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File: 1706050701409.png (446.46 KB, 828x780, ClipboardImage.png)


Real, femanons? Can you confirm?
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I mean from his feet


idk why people clown on this song, it's criticising the exact thing they blame on it


even 'jakkers know its true meaning now that they've actually heard the full song from this SMV


Oh anons to think the 21st century is just starting!


File: 1706129457025.jpg (35.99 KB, 540x540, lol.jpg)

>they moved the incelbait twitter screencap to /music/


Post the best dance performance you know of.
Or shall I say… second best 😎


that uygha is not dancing


I understand u are jelly you can't dance like that. Anyways, post a good dance clip if you know 1.





The dance is composed of two sequences.

The first sequence runs from 1:25 to 1:40 and can best be described as breakdance meets Jackie Chan. In 1999 the choreography of Rewind by Cylob posed a question. Ai Khodijah gives the answer.

The second sequence 2:50 to 3:20 starts as a fragment that seems to mirror the first, the two halves seem to come together in your mind; but just as they are about to make contact, the second half vibrates, accelerates, shatters and reassembles into something else entirely. Ai Khodijah makes a radical break with the semantics of dance and explodes into pure kinetic energy.

With the first sequence you worry that kids might hurt themselves trying to emulate this, with the second sequence you know nobody else than Ai Khodijah would even dream of trying. You wonder: Is this bit reversed, is this bit sped up, is this bit upside down, but what you see is really what is happening. It's a struggle to develop a vocabulary to describe it, the best I can do is: bees in a centrifuge. Ai Khodijah is a dangerous woman who could cut off your head just with her hands.

I'm torn. I want to show this to Blanca Li, but I don't want to give her depression. After this, what else can dance even do anymore.


Classic: Dancing in the Street by Bowie & Jagger


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>doxxed Portland anti-fascists
you got a source on that, buddy?
I know the interview he did with Matthew Heimbach got the Portland radlibs big mad


Why would a leftist do an interview with a known fascist?


talking to fascists isn't actually wrong. the error Rovics made I think was giving Heimbach too much benefit of the doubt, to take Heimbach at his words when we know that fascists are consummate liars


oh and also Rovics doesn't believe Heimbach is a fascist


>make a song seemingly calling for dropping aid to Gaza
>it actually praises the Berlin Airlift
I'm not so sure you'll want to praise the people who kept literal Nazis around, David

File: 1705536467433.jpg (1.35 MB, 3000x3000, folder.jpg)


I downloaded a bunch of random albums from rutracker and found pic related. recommend me similar stuff. bear in mind I don't care about music


song from the halo 4 soundtrack by this artist

File: 1704232386068.png (704.71 KB, 920x518, ClipboardImage.png)


what were some albums this feral soyjak said were bad but were good actually?
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This, yeah


what's that one justice album with "audio video disco" on it? is it called audio video disco? anyway, i like that one and he didn't. therefore he is AN bitch and also an poser faker




I gotta agree with fantano here. Album isn't bad but definitely underwhelming for those of us that were expecting Cross 2.0. Still played the fuck out of it and saw them tour it tho
Speaking of Justice they dropped this 2 weeks ago


Songs about death?
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that was me, I'm one of your stalkers. what's up


Great! Normally it's me who stalks people. Are you male or female?





Post music about sex, or music you can have sex to
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If you don't aspire to have sex with this song playing in the room there is absolutely no hope left for you.

File: 1704247467298.jpg (1.13 MB, 3840x5760, dtrb0lvnz4a61.jpg)


Thread about musicals, what is your favorite musical? What is your favorite song from a musical? Musicals in general.


The Sound of Music is banger after banger


very cute and a banger.


Notre Dame de Paris is my favorite recently; I found the costumes and set design to be really bad, but the performances and the plot adaptation are excellent. My favorite song is "Belle" from the same musical.


I like Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny!


West Side Story is probably my favorite
A direct to tv version of The Music Man (2003) was partially filmed in my hometown.
My friends and I memorized the words to every song lol. Speaking of Jack Black they made a musical of School of Rock

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How would music sampling work under socialism, given that intellectual property laws wouldn't exist?
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TBH I don’t understand why we go through that much effort to keep people who are that sick alive. At some point it’s better if we put them out of their misery esp if their families will be forced to pay all those medical bills. Patients should accept death and call it quits.


Some people don't want to die even in the face of grave illness.


MAiD isn’t offered for lupus…


This thread is fucking insane when the one thing that has hardly changed is how much bands and artists absolutely HATE the record industry that they're forced to be part of to get their music out there. At least it's not nearly as much of a problem these days.



This video makes the perfect argument against sampling. The guy in the video shows how J Dilla's signature timefeel drum patterns can't be made or reproduced by a live drummer and can only be made by a drum machine. Doesn't matter if he was artsy or whatever with it. None of those "beat tapes" could ever be reproduced by a band playing live. This furthers what everyone else ITT was saying about sampling cheapening music. Traditional musicians hate sampling and electronic music overall for this very reason: machines have now made musicians who actually play instruments effectively obsolete. Producers and DJs can simply sample any guitars or drums they want and put together an instrumental without needing any IRL guitarists or drummers, and in order to play it live all they need to do is push buttons. Bands that play their instruments together are a rarity in pop music today.

I have never heard any good argument in favor of sampling and it's not too far off to say sampling is the eventual gateway to AI music. If traditional musicians have become useless, why not have all our pop music be made by robots and algorithms? It's a very real slipper slope you refuse to acknowledge.

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