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Come dispute bans, complain, and other such things related to /leftypol/ here. Please try not to spam this thread or make multiple posts on the same issue, as this makes it harder for us to respond to issues.


Old Moderation Thread:


File: 1648921178956.png (43.99 KB, 600x603, ClipboardImage.png)

Smooth move retarded jannies. Well to post what I was going to post before.

Shut up tard just stop being a faggot who needs to file a report every time he gets BTFO.
I only came to this thread because the tard asked me to and posted a link to his post.

Now on another issue. I don't like how you guys did Ukrainian draw anon. I think you guys should at least publicly justify your ban.

I'm as team Z as the next guy but that's fucked up you won't even let him give his opinion. He's definitely way more interesting than King Lear and whatever other anarcho-natoist retards you let go unmolested.


Our boy is funny as hell besides being the best artist on /leftypol/ (koba's alright, I dunno if he's still around)


You deleted my thread in meta why


you’re a limey


>supports leftychan during the split
>spams this site with gore and cp
>constantly make falseflag threads in /meta/
>mods eventually get tired of this and ban you
what's so hard to understand?


He probably doesn't do union organizing either.


Sage's gf here, he does organise and spends a lot of time reading. He is so committed, we haven't had sex in months. But that's ok with me because he's such an amazing bf that he makes sure my physical needs are met. And he's always waiting on me in the evening with dinner and a foot massage before bed. <3


Unban me or I'll cancel your website on twitter


File: 1649060789478.jpg (230.49 KB, 693x745, leftypolban.jpg)

Get your fucking mods in check. How in fuck is this post banworthy? Everyone has to suck Russia's fucking cock and defend literal fucking warcrimes or they're "Glowops"?


>Russian soldiers, who let me remind you, are getting shot at, every day
Should have been a ban for a month at least for talking like Mojo Jojo.


I have to keep reiterating the same point because the dipshit children on leftypol seem to not understand that Soldiers are actually humans, not Geopolitical units being played in an RTS.


Didn’t happen
It’s funny that you people literally cannot believe somebody doing normal things and having a normal life. Do you never get tired of being completely pathetic and telling lies ?


No evidence of your claims, when asked to provide a similar analysis of Ukrainian forces, none was given. I think it speaks volumes.
A lot of "imagine this, imagine that". I don't personally think we should suck Russia's cock, and we don't, but we've been getting these types of posts relentlessly since the beginning. Russia is "about to lose" since day 1. Their logistics is in shambles since day 1. Their soldiers were 3 days from starvation since day 1.

Maybe we can have a "russia critical" thread where all the glowposts and legitimate criticisms of Russia can go. Otherwise the Ukraine thread would be unusable.


>Didn’t happen
For all intents and purposes, it did though.


It didn’t though.

I suggested a bunch of reforms to the system of modding are the time. Leftychan went in a completely different direction.

I never once spammed anything involving porn or gore. That is a smear.

Neither have I made a false flag in meta and I’m not even banned lmao.

I made a post about how if I made up lies about Putin I would catch a ban, but it is fine to do so about the shining path for some reason.

Again, you people just talk complete bullshit


Mods drool boys/girls/they/them rule!


You know what did happen though, all you mods simped Haz and have him his own special threads and shut down all talk against him. You called it spam and wrecking lmao.

Everyone knows you did this. Bet you won’t admit to it here and now. Bet the answer will be um actually that was all da big bad leftychan mods that we got rid of.

El em ay oh.

Who was right about haz? It was me, I am right about everything, and you are simply wrong, again.


lmao no life


Got cucked by leftychan for being an opportunist? Lol.


To be clear, I made the exact same proposal to leftychan people as I did to .org people, which was literally just to create space for posters to be able to talk about the board, which wasn't destroyed by mods.

Its hardly opportunism, I just continued to say exactly what I have been saying for years.

Of course instead you all decided to simply have a giant hissy fit amongst each other, in the most flailing and pathetic manner possible, all the while putting fourth a deluge of lies and lies and smears, repeated here.

The fact remains, multiple long term posters have all criticised your policy, but because you are too childish to actually accept you might be wrong sometimes, you just resort to all of the above puerile bullshit.


iirc it was coma who was the main hazist


a majority of mods were pro haz, a minority of mods were pro leftychan. The maths only cuts it one way. even if we are to remove the what 3/4 ? mods from the equation who were chan, that still leaves more pro haz .org mods in raw numbers.

Again, this is discussion that has been had over and over, and you retards still try to pull this cope.

The majority of mods, unsplit, at the time, were pro haz and contributed to the protection of Haz simping threads, and I and others were banned for "spam" and "wrecking"

and you still cannot admit I was right about who he was and what he stood.

From the same moderators who pull the whole "nobody is allowed to post anyting edgy because that is cloaking reaction in revolution" you bring us an unironic duginist and spam his lame pseud shit all over the board.

Coma may have been a big hazist i argued with him about it just like i argued with the rest of you about it. Who cares? We are talking about you. orgers, a majority of whom were pro haz, or else how did he get his own special threads etc? On the board you all control, by majority vote. Unless you are saying there is something that was fundamentally wrong with your voting system at the time, and in fact a majority of you were voting anti haz, but somehow those threads and bans happened anyway?

no? Shut the fuck up then, take the L. You pretend to be all noble and self righteous and such, you can't even admit what is a blatant fact to everybody else.

1) you were wrong about haz 2) I was right about haz.

These are the facts. Maybe it should make you reconsider some of the other things you believe about the board, as you were also so easily lead down the path by somebody who is actually mentally retarded


1. You were right about haz
2. Comatoast, and mod over on leftychan, is still pro haz


>it was [literal who] who was the main [literal who]ist
looking mighty sus yourself there, check yourself


So close bro. So close but you can't just bring yourself to say it.

1) You (as in, you, a majority of moderators) were wrong about Haz. 2) I was right about haz.

Come on big guy, you can do it, I know you know it.

Sure I'll even say: at the time Coma was pro Haz. As for right now? Idk. I stopped going on Matrix and went back once briefly recently and didn't talk to Coma.

You're a mod, you know as well as I do, I have spent countless hours arguing specifically with Coma. So I don't know why you think this is a gotcha.


So you admit you were an opportunist supporting the coup and got cucked lol.
> Comatoast, and mod over on leftychan, is still pro haz
No way. Nobody can be pro-haz at this point. The guy is off his marbles.


The people who were most pro-Haz were the future leftychan splitters, I thought he was a twat the whole time but I was narrowly outvoted. Their affection for 'shock jock socialism' is part of why they felt they had to coup the site.


Also coma whom fought with and banned sage the most but the second he thinks he's promised a fbi.gov janny larp he tucks his tail between his legs and licks their arse for months


>Do you never get tired of being completely pathetic and telling lies ?
Do you?


This site is more pro-haz than leftychan. At least leftychan allows free discussion about Russia-Ukraine, your mod team enforces the hazoid line, with any deviations resulting in a ban.


If anything it’s the pro-Russia posters who constantly catch bans, outside the thread NATO narratives are allowed to roam freely


Again, not going to provide fucking deep analysis on Ukraine, because it wasn't important to the topic of Russia committing a warcrime, it's just distraction. I also DID cover in my initial post, that similar crimes have taken place under Western forces in Afghanistan in Iraq.
It's now pretty much 100% confirmed FACT that Russia did these killings, bodies have been there for weeks confirmed by footage and satellite imagery, as well as numerous refugee reports over the past couple weeks. I laid out the most likely scenario as to why this took place, not that Russia ordered mass killings, but troops themselves being stressed to the point of psychosis basically carrying out an atrocity. My theory, is based on similar events that occurred in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea with Western forces. My image was literally of AUSTRALIAN forces doing the EXACT SAME THING.
Here's a little event you might have heard of, that is most likely the exact same thing that happened in Bucha

Again though, you FSB shills in the thread can't take literally any fucking criticisms of Russia because you're high af on Neocon bloodlust and for god knows what reason the Mods are being just as shitty as they were on 8ch/leftypol over fucking Rojava.


Scrolling overboard but
>mai lai
The american army encouraged massacres and terrorism like that. Look up operation phoenix. I don't see what Russia woudl have to gain from that.


>At least leftychan allows free discussion about Russia-Ukraine
They have less than 1pph average so no discussion and a leftychanner is spamming disinfo and astroturf in the ukrop thread to try and encourage bans. He also posted CP in siberia after the tor node was banned on leftypol.


>a leftychanner is spamming disinfo and astroturf in the ukrop thread to try and encourage bans. He also posted CP in siberia after the tor node was banned on leftypol.
How the fuck do you know it's a leftychanner doing that? Sounds like a bullshit smear to me.


Make up your mind about the ukraine thread


nta but it's pretty obvious who is behind all this shit


9/10 anti-russian posts are trolls, if not more. What's the point of bending over backwards to make sure the 1/10 that is legit is always saved from bans and deletions. If every anti-Russia post was left alone, the thread would be rendered unusuable.
If you want a thread where you can be more critical, start a new one. The Ukraine thread is not it.


>So you admit you were an opportunist supporting the coup and got cucked lol.
Seeing as you didn't read any of that post, and haven't responded to a single part, I'll just link it again, and we can go in an endless loop doing that, if you like, you fucking retarded fuck. Quote the part of my post that is me admitting to any of that. Its here: >>19141

There was something around 14-16 mods or some shit, i can't remember exactly. So a majority vote would be like more than half of that, so like 7/8 votes. The three chan mods were coma, watermelon and zul, as far as I recall, so even them all being extremely pro haz would take that 7/8 down to 4/5, meaning there were still more pro Haz mods on .org, and thats only if all of these various votes only passed by 1 vote or something. But it was multiple issues, with multiple votes, about various things.

All various of you banned and saged threads etc, called me a spammer and wrecker for arguing against Haz bullshit. So don't downplay it.

Coma, by the way now I recall, actually apologised for his Haz shit, and for constantly banning me, after he realised how toxic all of you actually are. None of you mods have every apologised or admitted even the smallest bit of fault for any of the shit you have done, all of it retarded and toxic, particularly the Haz shit. You won't admit fault because then you would have to, so you double down, which is what is going on right here.

Factually incorrect again, I have never been a janny on any site. Fact.

I haven't told a single lie. Point me to the lie.
see this is the complete insanity of the jannoid. There is a whole thread still up of them harrassing GPSkitz for pro ukraine takes, when he is obviously not a glowie, hes been here ages, its just his (bad) opinion.

Its just a complete fiction that pro russia posters get banned more, there is zero truth to it. Its fucking nuts that you would say this.

> a leftychanner is spamming disinfo and astroturf in the ukrop thread to try and encourage bans. He also posted CP in siberia after the tor node was banned on leftypol.
zero proof, just as easily a polyp


Okay, every moderator needs to look in ITG right now to the Haz related posts, and you need to apologize directly to me. No half measures, no excuses, you made a fuck up, an ouchy boo boo, you didn't listen to me, and in doing so you gave a platform and launch pad to a fucking rich baby who goes on screaming fits against workers when his uber eats is late and calls himself a leftist.


ITG is a containment thread for garbage. Why are you complaining about it?


im not complaining about it, I am complaining about the fact you simped haz


I never visit itg thread. Maybe you should stop caring about what happens in that thread.


He can't help it, he haz a personality disorder.


Could you please deal with the constant pro-hohol propaganda infesting this site or are you just going to continue letting it be here and banning pro-Russia posters when they get too noisy?


File: 1649198747147.png (240.26 KB, 1631x935, ClipboardImage.png)

Could you fix that shit where every time a /dead/ post is in the overboard it turns everything black and white?


That's not a bug, it's a feature


im not. I'm complaining about the fact you were part of the retard that is haz. still can't admit it lmao


I only know of Haz when clips of him leak out of itg. I don't care who he is or who is discussing him, though anyone who spends time discussing e-celebs is probably an idiot.


then why did you fucking dedicate threads to him over and above itg and protect crit of him you stupid jannoid


Why are you assuming I'm a mod?


Can I get feedback why my ban appeal was denied? Was it because I said something truly banworthy, or just because the powertripping janny saw my ban appeal before someone sane?
Reminder, literally all I said this time to get me banned was "nazies are just as much human as you".


>a nazi is no less human than you
And I see that as a very grave insult.
Let me tell you another thing but don't expect to get feedback ever time for this.
There is such a thing as context. In a discussion of biology the quote would be acceptable. In a discussion of nazis doing nazi things it is not.


So you literally just banned me because you found the contents of my post offensive to your personal senses? Well whatever.

Its not biology but a simple fact that all humans are equally capable of being nazies. While yes, actually genetic inborn subhumans like Direlwanger existed and still exist, the wast, WAST majority of nazies, or any sort of other murderous groups, are made up of mostly normal people. A lot of people who support them are just completely ignorant relatives or people propagandized by them. The dehumanization of the enemy will only lead you to making same sort of horrible warcrimes against them, like when Poland and USSR genocided and settlered the East Prussian Germans. And before you cry foul about me being anti-Soviet, yes, I still would have supported USSR no matter this event.

Also keep in mind that members of my family were literally murdered by the real-deal Nazies. What right do you have to be offended?


>So you literally just
No, it's because you are literally defending nazis, point me to any rule and I can easily argue how this falls under it. The reason I am not doing it is because it's immediately obvious to any normal person an so wholly unnecessary.
>What right do you have
I am not gonna talk about my background here. It's enough to say I know more than you, in general.


A few nights ago I had a dream that antinous doxxed me.


Why the fuck are hyperonline politics freaks like you so fucking incapable of even the most basic reasoning beyond your preset list of black and white positions? Are you incapable of even for a moment considering that even the people who are absolutely evil, still are human at heart? This isn't nazi defence, its a basic fucking fact which you seem to be incapable of perceiving. Literally the same retarded Ukranian nazi "Russians are orks" mentality, which is disgusting for the exact same reason.


I have explained the issue to you.


Your "explanation" boils down to "doing nazi things makes you inhuman". So who the fuck were the communists that did "nazi things", like the young readguards of Mao era or people like Gonzalo's lot or idiotic utppian idealists like Khmer Rogue? Also inhuman, or just people who, because of their enviroment, peerpressure and other actors ended up doing monstrous things? To me, it all just sounds like you are riddled with personal biases which obscure this basic fact.


don't worry, I would never.
I would think twice before doxxing Nazis, let alone any leftist.


I highly doubt that. If you had personal issues with me or were being peer pressured you would do it in a heartbeat. That's just human nature.

In my dream I wasn't even that suprised when it happened. I'm almost certain you guys have my name, address and a detailed description of my posting style saved somewhere. I think about that possibility a lot.


Tor users should be free to post images and videos again! This oppression has been going on for too long and we will no longer stand for it!


mods don't want to do their jobs properly so shortcuts are needed




I am at a cafe and leftypol is blocked. This is very strange to me because it is not a well-known website. lefty.io is not blocked, politico.com is not blocked, and new.org is not blocked so I don’t think it is a happenstance collision with other blocked domains sharing a similar name. I wonder— given that this is a very small website, does anyone know how it would end up on a block list like this? Presumably there is some group that curates lists of such websites and sends them to businesses.


Blame it on leftychan.


many of them are feds and bots


Anything lefty in the domain will be blocked


I already said lefty.io was not blocked.


Leftypol is in google's 'bad boy' list for being a radical website, that is also why we get shit on in their search results, probably something similar there. Or it could just be because it's a spooky imageboard.


About the issue of popularity in anonymous spaces:
The "prevailing opinion" is in a lot of cases nothing but manufactured as the medium is susceptible to manipulation. This is widely known and not a hard concept to grasp, so doing this spiel of "we are legion", while engaging in all sorts of foul play at the same time, is fundamentally dishonest (besides popularity and truth would still not have a meaningful connection). You can not on one hand do the sort of "flood the zone with shit" tactic that generally the advocates of looser moderation are engaged in, on the other ask for this idea of laissez-faire to be considered. It necessarily engenders an opposite reaction, if any. This reflects the tendency of reactionaries to bring about their own demise.


Wtf, when did the redditors get on the mod team. Now you get banned for pointing out how they derail the thread everyday eith "le evil putler bullshit?"




I banned you when I realized you are ban evading and and have been shitting up the site. Goodbye.


obviously because it’s an imageboard with NSFW content


What are the requirements to make a sissy thread in /siberia/ that will not get deleted?


Don't be fucking weird about it


so if I make a thread with just the title /sissy/ and minimal text you will tell the other mods not to delete it?


Pretty hilarious that even the fetish threads you are allowed to have on the board have to be to the mods particular fetish taste lmao.

Definitely objective and rational moderation


Looks more like you're nit-picking everything that rubs your the wrong way and pinning the blame on the mods.


cope sissy


I don't care for drama, can I have my sissy thread or not?

sage sorta does have a point though as multiple sissy threads have been deleted while other fetish threads have stayed up


You will be graced with a reply in 7 days princess


listen if it was up to me there would be no porn at all, but you have furry threads, "diverse phenotype" threads… but can't have sissy threads? at least be consistent


Critical support for the sissy coomers in their struggle against tyrannical and corrupt mods.


>samefagging yet again to bump your chimpout


I think the “fake russian” guy you banned was the /draw/ ukrainian that moved to the UK and is just blowing off steam, maybe let him back in with a warning


Why do you think it's him? I will remove his bans if he stops breaking rules 14 c,d,e by calling for rape and glassing of ukraine and shit and doesn't ban evade for one hour.


Okay unbanned now


Can the older threads like >>>/anime/1417 have their formatting fixed in the older posts, the site transition fucked it all up to hell so its all greentext mashed


Can you give me an explanation for why abundant furry porn is allowed, and people are allowed to call you a reactionary for objecting to furries parading their shit all over the board, but sissy is somehow beyond the pale? I know you’re not going to change your mind, but please just explain the reasoning.


File: 1649788064197.png (1.11 MB, 564x1002, ClipboardImage.png)

>mfw my request for a /sissy/ thread somehow turns into a drama fueled flamewar between mods and tripfags
>mfw I just wanted to talk to other anons about girly clothes, chastity and daddy issues but that's not gonna happen now :(


I'd like to know why mods even let /siberia/ become a porn/incel board in the first place. I was warning them this would happen over a year ago.


remove my 7 day ban for porn and give it to the OP of this >>915681 along with deleting the thread effective upon reading this post




mods will literally leave up a /pol/ thread but ban me for a week for gracing it with gay porn
what’s a “drama fuelled flamewar”? shut your silly dilly ass up


Point me to the mentioned thread or shut the fuck up.


sorry for drawing your attention to the low effort thread about how /pol/ is funny and leftists write too much, i’ll make sure to not make that mistake again


So you can't show it.


>>19464 (me)
Can I ask why the FUCK your rules even exist when the mods here are reddit tier fags anyway treating this site like their personal subreddit and banning people for disagreeing with them and engaging in this pathetic, petty personal little social group bullshit?
This isn’t a fucking subreddit


File: 1649944943500.png (72.38 KB, 859x555, ClipboardImage.png)

Nice IP lol
Why is it not in the log?


How tf should I know?


Reposting with IP obscured number 2, fucked up first time:
The admins need to get their fucking mods under control if they’re dishing out bans for being opposed to corporate censorship of communists, fucking idiots
The jannies on leftypol are absolute dogshit at this point


mods are also the admins, silly


>mods will literally leave up a /pol/ thread but ban me for a week for gracing it with gay porn
>like 10 bans for pol and racism


Mods you know I hate Haz but again, this is a stupid reason to ban somebody. People should obviously be allowed to oppose twitch bans of whatever streamer. Why not?


it gets proven time and time again that the only people willing to moderate are fucking dumbasses because well-adjusted people would rather do other things(obsessed samefag that "berates mod criticism" constantly to try and shit stir)


show the mods some fucking respect please.(obsessed samefag that "berates mod criticism" constantly to try and shit stir)



If you joined an org and spoke to the leaders like that you'd get kicked out.


sir youre on an imageboard


lmao get fucked janny(obsessed samefag that "berates mod criticism" constantly to try and shit stir)


File: 1649975823145.jpg (249 KB, 996x1206, 1648859668575.jpg)

Because leftism isn't reactionary…?


Can >>>/AKM/865 ahve Kalashnikov general added to it? "Ak" is not a very useful search term for a Gun-focused board.


everything needs to be a general, even if its the first thread


Leaders of most orgs are elected not self selected it a big dif


>Please try not to spam this thread or make multiple posts on the same issue, as this makes it harder for us to respond to issues.
Just noticed this, reminder to make a thread if you have something to say.


Rethink your life choices.


>Muh generalz
That has literally NOTHING to do with the post, stop being an assmad split-faggot you terminally-online baby.





I just got banned for an accused "pedo post" that I made 2 months ago. The actual post contains a barely erotic image of an extremely cartoonish character and literally only one projecting pedo got mad about it. It's not porn or pedoshit, hell it's barely lolishit. Moreover a ban is an utterly inane response compared to the literal unspoilered porn spam on the Yuri thread (that includes technically underage characters). You could have just spoilered the pic and placed a warning, given the extreme lateness of your response. I don't care for lolishit and I support removing literal porn of it, but this is just retarded, especially given the double standard being set in regards to other "pedo" shit of the same type.

Also as a side note, in the future you should not have an all site ban for a single post in a single thread of one of the alt boards, and /meta/ should be excluded from bans, given that not everyone can use Tor to dispute unfair bans.


ok unbanned


As a side note, there's been a literal spam bot sending virus links across all boards (for example >>>/AKM/865)




Shit I meant >>>/AKM/1671


Got it, thank you. Will ask devs if they can write a script


Why the heck is >>>/hobby/38 locked?


Because I went full retard and am trying to fix the cooking thread


Mods have my unwavering support in the destruction of the pedo- Japanese cartoon complex


The anti alcohol thread got saged mods why


Oh ok, thanks, glad to know it's just a dev error.


Can >>>/anime/9094 and >>>/anime/14307 be moved into >>>/anime/3903 (add VN thread to 3903's OP pls) They're all VN threads, and if they're split into every single VN there is, it becomes a waste of board space, since the threads just sink to the bottom faster.
>inb4 "muh generalz" whining


banned by caballo for making fun of someone calling DPRK a "hereditary dictatorship". fuck off cunt.


>it becomes a waste of board space
who cares you fucking virgin


this. just let an imageboard be an imageboard. no need to neurotically organize thread topic or whatever


i dont get it


It was probably caballo himself. My my, the absolutely ridiculous mod decisions really are stacking up aren't they


Yo, where can i see for what post you banned me?
I'm the 5-week ban with reason: pol
Number 7340

>inb4 evading ban

Dude, i wanna know what you mean when you say "pol".


means one of the mods didn't like what you said


Are you one of the 1 post IPs that was posting pol idpol?


Violation of the 'soyspam without argumentation' rule, also it was only for 3 hours anyway, chill


Just so you know who i am, I think that im the only guy on this website that uses the word "commies". Just look at my post on /edu/ for example: one on /theology/.
I suppose you banned me for saying that russia is a democracy, or implying that the concept of utopian democracy(after ive answered, by asking questions, to people that said that in capitalism there cannot be any democracy: cfr. >>926776 and >>926793) is retarded and that democracy can exist in a socdem country like russia.
Or that i started proving that on russian television people dont say anything "fascist" and those who want to get silenced.
Or other reasons, that im not aware of.

As you may be aware of by now, i dont post idpol. In fact, i consider it retarded to post idpol. That's why i dont get the 5-week ban. Does saying that democracy can be something real in a capitalistic world is such a taboo? Honestly, i dont even think that shit is pol, because polacks hate democracy, and praising a country for that is a no go for them.
Or you only like discussions on abstract notions? And anything real is a taboo for you? Like "democracy is good, capitalism is bad, then capitalism is the contrary of democracy"? Is it not retarded? Idk janny. Tell me whats the reason for this ban, because i dont get it. I dont accept pol as a reason.


>cfr. >>926776 and >>926793
In this thread: https://leftypol.org/leftypol/res/925421.html

And another example of me posting:
>>920932 and >>922706


why the fuck are you adding commie to a prefix to everything lmao
thats like the easiest way to out yourself as /pol/ possible


>why the fuck are you adding commie to a prefix to everything lmao
Because writing "communism" is tedious, and I dont wanna be considered one.
Plus, it's useful when you need to appeal a ban: i can prove that i didnt say anything idpol, offensive or that didnt lead to argumentations (rule 7). Unless some polfag will steal my idea, it is useful to differentiate, especially when i say things that a commie wouldn't say.
>thats like the easiest way to out yourself as /pol/ possible
You are insulting me, anon. Being pol means being a commie that hates themself. I am not a commie, nor some retarded polyp. I am not a commie, therefore i post on commiepol to enforce and improve my anticommieist worldview. How can you define yourself commie when you never learned the ways of the porkiemonger, or the normie? I refuse to go to websites where i can circlejerk my ideology.
Also, you cannot ban me for acting "pol" because i studied their ways and habits, in order to transcend polporkieism and create my own ideology, that is not, as i said, polporkieism (aka self-harming commieism), but neither is paleoporkieism nor filthy normieism.

>inb4 anon is nuts

im joking by using these terms, of course, but the reasoning is correct: im not a polack nor a commie, and i want to post as a "im no commie", but i dont post pol-tier posts, so idk why the fuck they banned me saying i said something /pol/


Yee jannies unbanned me. Thanks commiejannies. Next time say it tho.


Why is Tor imageposting still banned on /leftypol/? Pro-Ukraine glowies have given up as far as I can see.


>I am not a commie, therefore i post on commiepol to enforce and improve my anticommieist worldview.
<jannies unbanned him
what the fuck are you doing?


You sound like a tsundere.


Anon, i will explain you very easily this concept: let's say, hypothetically, that you consider yourself a christian. You go to the church, you pray a lot etc.
Then one day you meet an atheist, that starts asking questions that you never asked yourself; for example: if Jesus is such a pacifist, why did he beat the shit out of jewish merchants near the Temple? Or: if Jesus said that you shouldnt plan ahead, why do you plan ahead?
&c. &c.
Maybe you will stop being a christian after that! That means that you have never been a christian, and instead you believed in something that wasnt actually christian.
So, in order to avoid such problems, if you think you can define yourself as part of a group of believers (commies, christians, porkies, glowies, LDS, buddhists, etc.) you need to divide your life into two activities: learning from the sources (read the capital for example, instead of some reinterpretation from latter commies) and then interact with people that consider themselves of ideologies opposite of yours (lolbertarianism, if you are a commie, because nazism is too retarded).
This way you can call yourself a commie, because staying around commies all day will make you much dumber than challenging your own views.
Also, they unban me because i challenge YOUR views (even if you dont want to), so you can call yourself a true comrade.
They will ban me if i go full retard by insulting everyone, derailing threads and disrupting the discussion. Something i will never do, because i want discussions and arguments and if jannies dont delete my posts, that's what i aim to get (i. E. Discussions and arguments).
Consoomism is what prevents you from having a revolution.


I'm gonna use your church analogy. What do you think people in a church would do if a professed atheist came every Sunday, told them he will never be a Christian and that he's only there to argue and get better arguments against Christianity? They'd kick him out.


nta but I would suspect (and it depends on the church obviously) they would turn the other cheek and hope eventually they'd start putting something in the donation plate


>Why is Tor imageposting still banned on /leftypol/? Pro-Ukraine glowies have given up as far as I can see.



lol no. you have an idealised version of Christians in your head, perpetuated by the media. Christians in general are some of the least "Christian" people.


Ok I'll wait out my ban, just 1 hour right?



File: 1650767575337-0.png (10.71 KB, 881x111, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1650767575337-1.png (6.81 KB, 475x247, ClipboardImage.png)

btw I was not samefagging


Yes you were lol


How come only one post is tagged (you)?


bros are you banning my stuff about the voting results in the french territories or am I getting paranoid?


deleting, not banning.


where's that thread somebody started about how they work 6am to 6pm and then spend the weekend online + doing extra work?

I've got some more helpful advice


>they would kick him out.
Disgusting behaviour, i say. That's why i dont go to church. Sectarianism is what i really despise in this day and age. Everyone is fighting for freedom of expression, while at the same time mimicking the three wise monkeys.
I ask you: are you a wise monkey, commieanon?
I'm not. And by the way. I dont usually post on leftypol anyway. Jannies keep deleting my posts. I use /edu/. Also, while I'm at it: post on /edu/ pls. It's a smart version of /b/.


Caleb is part of the mod team.


Your spamming fake caleb maupin porn is actually pretty funny if deranged


oh my god the mods are in the cult!
stop hogging pictures of his hog to yourself!


Not sure where else to post this but I have gender dysphoria from ether HSTS or AGP I am not sure which one as I don't know if I am a true bisexual or a pseudo bisexual.

When ever I make a trans related post on leftypol in particular about HSTS or AGP mods delete it.

Why can't we discuss trans science.

My post that got deleted most recently was me literally saying a lot of /pol/ is trans.


I am pretty sure you're trolling, but no amount of science will make you overcome your identity issues and self hatred.

Discussions about trans people in themselves are not allowed because retards can't help but engage in deranged idpol and reactionary shit.


I am not trolling I recently read a pdf by Blanchard PHD and was reading tweets by his research friend/coworker.

If I am a true bisexual I would be considered a homosexual transexual (I am in the closet and still a man btw) if I was a fake/psudo bisexual I would be an autogynephilic transexual.


Sounds like bullshit liberal sex theory.


You don't know the half of it. From this address we receive near every day a slew of absurd lies. All to post about idpol and e-celebs.
the recent OP here started with:
>I am a sexologist
If you spot a thread starting like this: idpol. eceleb nonsense, clearly made up (even if it is in /siberia/ as this isn't contained to /leftypol/ unlike most persistent spam)
report it even if it may look innocuous, this is a conscious effort to flood the site with repetitive trash.




File: 1651033336562.png (1.2 MB, 2000x2721, 1650979262434.png)

Week troll. You faggot went to /lgbt/ and saw that they meme the agp and hsts meme.
You faggot didnt even spend some time reading anything from blanchard to understand wtf he was talking about.
Blanchard is either hobby or edu, and you know it.
You faggot dont even understand wtf is agp, go kill yourself. Or even better, go to lgbt and search for the HRT general.
Nah, it's pretty complex as a theory.
I dont wanna give material to this polack to bully transhumanists, but it has some interesting conclusion on the relationship between parents and the trans kid.

t. Spent the majority of time debating transhumanists because they were smarter that the average polack

Also, commiemods, on the topic of idpol: if someone creates a topic on laws in communist societies, and the topic leads to rappresentation/criminalization/emancipation/legalization/etc. of sexual, religious, political, racial etc. minorities… is it still idpol if i use legal argumentations (for example analogy, ratio, vetustas, auctoritas, public morality, etc.) or is it not?
In other words, are the legal aspects of idpol considered idpol?
I'm just asking.


What are the site policies on protecting users from demoralization ops, raids, and other influence ops, whether public or private funded?

GPT policies too. Is there any analysis of bots or unusual posting patterns happening?

It would be nice to get regular discussion on the broader currents instead of people calling each other glowie.


Usually if the conversation is adjacent to idpol, it is also considered idpol. Easy example, the struggle related to sexual harassment of women in the workplace is not idpol, but it might attract "well they shouldn't use lipstick to work" comments, which could easily derail the conversation in that direction, and then it has turned into a liberal, individualist, sexist discussion of issues of women in society, rather than a leftist and emancipatory one.
>are the legal aspects of idpol considered idpol
Depends. Law as it exists now is very liberal. You're not giving too many details, but from the way you frame your question, I will say, yes, it is idpol.
No policies. If you want to start a thread discussing the issue, feel free.


>No policies. If you want to start a thread discussing the issue, feel free.

Well if I had mod omnipotence I might have something worth making a post about. Is there any analysis of site data, or metadata happening? A regular report from mods and discussion would be good.


>Is there any analysis of site data, or metadata happening
Not at all. Any ideas on how this would look, or how it can be achieved?


Mods how is it against the rules for me to point out that you had a hand in creating Haz in the ISG thread which is specifically for talking about internet shit?

We touchy about this subject or something?


sage I sent you a dm in the matrix


it is very simple, sage
>sage bitches and whines all day on /meta/
<nobody uses /meta/
>sage wants to bitch and whine all over /leftypol/
<everyone would stop using /leftypol/


Hi pasquale, in your head you probably actually believe it’s my fault nobody used the meta, you complete loon. Lmao


Trying and failing to access my matrix I think it needs to update or some shit


File: 1651108435196.png (44.54 KB, 516x308, ClipboardImage.png)

Say it with me.

>White fragility

>is real.

But of course we need another anti-"dengist" anti-"sinoboo" thread. How come there is no containment of China threads to China cyclical?

Am I allowed to appeal my ban while I'm banned from all boards BTW?


lol mods are banning for absolutely anything these days


File: 1651110399580.png (7.45 KB, 834x48, ClipboardImage.png)

It's an hour ban you baby

Also the ban appeal box is too fucking small, you can fit like a sentence into it


>expecting jannies to read


>can't even use a computer
is there anything you can do?


cumskin jannies are the most fragile of all. and of course it's the furry anglo caballo that felt called out lol


>Not at all. Any ideas on how this would look, or how it can be achieved?

Come on now. If you're in a position to know that there's no analysis of site data happening, you're probably aware of what analysis should be happening. Whatever analysis is necessary to protect users of the site from raids, influence ops……some information on traffic and posting stats would be good to correlate traffic with other events.

Wouldn't it be best practice to provide all this data to users considering the gpt3 news?

There was an interesting thread on lain about different types of bots. Bots that are obviously, clearly artificial, whose purpose is to give people the illusion that they can easily identify bots, are used as decoys to ease the passage of better coded , less obvious bots.

Kinda feels like the concept of an online forum is threatened. Maybe less so here, as most posts are more thoughtful and less mechanistic.


why did my post get removed on the organizing thread? I proved a person was being an opportunist and not a friend to the proletariat. That is why his organizing and theory was garbage since they did not care about actually making revolution. Being a Kautskyite in the year 2022 should be an occasion for ruthless criticism and yet my principled criticisms was deleted ever.


I support this line and sentiment.


Notice to the guy I just banned on/ leftypol/ for 3 days for bad faith: I checked and it does not appear you are a serial ban evader like I previously suspected. I removed the ban and made one for 1h instead.


This addressed to >>19728 ?


why was the thread on republicans and democrats deleted? you did it right after I pointed out democrats cheat as much as republicans and are against voter ID laws. Kinda suspicious.


standard procedure to contain all us politics to usapol (barring exceptional circumstances) lest it overrun everything and attract endless /pol/ kiddies
apparently it had some half-decent posts tho, if I knew that I would've merged rather than deleted


>standard procedure to contain all us politics to usapol
those are all US politics threads. how do you determine "exceptional circumstances"? feeling?




sorry anon, I don't just go through every page of the index cause I have an actual life beyond modding an imageboard. if it makes you feel better the actually american ones have had appropriate actions taken, but most of the time if its some thread with barely any posts not on the front page or not on the report log nobody really cares, it'll just slide and 404 or get a reply, bumped, and saged/merged/deleted anyways


twitter getting sold isnt american politics


Tell me exactly how 9/11 comes under “paranormal, horror or the occult”


There is literally no reason to move the 9/11 thread to /x/, the op was asking what happened not what the craziest theories were


Three comments one right after another basically equating Russians with Nazis in the German thread, saying that joining any dubious group in the fight against the Russians would be just like Chinese Communists and non-Communists joining forces to fight the Japanese invaders… samefagging troll?


Can you make a report on them so I can look at them?


Yeah I agree


Why did the thread in /siberia/ made by the Indian anon complaining about the IT industry get deleted? What rule did it break?

We were have a good discussion about the Naxalites.




>good discussion
I think it was that part. It made the eternal moderators jealous that you are capable of such a thing




Why was the old /isg/ unanchored?


Why the fuck was I banned for IdPol? And why was I banned for more than a month? I was specifically anti-IdPol. I said that leftists should ban those who encourage IdPol or who are likely to bring it up. Someone totally misinterpreted what I was saying.
I mentioned that leftist organizations should kick out:
People with dyed hair
Soyboys (including right wing and “left” wing)
These people bring up IdPol constantly and wreck conversations. They’re also likely to be Feds themselves.


File: 1651356162127.png (270.09 KB, 452x529, 1644277004353.png)

>I was specifically anti-IdPol.
>I mentioned that leftist organizations should kick out:
>People with dyed hair
>Soyboys (including right wing and “left” wing)


>>19761 (me)
I was about to reply to myself and say that we should ban:
Guys with lifted trucks
Fat guys who have big beards but small sunglasses
They’re gonna wreck shit too. They’re not much different than the dyed hair idiots. They always bring up their idiotic IdPol.


Am I not right? Does that justify a 5 week ban? It’s fucking absurd.


You are talking about appearance and claiming they are doing an idpol
It's nothing but bizarre


a guess, the serious spam mentioned above


So that 9/11 thread still saged…

Is there a none glowing reason anybody might want to stifle discussion of 9/11 or liken it to superstition, the occult, or the paranormal?


It triggers the libs like a number of other topics.


I just find it interesting that you can banned for Ukraine takes which aren't sufficiently pro Putin because they "glow" or critting China from the right because it glows… but the mods have this weird thing where we have to accept the CIA narrative about 9/11? Kind of beggars belief really


it was moved to /roulette/ you fucking cur


yes, i am aware, that is the problem I am having. Roulette is currently a board for the paranormal or occult, the thread does not fit that category.


Why were the Turkish posts from the May Day thread deleted? Are Maoists banned now? Are the mods secretly Grey Wolves?


its for all things paranormal, occult, or conspiratorial


the guy that made those posts is some insane person who tried to false-flag as a trans person and some other insane shit all while ban-evading. if its anything like all his other posts he didn't take those videos himself but just copied them from elsewhere to weave whatever tale he wanted


1) So are we to resign talk of Pinochet being CIA backed to this board then?

2) its literally explicitly not conspiratorial. From the description of the board:

- /spoox/ is a board for discussing the paranormal, horror and occult, as well as its philosophy and influence of leftist ideologies.
- This is not the place to dump or spam right wing facebook-tier conspiracy theories or /pol/ schizo ramblings, those may be subject to deletion.
- General rules of the site apply, see : https://leftypol.org/rules.html
– This includes spoilering images reasonably considered to be disturbing"


Let the junko tik tok thread stay up or I'm going to /pol/ with it. I will streisand effect the shit out of this.


Where's the proof that its her besides her being a jew?


Age is exact match, and there's some overlap between the shit junko has said and the tik toks. Junks done a self portrait too, and it looks extremely similar, even by jew standards >>>/draw/1150


You've narrowed it down to like 1000s of possible candidates.
Maybe look for an @ like @junkoenoshima or something chinlet


The fact the jannies delete it instantly is also sus. If it isn't her than why can't we have a thread?


Maybe because you're directing attention toward someone for no reason, I would argue this is tangential to raiding.
Also, why would the jannies know what junko's tiktok account is?


I have no idea what you are even talking about you schizo, quit posting about niche namefags and touch grass.


Why does it feel like this place is becoming infested with /pol/ tourists and borderline reactionaries?

Mods water(melon) you doing….


My running theory (this time) is we have some shitters from soyjak.party who are tired of getting banned from both 4chan and their own site, so they come here and try to blend in.
These are the types of shitters who really believes that memes can alter reality, so if they meme enough entry level alt right talking points, leftypol will slowly move in that direction.
Really, I think they're mad that people can read and have coherent arguments. It's their way of "raging against the machine"


>they're mad that people can read and have coherent arguments
i wish i was posting on the leftypol inside your head


If you think leftypol is bad, other altchans are miles worse


im well aware of that.


Still no answer to this then bitches?

Are we allowed to talk about Iran contra or is that occult talk?


>he raised his thin wrists to the heavens, fists like marbles quivering in the Scottish sun
>"Still no answer to this then bitches?"
>exhausted, his arms slump down by his side, dejected, hunched over, he mumbles, under his breath, imperceptible to everyone around him, except himself, "Damn you jannies. Damn you to hell."


>he approached, his hat in his hands, wet from the sweaty palms squeezing the fabric
>after a while, his lips moved meekly, "Are we allowed to talk about Iran contra or is that occult talk?"
>he looks up, no one heard him, no one even noticed him except to tell him to get out of their way
>defeated, he shuffles away, repeating his mantra, "I'm gonna show you. I'm gonna show you all. And then you'll respect me."


>he thinks I think the jannies will respond or change from being retards
No it’s literally just fun to shame them. I suspect they think “I’ll put my hands over my ears and go lallallalal” is very clever. Every child does.


>he thinks I think he thinks the jannies will respond or change from being retards


>it's a "dead board exists solely to totally end all discussion of a topic" episode


Jannies are, fundamentally, stupid and boring people who, typical of stupid and boring people, would rather no discussion was happening than one they don’t understand. The problem is they understand very little and because they shut things down when they don’t understand, they never learn. They have a deep seated intellectual insecurity, and the way they have chosen to deal with that is to try and control the conversation, being it to their level, rather than engage with it and learn


maybe you should use side boards more?


Maybe I should go vegan and recycle too


sure bud


why is 9/11 an occult topic?


because it never happened


I know you were 3 years old at the time but it did in fact happen


If it happened why is it in /x/? Checkmate conspiratard.


ok dude, at least i wasnt mkultra'd


no I agree

not doing a very good job of showing it


Delete threads like this instead of saging or locking. It ends up deleting threads and making the catalog harder to navigate. I’m starting to get really fucking pissed off about this


It’s a good thread. It’s literally a person asking how not to be reactionary


Please merge >>>/hobby/8914 and >>>/hobby/6500. They're both decent threads but the topics are too close and they sank to the bottom of catalog due to a flood of shitty spam months ago.


Okay done.


Thank you kindly good sir.


No prob. It took like 10 seconds. Thank you for noticing and letting us know to merge it and posting both links. You deserve most of the credit.


An anon requested we move this thread to the hentai general
to the animeta thread.
My own thoughts on the matter is that I believe the first one would be better off left as it's own thread since it is specific, there is only one other hentai thread on the anime board and anime is already a fairly narrow topic of discussion compared to like /hobby/. For the second one I am more ambivalent about it as my intuition is telling me it would make sense to leave it as it's own thread since not every thread has to be about a specific anime or genre or trope etc. Again considering that /anime/ has a narrow range of focus on a board with many threads. What do you guys think though?


Mods keep removing My anti-war thread. Not cool. I wasn't even siding with Ukraine or NATO or anything. I just wanted to create a thread where people who are critical of both sides of the conflict can hang out and share news.


It has not been removed: >>>/leftypol/957458


Okay, guys. The search… may be a bit broken. Also, if the other duplicate is also intact, can you remove it? Thank you very much.


P.S.: the search probably doesn't search thread headers…


i hate the weeaboo generalfag who keeps whining to you guys to move every thread that doesnt cater to his arbitrary whims (and that you obey him 99% of the time too) but those threads are so terrible theyre better off deleted lmao


to expand on the first sentence i dont see this attitude on literally any other side board, but i guess its the /a/ curse that anime boards must attract autists like that


So, uh… the duplicate did get removed. But the wrong one. The /classwar/ one. Can you, like, reverse it? Or do I need to make it from scratch? Thanks.


You know, nevermind.


I wasn't there but sorry what do you want done anon? You want to remake the OP or something?


Thought I replied to this already but anyways sissy threads are not banned at all but you are banned from making any posts since you are a spammer/falseflagger.


File: 1651962121713-0.png (40.16 KB, 797x277, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1651962121713-1.png (275.03 KB, 607x483, ClipboardImage.png)

Kek m00dy did you just ban me for 26 weeks for pointing out you're showing blatant favoritism to junko? How have you managed to make it so it doesn't appear in the logs? Has she even shown you her tits yet?

also did you quietly delete my post ITT from a couple of weeks ago the last time you banned me, when I was complaining about you making shit up in the ban message? And now you are using your made up old ban reason to paint it as a pattern of behavior. If any other mods want to confirm for themselves they can see that I've never spammed as he doesn't use the mass delete function or delete any large number of my posts at any time, he just had a tantrum at something I said about Maupin of all people lmao.

Pic 1 related, it's you giving junko a slap on the wrist when there's a thread on /meta/ complaining about this.


and btw here is a post that quoted fully what I got banned for along with the log picture from the other post: >>>/leftypol/958165 which is archived at https://archive.ph/9eqen


>junko gets all their posts deleted again
>no ban

m00dy - this level of simping would embarrass any normal person


File: 1651970417177.png (967.16 KB, 1024x844, YankeeTankie Signing Off.png)

I want to meme Yankee Tankie into being a well recognized e-celeb on this board and I want to do it for the following reasons
1. He's really inept so the danger of leftypol being responsible for promoting the latest annoying streamer (e.g. Haz) is null because outside of following him like a board mascot or pet lolcow no one would want to follow him
2. His political views are eccentric enough to warrant bemused attention (e.g. he calls himself a "human supremacist" which leads to him imagining hilariously absurd scenarios about an interplanetary war of annihilation between the human race and extraterrestrials) but they aren't really offensive to the generally popular views of this board (e.g. he's anti imperialist, he supports abortion, he's not religious etc.)
3. He tweets really frequently and is exposing the CPI for being the cult it obviously is (the fact he still admires caleb despite all this just makes it funnier)
My question is: Will I get banned for posting his tweets in the /ISG/ thread multiple times a day and using the same image on my posts. pic related


We need some kind of amusing word filter for "my dude".


>Every child does.
You'd be the one to know.


Okay. So. First I've made an /antiwar/ thread. And it wasn't… that… good in terms of description. Thought that it was removed so I created a new one, /classwar/, with a better description. Then I asked to delete the old one but I got the new one merged with the old one instead.

Yeah, it's My the first time creating threads and I've already managed to fuck up everything, uh-oh.


install a floss clipboard manager and this will never be an issue again


Also, sorry for reporting My own message, I manage to somehow misclick on stuff.


Uh… how will it help?


If you can't restore the deleted duplicate threat, can you remove the existing one so I can start a new and improved one? Thanks.


Mmm nah, "my dude" is just fine.


File: 1652023255930.jpg (374.26 KB, 1044x722, Catalog pointless thread.jpg)

>the weeaboo generalfag
Fucking who? The fact is these are not all the same person despite your boogieman conception. Not wanting the board to get cluttered up by a bunch of pointless threads is a logical idea. You're the retard using /b/ logic, You've been disproven on this point repeatedly.
>move every thread that doesnt cater to his arbitrary whims
Uhhh no, there's literally a dozen fairly new threads that aren't touched or reported by anybody because they're NEW, only threads that are either redundant on a small, slow board are addressed and many are no-effort OPs. As addressed before a thread that has many posts is more likely to get new posts and discussion than a new thread that sinks to the bottom of the catalog and stays there as clutter for the rest of time until it eventually gets bumped off years later. this is literally the problem that 8ch had and made a ton of leftypols alt boards unusable or boring
>you obey him 99% of the time
Because they only report things that actually have a reason to be reported, duh. Just fess up that you're assblasted that your samefag spam gets deleted for being the shit it is, and stop blaming it on a boogieman.
>the /a/ curse that anime boards must attract autists
I mean you're here aren't you? Anyhow the other sideboards don't have retards that post half-a-dozen identical threads all the time to no purpose, and the new thread are actually - shocker I know - NEW topics! Using basic catalog functions is amazing isn't it?


File: 1652024069385.jpg (187.35 KB, 740x693, dmt.jpg)

Report anon here. Just to address the retards bitching about "generals".
I'm not a mod, nor do I seek to be one, I send reports and leave it up to them. Hell I mostly report spammers and /pol/shitposters if at all.
The 2 threads involved are esoteric. They had their 10 or so responses and then are going to sink to page 10 in a month or so and stay there for several months or more. The first thread is just full of shitposting. The OP image has no relevance to the topic, the topic is just a step off of /siberia's/ "Fascinating porn" thread and the thread has just been shitposting and squabbling. The hentai thread is not very active so it'd be a boon to just have some friendly shitposting and argumentation in that thread instead of it and this new thread sinking pointlessly.

The second thread also has a random OP image, but the topic is actually of interest, BUT there are 2 different active threads (and literally 4 inactive/saged ones) discussing the topic of capitalism, japan and anime, including a /jp/ Otaku thread and the Animeta thread.


Literal CP is being spammed on the site


Can someone solve the issue, no?


Why did my post saying Ricky Gervis is bad because he has always been privileged and larps as working class whist also attacking transexuals as "Liberal élite" get deleted by a mod?


It's a very low quality post.
1. No sources.
2. Thread is about
2.1 a celebrity
2.2 his alleged statements
2.3 alleged "larping as working class"
3. Crypto idpol thread about trans issues (or straight up idpol, if you want.
4. Spectacle culture war shit.

In general, your post reeks of /pol/-brained.


>960000 test



Could you give me more context? What were you talking about. Why could it be misconstrued as holocaust denial? Did you appeal the ban?
I have to sleep, so I'll follow up tomorrow.


I did appeal the ban, the appeal was instantly denied. I pointed out to someone trying to falsely equate Russia’s recent actions to Israel that Zionism and Nazism go hand in hand so his comparison made no sense. Some trigger happy jannie slapped me with a week ban for the crime of pointing out hypocrisy


>someone gets banned for a week by mistake, I SLEEP
>someone is mean to junko and I must stay awake as long as they're posting to defend them, REAL SHIT


I was sleeping. Good morning.




why was my thread about the miku hologram being shut down deleted


>Is this because I’m pro-Russia?


Still no response as well.


Which do you want deleted?
What exactly do you want?



This tbh


The /antiwar/ one. And, like, do you store backups of deleted threads?


Link it, and no.





Unique, you don't need to scream like an autistic to get your message across.


look at all the retarded posts youve made


lmao its like im back in 2016


I may not need to, but it pleases me


Make a new one. It would be nice if your burger anarchist ass could conceptualize global imperialism, colonialism and its role in igniting war around the world.


can you do something about all the recent threads on /anime/ that would rather complain and psychoanalyze a medium they dont even watch instead of actually discussing shows or manga


can you at least use your IP-stalking to deal with the rightoid mouthbreathers that lurk just to drive-by shitpost in random threads


no those powers shall only be used against those who speak ill of the circlejerk and nothing else


/pol/ retards from lolcow are false flagging on the anarchist thread for some reason >>>/leftypol/962776


Accidentaly wrote the subject in the name field. Can you switch it? https://leftypol.org/leftypol/res/963223.html


lol this guy is gold


This barely ever happens, you can take My word
I won't apologize that's just absurd


I'mma just use the report function, that should work.


Why on Earth is the janes revenge thread saged


Thank you, o' great moderator gods! Your power and wisdom have no boundaries!


Sooo is someone gonna do something about casual justifications of nuclear warfare in the Ukraine general or not?
Or is this what leftypol is about now? insane chauvinistic warmongers?
well, you can tolerate this shit all you want, but the result will be the same as was with nazoids on 4chan


unfortunately rightoids mostly just cycle IPs and use new ones when posting, at best they have to switch IPs a few times so a rangeban can be made. they are always engaging in bad faith and should be reported on sight.
likewise, serial ban evaders


whoops, fucked the tag


Why was my post saying Israel is helping socialism via China and stating the truth about Israel being the good guys in a recent event get deleted?


cause you touch yourself at night


Please be more careful with deleting /pol/ spam. I wasn't spamming /pol/ shit I was taking screenshots of the shooters manifesto so that other won't have to.




Filter /pol/ to liberal


Big if true


Should autoreplace it with /autism/ instead.


Why has "Hunter Biden E-Mail Leak" been bumplocked? >>>/leftypol/973402
seems completely unwarranted


I second this question


Also why is the fbi bomb plot thread saged?


Please reply to me >>20143 as if a retarded namefag didn't chime in right afterwards


But I do second it


>I second this question
>But I do second it
you're always number 2


I tried to make a post on here and got a message
>Flood Detected; Post Discarded

Is there something I'm doing wrong? I googled it and the error message shows up on some websites when you don't have any text in a post, but mine had a text body as well as an image and a subject.


it got derailed by two retards
normally I'd just ban + delete but both of the retards were on the TOR node, so I just saged the thread and waited for their retardation to die out
If you are on matrix post the message into the congress chat


Happy to support a worthy a cause






iran contra didn't happen you skitzo


>>>/siberia/248557 virus spam links


Got it thanks


They´re also spamming it on other boards probably ban evading bots >>>/anime/15015


why did mods delete the thread about population control. Population control is a hotly debated topic and various AES states had various different approaches to the matter. We should be able to address them on the leftypol board


Didn't see it but sounds like it could be bait post OP spam


it might have been bait but it wasn't written in a way that was any worse than 90% of other, unremoved OPs on /leftypol/, and like I already said, the subject matter is definitely worth discussing. I could have maybe understood an autosage or a removal to siberia but to prune a thread which is not inherently offensive seems like overkill.


how long ago was it deleted?


I second the allowal of this subject to be discussed


um and u are…..?


Somebody who believes in discussion


You also got rid of thread where we’re discussing LTV and the thread about gran Torino from a leftist perspective.

You people suck


uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh why was this >>>/anime/15070 bumplocked?


Because it's retarded bait


i didnt make the thread trying to "bait" for responses at the very least


Is it not a thread about pedophilia or something?


um its about some christian guy' views on how children were treated during medieval times and wrote a book about it that for some reason made everyone believe that childhood back then was wildly different from modernity (until later historians debunked these claims)……


Okay I unsaged it but please don't turn it into more stupid pedo discussion


your eyes really locked onto the word "lolicon" huh, it wasnt even a condemnation


lolicon is basically japanese for pedophile no?


yeah, now that i remember pedoscares are a constant thing on leftypol i sort of understand why this happened


why did you delete my thread about the effects of pandemics on social norms


When was that?


File: 1653163129650.gif (538.94 KB, 240x171, aniki.gif)

it mustve been sometime in the last few hours, it started with this gif


Lol. Okay I will check


did you make that post on siberia and were you banned?


no it was on leftypol, the thread starter was about the effects of the aids pandemic and the possible effects of all the deaths covid caused on social values. last i checked it didnt really spark that much discussion but it still kinda sucks to see it get deleted


File: 1653187730081.png (108.93 KB, 1029x912, Banned.png)

This is the third time I've been banned for using this IP. The first time was for "pol spam" despite never posting anything of the sort. The second time was labeled a "range ban", so I said "okay, that makes sense. There's a chinlet using my isp"
Now I'm banned for "ban evading"? Can I get some transparency here?
Whoever banned me isn't showing up in the mod logs either.


nvm it was moody, you trigger happy bastard. And for the record, that rat possum monkey is disgusting


If they actually profiled me, they would know I'm not a /pol/ack or anywhere near one. In fact, I was just reporting some ThingNoticer posts and suddenly I was banned


I require a mod to address my grievances


File: 1653188640775.gif (128.28 KB, 330x262, laughing-lmfao.gif)

I'm pushing the issue. I'm aware of the whole .net comatoast thing and the ip labels, so I think they must have miss clicked when banning a /pol/ack. I don't think they want to be banning actual users as much as the users want to be banned, and the only people coming out on top are the raiders.


When were you banned for a rangeban?


Both of my first bans were when the Buffalo shooting started getting posted. I was dunking on his memeifesto when I got banned for like an hour, then an hour later I was range banned.


So 8 days ago? Were you ever banned before then, perhaps mistakingly?


Not to my knowledge.


Why should that matter?

Anyway, my guess is that some /pol/ack has come to raid on an IP range, ban evaded and gave the range a bad rep, and a mod banned it.

Quite frankly, banning for 'ban evasion' on a post that just says 'disgusting' seems like a pretty flimsy ban for an anonymous imageboard.


>Why should that matter?
Well are you ban evading? I don't see those bans in the mod log so I'm a bit confused. Was it on the same range you were just banned on?


That's not me, and I was wondering why my bans weren't on the logs myself. Yes, same range. Obviously I'm on a VPN now because I'm sitewide banned for 22 weeks.


>Well are you ban evading?
No, I'm not. I just joined the conversation now.


sorry I wasn't logged in and assumed you were the same guy. Read the staff room


>I was just reporting some ThingNoticer posts and suddenly I was banned


[heads up, discussion still in progress, don't worry]


Yes. After further investigation the ban is lifted. There was suspicion to due to the timing of that post and ban evasion on that IP range. Thank you for your patience


File: 1653196023935.jpg (125.05 KB, 720x688, 1652294786985.jpg)


lots of shitposting itt (wish there was a way to report several posts at once)


Such a dogshit thread LMAO


Well well well moderators. Well well well. Deary me moderators. Deary deary me.


>(wish there was a way to report several posts at once)
Check the box next to the name field of several posts and use the Reason field and Report button at the bottom of the page.


Saged another thread people were enjoying to post in I see mods. Dear me mods. Dear me


So does /games/ have any rules at this point or is it simply Don't Disagree With a Mod or Everything You Post Will Be Deleted? I'm real tired of this fucking bullshit.


File: 1653234610708.png (292.57 KB, 1866x1090, AMONG US.png)

Can the mod clean up the Ukraine general, the number of NATO-shills and bad faith "rusha is imperiulist" is disrupting any actual discussion of the current situation. I asked a question and the current situation of Patrick Lancasters Telegram 3 times and its gotten cycled through the thread and had no answers because it gets hidden under an avalanche of diatribes and ultra-leftist dogmatism. Moreover note that this sudden flood came after the recent Azovstal surrender so I suspect glowes redoubling their efforts.


generally just don't be a /v/tard, that kind of internet poisoned retard that nobody really likes.


>don't be someone completely undefinable and nebulous
Sorry, that's not a coherent rule. Come up with something concrete so people know what they're not allowed to post. If you cannot do so, then you must admit that you're providing justification for flagrant self-serving mod abuse.

I'd just like to point out for the record that I'm one of the most prolific posters on /games/, I have tried very hard to foster serious video game discussion since its creation, and in fact I was one of the principle advocates for the board's creation from the very beginning. Please don't disappoint me, I'm really tired of being forced to seek new video game discussion fora because of shoddy moderation.


Why was my post deleted? I don't care I'm just curious the reasoning. Was a good post



File: 1653243489621.png (34.25 KB, 718x381, hotpocketeering.png)

Oh, it seems I didn't even realize it but it was more than just deleting all my posts in the thread. It seems I was actually banned by a power-tripping retard inventing new rules to justify removal of arguments they disagreed with. Well that changes my complaint in here a bit. This person plainly doesn't have the mental disposition to be moderating and should be removed.


File: 1653246921352.png (481.33 KB, 852x476, alex.png)

>Well well well moderators. Well well well. Deary me moderators. Deary deary me.
same energy



lad you tried to define a game as not a game and sperged out when people laughed at you for being a retard and started screaming about redditors. I am not sure what you are really expecting, derailing threads with nonsense is plenty bannable.


Pretty disingenuous of you to assert, I don't trust you to have good judgement here, others should check the post I first responded to. My first post was just as on-topic as the one it was responding too, the rest were responding to the half-assed arguments against my own. Half of which appear to have been yours. It's plain to see a self-serving janitor here abusing their privileges.


Should we cycle it?


Nah you’ll lose the OG posts


The Ukraine thread was archived and remade a few times before cycling, could be good doing it for all potential happenings so historians can marvel at people being retarded


Okay can someone please make 2.0 and then we will make a cycle when news drops off?


Yes please



*acts like a generic /v/ermin and posts exactly the shit you'd see on 4klan* the mods are persecuting me for something completely undefinable and nebulous, youre REDDIT if you dont realize this!


NTA and I have no dog in this fight, BUT I think the mods should have given a warning ban for an hour because I don't think people should be banned hard unless they're repeat offenders in a short time period that blatantly break rules. After all shitposting is the breadn'butter of chans.


Your defense is literally all ad hominem and buzzwords. Is this the level of intellectual rigor we should expect from a mod justifying their actions?

What if I said that you are acting like a slimy 4chan mod?


why do you think everyone who doesnt like your posts is a mod

yeah sure im just here to say the other guy's posts were all dogshit

>After all shitposting is the breadn'butter of chans.

holy epic i love "chans" and "shitposting" too


>holy epic i love "chans" and "shitposting"
Oh bugger off.
>im just here to say the other guy's posts were all dogshit
I didn't see their posts so I can't judg but I'll take your word on it.


Please edit the OP to actually have more than a shitpost of an OP? Like ad "shoujo thread" to the OP subject or something. The Op image also makes me think its a shitpost. Don't get me wrong, a shoujo thread is fine by me, just… it's kinda a shit OP.


"shitpost" has a different connotation than "shitty post", state your own post more clearly


Good point, I kinda didn't proofread the post. but yeah that is kinda my meaning.




File: 1653279005260.gif (343.28 KB, 200x150, gigafaggot.gif)

>Waaaah don't call out my thread for being a no-effort overly specific shitty thread that has 0 posts. Don't dare state the obvious observable fact of shitty threads being necrobumped ad infinitum because the topic is too bland and simple to generate any discussion
Go back to 4chan, pic rel.


Just for point of reference
>>>/anime/15120 is, an unconventional OP but clearly has effort put into it and clearly isn't just some lazy crap.


If I made a trans porn thread in /siberia/ would you fags be willing to actually moderate it instead of just saging/deleting?


Hey anon, wanna read a book instead of masturbate all day?


No. I want to goon out with my leftybros, is that so much to ask?


I would have in most situations but he had done pretty similar things in other threads as well, so I figured "eh, he knows what he is doing"


>he had done pretty similar things in other threads as well
More aspersions without any meaningful explanation of a rule violation. This is the exact fucking shit 4chan mods used to do, by the way. (I say used to because contrary to the vol's little boogeyman ad hominem, I haven't posted there in nearly ten years) When they didn't like something you wrote, they would come up with the most inane, arbitrary reason to ban you and then justify it with vague aspersions. The projection here is downright palpable.


sucks to hear that man, hope you get well soon




How do I get unbanned. All I did on siberia was try to discuss a topic and was called /pol dismissed then banned for basically no reason


Australia becoming socialist was pinned but another mod saged it.

Can at minimum the post be unsaged and rebumped by mods and ideally can you pin it again.


theres these idiot dengists and anti dengists that keep fighting and ruining threads(they are currently ruining the ukraine thread)

can you warn them to stop their nonsense and to just keep their drama only in china general


there was never any such thread


I'm looking


There was it is now deleted for some reason


You are quite stupid, aren't you?


thanks also can you ban discussion of china in other threads unless its relevant

THese anti dengists, and pro dengists have been fucking up threads with their nonsense even when alot of them arent about china.


> ban discussion of china in other threads

ban discussion of china in other threads that isnt china general unless its relevant


While there is a large volume of China related discussion I don't think special rules are necessary or desirable. A derail is a derail.


>While there is a large volume of China related discussion

yes but heres the thing that large volume of china discussion is a repetition of the same topic if china is socialist or not, reusing the same points and discussed by the same posters that refuse to relent each other. Its honestly gotten to the point thats its annoying, since they keep repeating the same thing and wont change their minds

i mean if you consider a derail to be a derail so be it but its just repetitive


A ban and post deletion I dispute is this.

The video in question was https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUDN2y0xMr0&ab_channel=YUH

I was pointing out that transphobia is mainstream.

Part of Marxism is idpol. Not standing with trans people is like not standing with black people 50 + years ago.

You are supposed to win over and help the oppressed and idpol is a factor in that look at black panthers.

Idpol really shouldn't be delete able unless it is rightoid idpol


this is not an appropriate OP


>Part of Marxism is idpol
No, no it is not. Marx expressly rejects idpol. He talks about it, but as something that distracts from the real root issue.
>standing with trans
Burger mentality and burger slogan. Jokes are fucking jokes, not to mention people are talking shit about the Netflix show, utterly ignoring the actual context of it. /pol/ is going to hang on to anything they think supports their POV, but that means nothing.
>You are supposed to win over and help the oppressed
Idpol is not the method of doing that.
>black panthers
They started off organically through study of communist theory and seeing communism in action and sought to make an impact in th african-american population, not based on race defending but on fighting PORKY oppressors like the cops and trying to educate African-Americans that racism is just a symptom of a greater problem.
>Idpol really shouldn't be delete able unless it is rightoid idpol
No, idpol is cancer and brings nothing to the table, there is no communist idpol, that is contradictory.


File: 1653429544870.jpg (222 KB, 691x804, shit moderation.jpg)

Why in the name of fuck did I get banned for this topic? I thought this was a fucking leftist politically incorrect board? That's some real woke ass reddit tier moderation right there. Explain yourselvs mods.
>Sorry about the thread post. That was a mistake


you made a mistake in https://leftypol.org/robots.txt
remove the last "Allow: /" line because A) it overrides all your preceding disallow rules, and B) is redundant/unnecessary, since anything not disallowed is already allowed by default
read https://www.robotstxt.org/robotstxt.html


Mate, your OP is about a celeb. Who fucking cares. And about /pol/, two irrelevant things. In one terrible OP, and worse still, it was bait about culture war shit, comedy (comedians should be banned from planet Earth) and the existense of trans people.
>Idpol really shouldn't be delete able unless it is rightoid idpol
Yours was. Not because of the trans issue. But because it is peak liberal spectacle.
Same shit as above. I wasn't even the same person that banned you.

Are "the gays" really attacking you… That's pretty funny to imagine. Anwyays, don't answer that question. I don't care.

Poor formatting is unfortunately not a bannable offense but looking at your post makes me question whether it should.

God damn it. Thanks for checking. I'll fix it soon.


My formating is great and yes the gays are attacking. And they're only being emboldened by people like you giveing them supreme authority. Furthermore id pol doesn't apply to my post. If you were literate you would note i disregard lgbt or race as identities. If the mod team believes either of them are indenties that's not exactly leftist and a personal problem of their own



File: 1653433270227.jpg (239.42 KB, 1200x1799, 1645066244144.jpg)

>yes the gays are attacking. And they're only being emboldened by people like you giveing them supreme authority.


Real leftist would tear you doofy ass westerners apart and you know it


i organize with "real" leftists. real as in real life.


critical support for the gays in attacking this anon



>banned for being white
It…it's fucking beautiful. What the FUCK did they mean by this?


File: 1653440921102.gif (1.61 MB, 220x220, 1651615283916.gif)

You got banned for being white.


Different mod. I am checking this out




Why was the thread about collective action and alienated single straight people almost instantly deleted?


Almost definitely since the mods here have a homo bias


I'll fuck you till you love me, faggot.


Hey, why did I get a three day ban and saged thread for my PRC and dengist thread?
Sure there’s a PRC general, yet people make threads about America and US politics all the time despite there being USApol and it’s no problem
Besides, my thread was also about Dengism, but I digress, why did the thread deserve a sage exactly?
Was it some mod mad that China was being criticized?


This is the thread
literally no reason for it to be saged, if so go and sage/ban every single thread pertaining to the US outside of US general


>sage/ban every single thread pertaining to the US outside of US general
good, yeah


>sage/ban every single thread pertaining to the US outside of US general
Do this. Americanism is a bitch and capitalist imperialism is a world-system.


id say it has more to do with the thread being SHIT not that its a thread about china separate from le general


Yo why the fuck did the jannies give me a fucking YEAR LONG BAN for "ban evasion" when I literally waited an entire fucking month for my ban to end and got my last ban appealed?
Do you fuckers not discuss ANYTHING among yourselves? Do you genuinely not fucking know when another mod removes a ban?


Did the guy that added the ban not know I successfully appealed the 3-day ban?


so they deleted the post mentioning the post but couldnt even respond to the guy lol


What bans are you referring to?


I got like a 13-week ban for "ban evasion" even though I literally didn't evade any ban, I got a 3-day leftypol ban for my thread about the PRC, then appealed that ban, got the ban removed, then fucking w00bly banned me right the fuck out of nowhere wtf


are these two separate bans or the same ban?


You said you waited a week for your ban to expire. What one was that?
Where is the year long ban? I don't see it in the modlog. Could you please tell us approximately what date you were banned on or make an appeal from that IP?


Fell asleep
Previously I had a month long ban for evasion I had, funny enough, not committed, but choose to just wait it out instead of making things worse
Then I more or less randomly got a several month ban for "evasion" I again wasn't even doing from this mod "m00dy" who seems to be the one tossing out arbitrary long bans
The ban wasn't on this IP since the several month long ban was on all boards of course so I couldn't even have a shot at arguing my case against an entirely arbitrary ban


I already made an appeal from that IP but haven't bothered looking to see if it went through because the last time I argued i was never doing any evading the mod that issued the ban just rejected my appeal
I waited a literal month for a nonsense unfair ban to lift, this isn't fair
Pretty sure I got attacked for the most bullshit reason too, literally for posting a PRC and dengist thread outside of the big PRC general even though America isn't held to that standard


I've legit posted on leftypol for 3 years at this point and haven't had major issues until recently, I'm so fucking baffled


Just evade it, he will keep banning you for stupid reasons and keep it off the logs


just to be clear this is the IP that "has not had issues"? >>20520

I think there has been a lot of issues.
Remember quantitiy has a quality all its own.


This thread?
This thread was created only 2 days ago, and looking back in the ban log it says you only got a 3-day ban for posting a general-relevant thread as its own thread. It was filed at 13:38, appealed, and the appeal was accepted at 14:07 and the ban lifted. Then, a day later, you were banned as you continued a conversation you got banned for under another IP as the IP in question.

In short, the two bans are unrelated, and the procedure of administrating these bans follows the general procedures laid out by the moderation team.
"No major issues" lmao on that IP alone you have been banned 24 times for various things under a number of different names you posted under, and by basically every single mod at one point or another.


There really hasn't been issues, no
I've made plenty of posts people have asked to be put in Multitude, I post a lot so obviously some are shitty
And at any rate, this is literally an imageboard, not a fucking political party, why do you people treat leftypol like srs bznz?>>20550
What other conversation, I'm so fucking confused


What other conversation?
And at any rate mods here are extremely ban happy and also extremely dishonest, I've been banned "24 times" over the course of literally 2 years for usually about an hour or a day, so that would be, what, causing a problem 24 times over the course of nearly 700 days with ban happy mods? And that's a serious issue? Nonsense


And note these are mods that play obvious favorites considering no issue with someone who is a zionist, /pol/ user, and TERF who's basically never caught a ban ever


This would normally be a week ban, which to the more number oriented thinkers is longer than 24 single hour bans


but they did
lying won't get you anywhere
I've seen enough, thanks for your non-cooperation


I don't know offhand, but its not the first ban on that IP for ban evading (in fact its like the 3rd) so I'm willing to take the other mod's word on it. And thats before counting the rest of the IPs you like to get banned on, as well.
Not sure what you are huffing, I banned junko just 2 or 3 days ago for Zionism. Generally they just have the wherewithal to keep their dick in their pants so they don't invite much need for action to be taken upon them.


>heh they did
>after two threads over the course of a month, one of which was deleted by jannies
Why write such a smug post when everyone imagines you as four eyed nerd upon reading it


more lying


More gas lighting from the paranoiac log fiddler


Like I said before, I have gotten other bans for ban evasion, which was bullshit then and is bullshit now
Considering I have an actual job and don't spend every hour of the day posting on leftypol I more or less use my ipad and my phone out of necessity, a lot of the time if I do get a ban I don't know because I don't spend my entire day in my house
How tf is "you've had a relatively small number of bans from an easily triggered mod team over the course of 2 years" even an argument?
You people have dished out bans for being criticized sometimes, I've seen it, it is incredibly easy to get a petty ban on this site
There's another guy in this specific board who has a constantly cycling ban he can't do anything about

How tf does "ban evasion" even make sense when I have just 2 IPs (why would I ban evade on known IPs?) and you still won't tell me what the "continued conversation" even was?
Cool so now you're going to say some other poster is me also nice


>There's another guy in this specific board who has a constantly cycling ban he can't do anything about
first off what is that even supposed to mean
you can't just say things


"Relatively small" number of bans in terms of the total aggregate of /leftypol/'s users is near zero, for the vast majority of users bans are never needed. There are only handfuls of users who rack up loads of bans and use a multitude of IPs to evade them. The "just phone posting" line is also BS cause you would purposefully cycle your phone's IP to evade bans - I would know, cause I am one of the guys that made a rangeban just for you lmao. As far as I'm concerned the case is pretty much closed and the ban is legitimate.


You don't know because mods hardly even check out this board
And I know you like playing anonymous in the general boards but can you people at least have your specific mod tag here so actual users don't have to play "guess who"?

Again, I'm asking what "banned conversation" I continued having and how that isn't extremely nonsensical reasoning as well

An example of the infinite wisdom of the mods here
Wtf does cycling an IP even mean? I've literally never gotten a range ban on my phone are you just making things up now?


you will believe anything
if it suits you I suppose
it should be obvious that something like that isn't possible (and what would be the point, like think man)
Ok I am out for real now


Something like what wouldn't be possible? Range banning a phone? Or that guy constantly getting banned?


Range banning is possible. It is possible your and their IP is caught in an abusive IP range that gets reapplied.

It is hard to track down bans, we need a lot of info, unless you post with the IP.


Could you tell me all the details you know about your ban, I will look for it after work. Because I also have a job.


I think I legitimately got the 3-day ban
I'm confused about the 13-week ban because the mod hasn't even told me what conversations he thinks I was ban-evading to participate in
At least for me the course of events is
>3-day ban
>Successfully appeal it
>Talk a bit in Ukraine general yesterday morning
>Talk a bit in Internet general I think
>Talk in some thread about why Russia and NATO hate each other while I'm at work
>Come home to see I somehow got a 13-week ban right tf out of nowhere and assume it's because I got my previous ban appealed
>Try to discuss the issue here only to be told by some mod that because I got banned in the past clearly I deserve this one (?) with no further explanation or investigation needed (which is this morning)


In all honesty I don't actually know why I got the 13-week ban
If you look here I came in assuming it's because my 3-day ban was successfully appealed and the other mod didn't know that
Idk if it's the same or some other mod but they told me it's due to participating in a banned conversation later on but they aren't linking the conversation and I haven't used the board extensively since appealing the 3-day ban
Just now I explained everything I did on this ip and the banned ip in the last day and a half
And to make matters stranger I had literally no reason to be "ban evading" when I wasn't banned on either my iPad or phone when I got this message
It's why I am so fucking confused
And i don't think "you've been banned before so we don't need to investigate or even explain this current one" makes any sense


Idk if this mod believes I'm some other user because I wasn't even banned on any device I use when I got the hammer for evasion


Well I can't find your ban. Your current IP has no bans.


Because I've been using my phone to communicate with the mods


NTA but who the fuck phoneposts to leftypol? You're mentally ill.


These guys are retarded. They will ban you for evading previous expired bans on your IP, then when trying to remove the ban search the IP you're posting on. I don't think they know how IPs or bans work.


1. I'm at work
2. I got banned on my normal IP
At this point I legit can't comprehend why I'm even banned, like, apparently I got this new ban for participating in a discussion I don't even remember that the mod never linked and I was also evading…somehow and I don't deserve a reasonable explanation or consideration because I got banned in the past


Could you tell me your banned ip whenever you can?
Use this tool to encrypt your IP:

Use this public key:


Well well well mods. Another pickle you’ve gotten yourself into isn’t it. Just a poaster trying to post and haven’t you made a right dogs breakfast of it my little moddywinkles. Tsk tsk. Not a very nice way to play


Legit none of this makes sense for me, still nobody tells me the specific comment chain I was supposedly banned over, the justification is unironically "You've been banned before", I was probably "evading" by my ban having expired, and my appeal was denied. If I actually was ban evading, why would I even bother prostrating before a mod team that's usually not reasonable or open to dialogue anyway?
It's not like I post on leftypol to troll, and given how mercurial mods here can be I've been banned for contracting certain narratives in the Ukraine thread before


I see now.
Well, I'm already late for bed, so I'll have to handle this tomorrow. You'll have to wait.
>It's not like I post on leftypol to troll
😒 no further comment.


Who doesn't shitpost on an imageboard, Sage is here shitposting right now, most of the discussion I have is serious anyway since this imageboard must be treated as "very serious business"


>Who doesn't shitpost on an imageboard
i do not "shitpost" nor say "shitpost"


>I don't troll
>actually I do but who doesn't
Here's the thing, independent of anything, I just don't think we need more compulsive liars on this site


Look mate, I am morally conflicted because I've banned you before for promoting highly objectionable narratives, which for your benefit, I will not go into. And other mods have banned you on multiple occasions for other reasons. You have an extensive ban history.

I personally think you suffer from confident arrogance, severe burger brain (no offense to american comrades), and in general, lack intimacy with philosophy.

If you were banned due to ban evasion, I have to give the mod the benefit of the doubt that you were either ban evading or arguing in the same line as the banned person.

I will put out my neck for you and unban you.

But I ask in return that you engage with people in good faith, fraternal respect, and I ask you to engage with leftist philosophy earnestly. Don't let me down.

Philosophy is not something you read and recite like magic spells or scripture. Read authors like Marx assuming he is absolutely wrong, and try to dismantle his argument. If you read something and can't come up with an objection, think harder until you do.

To put it simply, you're a very bad poster. Please try to improve the quality of your engagements. Don't get banned again.


Alright, I appreciate it, and I apologize for my past behavior


>actually waiting for bans to expire
exactly what level of faggotry is this?


why was my thread against liberal democracy removed? I wasnt making fun of democracy as a group, i was only specifically making fun of "liberal democracy"


uh so no response was it because my thread was low effort, and would it be acceptable if i put in more effort

or is it because the mods thought i was the nazi poster when im not?


We delete a simply insane amount of low-effort threads made by IPs with no post history, some of which are also /pol/, so you will have to be far more specific. I know I did not delete that thread at least, but I'd imagine being generally low-effort and from an IP with no post history got it qualified as spam and deleted. There has been either one or a handful of guys constantly trying to slide the catalog with handfuls of bait topics for the past few months done by constantly changing IPs and posting new threads, so any thread made by IPs with no post history tend to get a lot of scrutiny.


k understood


……..('(…´…´…. ¯~/'…')
……….''…\………. _.·´
Fuck you for deleting my post for no good reason other than being thin skinned cucks who can't take any criticism.


how fragile


Implying that being nice or civil would make any difference, i didn't use slurs or racism, all i did was shows that /leftypol/ doesn't defend the family and that disagreement was enough to get my post deleted. I am not the fragile one deleting posts for disagreeing with the majority of the site, it is not fragile to express disgust with the moderation, of course you would think that though, you pathetic sycophant piece of shit.


still very fragile


How do I embed a youtube video without the link showing?


File: 1653869491737.png (10.68 KB, 449x215, ClipboardImage.png)

Gotta go to the top of the page, it's not in the quick reply box


Thank you comrade.


mods regularly delete threads because they’re deemed “low effort” (???) and because their IP addresses don’t have the right post history
i think i’m starting to realize why /leftypol/ feels so dead and shitty


I regularly fuck your mother.


Finally anons are beginning to see the sad truth


>says the guy deleting posts because he doesn’t agree with them
Truly amazing


not the mod lmao


You're fucking serious caballo? Do you not see the rest of the thread? Why do you go out of the way to ban me but ignore all the other tards strawmanning derailing the thread and just posting low quality shit? I was trying to argue in good faith but they're just tiring.


on the Cybersoc general*


Sorry bucko you have to treat the endless bad faith shitposting seriously, but causing the jannies to soyrage with soyjak pics is out of line


Yeah, I mean it feels like disappointing judgement.


At least it's on the shorter side, some of them really sperg out at it


Oh no moderators. Not again, I thought we had spoken about this my friends.. silly moderators. Just can’t stop with your hijinks it seems


File: 1654042623617.png (27.79 KB, 730x1194, 1634889798818.png)

>Oh no moderators. Not again, I thought we had spoken about this my friends.. silly moderators. Just can’t stop with your hijinks it seems


Mods! Mods! This poster is breaking the soy spam rules! Just look at all the spamming he is doing with one image!


Yes that is how you look deleting posts for soyjacking


you were trying and failed miserably is what you are claiming
I'm not seeing anyone trying


Not my fault if someone is relentlessly arguing in bad faith. Mods shouldn't let that dumbass shit up the cybersoc thread anyway


Anyone else imagine pasquale sounds like the german fortnite cola kid when he deletes posts?


File: 1654111221085-0.png (2.74 KB, 576x424, newchechnyamap.png)

File: 1654111221085-1.png (595.57 KB, 1127x1767, lepolface.png)

File: 1654111221085-2.png (238.38 KB, 460x345, dumbanez.png)

File: 1654111221085-3.png (47.56 KB, 300x100, leftybanner3.png)

File: 1654111221085-4.png (37.85 KB, 300x100, leftybanner4.png)

Not sure if I am allowed post this here or if this counts as "ban evasion" but I got banned for 5 weeks. I saw a soyjak post, and I stated something along the lines of "I don't care if .party gets the GET, they have good gems, anyway." I have never seen the video attached before making that post. I was a massive fucking retard for making that post, and I deeply regret it. Later, I would find out that I've been banned for being "/pol/." The fact that I have been banned for being something I am not is heartbreaking, especially since I have never sided with /pol/, nor have I ever lurked there. I've been lurking on /leftypol/ since the 8chan days, I even made some memes and banners (pics related). I hope I can still be able to in the future. I promise to be more careful about what I post here. I sent an appeal, but I couldn't fit my case on here, so I decided to post my full story here.
Sorry if this didn't sound coherent. I'm not good at typing my thoughts out. TL;DR I decided to be a complete faggot and type something which made me seem like /pol/, even though I have never associated with them.


posting a soyjak with a direct quote of another user's post is non constructive posting and considered soyspam. also it was just an hour ban, chill.






Why did you ban me? I was just responding to the troll thread. I didn’t make the thread myself. There was nothing rule breaking in my post.


mods when will the madness end? Another innocent poster, shot down in their prime, when all they wanted was to meme. Such a sad tale


and again mods? Really? You seem antsy today on that trigger finger, you sure everything is okay?


I actually keep forgetting there's a soyjak ban, because it feels like they're just part of the chans. Seeing them as spam and ban-worthy is ridiculous if you ask me.


it is literally because the mods got soyjacked because they are the most soy posters on the site. That is the actual reason I'm not just making it up. Doesn't stop them using them though. This is the kind of people we are working with


Kek, this.


Is there a reason a ton of posts got pruned from Star Wars on /hobby/? Like an entire miniargument about Cinema-sins got deleted.


>Not my fault if someone is relentlessly arguing in bad faith
Frightfully terrible argument. I don't care who's who. We are applying kindergarten rules. If they jump off a bridge head first, splitting open their noggin, do you do the same?

What the hell am I reading
anyway you are posting just fine, no harm no foul

They are spam in the most narrow definition.


Why did jannies delete my thread in Siberia about the west virginia rightist? As far as I know (and I could be wrong) it didn't break any rules.


it's meta so should be here, the guy should not be given attention


posters rise up




so if I do want to make a thread dedicated to him it should be in meta, and then it wont be deleted


I don't see why it would



Wasn’t talking to mods or simps


can mods stop guiding their moderation decisions with knee-jerk reactions and actually read a thread/post before deleting it or at least consult with other mods if theyre unsure they should delete something lol


Why do threads like >>>/gulag/3259 get moved to a board that might as well be a deletion but clearly right-wing threads just get moved to siberia?


chan-culture, Jewish nigger.


What a shithole.


We have had some bait thread spam on the tor node recently and the post you made is suspicious


I don't get what's suspicious about it. I'll just remake it on USApol.


Mods at it again


literally we could be banning cp spammers and you would still find the opportunity to nag


Um why did you delete the post for the third time when I made it on the appropriate "general" now?


Shut up with your strawmen. You know nobody is arguing about that.


Alright go ahead for now.


What bans are you ban evading?


but to add I'm talking about seeing ban messages on common free VPNs that aren't for post by me, you have no clue.


You can't have it both ways.


But you’re not


I shared this recent conservative documentary on trans people why was it deleted?



I am a communist and watch Caleb Maupin and Haz daily communists are meant to be conservative.


You have been spamming the lowest internet trash outside containment for months now, among other things.
Do you think you are effecting anything? Or is this the purest resentment that would spur you to invest this amount of energy into being a mild annoyance?


Effecting what, what have I been spamming?


I don't expect an answer of course
but how is it possible to be this drawn to repetition?
A whole host of things, counting them all up would be waste of time
I don't know what the goal could be, which is why I ask
I can only assume, since this is an expression of purest resentment, it is to make the place worse.


Why do you think I am spamming and not just lots of members making the odd post that is deemed spam?


it is quite obvious to see
one last question, you ever been to a psychologist or similar?


the only answer you have given me
I don't understand why you would answer that but not the one about motivation but oh well


That explains it.


I really don’t understand why the avril Lavigne poster keeps getting their threads nuked from /b/. More curious than mad, what is it specifically about avril Lavigne themed shitposting that you don’t like?


its no wonder the longest running tripfag is also the dumbest and most insufferable


says here it's spam


It would only be one thread if it wasn’t continually deleted. I’m not even the avril poster I just think it’s a hilarious highly /b/ tier post and also a hilarious situation it keeps getting nuked. I really can’t see the angle but their persistence is funny to me


You’re the dumb one who thinks avril Lavigne is still alive


that's not how causality works


It is, the poster posted it, it gets deleted, so they post it again, it’s not like they post it multiple times when it’s up, which would be spam.

I literally just don’t understand what makes people so furious. It’s on /b/ anyway, between the dog hate threads and the inflation porn it’s pretty tame by comparison


>It is, the poster posted it, it gets deleted, so they post it again
to put it neutrally:
highly, highly implausible


But that is what has been happening wtf


>wtf, that's literally what's been happening, I literally cannot even


what a story mark


that's rough buddy


'tis true
tho again thinking of the causality it might not say good thing things about this place
Or is it too much of a good thing (overuse through hours upon hours daily)?
That would be backwards causality. A symptom does not explain the underlying condition.


someone in the element chat wake up a mod




anyone gonna wake up a mod or what


I'll come back tomorrow. Hopefully you have sorted out the CP snuff situation by then.




What's up with Brazilians?


theres something really funny in trying to raid such a slow place


It's cleaned up now.


are you talking about the spam in hobby?

yeah but i think they fucked up a little
my posts were gone away too, i was talking about thanos in leftyco and it's deleted now ;/



I fucked up and hit you by accident in the clean up and basically did a full IP nuke.

Judging by the type of IP, I'm guessing your older posts are still alive but recent ones will be gone. Are we looking at hours or days of posts lost? I can try and figure out how to pull some from a backup or something if there was something/toomany you can't reproduce.


ah doesn't matter
nothing lasts forever



>>>/anime/15452 is both out of place on the wrong board and also kinda pointless given >>>/hobby/5882, please move/merge them, danks.


>wrong board
is that not the 2D board


so brazucas spammed this place with CP? man some things never change, this was already a thing in the mid 2000s and it was always brazilians too


Based mods have finally overcame the board logs oversight. That shit was cringe and only made moderation more tedious, I'm happy for y'all.


thanks (I have no idea what that means)


I think a handful of schizophrenics think that mods can make bans or delete things and it doesn't show up on the board logs. more likely is that someone just got a ban on another board that also extended over onto /leftypol/, but bans only appear on the board they are filed on. likewise, deleting all posts by IP only shows up on the board that the deletion was started on.


I would rather be a schizophreniac than help to run a datamining operation for the US federal government.


What is the ip that was banned? Post the ban report?


wvobblyhidden19 hours/leftypol/Created a new 5-week ban on all boards for xxxx (#8654) with reason: pol


File: 1654966314779.jpg (20.76 KB, 220x221, 1477667333706.jpg)

A note on your IP says "whole history is b8" made months ago and were already banned twice by different mod before the current one. Even the IP used to make this plead is also banned by another mod 2 weeks ago.


>>20865 (me)
So I am very disinclined to repeal your ban.


Well thank god for VPNs. Suck it, redditors.


Either way the current ban is for something that shouldn't even be a bannable offense let alone a 5 week ban.

wvobblyhidden is a lib redditor who thinks this is his personal subreddit.


Yea I am not going to take someone who refuse to accept a ban on their word for anything. We are done here.


one of you lot has gone rogue again. I'm banned for a week literally don't have the foggiest clue why. I'm assuming because you think whoever posted the positive comment about me in ITG was a samefag, it wasn't. I've barely posted aside from that today apart from to compliment socdem.

Sort it out


calm down, kid


>banned twice by different mod
My previous ban was completely justified because I was engaging in edgy /pol/ faggotry. If I recall I was only banned for 1 week for that (it should have been more). My apologies for that edgelord posting.

However, I'm still disputing the most recent 5 week ban which in my opinion is unjustified. It should be a 1 week ban at most.

>A note on your IP says "whole history is b8"

Can you elaborate? I only recall being banned twice.

>Even the IP used to make this plead is also banned by another mod 2 weeks ago.

That's because I'm using a VPN to make this appeal. The ban two weeks ago is buy another person using the same VPN client. This is the first time I've posted with a VPN


Does anyone else have any problems uploading mp4s?


Some work is being done on the server and file posting has to be disabled for a few hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Wtf is an “astroturf rangeban”. Please unban this IP. It’s automatically assigned to me phone.


The moderation os this site will always be absolute dogshit until the mods agree to stop issuing retarded "astroturf" "glow" etc bans, do you fucking job and and say exactly what rule was broken, "glow" is not even a defined thing.


The site is fucking dying, now I can't even load any images or videos. It's not my Internet, I just checked. Wtf is going on??


did you guys not consider allowing threads to be made without an image if you were going to do an hours-long maintenance…


So what exactly am I banned for?


>Go on meta for a lark to see if some, ehem, interesting moderation decisions are still being made
>See this
Don't expect a reply. I was raging against the sun over this a month or two ago and the best I'd get is either janny simps fighting their battles or at best jannies telling how busy they are and completely ignoring the "maybe you should be mandated to specify which rule is broken?" question. Also hey, jannies are already taking a massive shit on the rules each time they don't ban a zigger spreading literal Russian nazi shit about their rightful clay.


at this point? continued ban evasion. we can see when you see your ban messages, sage

originally? continuing asinine meta-drama in /itg/, specifically the accusations of mods supporting haz


That is not when I was banned though. I was banned when the anon called me a thought leader and have been banned for ban evading ever since.

I haven’t talked about you guys stanning haz since after the ban and none of the ban messages have mentioned this.

Not to mention, that is a widely held belief that is true, however much you it’s not. You can days it’s leftychan all you want, it’s not the point, the point is, it was mods and the system of moderation has not changed, unless you are saying the system is secondary to the people who execute the system, deeming yourselves philosopher kings or some such nonesense.

I then talked about meta shit literally in an outreach thread which was itself meta. So I’m currently banned because somebody complimented me, and because I said there aren’t theory threads anymore, which I didn’t even blame on you guys, then one of you called me a Karen to which I responded. All the responses left up, apparently they don’t count as meta drama.

All BS and you know it


You were banned cause that post about haz was sent to the report log. Just cause it wasn't instantly noticed by us or reported by someone doesn't mean it just be allowed to slide. The guy calling you a "thought leader" was banned for much the same reason in the exact same conversation - its just a funny coincidence he also simps for you.
>I haven’t talked about you guys stanning haz since after the ban and none of the ban messages have mentioned this.
Yeah, you are banned now for ban evading, lol. Wait out your ban like a fucking normal person or make a half-sensible appeal to it.


Thought-lead this- *shits uncontrollably*


also, its not like you should be surprised, you were banned for the same thing once or twice before.


No ban message said anything at all about Haz so that is clearly bullshit. This is just something you’ve made up after the fact.

>you are banned for evading

You freaks are what people call kafkaesque

Appeal as something reasonable? Yes, my appeal to that claim I have just seen is that I never broke a single rule. Which rule was broken? Name it

>you shouldn’t be surprised

No I am never surprised by how endlessly retarded you people are


Hello, I have been banned for four weeks for what some idiot here calls "spam", even though I have only made a few posts today. Care to explain this logic?


You were posting dumb hysterical anti-gay shit, you were way too cancerous. This is not a deranged far right board. If you want to be unbanned then IDK, say you won't do it again and sorry.


the banned tripfag dilemma: evade your ban BUT take out your tripcode and stop being an annoying attention whore for however long it lasts lmao


ironically, more people might agree with him and respond to his points if he didn't use his trip. His ego is working against his goals, yet he's unable to let go.


Been called a thought recently ;) it’s why I’m banned

Doesn’t break a rule does it stupid salty mod


I will not recant my principles, however if it means having my ban lifted then I promise I will not voice alternatives to the dominant liberal views on sexuality, no matter how tempting it may be. Deal?


>Been called a thought recently ;)
You're not a thought, more of a fart, really.


That doesn't sound very sincere now does it? But okay, I'll unban you cause I'm such a nice guy, don't be cringe again.

t. caballo


Did the jannies disable image uploading again? Why? I can't post any images, I checked if it was the file type but it seems to be for all images.


working fine for me


I would have cared to reappeal your ban by what you said, but you flaunting the use of VPN to bypass your ban has burned any goodwill from me. You are lucky I don't ban this current IP for ban evasion.


Copping a 5 week ban for asking if Fascist Italy Was Based is kinda harsh :|

I thought you guys were standardizing ban lengths, 5 weeks for low effort trolling is harsh especially when you guys can likely see my posts and see me occasionally making non-shitposts as an unironic communist


File: 1655537641988.jpg (307.52 KB, 1363x2048, fatas.jpg)

> I will not recant my principles


The /leftypol/ thread "Why is /pol/and so fucking right-wing?" Is overrun by /pol/yp raiders and constantly derailed. Mods don't react to reports. Could you please look into it and clean up?


I think we cleaned it up and made some bans. Perhaps we didn't delete the post history of some people that were banned. Feel free to make new reports and thank you for reporting any suspected rule violations/raid stuff


Might I ask why my once again ridiculous ban isn't on the moderation log? Don't wory, I know ot was filed by Pasquale because no one else can make such funny powertrippy ban reasons like they can.
>fascist dog
>no post specified
>3 days
Lol. Lmao even.

Obviously because of my "bad actor" reputation this will get zero replies from the mods, but hey, still funny, had to blogpost.

Oooh, all boards ban as well, wow, really stepped on the guys toes this time. I imagine there is a 50% this post will get me a week long ban for evading, but fuck it, no loss for me, and I do opperate in the assumption that this board is free for all manner of ban complaints.


I honestly don't like making these sorts of posts. I feel there is a lot of bad blood between me an the moderation staff. Would it be possible for me to privately contact you on the matrix and have a private and civil discusion? I don't want any debate or anthing, just perhaps to show that I am not some sort of secret nazi / infiltrator / bad-faith troll.


>cockdrilled libzo will try to bribe the mods with nudes
how the mighty have fallen


I think it's not a bad idea and just asked the other mods about it.
>>21126 shhhh


for the record it was for your apologism for lithuanian fascists, which was honestly a very funny post in its own way.
were you consciously or unconsciously trying to draw a parallel between modern Russia and the USSR by trying to make the case that they both erroneously labeled people as fascist?
was apologizing for WW2-era nazis an extension to your apologism for Ukrainian nazis to draw a continuity of Russia as a grand-arching historical enemy to "civilization" or as a weird-ass cope to try and say "well Russia always calls everyone nazis, you can't take them at their word!" my gut insticts say the former as some kind of ambiently absorbed nationalist propaganda, but its a very open question.


Why do you turn to strawmen half way through? I have a strong feeling you read my posts just to get mad and construct some sort of imagined evil baltoid nazi in your head.
>were you consciously or unconsciously trying to draw a parallel between modern Russia and the USSR by trying to make the case that they both erroneously labeled people as fascist?
No, it wasn't concious at all and I didn't say anything about USSR doing it. I am not even sure they did it, actually I even wanted to update the post after the fact mentioning that Soviets even made films that portrayed the forrest brothers in an almost compassionate and humanist light, unlike actual nazies a la Come and See. To my knowladge the "Baltic fascists" line is purely a reaction from Russian nationalists to whine about the Baltics leaving USSR and by extension Russian sphere (because undeniably USSRs legacy was coopted by Russian nationalism, but that's a seperate point).
>was apologizing for WW2-era nazis
Stop making shit up. Where did I do it? By pointing out that majority of Forrest Brothers weren't collabs? By saying that there were indeed disgusting piece of shit Nazies? By saying that people unkonwingly worshiping nazies aren't nazies themselves? Or was that the other post where I joked about the fact that mysteriously long-time German areas suddenly became majority Polish and Russian? Because if its the last one, then I'll die on this hill. No matter what your state does, it doesn't excuse ethnically cleansing its citizens.
>apologism for Ukrainian nazis
Again, stop making shit up. I already made my position on Ukraine war, but I'll reiterate it as simply as possible. I am a moral utilitarian, and to me a 1000 civilians getting bombed annually in Donbas is far more preferable and even desirable if the alternative is millions getting displaced, tens of thousands globally getting pushed to food insecurity and thousands getting killed while cities get leveled over the course of just a few months in a war that doesn't show signs of stopping.
I guess you could bring up my take that I don't think Azov is nazi, but that is more of a battle of definitions, as to me nazism is a very specific thing that only applies to specific reactionary movements in leading imperial powers, not the actions of groups that fit far better to be labeled as ultranationalist extremists. If you think this is apologism, I'd remind you that I don't consider Wagber group, Grey Wolves or each individual Balkan nationalist terror group a la Chetniks or modern Ustashe larpers as nazies either.
>Enemy of civilization
Strawman. To me Russia is no better or worse than the Second Reich, and I wouldn't call the Kaiser as enemy of civilization either.
>Russia always calls everyone nazi
Wasn't making that point, but yeah, sure. I do think there is a lot of truth to that, just like how America calls everyone terrorists, quite similar is with Russia and nazies.





Please explain the logic behind banning someone for a weak for being anti Macron. I thought we at leftypol opposed neoliberalism?


File: 1656020388415.png (393.63 KB, 875x252, Glow_professional.png)

You were banned for shilling Le Pen in an extremely obvious way /pol/.


<14) To ensure a basic level of quality, topics or posts will not be tolerated when contributions are not conductive to well-intentioned discussion. Therefore, posts or topics are likely to be removed at the discretion of moderation staff if they;
<g) are likely to create pointless and unconstructive arguments about ‘idpol’ (as defined in Article 1).


I said Le Pen is Macron’s best opposition, if I’m wrong I’d welcome a real debate instead of banning and deleting my posts. Anyways it’s also interesting how you can be here for years and years but get framed as a /pol/ infiltrator for posting something the mods don’t like.


> "his opposition (Le Pen) is worth supporting"
direct quote from you tard
lying is pathological to such an extent for you "people"
why even try


is leftypol an overt liberal board now?
why is criticism of liberalism getting banned for pol


>if yoiu don't support neo liberalism you're a le pen shill


>actively supporting rightoids is "criticism of liberalism"
stupidpol moment


why is this obvious bait thread still up but the response against my goatse was instantaneous




wvobbly I'm sorry, but you are an absolutely gibbering Karen-tier dipshit. This isn't moderation, its literally you getting triggered at wrong-speak to your senses and banning it without even a second thought.
>Hailing Hitler and tatooing 1488 on your penis doesn't make you a nazi, the same way that joining Austin Maoists doesn't suddenly make you a Red Guard.
>>Banned for: The absolute state
I literally don't even have to say anything in my defence because the post in question already says everything I need to say. But your paranoid neurastenic ass is bent on seeing everything as some hidden plot by the CIA or some sneaky apologism for the crimes of ethnonartionalists (aka not Nazies).

And don't even start crying like two months ago with your
>You don't even know Nazism compared to what I lived through
Well unless you are like an 80 year old jew, sorry to say, bro, but you getting a brick tossed at you by your local skinhead FC isn't Nazism, and banning people for saying this is just personalized powertripping

And mind you, all of this detached from Ukraine situation. Actually, at this point I'd even say the Italian(or is it Nicaraguan) flaged Russia-apologist-in-chief of the Ukraine threads is being miles more reasonable than you lot.


free him up


Why was my Cors thread pruned but “take the Soros pill” is still up


I appreciate how you use this thread to expose yourself in explicit terms for being another Baltic neo Nazis


I don't know what a Cors is
was it that one copypasta thread cause then I might have sniped it, we have been having some amount of trouble with those
I dunno


File: 1656175799897.png (455.61 KB, 852x1000, 1652290539014.png)

You have a single argument? Because to me it feels your entire calculus is "he is baltic and he violates the boards unofficial orthodox views ergo nazi".

Or perhaps you want to talk about LTV? TfRoPtF? Commodity fetishism? Unproductive labour? Or do you just want to stick your head in the sand and label Rosa Luxembourg a panslavist Polish whore for not supporting Mitteleuropa?

Also I remind you that Zizek is like a 100 times more bloodthirsty than me, so all your arguments kind of collapse unless you want to cross that river too and label him as an Ustashist. Non-sectarian board my fucking ass.


Anyway I am once again throwing out the offer for a chat-to-chat conversation with you jannies. But guessing by the fact that this >>21133 got nowhere, I can only assume the answer is a no, and the latest powertrippy schizoid ban was just a big fat shit in place of an answer.


just hop in on the matrix


I copied and pasted an article by a socialist group in ohio about roe v wade. The group is called CORS. their website is http://corsrev.org . It'd be cool if you could put it back up. I've posted them before without an issue from mods.


if the board's orthodox views are regularly cited as a reason to ban you and remove your posts, are they really unofficial? You can literally go tor reddit


Yes i would label zizek ustashist i don't really know why you think i wouldn't. there's a 200 reply thread shitting on him rn on /leftypol/


Why did you delete my thread of dancing touhou girls from /anime/


I was banned for a saying “women posting their Ls” in response to this post, because “/pol/“

Plan B is not an abortificant. Plan B is a contraceptive. This woman is conflating the use of Plan B with a medical abortion— maybe she even thinks it was one. It was not.


A woman raw dogging and using post-coital contraceptive that delays ovulation and blocks the fertilization of an egg should emphatically not be confused with abortion, just because anti-abortion organizations have lied about it the extremely unlikely scenario of it aborting a fertilized egg. It is a contraceptive method that prevent abortion. Women lying about it to ratio people on Twitter actually does piss me off immensely.


You know that the evangelicals would love to ban that too if they could.

Anyways, this ban has been overturned. >>21230


Mod man?


USApol is full of low-effort posts and possible samefags, look into it pls


Okay I will. Just I wasn't expecting this answer, and I'm about to leave for week on holiday. So yeah, I guess I'll come on to matrix in 9 days time or so.


File: 1656239086201-0.png (27.6 KB, 1102x250, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1656239086201-1.png (23.03 KB, 748x248, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1656239086201-2.png (16.98 KB, 1048x119, ClipboardImage.png)

Embarrassing stuff as usual from the jannies, now they are using mod powers to promote voting Democrat


you must have done something wrong if you get D+'d
and no it's not about americunt parties, I can guarantee that


CoooooommieeeMoooooods, idk if i posted idpol. I am very sorry if this is idpol, pls dont ban me.
Is it idpol? I just read someone saying talking about abortion is idpol.


abortion is not idpol, but a human right.


Fuck off janny why are you always doing retarded shit and lying about it. Those were the only posts deleted because they were the only posts on the IP. You can clearly see in the thread that there are no other deleted posts that aren't already accounted for in the logs.
inb4 stop using a VPN


why are mods so delete-happy with shit that actually belongs on a board but let shitposters and trolls fly




Could one of you useless wastes of oxygen explain to me the meaning behind giving me a five week ban for no reason with no cited post nor a display on the mod log? An act which violates several parts of your ban code that you allegedly follow. And on top of that, from all boards, leaving me no choice but to use drastic measures to have my voice heard. Are mods really so cowardly they would preemptively silence dissent from liberal dogma before a post is even made?


Im curious: what post did you write?


you are an actively ban-evading schizophrenic lmao, we can smell the alcohol on you wherever you go


Please archive >>/leftypol/677380




lol lmao


Hey jannoid, I served my 5 hour gulag sentence for the soy"spam", but how about for the next time you don't ban me for ridiculing radlibs in a quite obviously not serious discussion about Florida being the best state?


>Tor users may not upload images.
fuck you, i want to upload pics to the side boards


stop posting fucking soyjacks
sorry, its a measure meant to prevent a persistent CP spammer that lurks on the TOR node.


I think my thread has been bumplocked by mistake, it didn't break any rules and nobody has complained about it in the 170+ replies.



Lol, what an absolute load of dogshit. Let me clarify something with you furry fuckers: I have NEVER been banned, not for a legitimate reason anyways. I’ve been hit with random bans on all boards that are impossible to appeal for no real reason, and why? Because I speak out against liberalism? Because I dare defend the dignity of the Russian and Chinese people? Because I’m a principled anti-Zionist? Because I correctly recognize that anarchism is not and never will be compatible with socialism? Which is it, which position do I hold that offends you so dearly you have to make up false reasons to stealth ban me, yet let tripfags and pedophiles go free?

If you cannot answer this question in an honest way without another secret ban, then it simply proves this website is not socialist and that socialism is entirely dead in the anglosphere. Imagine being so cowardly that when confronted with alternative points of view that threaten your hedonism your first response is mass repression. Pathetic


File: 1656637292027-0.png (110.47 KB, 1441x324, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1656637292027-1.png (167.7 KB, 517x320, ClipboardImage.png)

>f) are low effort sectarian bait rather than good faith discussion
Saying you want to kill the entire world isn't sectarian bait, but saying that's stupid is? If you support anarchism you should support deleting that stupid fucking thread and permabanning that retard. Literally indistinguishable from a false flagging polyp.


That tard is a mod isn't he? He's also the one that banned me isn't he?


I'll shamelessly say I'll be forever "sectarian" against any people advocating world genocide. Sorry fuckwads.


The thread has been deleted.
This seems like a bad ban but it's quite minor.
They are not a thing, they've never been a thing. It's purely reserved for illegal content and VPNs we one billion percent know are bad.


also, gimme that pic


Uhmmm hellllooo? Can I get a response to this please.


>Can I get a response
gay gay gay homosexual gay




Can one of the janitors please reel pask in, he's deleting obvious jokes/banter in siberia again. I know humour isn't a German's strong suit, but he deleted some decent memes tbh.


you should be shot


File: 1656779381991.png (608.9 KB, 634x571, ClipboardImage.png)

nah, that's what my grandparents did to yours lel

the eternally seething kraut never fails to deliver ;)


File: 1656825252584.png (2.26 MB, 1200x5400, redditoids in ukraine.png)

So to the janny that banned me, first for "idpol" in /leftypol/ only because of pic related, and then for idpol again from all boards for my statement on the native american guy that freaked out on that white woman, why did you feel the need to ban me? Pic related should only trigger you if you're a redditoid, or somehow think posting it to mock ukraine supporters is "idpol".

The second ban is even more bizarre, because it was from /siberia/, in a non-serious discussion about some schizo going insane for what we're all assuming was a minor incident. Why would you ban from all boards for my statement? Is it because I said "nativoid"? Did that trigger you, perhaps? Because you banned me for idpol, when all I did was mock someone who is literally an idpolfag. Or maybe if it had been a white woman malding to a native american, then it would've been fine for me to call her a whiteoid and I wouldn't have been banned? So then it would be that mocking some kinds of idpols is allowed, but mocking others is not? Or maybe you can't separate an ironic statement like "pragmatic alliance with the white woman over the radlib nativoid"? I'm just trying to figure out what about this obvious joke of a post, in /siberia/, of all boards, warranted me getting banned. If making fun, or insulting idpol radlib wokescolds is a bannable offense now I'd suggest updating the rules.


I see the same old mods are still using bullshit band.


I just wanted to point out, bloodgasm is a fucking hero. He’s a perfect example of left unity. If you’re out there bloodgasm, I’m your simp now. Sorry mods for the random post, I just think that we should encourage people like him.


most identityfags are extremely obnoxious and he's not
so good on him


doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results, is:?


I'm guessing you just arbitrarily saged my thread then, despite the fact that it didn't break any rules. Fantastic moderation guys.


I also fucked your ma




welp.. guess I'm going to be randomly making false reports whenever I'm on this site from now on. you just lost any goodwill you had from me.


Why is that I get almost immediately banned for being racist against white people (lol) but we have had Nazi slide threads literally all day, including the same idiot who always come here shitting up USApol for 8+ hours?


you don't get "immediately banned for being racist against huwhites"
it never happened
>shitting up USApol for 8+ hours
that's a problem


I literally copped a 5 hour ban for "idpol" for posting the body of this article in USApol within MINUTES


whereas Nazi(s) (the same fucking one who is always here to do stupid ass AMA's) can freely shit up a thread with far worse (and less funny, unless you somehow believe in reverse racism lmao) bullshit for hours after having been reported by myself and multiple other posters


fuck white people but I am sure it was some sort of misunderstanding
I already agree that's a problem (he has been banned hundreds of times or possibly more but absolutely I can see that shitshow)


I'm pretty sure I saged it because I'm trying to cut down on the number of 'cringe when woman' type threads


Can someone please explain to me why we allow fascist threads like this thread to exist?


Has anyone who isn't a crypto-fascist read it and somehow concluded from a communist perspective that it's reasonable to discuss topics like "How do we solve the (((autist))) and (((schizophrenic))) problem if not through detecting them in the womb and aborting them all?"

Am I being overly sensitive since I am one of the targeted types of people (autistic)? Because as far as I'm concerned that entire thread is fucking bullshit.


I got a ban for /leftypol/ but it isn't showing up in the board logs. Any reason for this?


>>21701 (me)
Oddly it doesn't have a post attached to it or a coherent ban reason either.


>Am I being overly sensitive
I wouldn't say you are overly sensitive and I wouldn't say there's a right answer here.
I think saying "it's an imageboard and you are gonna see some shit as sure as the sun rises in the east" is a shortened analysis, however it's what my immediate reaction is here. Fundamentally we are lenient on what in other contexts would be unacceptable, I'd say.
I am not gonna comment on the content itself (I did cut some of it) but I don't think the topic itself is unreasonable to discuss like fascism wouldn't be.


it's an extremely bad thread despite resulting in a few good posts and you're right to be disturbed by it
(not a mod btw just wanted to let you know there are other anons who agree with you the thread is cringe)


Well, the thread is bad.
Should we therefore cut it? Two different questions.


actually no, but i think threads that tend to produce rly bad discourse should be moderated more closely and/or have their OPs reframed
but i'm not the emperor of leftypol and i know the mods get shit on basically every time they get involved with anything except like deleting cp so i understand


>get shit on basically every time they get involved
I don't know if you realize it but that's actually quite the accusation. I don't think they are by and large that weak-willed.


you're right, that was poorly worded; i didn't mean it in the sense that they're scared of criticism or w/e (otherwise sage would have all his posts deleted) but that they're responsive to the userbase - and that i'm almost certainly in the minority calling for more heavy-handed moderation


There is still no way to ascertain majority for any position on an anonymous imageboard.
I would say even if there was somehow it'd matter very little. The Truth stays the Truth, after all.


Anyone else getting infinite captchas?


When I post the following it gets deleted can you please explain why it is getting deleted?

"Acording to science

Keaten Mansfield and Jason Unruhe are transexuals. Caleb Maupin and Infrared Haz are Homosexuals.

Keaten Mansfield likes trans women and this scientifically means there is about a 50% chance he is trans source.

On top of this scientific data based on his attraction to transexuals he also has a massive cope trying to be a straight male energy.

Jason Unruhe claims to be bisexual but seems to prefer women. All bisexual men are gay and prefer men according to science. A "bisexual" who prefers women is a psudo bisexual and actually AGP which means they are attracted to the idea of being a woman. Mr Mansfield may also fall into this category all but confirming Mansfield is trans.

Caleb Maupin and Haz are feminine males (manlets etc) and according to science all feminine males are gay or in the closet and lying about being gay.



What’s the leftypol policy on posting Hunter Biden leaks




Why is the cooking thread on /hobby/ locked? wanted to post my din din


mods live on cup noodles and microwave dinners, mentioning cooking is an affront to them.
>inb4 cup noodle receptacles say cooking is bourgeois


That thread got wrecked, some technical failure or something, I don't fucking know.
Anyway, you should be executed for using the word din din but I can't because it's illegal :(


Can I make an anti-blackpill general/blackpill counterarguments thread in /siberia/, similar to the one /leftcel/ has? I think it could create some good discussion.

I just want to be sure that it's okay with you mods before I spend 25 minutes making an OP only for the thread of get saged after an hour.


>similar to the one /leftcel/ has?
surely something so cringe does not actually exist
if it is anything incel it will be ruthlessly deleted but otherwise go ahead


>surely something so cringe does not actually exist
/leftcel/ mostly agree with the blackpill, but there's still some decent debate around it.
>if it is anything incel it will be ruthlessly deleted but otherwise go ahead
ok kewl…

and if some schizo incel starts ranting in the thread, please just punish him individually rather than killing my whole thread. that would be nice.


>"anti-pol range ban"
and with that you banned dozens of VPN nodes. I'm going to attribute this to stupidly and incompetence, rather than malice. Get your shit together and fix it.


and those are newly banned dozens, you've already banned some nodes because they're in the tornode.danexit.org.uk list or some shit like that, despite being VPN exits and not tor exits.


good to know :3


Chill out with the moderation of /siberia/ this is getting cringe now.

Why did that thread about e-thots get killed? It just feels like certain mods don't understand what 'off-topic' means.


you might as well take down this website, it's basically full of open rightism at this point


the zulu post was a troll post bruh and its obvious with the i want china to take over europe and the race is spook comments that i made in the thread

but i understand i will wait one day


Is the politburo fine if I make a thread for the Infinity Cup 7 on /leftypol/ to garner interest and poll for feedback? It's like the 4chan Cup games we had a few months ago but for smaller image boards.


hey jannies, can I start a thread on Lenin or is he too problematic?


I will remove your ban but I don't wanna see that shit.
I too enjoy absurd loaded questions. Considering there's a thread exactly about Lenin as a person right now, makes one think, don't it?


thanks and fair enough


Who cares about the majority position. Ban all posters who support eliminating certain types of people via eugenic abortion. It is fascism

This discourse seems to be spreading across leftypol, I'm so sick of people saying I should have been aborted just because I'm autistic.


If fucking eugenics threads full of Nazi style gene pool cleansing advocations are allowed on this site it is in no way "left"ypol anymore.


Can one of you guys delete the /pol/ transhumanist hate thread on /Siberia/?


Nico nico neck yourself, normie


no u normalfag


File: 1658108590807.jpg (172.31 KB, 603x779, 1585772356587.jpg)

Can you merge these two threads please? The fashion thread already discusses sewing (and tailoring and all that stuff).
>>>/hobby/27004 >>>/hobby/25977


Mods which one of you is 09A


Hey mods, here’s a fun idea: how about actually engaging with my arguments if they offend you so much? Or would you rather continue banning people who haven’t broken a single rule and erasing their posts?


File: 1658183806833.png (1.37 MB, 952x1485, 1633725315314.png)


I really love typing a long post up on my phone and trying to post it only to find out I’ve been Banned! for “retard ban evasion”, and that the ban was already appealed by someone else.


watch out mods, I posted 1 picture of soyjak on /siberia/. I am spamming the board and have to be banned immediately!!!


Why are the mods going ballistic saging random threads in the random board? Nothing is even wrong with those threads, they're just saged because…?


File: 1658265386505.png (139.67 KB, 760x1024, kulturterror.png)

Jannies finally doing their job. Cry more, anti-culture.


No but really mods you are allowing a thread which is more or less an open recruitment thread to satanic Nazi cult stay up.


^^ for once I agree with dumb tripfag. No-ones dumb enough to fall for it but its still worthless spam. It is off-topic but not even worth moving. The 09A users in that thread are unwanted and in constructive and any esoteric nazism discussion already has a home.


First off, don't reply where's your discipline?
That cute ^^ doesn't make it better, now does it?
Second, me personally, I couldn't give a singular fuck, if you don't spam or intentionally just fuck with the place, derail and what have you.
Third, I had a look and these people are utter clowns, Hellsing appreciation society is what they are.
But yeah if no one normal cares about that thread, it'll probably be canned at some point.


What is even the point of that thread anymore? I thought it was about documenting satanic nazis but it looks like a circlejerk of schizos now. I don't understand how mods can be so incompetent to leave up a thread filled with actual nazis, but then again they allow a literal monarchist to make his own generals on /siberia/ so I'm not surprised anymore.


It began as an "investigate 09a thread" but was always sus, seems to have been the ruse all along to then gradually turn it into a recruitment thread, which is by the way basically the 09a's MO which they state clearly in their literature.

Also worth noting is that a while back somebody was posting on here about wanting to do an insight roll where they create a militant leftist group. More than likely the same guy/guys.

We have already a dedicated thread for documenting and ridiculing satanic nazis, the so jerk off thread is not necessary.

Initially i thought it might be someones elaborate comedy larp, but now I don't think it is.


and yeh, considering what gets taken down for being sus and glow, and that thread is not. Is very strange.


my dearest retard you made the fucking threads, how tf did you let it become a nazi recruitment center


Why was my fucking thread about Capital and commodity money saged. Are jannies this fucking incompetent?


Also can jannies not sage things they don't like (saging thread on Siberia is the height of autism) even when no actual rules are being broken.


nah nah we are talking about the specific 09a thread not the Esoteric Hitlerism thread


mods be like
<"whoops we accidentally deleted your marxist analysis thread - WELL DON'T BLAME ME I PUT IT BACK UP AND ONLY CHANGED SOME OF THE PARAGRAPHS! - wow you're so entitled. What do you think this place is, an org? It's for shitposting. GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS, FEDS DONT CARE ABOUT THIS PLACE, THIS PLACE IS FOR SHITPOSTING! IF YOU TALK SERIOUSLY ABOUT COMMUNISM AGAIN I'LL BAN YOU. You can't be sectarian against radlibs and socdems, we're leftists too and i find it very insulting. BANNED FOR IDPOL"

what has happened


the only decent threads are on /edu/ and /hobby/. i think this is a general truth of the board that the main board, siberia and overboard are trash - probably because they get the most heavy handed moderation while the rest are free to make /comfy/ spaces.


>implying /edu/ isn't the most heavy-handed moderated board on the site
Which makes sense, in context, as no-one is really in debate over the level of quality and sanity expected there.

>stop posting in a thread
>reactionary autist tourists keep posting in its
<wow it's your fault it went to shit!


Since when has junko been a mod?


June 2016-April 2022


Attention to the guy that I just banned on all boards and has just made an appeal. I removed the ban. I mistook you for this ban evading nazi spammer that was IP hopping earlier today since you have a similar ip, no history, posting in the same threads, and I mistook what you were saying as hand wrining over mocking of nazis. My mistake, you are free to post again.


Attention to George Floyd that I just choked to death on the ground and has just made an appeal. I removed the knee. I mistook you for this gangbanging thug earlier today since you have a similar skin tone, you're wearing a wife-beater, hanging out in corner shops, and I mistook what you were doing as passing a counterfeit bill. My mistake, you are free to breathe again.


No knee, no right to breathe.


my sides




The main board is getting spammed by edgy summerfags and /pol/ tourists again.
Mods, do your jobs.


Why did the dumb comic thread get deleted?

What rule did it violate, and why was removing it constructive to the board?


Alright, it looks like it was just moved. Use the shadow thread feature.

Honestly, stop fucking moving and merging without making a post announcing it first so that people in the thread don't think it just got deleted. Don't you get sick of having to post 'it got merged not deleted' here every week?


can I get a response on this please?


One single schyzo is derailing this thread into his personnal transhumanist hate thread for hours now, 3/4 of the posts are by him https://leftypol.org/siberia/res/283534.html
thats not the first time this guy spammed /b/ and leftypol with his shit, it's like hes trying to turn the site into yet another 4chan


If simple banter triggers you so much there’s a lovely place called Reddit where you can fuck off to. Sorry that encountering authentic beliefs about agps outside your Twitter circle makes you cry


>Ruins a perfectly good thread about vaporwave with transhumanist shit.
Go back to 4chan cunt.


You know what they say, if you can’t take the heat then get out of the kitchen. If you can’t handle the fact that most of the world despises you then stay in your little Twitter circles and stop shitting this place up


> it's like hes trying to turn the site into yet another 4chan
See the carrot post >>20739 about those who push bigotry, as well as those who defend it as "simple banter".


>calling people Nazis for opposing Kinseyite ideology
>when it was the Nazis themselves who embraced sexual debauchery among the upper classes
Very ironic


Is the thread being deleted not in implicit response to your non-question?


File: 1659019157566.png (496.58 KB, 891x939, based china.png)

It was just you derailing a thread that had nothing to do with trans people to begin with stop playing the victim, uyghur


objection, your honor, loaded question.
>Don't you get sick of having to post 'it got merged not deleted' here every week?
Imma be honest, I do not think about that at all.


Is image posting over tor just permanently disabled now?



Can a mod delete a thread I posted so I can repost with the subject?


Sure, but if it's just the subject line then we can update it.


(con't) But if you don't tell us the thread and the subject you want then obviously we can't do that.


Oh boy, alright, thanks mods
So just want the subject to be
“Why does it seem like every decade ends with a status quo-shaking event?”


File: 1659400885389.png (76.06 KB, 905x161, ClipboardImage.png)



why is there no label or note saying the post was edited by a mod? did you remove that from the software? what in the actual fuck? now you can shadow edit posts and OPs without anyone knowing.


You can see which mod edited which post in the board logs : https://leftypol.org/log.php?board=leftypol


Nobody is going to go through the log for every OP and post they read to see if it was edited or not. That's why there used to be a label saying the post was edited and when. It seems that was removed from the board software.


Greetings to the great members of our Committee of Public safety

If the guy who's posts your baleeting survives this pirahna pit until the weekend could you ease up on deleting his posts for the duration of the weekend

I can't do it on weekdays because work but I'll have plenty of time this weekend to btfo him and demonstrate to him that you're not deleting his arguments because they are convincing but because they're tired old basic arguments that already got utterly destroyed on 2014 to 2015 era /leftypol/ and just clog the place up with those same old boring low energy arguments

Tankyoo in advance


brah what
>because they're tired old basic arguments that already got utterly destroyed on 2014 to 2015 era /leftypol/ and just clog the place up with those same old boring low energy arguments
I agree with this part
endless repetition, fundamentally /pol/ and americans more generally are just utterly boring "people"


This is the original software :
And there our version :
You can check if anything of that sort was removed.


I got a ban for "islamaphobia… in reference to an image I did not post, and doesn't even have a (you). I suspect it's a roaming IP bot or something, so please unban.
Banned post >>>/leftypol/1097619





can we have sex please? can we? please?


why was the "you need to be more useless. you need to produce less value." on /leftypol/ deleted


Why did jannoids delete my shitpost in /b/ about mammal centrism?
Literally nothing wrong with that thread, why won't you quit being faggots about the literal random humor board?
It isn't fucking GET, making a thread that isn't about sucking cock or finding gay porn isn't against the rules


I am guessing it was moved to gulag because your IP is sus. Interesting idea though. Anyways I asked in the staff room why this was done.


Don't guess here, please and thank you.


lol of course.


It read like a nazi/race realist thread. Your implication was that people like what is similar to them, which means they like white people more (no idea why you implied everyone was white). This is analogous to the right wing idea that (white) people are more comfortable with their own folk. Worst yet is that you implied that non-white people are non-human.
Here's your opening sentence:
>Basically my theory is that the human preference for mammals over non-mammaliform animals is directly tied to our preference for humans over non-humans and is tied even more directly to White Supremacism;

The post is an open invitation to all race essentialists.


Nigha I literally am non-white


Plus the actual logic of the thread was
>People treat non-mammals unfairly
>People treat non-humans unfairly
>People treat each other unfairly


you mean after I posted this? You people really are fucking nuts


you off your meds?




So is it there that I should post my candidature to whatever this is? Granted, you guys do a pretty good job, those gaping anuses ain't staying long. Why leftypol needs volunteers?


Can you guys please temporarily enable image posting on tor?


mods unban me I got banned for posting "loli" even though
A) It's a crossdressing trap, Vanya is a BOYS name in Russia.
B) Its not violating the loli rule, because that specifically applies to posting unspoilered PORN, and not animu girls that don't have tits

TL;DR: Not an NSFW pic (not even a nipple or genitalia), does not break the ruleZ.


File: 1659943759809.png (80.14 KB, 409x500, 1658299454148.png)

>Why leftypol needs volunteers?
>So is it there
You can certainly try, but there is a dedicated thread on /leftypol/.
Can you please stop fucking your mom?




File: 1660023486077.jpg (113.68 KB, 831x468, dada.jpg)


I got banned again, but from the entire site for the image again (only for it being posted here as an example) by the same mod. Reign in wvobbly's faggotry, especially since they're a blatant hypocrite about it.
here is the pic again and I'd like a mod to actually attempt to argue the reason it's pedoshit, pornography and loli given that it doesn't fit any of these terms and I reposted it from an SFW booru to begin with. Moreover a rule of all boorus produced on Booru.org is regardless if it is NSFW or not, bans and deletes all loli pr0n content, so if and image is posted on there it isn't in those criteria and so does not fit the porn and CP rules of leftypol and the site in general, you fucking tools.


File: 1660084669352.png (Spoiler Image, 2.54 MB, 2098x2635, vanya KGB animu.png)

Of course the image doesn't load:


>"You have been banned from all boards for the following reason: pedo shit is banned in general… read the rules"
Y'kno if you're going to play fast and loose with rules let me remind you the rules you wrote to begin with and claim to use as a justification:
>Rule 1: No Cheese Pizza
This rule is specifically in regards to real photographs as I remember from the rule discussions happening during the re-doing of the rules. But even assuming it refers to illustrated pornography it still isn't being violated: The picture does not include nudity, sexually suggestive or other content, it's a fairly overly-moeized rough pic of an amorphous animu figure holding up a FSB badge. This is not pornography
>Rule 5: No extreme pornography
See the above, it isn't even pornography at all, let alone extreme
Board Rules excluding /siberia/
>Rule 10: Pornography should not be posted on them without good reason, and any pornography on these boards should be hidden using the Spoiler Image option
I'll admit a lack of an initial spoiler, but again given that it isn't porn, I didn't see the reason to spoiler it
/META/ Rules
None of the /meta/ specific rules include a specific part about pornography or CP. I have violated NONE of the rules on any of the boards in posting this image, and your blatant ban is clearly mod bias, the strangest being that I have no idea what it could be except a generic hatred for "loli" and that doesn't even make sense given that other animu-shit that includes "loli" characters are not included. Stop banning me based on opinions

Finally NONE of the rules specifically addresses loli and even if it did, loli is the pornographic (hentai) name for underage appearing characters in porn, not every little animu-girl that exists.


>22 week ban for "evasion and persistent spam"
<Only one of the 2 IPs I use actually is banned
Explain this mods, either one of your members is going on a spree and needs to be reigned in or you're banning people based on flags and not IPs

I swear to fucking God if this self-proclaimed communist board is dishing out absurd bans for people that refuse to jump aboard the pro-Russia train…


fwiw I've advised people to try to stop fucking with you but it hasn't been going so hot
you're straddling the line pretty hard with a lot of your posts
I'll get around to process this but I'm mucho occupado rn


>straddling the line pretty hard with a lot of your posts
Which ones. I don't mince words, but outside of /siberia/ I keep a hold of shitposting to appropriate levels as per the rules. I don't really shitpost outside of /siberia/ at all TBH except for the occasional laugh in the Ukraine thread. I don't care about the bans IF the mods can actually explain them. I don't see how a completely unsexual image gets banned 2 times for being "pedoshit". And my only other posts in recent time are content relating to the Ukraine topic focused on the pseudo-leftist /pol/ moles that are trying to infest the site and spread theorylet contrarian ideas - screaming that everyone disagreeing is a nazi, and only revealing themselves finally after they had a tangent about "the transhumanistee OldBO" that is /pol/s usual shitpost here.

The closest I can think of is a post in the Chinese thread but that post had been spoilered and had direct relevance to the topic and people just laughed, since it'd been Ben Garrison levels of caricature.


I mean one of the bans says "don't post severed horse vagina" (which makes me laugh every time but still)


Ok that is my bad but it was due to a derailed discussion with Shay about the Southern USA… and they eat that there. And it had been meant to make people laugh, I just miscalculated on the shock factor being that bad and shoulda spoilered it.


what the fuck man.


So problem still not resolved?

The owners of this site couldn't even do basic vetting before making moderators out of people that regularly dish out several month long bans with literal made up nonsense in the reasoning?


People fry dogs (sometimes alive) in Chinese black markets are you really surprised? And besides it'd been a shitpost, not an actual condonement of the practice.


Did you take a number? Can't help you without a number.




Take what number?


Check chek


HAHA mods wrecking users and having fun at their expense
you walked into the wrong neighbourhood buddy, this is Janny Town, population 43


Let it be known I removed this guy's ban. Even tho to me he is merely a substandard western chauvinist


Can any explanation be given to the jannies behavior in the Ukraine thread just now? The insane chimpout deletion of any posts relating to that Russian one about the separatist republics being Russian puppets? Seeing how I got a ban just for replying (and then taking note of these deletions and content of the posts deleted), with the ambiguous reason of "derailing", to me this seems incredibly fishy behavior. So I got three guesses:
1) Janny has a vendetta against the Russian poster and wants to scrub any evidance of his existance from the planet. I have heard about the mythical anti-Putin Russian that ban evades before, and I guess this might have been him. However literally nothing he said was even that much hostile to pro-Russian posters and seemed only to "Just ask questions" about sepratist republics being puppets. Even if the poster should have been banned for evading, the discussion it self was very much on-topic and its surprising to see this purge in response.
2) Janny is so emotionally invested in LDR/DPR that any smearing of their name shall not be tolerated!
3) Janny is a Russian asset with a list of very specific set of things that have to be deleted - first among them any and all statements about LDR/DPR being puppets of the Kremlin

Anyways, all three to me seem like powetripping. And you can be sure that after my ban expires, I will be posting in that thread specifically about the topic of LDR/DPR being puppets of the Kremlin.

Also here is the translated content of the initial deleted post that started this mess. Good thing I kept it in Google Translate:

<Damn, red putinist, I can’t talk to you normally because the local urine is bombing and it rubs my posts. So I will write to you in Russian and you answer in Russian, otherwise the urine will again pour out into the brain.

<Firstly, how do you combine the idea that the so-called republics are like a bone in the middle of the throat for the Kremlin, when the leadership of these entities ALWAYS took all the Kremlin's instructions under the hood?

Secondly, do you have any arguments why we should reject Girkin's testimony about the connections of the movement's leadership with the Kremlin? What about the connections between Pushilin and Khodakovsky?
Thirdly, how do you reconcile the idea of ​​"radical" when all the radical, and indeed unauthorized elements in general, have been disposed of in these eight years?

<For me, the picture looms quite clear - a group of incomprehensible dicks from the National Party with some kind of connection with the Kremlin was thrown into the Donbass, where fools like Mozgovoy, Motorola and Givi ran with them and took all this garbage with Huessosia at face value. When they outlived their usefulness after Minsk, they were simply quietly removed.

<You don’t want to tell me that the current leadership of the pseudo-republics is pursuing an independent policy?

I'd include a screenshot of the thread, but ban message forced a reload so all the deleted shit is gone now.




do not worry comrade spammer
we will be there to delete your posts when you inevitably break the rules again once your ban expires


testing if banned


I have a question for 'Big C'


Tor server seems to be offline


Just wanted to inform the mods some degenerate faggot posted CP in the anime board.


Did that thread confronting "tankoids" or similar about the existence of a state under communism get deleted? The OP was inflammatory, but there was some good discussion there


File: 1660871824368-0.png (Spoiler Image, 9.28 KB, 846x33, not against rules.png)

File: 1660871824368-1.png (Spoiler Image, 100.09 KB, 877x412, Board Rules B.png)

File: 1660871824368-2.png (Spoiler Image, 117 KB, 859x445, Board Rules A.png)

File: 1660871824368-3.png (Spoiler Image, 106.16 KB, 870x521, Global Rules.png)

Are the moderators now allowed to make up global rules and global bans on the fly without any accountability?

Didn't there exist a requirement to cite the rule broken in the ban messages?

And also is it possible to make the moderation log gender neutral?


Protesting deletion of >>>/siberia/295976

>the op was saying nice things happened to two racists!

Don't care. Not a rule. Not a variant of a rule. Not a threat to the community.
1) the thread had overwhelmingly moved to discussion of showers
2) people were making legitmate discussion about those who dated reactionaries

I request to know why is was deleted and will such threads continue to be removed despite being on of the more interesting threads on the board instead of recycled disqord meme #264



haz promotion has been banned for a long while, and you've gotta be pretty dumb or pretty new to not know that. the rules enumerated there are an outline, but there are plenty more rules not written there that get diligently enforced, usually as part of passing trends or fads of disruptive posting. any kind of promotion of haz or his weirdo cult is bannable, just be thankful that any discussion of him at all is not bannable as it was a few months ago.


>get banned for reporting /pol/ spam
>get 4 weeks ban [as a commie]
>my posts get deleted
>deal with it
mods, just… for fuck's sake


Is that still in effect? I thought those bans stopped a year ago.
Either way, add it to the fucking rules if its a rule.


This sounds dubious, what was the actual ban reason and post?


as a commie that has been banned on this website many times, it doesn't sound dubious at all. par for the course really.


The main board is getting raided by pol retards again.


Next time archive all these kinds of posts immediately as soon as you see them. So there is clear evidence for you to post on /meta/ that the jannies can't deny and other anons will see


The board is being flooded by reactionary apologists and you ban me for being skeptical of dubious accusations towards another communist? Why? There was nothing rule breaking in my post. I am not promoting any organization, I am simply stating facts based on information that is publicly available.


>The board is being flooded by reactionary apologists
Your definition of reactionary apologism is liberal idealist nonsense.


I am referring to Dugin apologists that support that right winger simply because he is against NATO.

They are allowed to praise a borderline fascist while I get banned for making a mildly supportive argument of a (dubiously) scandalous left winger? That is far-fetched. There was nothing in my post that warrants a ban.


>Dugin apologists that support that right winger simply because he is against NATO.
Exactly my point, you're just parroting generic propaganda about "muh rightwing Dugin" and making false claims that, if you are not some Dugin-hating schizo and sympathize over the loss of his daughter, you are automatically an uncritical supporter of his ideology.
>They are allowed to praise a borderline fascist
He is neither fascist, nor is he praised in any thread, you're making shit up
>I get banned for making a mildly supportive argument of a (dubiously) scandalous left winger
I find it interesting that you omit the name, I have doubts that is the reason you got banned


Mods were and are participating.


(it was probably maupin)


Why are you openly deleting posts and banning users for the crime of mourning the loss of a prominent socialist’s daughter? Are mods here truly that shameless? And not even giving real reasons for baba or citing any rules? You people are truly pathetic


kill yourself


You know what? No, I will not kill myself, I will not be silenced. You cowardly pencil-dicked transgender pedos in the mod team think you’re invincible, think that you can prune anyone and everyone who fails to fall into line with NATO, allow open slander of communists and praising murdering their families, but your empire is in the verge of collapse. America is on the brink of civil war and total collapse, Russia is about to retaliate against the hohols and all Romano-Germanic scum. When atom bombs fall on your cushy inner city neighborhood, I’d like to see if your moderator position or your pronouns will save you


based pasta


File: 1661133296202.jpg (88.83 KB, 1200x654, hah.jpg)

>You know what? No, I will not kill myself, I will not be silenced. You cowardly pencil-dicked transgender pedos in the mod team think you’re invincible, think that you can prune anyone and everyone who fails to fall into line with NATO, allow open slander of communists and praising murdering their families, but your empire is in the verge of collapse. America is on the brink of civil war and total collapse, Russia is about to retaliate against the hohols and all Romano-Germanic scum. When atom bombs fall on your cushy inner city neighborhood, I’d like to see if your moderator position or your pronouns will save you


Did mods seriously ban me because I was critical of Dugin?


You got banned for bad faith discussion, you're not critical of him, you're creating a flanderized boogieman.


How? When did I do this?
I was very specific by referring to the fourth political theory.


Second, I’m one of the few critics in that thread that said that you could learn something from him despite being on the right and that I don’t think bombing his daughter was a positive thing.


>I’m one of the few critics in that thread that said that you could learn something from him despite being on the right and that I don’t think bombing his daughter was a positive thing.
Ah, my mistake I thought you're that fucktard that'd been going on a schizo-rant about Dugin being le Zionist, anti-semite, nazi. Sorry about that chum.


File: 1661141958326.png (780.92 KB, 717x880, ClipboardImage.png)

>that fucktard that'd been going on a schizo-rant about Dugin being le Zionist, anti-semite, nazi. Sorry about that chum.
<Sage's arguments trigger me and I can't counter them so I must call him "l-le schizo" and cry to jannies to "B-ban He!"


>Sage's arguments trigger me
What arguments? Schizophrenic /pol/shit about Zionism? Or the blatantly out of context quotes that got BTFO?
>I can't counter them
He got countered, hard, and kept shitting the thread up
>le schizo
<uses 'le' and then says go back to reddit using a pic that literally has 'le' in it
LMFAO you're a retard, and Sage IS a schizo, going on reddit-spaced insane rants
>cry to jannies to "B-ban He!"
Cry harder Sage, your tears and projection are hilarious. The mods banned you on their initiative.


I'm not Sage, take your meds (actual) schizo


Cope and Seethe


hahahah this wasn't me you stupid fucking bell end, rent free I live


I was banned for "pol" just because wobbly hates women. If you had banned me, AND the other posters, for idpol I wouldn't complain, but this is straight up bullshit and you know it. Get fucked.


File: 1661294462164.png (140.39 KB, 380x356, prole.png)

This thread is quintessential /leftypol/ content.
It was saged for no given reason. It breaks no rules, and comrades are engaging with it without any complaints.

The lack of explanation for sages and moves on /leftypol/ is a serious systematic issue and I'm concerned about it not being addressed despite being raised by users before. What am I supposed to learn from this? That a newfag janitor thinks /leftypol/ is /edu/?


there was /pol/ spam, and frankly I figured nobody really cared with how few replies it got
if you care that much I'll unsage it tho


I do care. I made the thread because I wanted that discussion. It shouldn't matter if I care or not.
A thread shouldn't be saged if some idiots derailed it. The thread isn't the problem and it sends a very ambiguous message to the board, a chilling effect even.


Is it just me or the moderation and janitorial team is seriously losing influence? It feels like most of leftypol has turned against them. I mean just look at this thread and the site


barely anyone cares one way or the other
that's a fact.


finally a good shitpost


Sure SaggyTits


It has always been this way, they managed to paper over the cracks with coups and drama, but they have ran out of scapegoats to blame.


saggytits lol


Make this into a flag. The polish meme pope and gadsden and nazis have a flag ffs.


And call it Otvazhniye


weird threads being made recently


mods why did you delete the thread about dugin being a fascist?


Because its bait, just like you.



do this. you have a bunch of fash and right wing flags, yet can't just add this BASED and REDPILLED special forces, humanitarian aid and capturing-NATO-weapons Allied formation. most of the Soviet flags you see on Allied forces are Otvazhniye (B R A V E R Y)


It’s a thread which discussed a highly topical subject which helps confirm that Bernie Sandersis indeed a retard and fascist. Now seeing as your rules stipulate the banning of fascists you should probably take part in that discussion. Under your rules every Bernie Sanderssupporter should get y axe


shut up, this is an imageboard.



Bernie Sanderssupporter


Okay pretty funny word filter I’ll give you.

I believe that in principle but the mods don’t.


Alexander Dugin


Aleksandr Dugin


Bernie Sanders


Alexander Bernie Sanderstest
Aleksandr Bernie Sanderstest
Александр Дугин test



Why do people use this thread for testing garbage, you can go anywhere else?



usually you add the most retarded flags, like the fucking pope or shay's flag, yet you can't add the one that French anon so graciously made


come on dudes get my ddr dude ip unbanned or at least dont ban me for pol but sonething else. I made a third of the ukraine threads or something and see that theyre orderly numbered and titled.
Just saying "pol" is cheap I am propably here longer than whoever got me out.
This is especially ridiculous since we all know what VPNs are.
Ill promise by Lenin that ill never go into the US thread again but lets also not make the whole world the US. Deal?
I am not Pol, ask me about Lenin or Marx. Its a lazy excuse. Dont know how you dint find that appeal-worthy.


done, but you are on thin ice for your idpoling


ok but the initial one shouldnt have been denied I am not pol. Anyway Ill keep it down, thx for intervening and good night


why can't you just put a new flag? did the only person who knew how to do it on the mod team leave? I bet that's it. all you know how to do is click the ban and "delete by ip" button.


mods really b banning ddr guy? c'mon mods. He'd be the first to say we don't agree on everything but the guy has been around a long ass time he is clearly not pol


>the initial one shouldnt have been denied


if you don't set up the O flag soon, that will be the straw that breaks the camel's back.


Don’t bother, mods are far more concerned with mass banning anybody who doesn’t cheer in the current genocide of Russians by the west than actually implementing stuff the user base requests



ill bring it up to the staff, sorry about that


Also to the cowardly little janny deleting my posts, either find an actual argument or fuck off. I’ve used this site for years and to refuse to be silenced because Caballo’s latest fbi.gov kitten got offended


It's schizo time


fuck you, cucquale


Better have some love troubles than no sex at all, innit mr schitz


>vocally oppose Nazism and western civilization in general
>gets a random 5 week ban for “/pol/“
Explain shitstains


schizo hours


File: 1662101679578.jpg (108.67 KB, 755x960, 1467881193800.jpg)

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but they've never had anyone wail and screech at them impotently


allow image posting over tor you faggots(keep asking for things that are already allowed)


>/Ukraine/ thread #36
>Black hole:ing any and every happening
>Implying INDIA OVERTAKING THE UK IN ECONOMIC SIZE isn't warranted its own
Are you guys cognitively active anymore? Is there brains behind the wheel of leftypol? Do we technically have mods? Are they dead? Disappeared? Have somebody seen [leftypol mods]? Call [this number]!


>(keep asking for things that are already allowed)
It wasn't when I made the post you mong


File: 1662273126757.png (Spoiler Image, 818.62 KB, 1423x1680, more_soyjak_fun.png)

I'm going to find out which mod deleted my MY NAME IS JUNKO ENOSHIMA AND I LOOOOVE SÉX WITH SOYJAK thread, track them down, kidnap them and imprison them in my soyjak-themed goon cave for a decade.
Be ready, I am coming for you.


Remember these are the "people" complaining about moderation


I was actually neutral and didn't care about moderation until you deleted my OC. Your senseless destruction of my hard work is what radicalised me, you only have yourselves to blame.


I legitimately neither know nor care about your "issues". America is doing a reverse Mariel boatlift on us, spewing people that should be institutionalized all over the place and that in essence is the problem.


I am not american and my issues are fairly standard. I'm guessing you watched Scarface recently and wanted to try and work it into a post or something? Your post seems a bit random otherwise.


you're american
if you're not american physically you're on all levels except physical which is somehow even worse.


All you know about me is that I like séx with soyjak and junko's tits. I am a unique being who does not conform.


Hello transhumanist jannies! Lovely day to ban someone for no reason and then hit them with a longer ban when they try to appeal it am I right? Any one of you fine lads want to explain to me where in the rules it says defending Lysenko is a bannable offense?


I get banned for making fun of Bloodgasms shitty music. But he doesn't getting banned for spamming it? Spam is against the rules isn't it?


Is the entire mod team burger-libs? I don't follow this issue in-depth but that's been my impression.


i think its mostly brits


actually they're all faggots


like ~99% anglo
more than one petty bourg
~10% anarchist, 40% radlib/socdem, ~50% revisionist
They are mainly reactionary socialists that never got the memo in regards to what proletarian revolution, democratic centralism and the resolution of the tailism v commandism contradiction was about. Whatever made us unique from the NATO-sponsored discourse on Twitter, Reddit, etc. has fallen to the wayside years ago. The rot has set in and the disease is terminal to the supposed organs of our struggle (bureaucratic capital has overtaken the website administration).


File: 1662450181874.png (140.09 KB, 449x401, laughing whores.png)

to insane for me to make a real reply
Question to anyone else: Would I bother with this place if the anglo percentage was that high?


They are probably at best American liberal-conservatives who have more of an investment in "dude holodomor, triggered?" memes from Facebook than any actual leftist discourse


Trying to identify the point instead of the gay retard posturing (or whatever it's called over text, you get the concept if you aren't cognitively very restricted)

You think the mods are too edgy?


You deleted the Hank Hill meme about not overgrilling meat thread from Siberia? Why? Just to satisfy the vegans?



it went to /gulag/ bc the thread turned into shit, its not deleted


Turned to shit in what way? It's fucking siberia you fucking retard. Was anything "reactionary?" You're just a retarded easily-triggered vegan.


no, it got derailed, see screenshot attached


You deleted someone elses thread because I made a joke about furries? Bruh it's fucking siberia. Bruh you fucking retarded furries, I don't know how I'm going to break it to you, nobody is ever going to take you seriously. Just grow a thicker fucking skin.


uhh sweaty, furries are the most oppressed group of people. insulting furries is literally a holocaust. just don't do it, chinlet


How was I “denying the Holocaust”? Pointing out that most victims were Slavs and communists rather than actual Jews is common knowledge, as is it common knowledge that Zionists have turned their account of the Holocaust into an industry. Nowhere did I deny that millions died


"holocaust industry" is some fucking /pol/shit but I accept the general content of your message was misconstrued, so you are free to go.


>"holocaust industry" is some fucking /pol/shit
Do you view everything through an imageboard lense? Do you ever read books?


Thank you for having the integrity to admit your mistakes, I’ll be honest I expected you to double down so it’s a pleasant surprise to be proven wrong


Honestly here is the problem with the moderation, and it's not just a problem with the moderation but a problem with the users as well. There is a large portion of the moderation team and sub who just want leftypol to be some fucking weird Russian Nationalist/Tankie circlejerk and absolutely cannot stand anybody having any views that even question theirs. The imageboard is going the same way as most leftist forums, revleft, 8chleftypol, libcom, rSocialism etc where you just end up with everyone walking on glass around some eternal butthurt idpol/tankie clique and mods who ban anyone who doesn't dickride their exact views.
Just look at this thread, everyone screaming over how others should be banned for largely things that just exist in the realm of Socialism when really in the spirit of an imageboard, we should let anyone post if they engage in good faith. I fucking hate Zionists and i absolutely do not want Zionists banned because I enjoy dunking on their asses, yet people instantly run here like children and cry to the powertripping ass mods to ban them. The Ukraine thread is beyond parody at this point where the mods are just straight up deleting any post and banning anyone who is at all critical of anything the Russians do. When the mods here said "create your own Ukraine thread then", when someone did and people had decent neutral discussion, the mods came in, banned everyone and deleted the thread. Apparently having to be a completely uncritical Nationalist cocksucker of White Russia is in the Rules now.
I support the CPC and the PRC is a shining beacon of hope that things can be done differently on a material level. Xi is genuinely a leader of the people and a titan of a Statesman among a sea of intellectual midgets. Guess what. Don't want Taiwanenjoyers banned, I actually enjoy discussing the differences in the systems with them and I hope to find some commonality for the future so one country, two systems can peacefully reunite the Chinese people.
Mods and users, Chill the fuck out. Stop banning people for questioning or going against the bizarre, fringe groupthink of thirdworldist Russian Nationalist weirdos that seem to make up your ranks and stop turning leftypol into another leftist failed community experiment. This community had fucking Richard Wolff here, now people are getting banned for being orthodox Marxists. It sucks.


we have no reason to suffer reactionary posters who go on to contribute nothing to the site. if you want to hear the opinions of liberals and rightoids, you should go to their spaces instead. they will treat you with much the same courtesy.

free speech and all that shit is a meme. we're perpetuating the site for the sake of the community, not spooky bullshit about civility or discussions with schizophrenics.


if you want to go against board consensus in a shitposting thread, you have to be nuanced and have good argument while not being too inflammatory, while the other users mostly will shit on you and dismiss you
thats just how you prevent the board becoming too liberal/pol

its unfair but that how you keep a population of like minded people (aka "circlejerks"). honestly the exceptional good faith reactoid coming here is usually treated well enough and can give good threads. But posting inflammatory shit like you were in lib space and we had to suffer your stupidity and bad faith is just asking for a quick ban


File: 1662764761191-0.png (121.2 KB, 970x357, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1662764761191-1.png (6.92 KB, 595x53, ClipboardImage.png)

Can someone explain the context behind this one? (I'm not OP)


Is relative time working weirdly for anyone else? It shows posts that were made 30 minutes-1 hour ago with the tag 'just now'. It started recently, it used to work properly once the page is refreshed but now it stays on just now for quite a while after the posts were made.


File: 1662783189277.png (357.26 KB, 1024x321, ClipboardImage.png)

Why was my thread moved to gulag? https://leftypol.org/gulag/res/4951.html#4951


Can I get this thread unlocked please >>>/siberia/307170


ill move it to siberia if it makes u feel better

we dont need another incel-adjacent thread


you are so gullible and/or malicious there's no point addressing this


File: 1662804259753.jpg (297.2 KB, 1280x1081, FcSRRuWWQAAptZ7.jpg)

I posted a link to a pro-Russian milblogger which alleged a Russian withdrawal from Izyum (which is now repeated by multiple pro-Russian sources including Rybar picrel), and was subsequently banned for "glow", not sure why but I'd like my bullshit ban removed.


probably for being a 1-post ip, there was a decently sized /pol/ raid so we weren't taking chances

I think your ban is lifted, you might have to give your ban number if I unbanned the wrong ip


Explain to me how that thread is incel adjacent. Not everything relating to women is incel.


>ill move it to siberia if it makes u feel better
thanks :)


Understandable, I think it is lifted, thank you.


Range ban the USA plz


idk if its been 2 weeks since I said I wouldn't hang around here but I'm not here to moan, can somebody delete the britpol thread I just made, accidently only posted half


>>22560 (me)
Misato, a big part of being a mod is justifying your actions here, especially ones that don't effect explicitly rule-breaking content. If you can't even do this maybe being a janny isn't a good idea for you.


File: 1662930329642.png (231.69 KB, 896x460, d.png)

Why was this thread anchored?


Incel shit.


File: 1662938837724.png (111.8 KB, 348x231, ClipboardImage.png)

Hello! I understand your job as a female orgasm surveyor is very important for community discussion and international socialism in general. As such, the thread has been moved back to /siberia/

We appreciate your contributions and hope to help achieve Communism together, one female masturbation inspection at a time!

/leftypol/ Customer Service Team


Is incel stuff by itself against the rules or does it count as idpol?(yes)


Thank you for your help /leftypol/ customer service team. I have just given you a glowing review on trustpilot to show my appreciation.


I was banned for telling a mod in the Ukraine thread that some of us have dynamic IP addresses after they complained about 1 post IP's. I would like my ban lifted, I think it is ban #10774 (not sure, the reason stated was "true" if that is helpful). I'm getting pretty tired of this, this is now the second time I've been wrongfully banned (see: >>22553 2 days ago) in the Ukraine thread, despite posting here since 2014, and being a news, map and video contributor in the Ukraine thread since before the war began. If the present moderation approach frequently gets regular long-time posters banned, perhaps it deserves reassessment. Thanks.


Yay! Just found out I was banned from Ukraine thread 3 days ago for… DRUMROLL PLEASE! Reposting a doomer pro-Russian source and spitballing that maybe the Siloviks are laying the groundwork to coup Putin. Apparently that's glowops now. Guess I demoralized the board or something. You know, it took me good 10 minutes to remember what I even said 3 days ago because it was so fucking plain and inoffensive.

For that I got 7 day ban. Huh. You know, previously I at least could understand the ban reason because I was obnoxious or derailing, but that was as much on topic as one can be, so I don't even know what is going through your jannoid brains anymore.

Oh wait, just as I was typing this I remembered that I called Wagner group nazies. Well, serves me right for insulting the brave neonazi heroes of the proletariat!


I would like to protest the deleting (well, i cant find it) of that 'post your most conservative/rightoid views' thread, and similar threads in the past.
'Unpopular opinions' threads are certainly on-topic and frequently create engaging and insightful discussions. In fact, I think they epitomize what /leftypol/ is meant to be.
>but it's reactionary!
This is explicitly not against the rules. See Rule 7.



7) Reactionism and liberalism, or any other kind of non-leftist positions are not banned in itself, as we will endeavour to allow and encourage people of other political philosophies to explore leftism through /leftypol/ so long as they follow the rules contained herein. However, non-leftist users are ultimately to be considered ‘guests’ and thus will be removed if they prove a nuisance or disrupt the normal functioning of the site. Low-effort raiders will be banned.Opening posts with liberalism or reactionary topics will be treated with far more scrutiny to prevent them filling the catalog.

rule 7
reactionary, unpopular, bigoted, bourgeois and so on opinions are not (if we're being hopeful) what epitomizes leftypol, and there's no reason to cater to that shit. The post was on the same level as "NatSoc, AMA" and "how do you do fellow leftists, please tell me all the horrible cruelties you'll inflict on innocent people - i'll go first". Not gonna tolerate bullshit that just makes leftism worse, and gives anticommunists ammunition, based on anonymous posts. OPs like yours are an easy vector for astroturfing to inspire, normalize, and then prove to outsiders how reactionary communists are. So fuck off and cry to someone else


>OPs like yours
Not mine, I didn't find it until like 20 posts in.
Stupid non-word. And you have the gall to talk about bad influences taking root.

>gives anticommunists ammunition

You think they give a fuck about this place? /leftypol/ is not serious business.The attempts to gentrify it into purity are misguided and destructive, and merely push it closer into being redundant and sanitized, like /r/socialism.
The opinion that thread opened with may be challenging but it wasn't reactionary, unpopular (within the thread, at least), bigoted nor bourgeois.
I don't know why you decided a board called /leftypol/ was your home if you think it needs to be free of anything entertaining or challenging.

I honestly am getting an impression that you look at /pol/, see them posting fake screencaps, and somehow manage to give a fuck.


>The post was on the same level as "NatSoc, AMA" and "how do you do fellow leftists, please tell me all the horrible cruelties you'll inflict on innocent people - i'll go first"
Not even close.
Do you know why the NatSoc AMA threads are deleted? Ban evasion, and prior to that, repeated bad faith arguing. It's not because oh goodness someone got some dumb nazi views on our clean christian board. It's because they were a shitty mentally-ill one-trick pony incapable of interesting conversation, and then a ban evader.
They are not banned because "/pol/". That's not even a valid ban reason in itself. Let me say it again: not being a 'leftist' is EXPLICITLY not against the rules. Not by a loophole, someone went out of their way to say those people are welcome to participate here. That idiot broke other rules. They're a bad faith shilling ban evader.
>and "how do you do fellow leftists, please tell me all the horrible cruelties you'll inflict on innocent people - i'll go first"
No, that's bad faith impersonation (14 a) with a touch of (14 b) and (14 d). The thread that got banned appeared sincere and in good faith, with no attempt at shock value, and not even expressing a value that society at large would see as controversial.

Asking for unpopular opinions isn't like either of those examples. It's providing a place for people who use a designated 'left wing' site to talk about views that might be controversial. It's got a sign on the thread saying that you may encounter those opinions here. And the opinions in the thread at the time of deletion were pretty tame. How is that a problem? Do you think we're all so fucking fragile that some threads will make this board into reactionaries?


undone, just as matter of course
You know too much. Do you know why it is said reactionaries work against their own interests?
>attempts to […] [gay as fuck internet reference]
>Do you think we're all so fucking fragile….
Shitty loaded question. Do better, sweetie. I'll not use any violent language in response to this as the post was moderately respectful.
There are one or two good points in there, maybe.


Can you lock this thread pls? It's about a book that does not exist yet in any other language than Japanese and the entire thread is just people making shit up to get mad about.


>>22588 (me)


File: 1663233563398.png (7.25 KB, 567x99, ClipboardImage.png)

Ok, let's see if I'm not banned from "the appropritate channels"

You know you're not winning anyone over transhumanist jannies. You're only making this place look look more like a clown forum to 99% of the population,.

I'll make my post again. Can we just ban all threads discussing LGBT or trans issues because it's clear that the jannies will only allow circle jerk posts. They don't want a discussion so why have the thread in the first place?(one can very well have a discussion without reactionary garbage people, in fact it enhances the discussion)


>(one can very well have a discussion without reactionary garbage people, in fact it enhances the discussion)
Butthurt transhumanist janny, you're only showing your hand more by showing off your blue text powers instead of just making a regular reply with a mod tag.(lmfao)


Lol all you want. Only libs that 99% of this board hate are impressed with your pathetic shows of authority.(what do you know of the board? nothing)

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