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Orishas are a Cuban hip hop group from Havana, Cuba, founded in 1999. The group was first called "Amenaza", "threat" or "menace" in Spanish, and appealed to the Cuban youth. The choice of this name for the hip hop group is a way of creating a direct link between this band and the African diaspora. The group is based in France where they made a deal with a record company, although they visit Cuba frequently. In 1999 Fidel Castro threw a party for them and had a meeting with all the musicians. It was the first time the Cuban government showed support for hip hop music. The group was and still is popular in Europe (especially France, Italy, Spain and Portugal) and Latin America.

File: 1621914882697.jpg (402.97 KB, 1013x1000, 1567377512948.jpg)


Denpa(電波) is a Japanese subculture characterized by bizarre and eerie themes. It originally began as a derogative term for mentally deranged behavior, but over the 1990s was adapted by otaku into their culture. In part, through artistic expression within manga, anime and visual novels, and also separately as a genre of cute and quirky music.

More information:

Denpa blogs:

Music downloads:
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damn this shit is good


Song about a literal war between otaku circles and defending the "princess" (slang for the sole girl in a group of otaku) from revolution.


nice song


Y'know, this is exactly what I was talking about from the onset,
But now's not the time to worry about catching my breath and all that.
We're beyond the level of unreasonable requests and tossing random crap at me,
You're a hater who wants to wreck my voice and force me to retire, aren't you?
Even if I do manage to pull this off, you won't give a single damn about me.
And then you're saying you wanna "pamper me like a XX"??
Aaugh, I can't do this anymore! It's too much!!
Now stop giving me these stupid requests!!!



File: 1662780161959.png (222.58 KB, 521x1486, ClipboardImage.png)


>Rock is 0 or 1
>Metal is 2 or 3
>Punk is 4 or 5
>Cow-Punk is 6 or 7
>Hip-Hop is 8 or 9
2nd to last digit determines genre
1st to last digit determines album
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File: 1662907125483.jpg (481.75 KB, 1830x2586, durst2.jpg)

rollin rollin rollin


keep those doggies rollin
want oil





File: 1617252767963.jpeg (93.68 KB, 474x474, 435634635356.jpeg)


Check this 1.

>Pulse Demon
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not exactly noise but i think nihilist spasm band deserves a mention


File: 1617288745897.png (460.09 KB, 950x916, Kanye ML.png)


Just Kanye
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lyrical genius voice of generation


His clothes are either shit, derivative, or both. What a hack.


Bro, it sucks asssss



This didnt age well.

File: 1677007303626-0.mp4 (11.35 MB, 640x360, IGORRR - Cheval.mp4)


Post experimental, progressive, avant-garde etc. metal music. The more experimental and out-there the better.
Kicking the thread off with Igorrr. Baroque-influenced tracks that combine various musical styles like breakcore, industrial, death metal and even polka, as well as often featuring screaming vocals by Öxxö Xööx.


Don't really like metal but the clowncore vids are cool.


File: 1659975546347.png (142.87 KB, 318x316, wonder.png)


Why is Songs in the Key of Life so good?


Because every album by Stevie Wonder is so good.


To paraphrase from Adam Neely paraphrasing someone else

"You can't reharmonize a Stevie Wonder song because he already made the perfect harmony."


stevie wonder is boring :/


No he isn't. Listen to it again.


Sad folk songs
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Never really liked IRA songs


File: 1676812895480.png (349.5 KB, 419x347, 34877.PNG)




Your cringe gives me sustenance



I created three versions of the same melody. Which one is the best and how and what would you change if anything.

For context, I envision this to be a part of a Touhou-style soundtrack.


You're the artist so its up to you. When you're new to making any kind of art, quantity>quality. I can't remember the exact saying but its the art equivalent of "we must learn to walk before we can run"
theres not much distinguishing them from eachothers so its hard to pick honestly, why not use all three at different parts of the song. IDK what a touhou is thoughever


>the art equivalent of "we must learn to walk before we can run"
I wanna say its something like "you have to make a thousand doodles before you can make a masterpiece" but idk, same idea

File: 1675910864368.png (608.99 KB, 700x527, ClipboardImage.png)


So I just read about Bo Diddley's weird shaped guitars and apparently he created them himself using an electric pick-up (and probably a pre-amp) from an old phonograph
It made me realize how simple a lot of instruments can be, and if somewhat less industrial quality ones could be made by a person with limited resources
Thread for cheap DIY instrument building projects I guess


"Drum" in this is a plastic divider from a CD-R pack with a mini-Tobasco bottle part-full of water perched in the hole. Hit it with a screwdriver and add some reverb and it sounds surprisingly robust. Actual instrument shows up at 35 seconds.


This + some way to implement an envelope generator would be cool

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