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/AKM/ - Guns, weapons and the art of war.

"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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File: 1686442495666.png (193.64 KB, 623x403, revolver.png)


A Revolver, though often thought of as outdated, has several advantages for the casual gun owner/user.

1 - Catches brass. The shells aren't ejected, as often happens with semi autos on to your face and arms.

2 - Doesn't need as much maintenance. Semi autos have to periodically be field stripped, cleaned, oiled, and have parts such as recoil assemblies replaced. A revolver generally does, maybe just clean the cylinder and pull a rag through the barrel.

3 - Reliability. People claim semi autos are as reliable as revolvers nowdays, however this is with two huge caveats, one, that its not a cheap budget semi like a taurus (and a taurus revolver like the 856 is much much more reliable than its semi auto offerings like the g2s for example) and two, semi automatics have a much higher rate of routine non catastrophic failures like failure to feed/eject/cycle. These have to be resolved (by ejecting mag, pulling slide to get rid of the bullet/casing, then inserting/re-inserting the mag) which takes time meanwhile if a revolver has a light strike all you need to do is pull the trigger again. Not to mention, that improper shooting stance (i.e. 'limp wristing') can increase the likelihood of a FTE and in an actual real world scenario you may not have time to get into a proper two handed firm grip isosceles stance, you may have to fire one handed or from an awkward position/angle. With something like the aforementioned Taurus G2S that is virtually 100% guaranteed to give you a FTE after 1-2 rounds.

4 - Heavy trigger. There is usually no manual safety on a revolver but it does have a heavy 9-12+ pound trigger which is almost literally impossible to pull by accident, it's so heavy it usually even requires a slightly different finger position than the hair trigger on a G19, if someone wants to "appendix carry" id rather they do it with a double action revolver than a G19.

The only major downside of a revolver is capacity. That's huge but for self defense you really don't need 17 rounds since most times you will only require 1-3 round on average since even one well placed bullet kills an attacker.

Bottom line is semi auto pistols need to be actively maintained while revolvers do not. If I don't shoot a semi auto pistol for a few months then the oil will evaporate and it will start to jam sometimes withPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1687743247200.png (397.29 KB, 450x693, ClipboardImage.png)

tunnel rats in the vietnam conflict would write home and request to be sent revolvers in place of there 1911s for tunnel sweep as it was easier to clear in case of a jam and made less noise; the 1911 had a habit of deafining the shooter relative to a .38 round.


thats because .45 acp is a bigger round and a 1911 was way less reliable than a comparable revolver. Even today 1911s require you to clean them after like 150 rounds. its metal on metal and you need a fuck ton of oil to make it work


>Why didn't they make a revolver where you can pop out the whole cylinder to reload the way you do with a magazine in an automatic
moonclips are easier and lighter


You didn't mention that with a semi auto their is a risk when you press it on anything it may fail to cycle. For example if you try to shoot a semi from your pocket it might not cycle whereas a revolver doesn't have this problem.


I love miculek. My favorite gun youtuber. He speed shoots anything.

File: 1678539792822.png (718.38 KB, 772x781, Discussion.png)


Or would it depend on what environment you are talking about here? Would the blades on the left side perhaps be better in tight spaces where not much of a swing is possible?

When it comes to melee defense if its the only option somebody has, most conclusions or discussions on martial arts have narrowed down the two most effective to be either the leaf blade vs the gladius. Blade length being up to 40-ish anything to smaller 50s at most?

With the most effective maintenance oil being 3-in-one + Metal Glo for polishing when it comes to steel/wrought iron.

Rapiers would only be useful in places like gardens or very long spaces, idk about a cutlass however.

If your country bans blades, you are left with the axe or spear.

Can a physically weak person also get an advantage over 1 - 2 physically strong people attacking them if that is the only thing they can use?
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It seems like any type of sword in general that leans towards being leaf shaped instead of post-armor when they became pointy would be more effective for modern situations where your attackers are unarmored depending on the space you have, that or something like the kukri.

Which means migration era/viking era single handed swords would also be quite effective, though how likely is it that you will ever find yourself in a situation where something longer than a 50cm-ish bladed xiphos would be effective?

Whereas in more narrow spaces or maybe indoors with less room to swing a blade like the gladius and qama might be more effective. Idk about the Kukri in comparison though.

Lengths are best at 30ish - 50ish cm. Bastard swords or longswords would only be effective for melees on open fields like maybe on a bigger plot of land/a farm if no firearms could be accessed by anyone at all. Those cases are unlikely to ever happen but if they did then something like the Oakeshott XIIIa or XIIa with a broad blade for unarmored opponents would cut it well.


The most likely attackers you would probably face are fascists who know your political disposition and paid thugs ranging to those who commit hate crimes against you for being either LGBTQ, Asian passing or a gender nonconforming man/woman.


priortize the ability to hide it on your person, a knife is only as effective as the person you're going to use it on is aware of it; in a defence scenerario pulling a knife on someone who already has the drop on you will most likely end up in you getting stabbed.

if you need to pull it its already gone lethal and you're going to prison if you survive, remember that


Most shortswords, even the ones a bit longer like with about 50ish or almost close to 50ish blades can be hidden depending on what you use I believe.

On the other hand some broad bladed ones can sever human limbs (Legs or arms), so maybe thats enough to put attackers out of the fight without being fully lethal given modern medical technology?

Not sure if a smaller leaf blade can do that such as a Xiphos or Celtic sword though but I do know the longer broad bladed swords mentioned before can.

So if the fascist or anti-asian, anti-GNC, anti-LGBTQ had their arm/leg cut off but still lived would you still go to prison?

Aren't there also self defense laws that say lethal force is allowed if an attacker wants to maim or kill you in some places?


Oakeshott XVIIIa and XVIIa for last sentence*

File: 1676682952072-0.png (939.81 KB, 952x671, brandon.png)

File: 1676682952072-1.jpg (41.93 KB, 497x497, brc.jpg)

File: 1676682952072-2.jpg (121.39 KB, 711x955, zippy.jpg)

File: 1676682952072-3.jpg (147.25 KB, 940x788, trumpjr.jpg)


Discussion place for the worst things to come out of the firearms community/industry. Includes bad guns, bad deals and bad people. Really just a place to shoot the shit that bothers you.
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nah the calico is cool. perhaps I should have said poljakcore. the tec-9 perhaps, for its use in Columbine


why are so many guntubers raging anti communist rightoids? seriously how hard is it to find even one non insane, based communist guntuber?


because leftists dont show off there guns nor fetishize them, they use them.


hikok45 might be a commie


File: 1688264170319.jpg (54.43 KB, 750x618, ian karl.jpg)

karl from inrange is a comrade. a bit anarchist still, but give him time. also ian is at least not a chvd, but he does drop the occasional anti-communist nonsense


<From focal +‎ -ism.


<focalism (uncountable)
<<(psychology) Synonym of anchoring
<<A revolutionary strategy which posited that military vanguardism could lead to general rebellion.


<(revolutionary strategy): foquism


more like cringe-ismo amirite fellas


File: 1638017907857.jpg (109.37 KB, 512x512, unnamed.jpg)



File: 1644811404623.jpg (52.61 KB, 802x467, Artillery.JPG)


All other forms of war is gay when you have those two weapons, you don’t even have to move or deploy soldiers and equipment, just stand around and rain missiles and bullets on the target until troops move into seize the targets and you win.
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Then don't use a missile, shoot down the gunship with a laser.


you need infantry to establish proper direct power over the enemy/achieving the goal of the war. just have them defending the artillery from any infantry ambushes and use them as scouts to find the positions to target for the artillery. tanks are a little more obsolete infantry vehicle, but still are more powerfull than the infantry. a proper would have both parties using their best available equipment to destroy the best equipment of the enemy.


>Drones and artillery are the best weapons
>Ignoring importance of Air Defense
This article ought to tell you how valuable it is against even a giant like NATO.


At this point im wondering why places like Singapore are not just mass producing kamikaze drones to solve low population problem in armed conflicts.


Mines are also important as the failed counteroffensive of the Ukrainian military against the Russian frontline proves


This leftypol is intriguing. It seems some people ere being referred to my blogsite from here. I am looking for ways to beat the shadow ban and get some traffic.

My latest act of bloggery, related to warfare, is found at https://yaxls.wordpress.com/2022/08/19/get-ready-for-world-war-two-and-a-half/ I think we are about to have another world war, but it will be a pretty feeble one, as world wars go.

I have other topics, too.


What is this? I would visit but it's broken without enabling javascript apparently




shit. rip


>Page not found


Is there any organizational model that can withstand "totalitarianism" and/or martial law. Is it possible for a group to function and carry out low-level clandestine operations in a completely hostile environment? Have there been any examples of groups that were never penetrated by security in history? U've heard some anons suggest secret societies and cell- based movements. I would suggest a movement of singular individuals unknown to each other with a vague idea guiding them. But how do you spread such an idea? I'd like to hear other anon's thoughts.
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Some vague goal isn't good enough. What are you planning on doing?


File: 1685651992014.png (475.93 KB, 800x449, ClipboardImage.png)


Anyone who knows of the secrets to such a thing would never reveal it on a mongolian basketweaving forum.


kinda sounds like how the more militant anarchists organize which is great for running a low level guerilla war against ur local police(see cop city or Athens) but won't really build a base or dual power outside of small areas


two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead

File: 1684283921948.jpg (90.98 KB, 701x513, IMG_2916-701x513.jpg)


>At roughly $127, the Cobra Arms Freedom . 380 was the least-expensive newly manufactured firearm in the US today. The pistol is wholly made and assembled in the USA (Utah), and each one comes with a lifetime warranty that follows the gun from owner to owner.
Why arent ameicans giving these to homeless people? You could drop off these and ammo on different spot for safety. Why are communists not arming the most desperate proletarians in america when its legal? Suburban kids wont do shit they never will but these people have nothing to lose.
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>stalin's revolution
Which one would that be lmao


clearly this is a fed post. sage.


Yes. Or plastic and about a million easy to aquire steel or aluminum solutions that would work better. Or high temperature, high strength plastics like PEEK I think might work for a decent barrel.


oh yeah I've used PEEK for some stuff and it seems strong enough to handle lower pressure cartridges. main problem is that it doesn't do high temperatures


>main problem is that it doesn't do high temperatures
Yeah. Could the interior be coated with a less heat sensitive material somehow? I guess in the end you would run into the same problems as with more traditional materials, with overheating of the barrel causing warp.
Not sure what the most accessible material for a decent barrel would be. Perhaps casting or using electrolysis to rifle a suitable piece of steel?

File: 1643278527613.jpg (808.24 KB, 1193x1000, 1643087082788.jpg)


Not much of a military fag but was the USSR not even a horde? You always see it portrait as such in the movies that the USSR was a horde of people while the nazis were elite and superior but outnumbered
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le leftypol infographic


Obviously it wasn't a horde. Worth noting though that that info graphic was made by an actual schizo who thinks that the Germans lost 4 million men in 1941 because Stalin said so in a speech lmao. Vid related is an actually competent debunking of the "Red Asiatic Horde" myth.


The Nazi ruling class were capitalist and anticommunist, the Soviet ruling class were communist and anti-capitalist. The "Western" ruling class is capitalist and anticommunist and sympathized much more with the Nazis than the Soviets, it even rescued and employed the Nazis after the war to help fight Communism. The west had a need to portray the nazis as stronger and superior but doing a naughty by invading Western Europe and all the heinous genocide and torture and shit that went public. This needed to portray the Soviet Union as having a twisted pipe dream that sounds seductive and maybe even some of you guys think what they're saying doesn't sound that bad but look what happened to the people when they trusted those commies, they had no weapons or technology or strategy, they just had to throw bodies at the naughty nazi ubermensch to defeat them because communists just treat their citizens like flesh sacks.
The western capitalists liked the nazis and fascists, they appreciated their work in putting down communists and worker's movements all across Europe. The people hated them because of how much pain and misery and death they caused, an entire generation of men or more wiped out in many countries. If the western people knew it was the Soviets that defeated the nazis almost single handedly that would cast communism in a much different light. Nor could the Western capitalists fawn over the nazis, for obvious reasons. So what ended up happening was that the achievements of the Soviet's was understated, their war effort twisted to make them look like savage barbarians and the nazis were cast as the sophisticated and powerful elite force of evil that was bad but also really strong and cool. The western capitalists used the actual barbarity of the nazis when it suited them and overshadowed it with shit like wehraboo fetishism in the media at other times. They also secretly supported and bankrolled underground neonazis and quietly installed the old nazis back into governments in West Germany, the EU, NATO, and several American Domestic agencies, even the intelligence agencies of Israel after the war, and this process applied to fascists all over Europe and Asia. Capital wants you to admire the Nazis and hate the Soviets but not know just how cozy they were.


Dumb question but good for you for having the balls to ask.
This too.


Good question newfriend
See >>>/edu/1841


As you (hopefully) know, a gun suppressor doesn’t completely eliminate the sound created by a firing gun. Instead, it suppresses the noise significantly by capturing and slowly releasing the rapidly expanding gases used to propel a bullet out of the gun barrel. When firing a gun, the gunpowder in the bullet casing ignites, creating an immense amount of pressure. This pressure propels the bullet down the barrel of the gun, pushing the round at incredible speeds. When the bullet exits the barrel, the pressure is released and an extremely loud noise is produced. What a suppressor does is provide a larger space for the pressure and hot gases to expand after exiting the barrel. The gases expand as they are heated when the gun fires, but the suppressor traps and slowly releases this gas, resulting in a much quieter shot. Other aspects of a suppressor that help to mute sound include the science of heat transfer and metallurgy.

But for the Soviet Union, the conventional form of suppressors bolted onto the gun was simply not enough. Some bright spark decided to reinvent the wheel. He looked at the usual barrel silencer and figured they're such crap because it doesn't make much sense to try to muffle the bang at the barrel's end, since it happens all the way back, as the compressed gunpowder explodes and the resulting gas violently expands. So he went and designed a fancy bullet case which trapped the gases inside itself, so it's actually more appropriate to say the technology is silent ammon rather than silent guns, the latter of which was designed after the former. They also were designed to minimize the secondary noise of that is the clang of moving parts, so it became inaudible beyond a few meters. Further, the third and last source of noise, case ejection, was wholly sidestepped by keeping the spent, gas-filled cases trapped in the gun itself, which further adds to the stealth. Add the complete lack of a muzzle flash, and it's as stealthy as it gets.

The downside is that it loses power and has lowered effective range, but with such a stealthy weapon, distance wasn't supposed to be a factor for the user. It's also, unsurprisingly, more expensive to manufacture than common ammo.

The prototype was named SP-1. That and SP-2 saw use only in Bond-style specialty guns, like the infamous cigarette case, the TKB-506 and TKB-506A. Later on, some different group ceated the PZ/PZA/PZAM round line, much bigger because they were intended to be usePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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> This new one will use special, new ammo using the SP technique, but with a preposterous .50 caliber round, with an effective range of 700m. That's some serious shit.
They made silent 50 cal ?
whoa that's serious shit indeed


It'll probbly be a subsonic round and if it's Russian, 12.7mm, so slightly bigger than .50 cal


how big in caliber you reckon can they go with this ?


Given that there are artillery sound suppressors, you can theoretically go as high as you'd like but functionally 12.7mm is the limit, maybe 14.5mm if they need an sniper rifle that doubles as an anti-material rifle against APCs and tank optics.


I don't see why there would be such a small limit on suppressors. I mean the soviet's made suppressed 40mm grenade launchers for example, and the Russians have a 12.7mm suppressed sniper rifle, as you mention. I wonder if silent rockets, rocket propelled grenades would be possible goven their relatively low speed…

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