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File: 1680331402423.jpg (8.6 KB, 275x183, so crates.jpg)


can we get past the misogyny or what


How Tame Impala Became Rap’s Favorite Rock Band

Is Kev parker basically the J Dilla of rock?


This style of dance music has been having a slight resurgence the past few years online and on east coast/midwest US club circuits
>Footwork, also called juke, footwork/juke or Chicago juke, is a genre of electronic music derived from ghetto house with elements of hip hop, first appearing in Chicago in the late 1990s. The music style evolved from the earlier, rapid rhythms of ghetto house, a change pioneered by RP Boo. It may draw from the rapid rhythms and sub-bass frequencies of drum & bass. Tracks also frequently feature heavily syncopated samples from rap, pop and other sources, and are often around 160 bpm.

Compilation of footwork tracks from Lima, Peru: https://matracanetlabel.bandcamp.com/album/lima-footwork
Mexico: https://soundcloud.com/jukemx/sets/traxmex-vol-1
Japan: https://japanesemutationbootyism.bandcamp.com/album/japanese-juke-footworks-compilation
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>Theres also a new wave of drill rappers using club beats.
Not sure how I feel about that. Usually rapping doesn't have interesting enough lyrics to justify adding into a genre where looped and distorted samples fit better as a vocal element.


I for one like drill rap so I never had a problem with it, but I see where your coming from especially if you dont like drill.

that being said I still find impressive that anyone is able to rap over club beats and it still sounding good. Drill now is basically the zoomer equivalent of thrash in 80s so pretty inescapable




The Alternative Country scene is unironically the best singer-songwriter scene in the entire music industry at this moment.
Coulter Wall, Tyler Childers, Charlie Crockett, Sierra Ferrell,
Willi Carlisle and honestly I can go on and on. This scene is fucking magical at the timent. Coulter Wall and Tyler Childers are the two best singer songwriters in the industry at the moment.
Also the good thing, Socialist music has a long history in the "alternative" country and Appalachian Folk scene. We'll probably be getting some god tier covers of Classic Socialist folk songs coming soon I suspect.
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This song fucking rocks. 9 minutes of insane instrumental playing followed by a just outright slapping song for the last couple minutes.





any more music like this guys album? i dont like any of his other stuff but jesus that album is superb

File: 1679970004263.jpg (48.43 KB, 960x576, imagen-activa.jpg)


Alguien que conozca a Mala Praxis y me de su opinión

es del palo de Pablo Hasel pero… el si le sabe al rap también, es de los pocos que no me dan Gringe y es disfrutable. Ademas por lo que tengo entendido YouTube lo censuro algunas veces y el estado franquista lo persigue por existir, lol.

Que le parece?

File: 1679658068634.png (154.55 KB, 882x468, zippyshare.png)


its well and truly over. you have a week to comb through all your favorite blogspots and grab those zippyshare links before they all expire. i refuse to give into paying for streaming services however with two decades amassed of downloaded music.


Most legit gang music. Rappers who went to prison for murder permanently or got shot and killed. (biggie and 2pac don't count) (biggie was like a small time drug dealer, 2pac is fucking theatre kid LMAO.)

Starting with one of the most realest. Ra Diggs. Fucking serving 200+ years in supermax currently. He predicted it in this very fucking song while snitching on himself.

He even beat one murder case where they used his rap lyrics in court before he eventually got his centuries long sentence.

>Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis sentenced Mr. Herron to 12 life terms plus 105 years.

>'Cause uyghas is still trapped because uyghas is cash-strapped

>uyghas seeing dollars deflating the Nasdaq
>So irrational decisions go get him an ass crack
>Full of that time, isolated and confined
>Where the only reprieve is the preservation of mind
>With no hesitation, I'm one of the elite
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but where else will I post rap that dont go in the chill rap thread ?




Tinfoil hat time: 2pac was murdered by the FBI because of his connection to Assata Shakur and it was covered up as a gang war.


IDC if rap is "legit", I care if it sounds nice


ITT help catalogue standard rapping rhythms that keep getting reused for their sheer musicality for me because I'm lazy
Starting off the most well-known, the simple triplet


File: 1678980135647.jpg (180.74 KB, 1581x1054, bandcamp-union-graphic.jpg)



dub might actual buy shit on bandcamp I cant just give my fellow union brothers some monies


Oh nice! I stopped using when Epic tried to buy them, It'll be nice to use it again.


Holy based.


No lord in the heavens made this cosmos,
No worldly lord the prosperity of humankind.
The cosmos is an eternal evolution of the material,
This material shaped for mankind's use by many a laborer.
The work of your hands, laborer, was mankind's yesterday.
On your hands also rests tomorrow.
When the temple of Solomon was being built by an army of laboring
Slaves, meanwhile Solomon was inside
His palace, solving the quarrels of wives.
When the nobleman in France was cursing his failed expedition to
The Russian land, thousands of wives wept for their fallen husbands.
The work of your hands, laborer,
Were the treasures of the lords,
But inside your fist now grows a different kind of tomorrow.
Your hands built the factories and the mines of the land.
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Kätten työtä · Kristiina Halkola

Work of Many Hands · Kristiina Halkola
Punavangin Laulu · Arja Saijonmaa

Song of the Red Prisoner · Arja Saijonmaa


Lyrics to Ievan polkka:
You could hear the beat of polka coming from the neighbors
It made my feet titillated.
The mother of Ieva was keeping an eye on her daughter,
But Ieva did fool her for prohibitions don't matter
When dancing to the full.
(Nonsense;last word of this phrase means

Ieva was smiling widely
When people were giving their best wishes.
Every one was sweating
And that violin kept screeching and mourning.
Wetness doesn't bother this guy
When going all out.
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Pieni Suomen kansa katkoo kahleitansa
Kärsimysten malja se jo kukkuroillaan on
Raakaa sortovaltaa vastaan nostaa maastan, armeijastaan
Jalon kansan parhaat pojat taistohon
Hallitus on vankka, kätyrlauma sankka
Se kauhun tuskaa levittää yll' onnettoman maan
Urhojansa kansanvalta työntää esiin kaikkialta
Elämästä kuolemasta kamppaillaan
Kiihtyy yhä taisto, vapauden vaisto
Köyhälistön keskuudessa kasvaa yhä vaan
Ei nyt auta hallitusta piinat, kidutus ja tuska
Urhot kaatuu vapuden laulut huulillaan
Virkavallan huolena vankilat ja tuonela
Tutkimatta hirttäminen, mestaus
Kumouksen sankari sydänveren antavi
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Lenin lives far away from ho chi minh


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