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ITT: we discuss the Anarchist Library, good texts found on it and ways we can help the library.https://theanarchistlibrary.org/For example, did you know that you can easily edit the texts on the site? It's the pencil icon in the infobox. While reading I take notes of the obvious scanning errors and correct the text when I am finished.
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Why is that? I like to read plays.

You can listen to this reading but it is not that good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lT6VNApKL3E


>As for egoist as dominator, a quote
Oh, boy, oh, boy, do I love it when egoist secular humanists misuse that quote of Stirner as an argument. Wolfi has already warned egoist anarchists about how overquoting Stirner can turn The Unique and Its Property into a bible. We had so much expansion on the Stirnerian thought: Renzo Novatore, Emma Goldman, Dora Marsden, James L. Walker, Sidney Parker, post-leftists. Yet here we are. Regardless, the interests and passions of Stirner are not the interests and passions of every conscious egoist ever. Universalizing compassion would be trivializing the drives, desires and personality traits of egoists that are unique to them and returning to an idea of a "human nature" (or may we call it "egoist nature") that Stirner was trying to escape. Not everyone is able to leverage the same joy from compassion as others. Not everyone needs to. Heck, psychopaths aren't able to feel empathy at all, for Unique's sake. Are they somehow less egoistic than other conscious egoists? I don't think so.

>This might be true, but is it really egoism if you are haunted by `fixed idea` of being "at the top"?

Good point. There's certainly something spooky about being obsessed with political power, not helped by the fact that those who became rulers by ruthlessly disposing of their rivals having some spooky idealistic vision of the future, be it Stalin or Hitler or whatever the fuck. But the opposite is also a spook, the claim that a conscious egoist must deny domination. It becomes a kind of a vice for an egoist, a moralistic taboo, which is obviously against what Stirner stands for. As Jason McQuinn put it: "Whatever you do, get away with it."

Conscious egoists ARE Machiavellian. As Walker said, the ruling class are conscious egoists who rule the world while the rest of us are in confusion. I grappled with this fact for weeks and the best objections to becoming a dictator were made by Egoism Simplified and Dr. Bones:
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not the anarchist library, but marxists.org added a bunch of stuff to their fredy perlman archive from revoltlib.com last year while i wasn't looking
some of this stuff isn't on the anarchist library yet, too


Which ones are missing let's put them up!!


File: 1654936731929.png (1.12 MB, 1100x749, ui.png)


How to prepare for the end of the world as we know it so we can feel fine?


>Whatever result was obtained in Satya yuga by meditating on Visnu, in Treta yuga by performing sacrifices and in Dvapara yuga by seeing the Lord's lotus feet can also be obtained in Kali yuga simply by chanting the Hare Krsna maha−mantra. – Srimad Bhagavatam 12.3.52

File: 1608528376620.jpg (174.9 KB, 1024x768, Solidarity_Attack.jpg)


>ctrl+f music
&lt0 results.
ITT We post music.

Old Trees - Violent Resistance
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very avant garde


Is Mr. Morale a spook or the creative nothing?


File: 1653220091527.gif (2.91 MB, 390x498, tenor-1(3).gif)

Weeb detected.


>using the word "morale" unironically
You tell Me.


Unspooked Blade Wolf.

File: 1653672349479.jpg (22.15 KB, 300x400, bey_small[1].jpg)


Wtf pedophile dead?
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good choice




Hakim Bey.


File: 1653733667391.png (104.91 KB, 500x403, memri beatings.png)

crakkker imperialist larping as arab


everyone was a pedo in the 70s, can't blame him
i liked Pirate Utopias

File: 1608528382854.jpeg (92.46 KB, 750x738, 8f863f5716a928d5.jpeg)

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I'm sorry that you are retarded, but calling things you don't like spook just because your read the cursed Anglo version of der einzige and are without any understanding of what those terms describe is just not my jam


i see the post-left is still as embarrassing as it was 10 years ago


it might be embarassing, but how nice is this cozy board? you dont get that with communism


Why did you tag Me?


I think it's newfags mostly. I still highly respect McQuinn and Landstreicher. BTW, Landstreicher also wrote this to deal with these kinds of guys: https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/apio-ludd-burn-all-bibles

File: 1652581810058.png (673.96 KB, 740x416, ClipboardImage.png)


Please provide me one illegalism starter pack tyvm.


steal shoes in clothes shops and clothes in shoe shops


ski mask and track suit (you know we're the angry youth)
bolt cutters (for going click clack)
and don't forget the most essential ingredient, brother and sisterhood


We never stop This music makes your eyes pop
It helps you dodge a cop, whether you believe or not

File: 1608528390291.jpg (61.1 KB, 640x453, somaliland.jpg)


Due to the techno-industrial city, doesn't matter the ideology, or society which possesses it; it will always need many people to keep it alive, and for this reason smaller languages cannot survive in this harsh environment. Let's assume a group of people who speak a minority language with around 300 speakers, they live in a poor small village, next to it is a city where a major language is spoken, if people want to have a industrial life, they will need to move to the city, commune, whatever is more convenient for your industrialist society, and there they will stay for better life conditions.

When this happens, there are two possible outcomes:
> 1 - They won't teach their native to their children preferring them to only speak the major language, because their native language is "useless"
> 2 - They will teach their language to their children, let's assume the best case scenario and let's say they taught the most traditional form with no loanwords, only native words, and the children speaks the minority language perfectly; here is a more case by case thing, but probably this kid will only speak this language with his family, and with no one else, so many things could happen here, loanwords enter his language when talking to their parents, they start speaking more and more of the majority language with their parents, and in the future they will spread a more majority languicized version of the original language, and with each generation the language is slowly(or maybe even faster in worse scenarios) disappearing until it is finally gone. This being the best case scenario for the language.

This is the natural process for smaller languages, which are the majority of our world's languages today on the techno-industrial system by its pure nature. But now let's make a case, how could we revive this language? A fake idea of national identity could bring up many nationalists puppets who would only speak the original language in its pure version, and would force their children and relatives to only speak it; this is a similar case to Ukrainian which is a language that I know fairly well, but it also brings all the nationalist spooks, fights, racism, class division and way more stuff(evidence for this is the state of the Ukrainian language today) that all of us know so I don't think anyone here would agree in doing this as a long term solution.

So as we can see, language Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1652234271217.png (15.78 KB, 671x200, ClipboardImage.png)

Only if China completely overtakes The West, maybe Mandarin, but even the Chinese are very English dependant. I think English is here to stay.


you could translate that anytime you want, maybe keep the loanwords. as people move over time and the language spreads it will take over if people have no reason to learn english anymore. also have you noticed the latin/french loanwords in scientific disciplines? it sounds so ugly and out of place.


The CPC at one point was seriously proposing to change the national language of China to Esperanto, as relatively neutral intermediaty between commonly spoken languagea that was adopted by many inernationalist socialists. This was before the national chauvinism shit though.


>We need languages that are artifically manufactured in a lab and enforce it upon everyone in robotic fashion.


>also have you noticed the latin/french loanwords in scientific disciplines? it sounds so ugly and out of place
True, they should have used Swahili instead. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

File: 1651255036567.png (217.78 KB, 511x761, Ted_K.png)


>A revolutionary movement offers to solve all problems at one stroke and create a whole new world; it provides the kind of ideal for which people will take great risks and make great sacrifices.
Have truer words ever been spoken?
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>A revolutionary movement offers to solve all problems at one stroke and create a whole new world
It aint. Revolutions don't really offer anything aside from a change of personnel at the top of any given hierarchy.
Insurrection on the other hand…


Lenin said something similar
I wanna love ted, if only he were class pilled


if u dont know where his ideas are based ur the retard objectively


fucking inusrrectos


I can really sympathize even with his primitivist spooks
idk if he was actually an ecologist but I also care deeply about nature regardless of it's impact on humanity

File: 1619649630127-0.jpg (7.75 KB, 480x260, renzo.jpg)


this board is looking like /stirner/ right now and not /dead/
what is this? haven't you read your novatore yet anon?
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I don't get poetry, why is everyone thinking so high of it


Poetry sounds cool because it has a rhythm to it. It's also very memorable. Poets are masters at expressing their emotions and subjective experience through language.


idk Novatore's poems did not feel that rhythmic to me


Have you read him in la italiano?


this is some shit an art school student thinks is deep


i just checked /lit/ and half the threads and posts are off topic nazi stuff
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File: 1651098703730.jpg (157.08 KB, 992x880, 1493154955622.jpg)

>Mah tradition.
Nice spooks, nerd.


i dont mean it in a spooky way at all though, i mean the material, lived tradition embodied in the particularities of daily life. This is what we can never run from, and thankfully too, since it's the only thing which can reach beyond cynical nihilism to enliven us in our non-belief.


Why do you people always need some kind of a spiritual uplifting to just not cry over the meaninglessness of existence? Such a Christian mindset. Read the spook book.


Why would I be invested in the future of a politics when My main concern is My Own future?


>the politics that was liquidated in 1945, if not even before, is relevant in this century

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