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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature"
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This thread is only for feedback related to technical issues(bug reports, suggestions). Otherwise use >>>/leftypol/30356
Public Repo: https://github.com/towards-a-new-leftypol/leftypol_lainchan
If you have any grievances you can make a PR.

Mobile Support: https://github.com/PietroCarrara/Clover/releases/latest
Thread For Mobile Feedback: >>>/tech/6316

Onion Link: http://wz6bnwwtwckltvkvji6vvgmjrfspr3lstz66rusvtczhsgvwdcixgbyd.onion
Cytube: https://tv.leftypol.org/
Matrix: https://app.element.io/#/room/!RQxdjfGouwsFHwUzwL:matrix.org

We are currently working on improvements to the site, subject to the need of the tech team to sleep and go to their day jobs. If you need more immediate feedback please join the matrix room[s] and ask around. Feel free to leave comments, concerns, and suggestions about the tech side of the site here and we will try to get to it as soon as possible

Archived thread:
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>Certain Posts with images do not stretch enough to fit the text #251
see >>6801 >>6803

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General for all things piracy related:
Share Torrents, Private Trackers, information about how to obtain a particular commodity for free on the internet; Requests.


Current onion for the piratebay^

Pirate the planet.
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It looks like until the court hearings end, sci-hub will remain paralyzed.


The artist is Bruno Loth: https://www.bedetheque.com/auteur-12827-BD-Loth-Bruno.html

By the way, the volume 2 came out in January, and most of the French comic scanners/rippers have a rule that they won't release a comic until 6 months after it gets published, so it'll be on emulebdz in July probably. If you're don't want to wait until then, you can buy a digital on izneo, and quite easily rip it yourself:



thanks man ,appreciate it


Where can I find licensed manga (particularly recent releases)? Every manga reading site I can find has only fan scanlations. And of course, once a series is officially licensed, every group drops it.


/co/ win-o + find-o, nyaa; look out for releases by danke, LuCaZ, XRA, aKraa and Shizu

File: 1617986347648.jpg (406.96 KB, 1280x720, sicp-shota.jpg)


Hello there, /tech/ comrades.

I am passing by to let you know that a Matrix chat for /tech/ talk has been created! The chat has been added to the official leftypol community. This chat is meant to serve as a place to talk tech and programming in general.

Come join us! The link is: https://matrix.to/#/#leftylambda:matrix.org?via=matrix.org

This chat will also be hosting an SICP /read/ing group. That is, we will be studying the book "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs" and helping each other solve the exercises. For those unaware, SICP used to be the introductory textbook for Computer Science classes at MIT back in the day, and remains a cult classic to this day. It can be used as a general introduction to programming, but will also be rewarding for those more experienced.
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Seems like it wasn't written here. We are reading up to chapter 1.2 for the 24th of April, and then we spend the week discussing.


File: 1619132705082.webm (2.12 MB, 320x240, sicp-eval-apply.webm)

For clarity, we're reading up to, but not including 1.2.

The entire book is also available as a series of video lectures, which can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-J_xL4IGhJA&list=PLE18841CABEA24090 . These aren't a substitute for the book, more complimentary. There are a few interesting gags in there, actually, webm related.


Can I still join even if I'm late? I did read up to 1.4 a few weeks back




Aight, I've read 1.2 now. We reading 1.3 to <2021-05-14>?

I love me some tail recursion.

File: 1620382694130.jpg (72.63 KB, 1086x992, normal-pepe.jpg)


You guys are aware that everybody connects you to idpol transhumanists, liberals LARPing as AntiFa and cuckold fetishists, and that this is hurting your cause?
I lurked this website for a month now and i noticed a fundamental difference between the posters who are here to actually talk to others and the posters who link to 4chan to ask for support in some ridiculous bait thread where you just waste time.

I also noticed that you have a thread talking about if an imageboard would be better as a single-page-application.
I am currently working on my own imageboard from scratch. I am actually a web-developer and know my stuff, so (i hope) it won't be just another 4chan rip-off. I am going to use node - react - redux - sequelize for mysql - redis.
I am visiting different boards to gather ideas, but i see the same sorry state everywhere. I seriously want to make something good.
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Go with the time, grandpa


Live updates are how social media realized they could make their users addicted. Even autorefresh is still somewhat predatory, a Refresh button that sends a request for new posts when pressed would be best imho.

>I am going to use node - react - redux - sequelize for mysql - redis.

No way this isn't bait.


We literally have confirmed Nigerian users lol


Kill yourself OP
You're annoying faggot with your trash copypasta

I'll cut your face off and make you eat it


>Facebook also uses long-polling.
>Twitter… never checked it, because its a shit platform that offers nothing goodM

<Facebook good! Birdapp bad!

File: 1610807894986.jpg (65.77 KB, 475x320, nkvdshooting.jpg)


Is it possible to get access to some form of VPN if you can't afford a monthly subscription? I tried openvpn with some open servers but I'm a techlet and I don't think I've set it up properly, it barely seems to hide anything.
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How tf does blockchain even work?


Your argument was…what exactly? That a decentralized toy network that uses the exact same protocol standards as tor while also being based on blockchain technology and working at a fundamentally lower level is bad because….reasons? It's always fags who lack an actual substantive argument who say "muh not an argument" bullshit.


you keep public ledger where every new transaction record requires consensus


tor has and can be broken


aren't those examples just poor opsec by users?

File: 1620426870732.jpeg (12.5 KB, 474x266, image.jpeg)


Matrix/Element is a fucking joke. Do I seriously need to not delete cookies to have access to encrypted DMs that were sent when I was offline? This completely defeats the purpose of using it via tor.

Its development has been slow and lousy but this issue is the one that takes the cake.
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What >>8357 said. Honestly as an end user it's "good", it's awful when you're trying to host and manage an instance.


Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, matrix and element are two different things, buddy.


One is just the official client for the protocol developed by the exact same people.


>Do I seriously need to not delete cookies to have access to encrypted DMs that were sent when I was offline?
End to end encryption stores keys on the client side. Your browser wiped them. There isn't really a secure way to avoid it unless you export your keys, which I think they actually recommend and try and get you to do that when you first log in.
Use Tor, not Tor Browser.


how the fuck do you want them to auth you ? magically ?

File: 1620316958975.jpeg (54.78 KB, 680x453, 555.jpeg)


What's this about a Chinese satellite being out of control? Sounds like a dumb hoax.


I thought there new rocket broke down or smth
Thats not really rare


A rocket China launched went into orbit but the launcher also accidentally went into orbit and will fall down within the next two weeks. It's pretty big, but it's not gonna come down and nuke a country. It'll likely catch fire on reentry and debris will fall into the ocean. There's still a possibility of it hitting civilization though.


I bet everyone's making a fuss about something that happens often because this time it's Chinese.

File: 1608525921632.jpg (255.23 KB, 875x701, htS3O.jpg)


Wobbly is a workplace organising platform, being designed and prototyped by a small voluntary team of developers. It’s a communication and coordination tool, with structures and processes modelled on the IWW’s organising style (hence the name, coming from the IWW nickname). We’re creating a space for energetic, powerful, and democratic unions to win struggles, grow.


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Interesting. Crosspost to /leftypol/?


yeah it looks kinda dead


Here's the code for the programmers here:




Does the IWW know about this? Are they on board with it?

File: 1619145873281.jpg (42.88 KB, 501x534, 0cd9739ec70a6eae95888cbcdf….jpg)


Functional programming was a craze.

I've learned scheme and common lisp and scala and haskell in classes at uni/grad school and although in the 2010s the functional programming craze was huge eventually it died out and people just decided that low level languages like go and rust were better and that even java could be good if you add lambdas and first class functions/function objects to it. I was a full on FP cultist from 2010 to like 1-2 years ago.

After writing actual functioning apps in functional languages I've concluded that old fashioned OOP/java and now low level multi paradigm languages like go are probably better than the languages like clojure or haskell which force functional style and take up huge amounts of memory due to immutable data structures, despite the compiler writers best efforts. The concurrency benefits can simply be gotten by adding a few functional features to mainstream languages which they have already done, for example, C# and Java. Although C# does it way better imo.

I see literally no reason to write an app in haskell, clojure, scala, etc. over basic Java/C# or rust/golang
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File: 1620346571559.png (31.79 KB, 200x155, R.png)

Maybe I have a different understanding of the phrase "functional programming", but I write simulations and do regular statistical analysis in R and I couldn't imagine doing what I do as easily without the ability to write and nest functions within other functions.


I hope you are not denying that stronger guarantees on type correctness makes it hard or impossible to write certain classes of bugs from existing.

are you talking about development time or the actual performance of end result? How is compiler suppose to make any inference out of non pure objects?


Functional is a dumb name, it should be applicative.


>I hope you are not denying that stronger guarantees on type correctness makes it hard or impossible to write certain classes of bugs from existing.

you're conflating static typing with functional programming. There are dynamically typed functional languages ex: lisp, clojure.

FP is orthogonal to the typing issue


>functional programming is orthogonal to typing
As someone who got into this dick swinging industry after every imperative languages under the sun adopted some 'functional programming principles' by 'allowing functions to be treated as first class citizen', calling impure languages like common lisp a functional programming language does not make sense. I heard clojure push immutability upfront or something but I never used it so I will not write about it. Only purely functional languages with evil io /exceptions monads that revolves around persistent data structures are worthy of the name functional programming languages.

And no, algebraic data types / type classes are much stronger concepts that allows smarter compilers than what was possible with statically typed languages where 33% of what I write or read is type declaration.

File: 1608526287100.png (32.83 KB, 432x432, 1565502518003.png)

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This Thread Has Been Re-appropriated for leftypol.org Usage.

General thread meant for the discussion of the mobile app for browsing leftypol.org, known as clover.

Releases can be found here:
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If there are new boards can you simply add them or is there something else you need to do?


After reporting posts. The application has to be restarted. It makes all of the leftypol.org boards and threads 404 error otherwise.




For now, I have to add them through code

Noted. Will fix when possible

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