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"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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File: 1657129200215.png (3.25 MB, 5000x7000, poorfag2022v2small-min.png)


Are you poor as shit but still want to have a gun for protection or other purposes? Don't be unarmed, use this handy chart, and you too can be the proud owner of a firearm.
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At a gun club or gunsmith. Some storage unit businesses have gun safes.


File: 1659563670625.gif (1.84 MB, 398x498, yoda.gif)

I have access to a bunch of weird chemicals and fireworks i can stuff in a big bucket


You can't shoot someone in the head with an IR laser.


If they are actually making savings, and have several hundred dollars, they can simply save for longer to buy a better gun. You are arguing that someone who has at least a couple hundred bucks should dump it immediately on a shit gun and I am arguing that if you can save $200, you can wait a bit to save $400 and buy a non shit gun.

You claim that "no one should ever not have a gun", well, the people who are on here considering buying their first gun don't have a gun, and they've made it thus far in life. One would expect that they could go a little longer without a gun and get a decent one rather than buying some dogshit hi point for half the price.

Your argument makes even less sense when you factor in ammo costs, because if you are training even semi regularly your ammo costs are going to be more expensive than your gun pretty quickly. So let's say you spend $200 on a hi point and then $300 on 1000 rounds of ammo, or you drop $400 on a real pistol and $100 on ~300 rounds. Same cost overall between the two. I can fucking promise you that someone with 300 rounds on a p10c or springfield xd will outshoot someone with a thousand rounds on a hi point. Hell, you can have ten thousand rounds on that hi point and they'll still outshoot you.

You are seriously suggesting that someone buys a SINGLE STACK BLOWBACK PISTOL with an EIGHT ROUND magazine capacity and God knows how bad a trigger, over an actual decent pistol, to skip a few months of saving or get a few hundred extra rounds of ammo. You are STUPID uygha. And at that point you might as well buy a god damn revolver from a pawn shop because it'll be better quality and you'll only miss TWO rounds jesus christ. Fuck off noguns larper.


This man speaks the truth. Although if you are going to get a cheap dot, please at least get a nicer one like a Holosun or something. There's no point buying an actual airsoft red dot because it's going to cost you at least a hundred bucks to get your slide milled for an optic regardless so you're not saving that much proportionate to the total cost.


File: 1650266541724.jpg (138.85 KB, 1002x1024, 1649555676962.jpg)


Boots or sneakers?


Depends on your environment and what you're doing. Either way if you are at risk of rolling your ankles like in a combat scenario than wrap your lases around your heel and back (there is often a little flap at the back to thread them through) before you tie to offer some greater support




boots from a purely aesthetic perspective
i still see them greatly used by military
with terrorists its more 50/50


both? completely dependent on situation, fit and preference.


khadyrov looks like such a retard in that pic lol those boots look like dogshit, he couldn't more obviously be a fat old man trying his best to look like a cool operator.
anyways uh, proper boots (~3lbs) if you're carrying loads of 30lbs or more, light boots(high top hiking shoes) if you're carrying 15-30lbs, trail runners for anything below that. Optionally substitute trail runners for light boots if you're on flat and well-packed terrain. Do not consider not wearing some form of boot if you are carrying a pack of above 15 pounds anywhere with loose rock, you might think you can control it but fatigue is a bitch on fine muscle control and loose small rocks can trick you by looking more stable than they are - you don't want a rolled ankle 10 miles in to anywhere. get a modern boot, should cost you about $130-$150, buy once, cry once, take care of them.

File: 1642967488901.jpg (58.37 KB, 679x509, 297363.jpg)


If AUKUS was tragedy, then this is farce


What the fuck LMAO


File: 1645714731156.png (420.77 KB, 2560x1796, War_in_Ukraine_(2022)_en.png)



The sole 3 worst nationalities in europe christ. angloids, pooland and cuckrainians


inconceivable that the Dutch wouldn't make this list

File: 1650420308099.jpg (15 KB, 274x400, s-l400.jpg)


So fascists are becoming reckless in my city and although I'm now terminally online enough to not get in those stupid fights anymore they since recently keep doing those retarded flash attacks on places leftists have. My old father sometimes does the dude at the counter ready to receive anyone in an anarchist library which was attacked like two days ago and there's no way I'm letting him keep doing that without any protection so I'm getting him weapons, but legal and non lethal. Since the fucks attacking come in between 5 and 20 people I want to get him a big ass pepper spray but the legal limit is 100ml here.

So is it sufficient to push away a cowardly rightist gang probably drunk? Are there any tricks to deter relatively big groups of retarded people without hurting anyone too much for a smart average joe using non lethal and legal weapon?

Also thread to discuss those weapons I guess.
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Oh shit why didnt I think of this before. Since they do this when drunk what if you just use footage of them and show it to people that sell alcohol and see if you can get them to deny them service?

Have you also considered filing a restraining order? They cost money to file sometimes so any favoritism cops may have may go away.


Got me, don't forget to listen to good music on your way of killing yourself


OP what did you wind up doing?


you are full of shit or delusional. stop looking for a fight you freak.


File: 1659564352953-0.png (1.7 MB, 1000x750, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1659564352953-1.png (1.16 MB, 720x960, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1659564352953-2.png (97.59 KB, 425x354, ClipboardImage.png)


bold of you to assume the moment you threat with non lethal violence they won't resort to lethal violence and then make a day with a case of how it was a "patriot exercising self defense against those antifa terrorists"

What you want is a "handheld struggle ender"
or like we like to call it down here a "farm knife" but what we're thinking is "cuchillo saca tripas" (gutting knife)

heard you can get a couple used ones on ebay and shit.
if you know how to hit a gut shot fight's over before anyone knows because what you're doing is quite literally hooking someone's innards inside out.

heard you can get one at mexican "hood" stores
but if you can't find one cus they are a bit difficult to come by (which is why i'm forging mine)
you can just go for the "csgo kiddie" version the karambit which i'm convinced you can get quite literally anywhere.
not even half as devastating but you can get a couple good cuts to come out on top anyway.

File: 1637034343846-0.jpg (877.05 KB, 2472x1612, rpg infographic.jpg)

File: 1637034343846-2.jpg (173.48 KB, 1200x800, EaFd-AlXQAEG5EO.jpg)

File: 1637034343846-3.jpg (161.9 KB, 1242x1230, qaaojhdgd1q61.jpg)


Post pics related to war and the military - outfits, equipment, weapons, vehicles, doesn't necessarily have to be leftist
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Russian VDV during the 2022 Invasion


File: 1658406837274.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.68 MB, 4032x3024, 08FBBE1B-9966-4294-88CB-4….jpeg)

NVA Gefreiter parade uniform


https://fbi.gov/FM74S5tyR2 Server for commie militaria discussion



File: 1659230242354-0.mp4 (961.7 KB, 1280x720, XG0sFqgVxCQ6ZRfF.mp4)

File: 1659230242354-1.jpg (72.17 KB, 500x518, FYdBGIZWIAAjFdk.jpg)

File: 1659230242354-2.jpg (913.27 KB, 4030x1618, FY0emtbUUAAp2Wp.jpg)

File: 1658686844320-0.png (389.59 KB, 640x480, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1658686844320-1.png (156.85 KB, 500x453, ClipboardImage.png)


what are some lesser known leftists guerilla/insurgent groups that you feel more people should know about it. . I was recently learning about the Dalforce, an insurgent group created the battle of Singapore, primarily made up of local chinese men who were members of various leftists parties, at most they had a month of training(at best) but mostly trained under armed a week, armed with machetes, shothuns and old hunting rifels, the resisted the Japanese and fought them up close, it was a doomed effort and they had a high causality rate but they fought till the end
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don't know how to feel about those guys, cause they made some really stupid decisions that got them either arrested or killed


yeah i'm not a big fan either I just figured they satisfied the thread's criteria


Black Guerrilla Family
Tankie Black Power prison group turned unhinged prison gang that whacked George Jackson's (one of their co-founders) lawyer and Huey Newton
They made the SLA look sane
They just move drugs and other petty criminal shit now


happened to the Shining Path as well, they just became drug traffickers in their last stages


you think that's bad, read up the Squamish Five
>were a group of self-styled "urban guerrillas" active in Canada during the early 1980s
>The group's first action was in 1982: vandalizing the British Columbia Ministry of Environment offices.[2] They began training with stolen weapons in a deserted area north of Vancouver and stole a large cache of dynamite belonging to the Department of Highways.[3]

They bomber some shops and stores, got arrested and were declared as revolutionary martys and heroes

File: 1637003870881-0.jpg (89.24 KB, 640x400, fa_ar_as_m01.jpg)

File: 1637003870881-1.jpg (36.48 KB, 900x486, bjmdmnqd-900.jpg)

File: 1637003870881-2.jpg (116.95 KB, 615x936, image.jpg)


You read the title. Post guns that look awesome.
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File: 1648803234759.jpg (46.09 KB, 700x287, calicopp2.jpg)

Calico M960 is the best SMG ever made.


File: 1650684550536.jpg (132.1 KB, 1280x853, FQ_jNm1XsAgj_J9.jpg)



File: 1658535646453.jpg (248.02 KB, 2400x1350, 1658535627124.jpg)


File: 1658535808676.mp4 (9.88 MB, 1280x720, 0inqfy4zn7391.mp4)


-Personal Armour
-Vehicle Armour
-Structural armour

Instructions, specifications, theory.
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Lower hardness ceramic tiles are far less effective but pei5 tiles are available in most hardware stores as tiles for high traffic floors. I have seen a light design with PEI4 tiles peforming at a II or IIIA level iirc however.
>Also could you bulletproof a car by just adding a bunch of ceramic tiles within the doors/etc?
Yes and I will show you guys my knowledge on how to do that. But you need to consider shatter resistance from regular wear and tear and minor vehicular collisions. The bonus is that you can conceal it within the car body and door panels for stealth.
DIY plates are fine enough for personal protection imo even though you won't necessarily get the guaranteed quality control that comes from a ceramic armour manufacturing line. If you can buy from the same source and test the resistance of say 100 plate samples of sufficient dimensions at a rating higher than intended for protection (like say 1 round 30-06 ball for level III plates or 1 round 30-06 AP blacktip for level 3+ plates) then test 20 fully assembled ones on an anatomically accurate ballistic gelatin model or clay block then you can call it "safe enough" for the rating of protection required for your combat unit. For 200 dollars you can get a set of plates and some material to run a limited number of trials for. This is a lot cheaper than 300-500 bucks for some level III+ or IV plates and leaves the option for additional tailoring to the armourer's needs. This is especially attractive for those looking to produce armour for multiple soldiers, to produce armour for sale or stockpiling, and/or to produce armour in a jursidiction where the sale of armour to the subject is restricted or prohibited.


See video I attached.
An aluminum backer is superior to nylon or bullet resistant fabric like kevlar or aramid. It also remains rigid after impact to prevent energy transfer to the backface (you) and deflect spall away from the impace site. IMO the ideal is, from the back:
outer vinyl weather resistant layer->jute or denim->high strength aluminum->denim or jute+epoxy binder (lightweight as it gets very heavy proportionately to increased armour capability)->ceramic->denim/jute->tense lightweight wire grid (to bind the front of the plate together tighter to the back of the plate keeping the plate together better after impact and increasing performance)->jute/denim spall layer->outer vinyl weather resistant layer
I have discovered in my research that a softer jute/denim material is actually superior to bullet resistant fabric for dispersing the energy of a ballistic impact as well as being much cheaper, more available and lighter. I need to read more however as I am not sure if it would suffice as an anti-spall layer in the front and possibly back although it appears to do so for the model in vid linked. I'm also not sure what padding or anti spall layer if any may be needed behind the aluminum backface for regular and reliable wear. The clay seemed fine behind a ceramic/denim/aluminum plate and multiple shots from greentip increased penetration 5.56 NATO at atleast a III+ level, however I am not sure of how real use would hold up and under different and repeatable circumstances. The metal wire layer I have only read about in research for Australia's ceramic vehicle armour where it was very effective. I am not sure how it could be used for personal armour but IMO the principle is the same. Perhaps a plastic like high strength nylon would work.


Skyscrapers use sprinklers in event of CBRN that are outside of the building.

1. Google Navy Nuclear Bomb Sprinklers
2. "No one will tell you which buildings…No one will tell you what weapon they’ve been designed to defend against, but some of them have been voluntarily designed to be better able to resist such events." https://youtu.be/4eE8d94qGPo?t=540


What are some good not expensive cut resistant gloves that look and feel basically like ordinary gloves? Would be good for trying to grab a knife away from someone…or gardening. Likewise what about a shirt? Is there any use in it being slash resistant when they arent stab resistant? I could see it being useful on arms and the neck which is where people tend to slash more not stab but not sure the body is just adding needless extra cost.


Mechanix Pursuit D5


Have you guys ever heard of the Littoral Combat Ships? Of course not, cause they're useless hunks of junk designed when the US decided they needed a wet F-35.

In all seriousness though, the LCSs are not only a failure in engineering of the individual ships and classes but also in initial concept. The LCS came about as a response to a need for small, fast, CHEAP ships to perform non-combat duties such as ASW and minesweeping. Almost every country in the 80s-90s had their fleet of support vessels nearing the end of their lifespan and so were busily working on next-generation replacements.

In both the East and West the form of this next generation of ships took two forms: Hydrofoils based on the design of the HMCS Bras d'Or which had perfected the design of hydrofoils as far as stability was concerned, and ground-effect vehicles. Ground effect vehicles are basically hovercrafts, OR Ekranoplans. The Ekranonplans planned to take over support roles were ironically larger versions of the Luna class since the weird thing about GEVs is that the bigger they are, the easier they are to control and are cheaper to maintain, so bigger=better in every way.

So while the rest of the world was designing their next generation on cutting-edge technology that had been proven in the last generation, what did the US do? They out-sourced their shipbuilding programme to a fucking aircraft designer; Lockheed-Martin. Lockheed did exactly what every US military contractor does and essentially created this concept of a Littoral Combat Ship to be a shallow water frigate with a streamlined hull. As many of you are going to point out, that's just a regular frigate. Because that's exactly what it was. The LCS was just a rebranded frigate meant for shallow water operations in the Gulf near the Middle East, with special gimmicks such as modular combat systems, 2 engine types to propel the ships at 70 knots, and a low radar silhouette. The latter is absolute BS btw, since "low radar silhouette" has been disproven by the Zumwalt fiasco.

Anyways, the first class of the series, the Independents failed every single one of the mentioned requirements. The 2 different engine types, a gasoline AND diesel turbines, failed miserably because they forgot each engine type had different torque and as a result broke the ship's gearbox, so instead of 70 knots the top speed was a whopping 5 knots… you walk faster than that. The system modules? Turned out they builtPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The fact that the P-500s being internalized would have compromised the stability and speed is proof that it was too small for its firepower and role, I don't understand why you're acting like that's a good reasoning for it. Decrease the number, decrease the speed and therefore the size of the powerplant, compromises have to be made, but instead the Soviets here wanted their cake and to eat it to. The firepower of a Kirov on a frame half the size with none of the drawbacks is bad enough as is, but then asking it to be cheaper is just nonsense. I mean the Kirovs themselves compromised by using the subsonic P-700s because space WAS an issue but they considered external tubes as too much of a hazard, and that's why they spent so much time on the nuclear powerplant in order to squeeze it down as much as possible to make room and compromising on P-700s.

And while you can blame a lot on the Russians it's still a fact that the Atlants came out of the yards with a command suite, the Russians didn't stick those on later. I see your image mentions them as insurance against the potential failure of the Kirovs which isn't something I've thought of before but it would explain a lot. Would explain the command suite despite being second line ships and why it takes up so much space. I'm guessing the image is from Modern Naval Combat or something other from the weird NATO perspective. I'm getting most of my info out of the 1984 and 85 version of Jane's.


>the P-500s being internalized would have compromised the stability and speed
No it isn't, they literally just used the deck for a better purpose than it had been used for, it's not a dreadnought battleship, it's a light rocket cruiser meant to hit heavy and and fast. It's rocket tubes being on the deck don't matter.
>Kirovs themselves compromised by using the subsonic P-700s
That got replaced using supersonic missiles once made available.
>considered external tubes as too much of a hazard
Because if you look at the design of said tubes they are far different to the Slava configuration and ARE an obvious hazard, the Slave embedded them into the deck in a reclined position. The initial Kirov plans that got discarded had them mounted over th deck on hinges similar to to the Moskva-clas Heli-carrier but rather than for 4 tubes, it had been for single tubes, 4 on each side, fully exposed and tall. There is a marked difference in this.
>Janes 1984-85
That explains it, you're using information that's out of date and/or based on the speculations that they had at the time.
My image is sourced from Modern Naval Combat by Chris and David Miller, but my information is largely from Russian naval sources.


you literally said
>something that internalizing the P-500s could compromise as they'd force the width to increase and worsen hydrodynamics of the ship.
Also the Kirovs haven't actually been equipped with any other missiles in place of the P-700s, only now is Russia planning on replacing them with the 3M22 and that's only because they're ASMs being retrofitted for naval usage, on the Kirovs they're going to be used with Sabots(Quite clever actually) to fit in the tubes of the P-700s. But that's also besides the point since I was trying to point out that the Kirovs were designed with the P-500s or more specifically the intended specifications of the P-500's prototype requirements but scaled back during the design process as a compromise to allow considerations for other parts of the ship. And also to simplify logistics with the 3rd generation SSGNs that ended up becoming the Oscars.

Also the Atlant's tubes in a reclined position is a known hazard as it wasn't novel at the time, it was standard on both missile patrol boats, SSGN and smaller destroyers like the Sarychs, all of which used it due to weight saving and that they weren't going to be the focus of fire, and this was known as for the 3rd gen SSGNs after the Papa they wanted to make all cruise missile launch tubes imbedded but decided against it due to the absurd cost the Papa was already racking up although they did test with a couple with the Echo II testbeds for the P-500 but ultimately due to time and price constraints decided against it for the Oscars. Anyways the point is the external P-500s is a sign of refusal to compromise on firepower despite growing concerns on this placement at the time, and while it's a compromise, it's done at the expense of other departments of the ship rather than the firepower, which is what they should have done. Heck scaling back to the P-700s might have done the trick and also kept the firepower of a Kirov although I guess at that point the Kirov's hadn't switched to the P-700s on the drawing board.

Also actually I believe you have it mixed up, Modern Naval Combat is known for being a bit of a NATO shill, almost everything in it writes from the NATO perspective on such stuff even post-1991. Whereas Jane's is while I wPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1653769790288.jpg (57.87 KB, 680x413, kursk interior.jpg)

>they'd force the width to increase and worsen hydrodynamics of the ship
Yes, as in make it slower due to drag, not unstable, if anything it'd have made it MORE stable due to the increased horizontal draft.
>he Atlant's tubes in a reclined position is a known hazard
>it wasn't novel at the time
And? It got used repeatedly for a reason. If it had been such a hazard the USSR'd not have used them, the costs would outweigh the benefits.
>it was standard on both missile patrol boats
No, those are different configurations as they had not been embedded into the deck and sat on mounts on the deck.
Not the same thing even remotely. The impact of water pressure at vertical angles is important in regards to missile launch and unless you're looking to create a system similar to Ballistic Missiles as is on Ohio class SSGNs, it's better to have the missiles angled slightly to aid in launch.
>ultimately due to time and price constraints decided against it for the Oscars
EXCEPT THE OSCARS DO HAVE EMBEDDED LAUNCH TUBES. And the Charlie class literally took the launch systems from the Papa class, just downgraded and simplified to cut costs. The Papa class's cost is due to the automation, experimental nuclear reactors and titanium hull among other reasons, not the cruise missile systems.
>it's done at the expense of other departments of the ship rather than the firepower, which is what they should have done
The Slava is not intended to be as complex as the Kirov and cutting back its firepower makes it pointless, it's not meant to have high-command capabilities, just act as a back up in case something happens. It is a problem today due to the Russian Navy pushing it into a leadership role even though it isn't meant to be, I never denied that, but that's not a ship design problem, that's a post-Soviet doctrine and corruption problem.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Allen Burke
Are you using speech to text?

I thought the real goal of the LCS was muh Chyna?

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