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"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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File: 1637003100567.jpg (71.73 KB, 849x473, jones-civil-war.jpg)


The talk of a new civil war has been going on for a long while now that it almost sounds like a worn out trope.
But how does leftypol feel about it? How could it start, run and end?
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That is a fantastic point which brings us to factor…

3. The last American Civil War happened as a result of a conflict between the bourgeoisie. These were the American elite of the time. Today the American elite really composes of super technocrats/techno-capitalists. If you watch the WEF or any other gathering of these various elites you'll know exactly the kind of people I'm talking about here. These are the kind of people who call the American government "USG." They all come from the university system, they all speak the same professional language, and These technocrats occupy pretty much every strata of the American system from the Mega-Corporations to the various departments and bureaus of the state. They are the reason that Black Rock has been called "the fourth branch of government" or that the media calls itself "the fifth estate." Much like how the French Revolution of 1789 and its avatar Napoleon was universally fought by European states of the early 19th century only for its tenants and reforms to be adopted gradually and universalized by the 20th, the Fascist regimes of mid-century Europe have left their mark on the managerial systems of the United States.

All of that being said there must be a fault line or a fissure between these elites and after 2016 we've seen them circle the wagons on pretty much every single major issue. As things heat up however, maybe some will get cold feet, others might realize that the system's going to start trimming the fat and turn on it. A lot of these can happen when the times get hard. This is when we may see the pool of dissident elites growing. I personally doubt many of them will be communist or socialist because the elite seems to consistently absorb this strata so we may see many more reactionary or neo-reactionary dissidents.


Rather than something similar to the first American Civil War with clearly defined lines, it'll probably be more like an increasingly widespread and lethal amount of instability and unrest, something more similar to the Irish Troubles. The country already saw an attempted coup last year, along with increasing numbers of mass shootings, general violence and other whatnot.

Does anyone think there might be some kind of armed intervention from anywhere else if it happens (NATO or LATAM for instance)?


>Rather than something similar to the first American Civil War with clearly defined lines, it'll probably be more like an increasingly widespread and lethal amount of instability and unrest
A very good point to raise and something people often miss. I like contrasting this potential war to the Bosnian War. The main key difference would of course be the fact that in Bosnia, the national lines people seceded from (in hopes they could unify to their main homelands, as was the case for the Croats and Serbs in Bosnia) were very clearly defined. Why? Because all the Serbs, Croats, and Bosniaks lived together in territories that had cultural cohesion in Bosnia. Bosnia in 1991 was already divided for war, the situation that preceded the fighting facilitated its start.

In the US this will be different. Yes there are such concepts as Black Belt and whatnot, but people nonetheless still live far less concentrated among ethnic/national lines than in Bosnia before the war. This will make it so this war would be even more lethal and brutal than Bosnia since the borders will be even less well defined, so the fighting to define those borders properly will be necessarily bloodier. We can expect many factions to pop up in this potential war; a group of many ethnicites that will seek to mantain territorial integrity (but likely will still be dominated by white centrists), black nationalists wanting to secede and form New Afrika or a new nation-state akin to that concept, white nationalists seeking their ethnostate, Latinos, people seeking to implement their long-held secesionist fantasies for their states such as California or Texas. It will be a fucking genocidal shitshow.

I really wonder who would the rest of the world support (if they decide to get involved). What would Canada or Mexico do? It's interesting to speculate.


One thing no one has mentioned is that lenin says a prerequisite to communist revolution is a divided bourgeoisie (along with general revolutionary sentiment in the people, and the obvious failure of petite-bourgeois solutions). If the elites are divided (they are very divided, though they could stand to be more divided rn. Currently finance+rentier+tech(+tax+insurance) capital is very dominant and commercial+industrial+petite-bourgeois interests are subservient, but as imperialism falters and the screws tighten on the productive sectors (the second group), they'll start trying hard to get out of the things stifling profitability: labor aristocracy and the "entitlement" around good standard of living, taxes, protection rackets in general like insurance, and they may even side with reactionary petite-bourgeoisie in pseudo-revolutionary talk attacking rentier capital which is also an unnecessary burden on development (could even go as far as land reform promises, but i doubt it). And some petite-bourgeois conservative socialists will side with the productive capital against finance capital, and some will side with finance and their fancy AI, but ultimately both are a distraction from the real truth: they are divided, and the more divided the more the time is ripe)–

ok long parentheses tangent interrupted that small sentence so i'll restate it: If the elites are divided, then what it means for us is that it's high time to organize the working people against both sides, in service of our interests. We don't need to lay down and wait for the bourgeoisie to fight it out. Mostly it doesn't matter and they dont want a big fight. They'll just be deadlocked and do stupid shit like they always do, like assassinations and election fraud at worst.

If there's gonna be a civil war, we gotta start it. And we start it when the bourgeois factions are at each others necks and out for blood. Not to play them against each other or give a fuck about their sides, but because they're weak. They fight a two front battle and we fight a one-front one.

I think Canada would become the new hub of finance capital if anything happened to it in the US. All the elites would hide away in UK and NZ. "Canada" would prolly invade or start proxy shit to destroy whats left of the US (out of pettyness), but it would really be the old gov and elites (or the losing ones at Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


All out civil war is very unlikely to happen, but Gonzaloism or Years of Lead or low level spergouts planned by glowie Gladio could be possible.

File: 1638244931152.jpg (200.22 KB, 508x350, plncol9[1].jpg)


Alright, so I won't go too much into it, but as I'm sure you've all noticed, there is a distinct lack of competent organizations and combat readiness in the left. While it may just be a stereotype, the idea of the skinny and weak anarchist can sum up most of the left that wishes to engage in direct action, mostly by using outdated manuals and romanticized ideas of war. As such, I had, a few years ago, taken it upon myself to release training videos to some of you in order to get you up to speed on the basics of the basics. That, unfortunately, seems to have fallen through on the account of my job, which often has me traveling and doing other things that I won't go into because they are totally uninteresting and unrelated to the topic at hand. As such, we will go into a few key steps you should be taking in order to prepare yourself for introductory training, should it ever be offered to you. Yes, you read that correctly, you must train yourself to be trained. You do not have the luxury of being part of an organized military force, though I would not critique you if that is the route you are wanting to take, as it would be hypocritical. I will limit the topic to individual training, equipment, and self-selection because the whole of military science is a broad topic that is not wholly known by any one individual. Please understand this so that my limitations do not become a hindrance to your growth as a potential combat soldier. Seek training from experienced individuals, even if you have to hide your power level. Consider me just another voice on the internet. I do not intend to use credentials or authority on the subject to get you to do as I say, but I would appreciate it if you thought about a few things. Thank you for reading.
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I will not expand on the training

As far as millitias go they will be made up of reservist(fighters who have been through basic training but now continue with their life),level 1,5 party members and volunteers .
They should have a distinct structure, some short of local popular commite , they will be trained ad hoc by fighters and will be armed with basic stuff they need for defence(small arms maybe something anti tank) .


I was asking myself the same question and the two answers you got are really off the mark, so I thought about it and I'd like feedback to see if there's any holes in my views, note that I have no combat training whatsoever and no experience past street fights with the police during riots and protests where we used comprehensive tactics such as black bloc, buddy system, with intelligence, medical and legal teams as support etc. (we should do a thread about that someday)

European countries have for the most part gun control laws and no conscription so people are untrained and are unable to access weapons. What revolutionaries who want to fight should prepare for is the moment when mass movements will potentially devolve into armed conflicts and civil wars. At this point weapons will become accessible trough the looting of military and police stockpiles.

So the thing to do meanwhile is to prepare for things that do not necessitate weapons, fitness, combat medic training, theory of small unit tactics, basic survivalism, how to do urban warfare, how to function in cells, OPSEC, INFOSEC, stockpiling supplies, drugs etc etc.

For actual and physical training with firearms, there is travel, it can be expensive, it necessitates contacts, it can be flagged but it's one of the ways. Say you know people in the US who happen to know about guns and you travel there for vacations for example. I don't know how useful it can be to train in small teams with airsoft/wooden guns but I think it still can be useful because I saw that some armed forces with supplies issues trained their soldiers with mock ups.

Note that groups like "action directe" and "rote armee fraktion" operated in Europe for a long time and didn't have extensive military education, even though RAF people traveled to Palestine to get some firearm training. Although I think this kind of vanguardist - some would say adventurist - strategy they did is quite sterile because it lacked mass support, it's interesting to look at how they formed and operated to know what's possible to do with the right tactics, even though state security services came a long way since then.

To conclude I'd like to say that I think it's quite useless to look at how party based revolutionaries operated decades ago in other continents and hoping for something similar because big communist parties in Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Why don't we see soldiers in Ukraine combat footage doing this?


Is there a way to train while having asthma(use the inhaler occasionally after sprints if I'm really bad, otherwise can exercise without it) or am I just fucked?


dropping us naby opsec manual. as commies we should copy paste it and make a similar one in all our orgs

File: 1654001278423.png (1007.61 KB, 1280x838, ClipboardImage.png)


No more guns for Canadiens. Pretty big news isn't it?

>All rifles are now illegal and will be bought back

>Ownership of handguns still legal but sale illegal, probably will be made illegal shortly.
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registration equals confiscation
also look up cnc mills, you can produce shitty ones with a 3d printer and basic materials and they may suffice for making an upper reciever and you can the rest in 3d printed plastic with like a wood or polymer (handmade or injection molded) stock


If they didn't ban any new ones recently then there is a ton of good ones available still although registration for all sales is baaaaaaad news


ok so this way they can ban basically all rifles without having to admit they're banning all rifles. clever


all semi-auto anyways

but in the future i guess they could ban the rest of the guns. they could say bolt actions of high calibre are dangerous, they could say shotguns are dangerous. ban anything of high calibre period. and in the end we'll be left with single shot .22lr lever actions only. and then they can ban those easily too. since everyone will have to get the gun registered it will be easy to force laws that make people hand over their guns or face punishment and confiscation anyways.


File: 1655256084181.mp4 (8.12 MB, 960x720, trudeau castro.mp4)

>canadians continue to be limpdick liberals
Can't spell CanUCK without CUCK


I'm in Ohio, and I'm going to pride with my family. I'm worried about shit like idaho happening where I'm going. shitheads pictured

former military, but it's been a bit since I've shot. do plan on shooting again and familiarizing myself again.

Ohio allows concealed pistols now with no license

what should I buy?

money is not a major concern, was thinking about shit like ruger 9mm ofc. may also go with an ar15 as it's easy to find.

The problem with an AR tho is that it'll freak out the normies carrying it openly.
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and freak ppl out



Yea was thinking about just going ar. the whole point of this is to be armed for pride in my backwater shithole so getting an ar just to lock it up for pride is dumb.

So was just thinking about getting a smaller handgun, which I had as a side arm when I was in. so I should be good, just want something smaller then I had when I was in.

I'll just go with a compact 9mm and conceal I think.


probably a good idea


Don't, you'd only shoot yourself with that


File: 1655248199912-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 765.79 KB, 1760x1730, the classic.jpg)

File: 1655248199912-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 221.87 KB, 1376x915, imagine being killed by th….jpg)

Bring this.
Open carry.

File: 1655168053659.png (1.66 MB, 1265x951, ClipboardImage.png)


Check out the new Rheinmetall tank, it has the new 130mm L51 cannon https://www.reddit.com/r/MilitaryPorn/comments/vb9awg/new_rheinmetall_kf51_tank_equipped_with_130mm/


LMAO they've been talking about that 130mm canon for years on end, yet another demo gun on a "next gen tank" that isn't going to reach production anytime soon because it is BEYOND cost-prohibitive, it's unfeasible in the current economic climate.


I should've clarified, this isn't actually a "new" tank; the only thing that is new is the turret and the cannon, but it's mounted on a Leo2A4 chassis. The new tank will eventually have a new chassis.


the good: down in weight, up in speed, more armor and defense gadgets, auto-loader, it looks fierce
the bad: meme gun , even bigger turret (soon it'll be as big as the lower half)

The bigger gun means less ammo, and it means overhauling logistics, this is design for profit, not design for combat. It makes all the old stuff incompatible and that causes more military contracts down the line. To justify a huge tube you have to make it do artillery trajectories as well. IMHO the real scifi move is to pack more energy into a smaller projectile.

It's also a software defined tank, so this could mean it's super flexible, or proprietary software hell that makes soldiers download a software-crack so that they can enable all the features of the tank. When circumventing DRM means life.

It's got drone stuff too i don't really have much of an opinion on that, the reconnaissance stuff makes sense, drone weapons however are long range and they could just be loaded into a normal truck, long range stuff doesn't need armor or a tracked vehicle.


Looks kinda goofy


So best small-arms ==> Russian
Best aircraft ==> American
Best tanks ==> ? (we can discuss this itt since it's probably the most controversial and divisive topic)
And for others;
Best drones?
Best missiles? (tactical or otherwise)
Best electronic warfare?
Feel free to add any other category of military technology to discuss which country has the best of it


Most categories will just be toss-ups between the USA and Russia since they both have the institutional knowledge to produce all modern weapons. The exception is tanks and tracked howitzers since Germany does both pretty good.

If you want to have more contenders, you need to go more niche. Best corvette, frigate, attack and transport helicopter can be contested by Europe. Best light anti-tank rocket and anti-tank guided missiles can also be contested by multiple countries as can best APC (tracked or wheeled) and best IFV

File: 1652033161294.jpg (1.17 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_20220508_140449.jpg)


Hey /AKM/, what do you think of my new neck knife?
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I was considering learning martial arts since guns for self defence are illegal in my cunt but I reckon a knife would do the trick, thoughts?




How many dicks have you amputated with it?


Can I suck your dick?


dfkgjdflkgdfkgdf holy shit pls top me

File: 1652840485370-0.png (400.42 KB, 586x750, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1652840485370-1.png (261.13 KB, 547x649, ClipboardImage.png)


Thought we should have a caliber discussion since we keep having it in different threads.
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I think the idea is to gear up for a war against China and Russia who use body armor against which 5.56 is non ideal


The story of .277 Fury is such a funny one to me

>US military industrial complex has been trying to replace the M16/M4 for decades

>Eventually someone says enough is enough and the military HAS to replace the gun now
>Russia has been demonstrating advanced body armor, and there are rumors they might sell it to China and Iran
>And hey, China is where everyone buys cheap NIJ IV anyway
>So the new round has to be able to punch through NIJ IV at 100yds

>three years pass

>the winning rifle is selected, it's high recoil but accurate as hell and the new scope basically turns infantry into aimbots
>Russia invades Ukraine
>Everyone starts noticing some issues
>not only did that advanced body armor never get made, but their troops are often sent into battle with FUCKING CARDBOARD shoved in their plate carriers

It's literally the same shit as with the MiG-25. Russia spends their money on demonstrating a plane that goes really fast and does nothing else, the US freaks out and develops a next generation fighter jet that obliterates any chance of competition for the next twenty years, and then it's revealed that the US overreacted and developed futuristic weapons to counter a military that literally steals washing machines for spare cash.




>he thinks they were preparing for Russia.

Chinese Army To Procure 1.4 Million Units Of Body Armor



Officially it was for "near-peer threats," so Russia/China/Iran. The program started in 2017, back when Russia was showing off Ratnik (which never existed) and personal armor that could stop .50 BMG dead in its tracks (which also didn't exist). The US was preparing Ukraine for an invasion that they knew was coming, which is why they originally wanted the winner chosen by October of last year, but further testing was required and it got delayed another 6 months.

The PLA didn't even mention the need for body armor until a year later in their 2018 roadmap, and didn't order any until two years after that. I find it kind of strange that the Chinese waited so long, because Americans had been buying cheap Chinese ceramic plates on Wish.com for years prior (though only about 5% were as strong as advertised, most were just hard plastic or incredibly shitty quality, a few were good).


Why have these two weapon systems stood the test of time? I know the UK uses the SA and China uses the QBZ but where else in the world you see other nations adopt these weapon systems? It seems that the m16 line and the Kalashnikovs have the most "mass produced" and used status.
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It's because they've been doing firearms research for forty years under the guise of an M16/M4 replacement program. The only difference now is that Milley is the first guy in 40 years to be tired of the wasteful spending. Hell, the guy advocated just giving every soldier a Glock 19 because it's cheaper than testing out a new modular pistol.

"We're not figuring out the next lunar landing. This is a pistol. Two years to test? At $17 million? You give me $17 million on a credit card, and I'll call Cabela's tonight, and I'll outfit every soldier, sailor, airman and Marine with a pistol for $17 million. And I'll get a discount on a bulk buy."

It's an expensive program to be certain, but $150 million for the first year of production is less than 0.02% of the US military annual budget, and only gets cheaper once the rifles are in service and ammo is in large-scale production.

Most of all, I think a lot of the opposition to it is simply because the M16/M4 has been around forever. I'm old enough to where my dad would tell me about how he hated "that goddamn plastic Mattel piece of shit," but now after decades of improvements nobody in the general public even remembers that we ever used anything else.


> The only difference now is that Milley is the first guy in 40 years to be tired of the wasteful spending
Is he the guy that said he read Mao or Marx?



“I’ve read Mao Zedong. I’ve read Karl Marx. I’ve read Lenin. That doesn’t make me a communist. So what is wrong with having some situational understanding about the country which we are here to defend?”


I love the line of thinking that it's cheaper to replace every rifle in the US military than to let research keep embezzling all the money under the guise of developing one


>Advanced Combat Rifle program cost $300 million
>OICW program cost $100 million
>Individual Carbine program cost $1.8 billion

Milley was the guy that canceled the last one for being wasteful. After a $1.8 billion waste of a program, it changes your perspective on how much you can do for that kind of cash. It literally becomes a better idea to say "fuck it, give us battle rifles that double as DMRs and put fancy terrifying aimbot scopes on em. Just stop spending money on nothing."

File: 1652557465416.jpg (83.05 KB, 992x744, ar-15s.jpg)


Is an AR-15 the best rifle to get if you're looking to arm yourself? I know it's incredibly popular in the US, but I'm not sure how much of that is just people trying to operator larp.

- Cheap ammo
- Ample parts
- Easy to use

- Complex
- Low powered round
- High-profile sights
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alright, let's see who on leftypol is actually hazguns and who is just fronting. ar thread so let's start with a build list. here's my main squeeze. just an ar-15 with a few simple mods

knight's armament sr-15 lower
vltor MUR upper
rainier arms stainless steel match barrel
16" mid-length
vltor a5h2 and sprinco green spring
magpul miad
geissele mk14 rail black
railscales g10 grips
arisaka fingerstop
streamlight hl-x with cloud defensive tape switch mount
kahles k16i 3gr reticle
arisaka offset mount
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


derp forgot the bcm fde bcg. heart of the rifle lmao


>sr-15 lower
Where the hell do you even get sr-15 bits nowadays? I'm trying to get a 14.5" or 11.5" upper, and I'm at a loss where to look if I don't want to spend 3k on one from a scalper on fuddbroker.


I'm a Canuck, wouldn't know. It's impossible up here save for.some.boutique shops that go out of their way for super limited releases. I got mine from Gun Gear or something. Kac overrated anyway. LMT is better.


poverty pony lower with a build kit from cera-tac

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