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FUCK IT, cumbia thread

I can't resist wanting to dance to cumbia (I can't dance, yet). It often has two of my favorite instruments, trumpets and accordion. And many cumbias have a melancholic or sad melody, in my opinion, which I love as well. But every single one of them makes me wanna DANCE.

It's kinda sad that cumbia is seen more as a meme or liked ironically by people my age and younger. Nowadays it seems like only older people appreciate it. I just wanna share my love for cumbia.
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good shit


Vamonos para la cienaga


For all the parties, quinceañeros and baptizes.
And for all ages obviously


We need some Chilean cumbia in here, too.
Have some from the Allende times:


>I don't feel safe in this world no more
>I don't want to die in a nuclear war
>I want to sail away to a distant shore and make like an ape man



gud song

File: 1642912045890.jpg (9.14 KB, 236x250, 1614566763862s.jpg)


post different cool names you thought of for bands or names bands that exist. Obviously keep them based
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Yeah Bro I Could Totally Fit a Lightbulb In My Mouth with great songs such as I Was Wrong and There Is So Much Blood Oh My God


Smells Like Human Oil




Breakthrough album: Nervana.


Piss Tolls

File: 1650652834889.png (771.69 KB, 600x600, ALGORITHMcover.png)


Asking for a friend.
Genre: Industrial synthwave
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App name? lol


ibisPaint X


File: 1650718341634.png (650.36 KB, 512x512, ALGORITHM02.png)

First off, thanks for all the replies.
The text has always been secondary to the cover art, but I will be messing with it. I always approached the text in a utilitarian fashion of as long as its readable then idc if its a little basic.
based and I totally love those kinds of album covers too, but I kinda do want some text for this release.
Second one looks awesome as fuck.


If you want to be underground elite influential the image there is your cover


Its done. Its released. Enjoy. Thank you all again for your help and input. X)


Post 'em
Whatever gets you through the day


rockabilly is unambiguously bourgeois


who is rockabilly



Post a song that fits your current mood. It can be either vocal or instrumental, your choice.

My mood right now: https://yewtu.be/HIRNdveLnJI
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Well, that's no fun, dude.



how tf does patrick bateman and mood correlate

This song is so gay bros


File: 1653366095029.mp4 (17.22 MB, 640x480, Chill.mp4)

I feel pretty chill rn, ngl.


>be me
>start coming down with food poisoning from a dodgy kebab
>phone in sick
>feel a little bit delerious
>watch trans performers and tattooed she-twink redheads on ch**urbate
>screen record the best bits and make clips
>mind full of the potential of my day off
>stomach settled
>think about the weft and weave of humanity
>think about how many models make enough $$ on cam sites to make it worth it or how many quit
>feel hungry
>think about going for another kebab
>thunderstorm hits in couple of hours
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File: 1645140910100.jpg (16.71 KB, 300x416, hey peter.jpg)


Type O Negative is the best metal band of all time. Never released a bad album on the contrary every album by them is a certified classic. And Peter Steele was a god among men. His voice made the gayest lesbian and straightest man question their sexuality. Your wrong if you disagree.


Type O Negative is evidence that if you're going to start a goth band, you have to really lean into it with no compromises. If you want me to believe in it, I want to see bats flying out from underneath your vampire cape. They were also the only ones who really pulled that particular fusion of goth and doom metal off and no band has ever sounded like them – like they're impossible to copy. Steel's voice was so distinct.

Goth is fundamentally romantic. It's not rebellious like punk music is, nor has it ever been "political" like industrial music. Type O Negative wrote a lot of love songs and they had a large female fanbase. But it's also thoroughly masculine so it was something dudes enjoyed. Love is a very intense emotion – you might say it's stronger than hatred – which is gave their music a lot of power.


Here's another goth band on the German schlager-disco pop wing, but it's a similar thing where they just lean into it without any compromises. Like….. gothic is inherently absurd at some level which is why the only way to pull it off is to own it.

The other interesting thing about the genre is that it's actually pretty mature in the content. Gothic is caricatured as teenage rebellion but it tends to have an older fanbase these days. Type O Negative had their potty humor but the romantic themes seem more grown-up than anything else with this "let's sit around and have a glass of red wine and appreciate each other… but spookily…"



Naw. Like Type O was great, but honestly I like Carnivore's debut better than World Coming Down - though maybe some of Type O's other albums are better than that one, IDK. And there's a whole heap of metal bands I like better, goth bands too. Maybe they're the best goth metal band tho.


File: 1653365768404.jpg (55.92 KB, 500x744, 1653283719893.jpg)

I miss this mf like you wouldn't believe.

File: 1653280965143.png (651.5 KB, 728x741, 1651181785696.png)



Recommend me some anime techno.


techno remixes of songs used in anime or j-core in general????????????????????????????




I'mma just drop an album for some ultra-violent Matrix-esque futuristic action flick.


Post some Street Punk, Oi!, Hardcore, Crust, D-Beat, etc.left_communismLeft Communism
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Reply with more of this, if you know of grind bands on a similar trajectory:

progressive/technical grindcore

PSUDOKU - Space Grind [full album]:

Amygdala - EPiphany FULL EP (2015 - Technical / Progressive Grindcore):


How is this different from death metal?


While we're riding on the edge between hardcore and extreme metal here (as grindcore does):
Death metal is identified generally as being a little less intense and notably "heavier" (i.e. less fast, less blastbeats) than the identifiable grindcore approach.I vastly prefer grindcore for this reason. Nothing ever comes close to the intensity of grind unless we're talking entirely different musical approaches like noise/industrial, but then we're exiting rock and entering electronic music.


I know grindcore but this technical/progressive thing was that confused me. Anyways this Amygdala is pretty nice.


A Russian punk song about the supression of the individual by capitalist bosses, religious authorities and media indoctrination.

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