612589.png (2.45 KB, 173x115, 1638476610991.png)

>This seems like a fedpost….
Fuck you, if you dont like it minimize and move on.
Yes that is jeremy and a gibson reference. No I dont use lainchan because I cannot handle the extreme larp.

File: 1610225757848-0.png (1.3 MB, 2560x1080, gnome.png)

File: 1610225757848-1.png (1.38 MB, 2560x1080, lisp.png)

File: 1610225757848-2.png (1.9 MB, 2560x1080, tile.png)

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We're on a new board, so why not a new desktop thread? Let's keep this board active. Hopefully a fresh thread will draw some activity.

You know the drill: post your desktops, talk rice, etc etc.gentooGentoo
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File: 1632459949656.png (498.77 KB, 1920x1080, Sep24::0505.png)


Kinda weird how there's just some white space around the actual viewport in the browser. Also, Epic, haven't seen that in a long time.




File: 1636061717219.png (746.13 KB, 1366x768, 20211104-183223.png)

arranged the windows this way just for showcase web browser is always in fullscreen in the first workspace actually


File: 1638475721453.png (3.61 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

pretty basic, but works

File: 1637777009078.gif (48.45 KB, 256x256, eval-apply.gif)


I came across I think it was a wikipedia article, about a Soviet programming language that was characterized as being "like lisp", but it used a different data structure than lists (strings maybe?). I don't remember the name and now I can't find it. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
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Strings being a base atomic type is not the same as strings being structures.

That's an encoding of data external to the program, which then has to parse it into its own internal structure.
From your link:
>JSON is a data encoding and transfer format which has nested structures and arrays, but ultimately builds structure out of string to string mappings.
Here again we have strings as atoms, not as structures. The mapping itself is not "stringly-typed".


You missed the point of the article. Try reading it again, this time trying to understand it instead of nitpicking.



File: 1638471751967.png (13.81 KB, 575x115, refal5.png)

Damn this is a nice (and rather annoying) language.

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