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This thread is for discussing what can only be described as "stoner" music
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nice sample




>Gnome - Ambrosius
Surprisingly nice band


This was featured in Carl Sagan's Cosmos, episode 9.

File: 1608526761915.jpg (162.05 KB, 1200x1200, a2337467203_10[1].jpg)


fellow zoomers get ITT. I'm making this thread for myself, since it's all I listen to these days. don't hesitate to recommend shit you like. it does not necessarily have to contain rap. anything in the area of trip hop, downtempo, lo-fi, chopped and screwed, gorillaz. you get the idea

some artists:
Knxwledge is a former soundcloud producer. he's the founder of the sound that YouTube calls "lo-fi hip hop" these days.
Mach Hommy, my current favorite rapper. possibly the greatest rapper of all time. just released a great album called Fete Des Morts.
MIKE. rapper and producer. makes a LOT of music which is mostly him rapping over his own beats.

some songs:
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wata on me liek the sauna, some, carats, some, pointers, all these, commas, i won’t fum-fumble (migo)


The lyrics aren't chill at all but this beat is(well maybe not the drums but the guitar sound is so ethereal.)


this bic crazy



File: 1657147501013.jpg (121.68 KB, 1000x1000, 2000s-vibes.jpg)


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no, it just means that Mr. Liebling has done every drug under the sun.



Amidst all of these stars
You're still searching Mars?!
When there is so much beyond
Earth must go on!


You gotta shake real low
And put your ass to the floor
And then you hold my hand now baby
You gotta shake it some more



Since there's no martial industrial thread, I will make this as a call to my anons-in-arms to workout for the impending all-out class war. Post all your martial industrial favorites here! I'm not sure what to post myself, I always recommend March of Heroes or Militia for MLs and anarchists alike, but I think this is a nice compilation. Some of it is straight power electronics but the two genres are related
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Yeah check out Vae Victis. I also linked Waffenruhe elsewhere, a new find for me. >>6373



Don't mind the far right claiming this music as theirs or larping in the comment section, it's no different from them claiming anything else as their own





Use the catalog frogposter retard: >>3091

File: 1663875408673.png (356.76 KB, 849x338, ClipboardImage.png)


>What you listened to
>What you expected
>What you got


Soviet music that's not red army choir shit
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Марш весёлых ребят (March of the Jolly Fellows)


Осенняя мелодия (Autumn Melody)


Bio-Energetic Music
Boris Murashkin

Soviet ambient music. Coil fans will get a kick out of it.

File: 1661040646704.webm (6.79 MB, 1280x720, carchase.webm)


This footage is best known as the famous DVRST - Close Eyes car chase, not many people know that it was a famous webm on 8chan for years using an out of circulation track that can't be found anywhere else. Not even the music is catalogued anywhere but in this webm.

Hope you enjoy. This is a rare gem that not many people know about.


Oh yeah by the way some people die in the video,


Bump because this is probably the most kino car chase ever caught on film a decade later


¿Por que no hay un hilo en español para discutir sobre música?


Me parece que ahora ya lo tenemos


Hilo muerto buscando ser revivido


Y pones musica de mierda.



Y su precursor vendido a las corporaciones


Post the first song you remember to have listened in your life.
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>only became interested in music at around 11
Same. When I played geometry dash I kinda liked clutterfunk, so I went to the newgrounds page of waterflame and audiorel was the song on top of the audio page. Then i made 5-9 track playlists from newgrounds songs for the next few years.


Fuck I forgot about kid shows. Then it is this and Code Lyoko.


When I was like 5 or 6 or something my dad gave me a cheap ass mp3 player that had this song on it. Been a Sabbath fan ever since.


I can clearly remember this song playing while me and my family were at a 4th of July fireworks display sometime in the mid 90's.



Appropriate, I guess.

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