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File: 1646272791827.jpg (1.2 MB, 1201x1201, FM29akXWQAAxWhS.jpg)


bandcamp got bought by epic games
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omggggggggggggg my life is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will i ever [email protected][email protected][email protected]!?!?!?!!


download amule



So you better buy my album before that happens ;P



If they want to improve that site, the first thing they should do is adding a folder to the zips so I don't have to make them myself when extracting.



… I mean, my machine always extracts directly to a folder.


=Ernst Busch= socialist musician and actor
>>Famous for a lot of East German propaganda music
>>Fought in the Spanish Civil War
>>was a member of the KPD
>>freed by the red army

>> sang a lot of socialist music

>>was born in the German empire 22 January 1900 died in the DDR 8 June 1980
>> created a lot of anti fascist music
>> is probably very based

Example https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HYJmGaBMQJ8
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Cancion del frente popular
Song of the Popular front


Der schlimmste Feind
El peor enemigo
The worst enemy


Vorwarts Bolshewik!
¡Adelante Bolshevique!
Forward Bolshevik!


Keiner oder Alle
Todos o ninguno
Everyone or anyone




Leftypol, tonight I am blitzed on my own with a bottle of bourbon, post your best tunes especially if from formerly socialist republics


pick one:




new wave



From formerly socialist republics?

Here's a tune I like from Russia. I'm sure there are some others, but nothing's coming to mind yet as I'm trying to get blitzed too.

File: 1641623102603.jpeg (2.13 KB, 300x168, images (47).jpeg)


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soulseek has a bunch of dumb shit like locked folders/files that you have to exchange some other rare stuff that the hoster happens to be looking for before you can download them. it's bullshit



i hate reviews


reposting from the electronic music thread


There are GUI versions of youtube-dl if you want a simple interface without command prompt stuff.

File: 1643877689872-0.png (33.22 KB, 1618x84, Pete Seeger.png)

File: 1643877689872-1.png (13.7 KB, 1408x60, Pete Seeger (2).png)

File: 1643877689872-2.png (38.86 KB, 1596x134, Woody Guthrie.png)


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>In 2007, in response to criticism from historian Ron Radosh, a former Trotskyite who now writes for the conservative National Review, Seeger wrote a song condemning Stalin, "Big Joe Blues"



>I'm singing about old Joe, cruel Joe.

He ruled with an iron hand.
He put an end to the dreams
Of so many in every land.
He had a chance to make
A brand new start for the human race.
Instead he set it back
Right in the same nasty place.
I got the Big Joe Blues.
Keep your mouth shut or you will die fast.
I got the Big Joe Blues.
Do this job, no questions asked.
I got the Big Joe Blues


i don't like stalin either, but that's fucking stupid lol


File: 1645942449321.png (6.77 KB, 1461x51, Untitled.png)


File: 1645942786076.png (26.01 KB, 1199x157, sleep now in the fire.png)


ITT music you liked as a kid and cringe at now
just kidding, I still love it
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Everything after cherry bomb is safe and boring
Tyler was only good at rapping when Earl was around




File: 1645939246971.mp3 (3.51 MB, genius.mp3)

Basically anything with whiny singers/rappers.


I cringe-love this one


For me, it's Stan

File: 1640532753279.jpeg (41.78 KB, 474x266, sewerslvt.jpeg)


Someone really went and fucking gentrified lolicore.
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>has used dead children as covers for her albums multiple times
I passively followed her music from like 2019 to just 6 months ago and never heard of such a thing. Elaborate, sounds interesting
Brave of you to imply that electronic drones are "vaporwave" in any way. Guess BoC is considered vaporwave too now by that logic


Sewerslvt is mainly atmospheric dnb not lolicore without the loli.


sewerslvt is Burial for Reddit-Americans.


online snobs bringing out their genre calipers for an extremely idiosyncratic artist


>extremely idiosyncratic artist


Post demos of songs that could surpass their final versions.left_communismLeft Communism


left_communismLeft Communism


I think ye sounds like snoop at some parts


File: 1625364787494.mp4 (4.1 MB, 640x360, videoplayback(1).mp4)



File: 1623302317797.jpeg (201.84 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpeg)


Don't get me wrong guys, I love you all. But I'm looking for a more populated board to discuss music production. I want to get into making music using a DAW and I need to talk to people, who know this stuff. This place here isn't very populated, this is why I consider to look for a board which focuses solely on music production. Does anyone know a good board or forum for this purpose? Many thanks in advance!
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i can't really care when most modern "actual" DAWs are absolute corporate scams to get you to chain yourself to windows or MacOS' shitty proprietary audio stacks just to be able to do basic mixing


btw it's a real shame renoise is proprietary and not FOSS



Reaper supports VST on *nix, LADSPA and uh basically everything else, runs natively on *nix, and costs 60 bucks for two major versions.
Still proprietary, but it and Renoise are the "good" ones.

Eh, before 3.0 it was kind of ok, if severely limited. It's very much a multitrack emulator.
Since 3.0 they're datamining and so on so like, trash.


That's bullshit. You really only need to use the DAW you use and maybe Pro Tools since that's the industry recording standard. I use Ableton which is, of course one of the top DAWs today but it doesn't mean I need to know Reason or Logic or FL or anything else. Audio work is really simple and every VST works on every DAW. Just find the interface that works for you.


Anybody here interested in forming a band/project for sovietwave, laborwave and overall leftist-inspired electronic music?


I'm not interested in tankie shit.


>tankie shit
>'overall leftist-inspired electronic music'
Are these tankies in the room with you right now?

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