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"You may say I'm a larper but I'm not the only one. I hope some day you'll join us and the proletariat will be as one"
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ITT: Post the best FiTB.
Wretch 32 & Avelino. your move.
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File: 1620075335856.webm (25.17 MB, 854x480, chesterP-looting.webm)

>Calling Chester P middle class
because he is not cringe paint-by-numbers rhymes.
I'm glad he got rekt. 'muh backpackers petit booj' meme is cancer. That fact that he phoned Wordsmith, put it on him, had him apologizing and backtracking and recorded it to put in the dis track is just next level.
I don't think i heard mans so rekt in a track before. embarrassing.
Clipped this recently, he is /myguy/ 100%.


Reminder that old school grime is quintessential working class music


British hip-hop has always been real class conscious.


That time English Frank went on FitB and gave him presents. What a leg.


Unironically this

File: 1619596608597.jpg (204.91 KB, 1280x720, Beats to.jpg)


just post shit to study and relax to 24/7
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bumping to post some stuff later


dilla doesn't get enough respect put on his name




nice aggressive vibeschristian_communismChristian Communism


also for curiousity sake what is id of this song?christian_communismChristian Communism




Sorry, didn't see earlier. It's a full-length soundtrack based on this classic video. >>>/leftypol/276996
It's mostly just "YG - I'm A Real 1" selectively bass-boosted, and the NatTrot flag bass-boosted.

File: 1619468562422.jpg (111.61 KB, 800x1130, 3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.jpg)


Freedom for Pablo!


File: 1619498958316.png (522 KB, 1350x750, comunista.png)



Did it have any guns or violence in it?


Freedom for all political prisoners


File: 1625508742085-0.mp4 (14.97 MB, 640x360, 8727zorgS5M.mp4)

File: 1625508742085-1.mp4 (32.6 MB, 640x360, O2WVmnn7Ue0.mp4)

he got jailed just for how hard these ones slap


This Boyd guy has been going through a lot of UK and DE artists i like a lot recently. Is gud. What do others think of him?

File: 1619432252338.jpg (928.34 KB, 973x4667, wtf.jpg)


Pretty much the title. I decided to check what was "trending" on YT and the result was picrel. 99% of these songs are horrible musically and visually. The majority have bourgeois and extremely sexist lyrics. Why is this shit trending? Why isn't there the same backlash against the messages of popular music as there is against other media?
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Doja Cat is pretty good tho


Same reason all the mainstream television news channels have so many views, on a platform people literally use to get away from them.


>extremely online anon on fringe imageboard doesnt like mass market music
woah! what a shock!

of course music coming out of the most efficient sectors of the culture industry is not going to be appealing to the kind of people who post here, but the vast majority of people just dont have the time and energy to care. there is A LOT of backlash against "bourgeoise music", but youre obviously not gonna find that on the youtube trending tab lmao.


people don't have the time and were never given the promptings to dig deeper which takes effort and a certain savviness , sometimes idleness is a virtue but not everyone can 'afford' that.christian_communismChristian Communism


youtube trending has always been trash that games the algorithm
it's the website's attempt to consolidate views on certain things because it's a lot more efficient for them to stream one video many times than many videos a few times


Post non-meme song mashups
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Old Death Grips and Boards of Canada mashup I enjoy





pretty based mix I found.

Anyone else like Skeler?

File: 1619300519774.jpg (198.5 KB, 1080x1440, Ghisaline Maxwell.jpg)



Sun rises above the factory
But the rays don't make it to the street
Through the gates come the employees
Beat down and draggin' their feet
Lefties handin' pamphlets, workers comin' in
Two people on the pavement never be the same again
She placed it in his hand
Well they must have seen the sparks
Neither understands
What just happened to their hearts
Another mornin' of this place has ripped me out of my dreams
Realizin' life's a waste as the whistle blows off steam
One thing I'm betting on is nothin's ever gonna change
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looks like zappa's daughter

File: 1619228605674.jpg (79.97 KB, 576x768, 5wcdkhae0e331.jpg)


Convince someone to like a genre you listen to in 5 recommendations or less.
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R. L. Burnside "Let My Baby Ride"


Adia Victoria "Head Rot"


Junior Kimbrough "I cried last Night"


Robert Petway "Catfish Blues"


Son House "Death Letter Blues"

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