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File: 1622372186353.jpeg (22.19 KB, 480x360, Ice Cold.jpeg)


"Hey Ya!" is one of the best post-2000 pop songs to date.

Not only is it catchy and has meaningful lyrics, it is compositionally unorthodox for its genre/s (for example, straying from a standard time signature) and varied.

What are some pop songs you appreciate and why?
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it'd be really poggers if M.I.A. posted here
but she's not that weird


I know it may be cliche for a whitoid but I love outkast period and Hey Ya is great


Anyone else here a fan of indie pop? Mccarthy was an indie pop group with unabashedly communist lyrics
'Now is the time for an iron hand' is another good song of theirs


that line about cia and refugees still confuses the fuck out of me

hips don't lie lyrics are a mystery


ey whaz up it's a me mamma mia !!!

File: 1622303383348.png (207.65 KB, 610x368, M.I.A-8th-best-Tamil.png)


She's so amazing leftybros and leftysistras.
Who are your favourite musicians for decent politics as well as amazing music?
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>Her father was a part of developing the early tamil tigers.
what's that


Merchants, probably


I remember this being a hit and playing constantly in radios. What's some other good songs of her? What are your favourites?


File: 1622531960699.png (332.29 KB, 615x479, TISM.png)

>Who are your favourite musicians for decent politics as well as amazing music?
See >>14 , most of them have definitely read a book.


kek, i remember she actually told me she wanted to do the interscope thing

she's a good gal though, i like


Come here to post/talk about some nice ambient tracks
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File: 1623272043999.jpg (324.97 KB, 1200x1200, SAWII.jpg)

>filters plebs


I'm a better producer than all these guys combined



Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement - Ambient Black Magic (full album)tankieTankie



How does leftypol feel about the greatest band of all time, Mr. Big?

It is well known that Paul Gilbert is the GOAT shredder.

Richie Kotzen lineup was fantastic, also.piratePirate


There's only one goat i recognise

File: 1622099409576.jpg (52.82 KB, 768x605, E2L6VVDWUAITi8H.jpg)


>So this is the kid, I was telling you about Dylan. Anon's got a great future ahead

<Well, Come on show them musical chops you got kid! I ain't got all day

File: 1621949536844.png (47.4 KB, 1054x526, ClipboardImage.png)


I keep seeing Stevie in my naps telling me to rap my cousin Jameson on the chat telling me to send that fucking money come before he cracks. watch him American Express me before he snaps it's like that.

File: 1621914882697.jpg (402.97 KB, 1013x1000, 1567377512948.jpg)


Denpa(電波) is a Japanese subculture characterized by bizarre and eerie themes. It originally began as a derogative term for mentally deranged behavior, but over the 1990s was adapted by otaku into their culture. In part, through artistic expression within manga, anime and visual novels, and also separately as a genre of cute and quirky music.

More information:

Denpa blogs:

Music downloads:
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Why are they all lolis


OP posted four collections of music.


File: 1622116324660.jpg (81.92 KB, 850x850, 1569783190733.jpg)

I haven't listened to much denpa but I love IOSYS. Their non-Touhou stuff is also so good.


Even /jp/ doesn't have denpa threads anymore. I hate the future.


Bro wake up, it's 2006!

File: 1621804370499.png (69.5 KB, 1054x526, API.png)




I liked it


This but with deep, heavy, sludgy doom metal on the background to really set the mood


What are we on then, B?


Just Planet Bee Yourself

File: 1621726362960.jpg (40.49 KB, 222x300, 1480385193098.jpg)


Should I even bother getting nice equipment if I'm not a "music expert" whatever that means? And if so, what do you suggest?
I want to upgrade the shitty $10 PC speakers and generic headphones I've been using for the last decade but I have no idea where to go from there. Not even sure if I've got the ear for it.
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Focus on purchasing good quality headphones, first decide whether you want in-ear headphones or over-ear headphones. If you exercise often you might want to try in-ear headphones. A good model is the Linsoul KZ ZS10 which is cheap at $50. It's quite sensitive though so you might notice some static if you use it with a phone. A good cheap over-ear headphone is the Audio-Technica ATH-M40X which you will need to amplify, the FiiO E-10K is a decent and cheap amp/dac combo that can drive those. Don't worry too much about DAC, 99% of DACs in phones, mobos, etc. deliver transparent sound quality, the only reason why they might be a problem is electrical interference.

If you want to LARP you can get high quality Soviet headphones like Echo TDS 16 and the Amphiton TDS 15 for cheap online.
These are quite expensive options for normal people


IEMs when going outside. Good sound, nice isolation and easy to carry. Cheap recommendations: BLON BL03, Tin Audio T2/T4
Open back headphones when in your room. Cheap recommendation: SHP9500
Closed back headphones if your place is noisy. Cheap recommendation: ATH-M40x
I wouldn't bother with speakers unless you regularly bring friends or other people to your room.


I tried to get into speakers but that was a whole can of worms that I was too lazy to get into. Buying the "right" headphones seemed much easier and straightforward and I'm a lonely autist anyway.


Speaking of ATH-M40X, I just laid my 8 year old pair to rest, my new pair of HiFiMan Sundaras arrived today. Really excellent headphones if anyone's wondering.marxMarx


File: 1625639975504.jpg (57.15 KB, 600x600, Koss KSC-75.jpg)

>If you exercise often you might want to try in-ear headphones.
When I want to exercise to music I use ear clips.

File: 1621637992782.jpeg (194.9 KB, 727x780, fisher.jpeg)


Will we ever get any truly new music?
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Your stumbling block, sir. The trick of the question, if you will. What is truly new music?


No, any innovation in music will come from technological and perhaps scientific advances only.christian_communismChristian Communism


Rest in piece, Mark. Here's your accelerationist mix. Thank you for Capitalist Realism.


Is this dialectical materialism for music?


yeah, but its mostly subdued pop, indie, and soundcloud style mumble hip hop.

Not rock or maximalist pop. millennial music is over

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