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"You may say I'm a larper but I'm not the only one. I hope some day you'll join us and the proletariat will be as one"
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Post your favorite symphonic earrape


Here's a fun one.

File: 1617505079365.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.28 KB, 794x536, FB_IMG_1609272371060.jpg)




<call me on Devil's day
<you can count on me
I wonder what day he means? Halloween? Walpurgisnacht?


Goin to see Skinnyman tonight. Aint been out in years.. When was the last time you went to a good gig, anons. Who did you see?

File: 1636110539079.png (940.8 KB, 620x529, ClipboardImage.png)


It's a nice, calm song with a good melody and it also goes along with my beliefs

Do you think John Lennon actually believed the stuff he sang about or do you think he was just being edgy and counter culture by basing the song on the Communist Manifesto?



"Imagine" is a good song to learn if you plan on busking in the US
Every lib loves this song.

To answer the OP, I believe John Lennon did enough acid in close enough proximity to this song's release that he did believe this.


Politically wise, Lennon was just your basic lib but able to write songs. Revolution's lyrics are telling about his opinion on communism.


Holy shit just heard that

Written 2 years before Imagine but still
The story is a funny rollercoaster

>in January 1971, he said of "Revolution": "I made a mistake, you know. The mistake was that it was anti-revolution."

>Lennon then wrote "Power to the People" to atone for the perceived apathy of "Revolution",and instead sung: "You say you want a revolution / We better get it on right away."After moving to New York in 1971, he and Ono fully embraced radical politics with Chicago Seven defendants Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman


>Lennon abandoned the cause following Richard Nixon's victory in the 1972 presidential election and he subsequently denounced revolutionaries and radical politics as useless

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Before any autist spergs out, no I'm not a fascist, I'm not saying fascism is good or anything like that. This is about the music they make (or quasi-fascists, nationalists, etc). I think we can all agree that the typical fascist music we are used to is awful. The music made by Western fascists such as in Nazi Germany or Francoist Spain is more often than not very boring, uninspiring, and repetitive. All those Nazi miltiary marches sound the same, they're all quite mediocre.

Horst Wessel Lied sucks ass, Erika, which is a song wehraboos soyface all over (no clue why) is also very mediocre, I don't understand how anyone could enjoy that song. Most Nazi songs are like this. Cara al Sol, a fascist anthem of the Francoists, is genuinely one of the worst songs I've ever heard. Look it up to see for yourself. And yes I know by saying Western fascists I'm generalizing a lot, but idgaf, the impression I get from them is that all their songs are very similar, bland military shit.

Now let's take a look at Eastern fascists, specifically from the Balkans (yes I know the Balkans are not Eastern Europe but it's not Western Europe either, ergo they go into the broader "Eastern world" for this analysis), from the Middle East, and the Caucasus.

Two Serbian songs I'd like to show you guys, I know most of you are already very familiar with turbofolk but first check out this Chetnik song, the original lyrics apparently were written in 1941 iirc but this version idk what year it's from

There's something about this song. It's weirdly inspiring in a way, it has a good melody, good voice, overall pretty good song.

And coming back to turbofolk, I also want to post this shit. You all probably know this song by now, It's far more rightoid and unapolegitically so but it's still a good song imo. Again goes to show that Serbian rightwingers for whatever reason actually make good music, as opposed to other European rightoids, particularly Western Europeans

Moving on to the next song, a Turkish fascist song from the Grey Wolves. Again with this one, just like the first Chetnik song, this one inspires you. The melody, rhythm, it makes you Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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erhäng dich amischwein


Horst Wessel Lied is an awful song THOUGH


>eastern fascists
Oh the irony.



niqqa, tf you talking about? Music was like the only thing Western fascists were good at.

File: 1635703116065.jpg (133.61 KB, 996x1124, 67.jpg)


Never forget what happened in 1988 in Iran.

Song related, dedicated to all the comrades who lost their lives during that year.



I fucking love Blind Guardian, I've been neglecting all their albums other than the first 2 for the past 5 or so years, only recently did I begin to appreciate Tales from the Twilight World and Somewhere Far Beyond, they're such wonderful and epic albums
I regret not giving this song a listen years ago. This one, and Lost in the Twilight Hall.

So what's your favorite band? Favorite album?
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Sonata Arctica



Nice, speaking of spooky shit, here's Halloween


Also, do you guys like Dark Moor and/or their Halloween cover?


I like this better only because it actually has sound engineering


No lord in the heavens made this cosmos,
No worldly lord the prosperity of humankind.
The cosmos is an eternal evolution of the material,
This material shaped for mankind's use by many a laborer.
The work of your hands, laborer, was mankind's yesterday.
On your hands also rests tomorrow.
When the temple of Solomon was being built by an army of laboring
Slaves, meanwhile Solomon was inside
His palace, solving the quarrels of wives.
When the nobleman in France was cursing his failed expedition to
The Russian land, thousands of wives wept for their fallen husbands.
The work of your hands, laborer,
Were the treasures of the lords,
But inside your fist now grows a different kind of tomorrow.
Your hands built the factories and the mines of the land.
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The ghosts of white power again
Fat in front of me.
Huge dreams of freedom again
Excites me to the song.
Those call, command, and demand
A thousand painful moods.
Anger, love phrases,
Oh, listen to the people and the land.
Oh, listen to the song internationally,
Mink 'oppression gives birth,
Like his cold shackles
The Red Prisoner is now glaring.
They shackle them, press and weigh,
The grooves of anger they eat on the forehead.
Do you see the whip's line,
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Kätten työtä · Kristiina Halkola

Work of Many Hands · Kristiina Halkola
Punavangin Laulu · Arja Saijonmaa

Song of the Red Prisoner · Arja Saijonmaa


Lyrics to Ievan polkka:
You could hear the beat of polka coming from the neighbors
It made my feet titillated.
The mother of Ieva was keeping an eye on her daughter,
But Ieva did fool her for prohibitions don't matter
When dancing to the full.
(Nonsense;last word of this phrase means

Ieva was smiling widely
When people were giving their best wishes.
Every one was sweating
And that violin kept screeching and mourning.
Wetness doesn't bother this guy
When going all out.
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Pieni Suomen kansa katkoo kahleitansa
Kärsimysten malja se jo kukkuroillaan on
Raakaa sortovaltaa vastaan nostaa maastan, armeijastaan
Jalon kansan parhaat pojat taistohon
Hallitus on vankka, kätyrlauma sankka
Se kauhun tuskaa levittää yll' onnettoman maan
Urhojansa kansanvalta työntää esiin kaikkialta
Elämästä kuolemasta kamppaillaan
Kiihtyy yhä taisto, vapauden vaisto
Köyhälistön keskuudessa kasvaa yhä vaan
Ei nyt auta hallitusta piinat, kidutus ja tuska
Urhot kaatuu vapuden laulut huulillaan
Virkavallan huolena vankilat ja tuonela
Tutkimatta hirttäminen, mestaus
Kumouksen sankari sydänveren antavi
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Lenin lives far away from ho chi minh

File: 1635337415804.png (362.28 KB, 785x350, akkomunism.png)



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C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me) · Wu-Tang Clan · Method Man · Raekwon · Inspectah Deck · Buddha Monk

Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) - 1993





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