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Thread dedicated to the discussion, reading and shitposting surrounding this forgotten and deeply tragic figure of the early feminist movement in England, later turned Egoist, and in her own words, Archist rather than Anarchist.

Here I'll attach to the OP ,as well as further posts, secondary and tertiary sources, first as complementary to her work, second due to the limitations in filesize for Vichan.

For Primary sources, I'll give you some MEGA links with her collected Journals in which she was Editor/Contributor these will only work for 30 days.

The Freewoman(1911 — 1912):https://mega.nz/file/CbxglRjK#qP70f25AjqFPxcKrTc66GIkyG6uYftwWXv4MCbkMrrk
The New Freewoman(1913):https://mega.nz/file/XeRknbAB#drlmEd32Fv449wTtvGlLdCsxlIBwqS2jt724fbxweZs
The Egoist(1914 — 1919):https://mega.nz/file/6K50wZ7B#elVYbkMV0PMthD3xiTGDg4SDIc2stV-mf3MrK3ZttVE

In 1900 began teaching at Owens College, where she met Christabel Pankhurst and other suffragists. Dora joined and became a leader in the Women’s Social and Political Union (WPSU) by 1908. The following year she resigned as a teacher and became a full time agitator for the WSPU, graduating from suffragist to suffragette. She was sentenced to two months in prison for vandalism in 1909: she refused to wear prison clothes and served her time in the nude, even wriggling out of a straightjacket that had been forced on her. After a hunger strike she was released and continued to agitate. She disrupted political meetings (including a speech by a young Winston Churchill). The WSPU ‘promoted’ her to a clerical position to temper her agitation. Dora, meanwhile, had grown tired of the ‘skirt movement’ and sought a liberty beyond feminism.

In 1911, Dora founded The Freewoman (1911 – 1912), a periodical described by one forgotten nobody as “a disgusting publication… indecent, immoral and filthy.” Financial troubles led to a re-launch as The New Freewoman (1914). And an ever more keen search for liberty led to a re-launch as The Egoist (1914 – 1919).

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> Dora Marsden - "The Stirner of Feminism"?
> Did Dora Marsden "transcend" Stirner?
tl;dr: no


I think she goes too hard on the shit about war and public opinion… at least I see it totally different. This is based on what i read from that one essay you posted in another thread btw I havent read all of these. But her idea that victory is what influences people to accept somethins is really cynical and imo glosses over all the huge effort that gets put into propaganda, in order to stem public discontent with victors who are shitty. And while I like her rhetoric (which is very to the point and poetic at times) about the mutual struggle of all against all to inhabit space and consume in order to live, I think she runs too far with it at times. At least in the sense of taking literal overt struggle and pure domination as the most important thing.

But I don't know if her ideas get more refined ever. No matter what, I think she's brilliant and a great rebuttal to anarchists, but ultimately not a stopping point. More like a good starting point, to ask more questions from.


I read that, too and a couple of other essays by other people appearing in The Egoist and I just don't see how any of them add anything to Nietzsche/Stirner. I have that problem with a lot of egoist, insurrectionary and post-left theory. So I guess what I'm asking is what makes her special and worth reading, according to you, OP?


stirner at least doesnt go so hard on the conflict parts as marsden does. Lots of people read stirner and stay in that "clerico-libertarian" anarchism because what they get from him is "chillax and just do what you want"
And dora is like "what i want to do is enslave you all >:)"
I mean not really at all. But the point is that she takes it further and more explicet with the depiction of the necessity of conflict where someone wins and someone loses, and how this can't be reconciled with a philosophy that disavows domination of all kinds or at least is uncomfortable with openly acknowledging it's role in their lives

if anything it's as simple as she wasnt just against leftists, but against anarchists too

(but i'm not OP, and i dont think you should read all of her stuff cause it's probably not that important)


Our epoch is an epoch of decadence. Bourgeois-christian-plebeian civilization arrived at the dead end of its evolution a long time ago.

Democracy has arrived!

But under the false splendor of democratic civilization, higher spiritual values have fallen, shattered.

Willful strength, barbarous individuality, free art, heroism, genius, poetry have been scorned, mocked, slandered.

And not in the name of “I”, but of the “collective”. Not in the name of “the unique one”, but of society.

Thus christianity — condemning the primitive and wild force of the virgin instinct — killed the vigorously pagan “concept” of the joy of the earth. Democracy — its offspring — glorified itself making the justification for this crime and reveling in its grim and vulgar enormity.

Already we knew it!

Christianity had brutally planted the poisoned blade in the healthy, quivering flesh of all humanity; it had goaded a cold wave of darkness with mystically brutal fury to dim the serene and festive exultation of the dionysian spirit of our pagan ancestors.
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I don't know what the heck you are talking about but I will bump this thread anyways


oh shit nice font here in this here reply box, nomsayin?




Same. Don't get me wrong, it was an entertaining read and still has me thinking and dreaming of striving for the "sublime", but one can tell he's not the best writer. Will read more of him, though.

File: 1629645750295.png (1.19 MB, 844x1500, ClipboardImage.png)


Okay, I'm gonna read it. What's the best English translation? Alternatively, is the original text hard to read? My German is shitty but/and I could certainly use some training.

Should I ask on /edu/ instead?
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wolfis translation is the best one, although I would still really suggest you give it a try in german if you can
even the wolfi translation really struggles to get stirners wording wrong (sometimes i even feel hes writing more of his interpretation into it than needed)


I was told this one I think


Are you just fucking around or does he actually call spooks phantasms, that's absolutely hilarious, I'm gonna start calling spooks this way now.



File: 1626223225449.jpg (160.59 KB, 1125x899, die freien.jpg)


>"The unrestrained I—and this we originally are, and always remain in our secret inner self—is the never-ending criminal in the state…You do not know that a self-owning I cannot desist from being a criminal, that crime is his life"

To be a true egoist, does that mean embracing illegalist gang? What does /dead/ think?
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>To be a true egoist, does that mean embracing illegalist gang?
A 'true' egoist does what he desires. If he desires to break the law and do illegal things, he does it. But if he doesnt, it wouldnt make him 'less' of an egoist. In fact, doing crime just because you think it's what 'real" egoists do is super spooked, because you put the notion of being an egoist before yourself.
What Stirner is talking about in that quote is that doing anything solely for your own good is always a crime against the state because the state only recognises you as human if your actions are carried out with the state's well-being in mind.

that being said illegalism is really dank, it's just not a prerequisite for egoism


marx himself liked to fuck shit up in the streets when drunk, illegalism is pretty leftist in general if you ask me fam


I am no longer interested.


get owned contrarian child


File: 1629724073546.png (518.25 KB, 583x637, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1623793991128.jpg (196.06 KB, 1000x800, sadness.jpg)


I can't stop thinking about death. My own death, specifically. No, I'm not suicidal. Just that we have this short time on Earth and spend it suffering before getting blinked out of existence entirely.

And eventually, forgotten. Think of all the people who have lived, ever since caveman times. Most of them have been forgotten. Eventually even Caesar will be forgotten and he has a fucking month named after him.

Is life just a sick joke? Just some pointless temporary misery?
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>I can't stop thinking about death.
i can really relate OP, I had a phase where it was the exact same for. I would just lay awake night after night and think about non-existence and how my actions ultimately dont matter. It filled me with a kind of dread which is hard to describe, it was a very hollow feeling for sure.
Eventually I realised that being forgotten doesnt matter and that endlessly brooding over my end does nothing but worsen my time in the present. I still am terrified of the thought of being dead, I just learned to avoid thinking about it.


Do not fear Death. Death is always at our side. When we show fear, it jumps at us faster than light. But, if we do not show fear, it casts its eye upon us gently and then guides us into infinity.


File: 1624084430321.jpg (4.75 KB, 300x225, 1624081376426.jpg)

I think no thoughts
I have no beliefs
I have no regrets over the past
I have no hope for the future
I have no energy to stay awake
None of it has any meaning at all.




give me an example please

File: 1628947511514.jpg (9.81 KB, 251x242, 1501908325609385.jpg)


>tankies are so tired of losing that they're actually coping by calling the talibans based now
shit will never not be hilarious


File: 1628954144784.jpg (55.79 KB, 792x486, memri selfies.jpg)

but the taliban are based


Tankies are like cops, you kinda have to be below a certain level of stupidity to buy into it.


i'll bite, why do you think they are based?

File: 1627973789434.jpg (25.03 KB, 480x232, 1506888030539.jpg)


>rejected from every university I applied to
I understand how bourgois that statement is, but honestly, I don't even give a fuck anymore.
Every since I was a little kid, this was something I was looking forward to. It was honestly my identity.
I mean, it's not too bad. It could be worse. One school offered me an alternative program (environmental sciences stuff), but its a far departure from what I had originally wanted to do, engineering (yeah I'm a STEMfag, blow me).
I guess the part that scares me most is wondering if I'll be happy with my decision to accept the alternative offer. Of course I'm going to try to get into engineering again, but I'm scared with what I'll do if I like my current program. It would be abandoning my identity that I've had for most of my life. I'm not sure if it's something I can let go of so easily. Doesn't help how my dad reminds me that I'm not in engineering every time I bring up my acceptance into the alternate program.
Part of me knows that I'll enjoy this program, I've always been interested in the environmental sciences.
Working my shit-tier wage job only makes me feel like even more shit. I dream of a utopian post-revolution world where I'm free to live as I please and do whatever piques my interest.
I think I'm just scared of making decisions.


File: 1628018697306.jpg (230.38 KB, 1000x1613, ape_angel_nature.jpg)

abandon your stupid identity
and yes it is increibly bourgeois, not cuz you want to go to college, but because its your identity
also tell your dad to eat a dick stop being a cuck
and yeah you probably are scared to make decisions, most young people are cause you're literally your parents property and own nothing, can decide nothing for yourself, according to the state. Its something you have to untrain though, so stop being scared of decisions, have faith in yourself, and just look to the outcomes. Strip your identity back to your power. You are what you control. You mind, your skills, your body, and your property. As long as you have food, water, and shelter your body and mind is gonna be alive at least. Make good decisions e.g. exercise and eat well and you'll have an even more willing and able body and mind at your disposal. This is all that matters. You are not your "identity". You are not engineering or college or a stemfag.
Look back into your past, find your first memory and work forward in time until present. That's you. You're not your mind, of your body, or your identity or beliefs. You're your history.

Go forward and do as best as you can. If you like environmental stuff then do that…. your identity should just blow away in the wind, dont let it lead your life or make you feel things. Tell it to fuck off. See your life as opportunities. You have an opportunity to do environmental sciences, or to not do college, but not to do engineering right now unless you find a way into that (did you try applying to not universities, but just small colleges? is that an option for you? or community college?). Overall you're gonna be fine. If you're happy and get a career out of it, even better for you.
also this OP is /dead/ in a nutshell damn


apply to europe or asia.


Thanks, anon. I feel really good after reading that.


>[spoiler]also this OP is /dead/ in a nutshell damn[/spoiler]
Forgot to mention that it's nice hearing that too. I feel right at home here, lol.


>It would be abandoning my identity that I've had for most of my life.
Well, here is the good news: You wouldn't.
You wouldn't because you didnt have that identity for your whole life, IT had YOU.
You are a person, you can have several properties (young/old, smart/stupid, interested in this or that and so on). But the thing is: It's you who has the properties, they are part of you. You are their essence, they are part of you, not the other way around. And I understand that ppl view properties of themselves as so important, that they seem them as a necessary part of their being. "I have done X all my life, it wouldnt be the smae life, my life, if I had done Y instead". But this is wrong. It would still be your life, maybe it would be different, but definetly yours. But if we were to change the person not the thing he is doing, that would actually not make it your life anymore.
The reason ppl presuppose their properties as essence of their being is because it gives the illusion of control of your life. But isnt that detrimental to your freedom? You DONT have to align your life with this property of yours, you are a creative nothing. You can be anything if you just decide you want to create it out of yourself. Why would you be sad if you cant be an engineer OP, if you can be everything else. Even if youve seen this as your path for a long time, your path can be much different, much greater and much more fulfilling.

File: 1626554797759.png (946.41 KB, 1080x1430, a-d-anonymous-desert-1.png)


Is there a spanish translation of Desert? If not, I could make one.
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climate change


sounds boring
so its like a stem reasearch paper? what does that have to do with anarchism?


why are you being like this


just wanna know what it is about


It is about how climate change makes the "traditional" anarchist goals impossible and what could be done instead.


Just got this in the mail, what am I in for, lads?
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a bunch of cool shit
but seriously though, dont take the historical ontology in the first or second chapter too seriously and also keep in mind that Stirner is doing a bit of trolling throughout the book.


wasn't that published by nazis


hey it was published by nazi-adjacent creeps, not necessarily nazis
but also who cares it's black and there was hardcover available unlike this version afaik?
Basically it's cool and you're not
>but seriously though, dont take the historical ontology in the first or second chapter too seriously and also keep in mind that Stirner is doing a bit of trolling throughout the book.
i.e. just read the intro by wolfi


I'm not OP, I got the pirate version because I'm not dumb


I prefer paper, dickhead

File: 1608528323371.jpg (11.87 KB, 240x240, 1392379722782.jpg)


/r9k/ is death but now we have a new meme board


Hello No 3


File: 1608528455659.jpg (74.72 KB, 540x748, 1479821039069.jpg)



I liek this animu


not even a pleasant go fuck yourself from them i got

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