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i like the way delluze and early land write in that they write in ways that are intriguing to read i guess idk

dark deluze is what im always reccomended for people new to deluze
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>making sense
cringe and arborescent


File: 1608528429019.gif (913.24 KB, 500x265, 1405252217434.gif)



That might be the reason behind the 'X ending explained' videos, but have you tipped your toe into the hellish pond of 'lore discussion' videos?
It can't be that those are popular just because ppl want to get the gist of a fictional story, because those nerds discuss different interpretations of the same subject and it seems very important to them to declare their perspective as canon.
This seems even more pointless to me, since canonity is just a ridiculous concept to begin with! When talking about FICTIONAL events, one interpretation can't be more true than another, in fact none of them can be true, because the subject at hand is fucking fictional! Still there are ppl sinking endless hours not only in discussing this bs but also researching it. If folks put the same kind of energy into discussing and researching the real world, elnlightenment maybe wouldn't have failed so hard.


Is it widespread, though? Maybe I'm just dumb lol


>Is it widespread, though?
I think so (maybe bc that shit is ALWAYS in my recommendations).
there are several video serieses with klicks in the half-millions.


doin praxis like im doin your mom


bernie sanders is lib-tier my mane, get this out of my face!

File: 1608528414840.jpg (56.07 KB, 600x847, vsiuztezbyq41.jpg)


can catboys be post-left :3 ?
i mean wouldn't post-structuralists argue that terms like boy are abstract and have no real meaning?


I'll use my authority to allow them


>truely the most supreme leader

File: 1608528414244.jpg (131.14 KB, 463x337, smug anime girl.jpg)


How does it feel to know retards like stupidpol or Angela Nagle stole the term "Post-left" from you?






literally who?



File: 1608528412164.jpg (88.05 KB, 555x400, 1503985038905920935.jpg)


why is /leftypol/ so retarded?
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>/leftypol/: race isn't real, class reductionism is justified, fuck off with your idpol
&ltalso /leftypol/: umm don't post interracial.. mutt's law!! race mixing cringe because twitter libs like it.
the levels of spooks with these lads, not surprised considering a good chunk of them are ex /pol/tards anyways


Have you considered that these posts are from two different groups?


everyone who is not with the /dead/ is part of one monolithic group.
no, this is not ironic, i mean it.


this is a good containment board


not very hard to repel posters if you keep banning them, what brings you here though?

File: 1608528410374.png (462.4 KB, 760x475, cFXG6xD.png)


I'm not going back to work. What are some good illegalist books?
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File: 1608528453693.png (385.4 KB, 1010x676, BLOCK_THE_TOILET-CIA.png)

join my shitty riot chat and talk about lockpicking with me
its time to be able to let yourself into wherever you want (results may vary)


share more please


How useful is lockpicking really? Also somebody write a decent guide on carding please


Been here for a while. I think you mean the Tor links?

http:// darkfailllnkf4vf.onion/ - Verified onion links, recommend setting this as your home page
http:// dreadytofatroptsdj6io7l3xptbet6onoyno2yv7jicoxknyazubrad.onion - Check the carding/fraud subdreads (/d/carding)
http:// torigonsn3d63cldhr76mkfdzo3tndnl2tftiek55i2vilscufer6ryd.onion/index.php - Hacking
http:// cryptbb2gezhohku.onion/ - Hacking
Sadly none of them are as big as Torum was
http:// rutorzzmfflzllk5.onion/ - For Russian speakers

Do what I did anon


cant remember if this guy is kinda retarded or pretty good
i think iirc i read some stupid jolly roger hacker or opsec text file thing that this site linked to and it was like… just bad. But thats a diff author so… i think this guy is cool if i remember right, but take it all with some salt

also to add to links, i love this place

File: 1608528410261.jpg (49.29 KB, 600x600, F A inf.jpg)


I open up my wallet…
and it's full of blood…


shouldnta used the money for ya cunny…


I hear donating plasma is a big business in the USA.

File: 1608528409254.jpg (279.99 KB, 1920x1080, SF3_Thumb.jpg)


A look at the continuing racial tensions in the US and its effect on the 2020 Presidential elections. Plus a look at the recent uprising in Belarus, featuring an interview with Maria, an anarchist based in Minsk.


I'm getting tired of these /pol/yps raiding our board, atleast here they won't find us.
How are you guys doing?
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It's actually leftist instead of right-wingers cosplaying as revolutionaries.


File: 1608528412659.gif (133.55 KB, 340x340, smug anime girl 35.gif)

>he thinks something being 'actually' leftist is an agrument for and not against it


I don't mind talking to social anarchists


>we need fascism
Sorry, not interested in a father-complex




hey /dead/ites, I want you to tell me about the last time you were really truely happy, the last time you had that careless positive feeling within that everything will turn out fine!
I wanna ask this because, self-analysing, I couldn't shake the feeling that me turning post-left and loosing hope in regular marxism/anarchism was at least partly due my personal situation worsening and loosing hope in general, so I wonder if others on here have similar feelings.
To me, it has been like exactly 6 months now. Back then I just radomly had the chance to meet all my old friends from highschool and it was just an all around positive experience. The whole corona bs only really came up afterwards and since then I haven't really had contact with pretty much anyone. Also I lost my former job and had to do hours in a call center. So yeah, things have been pretty shitty since then and atm I don't feel like they are getting better.
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dont be a zombie :( become an alcoholic and do violent crime against bougies and industrialists instead


cant control getting happy
getting high tho…


fuck you op
you reminded me


When as a child, I tought that I would become astronomer one day


Before I read Marx. Knowledge is a curse kids don't do it

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