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File: 1649587559099.jpg (154.28 KB, 500x1406, spookargument.jpg)


"Spook," spectre" or "phantasm?" Mine is "spook" because it's pretty specific and unique to dialectical egoism. And you can also play with it by adding prefixes and postfixes (i.e. spooked, despooked, unspooked, spooky, reverse-spooked, anti-spook, spookprejudiced). I also like to say "sacred idea" or "ghost in the mind" sometimes.
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Well, I mean, Stirner did use the dialectical method. That's why I said "dialectical." But Stirner used that to pwn Hegel epic style so I don't see why that's a problem. You can also call it Stirnerian egoism, nihilist egoism or whatever the fuck. Rational egoism works too, I think. Though there are other "egoisms" that are called "rational." Like Rand's brand of egoism.


>I like calling people imbeciles.


my favourite word is dick sauce








File: 1649945595138.gif (1.64 MB, 498x401, 1645890251808.gif)

>mfw breaking rules becomes a rule


File: 1649957760434.webm (7.7 MB, 394x222, xavier.webm)

anyone found with rules will be branded


damn, now i wish i had a couch i could crash on


File: 1650031223847.jpg (59.57 KB, 1280x720, 1427742526633.jpg)

no… not the rules…

File: 1649190768016.jpg (133.28 KB, 500x718, 6biic3.jpg)


As I look into it more and more, it becomes clear that this ideology makes less sense than your mom. No wonder why its proponents are not just post-civ/illegalists.

Have you ever met those oddballs online, fellow Uniques?
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yeah because that hole thing worked out so well
you cant turn back time


After a very quick search, it seems that this "Avaritionism" was "created" by some fbi.gov user of a literal meme wiki about ideologies :

The wiki has a lot of others pure meme-ideologies like :
Which is a hypothetical version of a even more authoritarian neoliberalism.

Actual ideologies, far-left to far-right seems well depicted though :


Indeed. That's why I'm saying that this is a meme ideology. Some people seem to believe in this unironically for some reason it seems. And those who do usually have those spooks I listed.


liberalism is already centred around the state what do they even think liberalism means-
oh. that, yeah


>…was "created" by some fbi.gov user…

File: 1608528451635.png (130.63 KB, 512x512, 1_Lynxaria.png)


wuts ur fav z0r?
mine is z0r.de/17
its sooooo wunny when he goes : AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!
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is that a black caricature?
also, do all of these have endings or do others just loop forever


nah he's just charging his lazor




Why do tankies shill for the government that destroyed the USSR?
Do they not see the contradiction?
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>implying you actually give a shit


>barely any real change for the "bottom 50%" or "middle 40%" throughout 1905-2015
doesn't even take into account uneven development, the semi-feudal classes, or changing borders or anything like that


you really wanna talking about contradictions?


technically Russian Federation is the truest form of communism since the socialist state has disolved.


File: 1648049981937.jpg (34 KB, 620x500, 1646001851361.jpg)

>mfw this sounds insane but is true

File: 1644818480192.png (522.96 KB, 327x596, 1629642659066.png)




u 2 fanks :)))



cute cat


there's no good jobs where i live and i have no (provable) skills, looking forward to the collapse of the dollar, the contraction of the (mostly bloated) service sector, and starvation


Why do the fags on leftypol suck so fucking much?
Why do tankie fags in general describe socialism as an actual dystopia even shittier than the world we already have and still not comprehend why normies despise them?
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Because leftypol continues to exist
/dead/ should devour that board by now
If nothing else people on /dead/ aren’t socially maladjusted freaks obsessed with imposing endless suffering on the working class in a deluded attempt to replicate the worst mistakes of the USSR and PRC


watch that edge


>people on /dead/ aren’t socially maladjusted freaks obsessed with imposing endless suffering on the working class
Speak for yourself, sis.


idk if you really want an answer, but i think part of it is probably that they start from the typical leftist position of the world being flawed and evil, and their doctrine is good and redeeming. They feel the need to subjugate the world and make it work according to their model, and their model is what they learned about communism from western sources. The rest is variations on this theme, for good or bad.


you’re not any better, kill yourself

File: 1643660411021.jpg (68.25 KB, 1536x2048, 15091826598235980.jpg)


>i need to fit in into the normie "grind" culture to have a chance at a well paying job and a gf
>pretend to hide my power level at all times just to have a shot at this
>contribute to the same society's growth that you hate in the first place
wait i know the game was rigged, but this is worrying me… should've just lucked out on rich parents and good looks to not worry about life, now i'm depressed all the time, how do i cope?
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fam all those anti-civs are on twitter


the zoomer and gen alpha LARPers who found out about meme ideologies through leftypol and breadtube are


yeah isnt that 90% of anti-civ anarchists?


this is like literally the psychotic option
it's a bad cope, cause it can get out of hand.


"freedom is necessity realized" ig
and yeah collective shit is a potential source for our power… power is in direct opposition to freedom, well at least according to stirner, but empowerment is really what we want when we say we want freedom.

File: 1633903689159.jpg (102.72 KB, 763x915, 15012935609238535.jpg)


how do u deal with loneliness and poverty and no friends and depression and no future and nothing to look forward to
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the way i cope is taking back some control by making big decisions to do "dumb" stuff

go do some crimes or fuck your life up or kill yourself
itll make you feel better


>Who is your philosopher friend?


File: 1640197735045.jpg (45.21 KB, 800x800, skeleton friends.jpg)


File: 1647699703227.gif (760.97 KB, 427x240, 1412365865413.gif)

feeling lonesome bros


wanna feel lonesome together?

File: 1646181102708.jpg (113.73 KB, 500x750, 1628047922699.jpg)


I have nothing to live for but I don't have the willpower to kill myself.
wat do?
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God is anything else fucking posted here?


Step one fall out of bed instead
This will force you to get up if only to get back into bed
Practice makes perfect give yourself a good shove and fall off that mattress there's a good lad


But then why liv eif I'm not getting anything form it?


File: 1647390373798.jpg (59.01 KB, 701x640, 1513361079457.jpg)

what are you trying to get? we all die eventually


>I don't want to be 60 years old when I finally have the free time and money to get my own place, a gf and make a living off my hobbies.
don't get me wrong, Im not a proponent of some libertarian sigma grindset or whatever. if you are able to get what you want through illegal or underhanded tactics thats just as fine. lazyness is great, but it doesnt mean you have to give up on life.

>im too mentally ill to even get out my bed and im supposed to go out there and take things for myself?
what I would suggest is using that as your advantage. you are mentally ill and there is a giant market of well-off middle class wokes who love nothing more than to give money to the opress and marginaliszed. you could totally use your handicap to e-beg on twitter with several accounts straight out of your bed. you just need to appeal to people's sympathy. be like: oh im really sorry to bother you oomfies, but Im behind on rent and my poor cat needs food can anyone spare a few bucks here is my paypal I really appreciate it!
I made like 350 dollars by prentending to be a ukranian refugee on twitter and facebook over the last few weeks. you just gotta use what you have and even if you are to ill to get out of bed you can still be an amazing force of self-realisation. I believe in you, anon.

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