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"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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What can we learn from the Russian invasion of Ukraine and this example of relatively modern warfare? Strategy, tactics, operations, geopolitical responses, information warfare, civilian pov and response. Anything related. Not the thread to talk about "who is in the right".
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Embedding error.
>your point?
<bl bla bla I can't read
My point is made, if you don't understand it, then you're too young for this site
>the only one that brought up the Western press
You literally use their rhetoric, you obtuse tit.
>It was a ruse because they said it was a training exercise up until the last minute
Already explained this, you're incorrect, learn geopolitics better. The idea that something like that is a ruse is fucking laughable to any special operative or experienced politician, but then again Westerners don't tend to think critically and hypocritically take things both at face value, yet can push hysteria about an incoming invasion any moment now, since 2014.
>They had other training exercises in previous years near Ukraine without invading
Because the threat abated or the target of the demonstration hadn't been Ukraine, you nitwit.
>didn't leave as a gesture of good will
No, faggot. They left it as neutral ground, because it no longer has strategic impact on operations, so wasting troops to sit on the island is pointless. The only purpose they'd serve is to enforce a blockade on grain transport routes in the sea, but Russia and Ukraine made an agreement over that, before they left snake island.
>They were closer to Kharkov in February than they are now
They're literally surrounding Kharkov, you're making no sense
>Kharkov is right next to the Russian border LMAO no, you have no perspective of distance on maps do you?
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File: 1660607002609.jpg (66.58 KB, 640x550, dnd57vhu7sk81.jpg)

The big lesson here is to not listen to whatever some weirdo twitter account says, you have to learn to be wise and not notice


File: 1660610889478.jpg (138.08 KB, 960x710, FNw6mI9XEAITmUZ.jpg)

Everyone claims that 'rusha sed it'd take Kiev in 3 dayz' or some shit like that, even though only some Russian supporters and NATO PR 'analysts' claimed that.
Russia isn't losing or doing badly and minor losses are offset by the overall gains.


File: 1663596574339.png (317.92 KB, 480x360, ClipboardImage.png)

ASU-85 Self-propelled gun used by Ukraine. A former exponate of a memorial in Poltava. It´s a desant-VDV vehicle used prior to the BMD series as fire support and transport.
- https://rusvesna.su/news/1663425116
- https://rg.ru/2022/09/19/ukrainskie-boeviki-sniali-s-pedestala-redkuiu-desantnuiu-asu-85.html

A replacement for the ASU-57 of the 1950s Soviet Union, the ASU-85 today can function as second-line mobile fire support or acting as a movable pillbox to reinforce a defensive position and ambushes, the extremely low profile helps. The 85mm gun is capable of knocking out any Russian light armor even frontally, and it can serve an anti-infantry or general artillery role with HE shells. It also has HEAT-FS rounds which could even penetrate the sides of earlier MBTs like the T-62M. Vietnam returned theirs into service back in 2015.

The real problem here is locating 85mm ammunition in Ukraine as their only options are going to be a couple small stockpiles.


File: 1669773845489.jpg (115.02 KB, 578x800, Its OB3R.jpg)

Additional analysis from 2 months ago discussing the reason Russia appears to retreat.

File: 1663592782021-0.png (46.88 KB, 898x308, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1663592782021-1.png (42.8 KB, 1128x293, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1663592782021-2.png (269.87 KB, 1149x534, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1663592782021-3.png (1.67 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)


I know people have a lot to say about the MIC but it tends to overshadow this particular part of it.
I stumbled on this old reddit post and ended up down a rabbit hole due to the dead link in the comment, and it reminded me of Texan gun stores on the border being implicated in the cartel gun trade. Another is there's a pretty expensive AR-15 belt conversion that keeps finding its way into Mexico that I've seen on NarcoFootage. Operation Fast And Furious also needs no introduction.
So just how up to their neck in it are these domestic gun dealers? Are they incompetent, unwitting pawns, or knowingly supplying criminal groups weapons and playing dumb? Are they being enabled by glowies in some grand scheme? Is everyone a glowie but me, the pattern noticer?

Flood detected; Post discarded. btw

File: 1637919879845.jpg (92.02 KB, 740x1110, 740full-glowie.jpg)


Please dump all your guerilla warfare/ resistance/weapon manuals/psyop tactics PDFs you have. Im finally making a collection. If therers already a collection somewhere on the site point me to it. It can be CIA stay behind shit, homemade weapons shiut, vietnam shit,guerilla warfare from brazil whatever is practically useful and can be printed and disseminated among people in a revolutionary situation. things that give you some rudimentary education
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I'm sure that anon was only looking for it for research and pentesting purposes.


Oi, OP probably asking for INSPIRing Magazines and other fun things.






All feds know of this site as all onion sites public enough to be seen are seen by feds.

File: 1655488230658-0.png (418.46 KB, 1372x676, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655488230658-1.png (61.08 KB, 1149x268, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655488230658-2.png (1.13 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)


I was talking about spikestrips in another thread. Never looked them up before but it seems they are illegal in Texas and probably other states. Of course setting them up on a public road would be highly illegal regardless. So best bet to not get caught would be to set it up with no hope of recovery, but they're kind of expensive for that purpose.

So what would be a more cost effective DIY spikestrip? Maybe slicking the road although that might take a lot of oil. I guess a couple large nails in a 2x4 could potentially do the job although it would probably get smashed after a single car drives over it. Maybe putting screws through a metal pipe would work better.
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>How are these things effective at all if you just place them down on a road?
they're not, OP wants to larp as le epic gorilla warfighter(flaming in /alt/)


For one you could rapidly deploy them, for two it blocks the road.

Back to reddit lib faggot.


Just got an idea. You could drill a hole into concrete and then hammer in a stake. Also depending on how tight the tolerance is, that could be extremely hard to get out(I know from personal experience)


Investigate mortars and roadside IEDs as well as canister shot. Investigate remote firing.
Investigate remote surveillance.
This is the future of guerilla warfare.


This video shows another technique, hammer nails in a hose.
Use drones to fly in front of cars and drop them.

File: 1638244931152.jpg (200.22 KB, 508x350, plncol9[1].jpg)


Alright, so I won't go too much into it, but as I'm sure you've all noticed, there is a distinct lack of competent organizations and combat readiness in the left. While it may just be a stereotype, the idea of the skinny and weak anarchist can sum up most of the left that wishes to engage in direct action, mostly by using outdated manuals and romanticized ideas of war. As such, I had, a few years ago, taken it upon myself to release training videos to some of you in order to get you up to speed on the basics of the basics. That, unfortunately, seems to have fallen through on the account of my job, which often has me traveling and doing other things that I won't go into because they are totally uninteresting and unrelated to the topic at hand. As such, we will go into a few key steps you should be taking in order to prepare yourself for introductory training, should it ever be offered to you. Yes, you read that correctly, you must train yourself to be trained. You do not have the luxury of being part of an organized military force, though I would not critique you if that is the route you are wanting to take, as it would be hypocritical. I will limit the topic to individual training, equipment, and self-selection because the whole of military science is a broad topic that is not wholly known by any one individual. Please understand this so that my limitations do not become a hindrance to your growth as a potential combat soldier. Seek training from experienced individuals, even if you have to hide your power level. Consider me just another voice on the internet. I do not intend to use credentials or authority on the subject to get you to do as I say, but I would appreciate it if you thought about a few things. Thank you for reading.
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Comrades, this may not be the right place and so I apologize, but equipment is discussed here, so do you know of any good boots that are relatively cheap? I was considering picking up a pair of jungle boots but, like all commodities, to get the good stuff that won't break with a few days of wear you need to break the bank. Any ideas and any (preferably online, that ship worldwide) markets where I can grab a solid pair of boots for being 'in-the-field'?


Buy waterproof hiking boots on amazon or whatever, probably manufactured in China. Maybe thrift shops or military surplus stores if you don't mind buying used and wading through damaged boots. Be mindful of diseases and stank tho.


They're a bit of a meme but if you can get'em go for it or like >>2387 said. I got a pair of waxi boots in combat boot length and they're great.


File: 1662980787156.png (133.05 KB, 1024x929, ClipboardImage.png)

What are you talking about? Aren't those mil-surpplus boots? Mil surplus should be good if it's legit. I actually don't have any military boots but I have a real used M65 and I can vouch that it's indestructible. Good as the day I got it. So many shitty zippers break on things, but this zipper is still perfect. I'll vouch for the quality of US military gear.

File: 1641700078970.png (54.9 KB, 1000x400, ClipboardImage.png)


What do we do about e guns, e cannons, drones and other electronic based weapons in future wars? How will these machines respond to tech like EMPs and multilayered radars?
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>enemy uses a bunch of e-guns
>deploy EMP
>roll in with traditional firearms
seems like giving yourself an unnecessary weakness tbh


I'm not too good with nuclear weapons, but can't you make a nuclear-antimatter gun out of an atom smasher particle accelerator that you can make at home simply out of a Tesla coil, an rf bottle ion source and a vacuum beamline or alternatively you can use a Cockroft-Walton supply to produce the needed reactions, which the Tesla coil is there to help you control the energy. You would need some conductors, semiconductors, lasers and computers to build a freaky Quantum gun that clones each bullet and spits out u235 bullets at rapidfire - all of which are clones of the same bullet via Quantum cloning through the use of a Quantum Circuit. I don't know what the end result will look like but it should be a pretty terrifying weapon that relies on reflection/refraction and lasers to reload from a drum magazine. It conserves lots of energy needed to make large antimatter weapons by cloning one to use the rest.

Anyone better at engineering, mechanics/quantum mechanics and muclear physics feel free to step in. I'm clueless when it comes to this subject.


How much money do you have?
>Scientists claim that antimatter is the costliest material to make.[77] In 2006, Gerald Smith estimated $250 million could produce 10 milligrams of positrons[78] (equivalent to $25 billion per gram); in 1999, NASA gave a figure of $62.5 trillion per gram of antihydrogen.[


You can make a particle accelerator at home. It's called a betatron. It's just everything else involved and making a practical weapon out of it that matters.


File: 1662673138321.gif (88.61 KB, 600x450, prequel-guard.gif)

>can it do some damage?
stand in front of one and find out :^) I'd say the answer is yes
>le emp meme
>what is emc?
>Quantum gun that clones each bullet and spits out u235 bullets at rapidfire - all of which are clones of the same bullet via Quantum cloning through the use of a Quantum Circuit


This leftypol is intriguing. It seems some people ere being referred to my blogsite from here. I am looking for ways to beat the shadow ban and get some traffic.

My latest act of bloggery, related to warfare, is found at https://yaxls.wordpress.com/2022/08/19/get-ready-for-world-war-two-and-a-half/ I think we are about to have another world war, but it will be a pretty feeble one, as world wars go.

I have other topics, too.

File: 1656094374860.jpg (166.31 KB, 1280x906, cat.jpg)


hmmm today… i will post my favorite cat
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File: 1658488548568.mp4 (2.03 MB, 960x720, 467.mp4)


File: 1659269037222-0.jpg (27.04 KB, 823x823, _052.jpg)

File: 1659269037222-1.jpg (32.07 KB, 808x808, _727.jpg)

File: 1659269037222-2.jpg (28.71 KB, 813x813, 14_693.jpg)

File: 1659269037222-3.jpg (44.13 KB, 838x838, 7_772.jpg)


File: 1660214391772.mp4 (4.03 MB, 480x854, eij7.mp4)


File: 1660666932584-0.jpg (285.47 KB, 1280x948, 23.jpg)

File: 1660666932584-1.jpg (193.22 KB, 1280x786, 121.jpg)

File: 1660666932584-2.jpg (230.3 KB, 1280x783, 07.jpg)

RF-4E tactical reconnaissance aircrafts
first pic captures the lunch of 3 sam-2 aa missiles


File: 1660931695631-0.jpg (90.69 KB, 1080x909, erh.jpg)

File: 1660931695631-1.jpg (59.18 KB, 720x476, ree.jpg)

File: 1660931695631-2.jpg (51.32 KB, 800x532, srtju.jpg)

File: 1657129200215.png (3.25 MB, 5000x7000, poorfag2022v2small-min.png)


Are you poor as shit but still want to have a gun for protection or other purposes? Don't be unarmed, use this handy chart, and you too can be the proud owner of a firearm.
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At a gun club or gunsmith. Some storage unit businesses have gun safes.


File: 1659563670625.gif (1.84 MB, 398x498, yoda.gif)

I have access to a bunch of weird chemicals and fireworks i can stuff in a big bucket


You can't shoot someone in the head with an IR laser.


If they are actually making savings, and have several hundred dollars, they can simply save for longer to buy a better gun. You are arguing that someone who has at least a couple hundred bucks should dump it immediately on a shit gun and I am arguing that if you can save $200, you can wait a bit to save $400 and buy a non shit gun.

You claim that "no one should ever not have a gun", well, the people who are on here considering buying their first gun don't have a gun, and they've made it thus far in life. One would expect that they could go a little longer without a gun and get a decent one rather than buying some dogshit hi point for half the price.

Your argument makes even less sense when you factor in ammo costs, because if you are training even semi regularly your ammo costs are going to be more expensive than your gun pretty quickly. So let's say you spend $200 on a hi point and then $300 on 1000 rounds of ammo, or you drop $400 on a real pistol and $100 on ~300 rounds. Same cost overall between the two. I can fucking promise you that someone with 300 rounds on a p10c or springfield xd will outshoot someone with a thousand rounds on a hi point. Hell, you can have ten thousand rounds on that hi point and they'll still outshoot you.

You are seriously suggesting that someone buys a SINGLE STACK BLOWBACK PISTOL with an EIGHT ROUND magazine capacity and God knows how bad a trigger, over an actual decent pistol, to skip a few months of saving or get a few hundred extra rounds of ammo. You are STUPID uygha. And at that point you might as well buy a god damn revolver from a pawn shop because it'll be better quality and you'll only miss TWO rounds jesus christ. Fuck off noguns larper.


This man speaks the truth. Although if you are going to get a cheap dot, please at least get a nicer one like a Holosun or something. There's no point buying an actual airsoft red dot because it's going to cost you at least a hundred bucks to get your slide milled for an optic regardless so you're not saving that much proportionate to the total cost.


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