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Leftypol is an imageboard where users can post anonymously.
We engage in both serious political discourse and informal discussion on various topics related to leftist thought.

They are... an interesting group of people - Senpai Wolff

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A message to comrades around the world from a Ukranian comrade! — by at 2022-03-02 (Wed) 21:40:26

A Ukrainian comrade has given a statement on how Western comrades may help the situation in Ukraine and also provides insight on what demands western leftists should make with regards to the war without supporting NATO and an escalation of the conflict.

What can you do to help Ukraine?
I see this question often in western social media, and as someone who has just left Kyiv, I would like to offer my thoughts.

I just saw that the head of the WHO called to open up a humanitarian corridor for civilians to leave Kyiv.

A humanitarian corridor is when both fighting sides agree to allow citizens to leave the city safely along a designated route. It does not involve any military action, unlike a no-fly zone, and is an ordinary procedure in wars.

The measure is extremely necessary for Kharkiv, Mariupol, Volnovakha, and many other Ukrainian cities and towns going through a humanitarian catastrophe at the moment, where people find it very difficult to leave the cities for safety due to bombing, armed groups, and curfews. Civilians are stuck in unsafe bomb shelters among the rubble of their houses, dying due to bombing, the cold, and are running out of food and medicine.

I see lots of westerners calling for various military 'solutions' to the conflict, which would not only vastly increase the number of deaths in this conflict but probably only lengthen it.
It is not worth giving in to patriotic enthusiasm about Ukraine’s chances for military victory – currently, this perception strengthens the hand of Ukrainian nationalists who are virulently opposed to any negotiations with Russia and would prefer to fight to the end, no matter the civilian casualties and annihilation of the country.

Measures like opening a no-fly zone would even result in a direct confrontation between Russia and NATO, which, as everyone knows, would be a nuclear one.

Nor are sanctions particularly useful in saving lives, since the economic effects will only be felt over the coming months, which will not affect the bombing campaign in Ukraine over the next weeks and days.

In this context I would like to urge citizens of rich western countries to call for the construction of humanitarian corridors in Ukraine to save civilian lives. A negotiated compromise to end the war would be the best solution, but unfortunately this currently seems very unlikely to succeed.

The construction of a humanitarian corridor is entirely possible – politically and militarily –, essentially free, and would merely require pressure by western nations on Ukraine and Russia to agree to allow this.

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Real life news — by Anonymous at 2021-08-15 (Sun) 13:16:53

Until we get organized, you can find all of Based News Anon's updates here:



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