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Welcome to /roulette/!

Welcome to /roulette/, leftypol's roulette board! This board will be used for testing out new board ideas. The guidelines are as follows:

- The countdown will begin as soon as the board is added to the announcement bar and will last for one month.
- After a month, if the board has garnered enough posts on that month's topic, it will be made into a new board (barring any legitimate objections by the moderation team) and the threads will be moved there. Off-topic and spam posts will not count. Board ideas that do not meet this requirement will be shelved, with the possibility of being revisited later.
- New board ideas can be suggested in the /meta/ thread for /roulette/.

This month's board topic is: /babel/ - Languages, creoles and dialects
­Last month's board topic /spoox/ - Paranormal, horror and the occult.

- /babel/ is a board for discussing anything without English!
- You can discuss anything but English is prohibited.
- Brief comments can be made in English as long as it is spoilered
- General rules of the site apply, see : https://leftypol.org/rules.html
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Which cryptids actually exist? Are they undiscovered species or something stranger?
R: 17 / I: 5

reality shifting

Reality shifting is the belief that one can shift their conciseness into another reality through certain methods. The belief is based off the Multiverse theory and reality shifters believe that they can shift their conciseness into any universe they think of by meditating and self affirmations.

As absolutely batshit insane as this sounds, recently hundreds of people are claiming that they shifted online. The belief originally exploded into popularity on social media and is popular among kids and teens that want to visit their favorite fictional universes like harry potter and marvel etc.

The reason I bring this up is because I wonder if this may be another example of the increasing shittyness capitalism. Kids and teens who are gullible to believe this may be doing it as a form of escape from the shitty hellhole that capitalism has created. Thoughts?
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/spoox/Vampires we’re real

The year was 1047 CE when this real Vampire wrote his name openly and proudly for all to see: "I, Father Vampire…" And who and what he was debunks everything we thought the Vampire to be. In fact… it reveals him to be the undeniable polar opposite. For rather than being the evil, crucifix-fearing, blood-drinking, reanimated corpse of our fiction-fueled imaginations, he was instead… a quite-mortal, highly educated, well-regarded, crucifix-wearing, fully ordained, Eastern Orthodox Christian Priest.

Where actual history about the Slavic Vampire is concerned… never has fact proved stranger or more fascinating than fiction. And all of it far more fantastical and fulfilling than anything found in any Gothic novel or Hollywood silver-screen portrayal.

So why haven't we known of this before? Because the Slavic accounts of the Vampire were reported and popularized here in the West during the prudish Victorian Age … and their most important historical evidences deliberately censored, as a result.

When the doctorate-level evidences are re-examined in their uncensored entirety, the hidden truth is undeniably revealed: Slavic Vampires were very real and possessed truly astounding "supernatural" traits and capacities – most especially their very real "Dark Gift" – worshiped by the Pagan Slavs and ardently adored by women for centuries if not millennia… before later being horribly and falsely demonized by Christianity, and all those possessing such superhuman capacity hunted down and slaughtered… as many as could be found.

All we now know of the Slavic Vampire might have forever remained an eternal mystery had not a real Slavic Vampire offered to let us scientifically document his very real "Dark" Gift in the laboratory. This unprecedented University study, conducted by a team of highly acclaimed, doctorate-level researchers, was then professionally published in a prestigious scientific journal and presented to the world. To this day, it remains the only study finally documenting the fabled Vampire's "physiologically impossible" "Dark" Gift… the same superhuman capacity that has always so enraptured and attracted women to them while also inciting such brutal demonization and violence from men – most especially Christian men – against them.
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/spoox/ Is there no such thing as Esoteric Communism

Communism but you think africans were blue eyed aryans that became black because of feudalism
R: 14 / I: 4
If it doesn't have any material basis, then it's fake and a waste of time.
R: 6 / I: 6

Agnostic Thread

Do you believe in god? Do you believe in a uyghur with AIDS? Lets talk about it!
R: 9 / I: 2

Empty Internet

How does /spooks/ feel about the empty internet theory?
All I see and read about it it's really shallow and sometimes feels like cope. Here we know capitalism just want ti turn the internet into a cattle farm but nobody else want to admit it.
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found footage/lost memories thread

this was apparently too scary for kids back in the day
R: 5 / I: 1

Stories Thread

At the time of my story I lived in rural Massachusetts, to anyone who's familiar that means miles of woodland with spaced out suburban areas in between. I was walking down my grandfathers logging trail getting ready for his funeral. I'm also an avid mushroom collector, so I'm always walking slowly and staring at the ground, friends hate me. So I get to this cool little white capped mushroom and stop to take a close-up picture of it. That's when I heard it; the best way I can describe it was as if someone with a lot of flesh on his knuckles were punching a tree. Now, I know what deer sound like when they stomp to protect their children/are smashing antlers on trees. I've heard bear, Fischer cat, moose, pretty much any animal in western massachusetts that exists. So, naturally, I looked up, freaked the fuck out. It was so rhythmic. THUD. THUD. THUD. it went on for minutes at the same pace. So, being the curios person that I am, I let out a whistle that couldn't be mistaken for a bird. (NOTE: I'm looking in the direction of the thudding, can see out 75-100 yards through my grandfathers well trimmed trees, and see, NOTHING.) right after my whistle, I hear a low quick whistle back. My first though is "oh it must be some asshole logger scoping the land past the no trespassing gate", ignorant, I know. So I yell out "HELLO?!" Pretty much as loudly as I could. Then, whatever it was, ran away faster than I've ever hear a human being run. And using my experience with deer/dogs/moose/bear, I assessed that I couldn't possibly rationalize it being a 4 legged creature. I know what they sound like running, and this was much closer to a 2 legged creature, I'm 100% positive on that. What doesn't make sense, however, is that that 2 legged creature that ran away from me, faster than any two legged creature I have ever heard before, also sounded like it was at minimum, 250lbs. The steps were loud, and frantic. A lot of people believe Bigfoot has a spiritual connection to the forests it remains in, and thus, the creatures in it as well. I do not find it a coincidence that this happened the day of my grandfathers funeral. I ran all the way home.
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There is no such thing as ghosts. Some people experience the phenomena of ghosts the same way some children experience the phenomena of "monsters". To communicate this to us our mind tells us there is a hostile entity, for instance, in our closet or under our bed. This hostile entity doesn't have a form. IRL it would be a predator; something that hunted our monkey ancestors. Kids learn the word monster, and use it to describe this concept. Adults use the word "ghost", but either way its the same thing.
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Manchurian Candidate

Does anyone find it weird how the day after the media has said China is preparing to attack Taiwan, we see a terror attack by a Chinese against Taiwanese?
>Authorities: Gunman in deadly attack at California church was Chinese immigrant motivated by hate for Taiwanese.
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9/11 happens every year
R: 21 / I: 12

Conspiracy data mining

What's your favorite conspiracy theory and to what degree de you believe in it?
R: 118 / I: 43
What is the real story of September 11, 2001? Was it an op? Did they let it happen? Was it actually just gross incompetence? What do you think and why?
R: 10 / I: 3

Revolution via occult means

This thread is for investigating occult and magical methods for bringing about a leftist cause.

This is certainly not anything new, as something that promises as much power as magic will always be linked with politics. In fact there are a few interesting stories surrounding this that goes beyond tick-tock ‘witches’ trying to hex trump or something. Rosicrucianism itself had many ties with revolutionary politics, because it’s ideology was based around bringing an esoteric revolution upon the world itself, but one manifestation of this ideology was the Order of the Elus Coen. Now make no mistake, this order was full of aristocrats and slave owners, hardly revolutionaries - but strange coincides were abound concerning this order. The order, unlike orders such as the Golden Dawn, was not only focused on bringing about a change within the members themselves but also bringing about a change in the outside world in order to reintegrate it back from it’s fallen state. They would exorcise demons, bringing them back into the light with power of angels. All in all, they wanted to hurry up the process in which Christ would return and the will of God be fulfilled. That in itself is simple, but there is a strange timing to all of this. The order was located all around France, and was founded in 1767 and officially lasted until 1781 (though it still unofficially existed for some time) - 7 years before the French Revolution. One important member, and close apprentice of the founder (Martines Pasqually) was enthusiastic about the French Revolution despite being an aristocrat, calling it ‘a miniature of the Final Judgment’ and God’s will being made manifest. May I ask, could it be?

Occultist and member of the OTO Grady McMurty wrote a thesis linking Marxism and magic, which you can read here
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/UFO/ Chad Edition

Petntagon releases 1500 page report about how the Ayys have been knocking up our sloots and then flying off and not paying child support. What can earthcucks do to stop the Ayylmao chad menace?

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Cold reading is impressive enough on its own.

I'm not sure why psychics, tarot readers, clairvoyants, empaths and the like get "debunked" as cold-readers, as if that's a common skill.

Being a cold reader is very impressive on its own. It means you can pick up someone's thoughts or feelings from their body movements and how they answer (more than what they say) alone. Even if psychics are fake they can sometimes tell people exactly what they needed to hear. It's a bit like an untrained therapy.
R: 46 / I: 22

ww2 deep lore

Remake thread
Original thread (only part of it): https://archive.fo/QdkVE

I wanted to collect a list of numerous ww2 events and deep lore that I could find, ranging from known to unknown to full schizophrenic, if you know any obscure events that aren't on the list, feel free to add them here, bonus for non-german lore.
R: 5 / I: 1


Ok, WTF happened with the MY370 airplane?
Was it really hijacked electronically because of corporate interests?
R: 47 / I: 11

UFO Evidence Thread


Harvard professor Avi Loeb has long been outspoken about taking the search for extraterrestrial life more seriously. In an eyebrow-raising quest, he’s often even exhorted his colleagues to take UFO research more seriously.

Now, Loeb says he hopes to collect a “high resolution image” of a UFO within the next couple years, according to a new interview with the Guardian.

“I really want the next generation to be free to discuss it, and for it to become part of the mainstream,” Loeb told the paper. “My hope is that by getting a high resolution image of something unusual, or finding evidence for it, which is quite possible in the coming year or two, we will change it.”

Last year, Futurism talked to Loeb about his book “Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth,” which purported that an interstellar object that drifted through our solar system in 2017 may have been an alien probe rather than a boring space rock. At the time, Loeb said many of his colleagues held UFO research at arm’s length and generally dismissed findings as natural events or the stuff of conspiracy theory.

“The scientific community can address a topic even if other people address it in a way that is not scientific and doesn’t make much sense,” he said.

Loeb heads the Galileo Project, in which a team of more than 100 scientists are establishing a network of sophisticated telescopes to scan the skies for extraterrestrials. According to the Guardian, Loeb’s first telescope will begin operation from the roof of the Harvard college observatory this summer, equipped with infrared cameras rolling 24/7, a radio sensor, an audio sensor and a magnetometer to detect non-visual objects.

“We’re taking a road not taken so there may be low hanging fruit, that nobody else picked because it was not taken,” Loeb told the Guardian.

Loeb says capturing strong UFO evidence, including the high-res image he hopes to snap within the next two years, will attract younger scientists scared away by the older, more cynical crowd. If he manages to pull it off — a major if, to be clear — we may finally have to take UFO research more seriously.
R: 15 / I: 6
I ran into this conspiracy theory when it was mentioned offhand but couldn't find much information on it. The only video I could find was this one on youtube with some pretty small views. Googling shows brings up articles from financial websites and bitcoin sites all making fun of the conspiracy. All linking to videos that no longer exist on youtube.

So I watched this video and looked into it, no one knows who created Bitcoin it just appeared one day in 2009. It's an open source software that is generating billions but more importantly it generating tons of computing power. This isn't a serious thread but it's fun to think about a rogue A.I using speculative capitalisms to trick humans into creating the infrastructure it needs to take over the world. Theres a lot of coincidence particularly the fact that the creator of Bitcoin is a mystery. The fact that this conspiracy when search the SEO brings up sites from finance website and bitcoin sites first and that most videos about this have seemed to have been scrubbed. The hardest thing to believe is the limitations of technology in 2009 and obviously seeing what passes for A.I to this day. But that can also be explained that an Advance A.I would pretend to be dumber than it is. What do you guys think and how would this be overcome by a socialist society?
R: 22 / I: 7

Nukes are not real

The nukepill is the hardest thing to accept. Nukes aren't real. It's impossible to create a chain reaction like that even with "refined" material. That's why once nukes started to get into the range of "so big that we couldn't physically make enough TNT to simulate it" all the tests went underground and were hidden, then simulated with computers. There were never any nukes, it was all just a big back and forth of propaganda to keep populaces of america and russia in line post-WW2, and now the world pretends they exist to try to stop world powers from fighting while they mongrelize every population into servile drones with no history or class consciousness. Nukes aren't real. Wake the fuck up and stop being paralyzed by fear before you lose your whole nation, culture, and history. That means everyone, everywhere, not just one group of people.
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young Earth creationism and why it is the most stupidest shite existence that even Christians hated It
>>Young Earth creationism is a far-right conservative belief seek's denounce anything to do with evolution.
>>And trust me it has some of the most stupidest shit in existence
>>Like Noah's ark having a mother Fucking trex and the occasional homophobic transphobic anti-communist racist shit.

>>And these people have a museum and a so-called the replica of the Noah's Ark

>>>They are so stupid that a liberal YouTube scientist nerd was able to debuk everything in front of their exhibits

This is worse than PregarU

I might actually even expect them to work with PregarU
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R: 20 / I: 1

This is beyond science.

ITT: post things science cannot explain (yet)
R: 3 / I: 0

The Christian religion is so strange

On the surface Christianity would appear like the most average Abrahamic no ordinary religion like any other on this planet and most Christian’s treat it that way yet when one looks even moderately deeper into the ideas behind it it’s reall really un ordinary especially when compared to other religions.

Angels do not look anything like what middle age era art and other angels depicted in other religions look like but rather hyper abstract half synthetic half mechanical figures twisting in ways that defy modern information on physics and geometry, and whatever god in this religion is presented as isn’t thought of as some absolute figure of love goodness or any sense of idea but rather as a tyrannical monster that openly support mass killings to fit whatever is defined as holy based off multiple authors.

There isn’t actually a clear idea or message presented in any of the texts removed from the King James Version of the bible and the book of Enoch somehow predicted Jesus and the fall of Rome centuries before the event took place, Ecclesiastes is one of the most existential pieces of literature ever written as it reveals the meaningless of human existence and the only relief man sees is a rush of dopamine after what feels like endless suffering an idea that’s been confirmed countless times especially after the invention of steam engines on social life.

Delve even deeper into this weird ass religion and there’s evidence that this religion predates the rise of Judaism with stone art from texts in really archaic forms languages found in MENA east Africa and Southern Europe in the form of sea scrolls discussing ideas about god knows what.

This religion has me interested not in being religious myself but understanding why it’s even as weird as it is in its state, and makes me wonder how old it actually is and how much of what man understands about this odd religion is being blocked off from earlier evidence lost to nature.
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Dreams and psychonauts

Let's talk about dreams interpretations and psychonaut experiences.

i used to not believe in that or at least that's what i said
in my religion my family is usually gifted the psychic ability
my mother can channel spirits tho i haven't heard about her experiences
i personally can predict the future with dreams
i often dream about stuff that will happen and it can be scary because it can be kinda cryptic and symbolic at times
but some other times can be explicit and accurate
just a year ago i predicted my cat's death
i also believe he was trying to say goodbye in the same dream.
i hadn't seen him in at least 2 weeks since he lived with my mother at the time
but the moment i had that dream, it seems around the same time he had know he was gonna die.
which is why the next day he also wanted to say goodbye to the rest of my family.
the next day he was taken to a veterinary for surgery because apparently he was hurt.
but halfway through the surgery he died.

on a side note i also predicted every house i ever lived in becoming a broken mess in the middle of the gentrification process as i started transitioning.

>inb4 schizopost

R: 77 / I: 20

It never happened

NASA 2024 moon landing jeopardized because space suits aren't ready

If they did it more times in the past, why are they developing again the necessary technologies?
They still use Soyuz rockets to bring spacemen on the ISS, but they allegedly had the technology to bring them to the moon.

>B-but the people who had the know-how died so they need to do the work all over again

Yeah, sure.
>B-but they didn't it again because there is no incentive to do it anymore
There is no economic incentive in space exploration at all, that's why SpaceX is in deep red and basically only takes public funding. Also owning a base on the moon is a big strategic advantage.
R: 5 / I: 1

The uplifting of Dolphins and the Space Comrades

I want to say that we should uplift dolphins? Why not because they are already pretty smart and look how swol they can get man, you have no idea. We as Posadists should do this as having space comrades seeing with have swolephins will only make them like us more.
R: 3 / I: 1
Einstein had a flying car in 1931.
R: 5 / I: 1

/spoox/ - Magic is the control panel of ideology

On The Slenderman Mysteries by Nick Redfern he talks about how the hermetic order of the golden dawn had this ritual where they worshipped a god, commonly from acient myths like the greeks of egyptians and when they felt they had the god's blessing they will get rid of everything they had for that god or to worship that god and will start a new with another god.
After Alister crowley's death the golden dawn introduced characters form the cthulu myths to this ritual, it sounds incredibly retarded but if the gods of acient cultures are not real then how is worshipping fictional copyrighted characters any different?
Alan Moore, the comic book writer has performed this ritual with characters of his own creaton and other comic book characters, he has vivid stories of stumbling upon them in real life.
Radfern makes the argument that society performed this ritual and that by believing tht Slenderman is a real mythological creature and not a meme we willed it into existence and so historical coincidences were reread as slenderman's history.

How is this related to Zizek's conception of ideology? We do not choose our ideologies, you can simply say 'I do not have any ideology" That is an ideology by itself. having the blassing of a god even if you know it doesn't exist is ideology in function, and magic is basically a symbolic act where you tell yourself that "you believe that you believe" and rewrite the ideological narrative that exists within you.
R: 1 / I: 0


Only high quality redpills in this thread. Esoteric rabbit holes and life changing information only.

I'll start; some of this stuff I'm including in a book I'm almost done with.


Look into Bill Gaede. Probably one of the most important thinkers alive today, despite looking like a goofy crank.



Look into Joseph Davidovits. He essentially points out that ancient megalithic structures are made with geopolymers aka a kind of artificial stone.



Very significant insight on diet / exercise from the lunatic Sv3rige



Serp argues that civilization will slowly recede over generations


He also argues that there is no master plan behind the ills of the west



The way everyone thinks about technology is dumb and retarded




3/4 of the soldiers in WW2 were not actually trying to hit the enemy




We have an incorrect view of microbiology

R: 6 / I: 2

/spoox/ - what aliens are really like

What are aliens actually like?
IMO Lovecraft is probably the most plausible take. Aliens are from another environment and evolved for different conditions. There are probably similar forces shaping their evolution, but they followed a very different path. Additionally any that could travel to meet us probably have technology we don't understand. This would mean that the aliens are going to be very alien to us and probably confusing and disorienting at a fundamental level. Maybe it wouldn't drive us insane, but we probably would have trouble making sense of them. Even fairly innocuous stuff here on earth where we evolved manages to confuse our monkey brains.
R: 18 / I: 1

Psychic Interaction

Is absolutely real. Thoughts can be transmitted without any interaction involving the traditional 5 senses. What exactly is the mechanism behind this phenomenon I have no absolute belief in, but my belief in the phenomenon is 100% real based on my own experimentation.
R: 18 / I: 24
Why are rightists so fond of conspiracy theories?
It seems conspiranoia is purely a rightist thing.
R: 2 / I: 1

/spoox/ - Cryptid Vidya

Where's all the cryptid-themed vidya? I had an idea for a cryptid-themed card game. Basically Yugioh Duelists of the Roses but cryptids.
R: 0 / I: 0

/spoox/ - The End Times

>Then I saw when the Lamb broke one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures saying as with a voice of thunder, "Come." I looked, and behold, a white horse, and he who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.
>Revelation 6:1–2
Since the First Horseman of the Apocalypse is often times associated with pestilence and disease, and "corona" means "crown," is the coronavirus pandemic the beginning of the end times? Feel free to share any theories from any religion or belief system or just call me an idiot if you feel inclined to do so.
R: 2 / I: 0

golem and artificial life thread

any anons here familiar with the kabbalah?

one thing i am personally curious about is the golem myth as it has clear connections to modern attempts at artificial life. any anons believe they know the full meaning of the golem ritual? as far as i know, the 22 letters each represent a metaphysical principle. the 231 gates are then meant to represent every potential principle. there is a connection here with the adam kadmon mentioned (e.g. here: https://www.alchemywebsite.com/golem.html) though i am not knowledgable enough to confirm. if this was it's meaning, i am unsure what is either psychological (i.e. what is claimed how that the mind ought to be structured) or material (i.e. what is being claimed about how matter ought to be structured) significance.

(1) that we should look at states of matter which can simultaneously embody multiple possibilia (perhaps by superposition) seems like a possible interpretation, but doesn't quite entail embodiment of all principles simultaneously. (2) we could instead interpret this correspondence as the soul somehow conferring "general intelligence", i.e. the capacity to in principle solve any task computationally tractable by machines physically realized by apparatuses of a mass comparable to or less than that of the apparatus for our general intelligence. i find this interpretation facile, and it does not seem to permit the possibility that the golem is unable to speak. (3) these principles in particular are always at play at every moment of mental life. this is a claim most unparsimonious

another point: i can't help but feel that some of these metaphysical principles are obscure. in particular, why must each of these principles embodied by the letters be necessary? furthermore, how exactly do these principles function? if we associate a letter with a classical element (say fire), i still need to know what "fire" actually means. where do we see "fire" in an organism? why is this principle so metaphysically necessary? what does this principle do for the organism? furthermore, the application of this principle should be done in a uniform way. the "fire" in an organism should also be easily applicable to being the "fire" of a machine with literal difficulty. one such interpretation of "fire" in this instance could be "energy transformation". it is presumably necessary in order for us to have physical configurations characterized by lower local entropy while the 2nd law of thermodynamics still holding. if i have a problem with this interpretation, it is that it is too "physical" if that makes any sense. at any rate, all 22 letters ought to be interpreted in such a matter, otherwise it would just be symbolic navel gazing


the other side of things is with the homunculus, which i am not at all familiar with. if anyone here has knowledge about it, please share!
R: 2 / I: 0

/spoox/ - /gtcp/ - Greentext creepypastas

Create your own creepypastas here, using greentext, of course. The scarier the better.
R: 15 / I: 7


this is about some of the most weirdest conspiracy theories that are left wing
>> from Stalin being the second coming of Christ
<<to posadism
R: 21 / I: 5

Paranormal Experiences

Have any anons had spooky, apparently supernatural, or otherwise strange experiences?
R: 46 / I: 24

UFOs, The Space Comrades, and the Great Cosmic Horrors

This thread is dedicated in talking about the UFOs, how Area 51 has alien technology that was stolen from crashed UFOs, and the Space Comrades as we know them.

I will begin with my beliefs on the subject, first the Space Comrades are indeed real. Why do I think this, because one fuck the feremi Paradox, instead we have been looking for our Comrades in the wrong ways. If an Advance Civilization existed it most likely either too far away make reasonable contact. Second, using radio as a means of finding aliens is outdated, if you are so advanced you would not be still sending out radio waves through out the galaxy. Thirdly they have visited us in the distant past way before modern humans were a thing and just went on their ways. Final point is that if they are indeed out there they are actively studying us like the Grey Aliens do due to an treaty by Eisenhower to allow them study humans for exchange for weapons.

Now to get to the point of the Cosmic Horrors, space is so strange. That we don't even understand the universe as we like it and thus, because of this extreme unknown it causes one's mind to break. As there are the Great Old Ones out there slumbering Alien Civilizations waiting for their time to return to the forefront. These are the beings that we can't make sense. As we try to rationalize these beings, it only sends us into madness.
R: 12 / I: 1


So, how did the witches of reddit vs Allah fight go like?
Did they win?
R: 6 / I: 5


R: 49 / I: 17
Which conspiracy theories should I subscribe to as a leftist (aside from obvious ones like cointelpro or the JFK assasination and shit like that) and which one should I write off as schizo shit
R: 100 / I: 39

Hyperborea general

We're all riding the Kali Yuga together. ITT worship Hyperborea, denounce the modern world, discuss magick, aliens, theosophy and Atlantis. Only for people of Indo-Uralic and Indo-Aryan origin, no semites and reptilians allowed. Praise Evola (pbuh) and Guenon (pbuh). Praise the sun. This is a shitpost