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"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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File: 1640256579594.jpg (391.08 KB, 984x687, IMG_20211223_184602.jpg)


How are battleships made?
what would a country need for it to have domestic ship construction?
what does a nation need these days to be a naval power?

Anybody know where to start with learning about modern naval warfare production and tactics?
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File: 1641927184814.jpg (43.05 KB, 365x402, oRCwVOU (1).jpg)

Well explicitly battleships aren't made anymore, they existed from the mid-19th century until 1946, with the last one being built and launched being the HMS Vanguard in 1946, although she was a crappy 1930s treaty design using 1910s guns so most people consider the Iowa class from 1944 the last battleships, and even further still you have the Sovetsky Soyuz class by the Soviets which were partly completed after WW2, but kinda just sat as empty hulls and were scrapped in 1949.

As to how they were made, it was a very general process that has existed since ships have existed.

First the keel is laid; the keel is the central vertical beam that runs the entire length of the ship. This bears the entire weight of the ship and has to be reinforced, back with wooden ships usually this would be made from a single giant tree, so you can imagine how stuff like the 1st rate ships of the Napoleonic era used giant trees and Britain actually went to war with Denmark when they threatened to cut off their supply of tall trees from the Baltics that they made their ships' keels and masts out of.

So once the keel is laid then you have to lay the skeleton or frame structure, AKA the ribs, these are horizontal beams that frame the bottom of the ship and are also reinforced. These differ slightly from commercial ship beams in that all ships have their keels and beams reinforced as most of the time the biggest force pushing against it it the sea itself.

This is where Battleships start to differ, commercial ships just use structural steel for the rest of the construction, as in they slap steel in the shape they want and call it a day. Battleships do the same thing for the initial hull, but then begin bracing it and compartmentalizing the interior so as to limit damage, flooding and fires. Then once the initial hull is complete comes the armor. Now Battleships aren't armored how you normally think; their entire hull isn't covered in armor. Instead the 'modern' armor scheme of battleships came as a result of early ironclads being too heavy to armour everywhere and so they developed a system called the central battery; that is all the guns, engines and important bits were shoved into the centre of the ship and only that part was properly armored. This concept gave way eventually to the idea of the citadel; the most heavily armoured part of the ship. The citadel is usually the main belt, which is what most people quote as the armour thickness of a sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


wtf is that ship real?


No it's a joke about ridiculously tall the main superstructure on Japanese battleships.


>Sovetsky Soyuz class by the Soviets which were partly completed after WW2, but kinda just sat as empty hulls and were scrapped in 1949.
What was stopping them from being converted into something else, like a carrier for example?


What >>1023 said
Number of reasons. Battleship hulls don't make good carrier hulls, they're too heavily armoured and don't have the right streamlining. It's a little known fact that a ship's hull shape depends on its designed speed, kind of like an aeroplane but with water, and carriers are actually designed to go really fast since they often need to outpace the wind for their planes to take off. Now the concept of carrier conversions comes from the 1920s conversions after the Washington Naval Treaty, but all of those were actually battlecruisers; the Lexingtons the Amagi and Akagi etc, which were designed to go fast and had less armour than battleships. Battlecruisers are essentially Battleships with armour stripped off to go really fast, and then slowly evolved into fast battleships and every battleship after 1930 was a fast battleship so they just became battleships. Other reasons include inferior steel, realizing that the age of big ships was over after WW2 and a shift to cruisers and submarines and a lot of the hulls were damaged during the German invasion and so in the end the cost/benefit factor just made the Soviets cut their losses and used the scrapped hulls to build the first missile cruisers in the world which on their own made practically all-gun ships obsolete.


What in this world will ever be as powerful as a good old fashioned cannon? ARRRRRRRRRD!


this is genius


a modern building made in the past 50 years would be completely and instantaneously rendered to dust the moment a cannon ball would hit it

File: 1640819282624.png (355.1 KB, 500x378, 1455340634363.png)


>Can't do military service or join a militia because I'm deaf from one ear.
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Lmao that didn't take long at all. I guess that description accurately describes many countries here.


File: 1640960756875.png (56.63 KB, 255x162, ClipboardImage.png)

From one latamfag to another, camarada.


probably a good idea, could you get connections from it for work as well?


I would need to investigate more to know that, but honestly I'm only guessing here but probably not, I think for that I'd probably need a more extensive military career to get to that level.


During the vietnam war the US army had several battalions with lower qualifications from their standard, lower IQ requirements are the most infamous ones and the wikipedia article doesn't mention hearing difficulties but I bet they had some and that they also were part of the higher killed in action rate and the higher poverty and divorce rate veterans had.

File: 1640367058314.png (391.08 KB, 1400x1400, ClipboardImage.png)


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Also, where is the FOSS robot dog with a gun?


Just strapping it on to an already existing product. The only other commercial robot Ive seen uses two wheel legs and a balancing system but it would be too shaky for a gun.


drones are much more effective for the police state than these


I can't wait for the passive aggressive responses blaming the machine
>Ooopsie, it was an automatic response, you must have done something that indicated to the killbot that you were a threat. A team of experts has been assigned to investigate this incident. You may be prompted for additional information <citizen>. In the meantime you can review our killbot policies and terms of service in this page <link explaining how basically nobody is responsible for the robot's actions , under impossible standards of proof>.

Imagine social media algorithm/copyright/smear fuckery but it's bullets instead of bans lol. On the plus side "Dogged" or "Botted" sound more casual than than "Swatted".


These battle dog bots are not realistic, because the opportunity cost, you can get a Toyota hilux that has a 50cal cannon mounted to it for the same money, or equip 10 guys with but loads of infantry weapons. If you buy 10 battledogs and your opponent buys 5 cars with light canons and equips 50 infantry guys, you're going to loose very badly.


A thread for the extremely versatile rifle, produced by Soviets/Russians (Tula/Izhevsk), Chinese (Norinco), Yugo/Serbs (Zastava) to this day and available as (relatively) cheap surplus pretty much anywhere.

Thinking of converting a Type 56 for hunting and range shooting.
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>bruh just regularly clean it
I have heard some cheap 7.62 is considerably corrosive and the steel jacket damages softer barrels.
>bruh just add straps and keep it slung
Still less heavy than desirable. And if you are going to war or even just hiking and hunting you want the cheapest equipment possible.


yeah, the older and military surplus ones should be more corrosive, and i wouldn't put it past norinco to put them in with the fresh retail ones just to meet supply, but again, you can just clean regularly. the barrel is strong, it should be fine


>cheapest equipment possible
>the barrel is strong, it should be fine
Yes, depends on the rifle, a chrome lined SKS would probably be fine.


Polymer is also more resistant to temperature and moisture changes than wood. It also does not require treating with oil and polish.


>not wanting to scare your enemy shitless and destroy his morale by emitting deafening gun fire sounds


how much of BUD/S is pointless masturbation?
how were spetsnaz chosen and trained?


most special forces shit is pointless masturbation as well as careerism



It's designed to be passable it's it's truly to hard were it pushes people to ultimate breaking point then no-one will pass enough to make it viable.

File: 1639888084096.jpg (18.85 KB, 177x275, delete this.jpg)


Should this board be renamed to lowercase?
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I prefer the look of all caps myself


No I prefer it in capitals


I like it in caps. Gives it a certain impact.


i think every new board should be upper case for six months after its making to increase visibility

File: 1637556960032-0.png (8.82 MB, 1650x2550, 01.png)

File: 1637556960032-1.png (7.72 MB, 1650x2550, 02.png)

File: 1637556960032-2.png (7.28 MB, 1650x2550, 04.png)

File: 1637556960032-3.png (2.48 MB, 1100x1700, 06.png)

File: 1637556960032-4.png (1.89 MB, 1100x1700, 08.png)


I wanted to share this for a while, these are two articles from a magazine/newspaper local to medellín, the first article is a memoir from a FARC commander from the time they took down an army base and took down a plane with a high ranking officer and the second is how statelessness in urabá helped to bloom the paramilitaries in that area.
Now I really wish somebody could translate these
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The first of September, year 2000, three companies of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia attacked the military base of Montezuma hill in Pueblo Rico, over the mountainous area of Tatamá, between the departments of Chocó and Risaralda. The attack was executed by 180 guerrillas of the 9, 47, and Aurelio Rodriguez fronts, belonging to the then known as José María Córdoba Northwestern Bloc. Two commanders lead that attack, Rubín Morro, Martín Cruz Vega, of the Aurelio Rodríguez front, and Gadafi or Khadafi, Hernán Gutiérrez Villada, of the 47 front.

The guerrillas took half the base and held up with various ambushes the reinforcement of soldiers coming up the highway. The ghost plane crashed early in the morning against the Tatamá hill. In one of those ambushes the lieutenant colonel Jorge Eduardo Sánchez died, commander of the Battalion San Mateo en Pereira. That was one of the highest rank casualties that the Farc caused upon direct combat with military forces, six years before they had killed the major general Carlos Julio Gil Colorado, but his death didn't occur due to military operation, rather due to an assasination.

That story never told before was written by Camilo Alzate in a war report two decades after the war. Alzate travelled to the region, climbed the mountain multiple times, and talked with retired military vets, seasoned journalists, and pobladores of the hill, with politicians and neighbors of Puerto Rico who, for different motives, had been left trapped in combat or knew of its circumstances. Someone from the guerrilla who participated in the attack told the journalist crucial details of the operation and chronicle -which is long and full of obstacles, bogged down, crossed with confused and confusing voices- it appeared in the 2017 May edition of Universo Centro with a title I perceive as excessively pretentious, alegorical, and biblical: "The burning bush".

In 2017 I met Gadafi in a guerrila camp. We talked every afternoon in his safehouse, while outside troops formed or broke ranks, argued or reconciled, threshed the mud or cleaned it, during what felt like an eternity without any shooting or anything interesting going on. Gadafi, afflicted by years of cardiac pain, passed those days reclined, ambushing with his pillows an annoying green light that infiltrated through the slits of his safehouse, which provoked drunk-like dizzyness. To his side he always had a walky talky and a black 9mm. It was inPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


There's the first one, I think it's a pretty good translation though at some points the wording will inevitably be a bit weird and confusing, mainly due to how Gadafi narrates the story. I don't know that's just how he tells it or if Colombians talk like this, because at times it's a bit confusing figuring out what he's talking about. Spanish is my native tongue but even then some parts were very difficult to translate in a way it's understandable due to this, but overall I think it's quite good.

I'll get around translating the rest eventuall, hopefully sooner than later. This board will only stay until the end of the month right? If I haven't finished the rest by then check the Latinamerica general, probably the best place to post this so I'll do it there if I don't finish by December.


Los colombianos hablan así


please read


thank you based translation anon


<From focal +‎ -ism.


<focalism (uncountable)
<<(psychology) Synonym of anchoring
<<A revolutionary strategy which posited that military vanguardism could lead to general rebellion.


<(revolutionary strategy): foquism


more like cringe-ismo amirite fellas


File: 1638017907857.jpg (109.37 KB, 512x512, unnamed.jpg)

File: 1636403122137-1.png (199.29 KB, 780x464, Nat-Int.png)


Recent Norinco rifle for the PLA replacing the QBZ-95/Type 95 bullpup. Has normal assault rifle, carbine and DMR variants, more info in the attached video.
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Maybe less practical but they look cool, lol


Are the variants just different barrel lengths?


Could they not just sell the same rifle but semi-auto only? If their competitors want to receive a Chinese rifle they can easily aquire one through other means surely, I mean there has got to be hundreds of millions of them in China.


they prolly just sell off the ones that didn't pass quality control lol


Sure, but thats not must what they do afaik

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