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File: 1608528394360.jpg (70.19 KB, 900x900, 1488762536226.jpg)


I am a marxist that became nazbol after reading most of marxes works

Do I fit in here? I am not just a nationalist tankie, I consider myself post left.
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is this a joke?


Democracy is an hierarchy


>Post-left is leftists
>democratic party
this is just leftists, as opposed to libs
post-left is not leftist


File: 1608528457169.png (16.31 KB, 255x204, 1607957755547.png)


>Comrade No. 876 [Reply] [Last]

I am a marxist that became nazbol after reading most of marxes works

>Do I fit in here? I am not just a nationalist tankie, I consider myself post left.

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>sAgE No. 1697

>Comrade No. 1912 >>1788

>Post-left is leftists who are ready to leave behind the democratic party plantation
Comrade No. 1913 >>1795
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File: 1608528457602.png (219.89 KB, 471x457, kitton.png)

is this a broken bot? why the fuck is the cia using our backwater for testing

File: 1608528393067.png (3.62 KB, 290x174, blackhammer.png)


Me and the rest of the black community are protesting because the police are a colonialist occupying force. I don't give a FUCK about white people who get killed by their own police. They can take that up with white colonialist power, after all, they are citizens, servants and benefices of the colonialist system. You cannot ask black people to care about white people shot by the police anymore than you can ask us to care about white rape "victims". They already have white power backing them up. They are the oppressor class and I don't give a fuck about the the internal conflict in the white oppressor class. Its strictly secondary to the anti-colonialist class war between the two real classes, white people and black people.
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File: 1608528393349.png (29.82 KB, 491x362, gazikodzo.png)


black wojack agrees


highly epic


>Me and the rest of the black community are protesting because the police are a colonialist occupying force
kek. You are protesting because CNN and Walmart told you so.



File: 1608528392032.jpg (135.88 KB, 540x720, 9Bsac.jpg)


Do anarchists still exist? It seems like every time I talk to someone who claims to be anarchist online they turn out to be a Marxist who is just too ashamed of tankies to call themselves a Marxist. Do actual anarchists still exist?
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File: 1608528393677.jpg (47.22 KB, 452x622, Guy Debord with knife.jpg)

Maybe its just an exception, but Debord seems to be pretty popular among anarchists in general and SotS is pretty deep in the "Marxian framing".


There are many anarchists (ancoms and ansynds) even on leftypol. Seriously.


Ok, Marxist.


He is an nihilist I assume


Maybe, but they dont speak out too much recently. After /anarchist/ general died and CHOP happened, I noticed a large anti-anarchist move on /leftypol/ and nobody there seems to mind. What I find ironic tho, is when some Anarchist pokes at MLs, MLs immediately complain about sectarianism LMAO

File: 1608528391582.jpg (262.51 KB, 1213x675, belarus11a.jpg)


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lmao you glow very much for being dead


> nooo they don't support my cabal of the bourgeoisie!!!


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand nothing changed, what a ebin rebellion guys


Just every saturday the libs go to the street to say "Boooo Luka bad" and the EU says "Booo Luka Bad".
Peak Vuvuzelan Zamboterapia hours.


File: 1608528410144.jpg (912.32 KB, 1343x1920, 136c5dvacyw41.jpg)

File: 1608528391198.jpg (92.68 KB, 720x720, acaraje.jpg)


I think some people here maybe already know, about this project of mine with some anarchists friends of my region. So who we are and what are our goals for those who don't know us:
> We are anarchists working on translating some basic anarchist and post-left anarchy works into Portuguese for better accessibility and study.
> We are also thinking in creating a website for sharing our translations and where other anarchists can submit theirs so these works can be freely distributed around.
> If the project succeeds and we gain some attention, we are planning in creating after the quarantine anarchist reading clubs so maybe some anarchist action starts to grow here

Some of the works that we are prioritizing to translate before the Corona-virus epidemic ends:
> Anarchy by Errico Malatesta (Draft for almost all chapters are already done, our estimates for completing it are in about 2 weeks or less)
> Anarchy after Leftism
> The abolition of work
> Toward the creative nothing
> Illegalism why pay for a revolution on the installment plan when you can steal on
> Desert
> Against organizationalism anarchism as both theory and critique of organization
> Post-left anarchy, leaving the left behind

So these are our main ideas and projects, any thoughts on our work?
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Well boys, another translation, and this one is of one of my absolutely favorite writings of Feral Faun. A bloody good critique of idpol in general, just a really good read. The piece is "The Ideology of Victimization". As always, you can share this anywhere you want.



Yeah I know, I submitted my translations there but till now they didn't go through yet. Don't know why exactly, maybe their moderation and checkers are just very slow and offline


We've finished translating A Anarquia by Errico Malatesta, take care


Nice. I'm surprised this board is still used.

File: 1608528390593.jpg (328.67 KB, 1920x1080, SF2-thumb.jpg)


A look at the social and economic devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, with a specific focus on the incompetent state responses of the UK, Brazil and the United States.

Featuring an interview with anarchist writer Peter Gelderloos, author of Diagostic of the Future: Between the Crisis of Capitalism and the Crisis of Democracy.


I had no idea about their PeerTube instance, it is pretty cool: https://kolektiva.media/videos/local


Wow cool show anon, I've been checking out "Trouble" as well. Thanks for turning me on to Kolektiva.


I have become disabled due to antibiotics side effects and can no longer perform any of my previous hobbies/jobs (music and programming)
How do you cope with permanently losing certain bodily functions?
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File: 1608528388049.jpg (37.71 KB, 477x296, 1469727948948.jpg)

That's a very hard question. I guess everybody has a different way, but you could try to put your energy to use in different endeavors. Like are we talking about the whole body here? If you can keep your mind, you can find solace in it's functioning.
Your body is of course directly connected to your force over the world, but they are still just the instruments of your being. If you loose your ability to physicly force the world, you can still make it subservient by being stronger in mind against it or by being smart against it. That still is within your capability.
Other than that I hope you've got someone who loves you OP.


Try to find a cure? I am sorry man, I doubt anyone here can relate.


I have no experience with that sort of thing, and I am profoundly sorry you have to go through that OP. My only answer would be to acquire new hobbies that you are capable of doing, and that may one day give you the sense of fulfillment that your previous hobbies did. Since you were into music, I would suggest finding another creative outlet in another medium. May I ask what antibiotic it was and for how long you were on it?


File: 1608528391729.png (457.7 KB, 511x992, (you).png)


What kind of disability lets you type but not program?



Is there any point to read this if I already agree with the title?

File: 1608528384069.jpg (20.46 KB, 198x201, Mainlaender.jpg)


a tread meant for questions, discussion and praise for this fascinating figure

i have a question myself

so i am reading mutual aid right now, and in the section talking about mutual aid by "barbarians" i noticed it seems that communal behavior used to be more common back then, communal behavior seems to be even more common by "savage" societies, it seems society is more isolated then ever before, Philip mainlander talked about how universe was killing itself by splitting more and more, beginning as a singularity (god) until it realized it needed to die, for non existence is better then existence, but because it was god it was unable to kill himself, so it started splitting itself, becoming more and more isolated and divided, so that way it could die, so our universe is essentially the rotting corpse of god, if we accept mainlander's theory could the increasing isolation of our society be seen as a side effect of god's suicide? are there more ways of combining mainlander's and anarchist theory?
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just call them. We live in a society, if it were semi-functional, there would be programs were they take you first class to a beach resort/mental facility. Society has failed you, not the other way around.

Either way, you are improperly finding justification for your death, when you should instead be looking for ways to get out of the thread you feel daily. Consider dropping out of society. If you're american and have some money, you might be able to afford living for some time in thailand for example. Try volunteering. You're not a bad person, but your brain is afflicted with capitalist dread. It would be a mistake to find it "intellectual" justifications.

Either way, I feel you won't listen to me. Do yourself a favor and believe me that what you are feeling is not normal and you can get out of it, even if it feels impossible.


> It would be a mistake to find it "intellectual" justifications.

now you are just calling my rational reasons emotional excuses


Why do people feel the need to write posts like these? You are not helping, your are making it worse. How do you think people feel when you tell them that their feelings are "improper justifications", that they are not not thinking rationally? It just reinforces the issues they have.

If you are not willing to listen, at least shut the fuck up.


based Ryunosuke Akutagawa mentions Mainlander


Your post basically reads as "stop trying to convince him to not kill himself"

You're really spooked

File: 1608528383122.jpg (428.05 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20200620_161208.jpg)





Music in that video combined with his monotonous voice made me fell asleep.


Just read Ligotti's conspiracy.


this sounds really fucking metal, but a dead and decaying god is still a god.
Also how is Mainländers outlook in any way original? If he hadn't hung himself on his own books, nobody would care about him!

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