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"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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if the thread gains some traction ill post some more ideas ive gathered over the years
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u guys can learn a ton about base building meta from the game rust, widegap peaks, roof peaks, inner peaks, optimal turret locations, jump down traps, honeycomb, etc. all this stuff is applicable to real life to


How much would something like this cost to get installed? https://www.atlassurvivalshelters.com/round-culvert/


File: 1663657494171.png (1.42 MB, 1769x1195, ClipboardImage.png)

"If you have to ask, you can't afford it" -Cynical Bob

Issues with that shelter:
1. You can't move pallets into this shelter. The Proletariat will be in need of logistics. That does not just mean enough for oneself, but enough for allies. It might be handy for these pallets to be underground.
2. Can pallets fit through all doors?

1. You already know it. Tested, tried, and true.
2. Smooth brain Excel Munchers such as ourselves can't guarantee the safety of our structures to guests.


>Fun sized bunkers made across the entire country by lone individuals of all political parties makes it impossible to decide which one to strike.

Maj i Enver Hoxhës Jeto përgjithmonë!



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Just don't talk about gun control
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Does the SRA do any gun shows? I saw this video of an NRA gun show and holy shit that's a glowie nest, and that was back in 2017.
At the very least, what should I look for when deciding what gun shows to visit?


lmao, classic


>Flea Market Socialist
AFAIK the SRA still doesn't have that kind of influence, unfortunately. The one gunshow I went to didn't really have any good deals, and from what I've heard, you're probably better off vising a gun store. Did have a fair selection though.


Как спастись от американского тепловизора? ATN MARS 4 | How to fool a thermal scope


File: 1668438370479.png (Spoiler Image, 78.08 KB, 614x421, commentary.png)

File: 1665117864303.png (316.58 KB, 390x379, ClipboardImage.png)


i want a smaller 9mm suggestions? something i can stick in a jacket pocket (IN A HOLSTER OF COURSE DIPSHITS) and i also want something with an optics cut because id like to get a red dot eventually.

am considering the hellcat, shield plus, kimber mako and glock 43x. i like the G43x but it seems to really not be much smaller than my 19.
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seems like the 43 pretty much renders the 26 obsolete tbh.


glock 43


P365 you fuckin munchkin
Already optics cut and shoots bullets good


American sig can lick my dick and balls.


oh also fondled a G43X at the gun store and not only was it perfect but also they had a model that came with a shield RMSc already installed for a good price.

File: 1645975564356.jpg (532.89 KB, 2000x1000, Submarine.jpg)


There’s a reason as to why they’re noticeably slower compared to other forms of transport and it’s because of water and pressure
Water is a polar molecule that uses hydrogen bonding to maintain form which means its boiling point is unsurprisingly high, this means it requires a FUCK TON of energy to move a submarine at conventional velocities, not to mention water pressure increases with depth on top of gravity means a submarine engine needs to produce the force required to overcome the boiling point of water on top of overcoming the gravitational pressure it experiences while being submerged, unsurprisingly this means most submarines are slow as shit and have to be transported with heavier machinery either airborn or at surface level
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>not to say these problems aren’t impossible to overcome it’s just that at current rates it’ll take decades
Because nobody is looking to do that, since it has no fucking advantage for submarines at the moment, a torpedo and missile are going to be faster, there is no point to making a submarine go blistering fast any more than already exists.


>Stealth is not nearly as much as a factor as you think it is
Yes it is, the Soviet submarines after the November class had comparable quietness to American ones through the decades. Those that detect the enemy first and remain undetected have the first-strike advantage. It' proven given that the Kilo class "black hole" are a major risk to the American navy including other submarines, and numerous tests using comparable DE boats have proven the viability of DE boats ambushing noisier, bigger targets like nuke boats.
>stealth only matters when your enemy is using passive sonar
Which is most of the time during military sub patrols, you don't reveal your position unless necessary, even in Cat/Mouse games. Obviously speed is also important but neither can be neglected anon.


No it's not, yes passive sonar is what is used 99% of the time but it's an incredibly complicated system that involves matching sound signatures and profiles with limited range, thermal variation, sound quality and and the screws of the ships with the sonar. The loudest Soviet sub was around 150 db, the loudest US sub was around 115 db. A humpback whale is 80 db. The Papa class was 125 db, Alfa 120, Oscar 115, Los Angeles 115, Viktor III 110, Akula 105 db. And yes you're right after the November Soviet subs did get a lot quieter but was never the main priority since positioning was the key above all else. They didn't want to get close to NATO battlegroups, they wanted to speed into range of a force, launch their payloads and get out. Even Soviet SSNs were designed specifically out position NATO SSNs, that meant running deeper, faster and a heavier payload. Stealth with passive sonar only matters if you're trying to sneak up and listen in on someone, but to the Soviets they didn't want to do that. NATO did, because they wanted to tail and follow Soviet subs. And like I said, the Soviets just flipped the table and outranshumanistATO weapons, they could approach full speed at an enemy and there wasn't jack shit they could do to them, they were essentially untouchable. In fact Soviet subs buzzed US subs all the time, often coming close to them, racing ahead, waiting for the US sub to catch up, then racing off again taking them on a wild goose chase. And you have completely avoided active sonar, it's not like radar where its use is coveted, is an enemy wants to protect something you bet your ass they're probably blasting active the whole time. US carrier groups ALWAYS have active on, which again is why the Soviets prefer outranging and outpositioning. And if they wanted to be stealthy, Soviet subs had something called a creep motor which was a little deployable electric screw that floated 50m above the main sub that propelled it at 2 knots and had a noise rating of 20 db. That's what they used when they wanted to be stealthy, diesel boats like the Whiskey and Kilo can't use it as they don't have the energy output for it, but a nuclear sub can.


>diesel boats like the Whiskey and Kilo can't use it as they don't have the energy output for it
because that's essentially the default of their electric motors.
You make an interesting post but you aren't really arguing against me, you don't have to begin every post as "No" and then proceed to post facts that I never even argued against.


>Knots are used by all navies.
ruh roh

File: 1636316173319-0.jpg (150.75 KB, 640x480, t-34.jpg)

File: 1636316173319-1.webm (4.03 MB, 1280x720, 1635835333667.webm)


The engineers behind the t-34 understood the logistical struggles of maintaining entire battalions of tanks where before they only existed in handfuls. Such an exponential expansion of the deployment of tanks, in tandem with the increasing complexity of tank parts and intricacies of tank design, meant that the modern war effort would require logistical feats never before preformed by any army. Innovations of the t-34 would include everything from sloping armor to increase deflection and grazing rates from enemy shells without substantially increasing production cost to simplifying turret design while not stripping functionality to maintain the maximal performance and accessibility while cutting down on logistical profile. The general design ethos of the USSR was to think smarter so they could fight harder, and longer. One of the innovations was its tank treads - rather than being fully bolted on both sides, only one side was bolted, and a raised metal plate was installed to prevent these bolts from slipping out from their position, decreasing the work needed to replace tank tracks while still maintaining full functionality.

This industrious and pragmatic design philosophy is what drove the war machine of the Red Army, making its constituent components consistent and interchangeable, and to make such work easy to preform. Any man or woman, from Siberian tribespeople to West Russian urbanites, could fight with equal skill and capability under the red banner. Meanwhile every German vehicle or weapon required specially trained crews, specially trained engineers, specially trained gunsmiths, all required to jump through the hoops of different corporate designs and methods to keep their weapons of war functional. Where the Germans had tanks so finnicky that only 50% of spare parts would be accepted in any given German tank, you could disassemble 100 T-34s, mix up the parts, and assemble 100 of them again, and they'd all run equally well. In a war of logistics, this streamlining and accessibility is what allowed for the USSR's tanks to stand against the Germans even with numerical inferiority, because of shorter time out of action for logistical or repair work. As the number of T-34s increased, they started to geometrically outnumber them. then, exponentially outnumber them.

Simplified and streamlined designs with accessibility and consistency will win out against the most "advanced" and "complex" of designs, because war is not waged in a way thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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<Where do tanks come from?
>The title of the essay is deliberate for exactly that point — tanks are a very complex piece of machinery that are a requisite for fighting an actually existing, real world revolution — yet the process to produce one is very complex and requires not only factories, but many other means of production working in conjunction with their production, all of which ‘have to be on the same page, while effectively fighting a war.’ You cannot merely produce tanks, but must also be capable of controlling and defending the elements of production, and organizing the tanks into action (as well as training and practice).
>In any real world, actually existing revolution, tanks will necessarily be involved, at some point and in some meaningful and decisive capacity.



I've noticed lately that there's been an upsurge of content trying to defend the British Empire, its failures and atrocities to the point of absurdity.


File: 1651815176483.png (510.31 KB, 694x432, ClipboardImage.png)

Haha yes, I was waiting for this joke.


File: 1652843444651.gif (945.86 KB, 300x300, 3485_000_213.gif)

This thread makes me wish the board had been called T34 sometimes, hah.


>Warthunder Russian Bias IRL

File: 1665516921189.png (2.12 MB, 1080x1439, ClipboardImage.png)


Where are you getting ammo? Have you found any good deals online lately? Anything in particular you advise to avoid, or that you recommend?

I will start us off - recently went through about a hundred rounds of norma range and training.
Bought it at a shit price of like $0.50/round because LGS, seems to be available at a more reasonable $0.32/round online.
* grouped ok with no keyholing
* consistently failed to lock the slide back, however, there was no short stroking. could be a skill issue with me holding the slide release down by accident, i'm going to run it with some winchester white box and +P's and see if the issue persists.
overall im still not sure whether this round is good or not, so this is kind of a shit first post, but im hoping it will inspire some conversation+posting on good cheap ammo


forgot to mention - it is the 9mm norma range and training in particular

File: 1652840485370-0.png (400.42 KB, 586x750, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1652840485370-1.png (261.13 KB, 547x649, ClipboardImage.png)


Thought we should have a caliber discussion since we keep having it in different threads.
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Meme response that doesn't really mean anything honestly. Different cartridges have wildly different properties like greater or lower recoil, range, armour penetrative ability, wounding/incapacitating potential, weight, muzzle flash, smoke, audibility, velocity, potential for subsonic chamberings, stability in the air, bullet rise and drop, as well as dirtiness/corrosiveness in the barrel, price, cost/difficulty of manufacturing, availability for purchase/aquirement in different areas and circumstances, legality etc.


Because the DoD and contractors are scam chads who are making a shitty needlessly complex jacket just to cost more money and be harder to produce in addition to likely not being as easy to reload for the civvie market.


what do you guys think about 6.5 creedmoor? I heard that ballistics has it as slightly better than .308 but I wonder if it will stay popular or if it will just be a fad like 6.5 grendel


which caliberussy is the best?


For what application and where or in general?

File: 1658800196629-0.jpg (132.55 KB, 790x530, TGmSeQh.jpg)

File: 1658800196629-1.jpg (45.35 KB, 349x500, MEsX0JA.jpg)

File: 1658800196629-2.jpg (29.08 KB, 600x395, wjxOa6t.jpg)

File: 1658800196629-3.jpg (61.53 KB, 790x511, TV8AbbA.jpg)


I feel like most of the world has forgotten about the 1st and 2nd Chechen wars and I honestly see similarities in Ukraine, especially with Chechens fighting on either side and some fighting out of a pure hatred for Russia.

I'm curious to hear some lefty stances on them.


>90% of people in the West after February 24th, 2022


This guy Yevgeny Rodionov was executed by Chechens and was canonized as a saint by the Russian Orthodox Church. There is also an icon of him in a Ukrainian church in Kharkov, but I imagine it's been removed by now


>people forgot about Chechnya
Ngga are you retarded no one is that fucking young to have that and the shit that went on in Bosnia, Tigray, Libya, etc not still deeply burned into their memory. It’s just that shitloads of wars have been going on since then that it’s hard to pay attention to how much death has been occurring


Good lesson in urban insurgency and COIN

File: 1642437648859-2.jpeg (95.25 KB, 723x605, image60.jpeg)

File: 1642437648859-3.jpg (488.4 KB, 2184x1313, romans entrenching.jpg)


excavating tunnels, trenches, ditches, ramparts, moats, holes, any kind of defensive earthwork where industrial machinery isn't viable

you can get most stuff off of amazon or any hardware or milsurp store
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Easier and cheaper to hire immigrants


Paperwork, paper trail, people that talk while drunk, more foot traffic.


Just hire them like any sane person does, paperless labor saves the enviroment. I would imagine a boring machine would have about the same effect as well, even if nobody talks the chances of you getting on a list increase.


Just register Jojo's boring company you'll be fine


Could be good in a country with lots of subsidies actually

File: 1637003100567.jpg (71.73 KB, 849x473, jones-civil-war.jpg)


The talk of a new civil war has been going on for a long while now that it almost sounds like a worn out trope.
But how does leftypol feel about it? How could it start, run and end?
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One thing no one has mentioned is that lenin says a prerequisite to communist revolution is a divided bourgeoisie (along with general revolutionary sentiment in the people, and the obvious failure of petite-bourgeois solutions). If the elites are divided (they are very divided, though they could stand to be more divided rn. Currently finance+rentier+tech(+tax+insurance) capital is very dominant and commercial+industrial+petite-bourgeois interests are subservient, but as imperialism falters and the screws tighten on the productive sectors (the second group), they'll start trying hard to get out of the things stifling profitability: labor aristocracy and the "entitlement" around good standard of living, taxes, protection rackets in general like insurance, and they may even side with reactionary petite-bourgeoisie in pseudo-revolutionary talk attacking rentier capital which is also an unnecessary burden on development (could even go as far as land reform promises, but i doubt it). And some petite-bourgeois conservative socialists will side with the productive capital against finance capital, and some will side with finance and their fancy AI, but ultimately both are a distraction from the real truth: they are divided, and the more divided the more the time is ripe)–

ok long parentheses tangent interrupted that small sentence so i'll restate it: If the elites are divided, then what it means for us is that it's high time to organize the working people against both sides, in service of our interests. We don't need to lay down and wait for the bourgeoisie to fight it out. Mostly it doesn't matter and they dont want a big fight. They'll just be deadlocked and do stupid shit like they always do, like assassinations and election fraud at worst.

If there's gonna be a civil war, we gotta start it. And we start it when the bourgeois factions are at each others necks and out for blood. Not to play them against each other or give a fuck about their sides, but because they're weak. They fight a two front battle and we fight a one-front one.

I think Canada would become the new hub of finance capital if anything happened to it in the US. All the elites would hide away in UK and NZ. "Canada" would prolly invade or start proxy shit to destroy whats left of the US (out of pettyness), but it would really be the old gov and elites (or the losing ones at Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


All out civil war is very unlikely to happen, but Gonzaloism or Years of Lead or low level spergouts planned by glowie Gladio could be possible.


File: 1663069819070.png (106.57 KB, 1256x630, ncpc.png)

funny such a thing could b said? seems everyone is ready is ready cannibalize each tbh given an actual crisis


don't get brainworms from the spectacle
People are mad, but a war needs sides. There aren't even geographic differences holding back development or anything. Most people aren't racist, much much fewer are racist enough to not only kill also live as actual soldiers in an ongoing war. What's left? What division is there to divide america? Look to the past as well btw - the superficial beef/split among the political superstructure is just between two different routes of class-collaborationist militaristic & repressive rule. They will be able to come together when the time comes (or be scared into submission), just like all historical transitions from democracy to fascism. The bourgeoisie puts up limp resistance. So this is not a source of real division. The only thing left is class.

How will a class civil war sustain itself? Only if there is a coherent class ideology to sustain both sides (or else it'll be one-sided terror). Well, we live inundated with bourgeois ideology. What's the component that's needed for civil war then? Proletarian ideology. What does this mean for a proletariat which is not yet in possession of a society in its making? It means an understanding of its current repression by the ruling class, as well as it's historical mission.

Right now, civil war means communism. Ergo, we're not ready for civil war (or else we're ready for revolutionary war - which we are not).

Since we're lacking the proletarian ideology, why not predict more of the same? More black snipers, more riots and crimewaves, more schizo right wing terrorists, maybe the return of anarchist+leftist propaganda of the deed, and a good helping of state terrorism and union busting. As well as street skirmishes, etc.


Biden vs. Trump was a big split in American society and it wasn't even class based. Both were bourgeoisie and managed to rally riots/low level insurgency (BLM and George Floyd riots for Biden, MAGA and Capitol Hill storming for Trump.)

There will be another Trump and another Biden/Hillary Clinton. There will be another intra-bourgeoisie shitfight and that's the most likely thing to lead to civil war.

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