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songs about food
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The Nutones - Beans 'n' Greens [1956] (Doo Wop) Stereo Mix


NO ONE posted this gem??


00s is like the best era of hip hop dance music. You can't listen and not start dancing.


I'm tired of anglo shit period, post non-english language music (especially non-western) from other parts of the world.
All genres welcomed but I want to see their own takes on modern music instead of "world music" stuff which feels kind of paternalistic

And keep the jap stuff to a minimum
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>>11101 (me)
She has a new one.


Am I the only one who thinks this sounds a lot like Irish music?


Yeah they love to dance in Catalonia.

File: 1704538636458.jpeg (430.66 KB, 779x595, IMG_0927.jpeg)


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post the best LIVE CONCERTS


this concert: AFI - 07/03/99 - Fireside Bowl - Chicago, IL

File: 1687210895614.png (8.19 KB, 225x225, lab.png)


So what strain of communists were Mccarthy and Stereolab respectively?
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TBH I always find it funny when rappers sample commies given the parasitical nature American communists had to New Afrikans. CPUSA had to fight for civil rights because that was the only way they could win the Black community over from other, more radical Black-led rival organizations.


Post their openly communist lyrics.


They're into Cornelius Castoriadis I believe.


Exactly, Cornelius Castoriadis and the Situationists basically. Castoriadis was a huge influence on Guy Debord's political thought, along with György Lukács and Henri Lefebvre.

Laetitia Sadier was asked once:
>If you were going on a cross country road trip and could bring a long any three people in the world, who would they be and why?
and answered:
>I would bring Cornelius Castoriadis because we could talk about politics, economics, philosophy, psychology, planet earth, the universe, Greek poetry, languages amongst any other subject we could tackle together, and think of ways of placing them into our everyday reality. Buckminster Fuller, and how we could think of revolutionary ways to bring about wellbeing for every one living on our planet. And my friend Marie for spontaneous laughs on the way.

Castoriadis had many takes that would make virtually all /leftypol/ users seethe very hard, I have in mind one article making fun of Khrushchev so much it would make an anti-revisionist blush, he could be extremely critical of Marxism (and psychoanalysis), but he was a good reader of Marx and I think he was right to passionately defend the idea of direct democracy as it existed in Ancient Greece.
A very singular thinker, who perhaps was wrong about a few things — notably saying the tendency of the rate of profit to fall was disproven, might have seemed that way during the post-WWII boom, but in 2024, capitalism isn't the same and it seems like Marx was right in the end — but certainly worth studying, was knowledgeable about many subjects and had a good sense of humor.

On the top of my head, look at the lyrics of Ping Pong (boom and bust cycles), Slow Fast Hazel (historical materialism) or French Disko (they don't say "french disco" during the chorus but something else).

Here is an often overlooked collaboration between Stereolab and Brigitte Fontaine, who was also a big inspiration for Laetitia Sadier. They made a B-side dedicated to her called "Brigitte" a few years prior, and finally got to collaborate in 1999 during the Cobra era. If you can understand French, the lyrics are pretty funny.
Stereolab is one of my favorite 90s band, thanks Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Besides Ping Pong, Slow Fast Hazel and French Disko, there is also L'enfer des formes (political apathy), and Strobo Acceleration (feminism) in French, and Op Hop Detonation to a certain extent.
I must admit I don't pay much attention to lyrics in general, but Stereolab weren't a uni-dimensional band, they also sang about love of course (Pack Yr Romantic Mind, seems inspired by George Bataille), life (The Extension Trip) and other artists who inspired them (International Colouring Contest).
The best thing about Stereolab is their sound, their unique mix of influences of motorik rhythms, noise rock, bossa nova, lounge, space age music, among many other things, and how they were able to reinvent themselves during the 1990s.
Here is another rare track for people who already listened to their main albums, a remix of the Pastels.


>I'm a strong black father like Piccolo
finally, some fucking food

File: 1706374986410.gif (2.05 MB, 400x212, lil b jesus camp.gif)


post the songs that make you get all emotional n shit



if every nickelback song went this hard they'd be a great band


>be noname
>make socialist music
>make feminist music
>make black nationalist music
>wypipo actually like and respect her shit
>start buying her albums seeing her live shows

What causes this kind of autism? Is she a woke segregationist or is there more to it? Is audience hostility simply part of her act or does she really want total cracker death?
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Sh has to be Aspergeric.


this is what op is talking about i assume


this article seems to imply she's some kind of leftist but probably cringe based on her statements so whatever

hope she's doing something useful


Meanwhile I’m waiting for Denzel Curry to go full commie.


idk what your reply is about but i'm almost certain i'll discover that it was conveying nothing cool and that i was interpreting it far too charitably, because you are an incurious assumer and not a responder to thoughts, someone that doesn't read a post but "sees what's on the chan," possibly the excact type of person this thread intended to shake up.



Green Day is my favorite band, and I consider American Idiot the greatest Album of the 21st Century (If not the greatest Album of all time), as it provides the most accurate assessment of U$ society that can be found in any Music or form of art produced this century (as funny as this sounds, you probably could learn more about the 21st Century U$ from listening to this album then watching TV or surfing the web), with the exceptional critique not just seen in the obvious Epic takedown of Bush era Neoconservatism and Religious Right Evangelical Protestantism, which is still just as relevant to the Trump era (arguably more so, because so many “American Idiots” have fallen for the delusional copium that Trump is a “Moderate” or even “Closet Leftist”, when he is really just the highest stage of the Christian Zionist Nationalist Theocratic Fascism that emerged under Bush), but also in the fact that American Idiot is fundamentally a Rock opera that tells the story of a disenfranchised American teenager named “Jesus of Suburbia”, who revolts against his Conservative upbringing/brainwashing in a shitty Suburb, and flees his miserable family to move to the City where he embraces his alter-ego named “St Jimmy”, who is portrayed as a Free-thinking Leftist Hippie/Hipster who defies the Establishment, but tragically the protagonist ultimately retreats into his insecurities and metaphorically “kills” St jimmy and returns to his shitty Suburb, thus American Idiot at a very deep level articulates the tragedy of both the Fascist Theocratic “Redneck Agenda” which seeks to oppress the disadvantaged at home with Neoliberalism and Social Conservatism, while slaughtering millions abroad with Zionist Neoconservative Warmongering, and the “Faggot America” (Bille Joe Armstrong’s words not mine), that seeks to stop that agenda but ultimately fails because of its own insecurity which lead many to become brainwashed one way or another into embracing the “Redneck Agenda” (this can be seen both by Centrist Democrats that end up shilling for Zionist Genocide, the “New Cold War” with China, and Neoliberalism, and the disenfranchised Edgy “Leftists” who end up deluding themselves that Trump is “Anti-War” and a “Lesser Evil”, despite standing for everything they claim to be “against”, such as Neoliberalism, Social Conservatism, and Zionist Neoconservatism), 😂🤣🤢🤮✊😜! In conclusion,Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Thanks Comrade, ✊😜!

I honestly think it’s the Best Green Day Album Period (their 90s stuff is good, but American Idiot blows it out of the water), but what do you think about my thesis that American Idiot is the Greatest Album of the 21 Century, due to it fully capturing the zeitgeist of the 21st Century U$, 🤔?


Now that the dust has cleared, was green day a materialist historical dialectic and/or alienation?


Lol fuck that emo song, here's what I've been banging in my ears this whole month.


is green day emo ? is nirvana emo ? are arctic monkeys emo ? is joy division emo ? is slint
emo ? is nine inch nails emo ? are the beatles emo ? is creed emo ? is duster emo ? are the ramones emo ? is dinosaur jr emo ? is taylor swift emo ? is pavement emo ? is blur emo ? is attack attack emo ? is vicious circle emo ? is coldplay emo ? is godspeed
you! black emperor emo ? are the smiths emo ? is fugazi emo ? IS MY BLOODY VALENTINE EMO ? ARE THE BEACH BOYS EMO ? ? IS SUBLIME EMO ? ? ?


It's boring garbage is what it is.


Sad folk songs
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this uygha can's sing for shit





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