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C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me) · Wu-Tang Clan · Method Man · Raekwon · Inspectah Deck · Buddha Monk

Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) - 1993





File: 1618965213045.png (932.05 KB, 2008x1166, ClipboardImage.png)



Music you grew up with.
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File: 1633480609751.mp4 (2.79 MB, 720x720, ween - Ocean Man.mp4)

I listened to ween before spongebob made them cool




2.1 words


Post good music that makes you happy
>Post good music that makes you happy
Post good music that makes you happy



>This one touhou song

Embed rel

>This furfag's music


Soz for brainfried tasteanarchismAnarchism
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it reminds me of her, but the happy part. When we would play together, on stage, the thunderous applause after.
Bitter sweet, but more sweet than bitter.



This takes me back, OP; thanks for linking.



Whats up with pop artists doing shit like this and imitating daft punk style? is anime cool to normies now?


>is anime cool to normies now?
You just wait, the cowboy bebop movie will be trending in twitter for weeks because the normies will haaaaate it


reposting in >>>/anime/ for interest


This slaps though
More power to the zoomies


fake retro shit, kill it with fire


reminds me of daft punk interstella or delta by c2c

File: 1624548300933.png (133.92 KB, 640x516, 1624463582940.png)


Post a song that you like and try to guess each other's personalities

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Young weeb
An introverted relaxed personality.
Excellent taste.


I just like music OKAY?
You like crime fliks
Pretentious fag
Probably like smoking copious amounts of weed.

File: 1617411640996.jpg (43.81 KB, 500x281, 0014a195-500.jpg)








>Ancient Roman Music (118 Minutes)

authentic-sounding instruments that ancient peoples would've played. no orchestras, electronics or other modern "twists"

no christian, celtic/irish or "european medieval" music. they're too structured to be grouped together with ancient or other traditional music and they are so numerous they belong in different thread

if you embed a youtube link plz post the song title / description or no one will click your contextless link
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Hey nerd I need your help for something plz
Music embedded is obviously borrowing from a musical tradition related to the music in OP what the fuck is it, and how did it end up so similar given the people who made this track I'm assuming never listened or studied directly the music in OP
Or am I wrong even on that?
It's driving me nuts trying to figure it out and I don't even know where to start to figure it out myself plz help plz


>>1286 (me)
Music actually relevant to thread as offering to you music sages


Anyone have that music someone replicated from some caveman bone flute?



Yes! thanks, IDK why I couldn't find it

File: 1632965240410.mp4 (9.04 MB, 480x360, standingontheshore.mp4)


what does everyone think of the indie rock scene of the 2000s and early 2010s, often associated with hipsters? The Strokes, foster the people, arctic monkeys, and ofc. songrel.

Was it just the last dying gasp of rock after emo rock or something more?


>Was it just the last dying gasp of rock after emo rock
Indie is a misnomer that I'm still pissed about


i like it, that's what i think bruh.


Can I wear band T-shirt or is it too consumerism?
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Who cares OP
It's like wearing a T-shirt with your country's flag or with your favorite animal on it or whatever


>It's like wearing a T-shirt with your country's flag
So it is extremely cringe and borderline fascist?


If that's the liberal take you get from that…


As long as it isn't some nazi shit, wear it if you like it.


You're welcome to see the fashion thread >>>/hobby/2221


I want to understand how you're supposed to play songs on piano. From what I've seen so far, you play the melody with one hand and with the other hand you play the chords, either as full chords or arpeggios. But how do you know which chords you have to play to fit a certain melody?

I already know a bit of music theory so I tried figuring it out on my own. I looked up Katyusha on piano to see which chords are played.


The song is in D minor, and they play the chords in this order:
Dmin x3
Amaj 2nd inversion x4 (Db E A)
Dmin x 2
Fmaj 1st inv. (C F A)
Gmin 1st inv. (D G Bb)
Dmin, Gmin 1st inv. , Dmin, Amaj inv. , Dmin.

I assume that some chords are inverted so that the transition between them is smoother.
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Can this approach lead anywhere good? I havent studied music theory at all and have been just trying to play what keys go good together lol. So far it has improved my coordination and I can make some decent sounds. I just play different chords with the left and different notes with my right at the same time.

However what Im doing is just playing either all white keys, all black, or a mix of black and white keys ive found go good together. Oh and I hold the sustain the whole time because it sounds better.

I dont know how to transition between the three, I feel like theyre each a distinct "level" (donno the term, key, maybe?) and when I try to transition they sound off. How can I merge the three?




What posts were these replying to?


I have this book that shows all guitar chords (or at least I think those are all). I see a bunch of chords that are foreign to me. Stuff like Bbm7-5 or G#m6/9. I know a major chord consists of a root, a big third and a fifth for example. These other chords also have a certain make up. Where can I look that up? Like a list of all chord types and it's explained of what they consist of


Don't worry, all of those posts are still in this thread, it's just that the migration from Bunkerchan to leftypol.org fucked up the quotes.

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