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File: 1642605605115.jpg (6.35 KB, 257x196, download (6).jpg)


Any fans of spectralism around here? I've really liked Gerard Grisey and Iancu Dumitrescu for a while, but lately I've been getting into Tristan Murail and Horatiu Radulescu


File: 1642619232717-0.pdf (13.88 MB, 191x255, rts_foundation.pdf)

File: 1642619232717-1.pdf (17.82 MB, 187x255, rts_practical1.pdf)

File: 1642619232717-2.pdf (17.27 MB, 187x255, rts_practical2.pdf)



File: 1642712758116.pdf (9.38 MB, 187x255, rts_recording.pdf)

forgot this one


you should post links to recordings of pieces you like, instead of just dumping names


What is slectralism, when you make shapes or drawings with sounds like Aphex Twin did.


Punks are unique as we don't fetishize consumerism like most other subcultures. Most punks make our own fashion items and the ones we dont make are bought from bootleggers. We also are by design anti reactionary as our movement was started as a means to create anti capitalist and anti imperialist art (crass, discharge, the clash, etc). There is also the obvious fact that most punks are already leftists. How is it that so many communists view punk as anti communist or reactionary? Is punk culture not a perfect counter to mainstream capitalist culture? Many punk events are even direct acts of building dual power via raising money for food.


punks tend to be anarchists or worse, outright fascist edgelords, in short it attracts people with lumpens sentiments


>>3603 in my experience most are just vaguely leftist but i have met many punks that are outright marxists


>Punks are unique as we don't fetishize consumerism like most other subcultures
punk was always influenced by and co-existed with pop trends like new wave and reggae/dub. most ideological bs about it being centered on DIY or "anti-consumerism" is delusional and projecting, and an attempt to turn it into some kind of identity to be protected which is sus


skip the eminem part


oh fuck meant to post in the what are you listening to thread. whatever


I saw there were a lot of old school hip hop threads so it made me want to put up some of my music. This is some old stuff from years ago. No names because I'm actually not trying to promote my brand.

This is a song I recorded five years ago with a rapper from my neighborhood. Project fell through because of complications so I just have a handful of songs in various states of completion. Beats/recording/mixing all me.
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I didn't make this beat. I believe he told me his nephew who died prematurely made this beat and other earlier recording he had. I think his nephew might've gotten shot.


Feel freee to post your stuff. What kind of music do you make anon?



Lord, it looks like a bunch of my posts got purged and I have zero clue why. I mostly post in /siberia/ so it's weird that this would happen.

I'll reiterate - all really good, 3rd best.

I mostly make some lo-fi quasi-country stuff with minimalistic percussion now (could just call it folk rock) 'cuz my last two bands were destroyed by COVID and mania respectively, but I'd kinda rather post the band shit. When there's a band to work with the material always leans more into deathrock with psych elements.


The playing sounds really good to me. I'm not sure what kind of microphone set up you are using with the drums, but I can't hardly hear the kick drum. I'd definitely play around with what kind of microphone you are using and/or try boosting the bass on the kick. The bass as well could stand being a little more bassier. Turn up that guitar too, I can barely hear it.

I'd probably turn down the delay effects alot. I think having it that loud with that long a delay could sound interesting in parts but having playing at that level throughout the whole song kind of smothers the instruments/drums/vocals. Manually turning up and down the delay for various parts would probably be the most optimal for a finished record, but for a live setting or if you just want an automatic way to cut through the delay with the instruments would be to duck them with the vocals or something.

Reminds me of some late 60s psych rock. Arthur Brown or Steppenwolf or something. The playing sounds really good and the vocalist too. Just those things I would do different with the mix.


>long a delay
Meant feedback. Be careful with that high of a feedback. Starts creating sonic mud at a certain point.

File: 1642574399174.jpg (142.4 KB, 800x600, my anime.jpg)


Is there a My Anime List equivalent for music, I would like to list all the albums I have listen to.





Thanks a bunch

File: 1642288093492.gif (1.23 MB, 369x369, 1611695890119.gif)


any more good ones like this?




File: 1639421368050.jpg (44.26 KB, 500x500, 500x500.jpg)


Whose fault is the break up? Was Jello trying to steal royalties from the other members? Or were they trying to turn the band into a commercial music provider? Did the other band member really back Mitt fucking Romney?

I always get alienated by Punk bands when they inevitably turn into cringe liberals in 10 years. Trying to figure out who to blame for that with regards to DK. Not that DK was ever super intelligent with its criticisms, but it was easily some of the best satire in the 80s.
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wait there wa a black guy on DK? did he give jello the n-word pass


Is that an anti Guevara shirt?


he was the drummer
doubt. dead kennedy's were p explicitly red for early punkers




>>3397 nope it was an anti stalin shirt

File: 1641259069101.jpg (460.73 KB, 2470x1848, sk33mask.jpg)


Full support for artists removing their music from Spotify and encouraging piracy.
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So YTmusic is worse than spotify?



delighted to see mr.cockshott join us in /music/
what are your thoughts on this?


File: 1642136073769.jpg (275.93 KB, 1302x1298, rrr.jpg)


even back then, bootlegging still existed as a functional pre-cursor to the internet


And some bands were pretty based about it:
> Throughout their career, the Grateful Dead were known to tolerate taping of the live shows. There was a demand from fans to hear the improvisations that resulted from each show, and taping appealed to the band's general community ethos.[66] They were unique among bands in that their live shows tended not to be pressed and packaged as LPs, but remained in tape form to be shared between tapers.[67] The group were strongly opposed to commercial bootlegging and policed stores that sold them, while the saturation of tapes among fans suppressed any demand for product.[68] In 1985, the Grateful Dead, after years of tolerance, officially endorsed live taping of their shows, and set up dedicated areas that they believed gave the best sound recording quality.[69]


I never hear good new US based hip-hop anymore. Can anons recomend be good burger cipher or booth show, (either written or freestyle) segments/youtubes?
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What cipher/booth show is this, anon?


the studio booth


Thanks anon I'll check it. Any more u kno? I can give u many uk ones.




Post songs that make you cry (any genre).
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Miss this shit from my days in college.




This song fucked me up first time I heard it, but now it's just a massive tearjerker.


File: 1641928056201.mp4 (5.82 MB, 360x360, gnossienne-no-1.mp4)

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