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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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This thread is only for feedback related to technical issues (bug reports, suggestions). Otherwise use /meta/.
Public Repo:
If you have any grievances you can make a PR.

Mobile Support:
Thread For Mobile Feedback: >>>/tech/6316

Onion Link:


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these mf's using php lmao

File: 1642527021080.jpg (49.11 KB, 700x700, flashdrive.jpg)


Be sure to include the relevant SHA256 checksum for verification. Latest stable AMD64 versions preferred but no strict requirements obviously.
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linux-related websites can be blocked by ISPs more than you realize, and it's good to have a central dump for this stuff
don't the images usually have a pre-installed instance of the OS on them that you can use to prepare the hard drives and install through there? i remember the devuan cd image let me do that


>don't the images usually have a pre-installed instance of the OS on them that you can use to prepare the hard drives and install through there? i remember the devuan cd image let me do that
yes, thats what I meant by installing by hand, you skip the installer provided by the image and you do every step of the installation yourself, from extracting tars to setting the timezone and installing a bootloader


oh right
debian has a good guide for it here, it's what i used:


File: 1642625940722.png (123.47 KB, 1550x2048, Debian-OpenLogo.svg.png)

Debian 11.2.0 "Bullseye" AMD64 ISO
SHA256 checksum: 45c9feabba213bdc6d72e7469de71ea5aeff73faea6bfb109ab5bad37c3b43bd

Debian 11.2.0 "Bullseye" i386 ISO
SHA256 checksum: 8a8ea6f10f884907bbf5876823641a8618ee60787c4e28bd6f48baa53a1d702903fa1889e53e5fef9353389a7b86dc01876ff6228eadcbc23b80f8c5c05a787a

Debian 11.2.0 "Bullseye" ARM64 ISO
SHA256 checksum: 6dd3f42f84597ba87d3b71d50d69dca2a3b4138cbd7b007cea3d4ba81cc51493

to run your system with rolling release, in the installer image, go to /etc/apt/sources.list and add "unstable" right after the repository links, save it, then run "apt update" and "apt full-upgrade"


File: 1629663628839.png (551.99 KB, 1062x649, thumbsup.png)


A thread for posting PDFs related to software, IT, programming, hacking, networking, math, technology, engineering, and science in general.
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artificial intelligence


File: 1629666572610.pdf (1.01 MB, 200x300, compilerbook.pdf)



distributed systems (tannenbaums book as djvu in zip, pdf too big at like 191 mb), second book good also





File: 1632802148723.jpg (437.76 KB, 1281x720, giied.jpg)


Modern Hipster Codebases aren't using the GPL anymore ever since Microsoft started pushing the MIT as the default license for repos on github. M$ is doing its hardest to condemn us to proprietary software by encouraging the use of cuckold licenses. Imagine if the Greatest Computing Corporation somehow convinced all aspiring coders to start slapping together code that will be used in future microsoft projects… for free? That world already exists, for we live in a world where github is the most popular git site in the world.
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>So long as copyright exists MIT will be a cuck license
Why is MIT bad?


>instead doubling down on bourgeois politics as a way to get out of the current hellscape (we need more union negotiating/politicians need to stop corporate greed) is favored over any action that resembles class warfare.
because a force that is capable of class warfare currently does not exist.
I or other people alone cannot bring down capitalism, so we'll have to negotiate


it lets corporations turn your code into a proprietary product.


go back


And? Are you trying to compete with the corporations?
Also you're naive if you think slapping GPL will make porky give a single fuck, they'll just take your code and use it without you ever knowing
Enforcers like gpl-violations.org are either defunct or don't have a single dollar in the bank to defend you or anybody, they haven't in the past 5 years, lmao they don't even have a mailing list anymore
And that's the western corporations, you think the corpos of the China even have a word for "copyright" in their language? no, they'll immediately take whatever you have without thinking twice
gpl-violations never reached china, which I think is failure in and of itself

File: 1634824381342.jpg (2.11 MB, 2674x1783, глупыш 49.jpg)


Chat/board about computer related topics. Can work without JS. No captcha. Registration via PoW.








it's in russian, or some other cyrillic language, lol


it's multilingual

File: 1612998061767.jpg (3.86 MB, 3120x4160, ereader .jpg)


I love my electronic reader, I must have read hundreds of books on it, all free thanks to the pirate comrades and websites like library genesis, mobilism or archive.org.

Picrel is a Kobo Aura with Plato as OS. I hear KOreader is also good.

So fellow anons, do you live fully in the current year? Do you own an e-reader? Do you love it? Are you still hesitating to get one?read_a_fucking_bookRead a Fucking Book
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thinking go trying to do this just to try it, only reason I hesitate is that any mistake will brick the device (with no survivors )


spoken like a retard who never held one, who prolly wouldve shat on personal computers


Comrades can you tell me the best e-reader for reading scanned PDFs of textbooks that doesn't cost a ton? Preferably a FOSS one?


the real question is, which e-reader has the best battery quality and life


I use a 'remarkable' tablet. I like it. I have the previous model.
Battery is good for my purposes. I bought it since I like big screens. Adding books is ez pz.The folder system kind of sucks and navigating through large books is a huge pain in the ass. I mostly use the pen for highlighting and writing small notes on pages. That's nice.


>m1 macbooks are the best laptops ever created
it's over for cum encrusted stinkpad enthusiasts
how exactly did we get here?
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this is gonna sound retarded and fake
but I straight up only use Apple shit because I like apples
I like apple juice, sauce, pies, etc
I like apples as a fruit and so when I started buying electronics I stick with Apple, merely because of the logo and its association with apple, the fruit


This is Forrest Gump tier.


I don't want a laptop targeted at normies. I want a practical brick like the 701C. Everything about a 701C is better for working on it than a crapple. The keyboard feels better because it's the proper size and the keys travel further. The screen is a good size and it's in the same aspect ratio as our eyesight, you don't see in 16:9. The laptop is more solidly built and can be used as a weapon or a tool to smash windows.


life is like an apple store.


Hell yeah, I love thicker and tougher laptops, Today's laptops are too skinny and fragile.

File: 1642249452563.png (3.33 KB, 252x240, redstar.png)



wtf is this website in general. the drill stuff is based though


>darkweb links without an explanation

but yeah its an alright site. links to qorg11 which is cool


Only bottom link works?


If you block tor nodes with certain geoips, you might not reach all hidden services.

File: 1608526323426.jpg (33.06 KB, 444x250, home.jpg)


Do we need a leftist Luke Smith?
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File: 1629720353352.jpg (40.35 KB, 1000x900, gloves.jpg)

>id do it if i were richer and less paranoid about cameras

if you are doing tech videos you don't have to show anything personal, there are youtubers doing tech videos and you only see their hands and their tech projects like most of bigclivedotcom videos. You can go even further like nurdrage, where the presenter wore pantomime gloves and had a audio modification to change their voice.

if you are doing computer stuff you probably can get away with only showing your screen-capture.
There also are text to speech programs that let you create realistic sounding voices, you can get a a few good voices for festival that are reasonably priced, and don't need a server in the cloud to work, if you are really squeamish.


Only ever heard about this guy in autistic circles, he's not important.


>Stallman is a liberal
Stallman was also a genius, if you look at the free software movement, a lot of people are talking about moral principles, ethics and ideology, it can become preachy at times, but if you look at the software that is created under free software licenses, they are extremely universal and neutral peaces of technology that basically just perform the technical task they are supposed to do and nothing else. If you use corporate consumer tech, you are buying into a corporate vision of how to do things, none of the tech just performs a task, it always comes attached with unrelated baggage, and sometimes even cultist stuff.

he sometimes has good takes, and vaguely resembles Lenin


Yes, fuck Luke.


>they are extremely universal and neutral peaces of technology that basically just perform the technical task they are supposed to do and nothing else
This is itself a certain, highly ideological view of how to run the world.
Any basic technology, in the hands of FAANG, becomes an evil technology. Neutrality in this case is evil. This is not a technical point (any technical filter against these companies would surely come with other problems), or even really a licensing one (although my recollection is the FSF aren't fans of "you can do whatever you want with this software so long as you respect the user's freedom, and as long you're not Google which deserves no freedom." because freedoms are concieved of in a liberal, universalist fashion.), but a philosophical one.

Purely concerning oneself with technical tasks is the root of much wrong with people who engage themselves with modern technology. Stallman, to his credit, often does combine a view of how technology ought to work with a view of how society ought to work. But it is typically an idealist (in the best sense of the term, not the lazy marxist insult) vision which fits awkwardly into a world where nearly every programmer on the west coast of the US should have their hands fed into a finger breaking machine.

File: 1608526423381-0.jpg (185.98 KB, 1280x720, dnm.jpg)


Darknet markets are as close as it gets to a free market, where you can order drugs and have it delivered to you by mail. The purpose of this thread is to discuss opsec, ask for help and discuss markets in general. This thread should be fully legal as long as you don't solicit or facilitate illegal transactions, meaning:

&ltDon't beg to buy from someone
&ltDon't attempt to sell to anyone here
&ltDon't link to dealer Instagram/Reddit/Snapchat accounts. These accounts are run by either scammers or feds.
&ltDon't directly link to any market. These links could be fake scam/fed markets, designed to phish your login details and steal your cryptocurrency. Only use https://dark.fail/

The following is my personal recommendation for good opsec while conducting business, however, you must [b]read the darknet market bible[/b] (.pdf attached) after you are done with this post. If you don't read theory, it's likely you will be caught and convicted.

>Will I be 100% safe?

In theory, no. The darknet market bible, together with this thread, is meant to minimize the risk of getting caught as much as possible. If you follow the exact procedure outlined in the bible, you should be okay, especially as a small-time buyer.

Tails is an Linux-based operating system that runs entirely on your RAM and is wiped when PC is powered off. If the cops intercept your item, conduct a controlled delivery and seize your machine, they will not be able to find evidence linking you to the package and you can deny involvement via a lawyer.
You will want to install the Tails operating system to a USB flash drive with at least 8GB of storage. Personally, I'd go for USB 3.0, with at least 16GB storage for persistent volume purposes, or even 128GB or more if you want to store the Monero local node on it. You also need a PC with at least 1GB RAM to run Tails. The bible contains a guide for installing Tails in [b]2.A.2 Installing Tails[/b]. You can download it here:
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this is a rather bad practice, especially if you are not familiar with how your local post works, or too doesnt have much practice


>buy drugs on dnm
>sell to bougie's kids for 5x the price


youre against black markets because youre anticapitalist, yet you still engage in government approved markets… curious

btw talk to pearl clutching law biding citizens, then talk to criminals, and you'll see immediately whose more based… the only thing keeping you from a wider world of social revolt is your desire to assimilate and recruit everyone into your ideology. Open your eyes and ears more to the reality on the street. All revolutionaries should know to look to the real world to inform ideas, not other way around.


BTW they can map most monero transactions… granted its mostly just trading/speculation they can see, but its very important to use the monero wallet gui dont let someone else hold ur wallet, and connect to ur node over tor. (or host ur own, and still use tor)


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