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what does /dead/ think about ted kaczynski
I found his theory of self propagating systems and oversocialization interesting, but i wanted to know what this place thinks of his theory
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His writings are highly recommended, not only because he is often right in what he writes but also because he is wrong just as often. "Industrial Society and Its Future is good training material for critical reading exercises.
I also noticed that for an anarchist he has relatively little knowledge of anarchist theory. As far as I know, he never mentions Bakunin, Rocker, Stirner or any other big name anywhere, but he knows a lot about Marxist and Bourgeois revolutions.


He was big into Jacques ellul


What he describes as surrogate activities and various other ills is just alienation which Marxism seeks to overcome. He was strikingly right, but he lacked dialectical thinking.


nice bait


Stirner is a better critic of "oversocialization". The Unique and Its Property is basically a manifesto against schooling

File: 1643893615216.png (41.61 KB, 336x375, huh.png)


alive but barely


File: 1643914626030.jpg (43.49 KB, 500x486, 1452373916454.jpg)

alive only out of habit


File: 1643918677113.jpg (401.24 KB, 1339x753, 1614377732140.jpg)

alive but at what cost?

File: 1641065141057.jpg (1.19 MB, 1920x1080, 1639932655013.jpg)


slowly dawning on me that p much every modern day leftist does not like marx, let alone has read him
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You know very well that that is not true. Why do you feel like you have to lie to us on an anonymous imageboard?


Marx was an important element of leftist history and a basis for many to work on.

Doesn't mean you need to read him to further the cause better than someone who has. Most important physisists don't read Newton or Einstein nor biologists read Darwin: subsequent works expand upon their ideas in relation to discoveries made since and social changes. Marx wrote before anyone any communist ruling parties existed!


It's the idea that anarchy is when you don't organize or plan anything, or worse, the belief that you genuinely need some tyrant barking orders for anything to ever get done.


holy shit i've been picked apart
fuck off


All physicists learn about newtonian and einsteinian physics. All biologists learn about theories of evolution. Your comaprison is bunk because you're implying leftists are learning marxism just not through marx, and that isn't true. Marx is still the best resource as introductory marxism beyond the basics.

File: 1641938312391.gif (2 MB, 399x264, 1500894904615.gif)


who was this n1x I hear about so often?
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File: 1643196481548-0.gif (803.73 KB, 428x394, ena.gif)

I was here, >THOUGH< not on time. Read Firestone (but not the incest stuff). 情熱的に性交 pillows and robohusbands. Read Solanas. Don't treat your BPD. Burn bras. Stream Loona. Smoke ARGs. Wear those stickers they put on bananas on your nose. 녀성은 꽃이라네. Something is occurring in Chicago …


File: 1643206206106.gif (1.81 MB, 410x640, hi.gif)

huh just learned /dead/ still exists


>hurr durr ignore the weird blogpost where they come up with a fantasy in their head about an imaginary homeless person to justify despising them because you're a fucking loser


Fact is, “Nix” is a dumb angry little beast that has overstayed her time in the internet limelight and will chase it down with white noise uwu posts on “Pleroma” in lieu of her totally realistic internal fantasies of genocide. Pathetic even by the standards of a cult leader. Smh




There is a social use of language. No one still
believes in it. Its exchange value has fallen to zero.
Hence this inflationist bubble of idle talk.
Everything social is mendacious, and everyone
knows that now. It's no longer just the governing
authorities, the publicists and public personalities
who "do communication," it's every self-entrepreneur
that this society wants to turn us into who prac­
tices the art of "public relations." Having become
an instrument of communication, language is no
longer its own reality but a tool for operating on
the real, for obtaining effects in accordance with
more or less conscious strategies. Words are no
longer put into circulation except in order to dis­
tort things. Everything sails under false flags. This
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File: 1641258025786.jpg (136.41 KB, 960x430, doom.jpg)


things stay as they always are
domination and hierarchy are our curses
capitalism will never be overcome

why even live?
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you mean you do that and now just make up another baseless accusation to divert the discussion away from what you can no justify.


It's so funny that a so-called nihilist thinks human beings are actually able of rational thinking. What's next, upholding science and objectivity?


of course rationality exists. it just as no absolute or essential meaning.
like you dont know shit about nihilism. fuck off already you uber spooked cuck.


You don't even know about the values you yourself spouse. Sad! Keep thinking your beliefs are correct and the product of your rational mind and not something that clicked with your brain just because.


such things surely also exist.
but what are not talking about your favourite color or music, but a belief in a set of political or philosophical systems.
like yeah, subcounscious decisions are a thing. but political decisions come about through counscious evaluation. unless of course, you are chasing a phantsam, like you are.
how hard can you cope btw? what are you gonna come up with next? epistemological arguments? just stop anon, you sound like a retard.

File: 1636922942420.jpg (499.5 KB, 2048x1365, -.jpg)


Feeling grateful today,


i feel terrible
like everyday


File: 1637964116367.webm (20.26 MB, 640x480, skeleton-concert.webm)


File: 1641701219012.jpg (132.32 KB, 1241x1222, FIm_DSNVQAIeaag.jpg)

>living the dream

File: 1608528427986.png (111.94 KB, 500x500, slime-catgirl.png)


would you use it, or is /dead/ a sufficient space

>pic unrelated
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Way better just using an irc server if people here really wanted to talk shit


That would be awesome.


Is coffee good for you?


wow it's actually green


like my pepper

File: 1618496954468.jpg (101.46 KB, 680x680, 262.jpg)


Oh well
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Imagine enjoying drinking, i only like a couple of beers now. Only bottles I'll buy is gin. Cheap vodka is literal poison and I'd rather be sober.


I got 2 months before I become an alcoholic I imagine


File: 1619698108941.jpg (60.57 KB, 400x400, 1457900237436.jpg)

>imagine not being on substances every waking minute
couldnt be me


too much of a poorfag, can't relate lol


I wonder if OP is still alive…

File: 1638771994296.png (1010.58 KB, 1280x871, seurat study.png)


When was the last time you genuinely enjoyed something?
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Now. Listening to some good tunes with a joint and warm soup in my belly. :


i just reinstalled battlefield 1942 and enjoyed finding out ppl are still playing it online


whenever i steal smth successfully
so a few days ago


This. Illegalism feels so rewarding. I don't really steal much but I feel great after finding a nice spot and doing some graffiti.


3 seconds ago when I thought of making a dumb post here

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