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File: 1624585674006.png (436.05 KB, 1209x900, max_iq.png)


When did you grow out of your Marxist phase? 24 for me. I can't believe I fell for such blantant ideological spooks propped up material dialetics. Imagine being an idealist in 2021, LMAO.
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File: 1624590333421.png (461.14 KB, 607x608, Rekt.png)

>Bothering with Stirner in the year the lord 2021
God, why

If Marx was alive today, he'd probably get called a kike by people here.


Hard sciences don't profess themselves to be truth, though.


i started getting into post-leftism last year, so i was 23
I dont totally dislike marx, but reading nihilist communism I got disillusioned with the notion of class counsciousness and workerism in general. like proletarian revolution is a neat idea but it never happened and will never happen



>Imagine being an idealist
pure retard

File: 1624443548940.jpg (41.01 KB, 615x409, vermin.jpg)


I'm a 28 year old living in Corpus Christi, a very nice town in Texas, but it is plagued with homeless people. As a form of direct action, I have taken matters into my own hands to help the city.
Last week I found a hobo walking through the grocery store parking lot in the morning, I strike up a conversation with him and befriend him. Then I offer $200 if he helps me move furniture out of my house in Austin. He agrees, so we go to Austin, like a 4 hour drive. I pull up near a gas station in some random uygha ghetto and offer a chance to use the bathroom.
I leave him and drive back to Corpus. Is relocating the homeless to shit cities the answer we've been looking for? I think next weekend I'm gonna pick up 3 hobos and leave them in Dallas.


Why did you anchor my thread with no explanation, bitch?



File: 1624233020999.jpg (93.08 KB, 498x750, 1623114812013.jpg)


Is Stirnirite egoism and Marxism incompatible? What if I agree with both Marx's critique of capitalism and Stirner's egoism? What does that make me?
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Marx was wrong because he predicted a proletarian mass movement to arise from highly developed capitalist relations, but this never happened, In fact, there has never been a proletarian revolution in all of history. The bolsheviks got into power through a coup and the masses were mobilised by the second world war going badly and not by capitalist relations they had whished to be destroyed. In China, Vietnam, Korea and Cuba we see mostly national liberation struggles being the cause of a regime change, it just so happened that the forces winning out in the end were the communist parties. Lastly, there are countries like the GDR that did not only not have a proletarian revolution, they didnt have any revolution but simply lost a war against socialist forces and was declared socialist afterwards. So in no instance did socialist rule establish itself through a mass movement that had the goal of dismantling capitalism.
The reason for this is that class counsciosness doesnt exist or at least doesnt exist in a historically or politcially relevant manner. Marx predicted that class counsciosness would arise in those situations were capitalism is developed the strongest and the internal contradictions of capitalism create the highest pressure upon the working class, instead we have only seen socialist attemps in places were capitalism was poorly developed and the centers of capitalist production even seem to be the most stable.
Other points worthy of critique in marxism are it's conception of history (communism is is no historical destination), his disregard of the states own reproduction of hierarchy and his own petite-bourgeois prejudices against the lumpenproletariat, but even I don't fully reject marx. I think his theory of value and exploitation is spot on and alot of his sociological observations are REALLY good, but there just wont ever be a class counscious mass movement fighting to emancipate themselves from capitalism. That's just a pipedream.


File: 1624416524398.png (324.55 KB, 401x567, ClipboardImage.png)

Is egoism inherently compatible with any political ideology you honestly desire to be realized?


yes, because egoism is not a political philosophy


Novatore is such a larper lmaoooo


you mean like a pseudo-intellectual?
idk, i always got the vibe of him being pretty clear on not being philosophy in the traditional sense.

File: 1623731441967.png (231.29 KB, 1080x1250, procrime.png)


Uh oh.


File: 1623739807868.mp4 (20.69 MB, 1152x648, 1622932586834.mp4)


shit i tried to post the uh oh stinky meme
just imagine that instead

File: 1621704436946.jpg (97.34 KB, 992x880, stirner.jpg)


What is the egoist view on infidelity? I have a LDR gf that I love and would like to marry, but I'd like to fuck sluts on the side. Am I a piece of shit?
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jealousy is such an incredibly toxic aspect of human relationships. i don't understand jealousy, and i don't tolerate it in my own relationships


Isn't it profoundly anti-egoist to ask what the proper egoist view is before doing something


Jfc just read Sade


not if you consider other egos as an extension of your own, such that asking them questions and receiving answers to those questions amounts to nothing more than a self-dialogue

>t. transcendental metaphysicist, panentheistic, cosmic solipsist egoist


File: 1621478431537.gif (1.44 MB, 400x225, 9vHt.gif)


The time for our revenge shall come!


fuck you

File: 1620924198010.jpg (85.41 KB, 750x1000, 1620924193663.jpg)


Shall I buy?


wouldn't it already be your property? just go and take it




print your own bae

File: 1620438450297.jpeg (70.18 KB, 600x750, stirner.jpeg)


So true!!
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File: 1620440540009.png (92.89 KB, 621x702, 1620139360059.png)

>Stirner literally shit himself in the woods /lit/, a colossal Grizzly Bear charged at him and he froze where he stood. Sweat rolled down his uh.."gotcha" shaped brow, and then it… it uh.. give me a second. I think it dripped onto his leather, moleskin Boots. He imagined scenarios, I think that was it, I'm having trouble remembering.. where the bear would just run past him or false charge him only for it to just dissappear into the thicket. He wrote about the matter in a letter to his friend, Samuel Brook: "I was trembling with the utmost fear…I uh… he shat himself. That was the ending I think, I can't seem to remember how it went. I'm sorry. I think I'm gonna lie down.


I don't think that's Stirner.


Poor Samuel Beckett. Wrote one of the most important tragicomic postmodern plays of its timen, won a bloody Nobel Prize and now his likeness is only remembered as being "almost le epic egoism man".


Stirner had blond hair and blue eyes.


File: 1620669712494.jpg (70.9 KB, 394x394, 1614286541742.jpg)

the ubermensch!

File: 1620070811275.jpg (14.73 KB, 307x384, emo.jpg)


Flag check











File: 1619437707859.jpg (120.53 KB, 681x785, chud stirner.jpg)


>write book dedicated to your wife
>wife reads it
>wife furious about being called an egoist, doesn't let me explain
>gets divorce
>wife also leaves Die Freien and converts to catholicism


Stirner had a hard life.


Personas can't get married.

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