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/AKM/ - Guns, weapons and the art of war.

"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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My idea for a shitty gun would be one that fires caseless ammo, but doesn't rely on any powder propellant/primer, just electricity. Perhaps a strong magnetic pull? Electrostatic charge?
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They all suck.
Better off using compressed air or black powder if you're going with the most basic firearms possible.


File: 1670030662327.png (570.27 KB, 1280x534, ClipboardImage.png)

A Gauss Rifle, you're talking about a Gauss Rifle.



a compressed air/propane gas gun might actually work though


you just reinvented the railgun, you fucking genious

File: 1673175179547.jpg (27.37 KB, 500x500, q6ce2kyq58p31.jpg)


does /akm/ have its own do/k/ument? I'd like to get my greasy hands on it. post links with information on anything related to building weapons, we'll compile it
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I think they meant drones that won't be shooting at us


uygha go to a moske if you wanna make people switch imaginary friends.


These fucking faggots have nothing to contribute. This is one of the worst/k/ boards to ever exist


This is a great place to start. Dont be a dipshit make sure you're downloading and surfing anonymously.
Meds,bombs,games,comics. whatever you need.



thanks, but most of the useful material there has been removed and I can't find archives. For eg: murdercube and rhodium

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What can we learn from the Russian invasion of Ukraine and this example of relatively modern warfare? Strategy, tactics, operations, geopolitical responses, information warfare, civilian pov and response. Anything related. Not the thread to talk about "who is in the right".
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File: 1673292226536.png (295.76 KB, 340x470, ClipboardImage.png)

>If you aren't aware the majority of people that care for morality/ethics tend to be proletarian, the rich are psychopathic or sociopathic exploiters by the nature of their class
We are reaching levels of ideology not thought possible. I am actually amazed, you are not capable of comprehending the world outside moral categories.
>The concept of human rights is not bourg and your claim as such is ignorant and inhuman
I guess if you are incapable of going beyond bourgeois morality, I shouldn't be surprised that you would also defend bourgeois right to the death. Avoid reading On the Jewish Question or later Marxist criticism of rights or they might blow your mind
I like that your immediate response when disagreed with, multiple times in this thread, is to hide behind the idols of Great Men, even ones who have little to nothing in common with eachother or any relevance. Lenin next to Allende, lmao?
<what is "moral" depends on person to person
>No you absolute moron.
Wew lad. If you believe in moral universalism guess I can't stop you, best of luck during Bible study.
>An entire facet of communist appeal is that it is meant to unite the people on the grounds that there are many central parts of humanity that are universal and so almost everyone has something in common.
What in the god damn fuck are you even talking about lmao
Communism is not a vague universalism, communism is the self-liberation and self-abolition of the proletariat, it is exclusive by its very own nature. There's no vague ""the people"" involved, unless you subscribe to the pre-Marxian notions of communism of course, in which case fucking lmao
>blah blah blah proles care about nationalism
No shit. They care about religion, too. Are you religious?
The role of a Marxist is not just to appeal to whatever proles find important, but specifically to peel back the layers of illusions that obscure reality as it really is, whether it's nationalism, God, etc.
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File: 1673293817270.png (2.49 MB, 1280x899, ClipboardImage.png)

Also, vive Robespierre you Thermidorean bitch, considered "Bolshevik avant la lettre" by Lenin. No wonder liberals after the fact, from Carlyle to yourself would dogpile on him and recoil in shock at the Terror, they are too spineless and weak-willed to even imagine carrying through a revolution from start to finish. The guy was the definition of a liberal pacifist who would cry from the death of a pigeon, and yet he was among the only ones who realized that in a revolution they are tasks that must be carried out and leaving a revolution half-done is a death sentence.


Text wall, ad hom, baseless assertion and projection… yet not a single actual argument, truly amazing. Also didn't you say you were going to stop? So much for that assertion.


File: 1674070984526.png (61.04 KB, 225x225, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm thinking Russia and us are learning they indeed have the second best land army, just not in the world but rather in Ukraine, now the floodgates of western weapons are being forced open. I'm curious to see how their "defense in depth" strategy will hold up once Ukraine has enough armor and ifvs to launch a major offensive.

File: 1670380747366-0.gif (216.15 KB, 320x240, ac-130.gif)

File: 1670380747366-2.gif (2.81 MB, 480x270, ac -130 2.gif)


Thread to appreciate gunships. Why are they so awesome?






File: 1667793242544-0.pdf (18.02 MB, 169x255, on-war.pdf)

File: 1667793242544-2.pdf (412.17 KB, 170x255, The_Art_Of_War.pdf)


Is there anyone who would be willing to do a reading groups about warfare, strategy and tactics at a theory level? and possibly should, can or how could we use these concepts and theories into our own non-kinetic projects and more broadly the class/social war/.
I'd be very interested in this as it will help me grapple with the ideas bettert. We could do it on an easy to anonymously communicate platform and choose a book or theme collectively.


I've got too much on my plate rn
Sorry comrade :(


Sounds very interesting to me. I may wish to join in a few months time. Thank you for the offer anon.

File: 1666635548059.jpg (20.23 KB, 320x180, mqdefault (2).jpg)


>Do you feel better knowing that with only a microwave, a stick, and a soup can, anyone can turn your mobile phone into a grenade?

>Their radioactive death-ray gun works on more than just cellphones. Most humans will be able to escape before it bakes them or gives them leukemia, but it has a tendency to quickly detonate gadgets. They've tested it on a number of electronics, no doubt left by their neighbors as they fled from a series of unexplainable explosions.

>Microwave weapons, also known as high energy radio frequency weapons, are not as uncommon as one might think and desperately hope. Besides entertaining mad Ukrainians in their backyard, they're used to disrupt or destroy digital equipment. It's as simple as aiming a beam at the thing you want to fry. It's also important to remember that energy like this doesn't necessarily need a clear line of sight. It can, for example, work through a wall or even a floor with enough power. So, if you've got 10 minutes and know exactly where your annoying neighbor's stereo is …
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File: 1666996405121.mp4 (10.94 MB, 1280x720, lipstick hardbass.mp4)


Kreosan are not hohols


"Hohol" is leftypol slang for anyone that doesn't like Russia


Shut up holhol


Thread to talk about drone warfare in general.

There are many ways drones can be used but I would like to talk about their potential use in protests and riots in the west.

In my experience something that is sorely lacking in protests going wild is intelligence about police postions, while the bad guys usually have a QG with plenty of operators gathering and distributing intelligence to police officers trough cameras, helicopters and, you guessed it, drones.

So, what's keeping us from using drones? Those for kids which are 50 bucks on amazon could do the trick, it would take a team of two, one pilot and one operative relaying intel trough a phone or a radio to someone in the front of the protest.

I know there are anti drone weapons, but they don't work that well and these aren't well established yet. In case of capture though it's good to prevent or render difficult a trace, so it would be smart to buy those drones trough proxies and false adresses, and scratch whatever number they have on them.
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Predator drones use gas as the moving power and batteries for the electronics. The energy density was higher in oil based fuel.


Drones good enough to get useful info are expensive, and the person using it will get targeted by enemy netrunners and the local PD if they capture it.

Theres also the risk of it being disabled, falling and headshotting a comrade.

Info is useless unless people act on it, and if they actually do something with your info you've just made yourself an accessory to whatever the police blame the crowd for.

For that matter, how are you gonna spread the info? A volunteer fallguy with a loud speaker? Can you trust him to not rat you out?

Unless you've fully committed to being some kinda on the run fugitive for the rest of your life its extra trouble for no tangible gain.


>what does a drone add to that that didn't exist in the 80s

They need an eye in the sky, not a human in the sky:
1. Humans weigh a lot. Why not spend 90 KG on more fuel.
2. When you drop a human onto a craft, it suddenly has to be very safe. See NASA.
3. Humans are big, technology is small. Why have this empty cockpit?
4. Helicopters spend their time circling over lake squish. Circling for 2 hours is boring and may or may not make someone dizzy.

Assorted capacities:
1. Portable solutions for Rural environments that lack CCTV.

1. Helicopters cost more than drones. They cost more to buy and repair.
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>So, what's keeping us from using drones?
Power asymmetry. At least in Russia they have GPS spoofing, area-wide jamming equipment, anti-drone microwave guns, hunter-catcher drones and whatever else. OTOH, these measures are limited in coverage, so wide-scale, distributed protests could use some birds unnoticed.


File: 1655978812413.png (70.83 KB, 474x182, ClipboardImage.png)


Weapons are often the subject of criminal law and of surveillance. There are many people in situations where it is within their, or our, interest to be armed, but being caught with a weapon would be incriminating.

Three of the solutions of this are:
>hiding the existence of the weapon (generally ineffective if they are aware you may possess weapons, could be effective if no-one is doing a thorough search)
>hiding the purpose of weapon (obfuscation: think of a walking cane with a weapon concealed within. Probably ineffective if they know what they are looking for or are doing a thorough search)
>plausible deniability: having a believable excuse for possessing the weapon, or its components, at least if not in extreme amounts ("I have ammonium nitrate to fertilize my plants", "I have potassium nitrate as stump remover and sugar as a cooking ingredient", "I have petroleum in plastic cans from when fuel prices skyrocketed", "I am legally allowed to own airsoft rifles for recreational purposes", "Vodka isn't illegal and nor are old rags I need when painting.")

What are some plausibly deniable weapons? For the sake of slow board, it's fine to list highly-available typical protest weapons like Molotov cocktails (alcohol/petroleum are usually legal and unsuspicious when disassembled), laser beams and power-tools like nail guns, but I'm curious to see what the most useful weapons are that are completely unsuspicious when disassembled.

Example scenario: pigs know you are an organized radical anti-capitalist and find an excuse to do a general search, hoping to find drugs or unregistered guns or something. What, in it's disassembled form if necessary, could evade their suspicion?
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Suppressor, not sex toy


These are literally my costudents

t. I was there too a few times. years ago.


very interesting idea
it's extremely easy to make a good suppressor by cnc milling a cylinder of aluminum and stuffing the holes with steel wool for baffles. There is also 3d printed suppressors now but I still need to research them before I can comment. They are probably the best option today, in fact the new line of rifles the American military is rolling out right now all come equipped with a 3d printed suppressor.

For an extemely low tech solution you can simply use a plastic (PET) water bottle from the recycling as a suppressor. In fact that is what the chechen seperatists used to great effect during the first battle of Grozyny. A plastic PET bottle taped to the barrel of a bolt action .22 rifle firing subsonic ammunition will be completely silent aside from noise made from crunching the bottle etc. You could even stick one to the end of a .22 pistol and if it doesn't cycle the action then no one in the room with you will hear it fire. Just the sound of a body hitting the floor if you don't catch it.



Dump massive buckets of HRT into the water supply of the Pentagon covertly.


What do people think the consequences of the FGC-9 and the advent of 3D printed guns and weapons more broadly will be?

How will this affect revolutionary as well as reactionary violence? Will be see a rise in paramilitary organisations on the left capable of enforcing political demands, or is this just a going to lead to more fascist lone wolf attacks.

link to a documentary below
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also use recycling plastic (milk bottles) for raw material rather than buying pure new stuff. The issue is it's degraded quality, but if you're doing this shit somewhere rural it's all you might have.


The point is you’re gonna have to learn how to make casings,magazines and possibly bullets as well. Like >>2467 said it’s not just the gun you’re making, you have to take into account the ammunition and accessories. Milling and machinery is just more practical and covers more ground. I’m also not contesting the use of plastic, but like those videos demonstrated, a LOT more could be produced at a faster rate with an injection molding machine. One thing that’s also important to note, is that polymer can be prone to warping and chipping if consistently put in rough conditions. Their handling also pales in comparison to wood and even metal framed guns, so their advantage lies more so in the amount that could be produced quickly. All that aside I love AUGs and think it would be a good model for mass production


AUGpill me


Its another tool to mix and match with. Cheaply machine big basic parts, 3d print small weirdly shaped parts. Rivet or weld together what you need to. If something is cheap and available, buy that part and take it home to work with.


injection moulding yo

File: 1666669686682.jpg (88.46 KB, 620x620, 8.jpg)


Resistive wires for the primers (you could get these from a hair dryer or electric heater), matchhead powder for the propellant (since black powder is too tedious to make the old fashioned way)(you can just buy those bigger boxes that have a hundred or so in them), some shot (you can make this out of some Hershey's kiss wrappers by balling them up and tapping them with a hammer until they are completely solid and hardened, before polishing them with sandpaper), a ramrod, stainless steel pipes + endcaps, a lipo battery, a dual light on/off switch for the triggers, and some wires to hook it all up (ofc). Plus some wood to strap the barrel apparatus on and for the grip. And vinyl tape.


And some epoxy to glue the grip to the frame.


File: 1666670070152.png (1.16 MB, 900x900, ClipboardImage.png)

Rock tumbler would probably be better for polishing. Also maybe it would be better to just start with small ball bearings anyways. What's your reasoning for the Hershey Kiss wrappers?


Just to make it more DIY sounding.

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