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What are some songs or performances that bring you to tears?

Starting with this one.sabo-tabbySabo-Tabby


I cri evrytiem


This one is particularly beautiful


Is there like a compilation of Bush-era anti-American songs from all over the world? I would love something like that.


Not cry-tier but moving nonetheless.sabo-tabbySabo-Tabby


Off the top of my head there's two songs that immediately pop up as two of the only songs I've ever cried to more than once, there's probably more than two in total but these are the most memorable ones. The one about Allende is particularly touching because I'm chilean, if you don't speak spanish it probably won't hit as hard but you can tell the feel of the song either way. Can't embed more than one link so the second song is Ohne Dich by Rammstein btw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIPc1cfS-oQ&ab

File: 1627289746237.gif (8.02 KB, 108x146, 43567tgy.gif)


Stay with me!
I banged on the door at midnight!
But seasons will return…
Stay with me!
I say this all the time!
I still cherish our memories.
I still have not forgotten them…
Stay with me!


File: 1628047148117.mp4 (240.21 KB, 640x800, shmoovin.mp4)

I love u anon



File: 1626968083858.jpg (139.33 KB, 1024x731, SoS-Slammedenuff-0447.jpg)


I'm getting back into memphis type beat again and I have to say this was confidently made for drifting

File: 1626747461388.jpg (59.05 KB, 576x768, PUNK ROCK.jpg)



The only time I like hard music while working out is when I'm running. It can't be nonstop hard though, it has to lead up to it because I tend to sprint when the beat picks up.


The first 4 Sabbath albums on shuffle



Way to make the I am trash man bootleg tshirt completely unfunny.


it was suppose to be funny

File: 1625539895336.jpg (131.39 KB, 880x573, sunn.jpg)


I like drone and I like metal but I can't get into sunn o)))


check this out


Love this, thank you.


theres always aarsland, black sun void and sabazius


Sounds like General: General thread for discovering new music that sounds similar to other artists.

I'll start: BlackMill

Requesting artists that sound like Blackmill, or, similar! Thank you.


Isn't this just liquid dnb?


Never once heard of this.


Post demos of songs that could surpass their final versions.left_communismLeft Communism


left_communismLeft Communism


I think ye sounds like snoop at some parts


File: 1625364787494.mp4 (4.1 MB, 640x360, videoplayback(1).mp4)



ITT we share communist avant-garde and discuss its meaning.

I will begin by submitting Arseny Avraamov and his Symphony Of Factory Sirens, composed for the fifth anniversary of the October Revolution and performed only twice, in Baku and Moscow. The composition marshaled the sounds of an entire city as its instruments, and thousands of people were required to successfully perform it.


Human beings assign meaning and symbolic value to sounds by the process of conscious interpretation. The sound of a police siren can be rendered in physical terms by tone, pitch, and volume; terms that do not represent meaning. Yet, the sound has a distinct meaning for humans who have lived in societies with a motorized police force. This is because humans have interpreted the sound by associating its physical characteristics with its social context. The sounds of every society are meaningful in this sense.

Bourgeois society has been the dominant class society since the 19th century. The unique characteristic of bourgeois society is its compulsion to constantly revolutionize itself, to generate ideology and to constantly expand production. This compulsion created modern industry, organized on the basis of commodity production and exchange. The ideological component of bourgeois production is called ‘capitalism’ . Capitalism is a social form and therefore a conscious experience, and sound is an important part of conscious experience. The sounds of bourgeois society take a distinct meaning that is evident to the individuals that live in it. All class societies utilize a mode of production that is socially antagonistic. The antagonism between classes is manifested in struggles for dominance between social classes in class societies. These struggles develop into social revolutions that overthrow existing relations of production, and substituting them with new relations.

The social revolution generated by the antagonisms of bourgeois society will produce a classless society, the communist society. The meaning of the sounds of capitalist society will be transformed according to their change in material and social context. Avraamov created a musical composition
representing that transformation, using as instruments the industry of bourgeois society. By arranging these elements: factory sirens, steam ePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Good thread


SPK are communists I believe.


I saw there were a lot of old school hip hop threads so it made me want to put up some of my music. This is some old stuff from years ago. No names because I'm actually not trying to promote my brand.

This is a song I recorded five years ago with a rapper from my neighborhood. Project fell through because of complications so I just have a handful of songs in various states of completion. Beats/recording/mixing all me.

File: 1624859781426.gif (801.34 KB, 500x350, 1475943370473.gif)





does anybody know anything about this song?

it sounds like that adam sandler bit on weekend update
weird italian singing

was it inspired by this or this inspired that bit?


that fucking audio alone was awful and don't even get me started on zound


File: 1624884648208.png (1.14 MB, 1200x627, ClipboardImage.png)

Last Brutal Sister Flandre S.
not even a weeb, its a good song
pic unrelated


Aw shaddap you face
It's a not so bad
Gotta no respect
Whatsa matta you

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