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Does anyone really know who is singing this song? I figured anons on this on this board would know since they're weebs.


what is a weeb


File: 1686619598319.webm (2.34 MB, 854x394, 1684865038832004.webm)

our class enemies




It was me


Someone who likes animu


Can I wear band T-shirt or is it too consumerism?
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As long as you don’t wear the band tee of the band you are going to see, it’s okay.


What's wrong with that? Is it OK if you buy the shirt at the concert, from the artist?


The only issues with that are that buying T-shirts all the time isn't cost-effective and that everyone will know that you went to see the band.


> everyone will know that you went to see the band.
Why is that bad lol?


The more info you leave, the easier it is to track you. Simple as that. There are already cameras pretty much fucking everywhere.

The less you tell the better you sleep at night.


Post 2010s pop kino


The only pop artist from the past decade I liked was Frank Ocean
Very bittersweet and clever sounds with lyrics that are usually relatable to the average person


i always found him boring. his lyrics are extremely cliche and sentimental, and the instrumentals are the most generic dance beats slightly drawn out in tempo to help give the image of sentimentality


Ishkur is the only guy who has never ever had any cringe takes when it comes to electronic music. There, I said it. I can deny it no longer. Whatever style he shits on is always cheesy manufactured cringe anyway. The dude is based, I stand by my words.

Also, his knowledge of electronic music styles is so precise that I've never seen any classification I would object to. He even knows about such niche shit as Belgian techno. Those who aren't technoheads don't know what the fuck this is but once you hear it the sound becomes instantly recognizeable.


I just know OP doesn't fuck


You've got me red-handed.

File: 1684907644775.png (1.12 MB, 1075x555, ClipboardImage.png)


>people still care about beyonce and rihanna
Why is American pop culture stuck 15+ years in the past
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This. And its wonderful.


Western millenials have the biggest concentration of failchildren of any generation. This is why Western countries are trying to import immigrants over these losers who throw away all of their generational wealth on crypto and NFT schemes and funko pops, much to the chagrin of said loser reactionary failchildren.


>import immigrants
Makes me sound like a reactionary. I meant bring in immigrants.


those immigrants children will also become failsons if housing prices dont change


It’s why they rock that New Kids on the Block hair cut everyone makes memes about.


this is one of the bands that Boomers wax poetic about. Is it really that good?
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I did not make this thread.




thats a different band anon, unless you want to make a boomer general


I don't believe you.
The OP asks the exact same type of question. Why would someone phrase it in this weird way without at least giving their own impression of the band? It instantly reminded me of the last thread.

This is the 'Why do boomers like this band?' general now.


Jerry is actually worshipped by people though. It's not just a question of why people like the Dead.


New King Krule


I only like that biscuit town song by him




Post all emo, scene and emo-adjacent music from the 2000s. Any alt or pop rock bands that emos used to listen to is good as well.
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Bullet for my Valentine used to listen to this hard back then.


Button*Masher is pretty cool


okay im pretty bad with categorizing music but blink 182 is at least emo adjacent right


or how about death cab? my ex was obsessed with these guys and it rubbed off on me


any pop punk is ok even though not emo had a huge emo fanbase. pop punk and emo overlapped a ton

File: 1637551524044.jpg (86.77 KB, 409x409, 1480480503503.jpg)


Havana, Juicy, Industry Baby

Completely ruins the flow, Is it just capitalism's fault or is there some artistic reason that I can't get?

What do you do when songs you like have parts you don't care about? Do you find an alt version? Edit it? Or just accept it?(PST (pepe share tax))
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If it's a weird juxtaposition I like it lol, when I read this post this sketch instantly came to mind for some reason



it's so forced


No because I am not racist.(:^))


Worked in older stuff: In The End by Lincoln Park, Clint Eastwood by Gorillas, ect… I think big artists these days are too hesitant to be cringe, so it falls flat. I'm sure some smaller ones are making it work.


What's wrong with Industry Baby

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