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How can you not be depressed in this world?
Everyone I’ve seen, known, or interacted with that was “positive” came off as a true fucking psychopath
Like, just utterly disconnected from the rest of mankind and all human empathy
I think non-depressives are sociopaths
Especially communists that are positive
Positive “communists” are the very worst, sociopathic pricks more obsessed with LARPing the past and little else, the world is fucking hellish and sanity is a disease
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>you barely have influence – if any at all – on things outside of you
Read this pamphlet to gain the superpower of commonsense


Preach. If you can function well in this society, you're fucked up.


this but its not entirely this. if you are loveless for a long time then you turn into a depressed loser, so just get a gf


File: 1611363123299.png (688.04 KB, 1024x1024, 1610813093911.png)

I legit blame capitalism for making me this way. Being psychopathic is the only way to get by in this world.


Are you an empath OP




God is dead and no one cares.


I am no one, and therefore I care.


File: 1608528324031.jpg (48.63 KB, 360x328, i_am_become_spook.jpg)

But if I am God, and God is ded, then by a simple logical syllogism that must mean that I am ded.


&gt&gt8If you let logic kill you, you are spooked.A=!A until you can't breath anymore.


almost diededededed

File: 1608528454232.jpg (248.99 KB, 800x1085, Nietzsche.jpg)


what the FUCK was his problem?


his daddy was a priest


somebody hurt his horse or something idk


h-hey you're my best friend right, could you please ask my waifu on a date for me?


n-nooo not my horsey

File: 1608528451109.jpg (235.32 KB, 1750x2400, my god.jpg)


>be fascist
>complain about post modernism and degeneracy
>appropriate vaporwave which is a satire of late capitalist society
>create second grade edits using the same aesthetics and rebrand it as 'fashwave'
&ltlefties hates art
&lthere's more rune coon shit over another vhs filter
&ltmuh culture has been saved

How does one reach this level of shamelessness? Do they have zero self awareness at this point? What exactly is the deal with post-modernism and people who cry about it? Everyone seems to hate it but I can't help but laugh at the irony that everything these same people derive from falls under that e very window itself. From the looks of it, art itself (especially avant-garde) has always been a very leftist concept, something that challenges the status quo. Pretty much everything that Right wingers appropriate has always been historically driven forward by progressive groups of the society relative to that era.


File: 1608528451185.webm (2.14 MB, 630x472, Fascist Copying.webm)


what do we think of post modernism from a /dead/ perspective?


chuds hate post-modernism cause they dont understand it and it's used in right-wing circles as a buzzword for 'bad thoughts. They think the whole deal with post-modernism is just rejecting modernist notions (like nation or economic structure) because 'it's ebil', but obviously thats a terrible interpretation.
I also don't like post-modernists, but I don't accuse them of trying to destroy the world because of that.


pretty sure most /pol/aks lack the awareness that nation-states and capitalism are modernist notions


File: 1608528452180.png (675.79 KB, 1000x486, i6yo0rzy7ow21.png)

File: 1608528449021.png (119.07 KB, 519x275, lsr.png)


What do you think of the LSR project? It's got Stirner and Reich so I assume it would be of interest to us, but it's mostly in German and I don't speak that language so I can't tell what it really is about.


looks like it's just a website hosting a bunch of texts by these three people

also otto gross > wilhelm reich


It's mostly this Laska's essays, but only a few are available in English:
http://www.lsr-projekt.de/poly/ennietzsche.html - Did Nietzsche know of Stirner?
http://www.lsr-projekt.de/poly/eninnuce.html - Why is everyone afraid of the big bad egoist?
http://www.lsr-projekt.de/poly/enmarsden.html - Was Dora Marsden an egoist?

The German has more essays, some that seem interesting, like Stirner as a teacher, Stirner and ancaps, there's even one about Otto Gross.


Read some of their stuff on la Mettrie, and apparently it's a project with the goal of constituting a second enlightenment, or 'Enlightenment 2'.
Their premise is that although the enlightenment started as an european philosophical project in the 18th century and was developed through the 19th and the the first half of the 20th century, it was never completed due to not reaching it's goal (freeing the human from his self-sustained immaturity). But unlike the Frankfurt School, who thought the reason for this was the make-up of enlightenment theory itself, leading to it's own undoing (the relations created by the enlightenment were the grounds upon which it became impossible), LSR argues that enlightenment can be understood as going through different phases of development, with each phase seeing popular but wrong theorists overcoming one unpopular, but ultimately actually right theorist (18th century: Mettrie against Rouseau, 19th century: Stirner vs Marx, 20th century: Reich vs Freud).
According to LSR, studying Mettrie, Stirner and Reich and the controversies between them and their popular enemies will yield th philosophical grounds for a second enlightenment that actually fulfills it's mission.
How does that make any sense? I don't know yet but I'll keep reading some of that stuff since I got nothing better to do.


Keep us posted fam


Sure. I've read 5 of their articles on La Mettrie so far. They all were very similar in that all of the described the biography of Mettrie, talking about how he published 'the human machine', the book his is today most known for, very early in his philosophical career. The human machine is a very radical early materialist text, arguing that everything originates out of matter, including the psyché. Afterwards he had to flee several times from different countries, until he was invited to the philosophers court of Frederic II. LSR now argues that the works he has written here are his actually interesting material, because works like 'The art of lust' are different from other enlightenment philosophers of his time in that they were nihilistic instead of mormative.
I haven't read those books yet (they are currently already borrowed out at my local library) but from what the LSR author describes La Mettrie saw the main factor that was keeping people from truely enjoying themselves (specifically their lust) was their own conscience, which was forced into them by their sorroundings through the transmission of social norms. However La Mettrie apparently also differentiated between a healthy, satisfying desire and a desire that's also influenced by the conscience, only that the lust derived from this desire is not satisfying, because it only exists as the destruction of the conscience and is therefore still tied to it. From this point on La Mettrie was basically hated by the philosophers of his time, because they felt the whole moral nihilism thing was bad optics for the enlightenment, so he got cancelled.
I guess the parallels to Stirner are quite obvious, and I'm really interested to read the actual works by La Mettrie himself, so it might take my time to read the next texts of the website.
I also read 2 stirner articles,the one about nietzsche knowing stirner and 'Die Negation des irrationalen Über-Ichs bei Stirner', or 'Stirner's negation of the irrational super-ego', which tried to interpret Stirner as an 'anarchist' 'pedagogue'. The idea here is that Stirners concept of 'Der Eigner' or 'the owner/unique' could be used as the groundwork for an education that doesn't have the implementation of certain values and norms into a child as it's goal, but the support of the child in developing itself into a unique one. If there is interest, I can go deeper hPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1608528448005.png (11.02 KB, 211x238, 15601986501238905.png)


Is voting really as big of an inconsequential meme as many people on the far left make it out to be? Wouldn't it be better to vote for someone who is better for my self interests as compared to doing nothing at all? If it doesn't matter then why do people chimp out over who wins or loses anyways?
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>caring about prices
>paying for stuff
Toppest of Keks, just steal that shit u basic bishhhhh


this but unironically


I wasn't ironic either


sorry :(


honestly, a good idea i guess
i dont know why i never thought of stealing guns, i guess just because i've only looked into private sales so to me guns just come from random people, forgot there are stores with them

File: 1608528441533.jpg (30.91 KB, 474x427, 1610986120399814.jpg)


So you know how everyone accuses us of conspiring to cause the collapse of all civilization and destroy humanity? I wish this was true, I actually want to achieve this. Eradicate every single living being from this planet. Wipe the slate clean.

Zero 'consciousness' that exists in this 'world' for eternity makes me feel like I will not be cheated after I die, it is a weird form of sour grapes/crab mentality. If I can't live a good life, I'll make sure that no-one else can, it's the only thing that will bring me the closest to peace. After knowing the fact that the only true way to solve all of humanity's problems is by getting rid of humanity itself, I look forward to climate change destroying the planet.

Power structures will never dissolve, newer ones will take hold over the old ones. For the posterity, it will be no better for them than it used to be. This is a cycle of eternal suffering that will never end, repeating on ad infinitum. Mortal consciousness is the true evil that no ideology or other bullshit human construct will ever tackle.
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>kinda based kinda gey


>satanic get
also, abolishing live kinda sucks when I do wanna exist tho


it will all be okay anon, submit for the greater good


but im no sub ;_;


Just give it a try, I can promise you won't complain once you are dead.

File: 1608528441113-0.png (218.23 KB, 495x440, unknown-5.png)

File: 1608528441113-1.png (239.18 KB, 495x440, unknown-8.png)


So /dead/ let's see what've you got as edits
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tdlr on this guy?


he wrote poetry


What did this dog do besides write a shitty manifesto?


He wrote some edgy shit about totally sacrificing and submitting yourself to the "Revolution" that later influenced Lenin, the Bolsheviks and every other imbecile who claims to be the experts of discontent. He was basically the exact opposite of what /dead/ claims to be.


>submitting yourself to the "Revolution"
yeah that's pretty cringe. obviously, the emancipation of the working class is achieved by the workers totally submitting themselves to an idea.

File: 1608528440234.jpg (127.85 KB, 1242x797, cakeRats.jpg)


calling all anarchists - especially leftcom, postoid, and illegalist types but this homeserver and /dead/ community are open to all (grand opening :p, i.e. i spent all day setting this up and it works now yay)
I'd really like to talk theory more with the few camatte nerds and illegalists here



tf is this?


It's a chat server.



also by the way i didnt think of it before, but like don't use my homeserver to host your profile if you wanna also join that chat, cause its insecure for you. But it is open to anyone if they dont want to use/dont trust the default matrix servers

File: 1608528436022.png (214.49 KB, 1600x1593, 1600px-TQILA_Emblem.svg.png)


Anyone on here trans?
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sorta agree (that it shouldnt be such a big political issue), but you need context too, like people making things tabboo or illegal are making a political statement and enforcing it, so reaction against that is just reaction against the politicization of these sorta irrelevant things that aught to just be live and let live
though i think the radlib left goes beyond that sometimes so whatever, im not just criticizing conservatives but also the gullible left who fall for their trap of trying to make an issue of something that should just be chill and not weird/based to people


I don't think it is central but it is going to remain a political question as long as it is used as a means of control. It's cool that you can ignore it but not everyone is that fortunate.


File: 1608528449485.jpg (389.96 KB, 1808x1242, IMG_20200617_184558.jpg)

he doesn't care about his gender or sexuality yet is mad online about trannies. curious


Just curious, how is it used as a way of control generally?


It has a set of acceptable behaviour and acting outside it gets you ostracised.

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