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"You may say I'm a larper but I'm not the only one. I hope some day you'll join us and the proletariat will be as one"
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File: 1687579316237.jpg (483.22 KB, 2048x1880, licensed-image.jpg)


Post below in this thread your favorite Woody Guthrie song, I'll start: The House of the Rising Sun by Guthrie himself


I love Way Over Yonder In the Minor Key.

Bragg's production gives it a dreamlike nostalgia too, just a beautiful song.


What do music festivals in a future socialist society look like?

The first of the modern music festivals, Woodstock, was held the year after the '68 uprisings in Chicago. Hippies and socialist activists protested the Democratic Party's national convention, and were brutally suppressed by police. The next year, Woodstock takes place, and the whole of mainstream society seems to have completely erased the violence in Chicago. How many people who are interested in festivals understand this historical context? Is it relevant to music festivals moving forward?

But regardless, 21st century music festivals are much different than the original Woodstock. For one, Woodstock as an institution was basically killed in 1999. Y2k is basically post-Woodstock. But most music festivals have been criticized as being highly consumerist. Ultra Music Fest, Tomorrowland, EDC, Coachella, etc.

How would a socialist music festival work? If currency is involved, how would that work?
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Uplifting trance, big room house and hardstyle are boring AF. All those stupid fanfare synths and arpeggios with cheesy female vocals. And hardstyle' drumbeats are just a 4/4 lung cancer kick with no proper percussion. The edgiest music ever played on Tomorrowland is either some cringe brostep with farting noises and the same 4/4 drum pattern in every bloody song or the cringe nu-style gabber like that of Angerfist or whatever: boring, samey, generic edgelord music instead of an exciting, memorable, experimental edge master music.

It's not the future. It's peak capitalist commercialized music. If there is something to carry on into the future it is modernized music from the late 80s to early 00s. Like, some riddim dubstep sounds like classic dubstep with trap beats and that cool distorted sub-bass, I like it.


>>8530 (cont.)
My point is, underground electronic music > mainstream electronic music. I mean, underground music is the kind of music that is more likely to disseminate leftist ideas anyway. Makes you think.


Porter is decent I guess. He's an exception though. The main reason why he's here is because he also uses hyper-polished modern Ableton synths, he's just able to not overfeed people with too much sugar. It's like with the bitpop artists like Anamanaguchi or Sabrepulse.


File: 1687267914401.png (793.22 KB, 1080x1665, ClipboardImage.png)


So apparently the billionares currently enjoying a tin can grave next to the titanic had a playlist

My question to you /music/ is, what would music would you add to the playlist for these dead CEOs

Answers inside and below


post HYPE music
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This isnt my style of music so my suggestoins will be crap but theres a couple of transitions in this set that are nutty, was good enough for me to sit through the whole thing





goated set


Punjabi HYPE


Does anyone really know who is singing this song? I figured anons on this on this board would know since they're weebs.


what is a weeb


File: 1686619598319.webm (2.34 MB, 854x394, 1684865038832004.webm)

our class enemies




It was me


Someone who likes animu


Can I wear band T-shirt or is it too consumerism?
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As long as you don’t wear the band tee of the band you are going to see, it’s okay.


What's wrong with that? Is it OK if you buy the shirt at the concert, from the artist?


The only issues with that are that buying T-shirts all the time isn't cost-effective and that everyone will know that you went to see the band.


> everyone will know that you went to see the band.
Why is that bad lol?


The more info you leave, the easier it is to track you. Simple as that. There are already cameras pretty much fucking everywhere.

The less you tell the better you sleep at night.


Post 2010s pop kino


The only pop artist from the past decade I liked was Frank Ocean
Very bittersweet and clever sounds with lyrics that are usually relatable to the average person


i always found him boring. his lyrics are extremely cliche and sentimental, and the instrumentals are the most generic dance beats slightly drawn out in tempo to help give the image of sentimentality


Ishkur is the only guy who has never ever had any cringe takes when it comes to electronic music. There, I said it. I can deny it no longer. Whatever style he shits on is always cheesy manufactured cringe anyway. The dude is based, I stand by my words.

Also, his knowledge of electronic music styles is so precise that I've never seen any classification I would object to. He even knows about such niche shit as Belgian techno. Those who aren't technoheads don't know what the fuck this is but once you hear it the sound becomes instantly recognizeable.


I just know OP doesn't fuck


You've got me red-handed.

File: 1608525710516.jpg (162.03 KB, 1280x720, 510481118_1280x720.jpg)


This thread is dedicated to the people on this site who play instruments for fun or dollars. Talk about your setup, songs you like playing, techniques, performance. Today I'm with my Fender Player Precision tryna figure out some Geddy Lee bass lines.
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Most people who make music aren't going to make a living off music.


I don't know about that
You might as well try your luck


New five day course on YouTube. The first lesson is only a couple of minutes, an intro and then a breathing exercise only. It's a really easy way to get started. What she's describing is basically an opera singing method of breathing. You basically suck the air in by expanding your lower ribs out to the side. You can search bel canto breathing on YouTube, if you want more exercises on it


do it for fun, doing it for money involves compromise and whats the point if you have to compromise


bring your shit to local open mics instead will build up more of a organic response; do move to bandcamp too though, just use that to send people afterwards.

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