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"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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File: 1640256579594.jpg (391.08 KB, 984x687, IMG_20211223_184602.jpg)


How are battleships made?
what would a country need for it to have domestic ship construction?
what does a nation need these days to be a naval power?

Anybody know where to start with learning about modern naval warfare production and tactics?
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File: 1641927184814.jpg (43.05 KB, 365x402, oRCwVOU (1).jpg)

Well explicitly battleships aren't made anymore, they existed from the mid-19th century until 1946, with the last one being built and launched being the HMS Vanguard in 1946, although she was a crappy 1930s treaty design using 1910s guns so most people consider the Iowa class from 1944 the last battleships, and even further still you have the Sovetsky Soyuz class by the Soviets which were partly completed after WW2, but kinda just sat as empty hulls and were scrapped in 1949.

As to how they were made, it was a very general process that has existed since ships have existed.

First the keel is laid; the keel is the central vertical beam that runs the entire length of the ship. This bears the entire weight of the ship and has to be reinforced, back with wooden ships usually this would be made from a single giant tree, so you can imagine how stuff like the 1st rate ships of the Napoleonic era used giant trees and Britain actually went to war with Denmark when they threatened to cut off their supply of tall trees from the Baltics that they made their ships' keels and masts out of.

So once the keel is laid then you have to lay the skeleton or frame structure, AKA the ribs, these are horizontal beams that frame the bottom of the ship and are also reinforced. These differ slightly from commercial ship beams in that all ships have their keels and beams reinforced as most of the time the biggest force pushing against it it the sea itself.

This is where Battleships start to differ, commercial ships just use structural steel for the rest of the construction, as in they slap steel in the shape they want and call it a day. Battleships do the same thing for the initial hull, but then begin bracing it and compartmentalizing the interior so as to limit damage, flooding and fires. Then once the initial hull is complete comes the armor. Now Battleships aren't armored how you normally think; their entire hull isn't covered in armor. Instead the 'modern' armor scheme of battleships came as a result of early ironclads being too heavy to armour everywhere and so they developed a system called the central battery; that is all the guns, engines and important bits were shoved into the centre of the ship and only that part was properly armored. This concept gave way eventually to the idea of the citadel; the most heavily armoured part of the ship. The citadel is usually the main belt, which is what most people quote as the armour thickness of a sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


wtf is that ship real?


No it's a joke about ridiculously tall the main superstructure on Japanese battleships.


>Sovetsky Soyuz class by the Soviets which were partly completed after WW2, but kinda just sat as empty hulls and were scrapped in 1949.
What was stopping them from being converted into something else, like a carrier for example?


What >>1023 said
Number of reasons. Battleship hulls don't make good carrier hulls, they're too heavily armoured and don't have the right streamlining. It's a little known fact that a ship's hull shape depends on its designed speed, kind of like an aeroplane but with water, and carriers are actually designed to go really fast since they often need to outpace the wind for their planes to take off. Now the concept of carrier conversions comes from the 1920s conversions after the Washington Naval Treaty, but all of those were actually battlecruisers; the Lexingtons the Amagi and Akagi etc, which were designed to go fast and had less armour than battleships. Battlecruisers are essentially Battleships with armour stripped off to go really fast, and then slowly evolved into fast battleships and every battleship after 1930 was a fast battleship so they just became battleships. Other reasons include inferior steel, realizing that the age of big ships was over after WW2 and a shift to cruisers and submarines and a lot of the hulls were damaged during the German invasion and so in the end the cost/benefit factor just made the Soviets cut their losses and used the scrapped hulls to build the first missile cruisers in the world which on their own made practically all-gun ships obsolete.


What in this world will ever be as powerful as a good old fashioned cannon? ARRRRRRRRRD!


this is genius


a modern building made in the past 50 years would be completely and instantaneously rendered to dust the moment a cannon ball would hit it

File: 1640819282624.png (355.1 KB, 500x378, 1455340634363.png)


>Can't do military service or join a militia because I'm deaf from one ear.
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Lmao that didn't take long at all. I guess that description accurately describes many countries here.


File: 1640960756875.png (56.63 KB, 255x162, ClipboardImage.png)

From one latamfag to another, camarada.


probably a good idea, could you get connections from it for work as well?


I would need to investigate more to know that, but honestly I'm only guessing here but probably not, I think for that I'd probably need a more extensive military career to get to that level.


During the vietnam war the US army had several battalions with lower qualifications from their standard, lower IQ requirements are the most infamous ones and the wikipedia article doesn't mention hearing difficulties but I bet they had some and that they also were part of the higher killed in action rate and the higher poverty and divorce rate veterans had.

File: 1637003100567.jpg (71.73 KB, 849x473, jones-civil-war.jpg)


The talk of a new civil war has been going on for a long while now that it almost sounds like a worn out trope.
But how does leftypol feel about it? How could it start, run and end?
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The idea of a "new civil war" is just a part of the prepper grift. They need some kind of impending doom for people to fantasize about and burger civil war is a popular one because of the current political climate.


The first Civil War only happened due to conflicting interests between capitalists so I wager the same would be needed for a second one, and I just don't think the scenario is there. Idpol makes a lot of noise but I don't think porky cares.


>he isn’t a prepped


There's a difference between being a prepper and preparing for a disaster. The best way to prepare yourself for any disaster is by staying physically fit, learning basic survival skills (especially first aid), and having people you can rely on.
Prepping is a form of escapism that makes people buy useless gear and hoard food.


Probably this faggot will go and start it, hopefully this site gets shut down after he throws a tantrum

File: 1640542724686-1.jpeg (1.13 MB, 2820x1870, BCGN_Kirov_1983.jpeg)

File: 1640542724686-2.jpg (89.72 KB, 1400x916, 5765-1.jpg)

File: 1640542724686-3.jpg (1.68 MB, 3000x2013, T34-76_4.jpg)


armoured vehicles aircraft and ships
>here you can post military vehicles
>This thread is dedicated to military vehicle enthusiasts
>Here you can post all sorts of things to do with military vehicle's
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lumpens be like


Maybe they tried to make the vehicle not to heavy…
Altough, that .50 cal probably didn't help in that issue, lol.


File: 1641264525125-0.jpg (132.46 KB, 960x1280, wiwwgad5o9241.jpg)

File: 1641264525125-1.jpg (55.99 KB, 1024x723, ry2glor6fw061.jpg)

Cartel del golfo technicals and narco tank


File: 1641401215922.jpg (26.98 KB, 313x833, armor.jpg)

That kind of vehicle was meant to be used in armored truck robbery, so they are only armored where the truck crew would shot.


Mmmmm interesting design


Aesthetic gun sounds.


Glock cleaning


File: 1640367058314.png (391.08 KB, 1400x1400, ClipboardImage.png)


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Also, where is the FOSS robot dog with a gun?


Just strapping it on to an already existing product. The only other commercial robot Ive seen uses two wheel legs and a balancing system but it would be too shaky for a gun.


drones are much more effective for the police state than these


I can't wait for the passive aggressive responses blaming the machine
>Ooopsie, it was an automatic response, you must have done something that indicated to the killbot that you were a threat. A team of experts has been assigned to investigate this incident. You may be prompted for additional information <citizen>. In the meantime you can review our killbot policies and terms of service in this page <link explaining how basically nobody is responsible for the robot's actions , under impossible standards of proof>.

Imagine social media algorithm/copyright/smear fuckery but it's bullets instead of bans lol. On the plus side "Dogged" or "Botted" sound more casual than than "Swatted".


These battle dog bots are not realistic, because the opportunity cost, you can get a Toyota hilux that has a 50cal cannon mounted to it for the same money, or equip 10 guys with but loads of infantry weapons. If you buy 10 battledogs and your opponent buys 5 cars with light canons and equips 50 infantry guys, you're going to loose very badly.


What do people think the consequences of the FGC-9 and the advent of 3D printed guns and weapons more broadly will be?

How will this affect revolutionary as well as reactionary violence? Will be see a rise in paramilitary organisations on the left capable of enforcing political demands, or is this just a going to lead to more fascist lone wolf attacks.

link to a documentary below
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the image quality is really bad all-around
except for one thing, they have zero chromatic aberrations, that's usually something even high end lenses with nano-coated glas suffer from.
How did they do that ?


make a diy camera with a mount for a proper lens


Not nearly as optimistic, but it is worth noting that metal printers do already exist (they are very expensive and only used for highly specialized industrial use).
You are completely right that it is only a matter of time before private, automated workshops will become affordable to anyone with a wage.


Sure, I'll put some qualifiers onto my posts here.
These are tools, and no tool will ever be better than the person using them, only allow people to leverage more and more productivity. You will always need to know when, how, and why you're using each tool at each stage. You will need to know how to maximize the usefulness of each step of your process. I don't want to posit "desktop 3d printer today, Star Trek Replicator tomorrow!". The human element will always be deeply important to production, and for a variety of reasons inherent to the materials and processes which these products demand, we're always going to have to do things to properly set things up and bring them together in the right order and manner.
What we really, REALLY shouldn't do though, is write this off as some novelty way for consoomers to make Funko Pops at home and nothing more. 3d printing isn't new, but extremely cheap, readily accessible 3d printing very much is, and it makes very feasible small groups of people to produce enormously more than they ever could have with a bit of ingenuity and skill. You could almost certainly go out today with a handful of friends and start setting up 3d printing co-operatives for a few thousand dollars and then create a closed-cycle production with your local community.


Also, wanted to add this.


A thread for the extremely versatile rifle, produced by Soviets/Russians (Tula/Izhevsk), Chinese (Norinco), Yugo/Serbs (Zastava) to this day and available as (relatively) cheap surplus pretty much anywhere.

Thinking of converting a Type 56 for hunting and range shooting.
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>bruh just regularly clean it
I have heard some cheap 7.62 is considerably corrosive and the steel jacket damages softer barrels.
>bruh just add straps and keep it slung
Still less heavy than desirable. And if you are going to war or even just hiking and hunting you want the cheapest equipment possible.


yeah, the older and military surplus ones should be more corrosive, and i wouldn't put it past norinco to put them in with the fresh retail ones just to meet supply, but again, you can just clean regularly. the barrel is strong, it should be fine


>cheapest equipment possible
>the barrel is strong, it should be fine
Yes, depends on the rifle, a chrome lined SKS would probably be fine.


Polymer is also more resistant to temperature and moisture changes than wood. It also does not require treating with oil and polish.


>not wanting to scare your enemy shitless and destroy his morale by emitting deafening gun fire sounds

File: 1640576628115.jpg (308.58 KB, 1596x1148, Valmet_ADInterarms1976A.jpg)


This thread is for appreciating this board's namesake by posting AKs in all their many forms.


File: 1640579686294-0.jpg (452.63 KB, 2868x1092, Sa_58-JH02.jpg)

File: 1640579686294-1.jpg (740.33 KB, 2826x873, Sa_58-JH03.jpg)


>tfw will probably never own and AK
Unironically the 2nd amendment is probably the only thing I'm jealous about the US. Americans of /AKM/, cherish it. It genuinely has so much value and it bothers me so much that almost no other country on Earth is even close to the US when it comes to lax gun laws.

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