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post any music that samples Michael Parenti
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i have more ill post when i come across it, i forget where else i've heard Parenti sampled but I know there's 2 separate albums I've heard him sampled on - i just can't remember who




The guy from Nazareth died today.

File: 1667562878006.jpg (155.28 KB, 600x600, elf.jpg)


>be me
>hang around R. J. Dio's circle in the late '60s
>tell him "Hey, Ronnie, you should form a different kind of band called Elf, this doo-wop thing is done"
>he forms the hard rock band Elf

>be me again later, in 1975

>"Hey Ronnie, this Elf thing is limiting you, you should join our mutual friend Ritchie Blackmore's band Rainbow I think he has some really cool ideas"
>Ronnie James Dio joins seminal '70s metal band Rainbow, producing such classic albums as Rising and Long Live Rock & Roll

>Be me, 1979

>"Hey RJ, a little band called Black Sabbath is looking for a new vocalist, I think you might be up to the task!"
>Ronne James Dio joins Black Sabbath, rejuvenating his career and launching him into heavy metal superstardom

>Be me

>hang around R. J. Dio's circle in the early '80s
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Pretty chill EP I found by 53 Thieves. I esp like the last track, "heat".

Probably good for you stoners out there as well.

File: 1657147501013.jpg (121.68 KB, 1000x1000, 2000s-vibes.jpg)


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File: 1665991830791-0.png (2.05 MB, 1080x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1665991830791-1.png (306.01 KB, 720x720, ClipboardImage.png)


>BTS set to move forward with plans to fulfill their mandatory military service in South Korea.
>The group will reconvene in 2025 once their service is over

I guess not exempting them from this is part of their way to promote this practice,
I find countries with mandatory service to be disgusting for some reason, maybe if it was under socialism I wouldn't mind it


if Elvis did it, so can BTS


did it do anything to the teens back then? did it make them anti-government


Elvis took it like a cuck, so no


Ryo Kawasaki - Juice - Sometime


Fuck delete the thread.





Guardian Angel - Spirit

File: 1608525878530.jpg (369.54 KB, 1200x1169, a0075390808_10.jpg)


As an avid listener of metal, something that frustrates me is the prevalence of chuds and reactionaries in metal (especially black metal). The visibility of guys like Varg and Famine of Peste Noire infamy has colored the public perception of extreme metal as being the domain of edgelord fascists. What are some metal groups that could be said to be socialist, anarchist, or leftist in some manner?

To start things off, I'd highly recommend the Panopticon album "Kentucky," which is a BM album about the state's history with labor organizing among coal miners, as well as the coal industry's destruction of the state's natural beauty. It's not a perfect album by any means but the way it mixes BM with bluegrass is cool, plus it has an incredibly redpilled message.

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Ethereal Shroud
anti fascist black metal/funeral doom(idk what this is) solo project, good music but long songs.

Spectral Wound
Quebecois black metal, progressives, anti racist, anti fascist but generally apolitical in their music. Good music too

Australian djent/progressive metalcore, minimal to no clean vocals, vaguely leftwing. ALSO good music.
Vidrel:Elision - The Wretched of the Earth


Gråt Strigoi
Antifascist Black Metal


Are Skyclad leftist?


File: 1665324896475.png (34.09 KB, 1150x607, how.png)


I often hear people mention Sioxie and the Banshees, yet I never hear people mention my favorite band, The Violent Femmes. How can this graph be so?


Did you like want your thread to inexorably slide towards the bottom of the catalog just off of how obnoxious the OP is? Here's a pity reply anyways


That was not my intention


one of my favorite memories was getting drunk and dancing to blister in the sun with my homies in our living room… good times


good times indeed

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