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File: 1608528347435.png (115.89 KB, 800x796, compepe.png)


Do you do drugs?Do you have autism?Or sexual kinks?How has alienation from living in capitalism fucked you up?———I drink so often it can't be healthy anymore and frequently do some drugs, but am also very happy with my life so far (even when I'm sober).
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>but im moving closer and closer to the total sociopath life I guess.
Goddamnit, someone conflating asociality with sociopathy again. To live a sociopathic life means to be an illegalist with a lack of empathy, not to sit at home alone avoiding social contact. A very big difference. Compare a goth and a punk, for example. Both are members of subcultures but these subcultures' attitudes are pretty different.

BTW, society is a spook.


well thakns for informing me. I guess i only thought seriously fucked up people could just live day to day unphased, keeping on mechanically, but ur right maybe thats only weird if youre also like murdering people or wearing black nail polish apparently?…. jk you're probalby not calling goths sociopaths right? anyways w/e lol
Should change ur name to SpookNoticer


>jk you're probalby not calling goths sociopaths right?
Of course not. I've made a parallel between goths and asocial people, not sociopaths. Socialists are more like punks, more prone to violence and breaking the rules. Although there are some goth that you may consider "punkish" like cybergoths or what have you.


>Do you do drugs?
Sometimes. I've only done shrooms though. Last trip I had went bad though so I'm not gonna do those for a while.
>Do you have autism?
Not that I'm aware of. Sometimes I have the slightest suspicion that I might but I've never been diagnosed.
>How has alienation from living in capitalism fucked you up?
I used to love STEM and academia. But high tuition costs combined with the "degree-factory" nature of modern academic institutions has left me bitter and unable to enjoy those things anymore.


>Should change ur name to SpookNoticer
It isn't a spook. Just a common misconception.

File: 1640724522830.gif (1.45 MB, 292x493, yakui.gif)


Are there any drugs that are actually good for you? Like psychedelics and stuff like that, is any really therapeutic or is that just a meme?
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Is it the same deal with high cbd weed? I wouldn't mind smoking weed but THC dominant weed puts me in a paranoid schizo bad trip type of deal every single time. Way harder for me to handle than psychedelics.


different bodies react to cannabinoids differently
i’ve had schizo trips on balanced edibles


as in equal ratio of cbd and thc


File: 1650907967328.png (818.45 KB, 565x850, ClipboardImage.png)

<Very large amounts of caffeine have been known to destabilize bipolars and schizophrenics inducing mania or psychotic episodes. This isn’t terribly prevalent but is known to occur.

<Caffeine is also known to interfere with some antipsychotic medication, generally first generation antipsychotics, specifically clozapine. Antipsychotic dosage generally has to be increased to account for this interference.


File: 1651039380062.png (2 MB, 1300x1818, coffee.png)

wtf I love coffee now?

File: 1649587559099.jpg (154.28 KB, 500x1406, spookargument.jpg)


"Spook," spectre" or "phantasm?" Mine is "spook" because it's pretty specific and unique to dialectical egoism. And you can also play with it by adding prefixes and postfixes (i.e. spooked, despooked, unspooked, spooky, reverse-spooked, anti-spook, spookprejudiced). I also like to say "sacred idea" or "ghost in the mind" sometimes.
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Well, I mean, Stirner did use the dialectical method. That's why I said "dialectical." But Stirner used that to pwn Hegel epic style so I don't see why that's a problem. You can also call it Stirnerian egoism, nihilist egoism or whatever the fuck. Rational egoism works too, I think. Though there are other "egoisms" that are called "rational." Like Rand's brand of egoism.


>I like calling people imbeciles.


my favourite word is dick sauce








File: 1649945595138.gif (1.64 MB, 498x401, 1645890251808.gif)

>mfw breaking rules becomes a rule


File: 1649957760434.webm (7.7 MB, 394x222, xavier.webm)

anyone found with rules will be branded


damn, now i wish i had a couch i could crash on


File: 1650031223847.jpg (59.57 KB, 1280x720, 1427742526633.jpg)

no… not the rules…

File: 1649190768016.jpg (133.28 KB, 500x718, 6biic3.jpg)


As I look into it more and more, it becomes clear that this ideology makes less sense than your mom. No wonder why its proponents are not just post-civ/illegalists.

Have you ever met those oddballs online, fellow Uniques?
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yeah because that hole thing worked out so well
you cant turn back time


After a very quick search, it seems that this "Avaritionism" was "created" by some fbi.gov user of a literal meme wiki about ideologies :

The wiki has a lot of others pure meme-ideologies like :
Which is a hypothetical version of a even more authoritarian neoliberalism.

Actual ideologies, far-left to far-right seems well depicted though :


Indeed. That's why I'm saying that this is a meme ideology. Some people seem to believe in this unironically for some reason it seems. And those who do usually have those spooks I listed.


liberalism is already centred around the state what do they even think liberalism means-
oh. that, yeah


>…was "created" by some fbi.gov user…

File: 1608528451635.png (130.63 KB, 512x512, 1_Lynxaria.png)


wuts ur fav z0r?
mine is z0r.de/17
its sooooo wunny when he goes : AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!
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is that a black caricature?
also, do all of these have endings or do others just loop forever


nah he's just charging his lazor



File: 1642957514559.gif (694.91 KB, 372x372, 1519444900361.gif)


I live in Canada and don't have a gun
Getting one would be pretty difficult and honestly I don't have the energy to go through the process to do that
I just want to kill myself quickly and painlessly (and ideally, cheaply.)
I've looked into inert gas suicide, maybe I could do that? Maybe I should use carbon monoxide? Idk
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ok. kys and gibe me all your money so I can do a praxis then


I dabble in it every once in a while
I just feel like shit afterwards though


well the problem is obviously that you dont get high all the time to avoid the downs


How can you be sure that death is painless? You don't know what death is. You didn't experience it. And once you do there is no turning back. There is no "trial version" of death with money-back guarantee. When you die, it's game over. Even if death is painless and you disappear into nothingness, it is still incredibly pointless. I see no point in death unless there's no other choice. Not to mention that while life makes you suffer it can always be worse.

But if you don't care then kill yourself, whatever.


I demand a 50% share. Or else.


Why do tankies shill for the government that destroyed the USSR?
Do they not see the contradiction?
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>implying you actually give a shit


>barely any real change for the "bottom 50%" or "middle 40%" throughout 1905-2015
doesn't even take into account uneven development, the semi-feudal classes, or changing borders or anything like that


you really wanna talking about contradictions?


technically Russian Federation is the truest form of communism since the socialist state has disolved.


File: 1648049981937.jpg (34 KB, 620x500, 1646001851361.jpg)

>mfw this sounds insane but is true

File: 1644818480192.png (522.96 KB, 327x596, 1629642659066.png)




u 2 fanks :)))



cute cat


there's no good jobs where i live and i have no (provable) skills, looking forward to the collapse of the dollar, the contraction of the (mostly bloated) service sector, and starvation


Why do the fags on leftypol suck so fucking much?
Why do tankie fags in general describe socialism as an actual dystopia even shittier than the world we already have and still not comprehend why normies despise them?
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Because leftypol continues to exist
/dead/ should devour that board by now
If nothing else people on /dead/ aren’t socially maladjusted freaks obsessed with imposing endless suffering on the working class in a deluded attempt to replicate the worst mistakes of the USSR and PRC


watch that edge


>people on /dead/ aren’t socially maladjusted freaks obsessed with imposing endless suffering on the working class
Speak for yourself, sis.


idk if you really want an answer, but i think part of it is probably that they start from the typical leftist position of the world being flawed and evil, and their doctrine is good and redeeming. They feel the need to subjugate the world and make it work according to their model, and their model is what they learned about communism from western sources. The rest is variations on this theme, for good or bad.


you’re not any better, kill yourself

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