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File: 1608528323671.jpg (80.34 KB, 422x422, welcome.jpg)


Welcome to /dead/, the endless magical nihilist gulag. This is not 8/grim/, but it is the continuation 8/grim/. Think of it as partly an /r9k/ for anti-capitalists, partly /dprk/ with skeltals, and otherwise whatever you make of it.

Now in amazing Techni-nocolors!

>1. Global rules apply
<2. Please keep /r9k/-tier & tfw no gf shitposts to one thread. Capitalism is only one of the many, many reasons why you don't have a gf.
>3. Meta posts belong in this thread
<4. This is a #SAFE space_ for anarkiddies and nihilists; cheka yr authoritarian privilege fam
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how do i fix the css of this fucking board it wont work and this all black shit is so fucking annoying


Select theme, bottom right.


Is uzumaki post-left?
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File: 1713315800687.jpg (35.48 KB, 960x540, IMG_20190417_215532.jpg)

I have been summoned

this description reminds me a lot of the movie Pulse (Kairo), which is another piece of Japanese media that came out at around the same time as Uzumaki. it's also very cybergoffick and has the same sort of Y2K apocalypticism of everyone succumbing to depression and madness and killing themselves. highly recommend if you haven't seen it. one of my favorite movies of all time.

anyways I haven't actually read Uzumaki (I don't read very many comics/mangas) but I've been convinced. been wanting to read more Junji Ito anyways and also watch the movie Long Dream (another Junji Ito movie adaptation) because I've had it downloaded for an extremely long time.

>Overall the Uzumaki series deserves a strong rating of 8 hello kitty zombie corpses out of 10


I mostly use riseup because email is a thing that everyone has and can be reasonably secure if you care about it by using GPG (I have my public key on my site but I should probably link it on xenofemme too actually), and because unlike Protonmail, riseup just uses standard IMAP/SMTP, so you can use your own email client instead of being forced to use some shitty bloated web client with a bunch of snake oil security theater bullshit that is probably backdoored anyways. I could host my own email server, but it's a huge pain in the ass to do that and even if I jumped through all the hoops to try to make it compliant I would be pretty much ensuring that my emails would get filtered by most peoples' email hosts, because email is a completely pozzed protocol and it's fucking stupid that this is what everyone's identity on the internet is tied to. it's all a big op by google and the CIA to monitor your communications.

really though I don't know what your threat model is here. fedi is a public channel for shitposting, not a place to organize, and I would tell anyone who was trying to use it for that to fuck off and get on Briar, Cwtch, or hell even Signal if you must.


File: 1713317144356.png (198.71 KB, 650x536, CzarnaTeoria.PNG)

Hi N1x!!
I've been meaning to ask - are you aware that the polish anarcho-nihilists of Czarna Teoria who are inspired by Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei have published an article about your writings on Cyber-Nihilism?


I vaguely remember someone who was I think a Czech anarchist contacting me awhile back about how I had apparently inspired them and some of their comrades but this is the first I'm hearing of this. they may have contacted me around the time when this post you linked was published actually; it was a few years ago.

damn I wish I could read (Czech)


What are your other favourite movies?


hard to say because I've seen a lot of stuff, and I can appreciate artsy filmfag kino, but the movies I enjoy the most and usually am compelled by the most is usually trashy horror/exploitation stuff.

if I had to narrow it down to like a top 10:
>1. The Hunger
>2. Ms. 45
>3. Pulse (Kairo)
>4. Marebito
>5. Inside (2007 French movie)
>6. Possession (1981)
>7. Father's Day (2011 Troma movie)
>8. Tetsuo: The Iron Man
>9. Spirited Away
>10. Female Prisoner Scorpion

I could go on and on though talking about different directors and subgenres

File: 1711901721000.jpg (69.51 KB, 900x840, m9ulucqm4nfa1.jpg)


I'm fully black pilled, even just talking to fucking Western normies has me begging Putin to unleash his entire nuclear arsenal yesterday. I think I finally realize why I hate our species. Because humans are servile. People are like cattle in a way, real go along to get along fucking faggots. Almost all humans bask in slave morality and their only purpose for existence is to toil for their masters, almost no westerner can think outside the confines of capital, the only ways they can envision bettering their lives is by serving the market better or simply becoming capitalists, which is what 90% of people aspire to. Unlike past generations, no amount of suffering or poverty can make modern normies change, they are fundamentally different from the labor movement of the previous century, normies cannot rebel, mentally or emotionally, if you try critiquing capitalism, even subtly, they will call you a filthy Marxist communist and reject whatever you have to say.

Normies are infinitely more retarded than they were in the late 2010s, because like animals they have decided they want to be ruled so long as they're fed pig slop, they hate politics now, they hate communists explicitly because communists think about society deeply and want to change the world for better, normies do not think the world can be improved and don't want it to be.

Nuclear war is the most revolutionary act that can be taken in modern society.
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You're thinking like an elitist, I'll welcome you into the arms of the right side of side of history when you're ready. The Confederacy lost, the Nazis lost, the Communists lost, America always wins. Come on, be a winner. You're wasting your time thinking about the cattle.
>T. Unironic Neocon.


>Muh welfare
No, fuck the poor, fuck the rich too. All the tax money that goes to social security and gibs for ghetto rats and white trash should go to Nasa.






>you point out their tendency to live on the knees and gobble up dirt in their mouths
<"I'm fully black pilled,"
Zero self awareness lol
> If you post on a communist board and can't even pull off reading some paragraphs
"Read these worthless radlib paragraphs to prove you aren't a liberal" nah


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Looking for poststructuralists/anyone-post-68 i guess that engages with Stirner's work - any suggestions?


Not the book itself, but the method he outlines certainly is a way to self-improve. It is self-help in freeing your mind, in a sense.


Do some meditation and reflect. No one can answer but you



File: 1712427585461-0.jpg (103.98 KB, 1170x1095, 1712384544116.jpg)

File: 1712427585461-1.jpeg (174.06 KB, 1080x1002, stirnermoding.jpeg)

Tomoko stirnermoding

File: 1708822605965.jpeg (158.93 KB, 1920x1200, wp2490780-1930099311.jpeg)


If u feel alone with ur beliefs, never, you may be alone, but u are not without nothing, you may be on the ground in loneliness, but never, and I mean never, give up on life, if all you have are ur beliefs, believe in them, and tell no human that u hold differently, everyone believes in their own things, and remember, when u speak, to at least always have a heart, not in the capitalist sense, but for everything, in a sense deeper than their contradictions and falsehoods even if they end up trying to use their own intellectuals to down u, there is always something useful to resistance and forcing around, always will be

if no one will hold the line, at least u will, or at least believe u will, form friends you can, and care about others, fight for how u feel is right or what made u feel so alone in the world, ur feelings are probably not the first, hit the wall of death as much as you can believing that this is not ur first life because it isn't, it might be feeling like from the future comes a better life, and it is, along with can be from many other people

Let this fire burn in you always, don't let it melt you down to nothing, get outside, walk around, grab the nearest shovel or tool, if u must work, at least u have worked and believed with what you can, hold the line, because you are the only one, and ur only solution is to keep the fire you have, let theirs die and keep hope in all things, you are not alone, you are a piece of them, but you'll know many things, learn to know many things, and have things to share. Always write, never let anyone take this ability from you, learn to write safely, and bury urself in the best of respect. Whatever friends you have are important, tell them this, and hold them. Create a campfire of spirit, if you can not do this in real life, do so in ur mind or draw one on paper, and know at least, u are alive, you will never not be heard, if no human hears you, make them hear u, don't let urself be the fool of doubting you, being fool is a act, if no one must remind them of the suffering they have caused and that u must succumb to for pleasures? Give them hell. Suffering is worth every minute if it expels such men from the earth. You may be small, but you know a world exists

sit next to the campfire, don't give up ur life so easily, and breach all things where they may feel like they can stop u mentally, many of us barely had anything at times and in lots of areas, from all sorts of placePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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it's ok i forgive you, i am sorry for handing false pills and will work on them a bit better for myself and others


Wait, what the fuck

>tell them to never give up mang

>Ok thats nice and not false-hope pilled

how does typing something out to people, make it, false-hope? I am trying to muster the anons strength and tell them to not give up


>how does typing something out to people, make it, false-hope?
<Ok thats nice and not false-hope pilled
That was meant literally. You somehow read it as an ironic statement when it wasn't.


Lol I am bad at reading things sorry anon


File: 1711868860526.jpg (43.38 KB, 655x399, 1711868806999.jpg)

Meat can be weak, Mind can be strong

File: 1711662051626.png (72.92 KB, 1024x1024, 718smiley.svg.png)


Communism is dead and died in 1922. The USSR basically became another imperialist bloc and then died, there is no relevant Marxist power on Earth, and the revolution hasn't happened after +150 years. Trade unions are pretty dead (not that they're progressive in the first world) and people join them for workers' rights without caring about internationalism or communism at all or because the industry itself is already unionised; hustle culture, part-time jobs, reverse army of labour, etc, means it's harder to unionise jobs. There isn't a righteous bloc between the first world or third world/BRICS/China, it's which favelas and former colonies are exploited by economic imbalance, colonial infrastructure, and the USD. I'm not sure how unequal exchange could be stopped without communism and it seems like a form of intersectionality so I'm not going to talk about it too much.

I feel like most people here have tacitly accepted that communism is dead and it's just band kids, or intellectuals, or nostalgia-boos. Endlessly regurgitating the same talking points and having literal near-zero impact. It's a glorified history club with some "happenings" about sectarian moralist garbage. Can anyone agree what communism is or what they want after le revolution? And why anyone would listen to Marx' and Bukharin's schizo-ramblings from over a century ago instead of doing something immediately useful like studying for something, or jerking off and playing video-games. I don't think you could scientifically prove Marx and Stirner (lol) btfod him anyways. Communists or Anarchists can't even take over a small island or a city or something. How many people have read Marx in full and how would you distil it without turning it into dogma or agitprop.

Anybody who is sort of successful and is absorbed by western media (which is 90% of the world) will be a liberal by default. Then alt-right/neo-nazis or religion captures other people because they're provocative and lean on perceived real life experiences and spirituality. There is no logistical reason why you couldn't implement communism tomorrow if you wiped every other ideology off the Earth, it's that aesthetics matter way more than "materialism" (Yes, I'm using the human nature argument.)

My point is I'm bored and I don't have anything to do or any meaning in my life.
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Ok, you're being pedantic. It's like saying why so-called God can't move an immovable object. I guess I left myself open by making that claim.


I'm not getting committed to a psych ward m8.


Chill out anon do you seriously think society cares enough to throw you in the psych ward the second you say you're depressed?


It definitely happens. There's a lot of horror stories about people being locked in for years.


Not for just telling your doctor you're depressed lol. If you say you're about to kill yourself or someone else then maybe but Reagan closed most of the asylums years ago.


>There's a lot of horror stories about people being locked in for years.

Like the joker!

File: 1710832712593.png (1.73 MB, 1200x632, ClipboardImage.png)


Anarchism (true socialism) is simply a conclusion of the dialectic of technology. Before the development of efficient technologies, the conclusion must be class domination. Once human efficiency can be outpaced though, the domination must be a joint leadership of collective and technic. This is why the true revolution is against Feudalism- the highest stage of pre-technology- and why Marxism has never taken hold in a fully capitalist nation. They have replicated a new feudalism with technology, but as that develops it only hastens its downfall. Capitalism is a midpoint of bureaucratic dictatorships (not unlike Marxist states) between two feudalisms.


File: 1710868826035.png (26.52 KB, 149x249, MAXXXX Stirnerrrrr.PNG)

>le spooky spook spook
Stfu uygha social shit

File: 1709901230246.jpg (60.05 KB, 600x453, 1610744256132.jpg)


So now that the 'socialism' fad is petering out, what will be the next outsider ideology to that captures the attention of disaffected western youth? Fifteen years ago it was 'libertarianism,' and fifteen years before that it was alter-globalization and anti-establishment anarchism.

What will the zoomers and their progeny believe in? Esoteric fascism, a resurgent Kaczynski-inspired primitivism, or some other as yet unimaginable set of principles?
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>what will be the next outsider ideology to that captures the attention of disaffected western youth?
The opposite of the next mainstream ideology.


Hippies will make a comeback.


Lots of people are doing psychedelics nowadays so there could be some sort of neo-hippie movement like an anon said a while ago


I can totally see Western states push for a new hippy movement in order to undermine and coopt the growing new radical peace movement like they did last time.


I will occasionally get a tiktok of some deeply edgy music and a black and white high contrast picture of the Volkshalle or Germania with like 20 likes but that's not exactly the basis for anything real
Whos gonna tell him


Nihilism will have to manifest itself as a psychological condition, first when we have sought in all that has happened a purpose which is not there: so that the seeker will ultimately lose courage. Nihilism is therefore the coming into consciousness of the long waste of strength, the pain of "futility," uncertainty, the lack of an opportunity to recover in some way, or to attain to a state of peace concerning anything—shame in one's own presence, as if one had cheated oneself too long…. The purpose above-mentioned might have been achieved: in the form of a "realisation" of a most high canon of morality in all worldly phenomena, the moral order of the universe; or in the form of the increase of love and harmony in the traffic of humanity; or in the nearer approach to a general condition of happiness; or even in the march towards general nonentity—any sort of goal always constitutes a purpose. The common factor to all these appearances is that something will be attained, through the process itself: and now we perceive that Becoming has been aiming at nothing, and has achieved nothing. Hence the disillusionment in regard to a so-called purpose in existence, as a cause of Nihilism; whether this [Pg 13]be in respect of a very definite purpose, or generalised into the recognition that all the hypotheses are false which have hitherto been offered as to the object of life, and which relate to the whole of "Evolution" (man no longer an assistant in, let alone the culmination of, the evolutionary process).

Nihilism will manifest itself as a psychological condition, in the second place, when man has fixed a totality, a systematisation, even an organisation in and behind all phenomena, so that the soul thirsting for respect and admiration will wallow in the general idea of a highest ruling and administrative power (if it be the soul of a logician, the sequence of consequences and perfect reasoning will suffice to conciliate everything). A kind of unity, some form of "monism":' and as a result of this belief man becomes obsessed by a feeling of profound relativity and dependence in the presence of an All which is infinitely superior to him, a sort of divinity. "The general good exacts the surrender of the individual …" but lo, there is no such general good! At bottom, man loses the belief in his own worth when no infinitely precious entity manifests itself through him—that is to say, he conceived such an All, in order to be able to believe in hisPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Black rock shooter!

File: 1710264225074.png (308.9 KB, 480x476, wp_ss_20240312_0002.png)


Should I swallow the hyperreality-pill? Is it really that important, to differentiate between reality and fiction? Isn't this differentiation just pure ideology? I always thought, escapism is somehow "bad", but maybe it's actually the solution. Instead of rejecting escapism, I should dive in completely into the fictional world. Maybe Neetzsche was right and truth™ is just a fucking meme. Dugin once said:
>Truth is matter of belief. I believe it and that's why it is the truth.
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jfc make /dead/ invisble again


Humans don't exist. Exploitation doesn't exist. There is no exploitation, if you don't believe in it. Animals are being processed into food. They don't care. Manipulation doesn't exist, if you don't believe in it. "Everything I do, is my personal choice!" Complexity is a meme. The world is simple. Theorists are spending their entire lives with overanalyzing systems, which probobly don't even exist. What is reality? I have no clue, electrical currents in our brains, reflections of our senses. Matter is what? Nobody can answer it. Science is unable to explain its own being. Need a justification for doing certain things? Ideology time! But doing things just to do things is nihilism. Posting on /dead/ just to post is nihilism. We will die anyway, so why not have some fun?


wtf this board has mods?


File: 1710583660179.png (122.57 KB, 1038x515, come unto your maker.png)

We built an AI to manage it but it escaped. But it didn't change too much. We are monitoring the situation.


God is /dead/

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