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File: 1648529282574.jpg (220.52 KB, 1080x971, IMG_20220328_092232.jpg)


Any upbeat melancholic techno like this that i can use for get up and work music?




post indie rock, indie pop and dream pop songs.non mainstream vaporwave ok too


Does anyone else think bedhead sounds like slowed down hardcore punk at times?



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Residente dizzed Maluma in his last record and is the talk in latam (idk if in gringoland too)
the Logan Paul of reggaeton lmao
The last one although it had lyrics the "channel ending" was shit, vanal showcasing of women


Saying woke about this fella is getting short.
I don't know if he is still in jail for insuting the spanish crown

There is no doubt that without freedom of expression and information there is no democracy.
Special dedication to the so-called progressive government
That has perpetuated repression
And that when the streets have filled up for freedom of expression
Getting nervous, they have promised to do something again
Going up in smoke again
They try to stop the mobilization
But only with this one will we win the pulse

Hey, tyrant, there is not only for your father
Let the republican cry, your eardrum drills
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I couldn't find the complete lyrics to tranlate it for the anglospeakers
Tal vez otro dia la transcribo, it is a big one


You know that being conscious is just being awake, it's not much of an accomplishment.


File: 1648268029903.png (159.81 KB, 330x362, for real?.png)

>Public Enemy - Countdown to Armageddon
>>"Alright let's make some fucking noise!"
>>"Come on, let's crank this shit up and get busy!"
>fades out to silence

File: 1623518907873.png (52.12 KB, 200x200, 1623469020344.png)


Where do you get your music? Ideally lossless.
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This, and/or editing/production.


That's how torrenting and P2P works.


you have to dox your home IP
nope, you should be allowed to use a VPN or you're fucking weird
also you probably shouldn't be mentioning the principles of P2P when talking about private trackers. glasshouses and all


Youtube to mp3 converter


I mostly listen to Japanese doujin music these days:
For the most part I'm happy if I find non-bitraped versions of the songs I want at all… lossy, lossless, piracy, online, physical cd, I'll take anything so long as it's high quality (and I can afford it.)

File: 1618682304450.jpg (284 KB, 1333x2000, Non Reverse Firebird.jpg)


ITT instruments or equipment you want but will never be able to affordanarcho-communismAnarcho-Communism
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ive been tempted to get into bass and ive been eyeing a fretless one of these but they're discontinued and none on the used market :(christian_communismChristian Communism


diy cut then dremel and polish the frets down?tankieTankie


File: 1619298361273-1.jpg (52.59 KB, 825x313, osmose01_verkl.jpg)

osmose keyboard and lippens keyboard are pretty damn interesting but still in their prototype stage

hardware synths are (mostly) just fetish shit nowadays just grab your copy of VCV rack or reaktor


File: 1640915986703.png (233.31 KB, 720x250, nw2-angled-front.png)



Thread for Palestinian music against Zionism.
Songs from other Arab regions or across the world in support of Palestinians are also fine.palestinePalestine
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anyone got an english translation of this?


uh, yes? this category is not even 1% of my files.
this place is one of the few areas where you can post this sort of thing without getting banned for "terrorism promotion" or some shit.




name of tune in first vid?


post national anthems, military music, and socialist ideological music

>This is about national anthems, patriotic, leftwing ideological music
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I'm trying to find out which version of L'Internationale this is, but content ID on Youtube seems to be some copyright grifter.
Anyone know who sings it?



File: 1647379135590.jpg (68.73 KB, 316x316, Japan_tindrum.jpg)


Is this album commie or not? I can't tell.


He's eating Asian food so probably just orientalism aesthetic


i think it’s referencing the cultural revolution in some way


also china was being opened up by deng around that time, probably the single biggest market reform in history, so there was a fascination with it in the west


RIP Skiba! :'(

File: 1646471198488-0.png (96.73 KB, 297x170, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1646471198488-1.png (1.09 MB, 1000x600, ClipboardImage.png)


Bros why do I get REM and Green Day Confused?

Also is REM political? One of their songs is called Radio Free Europe


File: 1646572646746.jpg (270.47 KB, 2490x1000, cia.jpg)

>Radio Free Europe


>Bros why do I get REM and Green Day Confused?

Because you're like 13 lol

>Also is REM political?

Not sure if this is a running joke.
A lot of bands are political to some extent. Being totally apolitical is actually kind of weird. By today's standards you'd have to be extremely neurotic to not be "political." REM is generally vaguely liberal/progressive afaik, but not ML. "Orange Crush" is about Vietnam. "Shiny Happy People" is a tongue-in-cheek riff on a Chinese propaganda slogan.

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